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Pacific Sunwear
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.1 or later
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User Reviews for PacSun

4.65 out of 5
65.5K Ratings
4 years ago, creamcheese😘
AMAZING!! highly recommend
i love pacsun sm! and it’s my favorite store. i love shopping at the store, but once the stores closed i wasn’t sure if i could shop online. i never shop online because you never know what you’ll get. but i decided to try it out with pacsun! and so i ordered a bunch of stuff and they all came. they all came separately tho even tho it was all one ofer and it did take a little bit to arrive but all online shopping is like that so that’s not a problem. everything came as expected and for me perfectly!!! i have never experienced any problems with the app since i started shopping and knew i could trust pacsun! :) P.S: can u restock the corine blue skate pants in a size 22?? thanks u soooo much bc i love the store!!❤️🙃
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4 years ago, jkburden
website/ app needs lots of fixing.
let me start off by saying i absolutely love pacsun, it’s one of my favorite stores, might even actually be my favorite. i’ve gotten a lot of things from pacsun, and in-store theres never a problem. however, both the app and the website have some issues that are very frustrating for me. on the app, it won’t let me favorite or “heart” any of the items at all. i’ve been using it for a long time and it used to let me only do a few, but now it will not let me do this at all. recently, almost every time i’ve used the app i’ve had a problem checking out. a lot of times a sale won’t apply (that’s been advertised on the opening page of the app) and even more than that it will let me put items in my cart, and then as soon as i go to check out it will say they are out of stock. i know that they didn’t just run out because i tried to take them out of my cart and put them back in multiple times and it always says the product is unavailable. for example today i wanted to use the buy one get one free which is very limited time, and went to the shorts. i had about 4 or 5 pairs of shorts that the app let me put into my bag and none of them were available. the same thing happened when i tried on the website. these problems have been occurring for a while, i LOVE this store the app and website just need some fixes and they have for a while:(
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3 years ago, _Sk!ttl3z_
Could use improvement
The app navigation is mediocre. when i went to do online shopping pacsun is the only app that i prefer to browse on the website instead of the app mostly because the navigation isn’t neat and organized. For example, if I were to open the app and look into the women’s section, some items from mens show up in the top results like mens jean or shirts. Not only that, but the sort menu to filter out exactly what category just seems messy to me. I prefer to go into the women section, have another menu displayed of what category I would like to see and could display an “View all tops” or “View all mom jeans” along with being able to narrowing down the categories easier. Another complaint I have is when you sort into categories, all items that are “unavailable” show up and they are mostly items that are discounted. It’s annoying to see a cute top and click on the item and favorite it only for it to say it’s unavailable :/ if there’s items unavailable? why show them in the results ??? if there was an option to have an “email me when restock” would make sense to show these items, but if that email option isn’t there then why show the unavailable items ??? make it make sense :/
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2 years ago, xxblitzz
Disfuncional & Unfriendly interface
This app is always a problem when using it. The buttons sometimes never for example when clicking the back button to return to the home page. Also when scrolling down it takes you back up where you originally were, have to keep scrolling down from where you originally started and then takes moment to load. This store itself needs a complete makeover as far functionality and updates. Also it never keeps me sign in and never get notifications through the app rather through email. It’s such a tedious and nuisance process to login and try to find the product I want or new releases. As far as the products sold on PacSun, awhile back few years ago, they use to have such an amazing clothing line to sell and sometimes at recent prices. Deals would be great weekly but all that has changed. The designs by PacSun itself is too simple to be selling overpriced clothing such as a shirt with one small logo made by PacSun. They’re selection of brands is also what makes this not want to shop here sometimes. Use to have great designs and multiple products online AND in store. Now it’s only one or two main brands that stick around for a long time and are not multiple. Hopefully this changes in the near future.
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3 months ago, Cloudileah11
Disorganized and time consuming
(I have an IPhone 13) The clothing categories are disorganized and when you shop on the app and click on a shirt for example, it doesn’t let you go back, you are stuck on that shirt and to get back to browsing the shirts you have to close the app re-enter, click on the category and scroll all the way down to where you left off. Some of the buttons just don’t work and they look like buttons but they are empty links. The order tracking and order details is just a mess, i don’t even know where to start. When you order more than 1 item, the app doesn’t document how much you paid for each item, it just clumps the items pricing together and tells you the grand total which is not good at all if your package is stolen (which happened to me) because it doesn’t tell me anywhere how much i paid for each individual item at time of purchase. PacSun has great trendy clothing and is a wealthy company. Their app being so glitchy and disorganized is just laziness it and shows a lack of dedication to providing their customers with a pleasant online shopping experience. If their app worked better i would shop at PacSun more. It shouldn’t be challenging to buy clothes off their app.
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2 years ago, Andreasofia17
Major usability issues
I wanted to share a few UX issues with the app that is also true for Pacsun’s website version itself. This leads me to ask, Pacsun, what is wrong with your website and app development? It gliches immensely— item selection and sizing selection is made impossible. The cart feature is so slow which makes it difficult for me, as a potential customer, to smoothly place items in my cart. Also why allow a soldout item to be placed in the cart and then saying it will be moved after checkout? Please consider a feature that does not allow this to happen; it might cause confusion to a buyer. It’s honestly been hard to browse and add things to my cart that just makes want to not buy anything. Consider focusing on upping the app’s overall functionality and UX first, and then move on to the website. Lots of companies do this because they know their target audience use their phones way more than computers. (this is true for mostly Gen Z, which Pacsun aims to target if I’m not mistaken) What this ultimately means is that they probably do their online shopping on their phones. So, Pacsun, I suggest please up your game here, because it’s getting really disappointing.
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4 years ago, iloovvefortnitee
Bad bad JUST BAD
I really love this app they have good and nice styles, while I was shopping on here I saw some playboy sweatpants and playboy shirts and everything. I was gonna buy it but I waited like 5 or 6 days to buy it. Then on the 7th day they ran out of playboy clothes that I wanted. I was really disappointed because I wanted these clothes for my birthday since my birthday is coming up so I waited 1 or 2 days for the clothes that I wanted to restock hopefully they would restock. The next day they had all of the clothes that I wanted I was super excited to buy it so I tried to put some clothes that I wanted in my shopping bag but it says product unavailable I was a little mad but whatever it’s just a shirt so I moved on to the next thing I wanted it says product unavailable again then the next thing it says product unavailable I was mad and I tried to put all of the clothes that were out of stock the last time into my shopping bag then it says product unavailable I tried to contact them but they wasn’t answering it seemed strange because my sweatpants that were in my shopping bag said that they restocked them. I was really disappointed that all of the playboy clothes that were restocked said it was unavailable. Please fix your app. Thank you.
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3 years ago, bootlegdvd
Bruh moment for PacSun
The clothing is stylish and quality BUT, as a huge clothing company I would expect you guys to have better reign on your app. It’s glitchy constantly and screens freeze, it won’t let me sign in most of the time, and one time it actually straight up just showed the JavaScript for the page instead of the actual page—way too many glitches for a big company like you guys. Fix your dam app please. Many would appreciate… also, the fact that you guys don’t make the projected delivery date more accessible in update emails/when tracking your order is counterintuitive. Only logical that people would want a rough estimate. Granted, it IS shown in some places but as I recall it’s way less accessible than most other online ordering apps. Overall I like your brand but think you guys can do better. You’re PACSUN. surely with the income you guys are getting you can afford to pay someone to fix this app, which would improve customers’ experience with the brand as well. Come on guys. TLDR: Clothes are great but app is glitchy. PacSun can do better
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5 years ago, ONE OF UR BIGGEST FANS #1
I don’t think I will ever shop here again.
Don’t get me wrong.. I loveee the clothes and style they have!!!! I recently made my first order over Black Friday weekend and it said I could get everything so I checked out. As a few days went by I got an email saying 2 of the shirts I got were out of stock.. I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to these clothes and the app should have told me it was out of stock before it let me buy it 🙄 The email said it will discharge me from my card and give me back my money... it didn’t and it’s been a few days. AGAIN yesterday I got an email saying a hoodie and another shirt are out of stock and no longer will be shipped to my house. I was okay with having two shirts not coming BUT havingg 4 things being out of stock AFTER 6 days of already buying it isss annoying. I decided to call customer service about this and their service is horribleeee... they claimed that a lot of it isn’t in my order when it’s clearly on my list of items I ordered. Overall, I don’t recommend buying online and I’m really disappointed because I was excited for my purchases. The website and app needs MAJOR fixing and I don’t think I will ever purchase anything from here again.
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4 years ago, FIXorNIX
Bad ordering system
If you see something you like. Try to look for it somewhere else and order it there instead. I wouldn’t place orders on the app. And Like other reviewers have said they cancel 99% of your order saying it’s not available. I got one out of four things I ordered. The rest were not available. Why was I able to order them? I would have preferred to cancel the entire order if they would have let me know first. Shows different availability on app and via computer of products. After two weeks they let me know I was not getting three of the items. It is now three weeks and I have heard nothing of the fourth item. If it’s coming. If it’s canceled. Nothing. This place is a mess with online ordering. Not worth it!! Now that I am going to contact them if I am getting the last item which I’m sure I’m not. I need to wait 30mins to chat with someone and the app keeps closing the chat option. I do a lot of online ordering and pacSun is not close to being at the level of other stores. And in what world is it okay to wait in chat for over 30mins. They need to hire more workers for right now. Duh!
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3 years ago, #savageunicorn
do not shop here i am out 100 something dollars
first of all i love the cloths but you have to be careful shopping here with your money. i went a couple months ago back in september and they double charged me $43. i tried multiple times getting my money back at the location and online customer service. but now i still haven’t received the money. for that event basically i spent $43 at the store, got charged the same amount a day later, and never got my money back. now i went again for a return. i purchased this item around 3 weeks ago and lost the receipt but it still had the tag. so i went to return this hoodie i payed FIFTY FIVE dollars for. i go and the girl who is working is processing the return and hands me a merchandise return card. so it was supposed to have $55 on it. but when i went to use it 2 days later there was no money. i don’t know if it is just my location that is terrible but the customer service is to. not only have i been scammed all this money this huge company does nothing to help get my money back. cute cloths but please to not waste your money!!!
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2 years ago, Gracetreedogfireexstinguisher
I don’t know if anyone is gonna see this but i just wanted to put this out there just in case someone does. I love PacSun and shop there all the time, my hometown mall is very small and recently just got rid of the ONE store we had, leaving me to only shop online. That’s completely fine, but oh my GODDD THE WEBSITE IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO USE. It’s extremely glitchy, always refreshes to the top of the page when you try to click the “back” button, and is so incredibly slow!!! I would expect such a huge company to have a good and quality website, but PacSun’s is probably the worst out of all of the big brand names. It’s literally so glitchy and slow that i just give up half of the time and go to the Urban Outfitters website instead. I really really wish they would improve it, i would spend so much more of my money if i could actually have a positive online experience!!
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3 years ago, cranjsmcbasketball
Frustrating to use
The website has some bugs, as it constantly brings me back up to previous styles on the page that I’ve already scrolled through, as I’m scrolling down. It’s like it keeps refreshing while I’m just looking and it’s super annoying bc I give up and don’t get to look through all the products. So thinking that it would be different if I got the app and used that instead, I downloaded it. My first day using it was yesterday and it kept signing me out of my account when I would exit the app, idk if they meant to do this but it makes the app feel pointless. It is my second day using it and it won’t even load the home page for me. It did end up loading once for me earlier but each tab I tried clicking on in the app kept loading an error page saying “access denied.” I just deleted it bc it’s such a hassle to use, very inconvenient. I hope they improve their web development bc yikes
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2 years ago, Nan 82
Fix your app, it’s way too buggy and unusable
Let me start of by saying I don’t hate pacsun, I love their clothes and the deals they provide online, their amazing but the problem is when I try to use the app. The app is so buggy it’s almost unusable most of the time because it logs me out of my account when I want to add my address, add a payment method or just go back to a previous page. The smallest things on the app are the only things that don’t seem to work when they should work 100% of the time. There’s no reason for the app to be this badly made when you have a top notch store. It’s so frustrating to use this app that I’ve almost given up on shopping online for pacsun in general. In store as well since it’s more expensive then online, I feel like you guys could just close down the app and run some type of maintenance to properly fix the app and make it more usable.
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2 years ago, hello ☺️🌙💖
Cute clothes but the app is..
Literally the worst app I’ve ever used, the clothes are cute n stuff but technically speaking.. idk even where to begin, the app constantly logs me out even if I tell it to remember me on the app. It also randomly shows the Java script or something on my screen and says stuff like “access not granted” and it SO ANNOYING. You need to start working on your app, because the browser is literally better that this. I’m low key scared of using this app because it’s so glitchy I’m scared it’ll give me a virus. And I just hold my breath every time I opens the app bc I’m scared it logged me out. And I know your gonna be like “getting logged out isn’t a big deal just log back in!” But I get major anxiety over passwords and stuff so get logged out every 15 seconds isn’t super joyous. I think the clothes are great but I think they could do better.
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4 years ago, horchatapapa
Trial and error
As I added certain items to my bag, I did so with the intent of buying it, not to find out if it was available or not. When I was done with my order, I was stopped and told that I was unable to check out. I had to go to the actual website and find out that some of my items were unavailable for check out. After moving things around, changing sizes and finding alternatives for items that weren't available, I went back and forth for about three times. It'd be helpful if we were told in the app if something was unavailable, or if the app was updated to remove items that were unavailable. I'm excited for the products I've ordered, I have trust in this store's quality but ease of use is also a strong value. Have a beautiful day, Vinny.
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4 years ago, Deletemyrev1ewonemoret!me
Horrible app. Difficult and disappointing
This is probably one of the more poorly designed clothing websites I’ve ever gone on. Clothes that are displayed as in stock come up as “product not available” when I try to put it in my cart. Happened to me probably 15 times. Every shirt I like says the same thing. Didn’t happen in the guys clothing side however. If thats not bad enough, if I browse for too long or switch apps for a moment, when I try to put something in my cart it says “logging back in” and takes me back to the home screen where I then lose my place as well as erasing the stuff I had in my cart prior. And yes I was logged into my account. Whoever designed this app, who knows If the website is any better, needs to reevaluate their life decisions. PacSun does have some very cute tops but this experience was overall too frustrating for me to want to give them any money. Get it together, pacsun.
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5 years ago, jerry mcsendersen
Not reliable, ordering doesnt work
I have tried numerous times to order on the app, i check the order closely each time i try and the order never goes through. it does work on the website, but PLEASE PACSUN, PLEASE fix the app. im not sure whats wrong with it, but the websites isnt accepting coupons unless its with the app, but i cant even buy anything on the app?? most of the time, the app wont even open without my phone crashing. it wouldnt be possible that it would be my wifi since other shopping apps work fine and open quickly. I absolutely love their clothes, but the app does need some serious work. i also recommend to add apple pay😔😔 also whenever i try to purchase something on the app, i will select the shipping option and then it will take it out before i push place order and then it just pops up with a notification saying “Please try again later” from this, i have never been able to buy ANYTHING on the app 🥺
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5 years ago, 1938571'cba
very good... sometimes
so PacSun is an amazing app with really good offers, and amazing style. some downsides too it include that you have to have an almost perfect connection to access it quickly/efficiently. if u have a good connection it works amazing, but if u don't its very slow. another problem, is it is constantly logging me out. i log in and it should KEEP me logged in, but it frequently kicks me out. its not a huge deal to log back in, but its a bit of a pain sometimes. now with all those cons, there are a lot of pros. with amazing style and great offers you can easily access your cart to find everything you've saved for later purchases. when this app is working fine, it offers one of the best shopping apps I've ever used. so all in all i recommend this app, but there are a few flaws with the day to day access of it.
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4 years ago, Awesomegirl❤️
not happy...
On black friday I tried to make a purchase with my $50 gift card, but it took my money and my order didn’t go through. I talked to customer service for 30 minutes and they told me they would put the money back on my card in the next 1-8 hours. So today, on cyber monday, I tried to make the purchase again. My order today would go from $69 to $32. But of course, it still says my money is gone. So I contacted customer service and they said they would put my money back in, in the next 1-8 hours and that they were sorry. 10 hours later, an hour before cyber monday ends, I go to make my purchase and sure enough, I have no money in my card. So my $50 is gone, and I don’t get to make my purchase on cyber monday (I will not be going back and buying it now. I don’t have $69.) I honestly am really upset about this and I won’t be making another purchase from here again.
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4 years ago, ri071
Not too bad but frustrating
I like being able to favorite clothes for later and they have that on the app but half the time it doesn’t work, it’ll click and then the heart will turn black but then just go back white, I don’t know if that means it’s out of stock or what but still. They need the app to tell when things are out of stock more because sometimes there will be things you think are available because it doesn’t say anything about it not but then you click to add to cart and it says unavailable then. And another thing is I’ve ordered a few things that I’ve never received and never got an email saying anything about them being out of stock or anything. Even if they did send an email being out of stock, I shouldn’t be able to order something if they don’t have it
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2 years ago, Crankygirl1234
Absolutely terrible
I dont even know where to begin. The website is terrible, the app is terrible, I can barely place my orders. The items you favorite are never actually saved, you cant actually see ALL the clothes that are available online (which I found out bc the clothes I saw when on the website on my phone vs when I was on my laptop were completely different), and somehow your rewards just disappear sometimes. It took me two days to place an order bc for some reason on the app and website, it physically would not let me select a size to add to my bag unless I wasn’t signed in to my account. And then when I signed into my account, only half the items I put in my bag would be there. There’s so much more but if I kept going I’d be here all day. Pacsun’s clothes are great, I’ve been shopping here for 6 years now, but if they don’t fix their website/app I wont any longer.
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12 months ago, alisaklinke21
good but needs improvements
i usually don’t write shopping app reviews but i really like pacsun and their app. it’s very easy to use and very easy to navigate. the only thing that would need improvement is the navigation. like i said it’s very VERY easy to use, but the majority of the time when i am looking at my wishlist or looking at graphic shirts and i press the arrow to go back to the home page, it doesn’t go back to the home page. another thing is sometimes my wishlist will show the same thing such as a shirt more than once which is okay ig it’s jus weird. nonetheless, i still like this app n would love to see these changes made :))
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10 months ago, OddlyO
Why is it so hard to see what’s in my cart?
Honestly I don’t like this app and the PacSun website, they’re always really slow, don’t load, and then even when it does load it’s really hard to get around in the app. It should be easy to go back to where you were originally looking after clicking on an image but half the time it glitches out and takes you back to the top. Secondly, every time I click to look at my cart it won’t let me see what’s in my cart, it always takes me to a random piece of clothing that I’ve looked at or is possibly in my cart? And I have to go back 80 times until I’m back to where I started at the beginning for it to let me see the items my cart? Super annoying. It doesn’t make sense. Also I think it would be nice to have a back to the top arrow just for browsing purposes.
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4 years ago, Abc123_chubs
clothes & swimsuits
I love the clothes at Pacsun. I also really love all of the swimsuits they have. There’s a so many to choose from and so many different styles. The problem is, is that whenever I go to add them to my bag to buy them, it says that they’re unavailable. And I understand that items can sell out, but I’ve been trying to buy a few swimsuits for about a month now and it happens every time. Not just to a couple suits, but it happens 9/10 suits that I try to add to my bag. I’ve even tried filtering it to only show my suits that are my size and it still tells me that they’re unavailable. It’s just very annoying because I have intentions of spending a decent amount of money on swimsuits. This also happens with clothes, just not as often.
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3 years ago, adrie lilliette
The app needs a lot of work
Don’t get me wrong, the clothing and deals PacSun offers are amazing, however the way they’ve created this app is just not it. The app navigation isn’t smooth like H&M or Hollister for example; it occasionally glitches and doesn’t work properly. On top of that, I updated the app only to not be able to find my most recent order that I already paid for under “recent orders”. I haven’t received it in the mail yet but I better have it before Christmas like it said on the shipping date. And PacSun, please consider adding a tracking package option, once it says shipped it stays that way and doesn’t even let you know if your package has arrived :/. But yea the better way to shop PacSun is on the website they got because the app is very mid.
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2 years ago, NRam59
Update Creates More Problems then Fixes
The app had a complete overhaul about 2 months ago and the layout and navigation was completing changed. This would be fine except it only created tons of problems that were never present before. The layout is confusing to navigate, the app is extremely slow to respond, and it times out and freezes constantly. Additionally, there are pop-up ads every few minutes but when you click “X” to remove the pop up it clicks an item on the screen instead. Now you have to wait as the slow response navigates you back to your original search. I am using the app on an iPhone 11 Pro Max with unlimited data for reference and all these issues happen whether I am using wifi or data. If you want to online shop with Pacsun use the desktop version website (which still is mediocre at best).
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2 years ago, daughter of ariana
this app needs serious help
i’ve shopped at pacsun for years and i’ve had this app for years and seen many updates, all that either only slightly fix the problems, or just make everything a lot worse. the navigation on this app is EXTREMELY BAD. it goes back and forth from the website format to the app format, as well as crashing every 5 seconds, adding things to your cart you didn’t add, logging you in and out of your cart all the time, wiping your cart for no reason etc. this app AND THE PACSUN WEBSITE are made extremely poorly and are almost useless to the point that i do not even think i can place an order. pacsun i genuinely cannot give you my money unless you make the app and website easier to use. you would think that being the big corporation that you are that this app would be clean and easy to use. do you want money or not?
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4 years ago, _4071_
50/50 It’s Out Of Stock
PacSun’s hit-or-miss product quality aside, their app alone makes shopping such an ordeal. The app doesn’t update when an item is out of stock, which often leads to you getting all the way to placing your order before it notifies you that you can’t actually purchase the item. Sometimes it will tell you before then (when you try to add the item to the bag), but it will still show up as in stock when you’re shopping on the app or when you view the item in your list. All in all, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to buy any given item that you view on the app. And you should know: even if you can get through placing an order without a headache, all return shipping is $8, even if you had free shipping originally, and even if PacSun sent you the wrong item (which they do frequently). It’s honestly just not worth the hassle. I’m sticking to Urban Outfitters
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3 years ago, itzsgrace
I love it but there are issues
I love this app and this brand a lot. The styles are really up my ally, but sometimes the prices could be expensive. I would love to have a size chart since I have not seen any in the app. I also trie led to like an item but it glitches and unlikes the product, so I have to save it in notes and every-time I go back to look at the product, it’s unavailable in my size or completely out of stock. It keeps glitching and slows down a lot. I looked online rather then the app and it is wayyyy better. Not all apps for shopping make a big difference, but I still recommend this brand and all the other brands it partners with.
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2 years ago, glitchy:(
Very glitchy and delayed
I love pacsun and most of my jeans and jackets are from there. But the app is constantly glitchy and is delayed. Whenever I’m on the app and I put something in my cart it automatically brings me to my cart and I lost my place. Like usually when I go to pacsun I buy more than one thing and when a pair of jeans or a shirt isn’t in store anymore It’s usually on the app. And I’m I remember being on the app and it randomly glitchy and bringing me back to a shirt I looked at earlier. It’s a good store but the app is so bad and sometimes it seems like it’s poor connection and I would often think it’s my connection but I realized it’s the app. Please fix it because I like this store and would much rather shop online because it’s easier for me.
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3 years ago, fhdjsnw
Terrible User Interface
This is by far the worst mobile user interface I’ve ever seen. It’s so confusing it actively deterred me from shopping on the app. Fix it please. I can’t bear to look at it. Get rid of the weird side bar that only shows the options of home, sign in, and more. The 3D perspective looks like it’s trying too hard to be interesting (a common mistake with inexperienced web designers) and it’s unnecessary. Make the side bar have links to women, men, and then subsections for tops, bottoms, dresses. It’s a wasted opportunity to make the app easier to navigate. Another issue is how far down you have to scroll before there’s any way to access actual clothing items to shop. There’s probably many other issues but I will not be spending any more time on this app looking for them. The app is really bad and you need to hire a new web designer.
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5 years ago, DielDiel
Cute clothes but...
PacSun is one of my favorite stores. They always have cute clothes and their clothing is also really good quality. The reason why I’m giving them three stars is because I recently made a purchase online and the app was giving me such a difficult time ordering my items. I eventually had to go to safari and order it from their website and not on the actual app since the order just wouldn’t go through. Anyways once I ordered everything, I get an email about four days later telling me one of the tops I ordered is “no longer available”. It was very upsetting. Maybe if my order went through the first time, then we wouldn’t have had an issue with anything being unavailable as it was available when I ordered it.
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2 years ago, runforestttt
This App is Bananas
You really can’t do anything you’re supposed to in this app. Your wishlist disappears, your account page won’t load, then you get server errors and get kicked off the app completely because it’s just a white screen on every page that says “access denied” (no matter which network you’re using so it’s not a VPN or network related issue) your cart disappears, you get signed out then asked to sign back in mid shopping, it lags, the wishlist heart buttons disappear, the page randomly refreshes when scrolling through numbers of items at a time, it displays some of the same products over and over at the top of the page no matter how many pages into a search you are, is there anything I missed? it’s JANK dude…I just wanna buy some clothes man
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2 years ago, L0nd0n08
Used to be good, now it is horrible
The app used to be good, but now it won't save absolutely anything. I'll spend hours on end saving stuff to my wishlist, view the wishlist and it'll be normal. And the next day it wouldn't have saved anything. This is very annoying and didn't happen before the update. There is definitely some sort of bug regarding the wishlist. And recently it has been logging me out of my account every time I swipe out of the app, and I also have the settings on to keep me logged in. But, today it won't even let me log in anymore. I will put my login info in and it won't even tell me it is wrong or anything, it will just reload itself to blank. And I don't want to make a new account because I have money on the account I want to log in too. Please fix the login/sign in page and the wishlist.
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4 years ago, aanonymouus
Horrible app and customer service
I love the clothes of Pacsun, but the app needs major fixing because I’ve tried to check out my items so many times, but every time the app says that it is “unable to check out” Additionally, my merchandise return card kept saying there was an error, and when I went to store, the employees told me I would have to call customer service to get a transferred to a new and functional card. When I called customer service not only was I on hold for an hour, it disconnected so I was on hold for a total of 5 hours. The music for being on hold is actually what you would hear at the entrance of hell 😭 The customer service was not helpful at all, and it is not the fault of the people, but the fault of Pacsun for not providing appropriate protocols and equipment to deal with these terrible glitches.
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4 years ago, Cynthia Sewah
I ordered some items online and after processing and waiting days, I found out afterward that the order was canceled for no reason. Inconvenient but not a big deal right? This was around August of 2019 so I decided to give them another try this past week. I order one item and not only was the tracking bad but they use Fedex and for some reason have it transferred to the USPS for delivery and guess what? My package says delivered but I never received it and now have to file a claim. What’s next? My third order had a total of 5 items in it and got split into three separate orders with three separate shipping dates also transferred from Fedex to USPS with no option of having the items held at the location due to the time constraint. So now I am unsure if I will even receive any of my packages. I had one order cancelled and two orders separated into 4. That’s 2/5 orders cancelled by Pacsun or payed for and never received, with a low probability I will receive the other three after having spent my money. This happened separate times not just a couple months ago but this week with my orders so please please do not buy online unless you are interested in simply donating money to the company and never getting your products.
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4 years ago, mariuribeee
App is messed up
When i add a product to my cart it and then i look at my cart it says product not AVAILAVLE so then i have to go back look up everything on my cart and figure out which one wasn’t available but that still didnt work so i had to a screenshot my cart and remove everything that was on it and then look up everything one by one. I thought that worked but when i put submit order it told me AGAIN that product is unavailable so i had figure out which one it was and then i finally was able to order so pacsun if you know you dont have that shirt then whyyy is it still on the app/website please remove and stop pranking me thank you! I gave a three because your clothes is cute BUT WHERE IS THE DIVERSITYYYYYY!!!
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5 years ago, ahdgjahsvs
Terrible app terrible rewards
So I downloaded this app to receive the rewards and it was very convoluted, bad service and the rewards I had on email were different from what I actually had on my phone. Pacsun didn’t even bother to email my actual email with like a confirmation that I signed up for their rewards. I would leave 0 stars if I could. HIGHLY would not recommend getting the app OR signing up for rewards because it does absolutely NOTHING I am so upset and displeased by the audacity of the people who run pacsun that they couldn’t so much as even give me a confirmation email???? I also signed up not twice not three times but 4 whole times before pacsun told me to put a pw with my account which it never did before therefore I was never able to log in. DO NOT get this app or try and sign up for rewards because I guarantee the same will happen to you.
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2 years ago, ny.ny.twinkle
Very glitchy and annoying to navigate
Look, I love PacSun as much as the next person so this isn’t about the store itself but just the app. Since I’ve got it it’s so glitchy and frustrating to use. The navigation buttons freeze constantly and often take me to the wrong section ( ex. I click on women's but it takes me to mens). The screen freezes half the time I try to use it, I’m prompted to log in several times, and when I go to my “likes” section I have to refresh several times because it either shows nothing, shows like two items, or shows unavailable items. Honestly I’d love to have the convenience of shopping on the app but at this point it’s exhausting and I just opt for the website.
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2 years ago, kelly harrison 1967
Worst UX + Performance Ever
The app worked fine before it got redesigned. Everything is slow and half the time it doesn’t load, I have to reboot my app multiple times to get things loading. I can’t even load the shopping bag so I’m unable to buy anything that I can manage to get in it. Have to tap multiple times for anything to work, the app is so laggy and slow that it’s honestly pointless. Nothing wrong with the clothing either, it’s just this app is incredibly poorly designed. My Wifi works fine and so does my phone, I have no problems with any other application or connection. Just this one. Every movement is jerky and lags behind. Wish the app worked fine because I love the clothes and the deals are great, I just can’t get the app to work and am unable to purchase anything.
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3 years ago, behdhsjjsis
Needs WORK!!
Look I love pacsun and I love shopping in-app, it keeps you signed in so you never have to, you see clothing recommended for your specific taste based on previous purchased, it’s just simple and I love it. Not for pascun’s app tho. It signs me out and only about 1/4th of the time will the app let me sign back in, it takes things out of my cart that I’ve just added and are in stock, it crashes sometimes. You can’t even click on a piece of clothing and add it to your cart then continue we’re you left off it brings you back to the home page. What’s the point of the app if it doesn’t work. I’ve made multiple purchases and never got my reward points. Fix the app and make it like every other clothing stores app or don’t have one. It not like pascun doesn’t make enough to run it efficiently.
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3 years ago, Miss.Prudent
Needs to be fixed
Whenever I add things cart, I intend to buy it. However since I’m constantly scrolling and stalling time to buy even more things, The things I want get sold out. When it’s added to the cart, that individual should be able to hold it for some time before allowing someone else buy it before them. Additionally on the app it’s extremely annoying to look at the sale section, specifically when there’s extra discounts like buy 1 get 1 free. You have to click onto it and it brings you to a whole new page, and if you click back all the items you added to the cart is completely gone. It wastes my time trying to add items I want into the cart and honestly I might as well go to a different websites and buy clothes, since it’s quite frustrating.
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4 years ago, Mccarthy.16
Taking my money
I recently purchase sweatpants and a shirt and I was so happy to get them but a couple hours after it said my order has been cancelled but it didn’t give me my money back. I contacted PacSun multiple times and they just said “it’s taking longer than usual to refund” it’s not been over a week and I still haven’t simply gotten my money back. Like seriously how long does it take? At this point I don’t think I will be getting a refund. I went ahead and ordered another order with a gift card and a different credit card since the last one didn’t work and I really need these clothes for an up coming trip but the “card wasn’t valid” and it took off all the money off of my gift card without place an order. At this point they’ve taken over $100 from my and I have no clothes from it. Very mad.
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2 years ago, pointbreak415
Could use a lot of improvement
Don’t get me wrong, you’ll get your moneys worth for the products PacSun sells, but man does their app need improvement. I’ve given them many months and many chances but I just can’t keep them on my phone. Refreshing the page is impossible and it always glitches from adding to cart and doing a quick mobile payment like Apple Pay. Even clicking on some products won’t let you open the page if I was interested. Although the layout is semi average to what you’ll normally see of any shopping app, actual performance is slow, very disappointed in how they update the ads and deals but not the ability to actually take advantage and view or add to the cart.
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1 year ago, Sssssopha
Super glitchy
If anyone from PacSun sees this, please fix this! The app barely works majority of the time and prevents me from having the ability or even the desire to buy from here. The buttons don’t work most of the time, you just click them again and again and they do nothing so you have to close the app. Also it always has an issue with products being unable to add to cart. Not only that but it logs me out randomly all the time or just doesn’t even work at all and just loads for forever when I try to get in the app. This is not an isolated issue, these things happen almost every time I use the app! PacSun please fix this I would like to be able to actually buy things!
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3 years ago, lexie9183791
Why is it that whenever I order from a website that is literally based in another country and has to internationally ship to my location, it only takes 4 days, but whenever I ship from PacSun, it takes 3 weeks to a month?? PacSun is based in the United States. Shipping is completely absurd and the layout of the app is also weird and can be confusing. Items would randomly disappear from my cart and I would have to manually search for them to find them all over again. A couple months ago I ordered a HAT, a single HAT from PacSun and it took 6 WEEKS to ship. Often times the clothes I order get lost in transit, and it’s happened so often that this order I made will be my last. The clothes are cute, but the online store is absolute garbage. Use your money elsewhere, like Urban Outfitters or even American Eagle.
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2 years ago, cracka jac
Glitchy app and website
I’m not sure why PacSun can’t seem to get their app or website together. I have had problems with the website for YEARS. Anytime you click into an item to view once you hit the back button it’ll scroll you all the way back to the top of the page - no matter how far you were scrolled down. Which I’m sure you can imagine is VERY frustrating. The app is constantly glitching and is incredibly slow. I was just browsing on the app and got an “access denied” error. Keep in mind I am not on WiFi of any kind, just using my phone data. You would think they would put some effort into the app and website especially with e-commerce growing at the rate it is.
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8 months ago, Jaelynwyt
Terrible app
I love PACSUN it’s where I get majority of my clothing however the app needs so many bug fixes. On an iPhone 13, scrolling side to side tends to move the whole app instead of the clothes I’m trying to scroll through. Not only that I prefer to search for specific things and the search bar is always disappearing. Another thing I noticed is the trust within the app. For example I’d exit the app because there is no exit button for when you click on a specific item (another problem) I had to find every item I wished to buy and readd it to my cart. If it wasn’t for the deals online I would not spend literally 2 hours fidgeting with my phone trying to get it to work. Please fix this it makes shopping relentless and miserable.
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4 years ago, Coldlikeicee
Too buggy and difficult to navigate
I love PacSun and their style, but if you want an app that’s more reliable and easier to navigate, this is NOT the app for you! You might as well shop using a web browser instead. As I added items to my cart they were no longer there when I pressed my shopping cart. Also while browsing through the app and pressing to view an item and then pressing the back button it takes me back to the main menu instead of taking me back to where I left off. Scrolling through the app to browse for clothes and accessories take a long time and I hate to lose my progress. Please fix the app to make it more reliable and more convenient for users! And fix the bug so that items added to your shopping cart won’t disappear! Thank you.
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