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User Reviews for Paint S

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5 months ago, RobotSlavesNow
Used to Be the Best MS Paint Substitute for MacBook
**update** Nov 2023 - App continues to meet my needs but developer has changed my purchase to a subscription. Seems unethical and means I will be looking for a new, simple-to-use and quick-loading graphics app. App subscriptions are not for me. Downloaded the free version while looking for an MS Paint substitute. Needed a program to quickly and intuitively add arrows to pictures and perform basic photo editing/cropping. Paid to upgrade to full version after realizing the program's depth and developer support. It's light on system resources but also allows for layered levels and many other things I'm still learning. Have not encountered a bug nor a crash, and serves me very well as a Photoshop-lite.
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2 years ago, Daniel C from Cal
Great app - easy to use, but powerful as well
Really helped me because unlike other painting tools there's no learning curve, and you can understand how to use it right away. (I'm sure there are complicated features that can take some learning, but for the basic features, it's very intuitive and works easily without complications). One feature I like is that it remembers all the lines you drew, so you can reselect any of them, and then change its size, direction, color etc. - in other words, even if you have a lot of overlapping lines, each can still be selected and modified. This helps me a lot because I need to draw arrows on schematics, and as it remembers the lines I draw, I can reselect each line if I want to edit it later (no need to drag a box over the line, but merely select it from a list, which the app displays to the left of the main drawing window, and the app then selects the line in question within the drawing window).
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5 years ago, QDonleavy
Good in so many ways “We’re not building a piano here."
This a great app to create and tweak things with. You won’t get mired in a PS labyrinth of details and options when all you want to do is some quick and good graphics. Maybe it’s a PNG file with a transparent background, or a cool graphic with fonts have on your computer, but not your website platform - this is a good app to use when, as I like to say “We’re not building a piano here.” Sometimes you just don’t need mulit-layered 3D WTFery or so many options that you get bogged down in the details versus actually getting work done. Cleaner graphics are the trending style, and this app is a good way to create exactly that. Sure, you can build a piano with it if you want, but go play with Minecraft if that’s your thing, we’re trying to get stuff done here.
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2 years ago, Maxwell1500
Perfect Paint Alternative
Many of the bad reviews seem to be mad that it isn't a photoshop alternative. It is a clone of MS Paint but with more easy to use features. I feel like the title of the application made that obvious. Also, the other bad reviews are because they are mad that it watermarks if they don't pay for the product. It would be cool if maybe they would have like an ad you watch or something to get the watermark removed for each time. I don't understand why someone would expect unlimited use from something for free, they have to pay for a developer account to get it added to the store, that cost the developer money. I ended up purchasing it because it does exactly what I needed it to do!
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4 years ago, RobK215
Good but needs update for HEIF files
Appreciate the app, it has saved me a few times such as adding eye catching titles and headings to Facebook event cover images for non-profit work/ social functions. My photo editing needs are pretty basic so I won't comment on the nuances of Paint S since it's pretty intuative and close enough to the Paint I grew up on since Windows 3.0. Yes, HEIF is newer format (2017?) but since I'm using the paid version of Paint S for Mac and Mac has adopted a better photo format, then say JPEG because it's half the size for the same image quality, Paint S should be compatible with HEIF. Please let me know if this is in the works, if I swtich to another image app to work directly with HEIF files, like many others, I probably won't be back. Thanks!
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3 years ago, McKat75
Great App without Being a Monster Program
This is a great program that I've been able to do a TON of projects with, a lot of which have mirrored things that I'm only "supposed" to be able to accomplish with the bigger programs. But it's a simpler program, which means it's easier to use and figure out. It also means that it's not going to have as much functionality as the bigger, expensive programs, but it's not supposed to because it's not on the same tier as they are. It would be great to have some improvements here and there, like being able to import some less conventional files, but that's more of a simple suggestion not a critique, and overall I'm super happy with this program.
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3 years ago, TakVad
Used for Online DnD Maps, GREAT
I'm able to layer in enermies, move people or groups with a click or a wide selection and drag. I can hide individual enemies with the visual layer icon. I'm still working on if there is a way to add an "airbrush" layer so I can hide and uncover parts of my image without erasing the image itself. I LOVE this application because it's very useful without being overly complex. I used Krita for maps on my PC (to take wear off my laptop) because I couldn't get Paint S to download on Windows, but this is much more user-friendly without SO MANY complex functions. A great tool to use with Skype and screen sharing. Love being able to color my icons/symbols and move/adjust size with ease. THANK YOU!
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2 years ago, Jj5365
Many things to like, but still buggy and limited.
First the bug: since you moved to an adaptable text space, as often as not, the text space shrinks too small and hides the last portion of the text. I sized the text box more than big enough when I created it, but the auto sizing often makes it too small to display all the text! Hate that I have to fix the size of the text box yet again to make it work like it should. Next, there needs to be a function for altering object sizes to create the illusion of depth and perspective. Some graphics editor apps call it "distort." Whatever it is called, I need to independently control the resizing of an object from all corners to create perspective! It is silly that I have to find an online graphic editor to do this function and import an object back in.
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2 months ago, Cappy1001
Great image software but it NEEDS an animation option
This software is my go to for drawing images on Mac. Its nice to have curved texts when I need it, and it overall has a lot of features exept one. The creators of Paint S, if you are reading this, please add a animation option! There are so many instances where I want to create a gif animation but I don't have the option to do it! I think it would be great to have a gif option in Paint S. Also I would hope that there is onion skinning since it is useful. So I would give this five stars if it had a gif animation feature.
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2 years ago, Ocean Sunflower
Good, but needs a little updating.
This app is very fun and helpful, especially for people who are and aren’t good at drawing, such as me. Though, everytime I try to close the tab, it doesn’t let me, nor does it let me save my drawing anymore so I have to screenshot a picture of my drawing and crop it. There are also a few ideas I have for it, such as painting mode, where you can make drawings that look like they were paintings, but they aren’t, they are just digital! Other than that though, please fix the save & close bug! Thank you!
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5 years ago, AutomaticCandy
Simple to use, works great
I'm not a graphic artist but I enjoy dabbling around with simple projects for fun. I've been using this app for several years now and I love it. I've never liked MS Paint, so don't let the name of this one deceive you - it's so much better! It's easy to use but has a great variety of tools including excellent effects like sharpening, blur, crystallizing, etc. You can resize things, color them, work in layers, and add text. For the nonprofessional who doesn't need Photoshop this is an outstanding choice. My sincere thanks to the developer :-)
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7 years ago, kunphused
new born
I am no profesional and I can’t draw, however I have been in the TV and Film biz for many years as well as being a musician. This is a very fine program once you get the hang of it. It does not have any brush strokes or capability to mix colors. I have seen them in some older programs that were great. The program has never crashed and I have had hundreds of levels, changes and fixes. Your manual is very minimal but at least you have one. I've used it heavily the last two months and am very satisfied.
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2 years ago, App Juge1322
Unfair Membership Change
I like this App it really does a lot for me but I'm giving it a 4 star review because long ago I bought this app for about $10 for lifetime pro version and the developer switched to a yearly subscription model and made everyone who paid for the premium version pay for it. I think I should get to keep my lifetime membership as an early adopter of the application but that's just my opinion.
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4 months ago, Jotí's Child X
Not Forthcoming In What You're Purchasing
My dissatisfaction isn't with the technical performance of the app. It's with an apparent misunderstanding when I "upgraded" to the pro version. Then three years later there's this gotcha: restore your purchase. I try it with full confidence that I'd purchased the premium version. No, it says, you paid for three years. Now it's time to pay some more for one year. I'd say developer used sneaky sales gimmicks. It ought to say up front that you're purchasing a limited-time subscription and for how long. I'm through with this app and developer. If you want to deal with 'em, be sure to bring your lawyer along!
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1 year ago, jarata
Incredibly Useful App...Wonderfully Easy and Intuitive!
I stumbled across Paint S in the app store a few years ago. It was inexpensive and had good reviews so I decided to give it a try. What a find!!! Paint S continues to make my life easy every time I use it, and outperforms many apps I've tried that carry a much heftier price tag. It was easy to learn, offers a very intuitive workflow, and the feature set is robust. Thanks for such a great tool...Paint S is awesome!
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4 years ago, MasterMinecraftLovesPokemon
Can’t export as an image. Really annoyed. :( Edit: Oops, sorry developer. Let me explain. I tried to export my project to my Photos, but the photo app said that the file was invalid and would not accept the file. I found out why it wasn’t working. I did not put the file as a PDF, which blocked me fron importing. Now this is a great app, I understand you put a lot of work into this app! I changed this review from a one star review to a five. Sorry I wasn’t very specific. *laughs nervously*
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2 years ago, grover009
MS Paint meets PowerPoint with PhotoShop's Magnetic Lasso
I love MS Paint and was looking for something similar for the Mac. This is it. Think of this as MS Paint with some of the tools from PowerPoint ... like being able to create shapes, send parts of the image backward, crop, draw, etc. Plus, it has a fairly good "magnetic-lasso"-type tool good for removing backgrounds. If you're expecting more than that, you'll be disappointed ... but you'l also be wrong. This is all you need.
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5 years ago, mffusco
Simple but Wonderful
This app is wonderful both in free and paid use. I used the free version for about a month before upgrading to the paid version. The program is very easy to work with, especially in terms of creating designs with multiple pieces of text. I have never had a problem with the app crashing or problems exporting files. It works perfectly for free, but for $8.99, this is app is a dream.
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5 years ago, Camcamcanada
I don’t often use macbooks, and I fully expected to download some terrible, frustrating app that would be vastly inferior to microsoft paint, get the job done as quickly as possible, and hopefully never have to use it again. But lo and behold, I think this is far superior to paint! Extremely easy to find all the tools I needed, and they all worked great. I came across no limitations requiring the upgraded version.
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2 years ago, MarcusPyo
Worth the upgrade
I tried several paint apps on the App Store. This was the most intuitive and after using the free version for months, I bit the bullet and paid for the full version. Haven't regretted the purchase at all. It hits that sweet spot between full-blown Photoshop and MS Paint. Just the right amount of features without being overkill or lacking. Easily worth the $8 payment.
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5 years ago, Jared Regan
Everything and MORE???
For the Last week I have been using this application for basic graphic art and it has been fantastic!, with minimal/moderate experience, this application has all you can ask for especialy with a free app. you might find difficulty is keeping the lines clean but just turn on the pixels/inch higher and the boxy lines are very minamal. It supports cross platform photos which is a very nice touch!
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4 years ago, jakeofalltrades83
Free - you get what you pay for
fine for drawing simple lines. Very basic. frustrating. Upon first use it locked up my imac. I had to do a forced quit to get my computer back. There's always a checkered background. If you erase anything the checkers come back, then you have to go fill the area with white to get rid of the checkers. Text boxes kept changing font size without any input from me. I would have expected a standard base font that I could change if needed. In one single drawing it changed the font size every time I started a new text box. Very frustrated with my wasted time..... uninstalling this app right now.
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5 years ago, RuleOfEight
Well worth the cost.
Even though there are a lot of online free apps with more features, this has the core basics that gets me where I need to go. Once you know where all the features are, it is very easy to use. I do wish the use of a slide bar in a lot of the areas would inclue a number next to it so I can document the settings incase I want to do more of the same.
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1 year ago, Jun Rosamura
Best alternative Gimp-like app for Mac
Been using this for a little over 2 years now and for the low price I pay yearly, it has been worth it. Took them a while to get Dark Mode in but yes. It does a lot of what I need. Whatever it cannot, I switch to GIMP on my win box. However, I prefer to use my Mac for all my video and art content creation. Do not bother with the free version of this or any other app, its a waste of time.
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9 months ago, daveshep64
Much more powerful than expected
This "little" app is actaully quite capable of fairly complex image editing. The tools are way more intuitive than Photoshop. There are some limits - no blur or blend, and layers aren't quite as full featured as the high end apps out there. But this can handle more in its Paint Pro version, which does more than it should at that price. Im always surprised at its capabilities each time I use it.
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3 years ago, entertainer510
Extremely frustrating to use
The app adds layers for every single action you make. The layers don't act like traditional paint / photo editing layers. You're supposed to be able to draw into a blank layer. But instead, every drawing IS a layer itself. This makes editing the layers individually a nightmare. I also hate the messages that pop up letting you know the action you just performed, like "zoomed in" or "zoomed out" or "resized canvas" etc. It appears right over the image and blocks your view. And it takes about a second to fade away. More frustrating quirks are the "magnifying glass" effect when you're trying to pick a color with the syringe tool. You might think it's convenient, but it blocks the view of the area you're selecting the color from, so I keep "getting lost" in my image. The app is so counter-intuitive and quirky in design that I highly recommend you skip this one. For your own mental sanity.
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5 years ago, Nimboo Pani
Upgrade has flaws
I used to use this program often to create graphic notation for music scores and for creating stage plots for my band. I am having an issue where the paint document and TIFF documents save with a dark grey background even though I have selected a white canvas background. I bought the subscription thinking that would help but it doesnt. Now when I try to import the TIFF file into my music notation software it shows up as a black box. JPEG seems to save just fine but my notation software does not import JPEG unfortunatly. Please fix this problem!
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8 months ago, Texas Texan Tex
Full featured app, worth the money.
I purchased this to make some dummy web pages for a film. It is a very good full featured object based paint program. If you want a paint program, then an object based one is what you really want. One thing it is lacking is a "fit to screen" button. I hope this feature is added soon.
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7 years ago, Chloe Howell96
I was a little angry in the last review but now that I understand what an in-app purchase is, I’ve calmed down a bit. I do think that people should be aware that an in-app purchase means you are only renting, not buying the app. No app is truly free and I think newcomers to Macs should be especially aware of that. Buy PaintPro instead if you do not want to rent the program.
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6 years ago, Paul3224
Works For Me
Fo rme, I needed a product to replace the Free Widows paint afet I moved to an iMac. I am not an artist, have limited creative drawing skills, and almost color blind. Having said that this product does everything I need to crop, fill in other colors, enlarge, etc. Easy to use and will have to explore to see what other goodies it may offer me…like pasting a photo on tip if another photo!
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4 years ago, Can't wait for this crap
I tried the free version which is compleyely useless in that you cant do anything bigger than a postage stamp and most of the tools won't work so you're kind of forced to BUY the upgrade to see how it works which caused all kinds of problems like the spinning beach ball with every move I made , it froze my desktop and everything takes sooooooo long , I had to delete it and restart and now if I try a different program it's causing it to act just like this one . I asked for a refund and was denied 3 times so I'm left here to let everyone know what to expect .
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6 months ago, JulieCurtinVT
Agree with the other reviewer who titled their negative review "Extortion." I lost several days worth of work building a simple garden plan. I had no issues or warnings when I invested my time creating the document, but when I finally finished, saved my work, and tried to re-open it, I was made aware that I couldn't reopen my work without paying $8. Do not download if you are hoping for a free, basic Paint application like I was. Side note, the functionality of this app is not even worth $8. Spend your money elsewhere.
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2 years ago, pj47tech
Great app for basic work
I needed a Windows Paint-like program for my Mac, and this program fits my needs. My needs are quite basic, but I can do what I want and the interface is intuitive. It has more features than I'll need so it can expand to fit my requirements. Nice program.
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3 years ago, The Album Concept Hour Podcast
Been primarily using this for quick editing for years now
The few times that I've been dissappointed with the performance of this product, they have consistently updated it to address those exact things. Bang for you buck, it's unbeatable.
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5 years ago, MG700
Awesome Photoshop Alternative
I do a lot of graphic design for my sound healing business. This app has been a godsend forreal. I can pretty much do everything I can imagine on the full version. There are only a few things that actually owning photoshop would come in clutch, but for now, Paint S is holding it down for me. Really easy to use.
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3 years ago, hough_transform
Excellent app for quick drawings
This is the missing app for making quick drawings. It is great for putting togther little illustrations for presentaitons or for importing into other note apps. The ONLY thing I don't like is the icon. Something simpler and more graphic would be to my liking. :-)
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4 years ago, Insane User of Paint S
Edit is no longer allowed after cropping
I found a very poor aspect of the app. The image becomes blurred if you crop, save, and open it again. What is even worse, editing is no longer allowed, even though it is saved in the original format of the app. The image becomes flat with everything combined into a single layer, and in another word, it is pointless to save it as a Paint S document, which will ruin all your previous work.
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2 months ago, Sanshuba
Way worse than paint
I wanted an alternative for paint on Mac, and installed this app. The UI is not friendly, there are a few bugs, but since I just wanted it for very very simple editings, like erasing a part of the image, it was enough. But I comitted the mistake of updating the app, and now it adds water marks to everything, even during the editting what makes it even harder. So I am unistalling it and will look for a more user friendly alternative, I will pay attention to the reviews this time.
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3 years ago, StarEKnight
Exactly what I needed
I take a lot of screen shots, and need to mock up changes and copy/paste bits. Paint S has just the features I need, and also includes layering which allows me to turn off/on parts of the design. Very happy to have found this program!
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1 year ago, Cptkrf
Really good basic draw program.
I use it all the time when I don't need the morass of depth in Affinity Photo or Gimp. It allows me to churn out a quick drawing without having to select among dozens of vague options. Not entirely intutive but one figured out is really productive.
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6 years ago, LLR_FL
I absolutly love this app and use it for almost any drawing edits I need to create. 10/10 recommend getting the full version to work on larger scales, and app is super easy to use. I’ve used it to create many edits from album covers to book covers, My only wish is that you add a blur or fading feature as then it would be an automatic 5 stars.
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1 year ago, wzjrcc
Yes it Does Have In-App Purchases!
Apple's App Store says "No in app purchases" but there are "In App Purchases". The first feature I clicked on in the app suggested I upgrade for the price of $8.99 to use that feature I haven't used the app long enough to see how many other features requires the in-app purchase...
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2 years ago, Lindad6a
The App is very limited without paying 8.99, and then there is even more upsells
This is frustrating, I tried editing a simple diagarm. I had to pay $ 8.99 to get the full version in order to save it after editing it. After paying, it informs me that the unlimited version that I paid for is only good for 3 years, then I will need to pay again. I do not recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Ryqeegee
Basics don’t work
Click on help and you get help for mail About Paint S does not provide contact information.. Try to draw a curve….it doesn’t work. I went to the manual. It says to draw a curve use the curve tool. I used the curve tool. Maybe I need to hop or use the curve tool with my toes. I tried using option, command and control with it. It only draws a sstraight line. I tried going back to the straight line with various tools to see if I needed to bend it, but no use.
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3 years ago, Andres32
Simple, quick, excellent
I've been using this for 3 or 4 years, and it's become my favorite to make quick markups, sketches, and instructions for colleagues. I usually review CAD models, so when I have some feedback to convey I will take a quick screenshot and then mark it up with Paint S.
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4 years ago, Lorel509
This works!
I’m upgrading to Mojave so Adobe Fireworks cs5 will no longer work. I found two other programs for more in depth Vector and Raster Art but didn’t like the multiple steps it takes just to resize an image. This program does it in just a few steps.
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6 years ago, JoMySi
Fantastic App for a Fantastic Price
I am pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy using this program. I am no expert in design and this program makes it simple to get what I need done! And for only $8! My only complaint is that I can’t save files as a PDF document. If that were possible, I would rate it 5 stars!
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2 years ago, TachyonMask
Nice tool for the price
I found it just when I needed to edit a map and it was simple enough to use. I will like to see a free-rotation tool for all objects. Also weill like to see grouped layers and not see each individual layers, unles I expand or ungrouped. Other than that is very nice tool!
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3 years ago, Steven20092013
Out of control on the updates
There have been over 16 updates in the last 12 months. Simmer it down! I feel like every time I open my laptop there is a new update. Paint is a great program, just figure out how to consolidate your updates/launches to be less intrusive.
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3 years ago, fwalder48
Good, Inexpensive, Lite image Program
For non-commercial work the program will get the job done. It seems to have all the basic features without cumbersome complexity. i just discovered the Pro version, and will consider the upgrade.
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