Paint X - Paint, Draw and Edit

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洪 陈
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User Reviews for Paint X - Paint, Draw and Edit

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9 years ago, Hyde233
Not Bad.
It’s alright, I guess. It’s a fairly primitive image editing tool, because of that, I recommend using it for minor editing, simple pictures, etc. The closest thing I can compare this to would be MSPaint. Certain things are slightly better while other things are slightly worse when compared to MSPaint. The drawing tools don’t have as much customization, although it does have antialiasing. One of the main problems with MSPaint is that most drawing tools lacked antialiasing. I’m currently working on sprite artwork, though, so I’d really like an option to disable it. Oh, and I’ve been having an annoying problem. When you use the pencil tool, it colors it unevenly. The colors are slightly off and since I’m working on sprite artwork, this is a pretty bad problem. The only way around this problem is to color only one pixel at a time which is pretty tedious. Since this is the lite version, it leaves a watermark that says “Created by Paint X” at the bottom of every picture you edit.
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3 years ago, alskdfalksjdf ;
I like it, but a few problems.
I got this app wanting to draw on my digital drawing pad. I really liked it, but there were a few issues. First, there weren’t enough brush sizes. I just couldn’t go as big as I wanted to. Also, sometimes the opacity would glitch and remain the same even when I told it to go lighter. Last, my main problem is that there are no layers. I really wanted layers and didn’t realize how hard it was to draw without them. All in all, it is a pretty decent app.
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4 years ago, GamezPlayerX
The simplicity is a feature, not a shortcoming!
I was looking for an image editing app that had the basic tools and was comprehensible to the average person. I'm not a graphic designer, so most image editing apps are very confusing to me. This is just what I needed. I agree with another reviewer that it's comparagle to MS Paint--also comparable to Gimp if you're familiar with that. They're all very simple but that's exactly what I needed. The feature that I like the most is the intuitive way you can add a transparent background to an image or text to make it useable for layering on a flyer. I gladly purchased the full version to remove the watermark--and it was worth it.
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4 months ago, Cindy - an IT Project Manager
Closest thing to MS Paint
As a new migrant from Microsoft to Apple, I was frustrated to all he** that I couldn't do a simple screen shot of a window or anything and then pop open MS paint to crop it or easily paste it into an email or doc. I found PaintX and it makes this possible. If it weren't for this tool, I would have probably already dumped this Macbook Air in the garbage and gone back to an MS surface. Life is too short to fight with my laptop and have my hands tied. If Apple wants to win the hearts of business users, they need to go take a look at Windows and how people use their computers/features.
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6 months ago, MeSkii247
Perfect - but a few small bugs
PROS: I was looking for something akin to MSPaint for Mac. A simple tool like this without layers is very fast and efficient for taking screen shots and making GUI edits in development. Very fast to grab and move things, resize thigns, recolor things, delete things, etc... just perfect. CONS: a few bugs... using eye dropper or paint tool under 2x zoom crashes the program...etc. I with it had a few more shapes for when i'm trying to make buttons. but i love it. Most other programs went too complex and became slow and cumbersome for fast edits.
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7 years ago, SpectacularHatLady
Has potential
First, I’ll say that I do appreciate a free version app with certain benefits, for not being an artist by any means but provides enough tools to make a picture.I would rate 5, but it does lack more shapes, plus I certainly could use a magic wand and smug toggle. Also, I have to edit out your logo from my finished product. As a writer illustrating my own pictures for my finished short story, there are plans of creating my creativity, I do not require your logo. So may I inquire what more the app offers when upgrading to a full version? The removal of your logo?
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6 years ago, Skout107
I prefer MS paint
This program is basically just a reskin of MS Paint, the things it has on MS paint is a better zoom tool (as if that meant anything) and a better system for grabbing custom colors. However ms paint has two seperate drawing tools for when you want to draw with anti-aliasing and when you want to draw without it, MS paints brush (which has more variety) has anti-aliasing just like paintX but MS paints pencil tool atleast has no anti-aliasing, you don’t have the option of drawing without anti-aliasing on this program. heres another bad thing about it, it puts a watermark on the picture saying “Made by paintX” which is not something you want on original artwork, you can’t even scrub it! If you have money to buy something better, do it.
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5 years ago, IdanBenaim
If you’re looking for a Windows Paint on a Mac this is your tool
I’ve been looking for a tool that will be similar to the Windows Paint editor. Apple’s Preview tools are not enough and dont do the job, not even close. This tool is what I’ve been looking for since it has the same experience and tools that I was looking for. MY only feedback: I wish the Zoom feature would be placed more conviniently next to the rest of the tools
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4 years ago, Artemis112358
Custom colors, including color picker, don’t work
You can left/right/double click on one of the blank color palette squares, but nothing happens. You can open the color editor, but nothing you do in it will actually affect the color of your selected tool, except the text tool. There is no place to type in hex codes. It also lacks some other functions of MS paint, but none as egregious as the color picker / custom selector not working.
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3 years ago, reachtrace
Spot on to Microsoft Paint
I realize that there are more advanced paint apps out there, but I've been working in Microsoft Paint for over 30 years, I really didn't want to learn another program. This app, if not exact, is pretty close. I wasn't thrilled about having to pay to remove the logo, but considering I tried other "Paint" apps and hated them. I was happy to pay for this one. If you've used Microsoft Paint and move to Mac, get Paint-X.
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6 years ago, nerdvsgeek
I opened it up to do some minor adjustment of an image and saw that it was injecting an advertisement into the resulting work and immediately quit and deleted the app with no further use. This wasn't mentioned in the description of the application. While I understand the author is looking to monetize the free app and advertising is certainly one route to do this, it's not one I agree with. The fact that they're not upfront about it is even worse - if they had been upfront I wouldn't have bothered to download it in the first place. Give me time limited if you absolutely must, but if you can't be honest and upfront then you'll not get any of my business ever.
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5 years ago, Rent in Hermosa
Finally Got what I was looking for !
Free Mac version of Paint is awesome. I use it for minor editing so it´s just perfect for what I need it. Very happy that it´s free. Yes it does have some advertising at the bottom but it´s FREE so I´ll take that. And if I had to buy it /free of advertizing) for under $10 USD, I would buy it. If it was a monthly payment then I would not use it at all. But since it´s free and it´s great, I´m giving it 5 stars for sure !
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3 years ago, CarissaSparklez
Its okay for digital drawings
for the app being free, its okay compared to others that cost alot. i have been trying to find a good app for drawing and one that was free and came accross this one and it doesnt have as many effects as a proffessional drawing app would, but, ig thats why its free. if theres any way you could possibly fix the "fill in" button, plz do, bc when i try to fill in a design i made, it leaves a bunch of white dots inside the thing i filled in
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4 years ago, Retro Dude
For what it is, it is great.
This software has an old school feel. I use it for really basic jpeg cleanup on maps for my daughter's home school geography. I erase the country names and make printouts. She traces, colors, then writes them in by hand. So, I am not trying to do anything cutting edge here. For me, this is a simple piece of software that solves a simple problem. This software does not dance or sing - and what a relief.
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10 years ago, Low Tech Grammie
Excited about this!
I tried this last night and stayed up late using it. So far it’s great. I’ve tried other programs recently, trying to match what I’ve used in the past. This allows me to draw freehand without hassles. The tools are easy to understand and use. I hope it meets my needs for illustrating the stories i write for my granddaughters.
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1 week ago, Emagnuson
Great Utility Image App for a Mac
I use this app like I use MSPaint. It's a quick and easy method of resizing and cropping images, maybe some markup. That's really all I use it for. It's perfect. Don't read into the low star reviews. This shouldn't be compared to a typical image app. It's a utility app. It's like comparing Notepad to MS Word. Both have their place in your workflows.
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4 years ago, Empower2Soar
Hello Paint X Lovers
Hi Loves, (because we are all love) I have no graphic arts background, but this app allows me to magnify the beauty I capture in a photo and would actually be a five star app if I could "paint" right on the screen :),,,but that's my doing, I need the touch screen, so I guess that makes this app a five for me. Thank you Paint X loves, may God continue to inspire you loves for more wonderful upgrades!
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4 years ago, wolfy kittycat
needs a few things!
i like this drawing app but i was wondering if u can add layer! there one of my favprite this to use when i draw and its tricky without them also i dont like how some of the tools like if u use them for example the blending tool for some reason it show like a grid when i use it but please!!! add layer also i dont like the fact when i use the select on image when i but it over something this is also why i want lays like for how much i selected it shows the white part and hovers over my draging and its very anyoing but anywasy i love this drawing app and layers would make it easier for some people like me ty for reading
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9 years ago, TookaBrody
Almost Happy
This app is intuitive and useful, but basically, it’s “just okay." The main complaint I have is that it leaves a watermark/stamp at the bottom of your image that says, “Created by Paint X” — which is intrusive unless you leave a huge bottom border. I guess that’s what you get when it’s the free version.
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2 months ago, captainappo67
Was good but it keeps crashing now
Ive used this app going on now for 3 years, it has some little issues that i cant stand but over all it has always been good( can't blend paint, freezing for long periods of time, if you grow the page past one area it casues it to crash) However most recently the app keeps crashing everytime i work on a project for more then a few seconds and deleting all art on the page. I had a poject i was working on going on 4 months and its completly gone.
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2 years ago, Avg78
Similar Functionality to MS Paint
I recently switched from Windows to Mac and quickly realized how much I relied on the Windows version of Paint for quick screenshot edits. This is the only app I have found that provides the same functionality as the Windows app. It's perfect for quick edits.
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8 years ago, Konrad.C
it's free, don't expect photoshop
Easy to use, but usable for only the most basic image manipulations. For what it does it's pretty awesome. Import photos, throw some text on them, resize and rotate... If you want to do anything more than making memes use some good paid software with more features. If your job depends on a full featured image editing app, you shouldn't even be reading this.
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5 years ago, Redhawk 644
App ruined by update
A year and a half ago I would of given this app 5 stars. But they did something to it and ruined it. When drawing lines, they'er not as solid as they used to be. You get double images. You also used to be able to get rid of any color by using the paint bucket. But now it leaves an outline. I have a couple of other issues as well that never used to be a problem. I used to use this app constantly but now I hardly ever use it. Who ever designed this app please put it back the way it was.
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3 years ago, Bluewolf77447
Better than nothing
It is primitive but at least it is something you can use if you really in a bind and dont want to pay out the wazoo for anything really professional. It like going back in time with graphic programs. The watermark was annoying but at least it was not that expensive to get rid of it.
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5 years ago, JimRickman
I don't use a paint application offten. I want to draw and paint more and was looking for an App. The descripption for this one was good so I tried it. I made the edits to the picture I needed. The software was intuitive and I liked it although it was slow when zoomed. To my surprise, after printing, 'Paint X Lite' was on my picture in the bottom right corner. This rendered my picture useless. Unfortunately, I won't be trying out the software anymore. The developer should say this in the description. I wasted 2 hours of my time.
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9 years ago, Monty2424
Left a blurb on my photo
I downloaded this to remove a section of a photo that I was printing large to hang on my wall. Not only did the app increase the file size from 4MB to 21MB (!), it left a blurb saying “Created by Paint X” in the lower right hand corner, in orange type. Are you kidding me? What if I hadn’t noticed that before I printed it out? That unwelcome addition would have been hanging on my wall. I understand this is the free version, but that doesn’t mean the app should leave its stamp on people’s photos. No thanks - uninstalling.
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10 years ago, Spatil
Not upto my expectation
Like most I'm a new migrant from Windows. I don't see an option to change the font size by a number (simply making it bigger or smaller doesn't cut it). Also if i open a jpg-file using Paint X, it first tries to create a new one in a window and then opens the jpg in another window. Please fix this bug ! I am using Mountain Lion.
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7 years ago, Igoncat
Why does the AppStore keep selling faulty apps like this???
Paint X would be nice little paint app if it worked. As it is, it doesn’t do much, and what it does do it does badly. The KB zoom controls don’t work and there are no settings for the brushes. Not only that, the brush sets are "borrowed" (stolen would be more precise) directly from an open-source Python paint program called MyPaint. Even the brush icons are all exactly the same. But in Paint X, they hardly work. Paint X is made by the same developer who uses various names & also makes several other faulty apps including Colar and Pavo. Neither of those apps work very well, either. They are all very buggy & don't do much at all. Yet the AppStore continues to sell them! It damages the AppStore's credibility.
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11 years ago, Natloc
Not bad
This could be a really useful little app for quick edits; however, I cannot find anyway to reselect anything, only undo. Sometimes after doing other work I realize something needs to be tweaked, but at that point the undo’s are long gone and I have to either start over or try and erase. This is impractical and I cannot find anything on support to tell me how to reselect, so I am guessing it is not possible.
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4 years ago, G_G maria
It's way better!
I use this app more and more. Because it becomes way better, then it was. Now I can zoom in and zoom out with fingers. And now I can change size of a plain list just pulling the edge. I love it!
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7 years ago, Herbiecott
Simple and effective
I have the need for a simple graphic editor for a web site. I didn’t need anything as full featured as Photoshop, but I needed something to enhance drawings and the like. This app is perfect. The learning curve was short and I’m able to do just what I need.
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2 years ago, The best😄😜
This is a great Windows Paint replacement
This is a wonderful replacement for the Windows Paint that I've used for years. I recently switched to Mac and needed the granularity that Paint provided when adjusting pictures. Thank you!
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4 years ago, NickyParisi
The best paint app ever!
Has so many brushes and color varieties to choose from! It works on a drawing pad so well too! I am so glad that I downloaded it because now I can make complex pictures. This app deserves way more 5 star reviews! :)
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4 years ago, BBPullinHard
Wake up and look at the app window
So many compliants about the watermark. Wake up and look in the upper right corner of the app. Big red button. “Remove watermark & AD”. $5. Big deal. A handy little app for the money. See also the top of this App Store page: “Please purchase to remove watermark if you like Paint X"
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3 years ago, NSDP
Hi i only have one suggestion. U may already have this and i dont know where it is but i would really liek that if u draw something there would be a button where u can fill it even if its not from the shapes section!!!!
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2 years ago, Aqoee
It's very good!! 🎨 (Recommended)
It's a better version of paint from WindowsOS and that's really good for people who's looking for a simple drawing app. Little problems: Shortcuts: There's no keyboard shortcuts to switch brushes or editing but the undo one (cmd z).
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3 years ago, Slices Like Butter
Please Make More Like Microsoft Paint
I am not able to slightly rotate the text box I am creating like on Microsoft paint, where you can use your mouse to slightly rotate text box. I am not able to edit profficently with this app because it simpley does not do everything microsoft paint does. I am going to have to find a better program elsewhere.
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4 years ago, livlink1
Love this app!
It's free, it's easy to use. It's very much shades of MS Paint which again makes it easy to pick up on. It has more features than MS Paint in fact. I find it to be versitile and useful everytime I work with it. Thank you for this app!
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9 years ago, Poproxcrom
Good for Microsoft Paint Lovers
It’s okay. Out of all the paint programs I’ve tried for Mac, this is the closest to Microsoft Paint so far. So, since Mac can’t get it perfect, I’ll settle for second best. It’s good if you’re trying to find copy cat programs to help you transition from non Mac applications. The handling for this app mimicks Microsoft Paint well enough that I can use it to get by.
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3 years ago, makeda42
New User
I had been looking for a replace for Paintshop Pro. That is almost the only reason that I retained a Parallels/Win 8 boot on my machine. This looks promising. I may move up to the paid version after addition experimentation.
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9 years ago, Mr.Tic-Tac-To
Functions Extremely Well!
This application is amazing at getting the job done. It may have a few kinks with the undo tool and the pixelation of the images but even for a lite version this app is great.
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8 years ago, sdimartino
Completely useless
It leaves a giant, orange watermark on your image. I understand it’s the free version, but then make it less functional by giving it fewer tools or something. Leaving a giant watermark on my image makes the free version completely and totally useless to me. I’m not even going to waste my time using it and therefore I’m not demoing the product and the developer loses a potential sale. Stupid move. Uninstalling.
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4 years ago, BrooklynTrudy
This program is exactly what I need it to be. It allows me to do photo editing in a very easy way. The program is very simple to use and easy to understand. I have no compliants.
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4 years ago, alle_lanaro
works ok for free but performace slow
for a free app it works ok, you can do your basic editing. The only realy bad thing is that its performance for big pixel pictures is extremely slow, i am using a macbook pro 2020 with the best processor and moving the pictures for editing gets lag and ultra slow. with a fix it would be the perfect paint app!
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1 year ago, potato10011010101
Unusable on mac
I just downloaded this app to do the simple task of placing two images side by side. I deleted the app without finishing because it wouldnt work. The images were so incredibly laggy that I couldn't see where they were moving to. I gave up after ten minutes of the app staggering around trying to function.
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2 years ago, BentonDStruckcheon
Close to perfect
I needed something to save images to and edit. It works perfectly for what I want. Has all the stuff. No complaints really.
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1 year ago, Frank-H
Great App
I use this simple app to mark up notes on photos, screen shots. Always there when I need it.
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5 years ago, richxitunes
What I was looking for
Simple editor for graphics. Easy to use - and seems more than enough for what I want. Only one drawback - the upgrade won’t run on my machine - running Sierra - oh well, us oldies must suffer….
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3 years ago, Bar MN Corp
Practical but slow
My iMac has 64 MB's of memory and while every other application works fast, this one responds very slow. When you try to draw it laggs, which makes the app glitchy and annoying to use.
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11 months ago, jdgnsardjkfnklgjnsjkdfnjkgd
Not Perfect but pretty good!
I dont use this for paint. I use it to do basic image editing and it does that very well.
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