Parcel - Delivery Tracking

4.8 (20K)
31.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ivan Pavlov Pty Ltd
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.2 or later
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User Reviews for Parcel - Delivery Tracking

4.85 out of 5
20K Ratings
7 months ago, Yowzoe
👍🏾 dev is on top of it ☺️
Developer obviously cares about his product – he responds to everyone, and the app itself seems fine-tuned and elegant. I know that it’s gotta be tough to run a delivery app—there are obviously a lot of variables out of the developer’s control -- so we should all take that into account. The price is really good for the service. 👉🏼 One thing: I don't know if it's technically possible, but I would like to fine-tune the notifications to receive them *only* when a package is delivered (I'm not interested if it's "on its way"). Is this user option possible to implement? I'm being buried in Parcel notifications! Thank you, dev! 🙏 Update: in over a year of using this app, it has not failed me. It's one of the few apps that I can say is 1000% paying for! I still have that quibble about notifications: I don't want ones which say a package is "on its way" – that's just clutter for me. I hope the dev can somehow give users an option to choose which notifications they get, if that's even possible (a response to this suggestion would be fantastic).
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3 years ago, Kazuson
These are one of those few apps that don’t get the credit they deserve
First off the extremely low subscription price!, Should sell you on this App. Secondly the developer is amazing with how he respects his Patrons and doesn’t try to jack up his subscription price, I’ve been using this app for a few months now without a single hitch. And if you’re like me a person who constantly needs to track multiple packages this app is amazing with how I’m able to track loads of deliveries at a single time with how I'm able to check my deliveries online with my email login to being able to have a widget on my iPhone screen of my deliveries!, for this type of price now of days is unheard of. I haven’t eveb started to begin to tell you how amazing I truly believe this app and this developer is truly a great app from a great developer I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking for an app to track deliveries your sending or even if you’re just an avid online shopper, this app gets two thumbs up from me and All the Stars 🌟
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5 years ago, tactical308
Parcel Ap Amazes The World
I now have roughly five (5) years under my belt using this Parcel Ap and I have had zero complaints so far. I have tested just about every shipping service known to mankind and all while using just this one Ap to track my incoming and outgoing packages... The tracking information, which is updated and posted in the Ap daily, is always the most current, the most accurate and the most up to date information available. It provides a very thorough accounting of exactly where your package is and when it will arrive at its final shipping destination. I can honestly say that I always have the latest tracking information when using this Ap. This Ap appears to work very well with, and it accurately reports tracking for ALL of the major shipping companies across the USA and abroad... I’ve had countless packages shipped to and from my office in San Diego, CA. Packages shipped to and received from locations all over the world and this Parcel Ap has never once let me down...I always know where my stuff is... If you’re looking for a single Ap to handle ALL of your tracking needs, then this is the Ap for you. I no longer have to deal with ten (10) different Aps to track my packages because now I have all of my tracking needs covered with just this single Ap... ‘The Parcel Ap’, truly amazes the entire world 🌎 and that’s the truth, because I say so...
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8 months ago, Captzag
Great app, missing an essential feature
I have recent switched to Parcel to track deliveries. It’s a great app and I highly recommend it. It does a great job of tracking packages, providing timely notifications, doing everything one would want in a tracking app except one significant thing: it does not allow you to archive your deliveries. You have 2 and only 2 choices; keep deliveries on your screen or delete them. Over the years, using a different tracking app, I have had to rely on archived data several times to address delivery issues. I track important things that I have sent to others (like trade in iPhones) that are often accompanied by deadlines. When recipients claim to not have received my item on time, I’ve had to go back and pull up the archived data to address the claim. If Parcel would add this feature, it would be a 5 star app without question. Without it, it’s still good but that is, for me, a major shortcoming.
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5 years ago, Nets10
Best multi-service tracker I’ve tried.
I’ve been a long-time user of Parcel, but when a seller suggested using Arrive, I chose to give it a shot. Arrive does do a better job than Parcel at identifying deliveries, but at the cost of rummaging through all of your email. It did find and identify some deliveries I hadn’t seen, but I think I prefer setting up filters to forward only the delivery messages. Where Arrive really comes up short is keeping up with delivery status. Arrive shows that a package is arriving today, but is still 160 miles away near Dallas. Parcel shows that the package was put on a truck 10 miles away for delivery. For some packages this is a difference between staying in the office or working from home to accept delivery. The $3/year charge for unlimited deliveries in Parcel is well worth it, especially with the responsiveness of the developer when I’ve encountered issues with forwarded messages.
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7 months ago, JoaoMTx
Reliable and feature rich (edit Nov 2023)
I have been a user for over 4 years. Parcel has evolved throughout the years constantly adding support to more shipping companies, refining the interface to a modern and pleasant experience and adding valuable new features to track your parcels. The subscription model is not overpriced and gives access through any device in the chosen digital ecosystem. I haven’t used any other apps in this segment, but I assure you cannot go wrong with this one. Update 2023. I think I’ve used Parcel for over ten years now. I never looked back and I cannot recollect any frustrations or annoyances in my experience using it. For me it’s like it is part of iOS and Mac OS. I assure you I rely on parcel more than I rely on my doorbell to know when my parcels arrived or to help me troubleshoot if they’re strayed. I simply cannot recommend it enough.
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2 years ago, Extrouer
Missing key feature
This could be an incredible app, but it falls short in a huge way, USPS informed delivery, UPS My Choice, FedEx Delivery manager, where is the support for these services? If all of those accounts could be linked to the app you would have real time updates of every single package that will be coming to your house in one place, and there would be no need to input any tracking information or scan a barcode, you don’t even need to tracking info, if it is coming to your house and is attached to one of the fore mentioned services it will be there, automatically, zero hassle. I cant begin to believe why this isn’t already apart of the app, there shouldn’t be an issue if you give them access to view the same information as you can, there is a multitude of examples where linking different accounts has created incredible features. If one of the developers sees this could you inform me of what is in the way of this becoming a reality?
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4 years ago, 1Mean_Gene
A simple easy to use app.
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years now, actually before this app had subscriptions and the time when I was still using an iPad 2. 😉 I’ve read the comments regarding the app updating late, and I’m here to tell that’s a server issue with the carrier itself. For me personally there’s about a 15 min delay from the time a package is delivered to the time I receive notification. From my experience in using this app, Parcel is pretty fast compared to other apps in same category. Also you have to understand the units used to input delivery information are ran on cellular modems so depending on the cell phone coverage in that area will determine how fast that information will be uploaded. In my city we have a fiber optic infrastructure (gig city) and pretty good cellular service in my area, so data moves pretty fast.
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2 years ago, lindzi & pete
Almost Perfect
It does what it’s supposed to. I especially like that if I have the tracking# copied on the clipboard and I add a new package it pastes the # for me and fills in the shipping company (99% of the time it’s correct🙂). It’s helpful that I can customize notifications. The only gripe I have is that it’s a little slow. Deliveries where the shipper’s text alert has already dinged my📞 (and if I happen to be home) usually at the same time I hear a thud at the front door and I’ve already brought in the house.. Parcel reports to me usually 20-30 mins later. It has been as long as 45 mins. I realize that may be the best logistically they can do but it would be nice if the alerts could be as quick as UPS, USPS, FedEx. Then I wouldn’t fool with text alerts from shippers, I’d just rely on my Parcel. Still very nice app🙂
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1 year ago, Devon von Gong
I’ve tried the rest, just buy this one.
I have been using package tracking apps since the first smart phone. I tried every app for iOS, the iPhone. This is the best, and I really like the feature where I can easily view or edit, on the phone, or on the PC. Don’t waste your time looking around, just buy this app. The developer hasRegularly made updates and improvements to the app. I have been using this app for 2 1/2 years. And always been very happy with it. I track about 6 to 12 packages per week. You can customize the settings to notify you just about any way that you could dream of. I buy a lot of stuff from foreign countries, and this app already has those shippers as built-in choices when you enter your package to track.
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2 years ago, Kay_Mart
Can’t live without it now
Was in the market for a delivery app that could track all my deliveries and settled on Parcel due to all the positive reviews. I couldn’t be more happier. The App is simple and straight forward yet elegant and functional. Has all the tools necessary to add and track packages without unnecessary or confusing add ons. Once packages are added I just have to take a quick glance to see the status of a delivery without having to interact with the app unless I want more details. The notifications are the best as most times I’m notified by Parcel when something is delivered before the actual carrier or company! Completely worth however much I paid for to get the full features. The developer is doing an excellent job.
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1 year ago, Katie2024
We live in a rural area, so I order most everything online, and Parcel has been such an incredible help for tracking packages! I recommend it every chance I get because it’s helped me keep track of so many packages. I started using Parcel during Christmas of 2020 when shipping was nuts and things weren’t being delivered or were just disappearing. It helped me keep track of what gifts had been delivered, what was delayed, and even made me realize that a gift I ordered was never delivered so I called the company to get a replacement. That one shipment alone has more than payed for the small yearly fee of Parcel! I can’t recommend it more. It’s incredibly helpful if you do any online shopping at all and is a must have in my book!
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6 years ago, JᏌyᎧ
Use it for all of my shipments
I work from home as an artist and sculptor. I’m constantly ordering new supplies and shipping out sold pieces, so I have a lot of packages to track, both incoming and out-going. This app makes it easy, because it doesn’t matter who the carrier is. I can track China Post, USPS, FedEx, and so much more in one spot. There are carriers on the list that I didn’t even know existed. No need to have multiple apps just to track my packages, all of it is managed here. I liked that it was free, but I went ahead and paid for the extra features, and I don’t regret it one bit. I recommend this to anyone, and have recommended it to my friends already. I especially love that I can see where on the map my package is with each new update. 10/10 would recommend!
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6 years ago, dogeymon
Everything seems fine
I used a tracking app before this one and one day it stopped working so I saw this one and tried it out. This one has a nice polished look, it keeps track of my packages in a nice easy to read list, lists every movement the package makes, I like how you can view it on a map, and you can instantly load up the package on the regular website in case you don't trust the app. Seems like it should totally be a free app. But in order to give something as simple as notifications for you on your package, you have to pay $2.99 a year. I know that's not a big amount but it all adds up with all the stuff I'm paying a month or paying a year. I'd rather not pay for such a simple thing. What's more, I wish it were a one time purchase.
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3 years ago, ImHiloChuck
Works consistently
First off, low price for a 1 year subscription! This app has the capability to track nearly any package that has a tracking number and that goes for shipments from Asia. It even will update to USPS tracking once the shipment arrives in the US. It has very good accuracy if you check against ups and usps apps though sometimes slow to update after delivery, but you’d already received your package by then. I like that you can copy a tracking number to the clipboard and the app will automatically find it and create a new shipment which you can name. I have no complaints that are anything worth mentioning. As long as the subscription price doesn’t skyrocket, this will be my go to tracking app.
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5 years ago, Daredayo
Simple and easy to use
I never write reviews but for this app I wanted to write one that might help someone who was looking for what I was. The app allows you to simply type in your order number and a description and provides all your tracking information in one place. Additionally the app provides an in app browser that allows you to see the tracking info on the couriers site without having to do anything other than choose “Open tracking info on courier’s site”. Also has a built in map that will show you your packages location. This app is great for people who are tracking multiple packages at once especially when they’re from different courier. Takes a lot of the tediousness out of tracking your stuff.
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7 years ago, kayabor
Tried and Tested, Best Tracking So Far
I've tried similar parcel tracking apps, but there was always something missing.. limitation of carriers they could track, or the number of parcels. As a welcome change, this App provides tracking on virtually every carrier I entered. I was even pleased to find an integrated map showing progress of each parcel over time. Leaving nothing to chance, I tested update frequency and accuracy by comparing this app's information head-to-head with each carrier's tracking page. How did this App perform? At least equal in location and up-to-the-minute accuracy as the carrier sites. So why visit multiple sites, when everything you need is in this one, efficient accurate App. Would I recommend it? A resounding... YES!!
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4 years ago, Tburgueso
All-in-one tracking solution that actually works
As you might guess from my review’s title, I have tried to use other systems, and have found them to be flaky. This app does everything correctly: synchronization across my portable devices, the web app, and my Mac; consistent notifications; and correct synchronization with the underlying courier services. The individual courier app are sometimes more timely by a few minutes, but are not as well done as this app, and certainly can’t provide a consistent user experience from one to another. The price for the premium service is quite reasonable, I think, and the degree to which this app simplifies my life makes me feel thankful that a minor expenditure has made such a useful difference.
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5 years ago, CBinRVA
Hugely Useful
Love it! Integrates many carriers that other package tracking apps neglect to support. My only gripe is that while if any application deserves to have a subscription based payment scheme surely this app is one of them, I would much rather just deal with ads if I cannot simply pay for the app outright. Put simply I hate the trend of apps using subscription billing with a passion, especially as more and more developers have began to abuse billing in this way for apps that clearly do not provide any ongoing services (aside from not locking features you have realistically already paid for); at least this app relies on data from other parties that must be updated on a near constant basis and so can deservedly bill with a subscription, in my opinion.
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1 year ago, Camtron6
Great - setup your email!
Parcel is a great way to track shipments coming from different vendors without having to have a bunch of different vendor apps installed. Setup a filter/forwarding for your order emails (ex. from major retailers, or orders containing keywords like “order”, “shipped” etc), and you’ll be set. I’ve also used Shopify’s Shop app for a long time and it works in a similar way, but they’ve moved to trying to get you to buy stuff and get in your way so this is a much more ideal option (and Parcel handles tracking info better frequently than Shop). The subscription is also super affordable, and the fact that there’s a web app alone makes it far better than Shop.
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7 years ago, KonaHIMike
Great Details, Multi-Device, Family Can Keep Synced!
This drills down much better than tedious package by package clicking -- and no matter what the shipper -- you have it all in one place. You can "name" your record so it makes sense to you (like "John's headphones"). Since you can pay the low fee -once- to upgrade but share with those in your family plan -- both you and your spouse or partner can participate in tracking. We have some deliveries that come in at work, some at the post office -- others at relatives -- with this it's a snap to see the status of all the packages all in one place -- for us all to consult when we need to. One if those apps you never thought would be so very handy but turns out it truly is!
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7 years ago, Britttt:)
I used to love this app, but for the past month or so, have been having problems with not being notified until an hour+ after my packages have been delivered. Unfortunately, this was not listed in the subscription terms when I bought the app (it has been updated now). I feel like the developer should be upfront about this information, instead of expecting you to dissect the website to figure it out. I requested that he add it to the information on the App Store so it's up front and honest. If that's the only way to run the app, fine, but don't try to hide it from your customers. I would have never downloaded the app had I known it didn't alert you until an hour later. I didn't have problems with delivery notifications 7 out of the 8 months I had the app anyways, so don't know what's going on. My 1 star is solely based on the fact that the developer refuses to be up front and put the info on the App Store page.
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4 years ago, mptadam
My perfect tracking app
There’s so many great little features that get added, like parsing a url copied from an email for the tracking number, or force touching the app icon as a shortcut to adding a new shipment...and if you’ve copied the tracking number (or url) it’ll auto fill the tracking number and carrier, and all you have to do is enter a name to track the shipment by. I love this app and the low annual fee is the perfect price. I’ve told so many people about this. We track a number of packages constantly for work and this makes life so, much, easier. It even works great with DHL internationally, along with all of the customs stops and statuses. Love it!
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7 months ago, OncleWillie
Just Excellent
I had used JuneCloud’s Deliveries for a long time but their features vanished and left me without a tracking program that had the features I needed. I checked deliveries to see if they were back on track. They weren’t not but I read a review and Parcel was mentioned as an excellent replacement. Talk about an understatement. Parcel has all the features of delivery and then some cool extras. It was easy to setup and worked perfectly. We live out in the country and ISPS doors not deliver. Logging shipping numbers for the post office make it real easy to follow the progress and get one of our kids or grandkids to pick out pick it up for us. Highly recommended.
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3 years ago, uscgrd
Great App For Tracking Your Deliveries
I’ve been using Parcel for a couple of years now. This a been a must have for tracking any deliveries you have. All the tracking information at your fingerprints. You have several ways to enter tracking information. Copy and paste the tracking number into the app. It does the rest. If you have the iMac version you simply right click on the tracking number you get from the email or vendor website that provides your shipping information. Go down to Services and click Parcel. Done. It updates your delivery as the shipping service updates their information.
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2 years ago, bmwfish
This is one of my favorite apps
I’ve been a subscriber for years. Parcel is one of those apps that is always there and I take it for granted. What did I use to track my stuff before I discovered Parcel? I don’t remember. Last week the app stopped working. I’m not entirely sure of the root cause, but the developer responded to my emails promptly, assured me he was working on it and that there’d be an update soon. There was a day later. I got an email recommending I update the app. I did, it worked, and all my data was there! Things happen. What’s important is how responsive the developers are and how quickly they fix the problems. I see there have been a bunch of one star reviews posted when the app went down. I suspect they are from people who haven’t been using the app very long, so I think that’s unfair. Ignore the crybabies and just get the app. I’m pretty sure you will start taking it for granted as I did. It just becomes part of your daily routine. Email, social media, messages, parcel. Maybe not even in that order sometimes.
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6 months ago, ADR1865
One of the best apps!
An almost perfect app for tracking all of my deliveries and return. I love your paid version which allows you to track packages and you can use the website. The email forwarding service is great so I don't have to manually enter the tracking numbers. I also like that I can take a picture of my shipping label and the app will put in all the information. I wish there was a way to delete all completed deliveries instead of deleting them one by one. After a certain number of deliveries, you can't track anymore deliveries until some are deleted. In summary, I highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, dontbother1013
This app delivers
I order quite a bit each month (more than usual sadly with the whole COVID thing). I’ve tried a lot of shipment trackers (often free ones). They have all ranged form “delete after tracking one delivery because the app is SOOOOOO awful” to “meh, it’s app is average”. Parcel is the real deal. No flashy bells or whistles. It’s UI is easy to use and pleasing to they eye. It’s tracking updates is about as instantaneous as it gets (presuming of course that your carrier bothers to scan your package at each point along the way, or at all…cough cough, yeh I’m glaring at you usps). It’s a solid app. If you send and/or receive a lot of packages it’s the best app out there
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2 years ago, Thinkoplex
Invaluable App
Parcel keeps you up to date on all your orders through every step of the delivery process. It provides more information than the delivery services’ own websites - for example, regarding the reasons a delivery might be delayed. If you place a lot of orders online, then you definitely need Parcel. It would be nice to be able to add colors or labels to particular deliveries to help sort them visually, but the icons are very helpful. Plus, a huge deal for me, when Parcel asks you to rate it, it does so in an unobtrusive way that does not get in the way of using the app! Why can’t other devs do this? For that alone, Parcel deserves 5 stars!
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7 years ago, LuluRoo76
Tracking packages made easy!
I LOVE this app! It makes tracking my incoming and outgoing packages so easy! I buy and sell a lot online and having this app to track everything has been absolutely invaluable. I really like how easy it is to enter a tracking number & that I can even scan my outgoing mail's tracking # directly into the app. It's a streamlined way to keep up to date with all of my important packages. It's also worth noting that the app hardly uses much storage (only 5.6MB!!) I bought the premium package ($2.99/year - which is 100% worth it!) and I couldn't be happier! I'd be lost without this app ~ great job, developers!! I wish I could give it 10 stars!
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3 years ago, 🚫🚫🚫thumbs down
Great but. . .
This is a great app! The annual subscription is extremely inexpensive. I forgot what the maximum number of packages I could track without the subscription, but now with the subscription, the number is unlimited. The only thing I dislike about the app is that there are times when the package’s status via the app is not in sync with the status per the shipping service’s website. The shipping service’s website would show the most up to date information, but the app would be behind a few time stamps. Even after refreshing the app or closing the app altogether, it doesn’t update to reflect the real time information. Hence, the 4-star rating.
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2 years ago, Rosebud 116
really great app
been using Parcel for over a year now and I really appreciate the ease and interface - I used to be constantly trying to track packages through multiple services and Parcel has simplified and streamlined my deliveries. It was especially a lifesaver when I was moving to a new place with tons of shipments coming in, I never worried about missing one. The only improvements I’d love to see are more elegant widgets (the larger widget fonts are too big and clunky, would be great to have a compact mode with more deliveries shown) but overall it’s hard to beat this affordable subscription with excellent value.
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6 years ago, Samacur
I've been using it for a long time
I keep all of my shipments listed here for easy tracking, and have been a paid user for a couple years. Sure, I could track it all for free at the individual sites. But the convenience of having it in one place is worth it to me. And I like being able to scan tracking numbers to enter them quickly and accurately. You can copy and paste numbers easily from emails (or wherever) and it automatically figures out what company the tracking number is from. Syncs well with Mac. The one improvement I'd ask for is more frequent updating instead of once a day, but usually that's good enough.
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4 years ago, Lyn1022
A gamble
I’m unhappy with my current package tracking app (ParcelTrack), so I thought I’d give this one a try both on its own merits and in a direct comparison with ParcelTrack. Except I can’t actually do that. The free version doesn’t allow for notifications. Not even on a single package as a test. And there is no trial period, money back period or refunds. Period. It’s a very poor decision to deliberately bar people from testing & comparing your app. The experience of the one notification-less package I did track was extremely unimpressive. It’s definitely not worth switching, even from an app I have multiple issues with. As unhappy as I am with the deliberate prevention of testing, the speed of e-mail support is astonishing. I emailed the refund question just after 1am & had a response from the developer in under 5 minutes! (Though the response itself was a dealbreaker & prompted this negative review.)
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6 years ago, Hestermofet
Incredibly simple yet feature rich, this app is best in class!
From the ground up, you can tell that this is the developers baby. You can see the enormous amount of effort and painstaking attention to detail it’s built upon and maintained with. I first tried a couple similar highly-rated trackers, but they all had a weak-link or bottleneck that made them tedious or a chore to use. This app actually makes monitoring shipments fun! Factor in a user friendly interface, much-appreciated clever little bells & whistles, all painterly rendered... this app makes your purchase decision for you. Really fast and friendly assistance as well if the need arises. This is the tracker you’re looking for!
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3 years ago, PigSatisfied
Indispensable AND Could Make You RICH!
Imagine if you had a dollar for every time you wanted to check on a package had to search out the tracking number. Search that ol email archive for the shipping confirmation. IF you find it, you are now following links, etc just to see when your package is going to show up. Now repeat that process in a couple days when you want to check again. Think of it like “The Weather App”, but for shipments. Just like that weather app you casually glance at, Parcel just becomes part of your life so you can keep an eye on your shipments regardless of device. Syncing is seamless to all my devices. You can set alerts which is nice to know if you live/work where someone else accepts your packages. Easy to send things to Parcel from inside many apps by using the share or services functionality. Take all those dollars you have now saved from not looking around for tracking information and invest wisely. BOOM! Parcel App just made you rich!
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3 years ago, Vetjb
Almost perfect
This app is almost perfect but does not update on the main screen. That is very frustrating. Especially if I’m getting a food delivery. I will have a delivery that says it’s still in another state on the main screen and then I click on it and go to the actual tracking link and it shows as our for delivery. I have had this issue with this app for over a year now. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, I have gotten new phones since then, tried on different phone brands. I have my app set to use Wi-Fi and cellular, as well as background refresh. And it’s always up-to-date. As well as my iOS is always up-to-date.
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6 years ago, OneOkami
Gets the job done
I send/receive a lot of packages as a buyer and a seller and when you’ve got bidirectional routing through several different carriers across national borders (some of which hand off packages for last-mile delivery) it really helps to be able to track of that movement in one cohesive experience. Parcel does it and does it well, syncs across all my iOS devices and features a nice watchOS for tracking status rather than just relying on notifications which is always appreciated. I use this app pretty much everyday because there’s almost always something going out or coming in and it’s a very welcome a pleasant-to-use tool.
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5 years ago, Humboldt421
Simply THE solution to your package tracking problems
This app is so easy to use and such a time saver I can’t suggest anything else, you can use your subscription on multiple devices and platforms and it’s only a few bucks a year! Such a bargain for a solid app that is actually useful. As far as ease of use it can’t be simpler, it’s streamlined and simple to use. I love this app! The only thing I want is some way to optically recognize the tracking from a usps receipt. It won’t do that, have to manually enter the data. But a module to use OCR is what this needs. Would pay the premium for that plus push notification.
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2 years ago, Valsfedup
If I have to input the tracking number, carrier & date myself, why do I need this thing? It ought to be able to pull that from an email address, the shipping company or the address it’s shipped to. This is just adding another PITA step to looking it up on my own. (II) I also suggested using the address or the account info on the shipping co. websites, not just email. Anything other than having to flip back & forth between two apps (& mysteriously lose the tracking no. every other time, so you have to start all over). So far, nobody’s been impressed enough by the 1800-a-week junk emails I get headed “hello my friend” & “how do u like my picter” to steal anything. Which is a real shame, because that Nigerian dude is still waiting for his bank transfer & the naked email ladies are beginning to feel the sting of rejection.
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6 months ago, TrueToRights
Bless this app
I’m writing this review because I just got my subscription renewal notification. In the Age of 1000 Paid Subscriptions — all of which seem to be useless for free and useful for $$$ — Parcel is an app that’s great for free and amazing when paid. I love this app, I will happily renew my subscription, I will heartily give it five stars. I use it nearly daily to see exactly where my packages are, when I can expect them, and I leap up from my desk when the delivery notification goes off. Better than text or email alerts, better than checking a tracking number. This is the one.
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6 years ago, KateThxBai
Really great with the subscription!
This app is really simple and straightforward: you go open the app, you tap “Add”, and if you’ve copied the tracking number it automatically writes it down and detects the carrier, then you can add a name/description (e.g.: flux capacitor) and you’re good to go! Now, without the subscription, you have to manually open the app to track your deliveries. It’s a bit annoying, but it’s still handy to track everything in one place (instead of going through multiple apps/websites or fishing through electronic m’s). If you opt for the subscription (~$3 American USD per year) then it will give you all the notifications you could ever dream of! Including -but not limited to- each time your packages exchange hands!! It’s pretty great. My favorite feature, however, is the map view. I’ve learned so much about geography just by watching my packages zoom across the country. Which actually probably means I should stop doing so much online shopping. Regardless, it’s a fantastic app. I approve.
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3 years ago, jthiltgen
My favorite so far!
I’ve utilized and tried many different postal/package/shipping tracking apps. Most are still growing and finding their footing with feature differentiation and most optimal UX. I fee the same way with this app, but feel like their focus is spot on and they seem to be developing the right things to get where they need to be. They seems to quickly remedy any bugs found with new feature releases but also add some smart parts too. I’m sticking with them for now and just glad I’ve found one that hasn’t turned me off yet. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Keep up the smart work, team. I’m positively anxious to continue use of your product. 👍🏼
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6 years ago, Lonestartcu
Get the premium and it’s so worth it!
A colleague suggested this app to me because a big unofficial part of my job is ordering stuff for the company. The automatic forwarding of my shipment notifications has made it possible to, without any manual entry, easily pull up every order on demand when asked about status. The Apple Watch notifications are a nice bonus. For the fifth star: I would like to see the option to open a pdf of the forwarded email for each entry so that I can accurately rename the entry, see order numbers, or see the intended recipient. And I appreciate the auto-cleanup of entries, but I would also like to still be able to see in an archive my past deliveries by month.
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9 months ago, TheKoehler
I faithfully used Deliveries: A Package Tracker for as long as I can remember. Slowly, the app was starting to age. FedEx and UPS could no longer be tracked natively in the app, but this one has zero issues and retains most of the features that I liked about Deliveries. I will miss my Deliveries notification sound. Parcel has custom sounds but I think they’re all too loud or just not simple enough for my taste. Parcel will be on silent for now. I also miss the Apple Family Sharing of the subscription fee… both my wife and I had to subscribe separately, but the app is good enough that we both did so.
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6 years ago, cozmikdaisey
Enormously helpful app
We’re rural so we do a lot of ordering online. My inbox can get pretty cluttered with all the tracking emails. This app has already paid for itself many times over in the short time I’ve had it. I’m able to put meaningful labels on my shipments and can see them all at a glance. I can also easily switch a shipment from one service to another when needed (ex. FedEx over to USPS). I really like that the app includes many other delivery services other than big purple and brown because I order from some international vendors semi-regularly that don’t use them. The mapping feature is also pretty neat.
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2 years ago, JohnDelfino
Scratching the Itch to Track
I know it’s bad for me, put package tracking is one of my favorite pastimes. And sure, I also use it for work — but that’s just a bonus. Everything functions well, is well designed, looks native, and is intuitive to use. I have feature suggestions here and there, but overall it anticipates my needs quite well. As a recent convert from Deliveries, it took some getting used to — but it was worthwhile. Thanks for continuing to support the application, even though it’s getting harder and harder to make a service like this function.
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6 years ago, CodySkyllings
Download this now. Have peace of mind instantly.
Recently, I’ve become more discerning as to which apps I let clutter up my phone. Parcel is a thoughtfully designed organizational tool that is invaluable to me as someone who is constantly sending and receiving packages. It gives me accurate, up to date information on the status of my orders and allows me to put all of the tracking numbers into one tool. I have peace of mind for my small business and the benefit of knowing when to check my parcel locker at the house for personal packages. I would recommend this over and over again to friends and colleagues.
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5 years ago, cjenns
This is the package tracker I’ve always wanted
This app is so simple yet comprehensive. It may seem like a lot to charge $3 a year just to track packages, but that’s just because App Store economics has taught us to devalue software and the developers who work so hard to make it. And if you look at the release notes and see all the iOS 13 features that have been incorporated for this release, you must know that this guy is working hard to keep this app in top form. $3 isn’t so much if you can appreciate the work going into this. Sign in with Apple is here. I was thinking “yeah, but I already have an account.” He’s made it so you can convert it! Can’t wait to upgrade to iOS 13 to try it. And the app works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so you’ve got one solution for this simple but common task. If you don’t get many packages then maybe it’s not worth it. But I get enough that it is. You’ll have to decide for yourself on value, but there’s no argument to make about one thing: this app is best in class.
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3 years ago, austinkihn
Great App! Only One Small Miss
I absolutely love this app. It helps me keep all of my outgoing and incoming shipments organized, so my customers appreciate my knowledge of their package as well. The only request that I have that would keep this from being a *flawless* app is this: I’d love to be able to create folders or filters to have different views. For instance, either a folder or a tag that would allow me to separate outgoing from incoming, or group similar shipments together without being a part of one giant list. As a premium subscriber (which is practically a STEAL), I’d be happy to pay even a bit more to have this feature unlocked!
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