Parts Town: Restaurant Parts

4.8 (2.7K)
53.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Parts Town LLC
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Parts Town: Restaurant Parts

4.82 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Jim Nava
Customer service is the best
Kimberly R. Is awesome! Customer service 2nd to none! Had a item we couldn’t find she emailed me back the following day with all the information and literature needed for replacement and repair!! Definitely will be order more often from parts town!!
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2 months ago, Z4 3 and mcgee
Hard to. Edit.
We have been trying to edit the information on the credit card screen. Very difficult to figure out. Still the wrong information is on the card that we use for instance, the name is not the one that is listed and the person who’s card it is has had her name changed make it easier to edit that information would be fantastic, thank you
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2 years ago, sir mr krolph
Keep up the good work
You guys are doing wonderful kept thinking of beater ways to connect with your costumers When I reached out to customer service my problem is taken care of promptly and smoothly 10/10
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6 years ago, HeadTech NOLA
Eugene Becker with RPM pizza
I was disappointed that the other tech from our company got a personalized calendar but myself and the other tech didn’t what happened I think I’m going to shop around for my supplies for future orders.
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2 years ago, Joe FCPS1977
Troubles with desktop checking out
The last two times I’ve tried to check out using my desktop computer it just sits there and spins and thinks it never completes the order. But if I use the app on my phone which isn’t my company‘s phone it goes right through? Just weird
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6 years ago, Twogirlsonecup$
Great resources
Parts Town has a nearly everything that I need when it comes to commercial kitchen repairs. I wish they would give better prices for small businesses like my ownIt makes it hard to compete with larger companies but as far as the app and service it’s great
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2 years ago, Schon1963
Keeps crashing.
Hard to order parts when the app keeps crashing. The app is unstable real shaky. Had by my parts from someone else.
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7 months ago, laAire
Ordering parts have never been easier . I appreciate
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7 years ago, mr Britt
iOS 11
App worked great until I had to upgrade to iOS 11. Been using it on phones from 3GS up to 6. Upgraded to 8 plus due to iOS 11.0.2 bricking my iPhone 6 and doesn’t work for my phone. 8 plus running iOS 11.0.1
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5 months ago, Mikey fun
Quick and easy
Thanks for all
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4 years ago, Kazz1317
Somethings wrong with text
In app the letter will not show up? Needs an update, I even tried to reinstall
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2 years ago, Luisalberto59
Excellent and Easy
Partstown make this app effective and easy to use and navigate.
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2 years ago, Boofaloe
Facilities manager
I love parts town. It’s quick, easy, everyone is polite, OEM parts along with illustrations and pricing is fair.
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6 years ago, Joechef1
Easy look up. Easy order process. Two thumbs up!
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12 years ago, FlyPye
Best industry app
We are a service company on Long Island and have a constant need for parts identification and service manuals. Partstown has answered this need 'on the money'! Not only do they stock probably about 95% of the parts our company needs to order but this app is priceless when a technician is on the road and needs specs or a parts breakdown per manufacture per model. We will continue to do business with Partstown and use this wonderful app! CTC, Long Island, NY
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6 years ago, charalitos
Cart problems
I was saving some parts in cart to order later and for some reason few days later my cart was empty so I have to star all over, what a waste of time. You should add Save for later option or fix the cart problem.
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6 years ago, kitchenratt
The iPad version of this app will not let you access your account info.
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2 years ago, Brandon ff
Lack of info on app
App doesn’t let me access manuals and doesn’t tell me what models the parts fit. Website is way better
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5 months ago, Saj103
Made it worse
You have made the app useless and i now buy parts anywhere but here
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6 years ago, Billybob 74
Still can’t open app on iPad. It just shuts down.
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10 months ago, Al's ear piece
Trade prices too high.
I love that PartsTown has the parts I need but their prices for a trade purchase is ridiculous!
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12 months ago, Really Duke?
Duke Parts are a rip off!!
Really $78 each for bane shocks that last 8 months? This part alone is a profit center for Duke!! They should be ashamed of this scam!!
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9 months ago, Pig badger
Can’t see parts in app when searching by model
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7 years ago, Wmontg5988
Grouchy lady
I seemed to get the same grouchy unhelpful lady. Discourages me from calling unless absolutely necessary
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5 years ago, ozzie1983
Don’t always work
It would be nice if you would work all the time Partstown
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7 months ago, allday76
Contractor Pricing!!!!
Contractor pricing would be great!
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11 months ago, Evereadydanny
You get Robbed on postage and Handling
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8 months ago, Bill-co.
Highest shipping in the industry.
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9 years ago, Hyundai Lexus
It's a start
I've been using the app for about 6 months now, it's slow to load up most the time and the models that you search for documents for are not always right. Seems to shut down a lot on its own especially when requesting things. My manuals I have downloaded on my phone just recently will now say "null" after scrolling down the list. So you have to get to the area you think it is then go to the parts screen then go back manuals then whatever is on the initial start of the manuals screen will be displayed but if you scroll again they will say "null". But overall it's a great idea to get manuals and parts lists especially when your employer does not want to join the rest of the computerized world and all your left with is your own smartphone to aid you in finding schematics and procedures
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9 years ago, KBWilliam
This app just keeps getting better with each upgrade. It's not perfect yet ... Want to see my orders ... But I am still very impressed with the clean look and access to manuals. Also love the new text message capability Parts Town recently launched.
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7 years ago, Markyg5000
Nice clean app
This app is really well designed. It's purpose is to help you find OEM parts and it does a great job accomplishing this. The e-commerce portion off the app runs smoothly and allows you to order the part you need quickly and without hassle.
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14 years ago, PT Fan!
An app I'll use everyday!
Having instant access to all of these manuals when I'm on a call saves a lot of time.
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9 years ago, Parts geek
Saves time and money while improving productivity
Perfect easy to use app that enables me to do more with less resources. Definitely saves me time and money.
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9 years ago, Nkmhvac
Won't open. Please fix issues. This is a great app that I use daily for my work
Please fix the issues with app not opening.
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9 years ago, brian.pautsch
Love the new features!
The previous version was great for the manuals, but this version is even better with the parts matching. Thanks!
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14 years ago, M. Tone14
This app is great in a pinch, if I need a manual or locate a part on their website this instant access is great.
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7 years ago, Moshi Monsters
An app that everyone in the industry should have
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14 years ago, emmyreedy
Parts Town
Incredible! Solves the long term challenge if Parts Identification- awesome!
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9 years ago, Clintthetech
Awesome!!! Very helpful app blows the competition away!!!
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9 years ago, bullseyerefrig
Fix latest version
Can't check status of orders
Show more
9 years ago, Charlie 9595
Thanks for fixing the application
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9 years ago, Txstud903
Won't open
I don't know if it's cuz of the new apple update but when I try to open app it immediately crashes. Please fix soon. (iPhone 5s)
Show more
9 years ago, Nacho030
iOS 9
Qué pasa que no actualizan al iOS 9 , yo trabajo con esta app por favor actualicen gracias
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7 years ago, Looking for coin
Equipment manager
The updated version won't open on my iPhone 6
Show more
9 years ago, Conifer Squatch
Does not work on I-Phone 6+
Won't even open on my I-phone 6 plus. Garbage
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