Party City

3.2 (923)
30.2 MB
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Current version
Party City
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Party City

3.16 out of 5
923 Ratings
3 years ago, HorrorFandom
There’s currently an issue
I’ve been trying to add one item to my cart for a about 20 minutes now, and for some reason, the app is giving me an issue with something as simple as that. I press “add,” it doesn’t add, but it log me out - right after I log back in after retrying to add that one thing to my cart. It’s been doing that repeatedly. However, I am glad to see the app is no longer does that annoying jumping thing.
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2 years ago, AquaSilver0426
No Point of the App
I don’t see the point of having the app when every time you search or click something only on the app it just takes you to open up the internet browser. I tried to add stuff to my wish list but the only option is “add to cart”. Also after signing in to your app, you also have to sign in on the actual website as well. If only it was like the Walmart, Target, Family Dollar, and etc when you want to order or save items only from the app and not being forced to use the actual internet browser when you have a phone that’s works faster on the apps then the actual internet browser. I highly don’t recommend this app at all. If you want to go on Party City just use a regular computer or if you have fast internet service then you can use whatever server you use on your phone. This app is useless.
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5 years ago, jlc1026
Wish list +.....?
Absolutely loving the Party City app, I just wish there was a way to create more than one wish list. For example, a wish list for things I’d love to get and then the ability to make another wish list for a special party coming up in the future, say a milestone bday, or graduation. That way, I could make a list of things I need/like to buy & wouldn’t have to buy them all at once. Our HS colors are green & white, I’d love to be able to buy/check off party supplies when sales come up or if I’m in the store for another reason. It would be great to add/delete items from these lists as well. Perhaps a registry would be easier? Either way, it would be a great feature. Thanks!
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5 years ago, D.ros3
This app just keeps getting worse .....
Every time they revamp their app it somehow gets 10 times worse. This latest update is so bad. It keeps asking for my location every 5 seconds even though I’ve given it permission to access my location in my phone settings and the app. The Offers page is no where to be seen. Not to mention the app is completely white themed now which is so weird and stupid because Party City is supposed to be fun and full of color and celebration, not plain and white. Also, most people want a dark mode, not stark white that hurts our eyes. And last but not least the loading times have gotten even slower. I don’t know what in the world their developers are thinking but they obviously need to go back to school
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4 years ago, audrey023grace
Deleted items from cart TWICE
I was shopping for my moms milestone birthday. I had 67 items in my cart and then next thing I knew the app had deleted EVERY SINGLE ITEM from my cart. And as if that wasn’t annoying enough I made an account on the app thinking that it would save my items from being deleted in the future. The app deleted everything again! I have spent several hours on this stupid app trying to find all the items that it has deleted from my cart. It is already annoying when my stuff gets deleted once but for it to happen TWO DIFFERENT TIMES is crazy. I will never be using this app ever again! It is so inconvenient to navigate and use so please DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS APP!!!!!
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5 years ago, D. Hill
Party City
Party City is an easy to use app where users can shop from a large range of items for holidays such as Halloween or for just festive related events. It is easy to navigate and find what you may be looking for whether online or in store. Users can also use the app to find the nearest locations. Party City also has an AR feature which is more and more common in home decor shopping applications where you can see how an item will look in your home. This can be very helpful for heavy decorators who want to create a coordinated festive ambience.
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4 years ago, OrangeEmoShoes
Effectively just a bookmark
Almost everything you do within the app just opens a web browser. Search results open an embedded Safari frame. So does selecting a store. So does pretty much everything in the menu on the left side. And then while you’re using the app to browse the website, the website encourages you to download the app that you’re currently using to browse the website. Like… come on. It’s not that the app is particularly bad. It’s just pointless. You’ll have a less clunky experience just going to the website yourself instead of having a wrapper app do it for you.
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6 years ago, BakingWizard
Horrible app
This app is the worst. I deleted it the same day I downloaded it. I originally downloaded it thinking I could use it to order balloons at my local Party City location. Not only could I not order balloons, but any function pressed on within the app told me that there are no items available. I tried deleting and re-downloading but I continued to receive the same messages. No one can use this app to shop. It’s only functionality is to find your nearest Party City location. So now I’m forced to go and shop in the store no matter what and wait in the ridiculously long balloon line to order balloons. Party City is a joke! Don’t download this app, it is completely useless!!
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4 years ago, Vanessa Valdez10810
App will not show you if custom is out of stock
Ordered a custom for pick along with an accessory for the custom. It was paid with my debit and the money was taken out my account just to be told the custom is not in stock so I will have to wait 7-8 business days for a refund. Why they figured I would still want the accessory with no custom, I have no idea.. pretty frustrating. Wish they wouldn’t offer in-store pick up if it wasn’t available. Or at least not charge my card until they were sure I could get the product. Now I have to wait for a refund on something I never received.
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4 years ago, danadramaa
App turned awful now
Okay so I’ve bought from party city online before and it was great. They have some pretty good deals ! And they used to have free shipping if you ordered through the app that was even more awesome! But lately the app has been awful I try going on again and every time I try searching something up it takes me to the webpage !?! Like what’s the point of the app if we can’t see the items through there! I hate it how. I’m thinking of uninstalling
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7 years ago, RPS90483
Largely abandoned app needs makeover
This app still doesn’t leverage iOS features like Apple Pay, Touch ID, 3D Touch, and Wallet to become a truly useful app. This app also needs to be optimized for newer iOS devices like iPhone 6 and later. The keyboard is still huge as it has not been update is some time. The app also doesn’t take advantage of the iPhone X screen size. The app also needs to make searches more clearly show if an item is in stock at a local Party City store.
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4 years ago, kerin15991987
Placed a order three times
I tried today place a order three times and it never completed the order I tried from Google Chrome browser, from Safari browser, and now from the app at different times during the day yet neither time did it produce a confirmation number at the end when you click on place a order . It just have me a blank page I don’t know if anyone else is going through something similar but I refuse to do business with a company like this I pray no one can get access to my card information. Worst customer service as well .
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2 years ago, AngieZuniga2022
Love it just needs some fixing
I love using the app because it’s easy but there’s a few glitches/flaws that need attention .. it would delete my items from the cart before I’m done shopping, also I would like to stay on the app but when I go in the app it takes me to the website and it can be confusing sometimes thinking I’m on the website when it’s the app..
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4 years ago, agreyner
Do not trust Party City for an important event
Don’t go to Pembroke Pines location. There is only one lady on the floor and she will tell you in your face that the manager Miguel is not there and that she cannot help you to find anything because there is no enough people. Ohhh and this app is useless you can buy your things and think that everything is ready to pick up? Well nice to know that when you get there your things are not there for you. They said that there are out of stock where is not true. I bought 2 plates, they said that is was out of stock and then a lady took it.
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4 years ago, Nic507
Small inconveniences
1. It’s very laggy 2. Very frustrating how the shopping cart doesn’t save items if you’re not logged into your account 3. When you try to press the back button it’s more likely to hit the tab menu for the diff categories bc the button. I almost thought that was its purpose until I hit alll the way to literally the side/corner of my phone.
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4 years ago, Roxie_0102
Deserves zero stars
This is literally the worst App ever!!! Forces you to create a profile to use the app, but doesn’t pull your info to the check out page. Forces you to enter all your info again in checkout, even if you choose curbside pickup! Why would you have not one but two unique delivery information screens that require every single field completed when the “shipping” option is curbside pick up?! This is a total fail. I could not even complete the checkout it was so utterly stupid. Other than that, it stunk. Party City App = lost sales for already struggling retailer
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5 years ago, Regina Phalangees
So annoying!!
I’ve never seen such an annoying app in my life! Every time I touch anything or try to click on anything, it tries retouting me to Pinterest. I just placed an order on the app and while going through the checkout screens, it kept redirecting me to Pinterest about 6 or 7 times and that was on top of the 6-7 times it did it while adding merch to the cart. It’s like there’s hidden links to Pinterest everywhere. It’s horrible. I kept having to close Pinterest and go back to the party city app. Took twice as long to place my order.
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7 years ago, Gymnist86
So Easy!
I never write reviews but this deserves one! Shipping is one of the fastest I've seen and I do A LOT on online shopping! Returning items were simple and painless. They always have some sort of discount or deal going on too, whether it be 20% off or free shipping, it has saved this mama some cash for sure! Keep it up Party City!
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1 year ago, hauoli1234
Not bad
Not terrible but i don’t see the point in making it an app if it’s just gonna take you to the webpage anyway. I can just access the same thing through safari and save my phone the space.
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7 years ago, Griffandnini
Very easy to use
It is very nice and easy to used this app and simple. The only reason I give it 4 starts is because I had a problem with my cc it keep saying decline And the problem was not with cc because after 3 tries I used it on main website and had no problem checking out at all
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1 year ago, Andreas princess
This app is pointless
It literally sends you to the online website where you have to log in. instead of just being able to have your account there and shop directly from the app. If you accidentally press done on the top left corner all of your items in the cart will not save. Completely useless. For that you can just go directly to the website or shop elsewhere.
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5 years ago, I Just Wanted To Party
Very Buggy
App is difficult to navigate at checkout. After much frustration i finally got to the button to complete the purchase. But then it wiped out my basket and left me to start over multiple times. I was never able to complete the purchase. I had to do it from the website on my laptop. This app needs some real fixing. Otherwise it’s pretty nice would love it if it would work. Also live chat doesn’t work either, not even on my laptop. 😩
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3 years ago, waxboss1999
Difficult to use
When trying to shop in the app, it always takes me to an additional page in my Safari browser to look at anything. Then when I add something to my cart and go back to the app, it isn’t there. Easier just to use the party city website on either chrome or safari.
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7 years ago, Loladazy
The reasons are endless for loving the use of this app. Beats going into the store, lines, fetching the stuff and most of all majority of the things are here. Thank you. Keep the variety up to date and I'll be your online customer for a lonnng time.❤️❤️
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4 years ago, Vol4Life61
The App Isn’t Bad....
It’s the complete lack of competent sales associates at the Spartanburg, SC location. I arrive at the store to pick up my curbside order two hours after I place my order. I have yet to receive any notice that my order was ready. I call and the guy that answers says it’s still processing but will be ready by 8pm. I call again at 8:10 and a lady tells me it’s still processing. I cancelled my order. I’m hoping to see my refund sometime this century.
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5 years ago, Rosaa
Waste of time for In-Store Pickup orders
The app and website (mobile and desktop) has some glitch that results in being unable to proceed to checkout and pay money so that the items ordered can be ready for pick up. Waste of time trying all possible options. Now I am forced to go in person since they won’t take orders by phone either. 1 Star for ease of browsing and for seeing what is in stock at which locations.
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4 years ago, jazzzzzxxxxx
The app keeps deleting all items in your cart every time you leave the app. Useless! I created an account thinking that the app would save the items in my cart if I had an account, but that did nothing either. An app is supposed to make things easier than if you were to use your browser—nope, not this one! Utter waste of time and phone memory!
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4 years ago, Ro Ju
Glitchy and so many bugs for curbside pickup...
I had ordered inflated balloons and it didn’t even show up on my order. But placing the order took so long. I never got an email either telling me my order was ready. I had waited 4.5 hours for my order! I wanted my order earlier in the day. I’m not happy with the mobile service, but the staff was friendly and inflated my balloons for me.
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2 years ago, JessiBaib
I don’t understand the point of this “app” if it just opens the web browser within the app. You’re better off using safari instead of going through this useless app. The developers should see how other stores have them. I mean every single one. This app makes me feel like they were just invented. Get with the program, literally.
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4 years ago, eremmick0614
This app is infuriating
You would think after creating an account and using the app, the cart would save. But no, after having about 80 items in my cart to get supplies for my daughter’s birthday, I had to put my phone down to do something else and get my card to checkout. When I come back to the app, I found that my cart was empty!!! This is so frustrating and completely wasted my time.
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4 years ago, Shadowlifedarkside
Just takes you to the site?
Apologies for the very short review as I’m very tired, but I do not believe this app deserves over 2 stars for the reasons below: -MANY Glitches -If you click a product, category, or pretty much anything, it brings you to their site instead of it being an actual app. -Sort of Laggy -Slow Response And probably many more. However, I just re-download it because my birthday is coming up in VERY early January (the very last day of the first week) and I absolutely LOVE Party City for everything party/holiday related, so, I will be editing this review and telling you my thoughts if they have changed it at all.
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3 years ago, aguerrero760
Website more than an app
This app, in my opinion, is more like a website that you save on your phone as an app. It’s not entirely awful given that it, at least for me, hasn’t crashed or been glitchy. It’s a bummer that it’s not all in app but it’s alright.
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4 years ago, OneSmallOpinion
What? No Apple Pay Option
Without the option of paying with apple pay. This app is not worth having. As of 2/9/20 this is not an option. I would like to see the developer provide a quick checkout option and enable Apple Pay. If they provide this option, I will review and update my review. For now, I will be deleting this app.
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2 years ago, shandawn
Party City website is pretty awful so I downloaded the app thinking it would be easier and more functional. NO! Clicked on “Account” to log in and was redirected to website. Searched for “Balloons” and once again redirected to the website. I can only think they’re gathering info via the app bc there is literally no purpose to downloading this app. Don’t bother.
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4 years ago, JSLFamily
Same issue others are reporting. Crashes upon opening. Seems this issue has been going on long enough that something would be done about it. I used it back in February with some problems, but this is the first time I’ve had it crash upon opening. Website seems to be functioning.
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3 years ago, Grateful4luv
The app isn’t great and their website is not great either. It’s so slow. The app doesn’t even recognize me and when I try to reset pwd I get an error. Meanwhile I know I have an account cuz I can use it on the computer. It’s got potential if you can use it - I can’t - but needs work. Honestly save more time shopping in person.
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3 years ago, MK 0920
Bag shopping experience
Very slow, not easy to navigate between pages, no way to update quantities in your cart, after you set a same day delivery date/time it resets in the same shopping session and you keep having to reset your delivery. Very aggravating. I’ve stopped shopping and won’t make a purchase because of the horrible shopping experience.
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6 months ago, DahSneef
Useless Broken app
Nothing in the app actually works. Tapping on any menu item doesn’t respond. Tapping on order now going into an inline browser. Totally useless. Might as well use the website. Which is also broken on iOS. I guess I’ll remote into my home computer and shop from my Mac’s browser. Get it together.
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4 years ago, melaniea23
Needs some work
I’ve been trying to order some balloons for a birthday and it’s erased my items from my cart and is not allowing me to schedule a curb side pick up. I plan on trying again. It’s very inconvenient and needs work. Know that it may not work if you decide to download.
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6 years ago, girly_27
Needs improvement
This app will not let me log in. I am able to log in on a desktop computer with the same user name and password that I try on the app. I have tried resetting my password and it didn’t work. I tried creating a new user profile and that won’t work either. Basically the app is useless because I can’t make a purchase.
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12 months ago, Braxton kifner
I love this app so much but it takes you to Safari which is a little bit weird but I love this app
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2 years ago, kate7493827
Third time I’ve ordered online for pick up and got no email confirmation. Then when I show up, they say they never got my order. Each time I show them my bank statement showing the money being taken out and they say I have to call my bank about that. THREE TIMES. Never ordering again.
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2 years ago, OrganicActor
The app just opens the website- there are all these menus and settings and profile options listed but when you click ANY of them, it just sends you to the website. VERY suspicious this app is just used for tracking what else you do on your phone so they can advertise
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3 years ago, CreateNicknameReview
Lazy developers...
This isn't a real app, every search or category you choose just opens up a separate web browser and the app itself is for show, it's unnecessary to waste space and have them running their info grabbing in the background. Expected better from you guys.
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3 years ago, Kaanga
App is pointless
The app is pointless as it just redirects you to a web browser whenever you click on anything or search for anything. Also, whenever I try to filter out what's in stock in stores near me it still shows me items that are out of stock.
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4 years ago, bthnjkmhgbhimhybhujbyu
To long to load
I think it is amaze but it takes to long to load
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4 years ago, aggrvatedshopp
After finally getting items in the cart, the cart says it’s empty. Well after numerous tries I was finally able to get the cart to work but when checking out it was a complete nightmare. After 3 attempts I gave up. If you put as much effort in the shopping experience as you did the animation then maybe the app would work.😡
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11 months ago, hspiv
What’s the point of the app?
I downloaded the app because the website isn’t that great and I figured the app would be easier to navigate but, every single thing you click on just opens up your browser and he’s to the website. So the app is ABSOLUTELY useless like 100%.
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5 years ago, Jazmon gathron
This app is so easy to navigate and getting invitations for my daughter was a breeze. Will be using again for sure
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3 years ago, Yankeedoodledani
Does not keep you logged in and does not keep items in your wishlist and cart. You have to keep searching for items over and over again if you are not ready to check out right at that moment.
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