Passport America

4.6 (541)
63.8 MB
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Passport America
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Passport America

4.65 out of 5
541 Ratings
11 months ago, Brollin6963
Love this program Only issue I M having is when I try to sign into my account on the app The app kicks me off 😢
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1 year ago, Talmagegirl
Black out dates
We love using Passport America! The half price rents are great, and we feel that it definitely covers the membership fee quickly. The only complaint we have is that several of the included parks limit PA members to only a couple nights, sometimes not on weekends, and frequently not October through April. I understand why, but makes it hard to find a PA spot sometimes.
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8 months ago, dayandnightfun
Nice when it works.
Read the fine print. Only works on certain days. Each camp ground is a little different. But if you can camp during the week you can same money.
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2 months ago, Nomadus13
Passport American member
I do not recommend. I signed up March 30, I have not received a card. Can’t find any campgrounds that take Pa. Called customer care and the woman was rude. Ask to cancel she said no refund. I let her know it’s against the law to take money and offer no service. She said well give me the membership # I said where do I find that. On your card. I just you I haven’t received the card. Rude.
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1 year ago, Cally Happy Campers
Great app
Keeps me updated on all the new Passport America campgrounds which is very much appreciated.
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1 year ago, Not a bargin
I bought this membership at an RV show. The couple manning the booth were very nice and raved about how wonderful the program is. Not all that wonderful. Campgrounds have tons of exclusions, only valid certain dates, monthly exclusions. It is challenging to find a park that will take the discount.
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6 months ago, Jeff4310
Passport America
We have used it since 2004 we love it!
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9 months ago, Sal B D
Affordable camping
Passport America has saved us hundreds of dollars in campground fees.
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12 months ago, older seller.
Life membership
Best money I have ever spent.
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4 weeks ago, Labsign
Great way to save a bunch…thanks PA!
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3 months ago, why bother upgrading the app
App doesn’t recognize my user name/password. I can access PA thru a search engine but not thru the app.
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1 year ago, Tired of trying 2
Difficult logging in
Very difficult to log in
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10 months ago, BigBoobMe
Won’t start
I log in and it just goes away. Brand new iPhone 14 plus
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11 years ago, Ela1948
Outstanding app
This is by far the best camping app that I've found. Passport America is our preferred campground systems. We don't have children and don't want to pay for a lot of immenities that we don't use. Basic electric, water and sewage is all that we really need. With a little use, this app is by far the best that I've found!!! The 50 percent discount is not always available but the savings will quickly pay for your membership when it is....
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7 years ago, Brownsville Bob
Three years of use and hundreds of $ saved.
We have been using this app for three years now when traveling around the country for four to five months at a time and have saved thousands of dollars on RV Park fees. It does take some planning on the users when traveling we look ahead to the area you want to stop one to three days ahead based upon location or mileage. We use the map, let it settle in before trying to zoom so a little patience required here, once the site has settled down using two fingers drag to the area state or city you want to stop the night at, zoom in so only the sites are shown for the area you want to stay, click on each one, read their requirements, call the one you chose, see that is really simple and you just saved $15-$25 for two minutes work. Would be five stars but almost four years with out a up date is like a century in the internet world so let's get busy PA with a new glamorous up date. Big Bob and Little Lady Di
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12 years ago, lb311
What were they thinking?
The previous version was a native iOS app and worked perfectly fine. While I wished it would have also offered universal support to take advantage of the iPad screen, it was still o.k. to have the iPhone app. But this new version is now some kind of web browser-based app with extra scrolling and nested menus that one now has to navigate. Yes, you can still get to the same campground content as before, but it's more of a pain to use, and seems to crash more. So, why break a perfectly acceptable app with this slapped-together ill-conceived design? Dumb. Just plain dumb.
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8 years ago, Jimmytheiii
Very Useful
We are full time rv'ers and we use this app all the time. I really like the map feature for pinpointing parks in the exact area that we want them. PA is a no brainer as it pays for itself the first few nights that you use it. Parks can have restrictions but others may not have any. We use this a lot!
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7 years ago, Minhala
Hasn't been updated in years and doesn't work on new devices
This app is made for IOS 6, for heavens sake. It pops up a warning that it's too outdated and may slow down my device. Don't know if it does, I've never been able to keep it running long enough to see. It crashes almost immediately every time. Considering all the thousands they're raking in on membership fees I think they can afford to update this app. And anyway, 90% of the time you'll never find a CG that accepts it anytime you'd wanna be there. Now, if you want to be in Yuma in July or Montana in January you're all set. Feb in Florida or August in Oregon? Forget it.
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6 years ago, Grama B
Bait and switch?
Campbell Cove RV in Lake Havasu. We called and was told there was a site available in their “premium” spots. And yes they would honor the pass port price. We arrived a bit later and found they had rented the spot for full fare and the other site offered “was not going to get the passport America 50% off. Then they ignored the request to please fix the tv that only got 1 channel!! Also no Good Sam club discount was offered in place of Passport. We felt snookered into staying and will find lots of other options next time! Keep shopping for other parks!!! Stayed March 12, 2018.
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9 years ago, Risrat
Saved lots of $
This app has been very helpful to us. We definitely have received the cost of membership back in savings every year we've belonged.
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12 years ago, TactfulCactii
Needs Multitasking
My only complaint is that this has not been updated to support multitasking. I often switch back-and-forth between apps when researching parks, and have to start over every time I switch back to this app.
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7 years ago, Soonermarcos
Why is there 2 different apps?
Why is there two different versions for this app…? Which one is correct and get rid of the other one. One of these must not be legit. Like others have said location services doesn't really work and you can't search the way you used to be able to! This is the work of a novice in charge! Crashes constantly when trying to search just nearby!
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12 years ago, GerhardSammet
Searching for Parks
Needs native iPad support. It would be nice to have the map feature show the parks you searched for. For example, when searching for parks in a city, let the Map menu item show the parks that were found on the map instead of viewing the map, then scrolling to the city you're looking for.
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7 years ago, Cray cray Chris
Best app/company ever
Passport America the original 50% off is an amazing company, its app is so sufficient when looking for campgrounds while on the road, love this company and its staff is always so friendly every time I call!!
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10 years ago, Eastern Oregon Rimrocker
Passport pays for itself
This 50 per cent off for RV and camping enthusiasts is well worth the small membership fee. Quite a few campgrounds to choose from and the first weekend of camping pays the membership cost.
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13 years ago, Richard.A.
Great travel App!!
This application is a great replacement for the Passport America camping directory. It's so easy to look up campgrounds on the go. I can't wait to see what enhancements PA has in the works!!!
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12 years ago, JTFlyboy
Just downloaded the new app, still has a few problem, when I wanted to put in my registration number, the app slid to the left of the screen & I could not see anything for placing the registration number. Then when I just entered my name & e-mail, I tried the app & the map was gone & therefore no drop pins. App still needs some work.
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7 years ago, Rvdad128
A perfect app to be that perfect travel companion. Passport America really hit the nail on the head with this app. The trip routing feature just put my copilot out of a job!
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5 years ago, pissport
On the surface this sounds like a great deal. Then you quickly realize that although parks participate, usually with very limited access. Most parks won’t accept it for the weekend, often only a couple of days mid week. The price is Okay, but probably benefits them much more than you
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8 years ago, Hannahmonroe
Terrible app
Passport america's membership is fantastic, but the app is terrible. It's so outdated that my iphone gives a warning that "this app will slow down your phone." Nowadays I can't even use it without it crashing. What gives, Passport America?! Use some of our membership $ to update your app, please. It doesn't even need to be rebuilt - just update it enough to work!
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7 years ago, dummytech
Totally unworkable
PA membership is great but the app is worthless. I cannot get past the first screen to have the app recognize my membership so I always have to move forward without my membership discount. This means I always have to re-enter ALL my information every time. Honestly, can't you just hire some decent programmers to make this thing work?
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7 years ago, Txgram21
Bring back the old APP
With the old app I could cross state lines and still look for campgrounds but not anymore - the old APP was much more user friendly & easier and faster to navigate - very disappointed and would like the old version back
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14 years ago, Love a discount
Check it out
Great way to see how program works.
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10 years ago, Okypinoky
No ID Card?
While this app is helpful in finding PA accepted campgrounds, it needs to be more user friendly. At the very minimum, the home page should display your PA Membership Card. This seems to be a somewhat obvious over site. Now, in addition to this app, I also have to carry around my card, filling my already overflowing wallet.
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14 years ago, muthu
Great way to know PA campgrounds
Wow. This is quite interesting. Like the user interface and features.
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4 years ago, mtjd1
Great App
My go to app for campground stays. You can’t beat the discount at participating campgrounds. Do your homework and the membership will pay for itself. Well worth it.
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8 years ago, J C xxxx
Worst App Ever
Never seems to work. Search doesn't, find doesn't. Completely useless. I've held out for almost a year hoping they would update, but they do not. Even get a message from Apple when I open the app stating it will slow down my device! Deleting it today.
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7 years ago, campergeneral
This app is the BOMB
This app gives me all the information I need, AND MORE. I love it!!!
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3 years ago, Akilianamalia
I successfully used this app for awhile, but now anytime i try to use it, it crashes. I have uninstalled it, restarted my phone, reinstalled, uninstalled again, etc. still can no longer use it before it crashes upon opening it ☹️
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3 years ago, Ringo's Mommy
Gone bad
Something is wrong with this app. Been using it for 5 years, I used to be able to navigate all over the states and pick places. Now all I get is the whole US and I get bumped out as soon as I try to zoom in.
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12 years ago, Lunerover
No landscape orientation
Needs the landscape orientation function to be compatible with iPad. Also the "Directions" function does nothing. Two stars only until the bugs are corrected
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9 years ago, Kattonn
Poor App
We love having Passport America. It has saved us a lot of money. But this app to locate sites is very poor. It keeps reloading a page and you can't hone in on an area easily. It has been this way for a long time. Please address this PA!!
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5 years ago, Maine-ah in Vermont
Don’t join
We just joined and we are finding that the campgrounds listed as being members will not honor the half rates at any time except for the month of May and September. One campground joked they only had two spots of their over 250 sites dedicated to Passport America.
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10 years ago, Justastupidname
Crashing on iOS 8.1
It opens and goes into the background, I can see it when I double click the button on the iPad. But soon as it comes to the screen, poof gone again. Kinda useless at this point
Show more
7 years ago, Tranquilty1
Go back to older version
I've loved PA for years but find the new app version unusable. Bring back the map search ability!!! The new version doesn't allow for a search of an area.
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7 years ago, jbhodj
2 stars. Needs Update
Pretty clunky and really needs update or something. Would think a payable member service would do something
Show more
3 years ago, Lanc Local
Nice picture.
So, is it only a picture? Is there a way to get past a splash screen and find an app? 2 iPhones and 2 iPads all show only a picture.
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11 years ago, Brian180052
This app is a waste of time, shows a very limited amount of camping in an area and only the area you choose not a camp ground that may be a mile down the road but is in another town POOR!!!! At best
Show more
8 years ago, RVer with the dogs
Not user friendly
Just installed this app. Oh my goodness, this is not very user friendly. Guess it's good to find new parks or canceled parks. Wish it was easy to list campgrounds by state :-(.
Show more
9 years ago, 1piccjl
Passport america!
Every time I try to open app it tells me I need to join! What's going on?!v
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