Passport Parking

4.7 (96.9K)
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Passport Labs, Inc.
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3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Passport Parking

4.75 out of 5
96.9K Ratings
5 years ago, The Wiz of Oddz
I’m self-employed and going back to college at an older age. I travel for my business and have to frequently use public parking. Most of the places in the area I service use pay stations. My college also has pay stations but also offers the option to use this app to pay for the parking. I love the convenience of paying for my parking in the app: getting to pick the length of time, alerts for when you’re running close to the end of the meter, and also not having to get out of my car to find a pay station then return to my car to put the paid ticket in the window. I park, plug in my zone, pick my hours, and I’m off to class with no problems.
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6 months ago, kcebttocs
It doesn’t work
I’m parked with a sign right in front of me that says “2 hour parking. Parking required daily 9am-6pm excluding Sundays and holidays. Download mobile app: Passport parking. Zone 5621.” I open the app and put in zone 5621. I go outside and check my space number, which has a big 1 clearly painted on the street. The car in front of me is space 3. I look back at the app and the lowest numbered space I can select is space 54. I enter 1 and the app says “space not available, check sign.” So I look at more of the spaces in front of me. They are numbered 7, 9, 11, etc., except the sign says “Zone 5620.” So I enter zone 5620 and it allows me to buy 22 minutes. I try to purchase more time and it says “not allowed.” So I use the kiosk, which allows me to buy something like 15 minutes. I tried to buy more, but it wouldn’t let me and wouldn’t say why. Meanwhile, I have no idea if I’m purchasing time for the right space or not and I’ve gone from 5 minutes early for my appointment to 15 minutes late. This is a great idea but it’s VERY poorly executed. There’s no information about why you can or can’t use a space. It just says “check signage” and the signs often seem to be wrong or misleading. I’m just going to avoid any area that uses this parking system I guess.
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2 years ago, Jeffrey’s Apple Pie
OK…But Don’t Pay For Short-Stay!
A Parking App is great for obvious conveniences But… I quickly downloaded this one to use for what’ll be a regular quick stop for me, but never a long one, so I’m unlikely to use it again…unless I’m quarterless, and here’s why… - I only needed 15 minutes & 20 mins cost 25cents so I hit “select 20mins” & submit. Then juuusst as it was accepting the payment & closing the screen(too late to stop) I caught a quick glimpse of the 40cent transaction fee added along w/the 25cents for my 20 minutes! Boom…65cents for 20 minutes, lol. I saw no clearly visible mention of a 40c fee per transaction in the App’s description on the AppStore(I looked for any mention of prices), or I would’ve just popped in a quarter, lol - I have another App for Center City Philly, it has no trans fee so I wasn’t expecting one here - I wonder if it hits you for another 40cents if you add $ to the meter, or is it just a one-timer(?). If it’s the former you’re better off using up your quarters, if the latter then you’ll want to stay awhile to get your money’s worth!
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5 years ago, tdcavenagh
Unexplained Charges
My last bank statement showed two charges from Passport for $74 and $86 dollars respectively. I have exchanged email with Passport over nearly two weeks and with two different customer service (I use that term guardedly) representatives. Neither can tell me anything about the charges other than that they are “probably” parking tickets, but that they cannot “locate the source of the charges in their system.” So, they’ve collected $160 dollars, cannot explain why or for whom they did so, and they have now simply said it isn’t their problem. I’ve had no tickets placed on the car I use Passport in conjunction with, I received no notice from any town that they ticketed the car, so the money has apparently vanished into the Passport bank account. Anyone thinking of using this app ought to ask him or herself what stops Passport from randomly and without any cause adding charges to accounts given this approach. And, if charges ever did result from a ticket, how a user would know they have been paid, when Passport cannot trace money they have collected, but about which they have no further information.
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3 months ago, jaimito sutuchi
A Russian roulette when it comes to paying
Around 20% of the time when I use this app, it goes through the basic motions of confirming the parking spot, all the cool lights spin in world like it’s a successful payment, and then I get to the restaurant and I check to see how much time I have left on my parking and it tells me the payment was not confirmed and so my session never began. This Russian roulette makes this app all but useless. You can imagine the anger of getting a ticket when you think you’ve paid for parking. In each case, when it happens, there is nothing wrong with my credit card or payments, and in fact, if I noticed this problem and just rerun the parking it works every time. So there’s clearly something glitchy with this app. So, despite how clean it looks and how magical it all seems it is really a nightmare in disguise, as you’re never really sure that you’ve paid for parking, and it sends you no notification, your phone doesn’t beep ring or buzz when your payment somehow fails even though your banking situation is crystal clean.
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4 years ago, AppFan3
App Stopped Working; Update: Fixed Next Day
Update: The developer reached out here and Customer Service (CS) also responded to my query. CS was very friendly, but the email process is slow and did not give a quick result. This is a new day and the app seems to have reset, which may be thanks to efforts by CS - I can’t tell. I appreciate the sincere efforts to help. Please correct the in-app warning: resetting the PIN deletes the credit card but NOT the entire profile. The app forced me to reset my PIN and trying to avoid losing all of my information when I knew my PIN was entered correctly started this entire situation. In the end I kept my same PIN; I think this was just a way to obtain a new agreement to the terms and conditions. Please also create a faster support method, to enable users to avoid parking tickets due to app malfunction. The app is great when it works and usually works flawlessly. Rating updated to 4 stars to reflect this plus the friendly CS; one star off for this experience, the slow support process and the parking ticket consequences that may result. Original Review: This app has been a great convenience but today it suddenly required recertification and then refused to accept my PIN. I can’t reach my car so I will probably get a ticket. No response from Customer Service. This must be an update issue and hope it will be fixed ASAP.
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3 years ago, Redloche
Hate with a passion
I hate this app with a passion and can’t wait for a competitor with better quality control and UX design team to replace it. It gets broke when there are upgrades. It errors out with meaningless errors. And whomever is responsible for end user use cases and process flows seems can’t seem to understand is that if this app fails while you’re on your way to work … what are you supposed to do? Wait for the next train that comes after you call their useless support team to trouble shoot? Stand in a public place constantly re-entering payment information? Or take a $25 hit from a parking ticket because they can’t get it together and just don’t care?? (And, because by the time you’ve finished fighting the app you’re either already on the train or don’t have time to go back to complete the manual pay process.) How many days can you tolerate that before you abandon the train stop you’re at in favor of any other option? When this app fails, Passport Parking should reimburse for the parking ticket. Period.
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4 years ago, Anniehatesthisapp
Charge increase as I hit the payment button and other issues.
The rate was shown, as usual, every time I use the app for the same meters and the same time zone. I hit the complete payment option and the amount jumped by 50% percent. I reached out to support multiple times, sent screen shots and confirmation as per their request. The last response I received was a query on how often this has happened. Since then, there has been no follow up. The latest update has been terrible in general. Aside from the random price jump, there is an up-charge for using an all day zone: if you park for 3 hours and come back 6 hours later to park in the same zone, there’s no reset, no lag time, if you have to pay extra to park in that zone again. I recommend carrying change and avoid using this app. ———————-UPDATE——————— There has been a request for me to update my review since I wrote the above and to email them for support. Went through that process again, with no actual support. Just a runaround and told to call 311 because they can’t help me at this time.
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10 months ago, Shoalmanjim
This app screwed everyone up in the Parking Lot
I went to Breckenridge Colorado and tried to park at 2:45. I use this app. It charged me $.50 for 15 minutes of parking! When I tried to add time I got a message stating “this zone is not currently available”. So I went to the parking machine and plugged in my card. This time I paid $.50 for 10 minutes. when I tried to extend my time I got a message stating “maximum time reached“. So I called the number on the parking machine and pro follow the prompts for people trying to use the Passport app. I was put on hold for about five minutes and then told no one is available to take your call and was hung up on. I tried it again with the same results. another customer in line behind me I had the exact same problem. I had to call the town council in Breckenridge Colorado. They informed me that parking is free after 3 PM. But the app just left to be confused and confounded! This is my first time, trying to use it, and it really sucked!
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5 years ago, BM1952
Better way to pay ... sometimes
First off, this is a big improvement over having to run out to the meter and deposit coins every time the meter times out...but this depends on your phone having a good signal, of course. This becomes a big issue when you have to park a long distance away from where you work and the meters time out every two hours. While it’s true that the app won’t allow you to add time the way you can when you deposit coins, it is easy to start a new session. The only drawback is that you will lose any time remaining on your current session if you start a new one before the old one expires; however, I suspect that is prefferable to paying a large fine if you try to wait and mis-time it. I really do hope that this app is expanded to include adding time to a session. With that one change I would give it a rating of five.
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11 months ago, gregorymwhite
Bug they refuse to fix, leads to parking tickets
This is a simple app that for the most part works. Except they have a bug that is so core to it’s functionality and leads to you getting a parking ticket (which has happened to me) if you don’t compensate for it. Most frustratingly, I’ve spent a long time explaining it to them, sharing screenshots, describing how to easily reproduce it, and they keep just doing all sorts of diversions and refuse to acknowledge it or try to fix it. The bug is simple: There is a “max purchase” button that selects the max time for the parking lot. (It’s what everyone selects to park at the station for the day). But it fails to actually select max time if you click it in the first 1-2 seconds, there’s some internal lag where the functionality fails. However it still pops up the confirm message “you have reached the maximum time for this location”, even though it hasn’t. If you “believe” the pop up confirm and click through you actually only have the minimum time. Then you get a parking ticket. I’ve explained this in painstaking details multiple times to then with screenshots. All they do is reply with generic dialogue on checking local parking regulations. One even sent me the phone number of the local police department. It’s frustrating that our local government have given a monopoly to a company that isn’t interested in success in sole basic functionality they’re tasked with providing.
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6 years ago, dan7362zie
Definite scam app
I was in a Richmond VA parking lot yesterday and on every poll had a sign for this app so I figured if here it must be part of the lot. It was a pay yourself at kiosk lot. I downloaded the app and setup account. It didn’t give me a lot of options and I was told to pick a zone which only gave me a single option for a zone and I was told to give the parking spot number. I finalized and at that time i was told the zone I was in was for Nebraska. So I am in VA parking in a zone in NE. I then clocked a button with a head shearing a headset assuming g that would take me to customer service and to my surprise it took me to the page showing me what I paid. I clicked through the menu and with the exception of the faq everything took me to the total paid page. In FAQ section they have listed in response to someone’s question about cancelling and they respond with letting the time run out. This is lovely. They give no option to fix or stop this. How are they allowed to have an app like this that steals money. I’m disputing today with my CC
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6 years ago, cheese deluxe
How this app can be improved
• Change the session expiration sound to a more typical smartphone alert sound. We get it, it’s a parking app and the alert sounds like a car horn. It’s annoying. Even better, give us the ability to customize the alert sound to any of those available on our phones. • When the session expiration alert goes off (10-minutes before expiration) have both a Dismiss and a Snooze button. Sometimes we’re too busy when the first alert goes off to add time. It would be great to have a reminder occur at actual expiration, as well. • When the app knows that a parking area has a maximum time limit and that I’ve reached it, why still show me “Extend” button during my session – and at the end? It’s misleading. I think I can add more time but I can’t. Change that message “Max time reached” or something.
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5 years ago, FrenchPoliSci
Warning: no Apple Pay or Apple wallet support because...reasons?
In this day and age, if an app cannot use my Apple wallet or Apple Pay or charge me through iTunes, I argue that the app is extremely dated. After all, I can go to almost any store or restaurant and pay using Apple Pay, all my apps that don’t charge through iTunes charge through Apple Pay, in short, you can use the Apple Pay platform most places. Thus, when an app doesn’t access my wallet or use Apple Pay, it appears dated and stuck in the past. Much of the convenience of the app (install and quickly pay) is negated by this over sight. This is one such app. Considering I ran out the door without my credit card and needed to catch a train, it was far less than convenient and, in my opinion, an app whose purpose (convenience to the consumer in order to increase compliance) is negated.
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5 years ago, Reichuber
My first and last time using this app
A brutal digital experience. A few suggestions for the devs: (1) When a session is about to expire, give me the number of my last parking space and ask if I would like to extend my time in the current space instead of asking me to start over and remember the space number. (2) If I want to pay for someone’s parking after I have have paid for my own spot, don’t give me an alert that says “Invalid Number” when it’s not an invalid number, just tell me I can’t open a new session once I’ve started my first session, or let people open more than one session since you provide the option to do so. (3) Allow the users device to use geo location instead of force them to walk down the block searching for a sign that may or may not contain the arbitrary zone number assigned to the area the parking spot is located, you’ll likely have way fewer customer complaints and more completed sessions.
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6 years ago, tbtstr
App to scam $
This app is designed to scam customers for the first time use, at least. Why would it default to a 8 hours Max to scam $25? Why can't it leave it as 0 hour and force users to select the hours? What is the purpose of having the "Max 8 hours" button twice as big compare to "Stay" button? And why "Stay"? Can it be like "Select Hours"? If it is not intended to scam and what is the purpose? I parked 1 hour and had to pay 8 hours. Even I called the service right at the parking spot and no refund and no justice served. The guy said that how the app worked. You booked you're death. I thought max is 8 hours so you start your time and end your time and pay the duration when your done, just like you regularly park anywhere. I'm an app developer guy and got trapped, think about old folks with no tech skills. Change your app with my free consultation. May others forgive your sin???!!! It is not the $25, it is the feeling of being scammed.
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1 year ago, gurlrilla
Actually a zero star rating but there's no option for that
Used app yesterday and it would't accept payment from any of my credit cards OR Apple Pay even though all card info was current with ample funds in each one to cover the meter cost. I used the correct zone and the correct parking space number. I continued to try repeatedly to use the app but ultimately had to stop because I was at that parking space due to an emergency that I needed to tend to. When I returned to my car I had a parking citation. This app is trash. I've reached out to Passport -- there was no explaination about why the app didn't work --Passport just expained how the app SHOULD WORK. I cannot trust that if there is another crucial situation that this parking app will fail to work again and I will end up paying $25 again for a parking citation. It is very unfortunate that this app is the only app option for this area.
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5 years ago, pete saa
Extra charges
The app is a great idea,the developers need to work out the bugs tho.i payed with the meter then downloaded the app,entered my card information then charged me twice.i wanted to give it another chance the following week and I wanted to pay for the spot for 4 hours, it only let me pay for 3 then I picked a new session to add hours and it charged me the max time,so I had two different sessions going on at the same time!! I wrote numerous text to the contact/help center and no response! So I had to cancel charges with my credit card company. The developer of this app needs to prevent getting double charges for the same parking spot...
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5 years ago, GrandmaHFMP
Very Misleading APP
What this APP does for you is not much! You will find in the fine print of the Terms & Conditions a statement that says it does not reserve you a parking spot. No where else does it say that. It doesn’t find you parking! You have to know where the parking zones are. So what you get is a way to pay and a notice if your time is running out. Both can be easily done without this APP. Your phone has an alarm that you can set to notify you your time is running out. And there is a parking kiosk that you can pay at without having to put money in a meter! The developer should make it clear that you are not guaranteed a parking spot until you get there and find it yourself!! There should be a FAQ for this as well. I’m sure I was not the first person who wanted an answer to this question. They should make it clear that if you need a refund, you can’t get it through the APP!!!!! This APP is a waste of time and effort!!
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5 years ago, David02140
Generally good but with an annoying time bug
The app works for me, mostly does what it says it will do, and is certainly easier than carrying around a lot of quarters. It does come with one annoying bug that the company is refusing to acknowledge: no matter how quickly you enter the information, you will never get the full amount of time on the timer. I understand their rationale for knocking off a few seconds (you pay from the time you start deciding how long to stay), although I don’t like it, but frequently, including twice in the last two days, I have been given a full minute less time than I paid for. Either that, or the timer has been incorrect. One way or another, there is a bug that I have been unable to convince the company exists.
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2 years ago, Meichowchow4
No notification.
The app lets you only pay a certain amount of time for my meter parking. 2 hrs max which im already annoyed I have to wait and download a whole app to pay my meter and then make an account and put my card info instead of a quick swipe. My time ran out and the app had no notification setting i went to increase and add time and when I came back I got a whopping $60 ticket on my car with a time stamp of 2 mins after my app thing expired. Don’t go to Pasadena! The cops there wait to ticket! Also they tricked me and had a $10 voucher which I thought was a promotional coupon, I clicked it thinking I got a $10 off but it immediately charged me $10 giftcard without even having the “are you sure?” pop up. Their help service was not helpful at all so now I am out like $80 for paying for their meter giftcard and the ticket! Scam!
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6 years ago, Myriah M
So Convenient!
Passport parking has been so convenient for 3 reasons. First one: when I’m running late, I can just park and pay as soon as I sit down in class or for work. Second: it’s been snowing in Denver and it’s nice that I don’t have to stand outside waiting at the pay station, especially if there is a line! Third: it’s safer for me. I get to school and work when it’s still dark out (6:30/7am) and nobody is around. I like that I don’t have to scramble for cash or for my card in the dark, alone. I do pay $0.30 more for using the app, but you really cannot put a price on convenience, warmth and safety! 😁
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5 years ago, AlexB3103
I got this app two months ago. Used it for a two dollar parking and then never used it again. Two weeks later I found two separate charges of 27.7$/each on my Bank of America account(this is the one that I linked to the app) under the Passport Parking app name. I disputed each of them and got my money back. Afterwards I changed the primary account to a Citi Bank card. Today I went over the statement and I found yet another two charges of the same amount + a third one of 67$ finalized on 4th of June. I mention that I never used the app again since the initial issues. Now, I suggest developers to look into this as soon as possible and EVERYONE that already uses it to check their bank statements from the time they first got the app. The charges that show up on the bank statements aren’t listed in the app under the “Parker History”
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5 years ago, PhantomPhan
Still not fixed!
It’s been months and months of bad reviews telling you that the app just freezes on opening and requires being deleted and reinstalled to work every single time! You’ve done nothing to fix it! It’s less work to pay at the machine! It’s really inexcusable that it’s still doing this. I had an iPhone 6S and just got a brand new iPhone X and it’s the same thing on both. My brother is an app developer working for a large national company and he would lose his job if he ever put out such a shabby product without a fix for many months. Update: THEY STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN OFF THEIR LAZY BUTTS TO FIX THE APP. CONTACT YOUR CITY AND ASK THEM TO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO HANDLE THEIR METERS. OTHER COMPANIES DO A BETTER JOB. Update: No change at all despite knowing of the issues for over a year. I still have to delete and reinstall the app every time I use it unless I’ve used it very recently.
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4 months ago, ThomasTSW
Several Critical Bugs
I never write app store reviews but I was compelled to write one for passport parking. This app has two major flaws: 1) When using Apple Pay, there is a visa animation with a checkmark that appears PRIOR to completing a purchase. This gives the illusion that the payment went through and your session has started, despite it not. I have been ticketed because of this bug. 2) The app begins your session not from the time you check out, but from the time you start setting up a session. This is incredibly misleading. For example, you can open up the app at 1pm and take 10 minutes to check out (putting in license plate info, credit card, etc). You will get charged for 1 hour but your session will only be until 1:50PM. Profiting for the time spent checking out is inexcusable.
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4 years ago, CaptainAM55
You still can be cited!
I use the app for the Pasadena, ca area. It seems like it’s a faster way, until you are cited for not having a receipt displayed on the dash. I contacted Passport Parking twice and they said I had to contact the issuing agency that cited me and there was nothing else they can do. Shouldn’t Passport and the city have a way of communicating with each other to take care of the problem immediately. If I call Passport they look it up and tell the city to dismiss it for us. Their moto is stress free parking. I don’t think so, when you know you can be cited. I had to file a protest with the city to review. After two weeks the $55 cited was dismissed. I will not take the chance again using Passport Parking and waste my time fight another cite. Just walk to the parking box get a receipt and be guaranteed no cite!
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6 years ago, Joejoeshabadu
Has personally costs me over 50$ in fines by not working this week alone.
I have a brand new iPhone 8 and this app has not been able to load once within the last month. I have tried all possibly fixes on my end (restarting my phone, making sure the app is up to date) and it still just won’t load.I will always use change if necessary from the constant spotty issues it has. When forced to park in an app only parking spot I basically have to park knowing I’ll accrue a fine. I’ve waited around to mention it to a meter maid and they seem to just say “yea lots of people are having problems with it.” But if you’re not there to tell them your problem you’ll just receive a ticket. If I’m being forced to use this stupid app please at least fix it to make sure it’s doing it’s only job because currently it doesn’t.
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2 years ago, Marshlady
Misleading /overcharging and no customer service
I went to Brookline mass for a doctors appointment and download the app so that I could pay for my parking. Somehow it thought that I wanted a prepaid wallet and charged me $20 and then on top of that charged me for the parking time. Then when I went for lunch and parked in a different meter it charged me again. It never deducted the two charges from the $20,But instead it took out more money from my bank!When I tried to call there was no phone number and so I clicked the support button to get a chat agent . There was an automated message saying that there is currently a high volume so it will be a long wait time and to note that this was not a live response. I waited anyway and just kept my phone open for over an hour and I never heard from anyone.
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5 years ago, Long Stay Fan
New interface
I love the Passport app, but much prefer the older interface, because using it for stays of more than a few hours (either when establishing a session or reviewing when the session expires) is not a simple matter. The new interface seems better suiting for parking in a city for a few hours than parking in a train station parking lot for several days or a week. I would prefer to select the number of days, not push a ruler until I get at a cost that corresponds to an estimated number of days. Is there an option to make the interface “less intuitive”?
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6 years ago, T-Colbs
Totally Recommend!
This app is very handy for those who live/work in a city; especially one that has a strict parking policy. Being able to replenish your parking time from your mobile device changes the game, and gives you more control. Weather you are stuck at work, or on a date, or just want to sleep in an extra hour ( if that’s even possible for us busy folk) then this app is right for you. There is a small convenience fee for each transaction, however, this a small price to pay for the alternative of getting soaked in the rain. Happy parking.
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6 years ago, Cheshire348
I’m in Michigan. It parked me in Rhode Island.
The part where it asked me for my zone, then my parking space was confusing and not clear enough at all. I’m in UX—this app does a bad job with clarity and keeping the user informed via feedback to their actions. I had no idea I was paying for a spot in Rhode Island until it was done. When I went to the icon with the headset in the upper right corner, I assumed, rightly so, that it would take me to Help or Contact. It merely let me know I’d paid. What? That makes no sense. I checked the sidebar, the same icon was there. I clicked it. It took me to a page with 2 options: an FAQ, and sending a bug report. The FAQ said to contact support for wrong parking spaces. There was no indication where this support was. I scoured the app—no phone number, no email, no chat support, nothing. No way to talk to a human. I ended up sending a bug report, which is ridiculous. I’m now paying for a spot in Providence, Rhode Island, which, by the way, auto-set the duration for me, so I didn’t even get a screen asking me how long I’d like to park. Just: would you like to park? Yes? Okay the time has been set and you’ve already paid now. Thanks.
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4 months ago, shut up die
Glitches = Tickets
This app is designed to GIVE YOU TICKETS. If you close the app while it’s still processing a payment, or even for a few seconds after paying, it won’t go through and you’ll get a ticket. If you click “max time” it only automatically selects about 15 min, so if you don’t notice then you’ll get a ticket. It only gives you an alert about ending parking time ONCE, 10 minutes before, with no way to change it, so if you don’t set a second timer for when parking is actually up to move your car or extend time, then you’ll get a ticket. It also doesn’t detect if the same car is already booked on a street before accepting payment, so it’s easy to double charge yourself for parking (my bf does parking in the mornings, I do afternoons). Awful app.
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6 years ago, Mr.Phil_B
Stole my $ and blamed it on me
I paid for a parking session using this app. After my session was going I checked the app and realized my session didn’t appear to be active. I tried to re-pay for the parking spot but received a pop up about a lockout period for that particular spot. So I had to rush out of the building I was in and move my car. Later, I received an invoice for the spot so I contacted passport support for a refund. They told me it was my fault and that I shouldn’t have tried to pay for the spot twice. How was I supposed to know this when your app is telling me different? Then, the number they gave me to call for a refund was not a working number... Thanks to this app for ruining my morning the other day, blaming it on me, stealing my money, and wasting my time having me call out of service numbers. Get you act together passport!
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1 year ago, Amateur|98|
ios 16 search feature
When searching “Parking” or “park” in the search box for the iphone files/apps/web search tool in the UI of the home screen, the Passport app does not show up at all. I have to specify by adding the term “app” or somehow else indicating to show all parking apps for this one to show up. Park mobile is the only parking app I have downloaded that shows as a “top hit” when using those search terms, park or parking. Just thought developers might want to know to add those keywords to whatever list of related words that the home screen search tool uses to generate results.
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2 years ago, Urproven
Not storing CC and customer service can’t help
I have messaged for support multiple times as after years the screen suddenly did not offer me a choice of my cc on file. When I try to add a new card it says it is already on file. I have tried logging out and logging in again, deleting the app turning off the phone and then reinstalling. I am able to login on a browser and see my cards but the customer service will not correct or investigate to help me fix this issue. It is extremely frustrating to be told it isn’t there issue when I have not had an issue with the card at all! They need to have the tech staff look for the issue. Payment cards on file in account are not appearing this has been happening since early May!
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5 years ago, gatherswool
Works great for cops and parkers! :-/
See review by Korupted. Pros: better than fishing for quarters, plus it’s a nice stable app. No technical complaints. Cons: nice convenient way for the local constabulary to monitor parking and jump on the meter 1min after your time is up. Be aware that a lot of meters/spaces are also monitored remotely so they DO know that the car hasn’t moved from the spot—without so much as getting out of the meter maid mobile. Big brother monitoring of parking may be an overall civic good, but parkers should be aware that using this app means being rigorously on top of your meter time.
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5 years ago, Biznasty2015
Still got parking ticket
I paid for my parking via this app and still received a parking ticket during my paid time. I entered all info correctly and paid he parking appropriately. It was a regular space with no restrictions. Now I have an outstanding parking ticket that neither this app nor the city care to rectify even though I have proof of valid payment at the time of the citation. So now I have to go through the lengthy process of contesting it with the city. The app is no help in this regard and does not give you an option to report such matters. In the fine print it also tells you it is not responsible for any tickets you receive even if the app is functioning properly and says you paid LOL. Maybe don’t release this app unless you’ve actually worked the system out with parking enforcement beforehand?
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3 years ago, aubri49
Not user-friendly
is in Salem Massachusetts. This is the fourth visit and I’ve never had an easy time using this app. First of all the app never fully loads. When I try to go to the website on the Internet all I get are websites that have app installed and no further information. Finally I have to log into my Dentist Wi-Fi and with your Health I’m able to do this. I dig where it is while I’m doing all this I’ll get a ticket because I’m not paid for. I think this is a lousy out My dentist is in Salem Massachusetts. I’ve been here four times and I’ve never had an easy time with this app. First of all it never fully loads and I tried various ways of going online but all I get is a website that saysmy Dentist Wi-Fi with your Health medical to do this. There has to be an easier way
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2 years ago, Nnebby
Payments not Working; UPDATE
UPDATE: So i finally was told why my payments were working on the app and it was nothing on their end. I wish I was told sooner by other customer support agents why my payments were not going though. The app works fine for me, again. My payments aren’t working at all and haven’t worked for months. Every card i’ve tried hasn’t worked, although it charged ALL OF THEM. The app was working so well :((( I’ve contacted customer support so many times and they use the same copy and past answer instead of telling me saying their app doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, kg1823
Cannot use saved payment info, no PayPal or Apple Pay
The app won’t use saved credit cards for payment. When I try to reserve a spot, the only option for paying is to set up a new payment method, and it will not allow you to input your card details if your payment method is already saved. It seems the only way to pay is to delete your credit card from your account, and then manually input the credit card number every time you want to reserve a spot. I was in a rush recently and didn’t have time to manually input my credit card info, and I ended up getting a parking ticket because of this bug. Also, I would much prefer if the app had the option to use PayPal and/or Apple Pay rather than having to give out my credit card information directly.
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1 year ago, 3xvs493
Only works half of the time or less.
My city uses Passport Parking for a lot of its street parking payment. I, and several others I know, consistently run into problems with this app. App has to be restarted several times before it will allow payment to be processed. Other times, deleting credit card info and re-entering it will work. On my husband’s account, he purchased $10 of credit and yet it won’t allow him to use it. Gave two stars because when the app works, it’s great. It’s just extremely unreliable, as you never know if the app is just going to not work (which is a lot of the time), and then you better hope you have quarters for the parking meter!
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6 years ago, Angry Elf123
Dated and badly in need to updating
The app is showing its age. While once upon a time it was acceptable not to build-in location awareness, CarPlay functionality, or even calendar based reminders for folks who have commuter schedules the lack of these things are more painfully evident everytime it costs me money with a missed parking fee, slows me down fumbling with my phone when my CarPlay vehicle should have the app, or I have to dig out the snow from physical signage to determine zone that GPS would know... No doubt the sales team that got municipalities to adopt this app does not worry too much that a competitor with a better app will displace them but maybe the developers should just make the improvements out of pride or a desire to leave for greener pastures on a high note...
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4 years ago, Deverettaz
Much More Convenient Than the University’s Old System
It is much easier to pay with the Passport app than with the university’s old system. The app remembers the parking zone number, payment info, and the car’s make, model, and license plate. The only remaining info the driver has to enter is the time, and he can extend the time on the app without returning to the vehicle. With the old system, the driver had to remember the stall number from the car to the pay station, swipe, and enter stall number and time. He had to return to the vehicle to extend the time.
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5 years ago, LED$mbv
Latest Updates
Overall the app has been convenient and presents no issues. I do have the following three comments: Like other users, it would be helpful if I could put in time against a meter spot at least 1/2 hour earlier then when meters start. For example, my gym opens at 7:30 am, yet meter starts at 8:00 am. I realize I can do it remotely, however it is not always convenient having to remember to pull phone out wherever I am at 8:00 am to put in time, location and payment. Secondly, I am not a huge fan of the intuitive upgrade? It seems more complicated and I preferred the simplicity of scrolling and picking the time needed. Lastly, Light Grey font on a White background is very hard to see when out in the daylight, especially on a sunny day. I have to shade the phone in order to see the screen; with the new update. Please provide better contrast in fonts and backgrounds. The version before this latest update was easier to read.
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7 years ago, jenelfarrell
App freezes - doesn't work
I followed other user’s instructions, deleted the app and reloaded after the version upgrade and it’s worked fine since. It’s a little clickie in the payment area and too easy to click the all-day default option, but otherwise a good app. Thanks for the fixes. ———————- This app worked once, just after I downloaded it the first time, but has not worked since. When I try to open it, it freezes and never opens. I've tried closing the app, rebooting my phone, deleting the app & re-downloading, but to no avail. It freezes as it's opening and has to be closed just to get it to go away. I always end up paying at the meter. I've had the same experience with the app dozens of times and am taking my complaints to the City of St Paul and recommending they switch to the app Minneapolis uses, Parkmobile, as it's much more reliable. I've success used Parkmobile hundreds of times with no issue.
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10 months ago, Hhanonymous
Horrible app, please stop using it Brookline
Horrible parking app compared to the one used by the neighboring towns. Firstly it doesn’t have the ability to save or remember the same two streets I always park on. The map doesn’t display or load half the time. There was a problem with my credit card (even though it worked at a store 2 mins later) but it wouldn’t let me enter a new card. Why not? Well apparently that credit card number was already entered, so I can’t enter it again. Makes sense. Let me delete that card then. “An error occurred”. Okay I’ll just delete the numbers. “Invalid number”. Let me pay? “There was a problem with your card”. No there isn’t, there’s a problem with your app.
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5 years ago, yzombie23
Option to cancel/end session early
There was a recent update in which they removed the option to end a parking session early. The faq now claims that “there is no reason to end a session,” but there is. What if I need to park but don’t know how long I will need, and I won’t have access to my phone to “extend” the parking period. This option was really important to me, and it’s just a scummy move, since I now have to pay more for each session since I have to give an estimate of how long I will be there, which is always slightly more than I need so that I don’t get ticketed. The app itself isn’t that great, it’s often slow and sometimes freezes, but it was bearable. Without the option to end sessions early I’m debating whether I will continue using this app at all.
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8 months ago, Destiny 02149
Got a ticket, app would not process payment
Did not feed the meter because I was going to use the app. Attempted to use a zone that was previously used and the app would not accept my payment method. I added three different cards to be told none worked and my quote expired despite less than a minute had gone by. This is the second time I got a ticket due to the app not accepting my payment method for whatever reason. I should not have to add multiple cards just to pay $3. ANOTHER TIME it would not allow me to pay to park in a DIFFERENT zone. Will go back to using quarters. Only giving two stars because the app worked once for me
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2 years ago, shamgirl99
Does not work
I downloaded this app because it was advertised as an easy way to pay on the parking meter. I quickly discovered this app is unbelievably broken and unusable… 1) it kept asking for my zone number, which I input directly from the meter 3x to ensure no mistakes, but was told the zone number doesn’t exist. I finally put in the spot number instead, which it accepted and took me to the next screen despite asking for the zone number. 2) it told me to use my finger on a slider to increase or decrease the amount of time I wanted to pay for. There was literally no slider anywhere on the screen… just blank white space. 3) it told me the time my meter would expire in MST time zone, despite me being in PST, and also literally setting my State already in the app, along with allowing the app to track my location while using it, so it should at the very least know what time zone I’m in. At the end, I’d spent 5-10 min trying to brute force my way through this fantastically crappy app with no luck, so used Apple Pay on the meter instead. A true embarrassment of an app.
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1 year ago, allnicknamestakenwth1
Simply not the best parking app
I’ve stayed in multiple states, towns etc and typically use parkmobile which is so much easier to understand but of course my small town of growing up must different and use this this app for its two street downtown parking. There is always an issue using this app and this time its a payment error after trying to extend time after it only let me do 15 min max parking. I dont know how simple an algorithm needs to be to accept apple pay but clearly this app needs better configuration if it cant do that. Even when I’ve had my car parked on the app I’ve still had warnings put on my car, this app is inferior and a joke.
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