Path Schedule

3.5 (48)
115.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
disappointed Pig LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Path Schedule

3.5 out of 5
48 Ratings
3 years ago, Miguel Salaverria
Is this app still working
The app is great, but I have not gotten any data on it for the past year. Has it been discontinued ?
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6 years ago, Ijm8710
Thank you for your service these several years
They finally released an official app Yours was great and I copied a bunch of your features in my improvements request to them: “Please let me know if you plan to implement the following (most ideas shared with the great “path schedule” app thats been the only working app on ios for years): 1) ability to easily click-in the times on front page settings to see intermediary station route and times 2) ability to see several recent station times that just expired 3) Hoboken to nj should still show the 11:31 and 11:51 PM weekday JSQ trains as next available as opposed to blank 4) ability to set favorite station to default “to Nj/Ny” scroll 5) ability to default “favorite vs to Ny/NJ” preferred tab. I’d prefer to default to one of latter as its inclusive of multiple routes”
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6 years ago, Justcheck2006
Gives the info that you need
It’s tough to explain how bad the official PATH app is. This app gives you all the times offline for all stations. I do not need anything more than that. Thanks for making this app and that too for free.
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6 years ago, beninamill
Works perfectly
I’ve been using this for years and it has never let me down. No frills, no ads, quick and easy interface, works in the tunnels without reception.
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6 years ago, AlexWF
App works well
I left a crappy review initially but for what the app is for and the objective of it, it works well. It gives you the path schedule in an easy way to read especially offline.
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5 years ago, Dr. Fax
Great App
Provides a great service I wish PATH would have themself, particularly helpful late at night and on weekends when trains aren’t as frequent and planning commute is more vital. Thanks!!
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5 years ago, TeeJayDee
Great app, but can we get an update?
So much better than the “official” app. Only issue now is the timetables are out of date. The app has December, 2018, but PATH updated the timetables in April, 2019.
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9 years ago, jedi_grrlie
*Normally* works very well...
...but for the past two weeks, it has crashed whenever I click on a departure time to see that train's full schedule. I switch trains lines, so I need this information in order to make connections at NWK. I chose this app because it was free and fairly simple and works offline - great because there's no internet access in underground stations. The issue with crashing, though, means that now I have to check the PATH website anyway, negating the need for this app.
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5 years ago, Dave56467
Much better than official app
Port authority is too busy making broken elevators to write an app this thoughtful Thanks for making a great app :)
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5 years ago, Tsu38
Path schedule is out of date
This app was great - the information was accurate and easy to use. I could quickly figure out which train was departing WTC based on the green/red color coding. However, the app is now completely useless to me because the schedule is out of date.
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3 years ago, Enlinesix
Uhh, is this thing on?
What was easily the best app for PATH trains (the bar was pretty low) now displays “no scheduled trains” for about a year now. I’d like to think it’s just a glitch on my phone but I re-downloaded this app and it still says no trains scheduled. Can you please fix this?
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3 years ago, Tangirl9280
Does this app no longer work??
This was probably the best app to get the train schedule and now it doesn’t seem to be working.
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4 years ago, Taccatnessssss
Update please
The latest update doesn’t show you what line your looking at and the interface is very clunky on my phone. There is Eastbound and westbound written on the bottom but you can’t read them.
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3 years ago, Sasseey
The app was working fine but out the blue there’s error it just comes up blank when open up app deleted several times and it’s still the same
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5 years ago, ammmmyyyy 2
thank you
I rely on this app for planning
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3 years ago, Jks03
Do not download
Train times are always wrong!!! Especially late night when its pivotal to get back to NY
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3 years ago, Twin R
This app hasn’t been updated in 2 years at this point. No schedules as of January 1st
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3 years ago, Steve Tha Follower
App is Completley Broken
Nothing displays anymore. Have the developers abandoned this app??
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5 years ago, Shakier up
Update schedule
Great app but need to update schedule!! Please!!
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7 years ago, Scyevil
Horrible app
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11 years ago, RobertKap
Exactly what it claims to be
A helpful listing of when NJ Transit thinks the next dozen-plus (and last 3 or 4) PATH trains are supppsed to roll through your station. Doesn't need network - all the info's already there. Warning - this does not track repairs, delays, etc. It's basically the paper schedule for every train at every stop on every day. Pretty accurate; I knew my train home tonight was scheduled to leave 33rd at 12:45 am, so I knew I had time to grab a slice before going in.
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11 years ago, Mego3331
Good App for immediate use
I really like this app and it is very accurate with the train times. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I wish you could see advanced schedules like the weekend schedule on Friday afternoon to make planning trips a little easier. So far this is my favorite PATH train app!!!
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11 years ago, Jerssie
I love this app! Simple and gets the job done. Can easily find train times and they're very accurate. Love that it works underground without needing service. Only improvement would be to order station names alphabetically or in order of position on map so you can find them faster. But this is a great app. Very pleased with it.
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9 years ago, cosmichue
Best app for offline Path schedule access
Easy to use interface and the info syncs up with the official Path website. Too bad the Path trains randomly decides not to follow the schedule, especially on the weekends. This is not the app's fault though. Adding the Path alerts and advisories would be a great feature to an already excellent app
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10 years ago, PluralAces
Newest version
I cannot change the station order with the newest update. Everything is grayed out. Phone freezes for a few seconds when trying to access this feature.
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8 years ago, Salvador Mikel
Works great if it is not a Holiday
It is a great app most of the time. It would be great to have the ability to manually switch to holiday schedule. Train schedules are updated regularly, but the app will not adjust on holidays, so on those days you are on your own. If they were to add this functionality, I would give the app 5 starts.
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9 years ago, Mad’s Shop
Pretty useful
I agree wit Jerssie that the order of the stations makes a big difference in the ease (or lack of) in use. I vote for an update that puts the stations in an order that makes sense or allows me to. Otherwise, I like and rely on this to get me around on time. Thanks!
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9 years ago, drew22vb
Very Useful App
I ride the PATH all the time. This app is extremely helpful. I can check schedules even when I do not have an Internet connection. It's easy to use. Of course when the PATH is delayed or running off schedule then nothing is helpful. LOL
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10 years ago, Hamboner6789
Great app!
Love this app and its simplicity. I noticed one small bug in that the Hoboken westbound schedule stopped refreshing. Would love to have a 'refresh' button or pull-down screen command....that would fix that issue.
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8 years ago, PATH 2x a day
Perfect App
Super simple, super intuitive. No bells and whistles, but none are needed. App never crashes and is regularly updated with changes in PATH service. I save so much time using this app!!!
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9 years ago, Oakleyyyyyy
Inconvenient times
It's a cool app, but the schedule on the weekends (mostly) is never right. Says a train is coming at so and so time, then shows up 20 minutes earlier than the schedule app time says. Super inconvenient at times.
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8 years ago, Slabbone
Excellent App
Concise, correct and easy to use. That's all you need in this app. And you don't need wifi or network access to use it. Thanks for a great app.
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8 years ago, Jesjess78
Great app for NJ/NY path schedule
Reliable, easy to use schedule for the NJ/NY path train, highly recommended! Seems like the app is made by a fellow Path rider, great job! You just made everyone's lives easier.
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10 years ago, Limaproductions
This is the best app ever .. Path train is the worst train service ,always delay and they didn't tell us especially on Saturdays and Sundays.. but this App does it's job pretty good .. Thank you guys! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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7 years ago, Stripes users
Very useful
Very useful.. glad someone thought about making the time table for path.
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9 years ago, Son of Spam
For the crashing...
I deleted the app and its data, redownloaded, then updated the schedules one last time. Now I am able to see station arrival times for each train. -2 stars for the hassle.
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7 years ago, tekis
Just what I needed!
How could anyone give this free Path Train schedule app less than 5 stars?! It does exactly what it's supposed to do. Thanks Piggy!
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7 years ago, Laser17
Needs to be Updated
Handy app with great flexibility in viewing the stations and times. But as of April 2017, the weekend schedule needs to be updated.
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9 years ago, Kevin Rosey
Thank you
Most of the time it works. Thank you for making this free app. You're a great person.
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7 years ago, JC Bejewler
Very useful but needs updating
The schedules do not appear to be current!
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9 years ago, alexiathegreat
Worked before.. Crashes now
Worked great until recent updates. Now it crashes every time I try to see full timeline for a departure. So disappointed because I don't have an app now for the path!
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8 years ago, Firao
exactly what's needed!
not disappointed with this pig's work:) the schedules are there, the trains are color-coded by destination, you can adjust the display so your destinations are first.... works better than the trains its tracking, must admit. thank you!
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9 years ago, thegflo
Mostly works well
Some stations are not accurate eg:WTC weekdays doesn't show the early morning trains that depart...strange...other than that it's solid...
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8 years ago, K.makman
This app used to work exactly as intended. However the past few months the times are ALWAYS wrong, it's terrible. Hope they fix this problem soon.
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7 years ago, Tiensta
Not bad
keep on upgrading the weekend schedule plz
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10 years ago, Hitch 22jwb
Very useful
Just what I was looking for. Thank you.
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9 years ago, c0c0la
Keeps crashing
Worked fine until the new schedule updates .. Now it crashes constantly!
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7 years ago, Jaderanch
This app is just like the Path experience
I downloaded this app (2x to make sure) but it crashes during launching. To me, this app is just like the Path experience - something to avoid if you can.
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8 years ago, glenn524
Schedules are way off
I don't know where these guys get their schedule info from. At best 10 minutes off. Just waiting for a 2:43 train not arriving until 3:05.
Show more
8 years ago, Doctor Goop
Most of the time it won't even load and when it does it's useless. Same garbage PATH map that you can see on a Google search for free. Don't bother.
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