PayByPhone Parking

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PayByPhone Technologies Inc.
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User Reviews for PayByPhone Parking

4.84 out of 5
567.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Vivi27CVT
App is great, customer service not so much
I did a parking purchase in pay by park app for 8 hours, I stayed about 30 min in the parking because I was trying to call them couple of time since they say the customer line is busy and can’t take my call, I have an emergency and had to leave right away, tried to call them couple time to change my duration for parking and a refund but they said if it’s more than 20 min parking they can’t do anything about it and I have to pay the full price, the person on the line said she understand but wouldn’t resolve my problems and there’s nothing they could do for me, I even asked them to charged me for the duration I stayed instead, Maria is her name, she’s not professional, doesn’t understand to be a customer resolution means, have to ask a lot of my question with her supervisor, without me talking to her supervisor, and she doesn’t fit to be one. I’m not the type of person who will write a bad review, because i’m in the customer service industry myself. I love the app, it’s very convenient, I just hoped, I had a better customer service experience.
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4 years ago, Xience
If you don’t have this, you’re over complicating your life
This app is the best. It saves all your vehicle and payment information, so you can pay for parking before you even leave your vehicle. So easy to use! Picture this: you go to a restaurant, park 8 blocks away, and pay for an hour of parking, but while you’re in the restaurant you see your dearest of friends you haven’t seen in a year, and you’re neck deep in catch up sauce when you realize parking is going to expire. This app will notify you that parking is about to expire, and will let you add time from wherever you are. No more sentimental experiences being interrupted by pesky parking restrictions at an inconvenient distance. Also, if a parking area is only metered until a specific time, the app will not allow you to overpay for those free minutes. Additionally, if you desperately need four hours of parking in a two hour parking spot, you can start with a printed ticket at the stand, make note of the parking indicator, and two hours later initiate two more hours of your parking with the app. Not sure if this is regulated somehow, so use this tip at your own risk. Cons: if people know you have the app, you’ll just have to be honest about why you’re leaving your friends. You can no longer use parking meters as an excuse to leave a conversation just so you can go Netflix and chill or play with your wii
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5 years ago, Chedbe
Works poorly with congested bandwidth
The commuter rail station I park at is in a small town an hour outside Boston. Cell service is fine except for when it hits high saturation levels as is the case in the 10-15 minutes prior to an inbound train arriving. That’s when this app doesn’t work at all. It seems like it always has to talk to a server for every step of the transaction: pick location, pick vehicle, retrieve parking rates, make financial transaction. However, my banking apps, train ticket app, other apps still work in the same situation, although slower, but still work! I have to wait to do my parking transaction until the next train stop which is at a bigger city center and had more cell service capacity. Seems like work needs to be done on the app to make it more efficient on the backend. If I mark a location as a favourite (spelling intentional) then why isn’t the favorites tab presented to me first? And when I pick a favorite location why does the app have to go verify the location exists? Maybe you need to work on your analytics and caching.
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4 months ago, missrain
Kind of does what it’s supposed to, but horribly designed.
It’s hard to believe this app was chosen by cities to handle public parking. The entire app is poorly designed, has an ugly interface and barely any useful functionality. The notifications are laughable. It only confirms that you parked (which is obviously redundant to having just confirmed that in the app), and doesn’t give a 15-min expiration warning or anything that would actually be helpful. Turning on location seems to *remove* the ability to locate via map; instead it just shows me a wallpaper of a city landmark. These are design choices that frustrate users because they’re so far outside of normal app functionality. Parkmobile is 1000x better and if you have the option, I highly recommend using that instead. Update: Thanks for the response from developers recommending to turn on location settings and to… read up on notifications. They are both enabled but unfortunately neither feature works regardless.
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6 years ago, Satine G.
Bad App and Worse Customer Service
On two occasions, although I had paid for parking using the app, I received a parking ticket. When I contacted them for a refund, they refused to refund the money and instead requested that I resolve the ticket with the parking court. So, instead of refunding the money as a show of good customer service, they preferred that I file a notice of appearance with the court, spend at least three hours of time at court waiting the have the matter addressed, and ultimately risk having court fees assessed. This app has a wonderful racket going on. You give them your money to park, they won’t guarantee it gets paid, and if you get a ticket, they won’t refund the parking payment. Instead, you’re left to waste time at the court. Come to think of it, there might be a good class action lawsuit here.
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12 months ago, PF on vacation
Not user friendly for those not tech savvy
If you are in a hurry, you may have issues with setting up the app at your parking spot. It takes some minutes to set up your profile and car. That’s frustrating. Used for 1st time last summer and not again until this year. I forgot that it logged a specific vehicle. So this year in a different vehicle and ended up paying for parking for a car I wasn’t in. No way to fix. Added todays vehicle and paid again. Sigh. I will say it’s nice to extend and pay while still away from my car. However, once I did have to go back because it wouldn’t extend. App need to have you verify your vehicle before paying. Recommend setting your phone to remind you to extend. The app reminds you but my phone was not set to vibrate so I missed one reminder. The app is ok once set up but needs a few tweaks. Overall my feelings are mixed. My main quibble is with the town of Gettysburg that gave no pay with credit card at the meter nor ahead info you need the app and extra time to deal wi it.
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4 weeks ago, Nanclo
Best app
I remember hearing a friend say that this was the best app. Hard to figure how a parking app is the “best app”. I now 100% agree. Once you park, you open the app, it finds the closest meter # (and if it doesn’t you can just look out your window for the closest numbers you see and type them in), you enter the amount of time you want to park, you get to see the cost before paying and then you pay. You get reminders when your time is running low and you can just up the time from your phone. It makes paying for parking and upping your time super easy. And I haven’t had it glitch out once. That’s what makes it the best app: it’s easy to use, it makes an annoying experience less so, it’s expeditious, it’s convenient, it’s free and it’s reliable.
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2 weeks ago, International News Hound
New users beware
This app and the meter maids that work with it are all about making sure that new users to get a ticket on their first use of the app. The app is not clear on times of rate expiration, and initially allows for a three minute parking, giving the sense that the metering portion of the day is coming to an end in three minutes. that is not the case. Also they do not allow addition in hours, you have to do it in minutes. It’s very deceptive. I parked two rented cars for my family and I got two fines on the cars because I did not understand what this app was talking about. each ticket was $50 so I get to pay $100 plus whatever other difference the app is going to charge for paying it because I’m not a Florida resident. I will try to contact Customer Service tomorrow because today I’m celebrating the wedding of my daughter! and spent nearly an hour trying to park two cars and get all of the app coverage correct and extending the time of parking the vehicles. that two is not user-friendly.
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1 year ago, pandthenqontheendofthat
Beyond Confusing
Ok, so I payed for a spot in the UCSF lot, but the app provides ZERO info such as the address to tell me which lot or what the address is. Is this pass good for any UCSF lot? Just one lot? No way to tell, no phone number, no info, zilch. Oh, and the map is beyond ridiculous. You can’t even search for the venue number. Just look at a map of the area, which seems to show parking locations. But you click and click, and most of the time you can’t select one, or it zooms in and several icons appear in the place of the one. And you have to be able to click on one to see the number. So I guess I’m supposed to just try clicking these throughout the hundreds of locations in San Francisco until I happen to find the location? I mean, at the very least, if you refuse to list the address of the garage, and not allow me to search the location number, the least you could do is have the location number visible as you view the map. It’s a great concept, but definitely needs some work.
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5 years ago, Ackley121
Didn’t work
App wouldn’t process my transaction when I was parking. Tried different cards, but to no avail and despite many repeated attempts. Verified my information was correct, but my transactions would not go through. Tried my cards out in the store late and they worked just fine. Had to scrounge up cash and was lucky I had any. (Paying with cash turned out to be another little nightmare, as the kiosk kept rejecting my dollar bills that were not perfectly flat. I had to keep ironing out a tiny crease. I know the kiosk’s temperamental nature is not at fault of this app, but it certainly didn’t help the situation. If this app was an option and this app is supposed to be smart, convenient, and useful.... well, it wasn’t this day.) Really disappointing. The interface is just short of pleasant and intuitive. It ran slowly. I also wonder if the app struggles to process payments, then how it would do when you need to quickly park and move on, or when you need to modify your parking transaction. This app has left a very poor impression on me.
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2 years ago, brittanysher
Pay By Phone is a must if you live or work in the city.
Pay By Phone is a must if you live or work in the city. I live on Market Street in the Civic/ SOMA/ Hayes cluster f of San Francisco. It's nearly impossible to park on the streets in my neighborhood without getting a ticket at some point. I can't believe I waited so long to download PBP because it's so much easier to avoid getting 👆that ticket I just mentioned and it makes parking cheaper than paying for a garage. Granted, I'm not working rn so I guess (? 🤨!!) I can make time to deal with a meter since I can't afford garage parking. Thanks to all involved with this app. Its incredibly easy to use, takes me (waaaay) less than a minute to pay my meter, and I don't have to go downstairs (!!). I can't live and I won't park in San Francisco without PBP. Ever. Again.
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5 years ago, elcee
Exactly what an app should be
I love this app. It’s the greatest type of app because of its simplicity and time savings. The first time I used it, setting up my account (entering car license plate and cc number) took less time than if I had walked to the pay station. The second time I used it, it took me approximately 10 seconds to open the app, enter the location number, select my time needed, and hit pay. Plus, it’s saving me money because I don’t have to do the max time “just in case.” If I need more time, I just add it. And I get reminders right beforehand. I wish more apps were as simple and intuitive as this. It actually DOES save me time. And the interface design is really nice. I really like the clean white and green color scheme. Congrats to Seattle for choosing the perfect app.
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1 year ago, location number 😂
Pointless app unless you have location number 😂
So I paid the first time manually through the parking meter. Later when I tried to pay through the app since I’m away from my car, the app asks me for my gps access which I grant since I assume I could still try to use my current location to find my car since I’m still kind of within the area. The problem? It doesn’t use gps for you to try to find where you park and it doesn’t let you enter the location where you parked, it asks you specifically for the “location number”😂 what was the point of asking me for access of my gps if you still need the location number. And if you forgot to take a picture of the “location number” or if you have to park longer then the time you thought you would need, then you wouldn’t be able to search up the street you parked at since you need a “location number” to pay for parking 😂 this isn’t convenient to use 😂
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6 years ago, lllllkkkkkkkkjjjjjjj
Although it’s very convenient to pay by phone, especially if you’re at the beach I decide to stay, don’t be fooled by the purpose of this app, which is the bag you when you’re over time. My meter ran out and I reloaded the app four minutes after the time but when I return to my car I had a $30 ticket waiting for me. The people who run this, get on their computers expiration is so they could immediately run to the car and give you a ticket. I bet if I had the old printed ticket on my dashboard they would’ve never even gone to my dashboard to see it. Keep that in mind. Of course I’m pleading not guilty to my ticket and have proof that I paid before and after with a four minute lapse between times of reloading. We’ll see what happens.
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4 years ago, marie-jan😡
Recieved parking ticket Using this app
Recently I received 2 parking tickets from using this app!😡😡😡 it was not even on the correct dates that I parked there. I was still living in Framingham and on Christmas Eve I had parked in Wellesley hills train station! However I paid these 2 tickets because I was leaving the country for 3 months! No I had to use this same parking location one other time and still recieved another ticket. Mind you the date was still incorrect. Today I am forced to use this location due to the Corona Virus outbreak. Our usual garage is closed. If I receive a ticket today I will be appealing it and filing a complaint to the better business bureau .
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5 months ago, O she
This app is extremely user friendly, and after the initial setup , is easy to navigate. It will tell you if you exited the app before your transaction was completed.. handy. Just wish there was some feature that could help find a vacant spot to park, like when someone leaves their spot. I drive a full size big pickup truck, and even though I am a master parallel Parker, it still takes about an acre to completely turn around. Something that would figure in the size of your vehicle, and match you to a parking space that fits. But closes-ish to your intended destination.
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2 years ago, grandgeezer
After entering all the necessary information - car registration, two credit cards (the location apparently didn't accept amex, which the app might have mentioned before letting me enter one), and email, the app kept telling me my "quote had timed out." I retried a few times, ensuring the time from quote to being told it was timed out was < 20 sec. Incidentally it worked fine on the website, I spent a fraction of the time there. Lesson: pass on the app, just use the web directly. Update: questionable privacy claims. It says location id both linked to you and not – wouldn't those be mutually exclusive – and it says that financial information is not linked to you, in which case it shouldn't need any information at all (if the app interacts with the parking sites payment system directly). It uses a *lot* of third party APIs (including Google Analytics) – as in, a boat load.
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4 months ago, Paul_Grafton
Payment method is quirky
Overall the app works well. I use it three times per week at a Boston area MBTA station. The minor annoyance is the payment system. I pay using a pre-tax commuter parking benefit card. When there is not enough balance, it correctly rejects the card. But when I select another card on file, such as a regular credit card, it rejects that one too. It does not accept payment unless you add a new card from scratch. I. Other words, it keeps rejecting payment until a new card is added, even if you delete a valid card on file and reenter the same one. Also, it does not allow you to edit a card and enter a new expiration date; you must delete and reenter.
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2 years ago, oswald.8
Don’t work all the time
I usually don’t have this type of problems and I’d like to get good reviews but just because of the incident that I had this morning where I actually got a ticket because I don’t know what happened with the application either it took to long to process we didn’t process at all he doesn’t work all the time I went to the courthouse by the time I got out I had a ticket I can’t explain how does that happen I don’t know if it’s because the application was not fully loaded Jessica’s of that incident I actually didn’t give a good review.
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5 years ago, D@rkSn0w
Had to update my review because the latest updates keep going further and further in the wrong direction. I park in the same place with the same car and use the same credit card every work day; this app has always made that a chore and it has only gotten worse with the updates. Two big problems, one; even though they have a captive audience (most locations force you to use this app and only this app if you want to park), the makers continue to try to force you into using location services -presumably to sell your location data. This is clearly bogging down their servers at peak times. Problem two; the designers of this app have no clue about frictionless design and require the same inputs day after day instead of being smart enough to consolidate those inputs into one “repeat previous” button.
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1 year ago, IKKatie
They are stealing money
Be aware! The app will show you an accurate parking zones around you, you with your best intentions will pay for the parking and when you’ll be back you can find an “unpaid parking” receipt on your windshield with fines. That’s what happened to me. I have contacted the support at the receipt and got a response that they don’t work with Pay By Phone app. So I contacted the support of the app to hear “it’s not our fault if you confused similar looking parking apps”. Ok, BUT they never answered my question, even if I made a mistake of opening similar looking app why Pay By Phone give to its users like me the opportunity to book the parking and collects the payment for the parking in a correct zone even if they don’t work with that lot? Doesn’t that mean they stole those money I paid for my parking from me?
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5 years ago, MK Seattle
Seattle Parking Made Easy
I work installing communications equipment in Seattle and Olympia WA. The parking app allows me to easily pay for parking and then submit the parking receipts to my employer at the end of the week. The app has become one of my “tools” when I work in Seattle or Olympia. I have told other people who park in Seattle about it and they tried it and love it too. Additionally, when one of my jobs takes longer than expected, I can easily extend my parking time on the app without going back to the street and putting more money into the ticket vending machine. Really makes my life easier.
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2 years ago, EnochMI
Latest release major feature regression
In this latest release, you cannot extend an active parking session. This is a huge loss of functionality. Until this is restored, the app gets 1 star. You pay a premium for paying via the app vs paying directly at the meter. Part of the justification for this, on the user end, is the convenience of being able to extend a parking session without returning to the meter. With this patch, the user has to watch their parking session like a hawk, and start a new session when the first is over. But you can’t even just choose repeat parking. You have to enter the location number all over again for select it from the map. Really poor update. Restore extend parking, and it gets 5 stars. Right now, this version is pretty bad.
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6 years ago, KanjiLizzard
Good, but where is the map?
It works pretty well, but why am I always typing in codes? It knows my gps. Just show me the map and I can pick the pay station with one tap! Or QR codes on the signs - especially now that iOS supports QR codes natively in the camera app. Could be so much faster to use. The other annoying thing is I usually want max time - and unless you can calculate the exact total minutes, it’s a lot of taps to switch to hours and then type in the correct hour. Could be just one tap! Ironically, the physical pay meters are easier to use in this way - they have an add-time button. A few taps and you are at max time.
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6 years ago, Ex expats
Works well unless you have an unauthenticated wifi connection
Has been great for a few years especially being able to reload parking from afar. My only heartache was once running late and the App continuously refused to find the zone I entered and without any sort of error message. Turns out my phone had camped on a WiFi from the office building without bringing up the sign on page. So the app couldn’t reach home to validate the zone number. Once I turned off WiFi it worked fine but had me wound up for 15 minutes before I figured it out. Had the app given some sort of connection error I would have been set.
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6 years ago, Phike
Will take your money with no receipt
I've used this app paying my commute parking for over a year. Once every couple months I get a notice in the mail from the MA bay transit authority (MBTA) saying I haven't paid for parking for a couple days that I actually paid for. This app doesn't store your receipts and its transaction history gets randomly deleted, so I've had to comb through my credit card statements to prove that I have paid. Couple recommendations to PayByPhone: (1) fix your transaction history, and (2) communicate better with the Parking authorities on who is paying.
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5 years ago, YaBoiHayds
College Student Here
You know, the convenience of the app is great. It’s super easy to set up and input all of your information. Once you get your parking location it’s just a few clicks but the one big issue I have is that it’s hourly. I go to college and the campus took out the money meters for this app and there are multiple times where I just need 20 minutes or less for parking. It would be amazing if they figured out a way to charge per 20 minutes instead of charging me $1 at least every time I use the app. It’s only $1, I know but I’m a broke college student like many others and would like to not spend $1 most days per year just to park for 15-20 minutes. Great app though!
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5 years ago, uknown--user
Lacks the ability to choose minutes or end parking early
How app works is great, HOWEVER, there is one problem that I have encountered couple times. I don’t know if it for US only, but the only time I can pick is hours or days, which isn’t really useful feature. Already two times I overpaid for the time simply because there is no option to end parking for the ACTUAL USED time. Sadly, this app is the only one that is used on my campus. I know that it is relatively cheap parking, nevertheless, the couple dollars went to waste can be donated to help someone.
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6 years ago, ToddDaytona
Why no flexibility?
Decent app, but there are a couple of things they should add to make it friendly. 1. The ability to transfer my parking from one location to another. I may be running errands and not sure how long I’m going to stop at one spot, so I pay for an hour and then get in and out quickly. Now I have to waste that time and then pay again at the next place I stop. Once I pay, the time should be valid for any space that costs the same rate. 2. I should be able to set a maximum time in the app, so that if I don’t hear the notification telling me my parking is about to expire, the app will automatically renew it up to the limit that I set.
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2 years ago, dralph01
New version removed important feature
Overall, a great app and a time and money saver. I'm giving 4 and not 5 stars because they removed a feature that I liked a because the new version is very slow to load. The app use to allow you to select the time period with both an hour and minute selection. For example, 1 hr and 20 min. The new app version removed this and only allows one to enter hours or minutes, but not both. Again, the load time is slow so if they could make it load faster, that would save time.
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5 years ago, Sammy Winder
Ease of use
This app is phenomenal! It sends me reminders that I need to add time or hurry up and finish what I’m doing. In addition - no receipts to carry, I have multiple cards on file for personal or business expenses, and the receipts come via email! But the single best thing about this - I don’t have to wait for the meter/station to take care of my transaction. 90% of the times I parked and then tried to pay, it took way too long - and then, half the time the transaction didn’t even go through! The people you have on phone duty are wonderful! Thanks!
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2 years ago, VT180
Payments In App
This app is one of the best I’ve used and having said that, I have a developer request. Please add in app payments for citations or missed parking incidents. The MBTA has a two month notification delay on missed parking and in most cases I realize it next day and could just pay it then. They send out a paper notification and I have lost some and had to pay fines for non-payment. I’ve never gotten citation, but paying inside the app would pull everything together in one place.
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3 years ago, smithsd1
Good app. Zero star customer support if something goes wrong
Have been using this app for a few months with only good things to say until tonight. After I paid to park and walked out a different exit I saw a sign on the lot explaining that it was permit parking only / tow away 24/7. I’d already paid but didn’t want to risk it and get towed. Annoyed, I moved my car and found a spot at another lot. Called customer support to explain (and suggest that they change their signs in that lot). I expected a quick fix refund - but they told me I’d need to call another number. Their customer support couldn’t transfer the call to their own refund dept... and the person I was talking to couldn’t authorize $3 refund - ugh. pathetic. Don’t waste your time
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2 years ago, KevinJEdwards
I was reluctant to try, but oh yes this is better
I was reluctant to try because I felt these apps could turn into “use this app to park here, use that app to park there”, but it’s not like that and it’s soooo much better than kiosks or individual meters. It’s really great not having to leave your car and walk over to wherever the kiosk is in bad weather only to wait behind clueless people. Likewise it’s really cool to get the alert and just add more time. And a special thank you for using OCR instead of ugly QR codes on the signs.
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9 months ago, jag82177
App Makes it Easy to Park; Suggestion to Make Even Easier
The Pay By Phone app has dramatically improved the convenience of parking on city streets. I love being able to extend my meter without having to go outside. My one recommendation would be to add support for iOS live activities. This would make it easier to see how much time is left on your parking meter at a glance without having to go into the phone. Overall this is a great app, and I’m excited to see what the future holds.
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4 years ago, apb111921
Very convenient
Easy and very convenient to use. For some reason the location services providing the location number doesn’t always work. Very often pay while walking away and have to return because the location was not provided by the system. The feature about the last parked places is great yet it would be better if the explanation would be clearer. It’s difficult to figure out the location especially when parked is close by places.
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2 years ago, SchroederRock
App works, rate info totally wrong
I’m standing in front of multiple signs installed by the parking company that’s using this service. Assuming they’re the same company, they need to learn how to sync up with the parking rates here. In Kirkland, WA there are signs everywhere that say 0-2 hours free to park, then $3 an hour after that. Well, if you go to register your vehicle, they want $3.50+ per hour immediately. So I didn’t bother paying because I’m not being unfairly charged if nobody else is paying for up to 2 hours parking. Someone should really sync this up and get this right. Take photos of your vehicle and time you parked just to have some proof in case someone wants to try towing.
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3 years ago, llllllkkkkkkkkkk
City ripping of its residence
The city clams the only reason there are meters in the city is to make parking spaces available. If this was true they would give refunds if you give up you space before you paid time is up. Why does the city make me pay for 3 spaces at the same time? If l leave one space and I still have 25 minutes left why can I not apply that 25 unused minutes at the next space I park at? I am freeing up the first space but not getting any incentive to do so??? The city needs to stop being disingenuous or stop ripping the residences of the City!!
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5 years ago, Alan-in-Seattle
A great concept, however…
Being able to pay and adjust how much is a great concept. However, today, when I overstayed my limit, for some reason, the app disconnected from my parking space, not giving me the option of adding more money for more time. I think that we users should have to sign out manually before we are disconnected. After I wrote the paragraph above, I discovered that PayByPhone had alerted me via text message, and then by tapping the link in the message I could get back to my original parking arrangement. So I take it all back and now find that PayByPhone is a great app!
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4 years ago, drmw61
Unable to set up an account using my mobile, because system doesn’t seem to recognise a 6 in a license plate. Just shuts down data entry: error message tells me to start again. Unable to create an account using the app. Tap “register” to create an account and error message says log-in information is incorrect. Tried to contact Support but can’t submit the request - error message says I need to enter e-mail address (which was entered correctly). I have never come across such an awful process. Update: account now set up and it seemed it was partially set up already, even though no prior indication of that. Not a straightforward process, but hopefully I can now use the service.
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8 months ago, Charles888
Don’t too small and faint!
I just installed the app and haven’t yet used it for parking payment. But I’m concerned about its usability because of the very small and faint text font used. Even with my reading glasses I have to squint and make effort to read the text in the app. And in real-world parking situations the ambient light might be bright, making light gray or light green text very hard to read. Interestingly, when I took the survey on the site my text answers were in larger/thicker black font and were easily readable! Please honor real-world usability needs rather than the trendy design fad of almost unreadable text.
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3 weeks ago, nononoô
This app requires a verified email address and a phone number to use. The reason? Notifications and the sale of your habits. They know when and where you park, and actively sell that info to other 3rd parties. This company is awful and it is incredibly disappointing that the local municipalities have gotten in to bed with them. Prices are stupid high. End users see no benefit to using this app. Literally no benefit. It’s all marketing and they and their partners will spam you with stupid “offers”. Avoid if you can…IF…(impossible as they have a monopoly on the meters and garages in my area). Update. To the dev. This does not stop you from selling my verified info the the highest bidder. You are part of the problem
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1 year ago, El Kayangano
Camera scanning option does not work
This application has a ton of perks and is easy to use. Bravo. however, the camera function for scanning the numbers on a parking meter does not work on my iPhone 13 Pro. Forgive me for being lazy and whining but it’s 2023 for Pete’s sake and this is a feature that the developers of this app intended for the application to have, so either remove the feature since it doesn’t work, or update the app to make it work! Thanks
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4 years ago, rachmarj
Be sure to read the fine print
I was a big fan of this app - until I started getting charged for parking options I never chose. I park in the same parking zone often but for a short period of time. I would choose 30 minute parking and it would give me 1hr30 parking and charge me for the extra time. The app continues to show me the 30 min option, but every time I choose that, charge me for 1hr30. I finally saw that there is tiny writing at the bottom of the option page saying that I would be charged a certain tarif for 30 min the first time, but a different tarif thereafter for 30 min. The large print options never change though. I find this quite misleading. This is unfortunate for an otherwise very useful app.
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5 years ago, Bienson
Native push notification support please
I’m a new user as of nov 22, 2019. Can this app support native apple push notifications? I would have expected a new mobile app to be developed with this core feature. I don’t have free SMS plan so it cost me extra for the notifications. Also as a first time use, the confirmation method for double tapping was not clear. And still wasn’t on my iPhone. Overall I look forward to the convenience of it , when I plan to use it.
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3 years ago, Doug114
Doesn’t work well
For the supposed convenience, this app is a step down from the old pay machines in our lots. The camera functionality to add a credit card is unusable. It takes the photo way too fast to center the card in the box and requires multiple clicks to retake a photo. The app doesn’t let you park before enforcement hours start, you have to either set a reminder to pay right at the beginning of enforcement hours or pay for time you don’t need to. I’m also not a fan of the business model of passing the convenience fee on to customers, but that seems to be an industry wide thing.
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10 months ago, juscal9
Lacks basic functionality
Doesn’t support native password managers to make login easier; doesn’t support auto-filling and pasting content like phone numbers and passwords into input fields; has pointless character limits on vehicle description fields; purports to support ApplePay but, for me, it didn’t work at all; and (last but not least in this app’s deficiencies) doesn’t allow auto-filling of credit card information, which means I had to stand on the sidewalk awkwardly keying in every detail of my credit card just to pay $1 for 30 min for parking. Cities should be ashamed of abdicating parking payment to an app that can’t do the most basic things in each of its key workflows.
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6 years ago, LaPappe1963
Tickets given within paid time by parking authority
I really enjoy the system but you should fix the problem with the city parking authority. They give you tickets even within paid time. It has happened to me already 3 times. Is this the way they make the money? Do they think people will pay anyway to avoid the trip? Well the answer is no and please train them to use the system correctly to avoid affecting residents like this. Waste of time for everybody. Thanks
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1 year ago, Vkum23
Great job Seattle Parking App Team
This is my first ever review on App Store (been an Apple user 10+ years) and this app deserves it. After having to deal with multiple poor technology infrastructure with government and utilities functions, my expectations of this app was very low. However I was impressed by the easy design, auto populate parking spot numbers nearby, saving car details, seamless Apple Pay integration. This is an incredible app and will make parking machines a thing of past.
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12 months ago, Hiro9
Spent over 10 minutes trying to pay for parking while my party was being seated at our restaurant reservation. After finally getting through the slow vehicle and credit card addition page (no Apple Pay, seriously?!), it says my quote expired and I have to go back and start over. So I do that and create an account and finally complete the process. Then I needed to add some time, so I reopen the app and ALL of my data is missing! So I re-add my vehicle and attempt to add my card again, and it just hangs with a spinner. I kill the app, try again, and the same thing happens. I ended up just having to hope that I didn’t get a ticket for overstaying my time.
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