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User Reviews for PayPal Honey: Coupons, Rewards

4.35 out of 5
7.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Adonisf3468
Great app, only one complaint
Very minor complaint, but I wish on the mobile app that the scanning and trying of coupon codes didn’t take so long. There are times when it’s pretty quick (usually when there aren’t many codes and I’m assuming they are not that long), but at times it takes FOREVER lol. Still a great app nonetheless, saves you the time of having to search for and type out coupon codes yourself!
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5 months ago, bforblonde
Not reliable but works
If you are using this app to religiously make cash back; it isn’t worth your time. However, I use it for occasional cash back as a nice perk and cash out immediately after the balance hits the account to eliminate having to track if they are staying accountable with them. There are a lot of items that can’t be droplisted (frustrating); which is another thing I frequently do with this app to save money. Yes, the reviews are right, the coupons provided hardly ever work. I like the app because it is a great reminder there are other coupons out there and I can usually find it for cheaper. I like to use it to compare the prices at stores as well as see current price trends. I am not a “buy immediately” kind of person so being able to watch and track when I need to ask for a price adjustment is nice. Overall, not a very helpful app and you will not make a lot of money off it. The nicety of it comes from the savings you get by waiting for the price to drop or finding other coupons.
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3 years ago, I need a long vacation
Honey made iOS 15 Safari CRAWL!
I installed the new iOS 15 on my iPhone (12 Pro Max 512gb) and installed Honey, as I enjoy using it on my computers. Later, when actually using Safari, I noted that there was a multi-second delay before loading a site, link, or reloading a site. Also, when I tried to swipe to scroll, it would mostly just not respond, or would sometimes start responding after 2-3 seconds. This happens on every screen of every web site. I initially tried closing Safari and reloading, resetting the phone, etc. nothing made a difference. I later remembered that I had attached Honey, and disabled it. The problem was instantly solved. Disabling Honey fixed the problem, so I began to look for correctable issues with Honey. There was an update (2.2.2) in the App Store that reported that it improved performance in iOS Safari. Perfect! Sounded like what I needed. However, after installing the update and closing/reloading Safari, the old crippling problem was back. I turned Honey off again, and performance again became crisp. I’m sure this is a bug that they can address, but for now, using Honey cripples my iPhone. I hope it will get fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Ohbutterballs
Long time customer here.
I’ve joined Honey since 2017 and have racked up a significant amount of points (around 10,000 Honey Gold). One day, I decided to switch my primary email to another email. All of a sudden, my points and everything I added onto my drop list was gone. I contacted customer service and two months later, my issue has still not been resolved. These points disappeared, just like that, and it was just due to terrible UI. Dealing with customer service is awful, there is also no phone support for me to solve what has happened. There is no record of my history in their system to show that I had amassed all these points, which now have disappeared. So now I have to go into all the websites I made purchases on since 2017, so that I can prove that I earned these points. Customer service does not make any effort to show that they understand or even the least bit apologize. Absolutely ridiculous. Don’t waste your time with this app or Honey.
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1 year ago, ChicagoGrl7
Love the Chrome Extension but Not This App
Layout of the app doesn’t make sense to a customer but does to Honey’s marketing team. They want you to enable notifications and install a Safari extension. I don’t like the way they force me to swipe through price change notifications (I can’t see them, just the total, and have to look through them all), browse favorite stores (I can do that through browser bookmarks already so I don’t need this in an app), and I use Google Chrome on my iPhone and not Safari so I don’t want that extension and can’t dismiss the message. I use Honey for price drops and sometimes to browse for items at stores I might not shop at. I wish their product management team would prioritize the user experience and monetize their product that way rather than forcing me to to what they want. Too bad because this type of app is the future of shopping.
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2 years ago, anonymous8bit
Wish I could give zero stars
Where I start? They used to be a good little way to make some money back on purchases. They are the complete opposite now! Recently I contacted them about some missing points that were pending back from April. E-mail replies were pretty quick, then radio silence. Tried their chat and the minute I gave them my information I was ghosted by different reps. I even used an alt account lo and behold they answered every question. Tried reaching out via twitter and Facebook. Once I told them the situation and gave my info they blocked me on all social media. This scummy scam company has terrible customer service. Will be uninstalling all traces of this garbage and switching to capital one cash back and ebates. If the devs see this don’t bother asking for my email I’ve been blocked by you guys so you’ll never see it just like I’ll never get my gold points redeemed
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2 years ago, Ryan underroad
Great App, Good Deals
Honey is a great tool for trying to find savings on just about anything pertaining to online shopping. Browser version is extremely easy to utilize and usually helps to save a couple bucks here and there. Only gripe is that there could be better app accessibility. Honey unfortunately can’t be used properly on the phone even with the app. While this isn’t a big issue at all it would help for accessibility in streamlining the app as a lot of online shopping is mobile based. Overall though Honey in itself is absolutely amazing and has helped me save a good amount of money in my orders.
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3 years ago, SLS-RN
Very disappointed! ☹️
I have a loyal happy honey user on my computer since 2016. I would tell everyone who shops online that they have to use this to get all the hidden store codes you can’t find anywhere else! Needless to say I was ecstatic when I discovered this new safari extension allowing me to use Honey on ALL of my shopping devices… it’s terrible! If you have it turned on while trying to use safari to look at ANYTHING it seriously impacts ur browsing speed, constantly crashes safari, and only works the way it does on a computer 15% of the time. It also forces me to restart my phone several times a day bc the app somehow glitches ur phone. I’m actually so disappointed & frustrated w it that I have deleted the app and stopped using the service all together.
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3 years ago, Chunky3609(dng)
I almost never write reviews, i just tap a star and keep it moving. But I just downloaded this app because was a little short on money but my birthday just passed and I wanted to treat myself to something a little nice. I saw the coupon option and immediately thought about those ads I used to see about honey and thought “why not”. saved me $10 on the first coupon I tried, then $12 on the next one I tried, basically canceling out the shipping and then a couple bucks. Guess who just got a late birthday present? Give it a try, I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed.
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1 year ago, lmblynch
Works until it doesn’t
I have been a customer of Honey for years. It was great to be able to find coupons, save money, and earn cash back on things I was buying. The customer service team used to be helpful and now, not so much. While I continue to use the app and browser extension, and i continue to accrue points towards cash back, i am unable to actually withdrawal the rewards or money to my paypal account. I have contacted their customer service email, social media accounts, online chat support, and have even called PayPal… all without resolution. Chat messages are quickly ghosted. They will block you from their social media. PayPal (that owns the company) is unable to troubleshoot issues on the honey-side of things. There is no phone number to call… nothing. It seems like a data mining scam,
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3 years ago, KrisCrisChris
New updated design made the Droplist useless.
Ever since this app came out, my favorite feature of Honey was their droplist. It would alert/show you any price change in any selected items. It doesn’t anymore. The old version categorized recent deals to the top with their prices highlighted. This new design has them sorted randomly even if you sort by “hot deals”. If I didn’t have notifications on, I wouldn’t have known my droplisted item went down $10. I can’t even edit droplisted items to renew the expiration date anymore, so items just disappear when expired and I don’t remember what they were. Honey, why?
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7 months ago, Lag gal lag gal
Not good 👎
I have tried using honey a few times now with purchases and have been let down each time. Firstly, it is so slow at finding coupons and most of the time they don’t work or it just doesn’t apply it at all so imagine the frustration of having to wait a good while for the coupons to load just to find out it did nothing. I have downloaded the app and deleted it a few times because I have wanted to give them another chance and also in hopes of saving money but each time I have been let down. To the point where now I’m writing a review so others don’t waste their time. The concept seems like a good idea if only it did it’s job.
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3 years ago, flv517
Money Saved = Time/Work Saved
I can’t thank Honey enough. I’m very grateful for not having to sort through so many email/new customer/infinite Google searches to get to save money. Honey does the work for you. While there are people who may give it a less than 5 star review, I have saved money from it. There are no other apps I can think that saves me as much on purchases online - and in life - than Honey Honey you are awesome
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11 months ago, TinaAdell
Not Good Deleting this app
When this popped up on my PayPal, I thought it would be a really good app to save money and get cash back. First of all NONE of the coupon codes ever work second the cash back that I was supposed to get on three purchases didn’t work. I never showed any cashback on two of the purchases and for the one purchase that did show a cash back check while over three months to get 25 points that’s the equivalent to $.25. Seems like it would be a good app if it actually worked and did what it says it does. I found a different app that actually works with coupon codes. Will be deleting this app right now.
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2 years ago, S_Mosher
Love HONEY when codes work!
Like that HONEY is now available on mobile devices. Love that it’s capable of automatically applying the codes at checkout… saving me the hassle of copying and pasting codes myself either in the HONEY app and with the extension on my browser. Don’t like that many codes are invalid, appears many sites codes have not been updated in over a year, probably longer. Don’t like that the extension doesn’t automatically apply codes on many site’s still. Don’t like that there are still many site’s that aren’t even listed as available on honey; the name’s of online store’s aren’t even recognized. Hope HONEY revamps itself and starts providing current valid code’s as I’ve been seeing more success with Capital One shopping and Coupert of late. Feels like I’m wasting storage on my phone, but I keep HONEY installed in hope’s of more active legit code’s being added soon.
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3 years ago, honey dont
I don’t even know what to call what they did to me
Been using this app for a while w not problems and I actually liked it, till a few days ago a msg popped up saying “you received a gift card, would you like to apply it to this purchase, so obviously yes. IT ENDED UP CHARGING MY BOYFRIENDS CARD. I gave no permission to sign to pay for ANY gift card and when I contacted them to make it right, they told me to take it up w the store I purchased from! How is this right? U charged a card, that’s not mine, w no ones permission. Also, this is the second review I’ve written bc the first one seems to have disappeared. Don’t use unless your into trickery and thievery. I’d rate no stars but that’s not an option
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2 years ago, Champ0506
What happened?
How can I unlink PayPal? The regular honey app prior to this PayPal honey was so much better. Honey as an extension would automatically pop up and start looking for coupon codes on its own. It even went through inputting them on its own to see which worked and which got me the best deal. Now, I have to go to my extensions and click on PayPal honey for it to Even show up but even then… it only shows me potential codes and gives me an option to activate “1 to 10% cash back” for example. Otherwise, the codes appear just like Retailmenot and rakaton which, the other feature honey had is what made it stand out the most.
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2 years ago, Arfk121
Honey is one of the best apps out there
And no, this is not for Mr. beast. Honey has been one of the most helpful sources to save 100s of dollars on several orders for me, but it goes beyond saving money. It helps you access a drop list where honey will notify you instantly once there is a price drop on your product. Honey is a great and helpful app for anybody out there looking to save money while staying efficient and organized.
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7 months ago, kayleey27
Good sometimes:)
I don’t know why but I couldn’t figure out how to get it to connect to my browser but then it just automatically started doing it when I got a new phone so it may have been the phone.? Either way I love something that automatically gets coupons for me like it’s going through a newspaper for me<3 grateful people smarter than me have made such a great product
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2 years ago, 13579es
Actually worth it!
Honey seems to be one of the better coupon finders/cash back apps on the market. It actually has a huge database of coupons and I’ve earned 5-6 gift cards so far in less than 2 years. I’ve tried a few other cash back apps (e.g. Rak….n) with less overall results. The coupon finding abilities with Honey alone makes it worth it, for me.
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2 years ago, M.Reichard
Love Honey
Today is the first time my Honey app has actually popped up at check out on my cell phone!! Hopefully it continues to do that because I do everything on my phone well more often than my laptop! My Honey Extension is the one thing I sincerely miss when shopping on my phone. Hopefully it continues to populate at checkout on all my orders that would be fantastic!!
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3 years ago, pseudopsyche
Safari unusable with extension enabled
The new Safari extension on iOS absolutely kills performance. With only around 50 or so tabs open Safari is barely usable when switching tabs or tab groups. At 500 tabs in the main tab group and a few hundred more between the other tab groups Safari is completely unusable and constantly crashes when trying to just load after opening it. I have several other extensions that have access to all sites like Honey, and none of them have such an incalculable impact on performance.
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2 years ago, teenyvikingchild
Saved me HALF on photo gifts!!
I had planned on giving out framed family pictures as a part of my mother and mother-in-laws Christmas gifts, and a couple other family members. I got canvas and wood prints which add up. At checkout, HONEY kicked in and checked out all possible coupons and honeys coupon was better than the stores coupon. I saved $133!! Insane! Thank you!!
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1 year ago, Xavi_2417
Not very user friendly per day
The app itself seems very cool but when I accident it hit only use on this website when setting it up. There was not an option to change it to use it on every website. I doubt it’s the apps fault it’s just very frustrating, that I’m not able to change it.
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3 years ago, ninjadude45
Perfect, and no this isn’t a fake comment lol
I love this app, saved 8$ on 1 purchase within five minutes of having the app, the hardest part was searching for something to buy, if your skeptical about getting this app, just get it, it’ll give you coupon codes where it just instantly cuts money off of what you’re buying
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1 year ago, moonfairy111
Honey literally saves me hundreds both over time and on individual purchases (such as $300 off of a helix mattress!!) and it’s completely free. Absolutely no ads or anything annoying like that. Literally just download and if there’s a coupon available when checking out on any site, honey will pop up. Absolute must have! Thanks honey!! 😆
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3 years ago, Punter16
Significantly slows interaction with open tabs
Excited to have this extension available for iOS but in its current form I can’t recommend anyone use it. Switching to other open Safari tabs under iOS 15 normally happens smoothly and quickly but with this extension enabled tapping on an open tab results in the tab opening animation beginning, then freezing, followed by a 1-2 second delay before the tab finally opens. Switching off this extension immediately resolves the issue.
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3 years ago, bistitchualbee
You’re better off putting in coupons manually.
I’m not impressed with the app. I tried using it to make a purchase from Brooklinen, and after checking a list of coupons, Honey said that the price of my cart had increased instead (the site had already auto-applied a 10% off coupon for first time purchasers). Honey showed no eligible coupons available that were better than the original 10% offer, but I got on RetailMeNot and immediately found a coupon for a 20% discount that worked.
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2 years ago, SAUSAGY BURRITO
Console Giveaway
I recently tried to sign up to honey because I saw there was a chance to get any gaming console so I was like “I could win a Ps5 I was in shock they were doing this getting my hopes up even though I know it is rare to get a console” so I tried signing up and it said I can’t use my own email I tried 3 different emails and made a new one and it still did not work I was really looking forward to see if I was going to win I knew this was never going to happens because I can’t install the app even it pretty much just scammed my emotions!
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2 years ago, isabellaconnor
Honey on IPhone
I have had honey on my computer for some time, and it is great there! However, when I got it from my phone, it completely crashed it! Safari would take 10 times the amount to load as usual, and even when I deleted the app it still did this. Overall, this is a good extension for computers, but do not download it for your phone or you will experience major lag :(
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3 years ago, Good couponer
Earn honey gold in stores
Suggestion how about a way to earn honey gold for shopping in stores too along with shopping online to earn honey gold like linking a credit card and using it at stores it can also work with Apple Pay or google pay or Samsung pay I like using honey thank you
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2 years ago, KIDSMAA
Great Lil’ Helper!!!
Honey is Wonderful! Has saved me a lot of money when I wasn’t even thinking about it at the time and it pops up to run coupons check for me! And then if you mark it to let you know of a price drop- you will get an alert when something you want has been lowered in price! I love HONEY 🍯 🐝❤️☺️
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2 years ago, Firecow177
Please for the love of almighty if you want to save money, download this right now!
I’ve never been so happy with a website than honey. Was looking at a sports jersey and tried the honey coupon finder. Got $75 off my order in 5 seconds! Thank you for having such an easy and great app!
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4 years ago, Gedem_
amazing concept! but not it.. lol
this app advertises that on your online purchases it will apply all the coupons and on the advertisement soo many get applied and it looks like it will help on all your online purchases! this is not the case.. veryyy limited on items that have a discount plus most of the coupons “honey” will show you DO NOT work when applying them. all they are after is for you to download the app. you might find something on there homepage that has a discount you like! other than that I wouldn’t waste your time setting up.
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1 year ago, Kvng__jonny
Fine for coupons garbage for rewards.
I have already made 3 qualifying purchases and 2 are “not eligible” for whatever reason when I literally purchased through PayPal and honey said I would get cash back. So stupid. I would never use PayPal if it wasn’t for honey. Also the app is pretty buggy. Pressing “report issue” on the rewards I should have got results in nothing! Please fix this.
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2 years ago, AntaF4ever
Honey extension not letting me log in
Really annoyed that I’m unable to get cash back on my purchases due to the log in button not working! Happens every time the honey extension loads on Safari after loading the coupons I click the “Log in or Sign Up” button and nothing happens. I thought opening up the honey app and logging in there would help the situation but my log in credentials didn’t translate over to the Honey Safari extension. Please help.
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2 years ago, Joshuan S
Money Saver!
Honey makes it so easy to save money, helping me out with coupons for almost every site I use. No longer having to go to other coupon sites trying to use a coupon, only for it to be expired whereas Honey does all the work for you!
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2 years ago, gracieeep
Honey is seriously my saving grace when it comes to shopping. It is so convenient to use the app to find coupon codes in under a minute instead of scrolling through thousands of emails and text subscriptions. Thank you Honey!
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3 months ago, Mor25!
Customer support is non existent
Customer support is non existent. They haven’t responded to any of my inquiries in months. I wouldn’t need to reach out to them if Honey properly logged purchases and actually gave the amount of cashback they are offering. Edit: it has been well over a month since I left this review. Customer support has still not responded. I am missing over $10 in cash back. Save your time and money and don’t sign up for Honey. Use another app like Top Cashback or Rakuten.
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2 years ago, Mdmiracle
Do NOT download this app!
This app has hijacked my Safari. After downloading I was unable to exit the tab and unable to enter other tabs and then it would crash Safari. I removed the app and all the website data - no help. Rebooted the phone - still unable to use Safari. I can see Paypal Honey as an unchecked extension on Safari, but there is no way to remove it. This needs to be fixed immediately! My only option is to use another browser.
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2 years ago, look at the reveiws
Honey is a stupid scam and disgrace
Pls look at the reviews before you get this app. Anyways I am giving this scam app a one star review I wish I gave it a half of one star but I can’t so this so called amazing app when I saw the mr beast add of him doing it I was like I need to get this app! But it said “ just two clicks to install! “ but it took like 50 clicks and when I did get in none of the costs changed and I got super disappointed so if you didn’t look at the reviews don’t be surprised if you get let down.
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3 years ago, Liz S 88
WAY too much tracking
honey wanted me to enable it on safari and i got a notification from apple of what sites it wanted to track…my client secure therapy site was one? uhhhhh Hard No. i absolutely did not activate it and recommend others don’t as well. they’re not just looking at your traffic when you hit it to look for coupons, they’re always tracking you, even on private sites. deleting it from my computer too. thank you to my iphone for showing me this!
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2 years ago, samuwu43768
If you’re not using honey you’re losing so much money
I’ve been using honey for a few months and the amount of money I’ve saved is insane. I just ordered something that totaled $350, checked honey and got down to $214! Seriously this app is amazing. And it’s free.
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2 years ago, February 2022
High jacked my browser
I just downloaded this app to my I-phone 12 pro, and now I can’t use my browser. Every time I try to open it it immediately crashes. Before I can type in any search in the browser it opens and the closes. I tried to remove Honey from my search history but the window closes faster than I can tap the x to remove it. I deleted the app from my phone and have hard reset it but I still cannot open a browser window.
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3 years ago, poopieguy123
I’m just going to be str8 up for the teenagers my age that don’t want to read a paragraph this isn’t a waste of time to use. and expecially no more waste money hope this gets high so more see (app has been a little laggy though but works)
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2 years ago, amoore2244
Highly recommend
Will literally recommend to every person I know. It’s a little uncomfortable sharing my browser history but still so worth the amount of money I’ve saved!
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3 years ago, kitolamus
I got scammed (I think)
I bought a controller for a ps4 off of this website from Walmart which was originally 50$ but I got it for $30 so I thought it was a good offer but 3 days after receiving it it just broke down on me and is somehow making my PlayStation slower I try seeing if Walmart still has the controller on the site in honey and Walmart itself but it’s no where to be found which makes me quite upset I’m finding no way to receive help
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2 years ago, Atomic Eko
Can’t turn on the extension
I just downloaded honey, because my son told me to. He says it’s great except on problem. I can’t turn it on no matter what. I was in safari, I clicked the letters, then clicked manage extensions, and the option to turn honey on was greyed out(I couldn’t turn it on even after clicking, it wouldn’t respond). I searched up how to click the button and it says update phone but I already have the latest version.
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4 years ago, Chance-_-
Never been more confused, my wife has had this on her laptop for two years and we’ve never EVER got a coupon to pop up like it’s supposed to, there’s no coupons for anything ever, two years? And nothing on her laptop, I download the app and idk how long I’ve had this but it’s long enough to forget I had it because it never pops up anything, me an my wife hate this, she’s bought dressers, TVs, couches through the laptop, no coupons, full price everything I’m deleting this
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3 years ago, N00b123453456554446765
Doesn’t work
Ok so I used this in safari and it didn’t work. I went in the app to see what could’ve went wrong Nothing. I decided to restart my phone Nothing. I tried to refresh safari Nothing. I tried to uninstall and reinstall this but you could guess… NOTHING. No matter what I tried none of these techniques worked. I was really disappointed to find out that this is a scam. It’s pointless and DON’T get it because it a waste of time.
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