Graphics & Design
4.8 (1K)
32 MB
Age rating
Current version
Tinrocket, LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Percolator

4.84 out of 5
1K Ratings
4 years ago, AllCarsEatGas
After so many ho-hum photo apps, finally one to make me sit up, take notice, go wow, and spend more time playing with, actually working with, this app. You will get some of the most impressive effects from a photo app here. And it’s only 99¢!! So many, many creative options, Percolator gives more than ten times the value, at the least.
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5 months ago, RJMstrn
Love this app!
Love the options, easy and fun to use! Some of the results are so interesting and beautiful! Which there was a ‘back’ or ‘undo’ button, and some way to record what treatments were applied, but other than that, this is one of my favorite photo apps!!
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2 years ago, Elizapainter
Love this App -
I love this app for suggesting abstractions and creating and element of play in my preparatory work. I Truly truly hope you’ll keep this app going as iterations of iOS and iPad continue to change. I love circles, love this app and it may become more important as my work progresses. Thank you!!!
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6 years ago, napereza
I like this app but .....
I just bought this app and have been playing with it. However, I don’t see any mask feature here. I think this is just a matter of tapping and doing some adjustments but if you only want some of those adjustments or style, per se, to be on certain areas, you can’t. There’s no layers, as well, and I don’t see any tutorial, too.
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5 years ago, Ninja Unicorn
Fun effect
Have loved this app for years; great way to revisualize, play with, repurpose my photos. I often make background screens or background art with, I really appreciate how it can often beautifully bring out colors or “hide” small imperfections in a photo remaking it into another cherished image.
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5 years ago, Liminal Indigo
Love It 💙💙
I’ve had this app ever since the iPhone4 was brand new, and I still enjoy it just as much... perhaps even more so because the more you play with it, the more you learn how to use it. It’s the most creative and unique photo editing I think I’ve ever known. The possibilities are seemingly endless.
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4 years ago, ericmcquaid
So fun
I have been using percolator for as long as I have had an iPhone, since the iPhone 3. It’s a beautifully designed app and allows you to take regular photos and turn them into something beautiful. It’s just so fun.
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3 months ago, purrpic!
A great app for creating effects
This app user friendly and allows multiple effects for creating unique pictures.
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4 years ago, DOS XP
Love this app
This app is an old favorite. I've used it to create fun mosaics for social-media use and large stylized portraits that people frame and hang on their walls. The update for iOS 13 and the addition of the vector export feature make my heart sing.
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7 years ago, must have coffee
Unique and Serious Tool
Also fun! ingenious “bubble” transition effect, wonderful photo-to-art algorithms deliver a wide range of control. “Brewed” images can be incorporated easily into professional quality graphic design renderings.
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4 years ago, Smallwoods970
Great photography filter app
Turns your pictures into art has been around for years and still supporting it 5 stars !!!!
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5 years ago, DancerGirl🍭
Love this app! Just wish I had directions! I know there are so many features that I haven’t even begun to use this to its fullest potential!!
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6 years ago, El Kai Koren
Great & fun way to get ideas
Love it! Wish there were more options! Would also like more control over colors & sizes.
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4 years ago, Susan J Cooper
Beautiful Effects
This app has beautiful and unique designs for your photos turns anything into works of art ❤️👍
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4 years ago, Moh.Khairy
Fantastic ❤️
I love it and i wish i can make a video with the transition when applying effect on image
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3 months ago, Sherap6
Please add more example arts.
First of all, thank you for the update. My only request at this time is that you guys add more examples. With Kindest Regards
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5 years ago, TimBsTechTalk
I’m so glad this app can still be used on my iPhone after so many years! Very creative and enjoyable!
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6 years ago, OnePaperKid
So...My Fave App
My favorite app for photo editing is and has always been Percolator. It’s fun and there are endless cool ways to edit your pictures.
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6 years ago,
Please update!
Lots of fun and stunning creations. I only wish it had more features and options!
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5 years ago, Cr1mps
Fun Photo Manipulations
The app is fairly straightforward and fun to play with but has issues with the “stirred” function and will close if you try to do it. Needs an update is all.
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7 years ago, Powergirl
Art Is Fun!
This app regenerated my love for art! I've spent countless hours tinkering with this app, switching back and forth with Photoshop making things never imagined! Thanks, Percolator!
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2 years ago, nklungle
So much joy
This app has been so enjoyable for me! Lots of options to explore and great results.
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9 months ago, Kmaria75
This app is absolutely amazing. I am a digital artist and it has been a phenomenal tool to use!
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3 years ago, photophyllis
Love how it keeps the focus of the pic. Not a lot of distortion when you want to be artistic.
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3 years ago, Pace I.M.
Freaking gorgeous
Beautifully designed and easy
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7 years ago, Todd Camack
Now supports current iOS/phones! Thank you!
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5 years ago, rustystix
When circles meet more circles
I have loved this app for years and years. All I have to say is; bring in the circles!
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6 years ago, akashacheif
You are the bubble of my soul.
You have expanded my creativity. For this I thank you from my heart!
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4 years ago, samadhiji
Fun and Easy!
On My first try I came away with a small Masterpiece. Highly recommend.
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6 years ago, Sharr46
Needs a mask
The examples show unaffected or way less affected areas (such as around faces). I have yet to be able to accomplish that look.
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7 years ago, hawkster59
Thank you devs!!
This is an awesome, fun to use image editor. I'm so happy there's an update for it to work on future ios! Yay!
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6 years ago, menageriemom
So much fun!
Quirky and original. I use this app all the time.
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8 months ago, Ghostmoth
Did I miss something?
I can’t see the “regrind” button!
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3 years ago, Fortunaequitis
Veryyyyy addictive with a million options. Also creates awesome site banners!
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5 years ago, Orexis
One of the first photo apps that I downloaded (way back in 2010 ) and still one of my favorites. Keep it up guys!
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4 years ago, HollyL45
Fun App
Great app for creating unique artwork. Easy user interface.
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5 years ago, PeekiebooO
Don’t die
Your app is great. Please don’t let it die.
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2 months ago, Zenspirations
Love this App!
What an awesome tool to enhance my art and photography!
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7 years ago, Kermitgreen
A lot of fun to use. Pictures are a beautiful framed gift.
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4 years ago, taub44
Adore these new beautiful filters‼️
Fun graphic design and elegant UX design that has a fun coffee theme.
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3 months ago, DragonSlayer!
Try to open and it just crashes
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4 years ago, Hyperbolic Honeybee X3
unique, fun, simple to use
great addition to my pic editing folder
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5 years ago, mrgs54978
This app is fun but doesn’t do much for 1.99. More of a 99cent app!
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1 year ago, seinheld
So much fun
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6 years ago, Dungeonmasteqs
Best photo app; fun, pretty, and no "fees".
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5 years ago, tex210
Gif export capabilities?
Would be great!
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7 years ago, CodeHole
Fun toy
Love to play with the circles.
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5 years ago, Susan Mango Curtis
Creative imagination on steroids
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6 years ago, Eric bob poop
Precolater is awesome and very easy.
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2 years ago, gray7319
I paid for this ?
Wow, what a waist of money. But thanks for the effort….
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