Petco: The Pet Parents Partner

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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Petco: The Pet Parents Partner

4.73 out of 5
299.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Sweeeeeeeeeg
Easiest purchases and online is cheaper
Using the app is so quick to purchase items that I need and they were running a discount for 20% off of $50 which saved me a lot. You also get the rewards when you shop with them so I used that also which helped me save even more. I also like that on the app I’m just shopping for what I need and then I drive there and pick it up so I don’t need to go in the store where I’m tempted to buy more than I need. Sometimes I will find items online that are cheaper in their app than in store, when I do have to go into the store, and they will price match items on their online website. You just need to show them the item from their website with the cheaper price and they will change it for you. You can also be assured that your items are in instead of wasting your time going to the store only to find they don’t have your item in stock. Love the convenience.
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1 year ago, Zan2004
Glitchy & could be more
The app has some great features I love using, I just wish it wasn’t so glitchy when using filters and checking if your store has availability. That being said I LOVE the ability to map out what animals you currently are taking care of and what services and medicine they need, that being said I wish there was a way to add an account to it say an older petco account and I wish I could sort my aquatic animals into one spot instead of mapping each individual one like each fish each snail each whatever I wish there was a way to put how many you currently have and the enclosure they belong to I wish I could have it organized as an community tank instead of individual animals if that makes sense? With aquatics it’s often times one medication or treatment is safe for one animal but not the others so if there was a way to consolidate my aquatics and use it as a filter that would make this app ten fold better. Other then that the app has some good features like an in hand price check which I assume pulls up the product card to see reviews ect. I just wish the app was a bit better less glitchy and provided more care for animals other then standard animals such as cat and dog. As a pet lover all my pets I feel deserve the same level of care as any of mine both fish and fur. Wish there was a bit more development in that respect. Other then that the app does what it needs to just not as efficient as I would like but it’s ok.
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1 year ago, N8!!!!!!!!
It’s ok, needs improvement
The app is functional, it does what you need it to do in terms of the basics. I.e.keeping your pets profile, keeping track of food and grooming history, This works! However, upon entering the app it’s not automatically opening up to your acct, I wish that would be automatic instead of having to re-enter information (Yes… I’ve tried “Save my login” it doesn’t work…. Secondly, when ordering medication’s the list of vet clinics is small, it doesn’t even have all of its own Petco locations, which is crazy to think about because it’s the Petco app! I needed to re-order medication’s for my dog and the clinic that she goes to and member at with a monthly subscription is not even listed on the app when it’s a Petco Vetco clinic itself! What?? so I ended up having to put the nearest Vetco clinic, hoping that they might just have a general inquiry record because I can’t even enter the information manually. If it doesn’t populate, there’s not even a manual option? Why not…. Makes no sense to me anyway. Lastly, I do think the app might have a few bugs, sometimes the app just freezes and closes on its own or he just keeps on, spinning and spinning when you get a command or a certain function that you tap on. I restarted the phone and Re-downloaded the app with no improvement. It’s kind of a hit or miss sometimes with Petco :( like I said, it’s functional for the basics.
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3 years ago, CCEP
App is good for most
There’s certain things I find difficult about your app and others that are relatively easy. It’s hard to separate them but I would really like to eliminate pet foods in the filter as opposed to having to choose 1000 different options or possibly swipe left or right to eliminate individual choices because while my cat likes a certain brand of food he doesn’t like some of its options and I wish that Petco learned that about my cat and offered me only the flavors he cares about or the brands that I prefer and not try to push me towards everything in the store. On the grooming side I wish that for certain small appointments you simply say that the store Hass to be contacted because it’s usually that you hunt around for 20 minutes and then finally conclude that must be what the issue is. I also think your ad on services are insanely expensive so while you think that you’re going to spend $30 on a service you realize that’s just the add-on portion. I’d rather pick the particular things that my dog needs done and then if I compile enough of the list maybe you give me some sort of volume discount but I’d like to tailor that way more than just picking a package (buy two more services today and get a 20% discount type thing, or congratulations! You get one free service today! Pick between…..
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3 years ago, Olineckan
I don’t want to say this app is the worst but it’s becoming very useless. If I want to check on my repeat delivery I get the “ruh-oh! Something went wrong” message. Same when I want to look at food, litter or car stickers. With 7 cats we get repeat delivery every two weeks and sometimes we need it more frequently so we change it to “ship now” With the app it’s NOT possible when I can’t even open my orders. If I want to add something to my repeat delivery it gives me an option to add it to one that we have set for every 6 months instead of this that should arrive every two weeks. I don’t know if this is related to the app but our repeat delivery was scheduled for 5/4. Today is 5/10 and the order is “ready to go” and this is not the first time it happened. When we needed a prescription food for one of our cat it was “ready to go” for over a week. After contacting their customer service they replaced the order. This new order never arrived and after contacting them again they said that it’s out of stock. But nowhere in the app we could see that our order is delayed because of this issue. I like Petco’s Pals Reward program and they used to send us a coupon for their birthday but that’s not happening anymore. With 7 cats we do need a reliable pet store and unfortunately Petco is not one of them anymore. Their customer service is good with some very nice employees but I can’t contact them every month about something. If I order something I expect it to be delivered.
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11 months ago, Sillyror
I couldn’t get anything done. When I search for kitten food, it shows ALL cat food. When I search for wet food - dry food in is in the searches. Click on “pick up in store only” it shows me items that aren’t actually available at my store, even though I’ve checked the box and applied “pick up only”, as wel as sew ring my store location. When I do add items to my cart, I either can’t add, because apparently they’re out of stock, even though it mentions this nowhere. When I tried to check out it told me I had “too many” of the item, I had to keep taking each item off, one by one, and re-enter all my check out info just to be told the same error message “one of the item in your cart is more than we have quantity at store” I did this 14 times with items in my cart, to find out that they were completely out of stock with it all to begin with. WHY even let me add it to my cart to begin with, when you blocked the other items that were out of stock? I eventually got so annoyed with the fact that I had been trying to attempt to check out for going on 20 minutes that I decided it’s not worth the trouble of the app or the store and I will just shop elsewhere. This app is absolutely useless when it comes to searching for specific items, finding in stock items, finding in store items, and trying to complete a sale. Don’t waste your time like I did and go to one of the other competitors.
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7 months ago, Bb345bb
Often frustrating
This app does the basics okay, but is also incredibly frustrating for shopping. The filter system is terrible. Even if I turn on the filter for “pick up in store (specific location)” it shows me options that are delivery only, or out of stock, so I’m still searching through hundreds of options. IN ADDITION, and this is even more irritating and makes me want to quit the app forever, Petco is currently running a promotion in which you get 10% off for ordering more $50 online and picking up in store. Well, I added items that, according to the app, WERE AVAILABLE AT MY LOCATION. But when I tried to check out, 7 TIMES, each time it said a different item was”unavailable” at my location. I hadn’t tried to order like 25 of anything. It was like 2 single packets of a brand of cat food I wanted to try. Or 1 can of duck pâté. Or 1 pouch of food topper. Or 1 variety pack of cat food. 7 times I was unable to complete my order because it told me 1 thing wasn’t available. So I would delete that item and try again. Only to be told 1 other thing in my cart was unavailable. Only to be told 1 other thing was unavailable. And so on! INCREDIBLY ANNOYING! Either make it clear as I shop that items are or are not available, or at least tell me everything that’s unavailable at once!! If I hadn’t wanted the discount, I would have given up and gone to Petsmart. Do better, Petco. I’m deleting your app.
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10 months ago, stephonicle1
Easy to reorder, impossible to search
I’ve used the PetCo app for 3+ years to place in-store pickup orders. When placing a new order, I always go straight to the “previous purchases” section and add items to my cart from there. While I’d like to try new things I haven’t purchased before, the app’s search feature is so utterly useless that it makes browsing next to impossible. For starters, the filter options are a convoluted mess—even the simplest of filters don’t work, such as choosing what pet you’re shopping for (I’ll select “cat”, but the search results still show dog items). You also can’t search for just one particular brand, because—you guessed it—the search results will include multiple brands. And while there is a checkbox to only show items available for same-day pickup at my local store, I still have to click on each individual item and change it from delivery (the default) to pickup in order to see if the item is, in fact, available. The whole thing is such a pain, it’s understandable why I don’t bother and just re-order previously bought items instead. The only advantage of placing pickup orders through the app is the 10% discount when you spend $50 or more. Otherwise I’d do all my shopping in the store.
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5 years ago, MBKmused
I put a rush on my order so I could get my house set up in time for my dog’s adoption. Got an email the next day saying that my stuff would be showing up on Friday. Adoption is on Tuesday. I checked multiple times to make sure I chose next day delivery on the app. Also, the app does not make it very easy to change your items from delivery to in-store pick up. In fact, none of the items I chose to pick up in store actually made it there. Everything went in the box that was being delivered four days late. It took 30 minutes of holding to get on the phone with a person in customer service. I ended up having to re-order everything a second time in order to get it in time for my dog to come home. The person I was on the phone with said she was adding multiple coupons to my account In exchange for the inconvenience, but those haven’t shown up yet. Also, the digital inventory does not match the actual inventory of a store. I was collecting barcodes at my location to create my shopping list, and it would tell me that the item wasn’t available in the store, even though I was looking at that item. In the store. So I can foresee that making pick up orders super inconvenient. Overall, this app has caused me to be pretty stressed out for most of my day. Hasn't been super kind to my bank account today either.
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2 years ago, Frankie MD
Petco app is the worst app I have ever used. It’s the reason we will be cancelling our Vital Care membership because the hassle of trying to order anything or get customer service is not worth the measly savings. No one can surpass Chewy’s selection and customer service. Petco app has horrible listings with threadbare descriptions if any at all. You can’t enlarge the product images. Usually you can’t apply or use your Pals Rewards, or one is missing and you have to call Customer Service (I average 3 calls and 2 hrs between disconnections, waiting on hold and solution-who has this time or patience?). I rarely if ever have to call Chewy and when I do problem is resolved asap. No waiting 40 mins for a rep. The app is a breeze as are returns (not so with Petco). Petco doesn’t listen the COO for the products they sell via their app whereas Chewy does and if it’s not listed you can ask IN APP and expect a reply within a day. Petco app has barely any ratings or reviews for anything. Chewy has tons, and they’re helpful. As are the photos and videos customers can post with their reviews. Petco app takes sometimes 5 minutes to refresh or reload a page. It’s like the days of AOL on this app. Who created your app, Petco? You need to trash it and start over with someone who knows what they’re doing AND understands the needs of “pet parents”.
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7 months ago, Ayyyeeeeeeeeee
Requires authentication each time
I am cancelling my premier membership today. My pet is sick and I came in to get a heat pad. The app would not load, open, or allow me to sign in. Once I left the Petco wifi, the app wanted me to authenticate my account either by text message (which never arrived) and then by scanning a pop up barcode through a separate Authenticator app, all while I’m in the checkout line. No, I’m not bringing my desktop or laptop through the checkout line to authenticate the app. This is an arbitrary change in the last month. When I checked out at the front, my $5 did not load and they told me an extra account number was added. Since I was unable to authenticate the app and see what was going on with petco changing my paid account to another user without me knowing, I was unable to use the benefits that I pay monthly for, and unable to get a solution. Additionally, you can only load your benefits through the app. Front desk cannot load the benefits, so if the app does not work you cannot use your paid benefits. When I called customer service, she asked how my pet was doing and I informed her my pet had died (I had previously marked this pet as deseased through the app). There really is no accountability or understanding of what is going on at the customer’s side at Petco.
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3 years ago, Kar3ncit4
Same day delivery didn’t happened
My puppy was not eating his food & since were in another snow storm I order thru the app because it said SAME DAY DELIVERY. I put dry food and teething bones. I checked on my order to see if I can track it and it said that the dry food was cancelled when I didn’t remove anything. I called the customer service number. And the girl who was speaking to me told me that they didn’t have the dry food and that’s why it was cancelled. I told her then whoever is in charge of putting updates in the app should say on the item that is not available that way the guest that are shopping don’t get upset with the poor information given in the application. She told me the dry food was going to arrive in 5 days. I told her if you had a baby and you was short and there was a snow storm i believe you wouldn’t want to step a foot out to make sure your baby doesn’t get sick but mainly I’m pretty sure that is common sense that your baby has a eating schedule and obviously you have to feed your child. I told her I have a puppy that had to be fed and this app obviously is handled who knows by who in a outdated information they provide isn’t accurate. I already deleted this app and I phoned and text everyone I know not to shop on this site because is just not the best. This application is just NOT THE PLACE WHERE YOU WANT TO SHOP FOR YOUR PET.
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2 years ago, Miss Padfoot
Lackluster app, disappointing company
I haven’t been a fan of the Petco app for a long time. There have been several times I put in an order on their tediously slow app that has always run significantly slower than any other app I have used only to be told at the end that the app was “undergoing maintenance” or it would just stall out maddeningly and never go through. Then when going into the store and showing them this due to the usual 25% off (sometimes more, sometimes less) for buying online and picking up in store, the poor cashier would have to tediously go through and discount every item in my $200 orders, which I’m unwilling to do to someone. I continued dealing with all this frustration because I really loved Petco’s supposed ideals about truly feeding our pets what is best. Tonight, I received a notification from the Petco app, and instead of the usual “it looks like you haven’t bought treats in a while” etc etc messages, it was just this big advertisement for Science Diet. This food is one of the worst brands they sell, and I cannot stand that they’re sending out advertisements claiming this brand to be the best. I’m deleting the app and shopping elsewhere from now on; it is clear to me Petco is yet another company that views animal’s health as a great capitalistic gimmick. Very disappointing.
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7 months ago, ldvta
Needs improvement
Recently got a puppy so had to get everything from scratch. I personally use a lot of apps for a variety of things but this one needs improvement. Who came up with the grand plan to put the search into the middle of the page? Absolutely not intuitive nor user friendly. Search/ filter are offered but not doing the job. They ain’t doing what they are supposed to do. Not interested in seeing your out of stock products either. When you cancel my product order because it’s unavailable do yourself a favour and remove it from your site. All these factors are annoying and ultimately driving me to competition. Not interested to see how many of the offered services I tick off the list. But the ones I actually take advantage of like puppy classes are not recorded. Microchip section allows for purchase but not to add existing one which would be rather helpful for quick reference. Same for vaccines. I could put them all in there so I’ll get reminded of refreshers. Loads of customers are saying the same things on feedbacks. Do something about it. There is plenty of competition out there.
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3 years ago, Bleep/Bloop
This is the worst app I’ve ever used.
Petco app is supposed to allow me to earn rewards when I make purchases there. On multiple occasions, the items available for selection at local stores state that they are unavailable for purchase only AFTER I have purchased them, and if I have happened to apply my rewards points, those rewards disappear from my account and are never returned to me. So far, I am owed $30 in rewards points returned to me. Additionally, the app stops working 100% of the time when I am within 25 feet of the store. It works just fine everywhere else I go within a 100 mile radius, but it times out and will not show my online purchases when the sales clerk at the store asks for it. This has happened at 5 different stores. Also, every time I have gone in to the store the sales clerk and managers have been unable to pull up my rewards “Pals” account. On two occasions, the sales clerk has had to call customer service on my behalf, and two other times the manager had to comp me the benefits that are supposed to be automatically applied for grooming. For some strange reason, customer service’s response to this was to assign me two accounts, and that has only made things worse. I hate, Hate, HATE this app.
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5 years ago, Kenzie N
What in the world?
I placed an order for cat food to be delivered every three months. I entered my address, phone number, card number, and everything correct. It even gave me a confirmation email and everything was fine. My card was charged the right amount. A little while later, I realized I needed the cat food every four months instead of three. So I went to change it and the app glitched. A couple hours later I get another outrageous charge on my card so I call customer service. Customer service sounded like they were throwing a party in the background so loud that I couldn’t hear my representative without shouting. Apparently my phone number was a bunch of 1’s, my address was 123 Street, and my email wasn’t listed. We got that sorted out and I was refunded the money for the glitched second order. I got several emails telling me different things on my account were changed. I honestly don’t know if I will be getting my bag of cat food at this point. The surplus of emails confused me. I don’t want to have to call the center again, and I’m pretty disappointed with the app. Next time I’ll try a computer because these developers don’t know what they’re doing. Or I’ll just resort to chewy. Their prices are a little more expensive, but I bet their app actually works.
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1 year ago, rchabot03
Never had I so much trouble with a company!
Today while going over my checking account, I noticed that I was charged twice for a repeat delivery! The 1st order was with the discount plus my rewards, after I had been on the phone with them and finally got it straightened out. The 2nd order however I did NOT order! But somehow the button got pushed and I got charged for another bag of food! This was all on the same day! I called Petco, and told them what happened. The person on the other end told me,”as a one time convenience we’re going to refund your money. Oh btw, you don’t have to return the food to us.” What?! As a one time convenience???? It’s not my fault, it’s yours!!!! This is not the first time I’ve had to call about one thing or another. Come on Petco, you can do better than this! It must be that the person behind the computer, must not have much training or they’re getting pushed through their training or they just don’t care. I mean why should I have to keep calling to get things corrected? I’ve never had to call a company so much as Petco! If this keeps happening, I’m going to cancel my vital care and look for another company that hopefully can do a better service than Petco!
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3 years ago, E-Toh
Can’t log in…
Update 2: Thank you for the timely reply but now I get some kinda box saying your website is offline. So I can’t even log in on your website! I do have a screenshot of the offline box but I can’t even get to customer support. I’m getting worried that my personal info could be jeopardized at this point. I’d like to actually delete my account at this point and not use any part of your rewards program but like I said earlier, I can’t even get to your customer support due to your site being “offline”! SMH… Update: Welp…just tried to log in again and the Unknown Error box popped up again so I couldn’t even log in. Gotta say, you guys need to find a reliable source to fix your app. Never got a chance to log in once since downloading this. So I won’t be using your app at all. Just taking up space at this point. Good luck with your app. Just signed up for the rewards program at my local store and I can’t even log into your app. Not a good start…smh. If this is going to be the case then what’s the use of having this on my phone taking up space. Giving the app a week and if I can’t use it then this app is gone from my phone. Hope you guys read the comments…
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2 years ago, Please fix your app Petco
It’s impressive how bad this app is
Another update: still a horrible app, it tried to ship my order to another state. Just shop in person or use the web browser because the app is useless. Update: the newest update is even worse, I’m trying to place an online order and my total is $430 for one bag of dog food and it took me almost 15 minutes to try to place this order that I am ultimately not going to complete because I’m not taking a chance that I’ll be charged $430 because their app is garbage. Petco is a huge company so to have such a poorly made app is kind of wild. The app constantly crashes and it will freeze every few seconds. Trying to create an order is a huge pain and I usually have to dedicate at least 30 mins to trying to submit my order. I constantly check for updates and yet they never seem to fix anything. When the app is being especially slow and unresponsive, I’ll just give up and place an order elsewhere because it’s truly not worth the hassle. And it’s not my phone because every other app I have works perfectly fine and when using the mobile version of the Petco website I don’t have any issues.
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2 years ago, A. Cortes
Petco does some things right - could use improvement
The app is much better these days - it does not freeze up or refuse to make changes to my account - something that would happen frequently in versions of old, causing me to have to visit the desktop website. 2 things would vastly improve my experience and guarantee you more sales. 1. Under orders or “buy again” - merge these categories. Buy again doesn’t list repeat delivery items, even the ones I’ve stopped, and the orders tab lists a bunch of text info - I don’t want to click into every order to find what I bought in the past. Make it easier to find what I want and I will spend money. Waste my time and I’m going elsewhere. 2. Improve your search function. Apps and website live and die by this. If I search cat food, don’t show me results for dog food. Again, if you want me to spend money, get me what I am looking for quickly in front of my eyes, otherwise I will get discouraged and go somewhere else.
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4 years ago, someotherfuy
Needs work on iPhone XS
I was trying to use the app in hopes that it supported Apple Pay, but quickly went back to the web session I had opened after a couple problems with account creation. The first try I opted to go through the journey that sets up your pet, but it locked up on the breed selection view. It was not obvious how to go back, nothing happened when I selected a breed, and there was no visible continue button. I ended up hard closing the app and starting over. It did not prompt me for this info the second time through and I continued to account creation. When asked for a password, I selected to have my phone use a strong password. This did not work. I’m guessing that the iOS generated passwords don’t pass the Petco password rules; but I’m not certain because there was no messaging to tell me what was wrong. There was a warning Icon, but no textual description of the failure on screen and none when you tapped on the icon. I really wanted this to work, though I still don’t know if it would have supported Apple Pay. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon. I’ll try again sometime in the future. For now, I’ll stick with the web.
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2 years ago, luisleyva94
Can’t sign in or stay signed in ☹️
So this problem has been going on for a while. Specifically when I’m signing in with my Google account (which is the way I sign in usually). It started a few months back where I couldn’t stay signed in, I would have to sign in every time I wanted to use the app or check my auto deliveries. A little annoying but overall the app works great and I like how they carry everything I need. BUT something changed recently and now I can’t sign in at all with my Google account. It continues to try and process the sign in but it never does. I’ve attempted to sign in 4 times this week at different times, I’ve deleted the app and re-downloaded. Nothing seems to fix the issue! I have to use the website, which is a little less UI friendly. I’m a busy person and I don’t waste time on my phone so when I do things I like to click and pay. Please fix this with an update! I love spoiling my pet, he’s been a little more anxious with our move. So I’ve had to try distract him with little more this time around.
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2 years ago, Chrissiefitz
The app doesn’t work with your phone number
It seems like the app + phone number at store + website don’t work off of the same systems. I activated perks more than 10 bags of food ago and have yet to receive the free bag. The workers at the retail store had not a a clue about the app, then I was signed onto the browser, the clerk said my rewards were only through the app. So I opened the app and was no longer signed in, after going through the password reset flow, I could only sign into the browser not the app. Also not helpful I’m the password reset flow, pop up’s keep interrupting the input fields. The retail, web app experience are a disaster. Maybe your product teams should care less about their lines of business and more about the customer experience. I’m moving onto Chewy after giving you many more chances than I had the patience for…
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4 years ago, katsiliu
Pick up process FAIL
Ordered through app before the holiday season for pickup to avoid wasted boxes. Rcvd email stating I will rcv another email once my order was rdy for pickup. Email for pickup was never rcvd. 5 days later I rcv an order cancellation due to no pick up. I go to market to get my cat food. Meanwhile I chat with Petco Customer Services to replace the order for pick up. Same thing happened again where I never rcv an email signaling me to pick up, and it’s been very busy WFH so it slipped my mind until I get an email for order cancellation. SEPARATE order issue within same time span, I place an order for Delivery because Pick Up was obviously a fail. The app somehow slipped in DoorDash and forced me to tip my delivery guy, whatever, times are tough, I tip beforehand. My entire order, after like 15 texts in one day, came from two separate delivery guys, 1 coming out of a weed baked vehicle, and to top it off, second delivery guy only delivered two out of three items- he left out the 11lb kitty food and just said “well this is all they gave me” when clearly on the handwritten paper, it said 3 items to be delivered. I am appalled. No follow up email or correspondence from Petco ever about the item that was never delivered.
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1 year ago, GusterTheGusBus
App is okay, perks are okay
I was informed of the app by an employee basically telling me to download the app to start earning rewards since I was buying so much food. So I download, have the store scan my app, what they didn’t tell me what you have to “unlock” the reward by pushing a button that says unlock. So if you were buying things before they don’t count because the reward was locked even though I didn’t have to do anything to unlock it but push the button. Seems like a shady way to get app downloads without having to give out coupons. That and the fact that even if you buy 2 bags of full-size dog food in 1 purchase it only counts as 1 bag of food. So you have to split those bags of food purchases up. Once again a very shady practice. Not sure if I will switch from petsmart to petco for regular food purchases. I really do not like shady practices and this seems pretty shady. With Petsmart I get coupons almost every checkout without having to get their app and jump through hoops to earn points.
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2 years ago, ajmarks32
Very glitchy
Every time I open the app it asks me to add a pet, I’ve added all my pets but it doesn’t recognize that I have when opening up. This is just the start of the problems. When I try to search for something it starts glitching out and the screen flashes in and out of the loading screen rapidly until it finally catches up… for each letter typed.. 85% of the time this causes it to crash, especially if you type too fast. And by too fast I mean more than a letter every 20 seconds. From there if I’m looking at products and I click on one that’s further down in the search results and then go back, I’m bumped back up to the beginning of the search to scroll through everything again, leading back to the loading issue as pages of products load. Once I get fed up of struggling and waiting I try leaving the app and opening it in safari, which opening their website forces the app open and won’t allow you to shop on the website. This has caused me to multiple time switch to Petsmart for certain purchases. The app needs a complete overhaul and until then I’ll be deleting it from my phone.
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3 years ago, OceanReef
App won’t work
It’s been a whole week since i updated the app to the recent version and haven’t been able to use it I just updated it again and it still doesn’t allow me to use the app it was working fine before I decided to update it last week when the new update released now every time I open the app it malfunctions it starts up and it shows find products faster and i click on next and it doesn’t go through it literally stuck on that screen no matter how many times I click it it just stuck there I deleted the app and re downloaded it a bunch of times to see if anything would change and nothing I haven’t been able to buy the products that I need since I use the app to see the availability of the products I need from different stores instead of just wasting gas going all over town to see if certain stores have what I need the app made it easier for me to order and go to my selected store close to me making it easy instead of going back and forward to different locations I also have pals rewards I haven’t been able to redeem due to the app not working right
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5 months ago, AndiKNG
The app is trash
If you want to spend more time shopping on an app than physically driving and purchasing through the store, by all means. But this app is effectively useless 9/10 times. It’s SO incredibly slow to load anything, especially during checkout. The “Same Day Delivery” and “in-Store pickup” options when filtering for dog supplies literally do not work at all. You still have to manually select every single item of interest to verify whether or not it’s actually in stock at your chosen store, which even then is a dice roll come check out, when it says an item is in stock but then prevents you from checking out because it’s “Not Available at the selected store”. The search tool can’t find several items; for example it never pulls anything up for Honest Kitchen despite me physically looking at their full inventory of it in the store. I seriously just spent an hour trying to shop through their app, only for it to glitch after submitting payment 4 times. The savings seemed worth it, but now getting pet supplies through petco has become more of a hassle than a convenience. Do better, Petco.
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2 months ago, Deenanor
So Glitchy
The app is great, when it works…which seems to be less and less these days. Im constantly getting the “ruh-oh something went wrong” error whether i’m trying to access a vital care reward, check on grooming appointments, my repeat delivery management screen…or…when trying yo actually BUY something… it shouldn’t take me 10+ minutes, 3 app closing/reopenings and countless refreshes just to ultimately be unsuccessful in actually making a purchase. Filter searching? Who is she - we don’t know her. Good luck trying to find anything easily. These issues have been going on for as long as I have had the app- 2+ years so its not an iOs update issue. Honestly only continue to fight with the app because the location is so convenient, but where’s the convenience in spending 30 minutes comparing dog food, browsing for other items to purchase- to ultimately not be able to simply complete the checkout process? Its such a waste of time and I have resorted to moving to other pet apps like Chewy who seem to understand how an app should function.
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1 month ago, Kittenlady06
Love Petco, not the app
I love so many things Petco does, especially the vital care program. However, I hate the app. If it weren’t for the rewards I probably would stop shopping, at least online, at Petco. Some things like vet scheduling works just fine. My biggest issue is when attempting to buy anything. It will often load and just kick me out of the app entirely, sometimes even empties my cart. Today it insisted my address wasn’t complete and when I tried to fix it, it added about 6 copies of the address and still wouldn’t work. This issue was only when I wanted delivery but it was fine to ship things to the same address. It’s hit or miss if I use Apple Pay, if it will even complete the transaction or just kick me out of the app or say something is incomplete. With the amount of bugs I encounter on a constant basis even with updates, makes it feel like a very small company has a beginner making the app not a huge company that likely has a team working on it.
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2 years ago, jriver18
Can’t Log In
App used to work fine. It might have been a little laggy sometimes but I never had any real issues with it. At some point in September 2022 I could no longer login to the app. I’d get an error when logging in and repeated attempts would trigger a warning that I’d be locked out of the account if I continued to get it wrong. I use a password manager and I’d just copy and paste so I know there weren’t any typing errors. Over the course of the last week I’ve probably had to change my password 5 times. To make matters worse, the mobile website didn’t seem to work for me either for the first few days. The mobile website is working fine now but I still can’t log in to the app so I’ve given up and deleted it for now. Unfortunately, progress towards the pals rewards Nutrition Perk where you get your 8th bag of pet food free can only be tracked via the app, and as far as I can tell, the coupon for the free bag is also only found within the app. I think you still earn credit towards that reward with normal website purchases, but what good is it if the app doesn’t work?
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2 years ago, Nbdeg
Can’t make grooming appointment for my dog (i have vital care plus)
Used to love the app now it’s an app of frustration. Context: have 2 dogs, 1 is 17 years old the other is 6. They couldn’t take my 17 yo. Fine. I have a store that has a gr8 senior dog program. After, this episode I have been unable to schedule GR appt for my 6 yo dog. When I do, they ask if she is 17 years old. I assure them she is only 6. Then make the appt. I have had to take her to PetSmart for her grooming a few times out of app convenience. But I have VC+. So I should be saving $$ on my dogs grooming needs. I heard that groomers can check mark a client so they are unable to schedule appt online. I have never tried to sneak my senior dog into be groomed. You need to take care of this STAT. I have reached out to customer service and nothing has been resolved. I am close to cancelling VC+, subscriptions and cancelling Petco from my life. FIX THIS! Side note: I tip well. I am respectful to your Petco employees so the disrespect I am experiencing is upsetting. If you are happy to lose my business, let me know. I will go to PETSMART.
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3 years ago, meekoluvsme
App is being upgraded in middle of order
Not the first time that this has happened. Also last night of 40percent off any bag of pet food promotion. ( high demand)Many items out of stock or not available at one or other store,just not an easy or intuitive system for look ups, changing to the store that has the majority of desired product etc. Almost too many options of pick ups , delivery, repeat delivery or change repeat delivery or one store to another inventory check. Large amount of time spent looking for something that ultimately would be unavailable. Then the app upgrade put everything on hold. Nice cost incentives to order online but overall driving to a store,choosing the items and then bringing the products to the cashier paying and leaving takes less time!
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1 year ago, Gwvskk
As bad as the website
It’s wild how bad this app is, especially from such a large company. I spent 20 minutes trying to order yesterday before giving up, I have just spent the last 40 minutes trying to order and still I am not been able to place an order. Downloaded the app in hopes that it would be an easier experience than trying to order from the excessively slow and awful website. The app is worse. You can’t even search for “Wholehearted cat food” Petco’s OWN BRAND without getting a bunch of unrelated results. I have searched for specific its with the correct name and still not gotten correct results. After finally finding the corrct items and adding them to my cart, it’s impossible to check out. The app continuously tells me that the item I put in my cart is no longer available in the quantity. I remove the item. I got the same message for another item in my cart. The same thing happens again. I gave up and am not ordering. Petco is actively losing money and customers because their app and website are so awful.
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2 months ago, Rocky_g1rl
They ruined this app
I used to enjoy using my Petco app for managing my repeat deliveries and doing my shopping. Now, even though they say they’ve fixed bugs, my app still continues to crash, none of the food items I want to order which I have no problem getting in the store don’t have pages that work, and the sponsored ads are ruining me being able to shop the app effectively. It will be like: here is 2 products you are looking for, followed by 3 ads, then repeat. It’s so hard to shop that way. It’s one thing if it was on a computer and they could be off to the side or something but in an app, it has completely ruined it. Why can’t it be a few ads on top and then the rest is what I’m looking for? Or just a single ad every 12 items you scroll. It just makes shopping really confusing and hard to find what I need. I can no longer order using the app because of these reasons, which also means I can’t get my savings to create repeat purchase orders again.
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3 months ago, AmputeeMillz
This is more About Petco themselves
I ordered meds for my fur baby boy and God forbid you actually get these meds on time. Seems that their 3rd party sellers are most likely offering them the meds at a super low cost and then they turn around and charge us and arm and a leg. Apoquel cost keeps increasing and to make matters worse we have to wait a ridiculous amount of time to receive them. Here it’s close to a week since I ordered and STILL NO MEDS. Meanwhile my boy is breaking out badly and suffering so because I can’t handle seeing him suffer, we are heading to the vet to get him IMMEDIATE HELP. I’ve never been a fan of Petco. Chewy makes it simple because I order and two days later, meds are in my possession. Another thing Petco did while on the app was that they charged me three different times for one order even though I NEVER TAPPED PLACE ORDER outside of ONCE. It was resolved but I shouldn’t have had to go through that anyway 😢 I think it’s time to go back to where I feel my dogs well being is a priority.
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4 months ago, Bexlash
Reward & discount redemption issues
This app is not only so ridiculously slow, but it never works 100% properly. 9 times out of 10 not all of my vital care rewards will not fully load in my cart, even when they’re pre loaded in my account and ready to be applied to a purchase. Then on top of that, with the current promotion of 10% off $50+ and 20% off $80+, that discount almost never actually populates in my cart. It maybe did when I first started paying for vital care but now that discount just doesn’t work for me. I’ve brought this up to in store staff members since I usually have to go the route of purchasing in store to use all of my rewards points but naturally the app is not their responsibility. I submitted a ticket to customer support in the past to help resolve this but haven’t gotten as much as a response. This organization and the rewards options seemed worth it when I first signed up over a year ago but now not being able to use all of my rewards and discounts conveniently is making me want to cancel my account.
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4 years ago, AlexTambascio
Items not available through app
Regular items that I buy in person every week or two are not available through the app. I did call cust serv to let them know the items (Large SuperWorms by Timberline and live crickets by the dozen) cannot be found. The available 1000 count crickets and worms don’t make sense for a consumer with a single pet. They are staples for reptiles, my chameleon thrives on these worms and crickets. I shop 20-30 times a year for these and have for years. They seems like good candidates to be included considering I have to time my visits to get these before they sell out- there is always demand. So pretty clear, the app has no value if items are not available. Loading complete inventory and specific availability for a particular store is a no-brainer and the minimum standard for a retail app. Across the board from auto supplies to delivery and restaurant apps this is the de facto way to go. So this very regular customer gets no value from the app yet. I will reinstall it again someday to see if items are available in the future.
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2 years ago, krosemoon
Log in error
I was trying to get my free bag of dog food today. The app is so busted that it wouldn’t even register my attempts to log in. I had to completely remove the app from my phone and phones history then reinstall. It still wouldn’t register log in attempts (it would refresh the page when I pressed the button, no incorrect password error or anything) but then it let me bypass by trying to sign in through google which finally flagged the app that I have an account and only then could I log in. This in whole took like 10 minutes in the middle of the store. If the free food coupon was available on the main website it wouldn’t have been a problem. But it’s not. This isn’t the first time I’ve had massive issues with the app. The only reason I know the trick about uninstalling and clearing it from download history is because I’ve had to do it 4-5 times in the past when it would get stuck on the blue “petco” loading screen and the only way to get it to actually load the app was to reinstall from zero.
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4 years ago, Mrs Briles
Thankful there’s an app for Petco but site needs improvement! Many times I click on an item to view & read about only to get a “bad request” page. Which also means I can’t add it to my cart & purchase! It gets VERY frustrating to say the least! It also takes entirely too long to go from page to page, if it’ll even go to the next page! Many, many times it won’t even go to the next page & you find yourself only able to shop from the 1st page! I wish there was an option on the 1st page to click “See all” or “View all” eliminating the need to go from page to page all together. Also, many of your products don’t include measurements within their descriptions... just checkout your Pet Gates. GREAT selection though! Please fix these issues as I’d frequently shop at Petco but with it as it is I’d rather save myself A LOT of time by going with a different company who has a MUCH better website or app. (By the way, I took a screenshot of the “bad request” page to share so you can see exactly what I’m talking about but can’t find a way to attach it with a review.)
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2 years ago, o-vuong
Having problems
Logging in: 1.unable to log in via Gmail (I am only speaking on Gmail log in via app I have not tried other methods as Gmail is my primary) 2.even when able to log in there is no persistence in data or very short login sessions. Which is very problematic since logging in was a monster to deal with having to go through the first problem and deal with however long it took to get in. Especially when my first choice is Petco, when I have problems I dont just open the browser I open petsmart/chewy after. Logging in through mobile browser does not present same issues. Seems to be with ios App only. Using the mobile browser does have its own issues such as long resource loading times but nothing major that would stop the page from working. I have no issue using thr mobile browser it's just a matter of me having the app and not being able to use as intended.
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3 years ago, soloeric4
There’s seems to be an issue with your app. For one, it doesn’t track your bags of food order if you shop in store. I give my number and it will show up in the app that I purchased it, but it won’t track it. I’d have to order through the app for pickup and it will count it there. Doesn’t make any sense. Why even give my pals rewards number to the cashier. Second, how am I unable to change my name in the app, but I can change my address, phone number, email address. Doesn’t make any sense. I checked my account, and someone else’s name was there that is no one I knew. I called customer service to change it, and they changed it for me. Saw the changes in the app. Now, a couple days later, the name on my account is back to the false name. Why? Once again I called customer service and the representative changed only my first name. Said he submitted a ticket to IT for them to change my last name. Lastly, gives a way to remove certain perk unlocks. My dog came microchipped already but I’ll never be able to fulfill that because Petco didn’t microchip them. Makes it unfair for us to complete it. I’ve also been stuck on 75% of profile complete. I’ve gone up and down and around all over the app to see what did I miss. Everything it filled. Picture is uploaded. If I tap on it, nothing. Doesn’t take me to unfinished items to complete my so called unfinished profile. Improve my app experience Petco.
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4 years ago, jamesmckee
Some Suggestions
Happy to see this app continuing to evolve. I still think creating the pet family isn’t user friendly. When I select the grooming service, the drop down menu prompts me to select my dog. One of my dog’s name appears twice and there’s no option to edit/delete. It doesn’t seem tied into the dog/cat family feature (although it seems that it should). Ability to make an appointment for multiple pets in one session would be ideal rather than getting a message that states I have to call the local store to book an appointment for multiple pets. Ability to select more grooming options like just nail trim and buffer. Currently the app requires the user to also get a bath. One can call the store (or just walk in) for a nail trim but that option as a stand alone service doesn’t exist in the app. Also would like to see improved filter capabilities. User should be able to select a category and then filter further to see items in that category available at a user-defined store/location. As it works now, the user can select to filter by availability and choose “in store” and that seems to be an option of “generally being available in Petco stores” because I found that it would show it was not available at my local store even though I filtered to in store via the availability filter.
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12 months ago, JesusHChristo
App is clunky and needs a lot of love
I want to like this app, this is the company I get my pet food from locally. I can’t say it’s ever a good experience using this app and I’m really close to just going with chewy. The search bar in the app never yields accurate searches to what you type, the breakdown menu to narrow your search results doesn’t let me select more than one item, rewards don’t apply all as the option is there and it takes forever to actually load them. There’s constantly deals with 10-20% off and it caps out in the cart at $20 and nowhere in the t&c’s does it mention a cap. Manager at the store told me to contact corporate/ customer service to get the difference… it’s literally a hassle to use their app to get deals and when it’s broken you have to go through the hassle of the phone call. It shouldn’t be this hard. This app needs a lot of software attention to speed it up and streamline things. My suggestion, go to a competitor. Only way to make a change is to hit them in the wallet it seems.
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3 years ago, katiem09
The app is somehow just as bad as their website [for mobile] is
I’ve hit ‘resume’ on my repeat delivery 4 times and had it ask me if I wanted to place the order today or on the next date it would have been and then it says it’s loading and then it just goes back to the page saying my delivery is still paused. This is not the first time something like this has happened, and it’s actually one of the MANY times I’ve had difficulties with setting up my repeat deliveries which results in me just never getting the things I need. I try to use the website instead and it’s just not mobile-user friendly whatsoever either, and I am not even able to access the repeat delivery part of my account. The app and the website are absolutely more time consuming than me just getting in the car and going there.
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5 years ago, Nekocop
Good but room for improvement
This makes searching for products and shopping online so easy and convenient. But everything takes so long to load on this app, doesn’t matter what device I use or what WiFi or data service I’m connected to. Also, the app will not reflect my Pals Rewards information. It simultaneously shows my Pals number, but also acts as if I am not signed up for Pals and does not reflect my points or rewards. I have to log on through a web browser to see all this information. I wish there was also an option to select items already in cart for repeat delivery at check out, instead of having to delete the item from the cart and add it back in with that selection. Also, if I want to see in-store availability for a product, it instead just sends me back to the app home page instead of giving me the information I clicked for. Has potential, but still very glitchy and frustrating.
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6 years ago, Alice22187
As an employee the app is amazing to use to find products easily online for my customers! There needs to be an option for BUY ONLINE PICK UP INSTORE on the app. It is very important to help our customers to find the products available at another store if not available at the current location they are in. PALS REWARDS: on the app it now only gives you the option to load only which sometimes does not work. Under the pals rewards column it needs to give you a “load” or “barcode” option so you can show the barcode of the reward on your phone. This option will make check out experience better and easier for customers. The app needs to have an option to add the rewards card into Apple Wallet. Petco stores do not give out physical reward cards anymore and this will help customers at checkout when it is on their mobile device.
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4 years ago, kaylee.s.
Great in theory, glitches a lot on my phone
I don’t know, but it doesn’t let me access it a lot of times and doesn’t seem very easy to navigate at times. I have to resort to going online and signing into the website because it does weird things where I’ll get stuck on a page with no options to get out (doesn’t go out of page even if I close the app in background and re-open). And here recently, it won’t even let me log in. Keeps giving me an expired session error that says to log back in under the tab, but there’s no tab option for me to click on and it stays on the error screen. And when I click ‘okay’ it simply reloads the error time after time instead of taking me to screen where it has any tabs or options. Annoying for someone wanting the ease of purchasing and scheduling dog grooming appointments directly from the app on their phone to keep everything in the same easy location. For reference, I have Apple iPhone 8 with the latest iOS update.
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3 years ago, Siiennah
I’ll pass on this app
I'm not quite sure what this app is good for yet. I downloaded it and tried using it, but I fail to find the purpose it. First, I tried scheduling an appointment for dog grooming through this app. Scheduling the appointment went smoothly, albeit not any easier than booking the appointment online. However, when I scheduled an appointment, the app didn't show me any record of the appointment or a confirmation. In fact, under my pet's profile, under Reminders, it still says that Grooming for my dog is Overdue even though it shows my dog's Past Appointment as being today's date. Second (and I have to say I'm pretty peeved about this), there was a punch card with a 20% off coupon available to me under the Services tab and Grooming. But when I went to use this card at Petco for 20% off his grooming appointment, I got the "Ruh-oh! Something went wrong…" message. Gee, thanks for pretending to give me $20 off my dog's haircut only to tell me, "Ruh-oh! Just kidding," when it was time to use it. I recommend having a feature in the app that shows the pet's grooming, vet, and dog training appointments. It would be nice to have all the information in one place. I also recommend having a function in the app that allows customers to add their Pals Rewards card information and coupons (like the punch card) to their Apple Wallet. Adding this information to Wallet would help prevent having to deal with the "Ruh-oh! Something went wrong" message.
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5 months ago, CarrieGord
Don’t waste your time! Crappy app and crappy stock availability
I’d give it no stars if I had the opportunity to. I spent 3 1/2 hours trying to navigate through a site that would constantly one out. It took me two hours before I had about 14 items( $190 worth of food and litter ) then it took me another half hour to add my Royalty points, and then another this stupid app charged me 7 times. why seven? Every single time I went to check out, it told me there was not enough stock and to either choose the new location to edit my order. The real kicker is that it couldn’t just tell me all of the items that they were out of. Seven times it took me before I had reduced my stock down to three items and $38. Ask me how I feel having $1260 charged out of my account! It’s no going to the store apparently. Every time I’ve gone there there was low stock or no availability on some of the most popular food and litter. Without shopping for my dog and my cats I’m sure this would’ve been worse. The benefit of shopping, some more else like Petsmart outweighs, whatever benefits, Petco wants to advertise. That’s smart, has loyalty points for every dollar you spend, runs the same or better sales, has better customer service, has more professional groomers to prevent having to wait for weeks for an appointment, an overall much more efficient and accurate when it comes to the quantities. Don’t waste your time.
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