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User Reviews for PetSmart

4.05 out of 5
26.3K Ratings
4 years ago, Meraduff
Makes Booking Services soooo easy
Love that i can view appointment availability and book with a specific groomer directly thru the app! Sort of addicted to the Treat Trail game as well. Also very appreciative of the work that PetSmart does to promote pet adoption and help provide services and resources for homeless animals. Only issue I have with the app is that I have updated my pet’s profile photo NUMEROUS times but somehow a very old picture continues to show up as his profile thumbnail image on the page where you “select a pet.” I have even tried to upload different file types and sizes to see if that would rectify but to no avail. I emailed tech support about this and did quickly receive a reply however the only instruction provided was generic info about how to add a photo and did not help rectify the issue. Obviously, this is not a huge issue about app functionality or ease-of-use but thought it might be helpful as i am sure I am not the only one who has experienced this.
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1 year ago, Zan2004
Could be better
The app is decent for browsing what is sold as of petsmarts collection of products but lacks alot of features that competitors have. I wish there was a barcode scanner that allows you to check price and reviews at a glance. The pet organizer is way to strict and like other apps wants you to map each individual pet. Often times people will have pets and not know when they were born or even adopted I wish there was a way to bypass it easier. Maybe even use a previous purchase receipt system to maybe see when an animal was purchased idk. I wish there was a way to instead of describing appearance I could just say a species name like for example when trying to build my aquatics profile it asks for info I simply don’t posses and I have no clue how to describe the appearance of say my fish like my glow light tetra. I wish there was a way to create a species profile and an community tank profile so I could say I have x amount of y and is in enclosure 1 so I could use it as a filter so when I’m selecting treatments as some animals are compatible with a treatment and others not so it be nice to have more connectivity and control over my animals and have the same respect as say a cat and dog. I understand this is just small stuff but for a big chain store I wish there was more respect and information for all animals instead of just the major two that being cats and dogs.
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4 years ago, Penneywell
One of the worst apps on the market!
I have tried more than six times to place an order through this app for pick up at the store. The order shows up in my cart but that's as far as it goes. The order just keeps recycling back through check out review order check out review order and so it goes. No one at the store knows what is wrong. I have deleted the app three times and reinstalled it, but that does not help. There are times with a sick pet at home when driving to the store is a major inconvenience. Well I certainly won't try this app anymore. UPDATE. I received a notice from Apple support that this developer had sent me a response. The response, which was the same response the developer had used numerous times to other complaints, said they would like to hear what my problem was and they will try to work it through with me. There were two links to click, one to update my review, and the other to contact the developer. So far so good right? So when I clicked the link to contact the developer it basically took me to the Petsmart app where there was no link to the developer. SoI am updating my review so you will know there is no way to contact the developer, and when the developer says they really want to work with you to resolve your problem, they don't really mean that. Because there is no place to contact the developer, only a link that connects you to the Petsmart app, which , of course is what they want you to do.
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9 months ago, MallyMute41
Worst PetStore App Ever
It’s not that Petsmart isn’t a great store with good products, it’s that they have the least functional App of any major company. It’s slow, it freezes, constantly redirects to nothing, and the auto ship function has essentially become a scam. I don’t love Chewy, but at least when I go to their app it works. I can easily browse items. I can easily make changes. And when I attempt to cancel an item from autoship it allows me to instead of constantly taking me a screen that says ‘item not found’ (?!?…I’m not looking for an item, I’m just trying to access autoship so I can remove something). I’ll be honest..clearly I have a recent with autoship where for 3 months I haven’t been able to cancel because of the app and only recently did on the actual website on a computer, but that shouldn’t be that hard to where I’ve spent over $250 I didn’t want to. And the truth is that even before that issue, the app has always been slow, glitchy, and almost impossible to navigate. I want to use Petsmart, which actually employs people at real stores, over something like Chewy, but the lack of improvement in technical areas keeps driving me away…hopefully they will one day fix the issues, but based on a couple attempts to reach their ‘help’ via the phone (which is almost impossible to find help via the app), I have essentially given up.
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2 years ago, JHHshshhehwhdhsjajjs
More difficult than convenient.
I downloaded this app to keep up with my treats, and online orders. Since I go into petsmart at least twice a month I figured me downloading the app would be convenient. The app has to load every five seconds which becomes annoying when you’re trying to create an order. Also, it took me 3 times just to be able to get my payment processed. I was given a confirmation number but after the order was placed, my items are still in the cart and I didn’t receive a confirmation email like it told me I would, still charged though. So, now I have to call petsmart just to see if I actually have an order to pick up. Before I wrote this review, I checked to see when it was last updated and it was only a few days ago. The potential this app has is big, I just feel like they need better ways to execute the smoothness that other store apps give you in order to make it more convenient to use the app instead of complicated. Hopefully the developers come up with something to actually fix the app since most of the reviews are almost the same. I think they would do better just working on the app instead of replying with an email because that’s what reviews are for. I love petsmart though! The app just needs LOTSSS of work🥺
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4 years ago, LoverOfEnglish
Checkout Difficult
I gave this App a 3 Star for three reasons: (1) It is difficult, if not impossible, to pull up your entire order at Checkout to see and/or alter the picked-up items from those shipped to make any changes needed before Checkout; (2) When dealing with online coupons, you are never quite sure if or how they will be applied before you hit the final completion button; and lastly (3) Because you cannot see the entire pick-up and shipped items at once, I had forgotten WHAT the items were that I selected to be shipped, so I ended up canceling the entire order to start over so I could see the shipped items before I would pay the final amount. Thank goodness I did because I had checked with my Vet and he strongly recommended a different supplement than the one (I had forgotten) I had ordered that was only available through shipping. Once I canceled the ENTIRE order, I saw my mistake, and only then was I able to remove it or the wrong one would have been shipped then AUTO-SHIPPED again! When it is a straight forward pick-up ordered online, with no shipping or auto-shipping, it is very convenient! I do not recommend mixing pick-up with shipping or any auto-shipping in the same order. I will make separate orders for all three in the future.
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1 year ago, vandookey
Glitching & Loading Problems
First off, I never do reviews on here simply because most of my apps run perfectly but this one is an entire pain in my rear. I shop online like i shop at the store; i have to look at everything and weigh my options so when I’m going page to page, it’s so unnecessary that i have to wait 15 seconds just for it to load up. I just gave up in frustration to come on here and write this review because I’m trying to place an online order to pick up from the store and i can’t even enjoy my experience because i have to force quit the app every other second. Even worse is when it tweaks out and everything starts glitching. I’ll be scrolling down a page and pretty far down the line, something happens and it brings me right back up to the top where I started. Please PLEASE get your app developers to make this a better experience for your customers, especially since you’re a big chain store in this country and a lot of people rely on it for fast shopping so they don’t have to spend hours in the store deciding on what they want. I use this app more so I can read the reviews on what I’m buying to decide if it’s a good fit or not…. It just seems like y’all ignore the reviews because I’ve read a ton and they all say the same thing yet nothing has been fixed !!
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4 months ago, Archiehunk1
Could be a whole lot better
There is No way to add favorite items to profile. I have attempted many many many times and still no success. There is the option there but it doesn’t work. Not all products are listed that are in the store, so you can only half shop online. Also when you set your profile to a specific species like “cats” that is what’s should bring up. Not everything dog and then nothing cat. The app is very glitchy really. Maybe it needs to be updated with complete working profile options and the ability to add medical cards with actually making a purchase. I need my multiple RX cards in there so if I happen to forget the paper one then it’s on my profile in store. Also can I just request an alert option. I go online or in store and many many times items are always out. I would love the ability to scan an item and get an alert when it comes back in stock. It would make life easier and save time, money, frustration and gas. Also if a store in another state has something please please give us the ability to have an order mailed to us. Like I live in Oregon and Washington gets all the stock but I hate the drive and the extra cost for gas and taxes. Let me order from them and ship it to me.
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4 years ago, jeffhas
Your app stinks. Doesn’t process payments anymore
I’ve used this app for about a year, and for the most part it kinda works... you don’t allow all the services offering for grooming for instance, so if make sure difficult to set up an appointment, you always end up having to change it when you smog to e store and check-in... it’s easier to call and make an appointment and specify the services you request. But by far the most t egregious problem is your payment processing. It use to work, I could pay from the app for services and walk in and collect my pet. However, for the past 3 MONTHS!!!! - your payment processing claims there is an error, but still authorized the charge! - so I as a user think “hmm, an error, I should try again”( since it tells you there’s an error and stars try again later... so I end up with 4 or 5 charges that I have to wait to fall off to make sure you don’t actually charge me. Even if I switch cards, delete the cards, re-add the cards or add new cards, it still has the same error and same multiple authorizations... AND THEN I still have to pay when I get to the store manually anyways! Just DON’T HAVE AN APP, that way I don’t spend my time on the app and I can just call or go in like we’re troglodytes and not a modern functioning society - outside of PetSmart. So frustrating.
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4 years ago, Dnice842
Needs work
The app is just okay- I only ever use it to book appointments and even that is a bit frustrating. I have two dogs and it boggles my mind that I can’t book them at the same time. I have to book one, and once I’m done booking him, I have to book the other one and hope that the same groomer has another spot at the same time- which they usually don’t but I can’t know that because- for whatever reason, all of the groomers’ appointment slots aren’t shown. SO MANY TIMES I’ve had to go back and cancel my first pets appointment and try all over again, or I’ll have to schedule one at one time, and the other 30 minutes later. Also, I feel like the treat trail game for coupons is kind of ridiculous- especially for busy people. I don’t have time to (literally) play games and try and get a higher score to get a better coupon. Why aren’t the coupons just available to you like any other business? I mean, it’s a cute game, I just don’t have the time. I also feel like having coupons/discounts in one place would be the most helpful- like having them on the front page where the points are at, instead of having the points page, discounts at the bottom of the “shop” page, and then the “treat trail” page. Too complicated.
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3 years ago, Poe79
The worst app ever?!
It’s like this app was designed by a competitor to keep you from shopping at PetSmart!!!! You can’t purchase ANYTHING! You try to put ANYTHING in the cart, you end up with the permanent circle of death. You try to check out, circle of death again. Try to reorder something from your last order...I’ll give you one guess!!! - YEP! Permanent circle of death. This app crashes CONSTANTLY. It’s glitchy, and when you try to add something to the cart it crashes...that’s if it even LOADS! It’s been like this for MONTHS!! Do they not read the reviews?!?! RANDOM times it will work as a tease...then the next 5 times...if you’re reading this you KNOW what I’m talking about! How can a large chain like this have SUCH a garbage application? With all the kids at home during COVID have a 12 yo build you an app with their BASIC level of programming!! They’d do a better job than this garbage! Maybe have a contest?!?! Because it CANNOT get worse!!! I have to believe this app can be hacked my a 5 year old in Albania with the most limited skills it’s SOOO terrible & glitchy!!! My information CANNOT be secure with SUCH a bad piece of technology, unless the hacker has the same issues trying to navigate the app the rest of us do!!!! I’m going to the competitors down the street. I just had to get my frustration out quick.
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1 year ago, Beckaroo81
Gave it a 3 for my frustration
I absolutely love PetSmart! I love the treat point system and the discounts along with the pickup and shipping options. However, I gave the app a 3 out if 5 star rating due to my overall frustration trying to use the online app. It is not very user friendly. I get anxiety and frustration every time I use it to be honest. This app loads items extremely slow! If I click on something it takes too long in my opinion to load up. I find that I’ll click on the menu options only to find they don’t exist, I have been booted out of the app because of this app having a confused moment. If I try to go back to a page the app gets all discombobulated etc. It’s just very annoying. I still use the app but I dread it every time because I know I’m going to get very irritated using it! Which I’m annoyed now to the point that attempting to add stuff to my cart lead to my review now. I need to take a minute and think if these items are that important to buy right now from PetSmart or just get it somewhere else to avoid extra frustration. It should not take this long to find what I need and add it to my cart! Ugh
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3 years ago, Pharagill
To say it’s clunky is a compliment
I think the app has potential, but it’s really not there yet. Everything is just clunky and not very efficient or as well organized as other stores’ apps. Worst is that I put in all the information for an order, only to find no button to complete it at the end! I looked all over the page and even reentered my information to make sure I didn’t miss it somewhere. At least I was able to complete it from their website. The curbside pickup feature works OK as far as the app part of it is concerned (though check your order to make sure it’s all correct!). Another big complaint I have is that if an item is currently out of stock, you can’t back order. If it’s found to be out of stock after you order, it’s just cancelled with no alternative. I still need vitamin C supplements for my guinea pigs! A lot of these products are basic necessities for our pets, not something we can decide to just not buy. Just hold that part of the order or have an option to ship it when it comes in. Otherwise I have to wait and keep checking hoping next time I’ll be able to place my order before they run out again! What a pain…
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8 months ago, xbrittainyx
They removed Treat Trail without warning
The best part of PetSmart was the Treat Trail game. Not just the app, but the store in general. The Treat Trail game in the app offered up to a 20% off coupon once a month, making my brand of dog food affordable. So much so that I refused to switch to Chewy or another store because PetSmart was more affordable. I told my friends and family about the app because of the game. During the most recent update (Nov 2, 2023), they removed the Treat Trail game. There was no mention in the app dev report, there was no email alerting customers (despite receiving multiple sale emails from PetSmart, obviously they could contact their customers if they wanted to). Not only was the coupon a wonderful benefit, but the game itself was extremely enjoyable! The levels got progressively challenging without being tedious, and it felt like you truly achieved something when you got 3 stars on the hardest level. Due to this most recent development, I will most likely be purchasing my pet items elsewhere in the future. I highly encourage others to do the same, as it seems PetSmart has decided to forgo its most unique marketing asset without so much as alerting its loyal customers to the change. An incredible disappointment.
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1 year ago, Starrwed16
Nothing but trouble
It’s mind boggling that in 3 yrs Petsmart, being the big box store that it is, can’t resolve these issues. I keep having the same issues as all the other reviewers. It takes sometimes up to a minute to add an item to the cart. Then, if the app hasn’t glitches beyond use by the time you’ve come to checkout, which is rare to get that far in the order process, you finally get to the checkout only to be met by the “Ruh roh” of death. So you’ve spent sometimes far longer on the app than you would in store only to have to go to the website. The problem there is, sometimes the website can be glitchy as well. Today I had the great fortune of this exact happening. I seem to have actually have been denied access to the petsmart website mid-checkout for some reason. So now I can’t access my order through the app, and I can’t sign on to the website to finish my checkout. I spend more money on pet food a month than I do my own food, and I can’t even figure out a way to give Petsmart my money today it seems. I absolutely dread when it’s time to fill up the pet pantry anymore. Can’t someone figure this out. Geez already.
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4 months ago, Lulu8517
Needs a lot of work.
I hate being negative but there are so many problems with this app. I place a lot of online orders and unfortunately the app will not process them. It won’t let me check out. I have to use the browser. If I have things in my cart or go to add something else and continue to cart it says half the stuff I added is unavailable. If I close out and go to browser it’s fine. If I keep closing and reloading the app it will work but I don’t have time for that. I can search a certain product on the browser and it pops right up but the same exact wording on the app won’t bring up anything. My favorites list does not work on the app. Only on browser and even then it works 1 out of 5 times. It says I don’t have a favorite list but I def do. I usually have to go to past orders to find things. Like another reviewer said please add a price scanner! That would be so nice because I do price match online in store and it would be easy to scan than search. I’m deleting the app but if there was a scanner I would add it back again but as it is now it’s useless to me.
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1 year ago, Mama Bojalejugiop
Very Disappointed
As mama to 11 fur babies, you can imagine the $ I spend to ensure they each are incredibly healthy and living their best lives. I have been a loyal PerSmart customer for several years and have always recommended them, as their loyalty/“treats” program has been fantastic. Until recently anyway. They frequently will have exclusive treats rewards that you may only earn by ordering online. The problem is whenever they have these really great incentives, their app (and website) will have some sort of “glitch” and will not allow you to checkout to complete your purchase. By the time they get the issue “fixed”, the treat reward has expired. I have called customer service, however they just tell you “sorry for the inconvenience, but if you check out as ‘guest’ and call us back, we can submit a ticket to have the treat points credited to your account “. The problem with that is there is not an option to check out as a guest-you are required to sign up. Not sure what has happened with this company, but they have definitely changed and not for the better. I guess it’s time to jump over to the Chewy wagon.
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4 years ago, fix the issues!!!!!!!
Buyer Beware when checking out
I placed an order for 2 items to pick up curbside. When I arrived at the store, it recognized that I was there. I clicked, “I’m here” and it took me to my order. It asked me which order I was picking up. Both location names were the exact same so I didn’t understand why it would only let me pick one item at a time. Nonetheless, I picked one item and waited thinking I’ll just clear it up with whoever walks my order out. I waited and waited, no one came out and there was no way to go back to the “I’m here” part of the app. I finally had to Google the phone number to call and see what was going on. As I was on hold, I clicked on my order history and noticed my 2 orders were placed at different stores. The location name was still exactly the same but the addresses were different. The app allowed me to place my one order (with only 2 items) at 2 different stores! I had to spend an hour of my day driving around town picking my 2 items up. Super frustrating! There should be measures in place to not allow that to happen. On the other hand both associates who walked my orders out were both super friendly. Just fix the app!
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4 years ago, dreamAngel6669
Love PetSmart, Loathe the App
I have been a loyal PetSmart customer for 17+ years, through 4 moves and 2 states. I was so excited when they finally brought out an app, but that was short lived. For the last 2 years I haven't actually been able to log in to the app, though I could log into my Treats account on the web, but there's no Treat Trail game on the web version and with 5 dogs and 2 cats the coupons I could earn through the game were great (for the 6 months or so that I could log into the app). So today I get excited again because I see the message that says they're no longer using social media to log in (my log in had been through Facebook, I didn't want it to be but was told there was no way to change it to email) and I had to create a new account using email. Did that right away, verified my email, the web browser pulled up my account information right away with my treats and all previous orders, then I tried the app to see if I can play Treat Trail and... Ruh Roh. We don't recognize that email and or password... I'm about to switch my 7 pets to Petco, which is a shame, but tech support hasn't fixed the issue so I don't know what else to do honestly.
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4 years ago, Vinocitingalamode
Search and filter has serious issues
No suggestions pop up when typing in the search bar. I use extremely simple search terms and do not get anything close to what I’m looking for. I searched dander spray and got Danner Aquarium products only. No sprays. No products with “dander” anywhere in the description. I search cat dander and the first results are litter, cat food, cat tree, etc. I search for a cat grooming product and get cat food or spot cleaner for generic pet stains. It seems like it just takes one keyword from the search which is not helpful. Whatever search engine or algorithm is being used is terrible and needs replacing. The filter function is almost worse. I will select one filter and get zero results when I know Pet Smart 100% carries the item (I tested it). For some of the filter fields, there are no options—they just say “View Results”. There is no favorite or wishlist feature that I’m aware of so you can save a product you might want to buy. I have to add things to my cart in case I want to check on it again later. It’s a pretty basic feature that every shopping app should have.
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2 years ago, biscuitflyer
There are a couple issues
Overall it’s a good app. However , there are a couple issues. The good is it has an adequate search engine. The issue is it isn’t always accurate and honestly that’s what’s needed is accuracy. If you order to pick up you don’t always get accurate info. I discovered in the app an item was listed as insufficient product for my request. Only to get to the store myself to see what else might be available. Wow ! There was the product I was told wasn’t available. It often doesn’t suggest a similar product either if the one you want isn’t available..( or is but is indicated it’s not , or it is at another location without resorting to shipping which is subject to a minimum purchase for free shipping ). If the stock and any arriving stock could be accurately counted, that would be helpful. Or - just forget online and go to your local store. It saves frustration
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4 years ago, SunAZGrrl
Decent App
I’ve been using app for more than a year. I have never had an issue logging in. When I add items to my cart and unexpectedly get pulled away or distracted and need to close the app, the items always remain in cart so I can continue adding on or checking out when I reopen app. I’ve added my pets to app so making appointments and searching for specific items is a breeze. Disappointingly I am able to play the treat trail game to earn coupons but have NEVER been able to apply them at checkout when I’m placing order through the app. And I find it disappointing that I can’t add dog/cat clothing items to my order in the app, it always says for in-store purchase only. This is also the case for items that go on sale or clearance. I am not able to go into store do shopping like normal because of my mobility AND now because of the covid virus pandemic. I do like the curbside pickup and hope they keep that even afterwards. But I really wish I was able to purchase those dog and cat outfits and feel that I’m missing out.
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4 years ago, tea1967
Pretty awesome
I really like this app it’s easy to use and convenient. I do have issues though, too many products are in store purchase only and also are too often out of stock on quite a few items. Not great on having a lot of different products to choose from either. But like I said though I like the app because of ease of use and convenience. On pricing, like anywhere, they vary. Most items in the app are pretty well priced but other products are pretty high in price just like any place you shop but I do trust PetSmart so that’s why I’ll stick with them unless I think a price is just too high for the item I’m wanting then I’ll do a little research and see who has the most inexpensive price but so far doing so I’ve always came back to the PetSmart app or store because like I said I trust them. Hope this is helpful for people searching for the right app to use for your precious fur babies. It is the best one I’ve found yet
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8 months ago, Mauimama9
Disappointing App
Been using this app for years now and the experience has not improved after numerous reports of issues I have submitted. I don’t even receive the “obligatory we are reviewing your complaint and will contact you soon” email. It’s just completely ignored and the issues compound. The app lacks many features competitors have, stock available is not accurate, adding new payments methods is so frustrating I have been using competitors for ease of use and ask for match pricing, which they always do, even though it’s a longer drive for pick up, page back button almost always takes me back to the start up page instead of the PREVIOUS page 😡, discounts/offers are never populated at check out even when we use the actual page for the sales that the app takes you too nor does it allow us to check out when the correct items are placed into our cart when in stock, I mean the list I have asked for the developer team to look at is longer than what is stated here with ZERO response or corrections with our issues. I have been a Petsmart customer for 19 years so the lack of customer service with this app has been the biggest reason we have switched 80% of our purchases to competitors. We only shop at Petsmart in store now when items are out of stock at the competition or when time is a factor. It’s unfortunate our experience has been so poor with being long time store patrons but our patronage isn’t important here. Don’t bother downloading this.
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4 years ago, HoustonGay
Love the voiceover accessibility improvements
I had to come back and redo my rating of a simple 2 after such a horrible experience using Voiceover A few years ago. Before, I couldn’t even login because the app was not accessible at all. I recently tried because of the pandemic and I was able to log in, complete my profile And input my personal and dogs information. This is such an improvement! However, when I was trying to make a grooming appointment, I could get all the way to the place where I choose the date and groomer but once I made all these selections, that screen only had two buttons that were not labeled. I couldn’t use accessibility features to finalize the appointment. I had to call to set up the appointment and then it showed up in my account and I was able to confirm and add it to my calendar. If the whole process could be made accessible, I could give this app a 5 star rating finally.
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4 years ago, KJLuLo
Confusing and frustrating
I do enjoy the convenience of having an app, however it feels like it is missing important features. Instead of an Order History, it has “points history” which is on its own page instead of with your account information. Maybe it’s just me, but on pretty much every other app I use, it’s on the page where you can look at your account. You also can’t click on something you’ve purchased previously and have it open up so you can order again. And my biggest issue is I’ve never once received an online receipt or confirmation for my order so I usually wait a few hours and then call the store to confirm they received my order and it’s complete. My email address is correct so either the app is very messed up and does not offer this at all, or there is an issue with my account specifically. To me it’s kind of important to have record of my order as well as to possibly have notification when it has been completed and is ready for pickup like every other company has.
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7 years ago, punkin & Brook
Pet information add
Hi there, I am a pet owner of two dogs ( 13 & 5)and I have used Petsmart and Banfield for each of them sent being purchased. I have used the grooming, doggie daycare and vet services/ wellness plans as well but when I go to your app it shows no history of visits? I ask the current store I go to and the response was shocking... “ um. The app doesn’t connect the the software data” sorry. I have 2 current pet hotel reservations in the system plus grooming...Then why the hell do we fill the app information out and have a profile if it doesn’t merge? Also it should show if your coupons are expired. My husband and I have spent thousands of dollars at these locations world wide as we travel for his job and utilize these services to our advantage when looking for housing and this is the solution? Happy Holidays. Punkin & Brooks Mom &Dad
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1 year ago, golden-hamster5
Decent app! But Somethings they should do.
It’s a decent app, although gone through the local store and they have more stuff than the website does, and the store has more to offer. So I wold recommend putting every thing that is offered in any store, into the online store. 2nd of all, it’s easy to use. All though sometimes I have to close and reopen the app multiple times in order for it to work and actually search what I’m looking for. So PetSmart if you can fix that, then I’d give you a five star review. I also bought a pop out tunnel for my cat that never came to my house, but luckily I went to the store and got a refund and got it in person. It also would not let me review a fish tank but just to let you know I would rate it one star because it ripped up my fishes tail😢. If your looking to download this app you should but you might have some trouble. Also PetSmart if you are reading this, then please 🙏 fix this.
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3 years ago, Dannydiddy
Bugged out beyond belief; old and achy
This application is REPLETE WITH BUGS. I can log in with my creds just fine in the browser but the app refuses to allow me to login. It will either say the cress are wrong or doesn’t allow me to click the button even when it holds as though it’s clickable. The UX (when not signed in) is also highly inconvenient—takes more than 3 ‘clicks’ to get anywhere and most of the services in the automated line don’t exist in the app. The purchasing process takes just as long as it does in the browser, as well, so the app becomes obsolete altogether. The search functionality is terrible—I can type the exact product title and still not get the correct result. Come on now PetSmart! This is so frustrating it makes me want to only shop at Petco. At least they kept up with the times and don’t have archaic technology. (I also have several friends that work for PetSmart that tell me the systems the workers use are just as bad). You have to spend money to make money—if you aren’t willing to pay for good developers (i.e. invest in tech), get out of the game. Signed, an IBMer
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8 months ago, TheColorBug
Doesn’t function like it should
This app is always incredibly slow, regardless of how high the quality of the Internet providers services. Navigating between pages takes way longer than it should, as does opening the app in general. This is especially true when there’s a sale and everyone is using it trying to take advantage of the same time. I don’t give this feedback just as someone who uses the app, but also as an employee who constantly receives phone calls from people who have difficulty taking advantage of the sales and deals online, both on the app, and on our website. They have issues where they attempt to place their order, but it doesn’t allow them to navigate to the next page or it gives them trouble when they reach the payment screen. Sometimes it sends them a confirmation and we never even get the order on our end. Devs seriously need to do some investigating and updating!
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1 year ago, AMTE16
Easy to navigate but this always crashes on me
Love that I can set my dogs’ grooming appointments but it makes online shopping AWFUL. I tend to arrange for store pick up to coincide when my dogs have appointments because it’s super convenient. But more times than not, the app crashes before I can finish shopping and every time it crashes, it removes everything from my cart. If it’s not crashing, it’s taking ages to load, even just clicking in between options for 1 item (ex. Food package sizes). It’s been so frustrating to the point where unless there’s a really good price at Petsmart now, I’d rather shop with an online competitor of theirs through that competitor’s app and just waiting for delivery. If you add up the time I spend shopping and adding to my Petsmart app cart, waiting for pages to load, and dealing with the frequent crashes, it comes out to about the same time I’m spending shopping on the other company’s app and waiting for them to deliver to my house.
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2 years ago, carol ellis
PetSmart App
It has everything you can buy all services make appointments everything you need at your fingertips !! I love it and so easy to use ! CarolEllis I have a dachshund Piper and I’m handicapped so getting her there for an appointment is so difficult so whenever I call for a grooming they work with the time & day I need . They shorten her nails short as they can with a Dremel I know she’s hard to do that because she hates to have her paws touched and she’s so soft & smells great ! The people in the grooming department are very nice , knowledgeable, great work and patient !! I couldn’t take her anyway else ! She’s done on fantastic time it gives my daughter time to get all her & myself needs for all the pets we have a great prices ! Thank you Carol Ellis & Piper ♥️🐾 Sent from my iPhone
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4 months ago, Solar Vega
Fix Add payment card function
Please please please fix the add payment card functionality in the app. I take my dog to Petsmart grooming often, and I would like to pre-pay in the app before pick-up. The problem is you need to add a payment card in order to pay, but after you add all of the card details, clicking, the continue button does not work, it does nothing. I’ve done this a few times and I guess not often enough to know that it just doesn’t work, so I might as well just go into the store and pay, but to be honest, it’s very frustrating. I will say that the entire process for scheduling a grooming appointment is quite easy and frictionless, and so happy to continue using the mobile app going forward. Keep up the good work “mobile” team, and keep challenging yourselves to raise the bar on an easy, intuitive customer experience your users expect.
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2 years ago, 22y06m15dchristine
App lies
I just checked my dog in for petshotel for a Wednesday to Monday stay. When booking, the app allows booking of grooming and notes zero charge to add on bath with furminator and haircut. The person checking me in first was delightful and professional. A second female (with long hair) stepped in when a frequent customer came in after me and started complaining that she had to go to work and was running late. My transaction was put on hold until the complaining customer was taken care of. The person checking me in (with long hair) continued asking the questions that I had already answered. She then told me that the grooming work was separate and not included in the petshotel fee. The app clearly shows that it is. This is an increase of over 100$! The app falsely advertises the fees and misrepresents the service, misleading your customers. I have screen captures. I am so tired of the app inconsistencies and the lack of people skills in some, not all, of the staff. I didn’t complain that I was being delayed to work either.
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1 month ago, Cynthia Sa.
Awful app waste of time
I go to PetSmart very often. I love my store but when you try to buy something on the app is awful. To start it takes forever to for the app to put items on the car, then whenever you are ready to checkout but maybe you want to modify something like take out an item a Or ad one last minutes then it just completely crash and even slower and takes everything out from the car saying an error has occurred your car is empty then you have to waste another 20 min (yes at least 20 minutes) to put everything back on. This happens especially when there is an offer that is online only like save 20%. Is annoying and maybe is not on purpose or on purpose but honestly looks like if the company wants to make it impossible to place an order on those times. With all the money this company gets I would think they would invest in a better system and people that know how to properly design and make this app effective.
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8 months ago, AppleAddixion
Very Glitchy Time Waster
I’ve used the app several times over the last couple years and it will often just quit, load slowly, and often doesn’t recognize cards. I’ll end up going to the actual website using safari to finish orders and their website isn’t much better. One of the worst things is that it will allow you to add stuff for same day and then not work. If I go to website it changes everything to 12 counts as a minimum for each line item. It should state this on the app and I’m not sure why you would be required to have so many. I order 5-7 different foods, usually in 4 count or so. I don’t need 12 of each and the requirement makes no sense, esp. since they use door dash. I end up going to the local grocer, or ordering on Walmart app most of the time, esp. if I can’t go to the store. A minimum order price would make much more sense. I was a frequent shopper, but just realized I haven’t used PetSmart for several months, largely due to the user experience.
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2 years ago, JigokuShoujoXIV
Very buggy
It won’t let me do the one and only thing I do on a regular basis, book grooming appointments for my dog. It says my dog must be at least 8 weeks old. The thing is, she’s 2 years old and has been groomed many times at petsmart ! Even weirder is that when she’s done being groomed, it lets me pay for her service on the app, the same app and pet profile that wouldn’t let me book her appointment in the first place. So it’s inconvenient to have to book on a computer if I’m not near one. There’s nothing wrong with her profile itself, because selecting her name on the computer browser version lets me book an appointment. But selecting her name on the app and suddenly she’s “too young”? To top it off, I still haven’t been able to add my parakeet. It gives an error message and won’t let me add her. The app is pretty useless for me if I can’t use it to book dog grooming services ….which is just about the only thing I do at Petsmart every month.
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1 year ago, MoodyMandy
It should not take me a full hour (and many times even longer) to place an order of just a few items, and all my items are just reorders!! This is the nuttiest and most horrific app and website to place an order from! And it’s not just once or twice, IT’S EVERY SINGLE BINGLE TIME. My anxiety goes through the roof trying to place my orders. And constant constant updates, when I’ve just updated it like 2 days ago… Glitches, app closes, promos don’t work, loads forever, website only allows 24 cans of an item, whereas the app allows individual cans for same day delivery, so when the app goes awry, I try to go to the website and sometimes forget about this 24 mandatory thing and then my whole order is messed up because there’s not enough in stock, then I have to start ALL OVER from the beginning and remove those items.. and God forbid I go back to review something, then the cart won’t open… There’s more, but in short. It’s a terrible terrible app. 😰😰😰
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3 years ago, Hey yo 17
Last several times I’ve tried to place an order it won’t let me. Today I had my cart ready and when I went to pay it gave me the message something had went wrong. So I went to the site on my computer and when I went to check out the site had changed my pickup from 22 items to 193. They had added 11 or 12 items to each quantity. The app and browser changed my location to pick up to a different store that was 250 miles away. I had to change it back about 5 times. I had to start my order over again on the app and once again change my store location and tried to place it again and got another error message. So went back to the browser and was finally able to place my order. Since I wasnt able to finish the order on the app though they took the discounts away because it was only supported by the app and cost me another 3-5 dollars. I haven’t actually been able to get the app to complete an order in 4-5 months.
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4 years ago, SquirrelyRae
Forcing update that my iOS version can’t run
This app is insisting I update to the latest version which requires a newer version of iOS that I don’t have and may not be able to run because of the age of my iPhone. The petsmart app refuses to open and the only option is to select “update now.” A week or so ago I went ahead and attempted to download and install the updated app and of course it didn’t work, but after downloading it, the app recognized that my iOS was older and offered an earlier version as an install. So after downloading an app I knew wouldn’t work I had to wait for a reinstall of the version that was already on my phone prior to being replaced by he one that doesn’t work. I’d hoped that would be it but it’s back to insisting I update the app again to the version that won’t work. This app was already forcing updates upon startup often, so instead of the convenience of placing a quick pickup order for my local store (reason for the app) I wasted a lot of time waiting on updates to download and install.
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2 months ago, 2728483$2!!3;&;&3!
Could use some updating
I shop at Pet Smart pretty frequently, it’s my go to dog supply store. They’re the only ones who sell Joyhound Rip roarin dog toys. I have a German/Anatolian shepherd, he chews through toys like nothing. I buy these in bulk once a year and they always last him, they’re the only ones I’ve came across that he loves and doesn’t ruin immediately. On another note, the app was just updated yesterday (March 31st) I was browsing to buy my bulk dog toys and the app crashes, it does it quite often, but considering it was just updated that shouldn’t be an issue. Also you guys should really consider having toys, food, meds, leashes, etc. shipped from stores when not available from the warehouse. That’s how most online businesses work now, it makes it more convenient and y’all can make more money 🤷🏼‍♀️ thank you for reading this if you did my dog loves your stuff 🫶🏻
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4 years ago, Zenman!
Cumbersome and Inept App
One of the biggest wastes of time in the App Store. Location keeps defaulting to the Store closest to me, not the one I intend to pick up the order at despite resetting my preferred Store repeatedly. Now that I struggled through all that to get my Shopping Cart ready, the “Checkout” option is grayed out apparently because 1 can of dog food in my order is no longer available and the app doesn’t respond to the “Remove Item” option. So, now that Petsmart has effectively prevented me from shopping from their poor excuse of an app and picking it up in their store, I’ll just go to the nearby grocery store and get pet food there. The ability to provide app feedback to Petsmart is non existent because the send key in the App Feedback section is grayed out, as well. Come on Petsmart, show us you actually want our business and spend a little money to have a decent, self-contained app that’s capable of doing something as simple as placing an order. What you have now is an insult to your customers and the Petsmart brand.
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7 months ago, BlueConna
Used to be better
Favorites list now doesn’t show favorites unless you go to the PetSmart website. If you look for products online in the app it will say it’s in stock when it’s not in the store and never has been, the store in my town doesn’t carry a certain type of litter I’ve been looking for but the one the next town over does but the app shows that my towns store carries it for some odd reason. Someone has mentioned this before, but the auto ship feature compare to the regular shipping feature if you’re looking at them at checkout is confusing and there is nothing to show a difference between the two. Another thing is that in the app if you have to go do something on your phone real quick and come back to the app it refreshes what you were on and you lose your page and sometimes progress, this has been a on going problem before the past 2-3(?) updates.
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3 years ago, say oooommmm!
Awful. A complete nightmare. Only one star
You will never get straight to checkout. Something is going to happened every time. You will need to upload your prescriptions and vet info every time!!! and even though the application encourages you to upload your prescriptions to make the buying experience faster, you will find yourself waiting at least 3 days until they verify your prescriptions. You can buy something to be shipped (and have the confirmation email) and a week later you call and find out that your order was received as “ pick up at store” and even cancelled because you never showed! And you never knew the whole saga until you called trying to find out why your order never arrived. The call center can do anything to correct the situation and I haven’t yet received a refund confirmation or a cancellation or order notice. The only way to cancel an order is calling the call center. You cannot cancel it from the app. Do you need more??
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4 years ago, ARKel2
Schedule online or via Groomer
I brought our schnauzer for a bath and haircut today. He is scheduled for these services on a monthly basis and has been coming to the same groomer for about two years. Today when I called to confirm I was told no haircut had been scheduled. This is the same thing my husband was told when he brought him last month. Last month was the first time after the coronavirus began that we were able to bring him in due to service restrictions. The groomer said she could give him a partial cut and bath but not the full cut. She had 4 dogs scheduled at the same time. I kept hearing my appointment was made online; I checked online and it said "full haircut". Don't they have same access to info the customer has? While we are on the subject, if dropping off instructions are changed then change the instructions on your phone messages and signage as well to lessen the confusion when you arrive at the store . We will be looking for another location to get our pet business done. ARKellner
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3 years ago, Luvthisgenre
Zero Stars
Unfortunately I have to give 1 star to complete this rating but in reality, this app deserves 0 stars. It has been broken for over a week. It will allow me to make selections, but when I go to the next step to PAY for what is in the cart, the error message keeps saying “Ruh-Roh, there is an error. Try again later”. I’ve been trying for 7 days and no change. I contacted the Schererville store and they don’t handle online issues and told me to contact corporate. I called and reported the problem and the person answering the phone was more interested in getting me to redeem my points than listening to the problem. She stated she would open a ticket and to try to finish my order later. Either she didn’t report the problem or your IT department leaves much to be desired. I have removed the app and reinstalled it and still get the same error. I tried ordering thru your website instead of the app with the same results. If you don’t care to resolve this issue, then I can find another vendor.
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7 months ago, why cant i post my review
Ordering seemed to shut down my app
I was hesitant to order off the app for a long time I enjoyed the little game they had for coupons (that seems to have moved on) but it was nice to browse and keep track of my points etc. I placed my first order and went to pick it up and everything went well. Now I have gone to try placing another order and my app has almost shut down. I have a store I pick up at down the street that has been my chosen pick up store but it can’t seem to find it and when I try to change the store it can’t find any or won’t load. I tried to add an item to my cart but it can’t even load to add the item. I tried same day delivery but once it finds my address and a good store for me it won’t let me load the item to put it in the cart. Pretty disappointing for a large scale company unfortunately
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5 years ago, Anongirl34
Do NOT use for appointments
This app is horrible for booking appointments. Every time I attempt to use it there is an issue. A few months ago I booked an appointment and then received a call that the appointment never should have showed as being available and they had nothing for at least 3 days. The other day I figured I would try it again and scheduled an appointment for today at 10AM. I received 2 confirmation texts and an email with the date and time. This morning I received a phone call a little after 9AM asking if I was bringing my dog in because his appointment was at 9 and I was late. The system put my dog in an hour earlier with a totally different groomer. After talking to the girl and explaining I had confirmation texts she fit him in at the time I needed. I appreciated it but it’s not fair to the grooming staff and it’s nothing but aggravation for me. PetSmart needs to get their developers to fix these issues with the scheduling. Everyone I’ve talked to who has used it has had similar issues to me.
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5 years ago, Anonymous33445
Can’t even use it
I hate how they haven’t fixed the issue of adding or editing pet profiles! I have one pet profile from last year of my chihuahua but I can’t even book grooming appointments since the app won’t let me add/edit anything to her profile. Her profile has her name and picture but not her birthday or breed. So whenever I try to make a grooming appointment it won’t let me due to a message stating that my dogs have to be at least 8 weeks old. My dog is 3 years but since the app won’t let me add her profile she technically has no age. It’s frustrating, I uninstalled the app and downloaded it again and still. The problem still persists whenever I want to create a new one for my new puppy. I create the profile and after competing it a message pops us “Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later.” I’ve been trying later and waiting for 4 months already. It’s sad how the developers haven’t fixed this issue. I love PetSmart but now I’m going to have to ditch this app and try the Petco one.
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4 years ago, hrdillard
Useless during COVID restrictions
I have been a PetSmart customer for almost 25 years. Today, I am reconsidering that choice. PetSmart began offering curbside pickup in response to the COVID restrictions. However, only SOME of their food is available to be picked up curbside. If a 30-lb bag of dog food is available curbside then a 12-pack of Friskies canned food should be available, too. Interestingly, it’s the premium, expensive brands that are available. We all understand right now when we order something that ultimately is unavailable when we pick it up. However, the app says that half of their items are “Available for in-store pickup only” which is very different from being unavailable. I have Type 1 Diabetes which puts me in the high-risk group. Because food for my pets is as essential as food for me, I will have to put myself at risk by going in the store in order to feed them. This app and curbside pickup are nothing more than a PR gimmick if PetSmart is not making ALL cat and dog food available on the app.
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