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User Reviews for Pilot Flying J: myRewards Plus

4.68 out of 5
28.7K Ratings
3 years ago, indy oldschool
Pay parking
Trying to find a parking spot at night and sometimes in the day and got to pay for it don’t make sense if the Love’s don’t charge why do you? To me that’s been greedy we work for you and everyone else in the USA that’s not right I understand things in the store and fuel going up but charge Drivers for parking that’s not right and most parking lots got holes and trash in it you are not making it bigger if you do it will have more pay parking....I am just “1” Truck Driver so I know this don’t mean nothing to you, yes I Fuel and buy somethings at your store but I Sleep at the Love’s it’s FREE I am very appreciate the fuel points but come on have you forgot who made you as big as you are IF YOU GOT IT A TRUCK DRIVER BROUGHT IT TO YOU 🚛🚚😊🙃😇.... Thank You for your time.
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5 years ago, viperlabs
App functions okay, but content needs improving
First and foremost, there needs to be a “contact us about this store” feature like the Love’s app that sends a message to both the store and corporate. I don’t always want to speak to a manager, and I would feel better knowing a team at corporate is following up on the resolution to reported problems. If the messaging system were built into the app, you could preload it with certain topics (maintenance, cleanliness, food, parking, staff, other, etc.) and respond directly to drivers about the progress of the reported issue. It goes a long way when people feel heard and see results. I have encountered stores which have Reserve parking, but it doesn’t appear in the app. I have also been to a location that the app says has the enhanced WiFi experience, but it doesn’t. When I asked the store, the manager knew about the problem but the information in the app hasn’t been corrected. I called the main customer service number, but hung up after waiting on hold too long. For a few months, the app has said I have one notification, but nothing is indicated once inside the app. I have navigated to every page and even deleted and reinstalled the app and the “1” notification is still there. This is on an iPhone 6S Plus, latest iOS (currently 12.1), and latest myPilot app (currently 4.2.0).
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2 years ago, Hotdod2021
Parking lot conditions and related issues
I have seen many truck stops over my 5 years of otr. It’s sad to think that these large companies don’t reinvest back into their location. Flying J and Pilot are the worst in terms of location maintenance. Most truck and trailer parking areas are in poor shape. Pot holes, limited working lights and trash build up are big issues. Inside the store also have issues. Long waits for showers, staged boxes of freight and poorly stoked shelf’s and coolers are a common issue. And of late location are increasing their reservation parking areas to gain more profit. Without drivers on the road our economy as we know it would fall apart. We alone make the system work and we are forced to deal with the greed of these companies. It’s bad enough we are forced to pay 40-50% more for the goods in the store, but now you want us to pay for parking. It’s a shame. I hope that these company’s think twice before they make more bad decisions. One day down the road it might be the time driver say enough. Take note: Generation of drivers haven given you the opportunity to grow your business, but they can easily take it away!!!
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3 weeks ago, another fed up driver
App is bad!
I used to like this app but a couple weeks ago it logged me out and I had to log back in, no problem but it wouldn’t accept my password. So I changed it and tried to log in, it wouldn’t accept it, kept saying I had to change my password, so I did it again, even restarted my phone in case that was the issue. Still wouldn’t accept my password and said I needed to change it so I just gave up. The next day I pulled up the app to deal with the issue and it logged me in just fine. Today I pulled up the app for a shower and it popped up a box saying I had to update the app in order to continue, so I clicked on it. It took me to the App Store but the app says it is already updated and only gives me a button to open the app. I click on that and it goes back to the page saying I need to update! I gave up again but tried about a half hour later and the app opened just fine! Then went back to the app a little later and it gave me the same update message and endless loop! Y’all really need to step up your app game!
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5 years ago, mons02035
Can’t Add Payment
Update***since my last update I have tried a couple other major credit cards. One card worked all others did not. Mastercards were not recognized at all. I tried visa and mastercards. Update***Well, I have emailed them and they said that they are not accepting major credit cards yet. I was told it would be available end of September. It’s October 1 now. Thought maybe it was fixed in this last update but nope. Not to mention, it clearly states in the “FAQ” section of the my wallet section of their app that major credit cards can be entered. Like I said, it’s worse to offer an app that promises big but delivers little. Always under promise and over deliver because it makes me not want to use this company anymore. I’ve been trying and trying to enter in other payment cards and it keeps telling me the same thing, trouble communicating with the server. Been going on for a long time now, there have been 3 or so updates and it’s still dong it. Either get serious about this app or abandon it and remove it. I’d rather not have an app at all than have one that’s half hearted.
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1 year ago, Tony in Maine NY
Apple Wallet / Apple Pay
I just want to know why this app does not fully support Apple wallet / pay where in the description it says it supports Apple features yeah that’s great you can add your pilot / flying j membership card information to the wallet so you’re not digging for your card but what good is that if you can’t use Apple Pay completely to add funds because for whatever reason pilot/flying J wants you to add funds to their version inside the app for whatever reason yet again it’s not fully inclusive to Apple wallet / pay anymore I’m to the point where I do not like putting my credit card information or debit card information in the multiple apps I’d rather have Apple Pay handle it all so please adjust your app to be more compatible and friendly with Apple Pay and Apple wallet - ALSO PLEASE MAKE A WAY WE CAN REPORT DIRTY OR DISGUSTING RESTROOMS AND OR SHOWERS - I AM REALLY DISGUSTED HOW SOME OF THE RESTROOMS ARE IN MY TRAVELS IN THE NORTHEAST - NOBODY IS MAINTAINING THEN THROUGH THE DAY - thank you
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1 year ago, Murl Trane
How things don’t change
I’ve been a trucker since 1984. Truck stops have been mediocre at best for years. Now the company I work with makes us fuel here cause they get a discount. The Pilots are the “government housing “ of truck stops. The parking lot is in disarray filled with holes and who knows what else. The pumps are nasty dirty and fuel lanes are always filled with trash and fuel. Wash buckets are seldom filled. You spend on average 38 minutes longer at a pilot than any other truck stops. The inside is greasy and the employees act like they have something better to do than wait on you….like text on their phone. The showers are dated and not all work. It’s just a dirty place & that is most of them. If the owner wants to help make it a better place maybe he needs to ride with me and we can stop at several places and see what works and what does not. But he won’t do that cause it’s not about service it’s about money. Muel
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4 years ago, El gordo78
Excellent new app
I’ve been driving for 25 years and feel good on how technology has help us drivers from having to pull up to pump and go inside to turn the pump on and fuel and PULL FORWARD and go back to get your cdl back! Now i can even get my shower ready from my phone !Wow turn my fuel pump !wow amazing, the only thing is I would like to see some kind of enforcement on people parking on the fuel island and not fueling ,also get rid of your pay to park spots pilot should try to get some kind of tax deduction for every parking spot for us to park now that more rest areas are being closed maybe that tax deduction would encourage truck stops to make bigger parking lots
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4 years ago, Burianekfamily
OK, when it works
While most technology advances help the general population, it isn’t true with everyone or everything. Leave it to Pilot to screw something else up like they usually do. I can’t believe how much longer it takes to input all the information requested into the app in order to get the pump started. Granted, it’s faster and easier than the old way when you had to go inside to fuel desk first. It is still usually faster to swipe your card at the pump and input information into prompts on pump display. Using it to reserve a shower is nice, when it works. I’ve found many locations that say “5 drivers waiting” so I decide to shower in the morning only to go inside to use restroom and the screen says “2 showers available, no wait”. I’ve reported this on a couple occasions to PFJ app support and they already knew about it. They are working on the problem.
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4 years ago, OneOfTheThreWiseMen
Terrible Design, Not Intuitive
One can tell that this app was designed by a developer without any input from everyday users. The app is not the least bit intuitive. For instance, on my very first use, I launched the app, then clicked on “fuel”. It listed my rewards membership number followed by three dots. I entered that rewards number at the gas pump and the pump would not accept it. That is because the three trailing dots meant there were additional numbers not showing, yet there was no way to expand the screen or tap on the number to get the full membership number. Very illogical and stupid. That is just one example of the ignorance driven app design. Flying J needs to assemble a user’s group to obtain valuable customer input/feedback. Apps are supposed to work for the customer. With this app, I have to work hard for it. Ridiculous. Back to the drawing board guys!
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2 years ago, Weasel16
This app is horrid and not driver friendly
Why are you not able to reserve parking within the app? It defeats the whole purpose of convenience to pick the location, begin reserving the parking, for the app to then redirect you to the website, make you re-login, put all your information back in, and then if you’re lucky it’ll reserve before the website crashes. It has never saved credit card information, truck information, and the amount of times that I’ve had to reset the password is ridiculous. I’m not even the driver; the app functions so horribly that I will end up reserving the parking spot for my partner because it takes 15-30 minutes to get through the whole process. It should be as easy as selecting the location, pressing reserve parking, and paying with a saved credit card or preferably Apple Pay. The mobile site is so bad tonight that I’ve had to physically use my laptop to reserve a spot, and now it’s not even showing that the spots reserved but yet the payment has processed. Get it together. You’re not making this easy at all by not listening to the drivers that utilize your app and can’t spend time trying to refresh and call customer service to confirm that their parking spot is reserved.
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12 months ago, Somnium7
Worse than bad
Probably the most frustrating app experience I have ever had. Took multiple attempts to register an account. Entered all my info and waited for confirmation email. Took 15 minutes to get that email. Clicked on link to confirm and it took me to app download (which was already installed), opened app and screen didn’t update. Had to do that process from scrap 5 times before it finally worked. Tried to add Good Sam card, but it said it wasn’t a valid card (I’m Elite member and triple checked the number). Tried to add my Visa card. Card wouldn’t scan with camera. Tried to enter it manually and got the message that it couldn’t be added right now. App layout is not user friendly. I can’t understand how this app is rated as well as it is. Not worth the $.10 gallon savings I was trying to get. I’ll just get gas somewhere else.
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4 years ago, SCARletINk
One big problem
I keep my location services turned off, because I have Verizon. And Verizon lied about their coverage before I signed the contract. In order to do anything online requires that location services be turned off, or else it just buffers endlessly. What you get for $245/mon.... The problem with this app is that it DEMANDS that it be turned on. Not just once, but every SINGLE time you navigate to a different page within the app you have to decline. Over, and over, and over, and over. Maybe I just don’t WANT the app to know where I am! What difference does it make? If I’m missing features I DONT CARE, by turning on my location services the app wouldn’t work anyway! Let ME choose ONCE. I’m deleating the app, as either way it’s unusable with Verizon service (or lack thereof)
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10 months ago, Manny Phresh
Prime parking & “find” map
Hi! I can’t reserve a prime spot since the new update on the app a few days ago. I was able to do it a couple days ago but now when I try to do it the location doesn’t change which in turn it’s thinking I’m trying to book the same location for the same days. This needs to be addressed &/or give the “web” option so I can manually change the dates and have the correct location I want to do the reservation for. And the map in “find” keeps taking me back to current location whenever I’m searching around it doesn’t stay in one spot especially when I try to look @ the prime parking situation @ a particular location. Please address all of this thank you
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4 years ago, TruckerJeffP
Pilot Driver Convience
I like how it from the app we can now turn on the pump reserve a shower see how many points we have and also see what pilot is offering for free to the drivers and what other sales are going on at the pilot store straight from the app. I love the way that pilot is making the fueling process quicker for drivers who are running a Electronic Logs. My only wish is that pilot would somehow enter gate the premium parking into the app itself and not direct you to another site and also that premium parking accepts the driver’s company EFS card as well. The pilot app at self is easy to use and very convenient for today’s drivers. Hands-down I give 5 stars.
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4 years ago, pumpkinrig
J App
Tremendous strides have been made to keep those of us road warriors on top of fuel prices,reserve parking,and my wife’s favorite reserving a shower before we set foot in the truck stop. No more monthly truck magazines cluttering up my truck. Everything is updated in a timely fashion whether it’s a new truck stop location or however many parking spots are available. Just point and click for instant accurate information on food items or a potential shop to perform light duty mechanical work. One stop shop, you can tell Warren Buffet has his hand in the Pilot/Flying J empire.
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7 months ago, Floridad 2
Don’t get the digital gift, buy a real card!
I received a retirement gift of a digital Flying J balance as I am traveling by RV. It’s a pain, as I have to go into the store to pay before pumping. I tried to “buy” an actual physical gift card using the digital gift balance, but they say no can do. So I have to use the app. Seems like every time I go into the store to pay, I have to accept an app update. Nothing like POing a bunch of truckers trying to make a living while my app updates. Worse, even though my gift was 100% paid up front, they charge me the credit price on my fuel- after holding the money for months. Calling customer service gets you to a very nice person who can’t help you at all and apologizes constantly. I won’t be stopping there after my gift balance is depleted. They spell customer service with an F and a U.
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1 year ago, Getting Divorced next week
Customers made you. And they can break you.
If the truck stops are going to charge for parking? Put them out of business! Don’t buy from them. Go down the street and park. The fact is they really don’t appreciate you as a customer. Do what ever you have to to decrease there sales. Are they still taking your showers away from you? After a couple days. You drivers earned them and should never lose your shower credits. Unless you have used them. No window cleaner or solution a good share of the time?? No paper towels?? No water at islands? They shut it off. Trash is over flowing. I been there. I say no paying for parking ever !!!!!
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11 months ago, kbrawlz
Shorts you on points and functions don’t work
This app won’t let me add a debit card, corporate fuel card, or any card to the mobile pay function. Constantly screams about their “server” problems. Didn’t award me the bonus points for mobile fueling because it won’t let me add a payment method. When getting rewards, it shorts you points for diesel, no idea why. Try calling Pilot number in app and it rejects the call, no way to message for support. The only thing it does good is show your rewards barcode for them to scan inside since you have to walk in to get your pump started. 3 stars because the main functions don’t work.
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12 months ago, Nakedlines
Can’t verify my my email so therefore I can’t register my card
Ive been trying to validate or register my rewards card for over a month. Customer service said at one point that I was good to go. But upon trying my card I once again didn’t get my discount. I called customer service again and they are now saying that they cant help me on their end. I am at a loss what to do. I even started the registration process over again like the app. Suggested and I still can’t verify my email address. When it’s supposed to be sending me a link in my email, it doesn’t actually send a link for for me to click on to verify it. I’ve got lots of emails from flying j about all the savings I’m going to get but no email to verify my email. FRUSTRATING TO SAY THE LEAST!!
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1 year ago, tired of "oops"
Can’t connect to its own servers
Loaded the app to a new iPhone; tried to add my company’s payment card to the app in order to use mobile fueling. Five days later the app still will not allow me to load the payment card noting, “Oops, sorry. We cannot connect to our servers…” Four calls to customer service have been no help. I’ve been told twice that I would be contacted by their mobile tech people, but have heard from no one. Was also told to only try to load the payment card once, then wait 24 hours, then try again — noting that with each try there’d be only a 10% chance it would work. Oh, but they do manage to send customer service surveys after each call I make, so there is that I suppose.
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6 years ago, KadrianE
Great Pilot Fj App
Fast responding app. no error not once.. the complaints come from non verizon users :)) Fueling is faster, shower reservation too... great especially if you are team.. the only thing that i would suggest is either pilot card - apple wallet integration ( if possible ) ( preferably) or a easier way to have my pro card scanned at the counter.. now i'm going to my saved offers to have it scanned. a lot of buttons to press.. :)) thanks for keeping up with technology and thanks for decent travel stops!
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2 weeks ago, KL Born
App wants to update, but also wants updated OS
First, I want to say that I have enjoyed using this app and I generally find your stores to be really good stopping places when I need gas and other services. But your app development team really needs to get his act together. I’ve noticed at least one other review that had the same thing happen to them that happened to me. They apparently didn’t see it, but I eventually noticed it. The app wants to be updated, but the developer has required a level of Apple IOS that my iPhone 7 does not recognize. To be clearer, the App Store is saying the app needs IOS 16 or better, but my iPhone 7 is saying that 15.8 is current and my phone is up to date. So I can’t use the app because it wants to be updated and the app has no option for telling it that I can’t update it. Your app team may be buying the latest phones when they come out. But I don’t. In my 37 years of IT, this is the first time I’ve ever seen somebody put out a software update that wasn’t backwardly compatible with previous OS versions. Do they not teach anything in schools anymore?
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2 years ago, Covelt vox
Not enough information
I'm using the pilot app for a long time, and I'm getting tired of this: I put three stars because the pilot did not let users know when they are performing some maintenance in the app; I tried to log in to the app for multiple times and then pop up message like reset password I hit that than it is said that my account not found. I got fuel by using my loyalty card, and only at receipt there is a message that the app was down. I think that's too late; sometimes, I may use an app for a shower or even buy parking, and what?! I'm not going to be able to log in without knowing what's going on.
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8 months ago, MrJaunty
Reserve Parking
App functions great, I rarely have issues with it, however, it seems like pilot flying J has been struggling for years to get this reserve parking system streamlined. They finally implemented it in the app, and after you use the first reservation, the app is stuck, showing that reservation and permanently locks you out of using reserved parking in the app. It’s supposed to cycle out by 3 PM of the next day at the end of your reservation, but it never does. Thankfully, the old website is still functional, but so far all this has done has made trying to use reserved parking slightly more annoying than it used to be.
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3 years ago, Vipucee
Pay for parking
I only park at flying j and pilot because of reserved parking .. the app allows your to pay in advance and take away the worry of finding a spot if you are shutting down late .. and as for people parking in reserved spots .. I always tell the cashier and they send someone out to check tickets and free up the spot I paid for and I haven't spent a dime I use my points to pay for parking ... I LOVE PILOT .. only downside is some pilots put their reserved spots in the back of the lot which is ridiculous.. if we pay we should have prime location up FRONT .. other than that all good .. took a star away for the bad reserved spots
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4 months ago, Ya Terhune
Password reset feature still not fixed
I haven’t had a rewards card in a few years. So I got a new one and want to use it but am completely being blocked by it saying my email already has an existing account. When I go to reset my password from the link in the email, it is just a continuous loop of sending me to the App Store to download the app. Which then just sends me to the login screen without ever giving me the chance to reset my password. Honestly it is a real patience tester. For most drivers if they had a choice they would just choose not to fuel at your stations and go elsewhere rather than try to figure this out.
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3 years ago, El'Yazīd
Not Refreshing on shower power
As Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh كما: السلام عليكم Hi, Thank you all for what you do, first. Love the app. But today, I am on shower power but when I placed my shower by app. It still shows I am in a shower I was not or gives me same shower from somonelse (glitch) . Last, closing the app to later take another shower at the same place, it still shows I am in that same shower I was not in that morning so night comes and still not able to request a shower from app and still showing that same shower I was never in. Smile got a shower but the reset on the app still showing wrong information and still unable to us app to request a shower? HELP.
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1 year ago, Akilahh
First of all, the ability to do an entire fuel transaction on your phone is undefeated so major, ginormous kudos for that, but my one, only, and major issue with the app is the shower que. Sometimes there'll be 4-6 drivers in line and when your turn comes up there's no sound, vibration, or lockscreen notification so you have to constantly keep checking the app or staring. It's a bit of a hassle that doesn't leave much room to clean up, eat or make use of the little downtime we have. Still a pretty great app though!
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9 months ago, mrlodomik
Doesn’t work the way it should.
So they added the ability to pay for parking right from the app, sounds good, except it doesn’t work. I used the app to pay for parking two weeks ago and now when I try to use it again it tells me only one reservation can be used in the app and won’t let me reserve a spot again. PFJ keeps trying to “improve” the points system but it’s still just ridiculous. Want to be good then maybe try competing with Loves. They still have by far the best points system. This app is spotty at best. Half the time doesn’t work for fuel and now the parking issue. I think they need a new app developer.
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11 months ago, This Mug
Broken App Regarding Fueling and Hidden Shower
This recent update broke the fuel tab. My 1st fill up, I filled up the info and the transaction was declined. At first I was thinking it was my card so I have to visit the service desk and it went through. The 2nd fill up, I got a box for unusual activity warning. I closed that and attempted to fuel via the app and it wouldn’t allow me stating server error please try again. I tried it a few times with the same message. I didn’t have an issued with the card since it went through via the card reader. The recent update broke the fuel app. They hide the shower availability. Now you won’t know how many people are waiting for showers till you get to that location.
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11 months ago, Donloco00
Bring back the most useful features
One of my favourite things about this app WAS the ability to plan my breaks around a shower. See the emphasis on WAS? Past tense? That’s because with this most recent update THEY TOOK AWAY THE ABILITY TO SEE HOW LONG THE SHLWER QUEUE IS THROUGH THE FIND IT FUNCTION. I can’t see how long the line is unless I actually get off the road and pull in and that’s just incredibly inconvenient if I’m trying to save my time for an actual stop. Bring it back! Also - how about letting me see my points balance on the front page again instead of having to dig through the app to find it? Oh - AND SET THE FIND FUNCTION TO INCLUDE ONE9 STATIONS BY DEFAULT!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Alem rasa
this app has been improving all the time, but now it's time to improve to update the shower locker, cause, if we get a shower by the app, we still need to type it out on the padlock, so TA, Petro has a better option than Rest ( Pilot, flying J, Love, Sapp Bro ) so the have option to use app to open the door, by just tapping the option, if you guys working on it to, it's gonna much more easy for customer. hope i can see this at last by next year.
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2 years ago, Delicious Jim
The new version includes spying on your activities.
After the update I was notified on my phone that the app wants to track my activity across other apps and websites. There is no reason that benefits me for this behavior and I did not allow it. I strongly object to the inclusion of spying on my other activities and this is the one and only reason I give it one star. I provided this same feedback in the app. I otherwise like the program and the app works well. However, neither Pilot FlyingJ nor the app developers have any right to track my activities outside of its use for their rewards program. If I couldn’t disable it on my iPhone I would terminate my account and refuel elsewhere.
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3 years ago, DJSocrates_USA
Very convenient
I’m not a trucker, but my family and I take a lot of long trips in the car. I used to store the pilot stops in my phone as contacts, but now I use the “plan a trip” feature in this app. Helps me out a lot when the kids need to go to bathroom. Pilot/Flying J stops are generally safe, relatively clean, and usually have cheaper fuel prices. You also get 3 cents off/gal if you use their rewards card, and can see each station prices and amenities. Very convenient!
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11 months ago, Nomad33FW
Downloaded and joined the rewards system Via Good Sam, it has been pretty much useless. After two stops the app advises it has noticed unusual activity and asks you to swipe your card. When you swipe your card it uses it to pay for the fuel and you don’t receive a discount. I have called customer service and they advise it’s a “feature.” I even tried to load funds to the app. It accepted my card to load the funds but won’t allow me to use them either. Customer service says the funds can only be used in the store. So again the app is useless for what it’s meant to be used for. The fuel stations are pretty much filthy and have mediocre prices anyway.
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4 years ago, Angelfishh
Shower part is very slow
I have used Ta and Petro for last year, recently started new job Chicago to LA only using pilot flying j, when I’m at a location it can never find me for awhile, it’d be faster to run in and swipe my card at the kiosk, most locations out west always seem to have a 4 or 5 people waiting for showers, this is disappointing, don’t have the time to wait as a team, and can’t seem to get in the queue earlier. Maybe more shower help, I never had to wait for a shower at ta/petro, plus their app would let you get in line as long as you were there in 10 min. Always get the oops we can’t find you hit refresh page and I will be in the building.
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2 years ago, Luhonory
Parking reservations
UPDATE…. I haven’t been home in a while and so I didn’t downloaded the latest IOS update on my phone and that’s what was causing the problem… now it’s fixed it. I always used that option, but lately I have not been able to make a reservation on the app. I called guest service, they helped me make a reservation, but the suggestions they gave me didn’t help. How can I fix it?
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4 years ago, OTRTEXAN
I do not like being asked, every time I reserve a shower, if I want to receive notifications. To make it worse, this new version sends a pop up with some BS comment that makes absolutely zero sense, with a yes/no option, that is probably asking about notifications again. This should be a one time question. Once it’s set, that should be it. That is the only complaint I have about the app itself. I like the rest of it, and will like the new version once I get used to it. However, it doesn’t always connect to the store, which costs me points when I can’t use it.
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3 years ago, JonTrucker77
I Agree
I agree with Indy oldschool paid parking for truckers is a serious problem. Especially after the fact that us truckers are the individuals delivering to your stores. Also there is serious problem where your passenger vehicle customers use your commercial pump for the free air and it causes unwanted commotion and traffic in fueling area. It’s likely that this problem will cause an accident one day.
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8 months ago, Dan Shakespeare
Fuel receipts
You need to be able to make an option to select as many fuel receipts as we want at the same time and even have the availability to print the whole entire year year of fuel receipts. We need to have the availability to have a print button inside the application as well. That is a must. I’m pretty sure many people would like to go in into the application and select a month and I have a credit score select a full quarter and have it printed.
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5 months ago, TsukiOokami
Constantly claims my password is wrong
I’m tired of this app. Yes, it has great offers and shower convenience. But when I can’t log in half the time because “We don’t recognize that password” happens, I hate it. The app gaslights me into thinking your password is wrong despite it being saved in my Apple keychain for exactly such an occasion. Then the password reset invariably fails to work, and then I’m forced to call guest services. After that delay, then I try to use the password it claimed it was wrong as my new password, only to be informed that I can’t use it because it matches my old password.
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3 months ago, BigFonzay
Waste of time.
I downloaded and installed the app. I tried registering 3 times. It was a complete waste of my time. Why would a company waste money on a app that doesn’t work. It doesn’t even come close to the ease and accessibility of the 7-Eleven app. I tried the pilot out because there is one by the new warehouse I started working out of. I can’t access the specials or see the deals because I can’t access the app. What a waste of my time and this companies money. I saw there is a 7-Eleven a block away. They have great daily and weekly deals and their app works great and it’s easy to register on. I suggest that and I’ll keep taking my business to 7-Eleven.
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11 months ago, Mike hutch
Great idea but needs improvement
Seems like a great concept but doesn’t actually work at most locations. every time I try to scanThe pump says SeeCashier.I went inside and nobody seem to know what I was talking about but says that our pumps will not scan from the app. I investigated the app more closely and even the tutorial at the bottom doesn’t align with what buttons there are to push on the app. This is probably more difficult than it’s worth since other gas stations off of the $.10 just by putting in your phone number associated with your account. Do you really expect me to carry a card with me to swipe every time.
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6 years ago, Peterbk1029384746
Gotta much better with time
The app has gotten better and better throughout the last year adding the fueling made it quick and convenient for diesel fueling. And the ordering a shower is awesome too. I would just suggest adding a notification when your shower is up if there are no immediate open showers. That would save wasted time standing around inside waiting that I could be doing paper work or getting some exercise. Other than that app is great and continually gets better.
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2 years ago, Ilovemy Country
Paying for Parking.
Charging us drivers for parking is so unfair to us! Most companies will not pay for parking and that leaves the expense up to the drivers. We spend a lot of money at these truck stops while we are in their parking lots! Some drivers can’t afford to take on the expense of 15 to 18 dollars a day to park and besides that your parking lots are a disaster! Stop taking advantage of us!!!
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4 years ago, Kylertx87
Can we get queue information back?
Ever since the app has been updated when you check in for a shower it will tell you initially how many people are in line before you, but once you make a reservation it no longer tells you how many people are in line. Used to it would count down so you could wait in your truck or handle an errand ect and know when to head in... now, there’s almost no difference in checking in at the kiosk or on the app. You have to go in and wait with everyone else basically.
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4 years ago, DragonLost
Apple wallet please(still) and WiFi credits not shown
Seems such an obvious feature to be implemented. I don’t much care for the 30 seconds(now 20) it takes to launch the app and find my loyalty barcode. I have frequently visited loves when the choice is mine to make specifically for ease of app and barcode. Still visiting loves because they always have free WiFi. I’ll use pilot if I have a WiFi credit but the app doesn’t show WiFi credits anymore. Also breaking the 24 hour credit into 2 12 hour credits would be swell mister.
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4 years ago, Teeter35
If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.
I can’t reserve showers now. Since the update it says I’m next in line for a shower and nothing I do resets it. The app now constantly changes while I’m looking at it and is all over the place as if someone is tapping options for me. Nothing is organized and the whole thing is completely unstable now. It has now become a jumbled scrolling mess with useless options as soon as the app opens.
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3 years ago, colt13131313
Getting fuel through the app
I can not get it to work. It wants a five digit number when entering in truck information. My company only uses a four digit number. I’ve tried both a zero in front and in back, but still no luck. The other thing I’ve noticed is when you find a station on the map and click on it, it pulls up the information but then it goes back down or just back to the map. The app does have a few bugs you guys need to iron out. First and foremost being able to purchase fuel through the app would be great. Loves seems to get it right.
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