piZap: Design & Edit Photos

Graphics & Design
4.7 (13.4K)
206.8 MB
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Current version
Digital Palette LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for piZap: Design & Edit Photos

4.73 out of 5
13.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Hhxfjmcdh
Good App
I’ve had piZap for several years. It’s one of my staples. One of the things I like most is that piZap constantly improves itself, adds on, does more. In the past there were issues that were bad enough to make me consider tossing it, then they’d fix the problems. Their content grows all the time. The fonts, borders & frames, stickers, backgrounds, new ways to edit, use your own pics & the sheer amount of visuals are impressive. I don’t like the monthly fee either but I’d rather pay it for an app that constantly improves than one who expects to get more because they’ve been around for awhile. Only one issue that still resides for me is that the text part is awkward and hard to go back and correct if needed. There’s no way to return to put text on a different line. You kind of have to do a new line each sentence or so. Fix that & you’re golden.
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3 years ago, PatrickUKnow
Time to move on
There was a lot I liked about this app in the past but someone in leadership is making bad calls. They restrict more features now that you had for free and it used to do the cut out for transparent background PNGs fine but now when I try it there’s a white background instead of being transparent and I believe they did this on purpose to make people pay extra for the smart cropping. As I said they restricted what used to be free features more. On top of that now if you want full access for a year to all the features you gotta pay $60, unlike before which was just $30.
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2 years ago, pothead816
DON’T DOWNLOAD!!!!! This app has gone to crap in the past couple of years they don’t support ios 10 anymore :( which would be great for editing on the older generations of ipads but when you download “the last compatible version” of the app when you add cutouts together they’re always crooked and never perfectly straight and/or aligned properly and so annoying back a couple years there used to be auto align that would keep it straight but they got rid of that feature and they also got rid of a feature that i used every time i used the app but i forgot what it’s called but they also removed zoom!! Like what the heck you shouldn’t be taking away features YOU SHOULD BE ADDING THEM!!!! Obviously they don’t know what they’re doing with this app, now i’m gonna have a hard time trying to download a different app that’s still compatible with ios 10.3.3 that was as good as this app USED TO BE i’m literally heart broken :’(
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5 years ago, PiZap addict
My Favorite App!!
I love this app, I can create so many things w/this app, from framing and adding text, and stickers to my pics to creating memes!! It’s easy to use and it has wonderful stickers and fonts I cannot find other places. I edit all my pics with it. I enjoy sending fb friends and family stand out birthday & holiday wishes, I upgraded to the PRO version and it opened so many more stickers, fonts ect. They are always adding new fonts, stickers and backgrounds! You can make your pictures fun or if you need something professional, they have so many things to choose from!! I have recommended PiZap over and over! The response is always I love this app!!
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7 months ago, ladykatina
Still My To Go To App
I’ve had piZap for many years. I think before they even had a iPhone app. We could also follow our friends and see their piZaps. It was that long ago. I use piZap everyday several times. I mostly Edit pictures for Social Media. It is great for that and everything else I do. I make covers also. I have a pro account and there are so many things to do. And to make. If I run into a problem no matter what it is I email them and they get right back to me with a solution. piZap is my favorite app of all apps I have I almost live there 😀 the support is awesome too.
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4 months ago, LadyisinLove
My experience…
I first started using this app back in 2010. I was able to do so many things. Everything was free. For the past three years, they have slowly taken things off and wanted to charge for you to use certain items that were free. This is due to trying to keep the app available. The app every now and then not as much as I used to because I find it trustworthy more than others out there.. I would like to see new content. Thanks, Janira Powell.
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6 years ago, i probably know my name
Okay GFX Making System Speech
It was good, but there are some stuff that are stuff I like on it. For discord, I try to make PFP, and it’ll be in the middle. Lines indicate telling me where it’s at the middle. It is also good you can put multiple pics in, cut out but I don’t want spare spaces out of pieces, like sometimes when I cut out, a bit of paint goes outside of the part I want to keep. They should click the item for that item to fully paint without any spare spaces. I like how you can add text but except, you can not put like 2+ words in one, it will be with dots. Also, idk if you can take spaces out of a pic you taken and placed, with a washer to wash part of the pic put in first.
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6 years ago, Honeyweiss1172
Loved this app, but now all the features are pro
This was my favorite app. Today, I updated it to the latest version, and lots of the features that were previously included in the free version are not available anymore unless you buy Pro. I was going to upgrade, then saw it was a monthly subscription. Now, unless an app offers some truly exceptional features, it is not worth a monthly fee. This app is absolutely not high tech enough to warrant that price. I would pay a $5 one-time fee for a pro version. Not $35 a year! Plus, the free version is no longer useful enough to warrant sitting through the horrendous ads that pop up. I can no longer recommend this app as the benefits don’t outweigh the negatives. I will be looking for an alternative app for collaging.
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6 years ago, Krissysings 🎶💗
Good but meh
I would have (in the past) given this app a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ star rating. I have a new iPhone 📲 and I already purchased the ‘pro’ version with my old iPhone. piZap is a great app they give you a lot of free stickers. My edits come out really cute. This time around (today actually) it keeps saying that I must purchase the pro plan and they bill you every month. I already paid for the pro plan 2 iPhones ago. This isn’t fair. That being said this is a fantastic app regarding the stickers for every season and then some. Can someone from the company please help me and get my pro plan back. I Back then they didn’t bill monthly. ••• I 💯% do recommend this app to my fellow photo editors ••• ❤️
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6 years ago, NonaDW
I love this application; I love the changes/additions I can make to my photos! * So much has changed since I wrote that review 4years ago! PiZap has gotten so much better! There are so many more features to play with, but one feature that I have difficulty with is the text function. When adding text my iPad keyboard pops up in front of the text box so I can't easily see what I am typing. Also, I cannot add returns, so I have to spend a lot of time farting around with the size of my chosen font and/or the size of the text box. That being said, PiZap is still my first choice for photo editing.
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2 years ago, Tami Bestbunch
So easy
As a direct sales marketing professional graphics are the key to my social presence. Using piZap has enabled me to make my own graphics without having to source it out somebody else. With a few simple clicks and careful placement I come up with the most appealing graphics I have ever made in my entire life. I would dare to say they look almost professional. Thank you piZap for allowing me to take the hard work out of something that makes me look so professional.
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5 years ago, Borgjane
Best I’ve found
I have been looking for an app to help me with speech balloons to tell my Sims FreePlay stories. This is so easy to use for that. And I’m finding other tools that look really cool that you would have to have separate apps for, but here it’s all in one place. It’s not too expensive, but I haven’t begun paying for it yet because I’m just getting started with my stories. I’ll definitely be signing up soon and highly recommend this for all your picture zapping needs.
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3 years ago, K.I.R42
Great App
I have really enjoyed using piZap, it’s a lot of fun and a great way of spice up your vacation and personal pictures for friends and family. I have shared this app with several people, and everyone is still using the app after years of downloading it. I really couldn’t tell you if there’s any other apps out there better because I have received so much pleasure in using piZap, that I don’t even care to look for any others!
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4 years ago, nogamesplz
Games while I’m trying to use🤯
So frustrating bc this game keeps interrupting and will not close! Why are you forcing me to a game while I’m trying to learn more about your app that maybe I would pay for if I could have enough time on the app and not keep getting interrupted. If I could learn about it maybe I will pay for it this is ridiculous and frustrating to force a game on me and not allow me to use the app.
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5 years ago, Nina Giraffe
Too late to cancel during free trial
So the main reason I wanted to try the pro version was that there were some great backgrounds and effects. But the fact that there seems to be no “undo” or “restore” function (Love you, Phonto) negates the pretty images. I emailed support on the first day of trial asking about this function. The reply I received was full of snark and referenced a “Save” function I STILL can’t find. And my subsequent email has not been answered 8 days later! There’s much happening in my life at the moment and I didn’t cancel my trial subscription in time. So I’ve been billed for a whole year for an app that is okay but certainly not worth the price.
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1 year ago, Scorcher8u2
The Possibilities are Endless
The possibilities are endless to what you can do with this app. Especially for someone like myself that is not very creative. Well worth the price for the PRO version with all the options and content that is included. So many people giving bad reviews because they want everything for free but willing to bet they spend more then $5.99 a month going to a coffee shop.
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4 years ago, Moonieboonie
Excellent customer service
Someone in my family purchased this by mistake...possibly me, but we couldn't figure it out. Upon discovering that I had been charged the annual subscription fee, I immediately emailed customer support. Less than 24 hours later, I received a full refund, no questions asked. It looks like a very cool app, although I've never actually used it...but their customer service was worth a five star rating and a nice review!
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4 months ago, Ibdetny
Love Love Love This app!!
This app is so user friendly. It’s my go to app for everything I need to edit or create. Highly recommend!! This app alone has tough me so much over the years. I was a total beginner several years ago. Didn’t know much about how editing/graphic design. Now I can create and edit in max time and am now very familiar with it all!! Totally worth the pro package cost!!
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12 months ago, Marco The Angry YouTuber
Very disappointing
I have been using this app since 2012. It was bad enough years ago when they made you pay for most stickers and most fonts. But now you can barely use any fonts, the text writing tools are completely screwed up, the color palette is dark trash, they removed the drag feature outside of cutouts so you have to actually drag the cutout itself, and there’s a watermark over every single picture. This is not good business. You are not encouraging me to buy your “Pro feature”. Instead I will be looking at alternative picture editing apps. Extremely disappointed.
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4 years ago, Ushardy
I have to pay for things that were previously free?
If you need something that photo shop light and make a simple edit, this app is fine. What I am bothered by most is that when new update come out, instead of adding new features to the pro version, it will take features that were previously free and suddenly you have to pay for it now. You’re telling me I need to buy the pro version to make a collage of 4 pictures? Ridiculous, A few years ago I could make a collage of 9 pictures for free.
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6 years ago, PBforiPadSucks
They just ruined it with Greed! 😡
My rating just went from 3 stars to 1! 🙁 I’ve been using it a few years, it’s okay, but lots of things can be better (Saved item loses lots of quality; you can’t duplicate a layer after “cutting” it out, which takes a lot of time; you have to re-do all aspects of every text word you add, and the sliding font size picker is ridiculous; no color picker; etc, etc.) The final straw is they just got greedy, and took away 90% of all tool choices! You’ve always been able to use everything (images, borders, texts, stickers, etc), but now 90% of it is available with a Pro acct only! Nothing good left to use. 😡
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4 months ago, Awesome_J
The Best Photo Editing app
I have been using PiZap photo editor since 2011 when it was on the computer. I have always used it for years with my instagram photos and music posts. It has always been the best and always been the best one to use. Very convenient and easy to use as well. Id recommend anyone to use it.
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2 months ago, Teddte
Love it
Fun and easy you can do just about anything you want to and it is so easy,I started off I had no idea what I was doing but I wanted to learn and boy did I pick the right program,It makes you feel good to learn new things and with the ease of piZap I can really create things now, things I never dreamed I could.
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4 months ago, Ms Naj
It’s okay
It’s an OK app. It has a problem with clarity when you are doing the background eraser and most importantly you cannot merge accounts such as if you have an app on the phone and app on your iPad or on the computer they do not merge. Big problem because you can only retrieve saved projects on the device that you created it fon although it with the same account.
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2 years ago, kate lyyn
Horrible app don’t download!!!!!
So I have had this app for a while now and I used to do stuff like birthday card and editing picture and stuff. And I was working one something in my hotel bad cause I got up early to finish it and I had been working on it for days and I go to the app see it’s still there so I start working one it more and then all of a sudden it like glitches me to my Home Screen so I’m like wow that was weird but whatever right so I go back to the app to continue working on my project and it isn’t there no more to litterlay days of work gone!
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3 years ago, Country momma 2022
Love the P -Zap App!
I enjoy making my own photos and sharing them with friends and family . Just wish there was more of a choice on designs and add ones . & frames and ect .. for those of us who can’t afford everything on a monthly basis . But I really enjoy the app . It’s a lot of fun making and designing my own . I love it
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6 years ago, thetammyjo
Good Variety for Free App
I researched photo apps before downloading this and overall I've been pleased. I can make basic edits easily. I can make more collage layouts than I can imagine needing though size of images is limited. There is a good selection of borders and designs that I can add to. I wish there was not an ad every time I saved but that is the cost of freebies.
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5 years ago, EmberCalico22
Pretty Good
Okay, so the reason I only gave this four stars is because sometimes it is glitchy. I have to press things multiple times, and it gets kind of annoying. Also, this one time, with an ad, I couldn’t get out of the add, so I had to shut down and lose the picture. This is a nice app. It’s got all the tools you need and I would recommend it if you are just a hobby editor.
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6 years ago, IG @raffi_torres_memes
Very good if used correctly
Some functions of the app can be strenuous and difficult at times but they are simple things that other apps can do. I use a different app to edit photos and this app to add text and backgrounds and I am very happy with it. You can use this app to edit photos but I find it more difficult than it has to be. I use this app the way I want to and it works great for me
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7 years ago, AADavis15
I've been using pizap since I was a little girl. I started on my personal computer. Now I use this app and it's never lost any of it's quality. It's very easy to navigate through. It has beautiful, high quality borders and filters. There is a large variety of ways to edit any type of photo you would want to edit.
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4 months ago, Lemonytweet
Always have fun with this app!
In my 70’s, have been using this app for 3+ years, I have so much fun with it! The best part for me was that I was be able to figure out how to actually use this app without consulting a tech expert! The ability to put so many images & words together… creativity is ignited!
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7 years ago, Reece311
Best photo editor
So happy this website made an actual app. This is only program that I have found that lets you free hand crop one picture and lay it overtop another photo. Great for making memes or just funny photos. Thanks piZap for making this an app so I don’t have to get out my computer everytime I want to create my own photos.
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6 years ago, Helsndjdlsndk
Compressed Image
When I was using the free version the finished result was always a little blurry. That was understandable, as it was free. I noticed that pizap just did a big overhaul on their stuff and I've upgraded to the pro version because of it. I hope that they'll use the new money they're getting from people's subscriptions to fix this compression issue. When this happens, I'll be more than happy to change my rating to 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Antón Magsarili Reyes
easy to understand and all themes are useful..
Easy to use,follow and understand even one is not familiar with the use of high technology. . Designs and patterns including other offered materials are helpful and easy to find for the exact purposes applicable to any ideas or conceot.. thank you
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1 year ago, icy10108
Bugs need fixing
Ive used this app for years but currently its way too difficult to put stickers on your project. You have to do extra steps for the stickers to even come up, and then it may not even save; the whole app just closes. Its infuriating.
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4 years ago, Choreosophiac
Newest Update Screws Up Older Edits and Is Counterintuitive
Please undo whatever you did in the newest update that screwed up older edits. The app is now very annoying, whereas before it was easy to use, especially with cutouts removing the rest of the image instead of selecting that part of it to insert into another image. Not sure why you would want to ruin a perfectly good app, but hoping you take this seriously. This was not the best direction in which to go. Please reconsider improving the functionality of your app instead of making it worse. Thank you.
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5 years ago, *+*M&M*+*
Good but..
This app works great. I love that you can do almost anything you can think of, I give it a 4 star but when I finish with my picture and save it, I come to see the picture all bury and ruined. I took a whole 30 minutes to make it to then just be ruined 😔. But atleast is not all that bad, I can just screenshot it then crop. This stays 4 stars for now until it’s fixed
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6 years ago, 0Nay0Nay0
New Update=Not Cool!
I’ve been using this app for a little while now, and it’s awesome! I loved it sooo much! However, they updated and now everything I have ever used became a “PRO” item. $3/week; $6/month or $35/year. I’m not going to pay. Had they added better items in PRO, where I had more items to use, I may have paid the developers because they would have deserved it! Instead, they took away items and made them for PRO members only, so they will not be getting any of my hard earned money.
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3 months ago, juju0862
I use to love this app....... But now you are lucky to get one star! I was always on using the collages. Now you expect me and everyone else to pay for what we got for free? No I don’t think So....... Other people may think you are fantastic. Having to pay for what? And I just noticed the ratings have gone down!!!!! Too Bad........ I’m glad I saved what I did before you got GREEDY..... More greedy now!!!!!! I know you won’t show my review because I am telling the truth 😊
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3 months ago, carolyn rose goyda
I’ve been using piZap for years
I’ve been using the piZap app for years. I think it’s easy I like it. I wish I could afford to get the upgraded professional version but I’m on a very tight budget after getting disabled. I’ve enjoyed using it I recommended.
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6 years ago, TLCMommy
Great app, but...
I’ve been using this app for over a year now and I absolutely LOVE IT!! I’ve recommended it to countless people. Now, this week I log in to make some graphics and I have to pay for many of the things I’ve used for so long. It’s so disappointing. To go from being able to use the entire app and loving it to being so limited is wrong. Why not reward your faithful users in some way? Not happy...
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4 months ago, litehousesfan
Love This App
I use this app all the time. I opted in to pay for the Pro and it’s been worth every penny. I especially am loving the latest big update with so many more options of fonts. Gives more of a variety that I can use for graphics I create.
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2 years ago, Hiiii😼
LOVE this app.
Okay so I was told I should download this app and let me tell u it’s amazing it helps me sooo much. But I think that there should be a eraser to like remove the eyes on ur character to add new ones you’d rather have, not sure if that’s on there. I can’t wait to explore even more with my edits. Love thiss❤️😁
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2 years ago, Orilay
Auto background erase doesn’t work
This is actually a really good app and has so much potential. I have tried many times to use the automatic background eraser. Each time I get an error that says try again later. This is the main reason I purchased the pro plan. If it’s not going to work when I need it, I can just use the free features.
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3 months ago, jakii510
My one and only
I first downloaded this app back in high school to photoshop smexy legs on a pumpkin.. for the guy I liked. Still my go to app like 10 years later. Thank you to the creators of this app. I’m now photoshopping the twilight three for my work presentation in the best way possible. 😂😂
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2 weeks ago, kikilia67
I Came Back To PiZap!
Just couldn’t stay away from THE BEST photo editor EVER! Don’t hesitate to try this app, I’ve been using it for years now, so many features and choices to help you create whatever you’d like to share with family and friends.
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6 years ago, bonnana nan
All haters go away this game is awesome I’ve used it for about a year now and it hasn’t had almost any adds and now that transparency works i can say it’s perfect! If you are a hater on this app then go away I use it almost everyday so if you see this developers then plz plz say thank you if u reply
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5 years ago, thelusive
This is a very good and honestly free editor❤️
I was very pleased with the use of this app💯 No asking to provide payment after A few tries for a trial period that is usually only 3 days & requires sign up info. I did not have to provide so much as my email info & The app did everything I wanted & needed. TYSM
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6 years ago, Angelwingtips
Love your app. But why we're so many features we had before taken away & put under pro where you have to purchase. A lot of people are on fixed incomes so we look for app's that benefit us. But like your app. Please add back our features we had before. Thank you!
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6 years ago, New user of app trailer
Do NOT update! You WILL loose features
I updated under the pretenses that pizap was going to be better,( more features more images and bug fixes) instead the update resulted in a LOSS of many features, so much in fact I will probably not be able to use this app any longer for my photo editing purposes. I suppose this review will be a waste of my time in regards to developers response but if I can get one person not to ruin their photo editing experience with the latest update, my job is done.
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