Plane Finder ⁃ Flight Tracker

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pinkfroot limited
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plane Finder ⁃ Flight Tracker

4.72 out of 5
40.2K Ratings
12 months ago, sydeslip
Where is that plane going? The answer in your hand.
Have you ever looked up to see an airplane and wondered where it came from and where it's going? I do it all the time and just did it while writing this review. Fortunately, because of my Plane Finder app I didn't have to wonder for long. The answers, along with alot of other detailed information, were at my fingertips. As a retired airline pilot you could say I'm somewhat of an aviation enthusiast. I'm not going to repeat all the features that are listed in the description of Plane Finder. What I will say is each and every one of these features works brilliantly. This is simply a fantastic app. As a side note, one thing that often makes or breaks an app is the customer support. In addition to the quality of the app, the customer support is superb. No matter your question or comment you will receive a timely response. I have read some comments regarding having to pay a subscription for the app. I questioned it myself at first but then thought about it. Here I was with an electronic device that costs several hundreds of dollars questioning the value of an app that I enjoy immensely for only a few pennies a day. Is that whacked or what? Bottom line-forget about it. The price is well worth it and then some. You can't go wrong.
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2 years ago, troopertwo
My Very Favorite App
As a child and later enlisting in the U.S. Air Force, I’ve always had a fascination for airplanes. Though I’m not a pilot myself, I’ve often just driven to the airport to watch the planes take off and land and wondered where the planes are coming from and where they’re headed. In recent years I bought a home with a rooftop deck and a panoramic view. I now see 4 airports from my vantage point and see countless craft in the skies every day. A few months ago I discovered “Plane Finder” and knowing what the planes (and helicopters) are, their livery, origin, destination, speed and altitude, has been fascinating, informative and truly enjoyable. About 3 months ago I decided to eliminate the ads and became a subscriber (along with my partner). I am SO glad I did! I am now able to see where any given craft has been previously, how many passengers it can hold, and much more. I’m learning more about the speed, altitude, and navigation styles each has. It has become a wonderful and fascinating pass time. Thanks, Plane Finder!
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3 years ago, Jrnolan2screwedByYutzoo
Misleading/Pro account unmanageable
It worked. But only once. When I returned to the app, clicked the icon, I was taken back to the beginning of the purchasing process. The app then freezes. I waited 30 minutes with a frozen screen before I completely exited the app and tried again. The third, fourth and even a fifth attempt to use the app again went just as the second attempt - frozen screen, no way to access the app or my account. A few moments ago I cancelled my subscription through a series of random, frustratingly pushed option buttons and icons. Now I don’t trust I won’t be charged for attempting to buy the Pro version and then cancelling my subscription after being subscribed for only an hour of the two week free trial period because the entire purchasing process seems fatally flawed. Trying to use this app has been extremely frustrating and definitely disappointing.
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2 years ago, msbav8r53
Unfortunately, a pretty good app turned into garbage with multiple forced unstoppable video ads which take control of your device for 30 seconds to 2 minutes. People need to uninstall any app that requires that you allow it to hijack your device for their business model. Perhaps maybe developers would get the hint and make better apps that have value, so you don't have to resort to such a bush- league tactics. REPLY- No, I would not. You're out of your mind if you think this app is worth having to pay a perpetual monthly subscription forever. Well, until you abandon this app and your customers and move on to an even more intrusive and expensive one, exactly like you did to the people who already paid for the app. The data it uses, you get free. It's from aircraft ADS-B data. It's like having to buy a subscription just for the data that is broadcast free from GPS satellites. You don't pay for the equipment installed on aircraft that's transmitting the data. The airlines and private aircraft owners pay for it, but you're trying to make money off of it. Not only that, but you're trying to trap unsuspecting users into a never-ending subscription that many will forget about and keep paying for years.
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1 year ago, SilentNinjaSam
Super awesome
I love this app. It is very functional, doesn’t drain battery too much, and displays a lot of information. Flight has always been a passion of mine and between simulators, flying on commercial passenger flights, and this it is the closest I have gotten to flying, so keep that app going! I also just subscribed to the premium version recently, and it added so much to the app. The Apple Watch app could use some improvements though. Even if the extra features would require the premium subscription, I would still be happy with the improvement. Overall great app though. Maybe make it so you can see further than 100 miles on Apple Watch? Just food for thought. Thanks for your time and effort!_____________________________________Addition - Developers: Could you please add an explanation of the AR gesture interface in the app? You mentioned a gesture based interface, but you never explained how to use it.
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2 months ago, Bigbadwolf1999
I never receive apps or give them a second thought if I’m being honest. But this app is hands down the coolest on my phone. As a boy, I’d often look up at con trails high in the sky and think to myself “I wonder where that plane is going?” Knowing at that moment, complete strangers were 30,000 feet over my head. Now, with this app all these years later, I can pull those anonymous planes and determine every little detail about it. My kids and I love hearing a jet in the distance and pull it up on this app. Simply amazing!!! In fact, my 6 year old and I went to a local air museum and were able to determine a large private jet was only 10 minutes away from landing. So we waited and sure enough here it came. 5 stars and highly recommend this app!!
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3 years ago, Mastagamer187
Very Useful and Good For Plane Spotting
It is just a such accurate way to find planes at 10km up. Recently, I bought the pro and I love it. Such a good deal and been using this for three years. The plane finding app is the reason I have so many plane captures and how I was able to see the plane. Sometimes, people would know how I knew the airline and that was because of using plane finder and eventually got to know exact airline and aircraft immediately. Thanks pinkfroot limited. First of all, thanks for actually knowing how important plane finder is in my life. That is so amazing how y’all make such an accurate plane tracker radar. It’s the thing that started my interest in commercial planes. Just thanks for such a great app and the memories make in just plane finder.
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1 year ago, AlanCB
Great Application for aircraft lovers
I’ve enjoyed using this application for several years on my iPad Air. There have been several useful upgrades over the years that has in handed its capabilities. However, I have a question about one of the features. The app shows your current location on the map with a small blue circle with a white ring around it. Inside the white ring is a very small blue circle that seems to be a pointer in a fixed location; irregardless of which way the iPad is pointing. The direction appears to be South on my iPad. Is my guess accurate? If so, why not North?
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8 months ago, Greeg1West
DO NOT BUY until researching towers near you
DO NOT BUT until you research available towers near your location. I first purchased this app around 3 years ago and it was originally better where I live. Something changed over the last year so my current coverage is terrible. I get way better results with other similar apps but this is now the worst in my area. I wasted a year subscription fee since there’s no refunds. I rarely even get 7700 notifications from Plane Finder but frequently get several from FlightRadar24. Yes, I have all the current updates & proper settings. Customer service has been responsive but of course no solutions. They say there’s not towers near me but why did I used to have better coverage? They must have sold or discontinued reception for my area since it used to clearly be better.
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2 years ago, SuperWheatie
Useful and entertaining
Your site/app has been super helpful over the last years, as we live in a very active wildfire area (wine country CA). I can observe the progress the fire crews are making in the containment of the blazes around us, and even see hotspots spring up before they show up on the situational awareness map, just by observing the aircraft (flight pattern, who’s flying etc.) in real time. Plus we live in a very active flight corridor (most flights out of San Francisco and Oakland go overhead) and it’s always cool to see where a plane is going to/coming from when you see one going over.
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1 year ago, Ultraman67
Almost there
I’ve been testing your software and for some reasons I can see less military helicopters in the area of Panama City which I can totally see when using Flightradar24. I’m kind of surprised as I thought your app was better in finding these objects. I wish I could upload a picture so I could show you. And that’s the other issue…I tried to upload this situation using the Contact Support feature of the app but when you press on the up arrow to send the information, nothing happened. It is just like grayed out or simply just doesn’t work. I’m still under the 7 days trial so am going to stop the subscription process if there is no response from support.
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2 years ago, DUBS516
Was a little skeptical of the accuracy of this app but I couldn’t be more impressed I live on Long Island NY so I have LGA and JFK near by so the amount of air traffic over my house is constant and to be able to count down the seconds until the aircraft will become visible to me is like clockwork. I mainly get JFK Landing and take offs hence that’s were my backyard is facing but also many line up and fly overs from LGA. Overall a very cool and useful app was also impressed to see drones and “some” military aircraft. Highly recommend for any aviation enthusiast or anyone in the airline profession. 9/10 ⭐️
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9 months ago, missblairbear
Ever since I was a little girl, I would spend tons of time at night, looking at the planes and wondering where they were going. One day I was doing the same thing and I thought to myself I wonder if I could see which plane that is online. Surprise! I’m in heaven I do this every day I do it at work, etc.. I wonder who’s on the plane, if there’s a little cranky kid or a child running in the aisles. I guess I have time on my hands, but I’ve never gotten over wishing I was on the plane. I love this app!
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2 years ago, vandellyn
So useful
Here in Santa Fe it is common to see 10 or more vapor trails filling the sky at the same time. So being able to identify them is like trainspotting from my childhood. We also see some bizarre flight paths which would be forever mysterious but the app identifies them. We also get a lot of military flyovers, since New Mexico is still a giant test bed, but most of them remain invisible to the app. I always recommend the app to the many chemtrail fanatics in this town. Real data drives them crazy.
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5 years ago, Josienjoe
Fun app
I couldn’t figure out how to contact the developer at first. Then found it has to be done through the app, not their website. The developer responded quickly to my question about getting rid of the ads on a second device, so it’s all good. I was happy to see the option of getting rid of 3rd-party ads without having to purchase the full version. It’s a fun app. We always watch the planes in the sky and wondered where they were going. Now we can find out.
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6 months ago, Jonah Gomey
The Perfect Plane Finder App
I’ve used this app for forever, and I was really happy that it got an upgrade with giving more info about the aircraft and flight info. It does a great job with accuracy and a user experience by giving a nice look of the overall app and its features which include a premium plan as well. Overall it does a fantastic job at providing live updates of the planes above and a fun app to explore. This app is the best in the place finder business. 👍
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1 year ago, Dbwhitt
Happy user
I like the new look. It’s going to take me a bit to get used to the improvements, but I like what I see. I had to contact support for an issue, and my issue was solved thoroughly and quickly. Strongly recommend this! Quick update: Kudos to customer support. My questions are answered quickly and in a manner that a novice as I can understand. I love watching, tracking, etc., but my knowledge of this area is limited. Great support!
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2 years ago, Gordorg
Upgrade was a mistake as I feared
Over my long use of plane Finder I has built a catalog of filters to help find aircraft types of interest. Upgrading gained little, and not only can I not carry forward my old filters, they’ve buried them one level deeper in the interface. Previously, when I compared old Plane Finder filtering to Flightradar24 they both found mostly the same planes. Now, the new plane Finder is coming up well short.
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8 months ago, Poke767
Best in the Buisness
This flight tracker is the best, hands down. I’ve used it for a couple of years. It pulled me away from Flightradar24 because of how streamlined the app is. I would really like to see better utilization of iOS widgets and Apple Watch complications. Something as simple as a quick launch, or a nearby shortcut. Filter shortcut. Something. Make it even easier for users to use this app quickly and regularly!
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3 years ago, NO SUPPORT!!!
Very nice app
I just switched over from Flightradar24 and love the price and presentation of your app. Now the only cons I have found compared to Flightradar24 are the ability to rotate the screen and alerts don’t always work. I have received alerts from the other and not from this app. Other than that I really like it. Please take a look at the alerts and the ability to rotate screen (iPhone). Other issues I have now found after using this app is there is a vast lack of coverage. Planes I’m tracking will just disappear mid-flight.
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2 years ago, WolverArbor
This app is incredible, and I like everything from the emergency notifications so I can grab some popcorn and pull up the flight route, to the customer support and advanced settings, along with all the cool features like the virtual globe, weather maps, and the HUGE map of all the planes in the air. I gladly paid the comparatively cheap $10 yearly for the premium version and if you like the app it’s worth it to do so as well.
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1 year ago, NYC TX Aggie
Wrong Airline
Was tracking my wife on AA3087 out of College Station, TX and all that came up was DL3087 and Delta doesn’t fly to College Station. Earlier I was trying to locate the flight prior to departure and the app displayed it as a flight in Wisconsin. I’ll see what happens when I track her AA78 flight from DFW to London Heathrow and her BA1488 flight from London to Glasgow. Luckily I have two other apps to use. And yes, I have the subscription
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3 years ago, DeansReview
Great flight tracking app
This is a great app. I like how you can track military aircraft which I couldn’t do with FlightRadar24. I also like the weather overlays. The only negative point is that the environmental information like wind speed and air temperature is not available when tracking any flights in the US. It only works for flights operating in European air space. I’m not sure if that is a limitation of this app or whether that information is simply not made available in the US? I have the premium version of this app.
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2 years ago, Mr Tabor
Problems with pop up adds
I just purchased this app with the premium upgrade and I get these pop up adds like homescape that I can not clear. I paid so I wouldn’t bet these pop ups , I plan on talking with apple support but I have to wait for the charge to go through. Other than this issue the app is fine. So you need to fix this issue ASAP please
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1 year ago, Taterbug1962
Charging me again! I bought this once!
I don’t know what happened but I purchased this app just about three years ago and now it’s useless and if I want the same features I had I have to pay again only this time much more. I’m not real happy with this company if that’s the way they do things. If that’s the case They could constantly keep making you pay after a year or so if you want your features to work. I don’t know why I gave it three stars to be honest after they did that.
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2 years ago, Krablips
Use to love it. Now it just makes me frustrated! I’m using it less and less. I use this app on two different Apple devices and I’m having the same issues on both devices. It just keeps getting slower and slower and slower. When I try to partially zoom in, it takes 20-30 seconds (or longer) to refocus and when it does start to refocus it shows one little section of the image at a time. It’s kinda like playing wheel of fortune but with images. I’m always trying to guess what I’m going to be looking at, unfortunately, there is no prize at the end, only frustration. I spend way to much time looking at a grid pattern waiting for the image to appear. Worse yet, when I try to go to full zoom it just displays the grid pattern and doesn’t refocus. It does not zoom in to the level it use to zoom. This lack of full zoom just started all of the sudden about a month or so ago.
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1 year ago, Garfieldflyboy
Here we go again…SUBSCRIBE
Bought the premium app when the original version was created and today it is no longer supported. If i want to keep using the same functionalities, i need to download the newer version of the exact same app , i loose the money i spent already, and i need to “SUBSCRIBE” (pay the app indefinitely). They offer previous customers 3 months free with the new app… and then you pay…indefinitely. So sick and tired of being screwed over this way. If i have to loose functionalities and see ads for an app i already bought in the past, i will use FlightRadar24. Much better app.
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2 years ago, No longer worth downloading
Monthly subscription raised from monthly to yearly without my knowledge or permission!!!
When and if you chose to offer some upgrades on a one time permanent basis you will get a purchase from myself. For non commercial use the subscription model is NOT an option. The sooner software industry gets this the better. Some software developers do offer limited programs on a one time purchase basis but than want your personal info so they can monetize you r PERSONAL info. (I’m looking at you adobe) Not happening. You would increase your sales offering some some one time purchase upgrades. Having said this your non software rental portion of this program is pretty darn good. Edited Adjusted rating down to one star, I purchased a monthly subscription to evaluate full program, I found it was not worth it to me. When I went to cancel monthly subscription I found my subscription was MYSTERIOUSLY UPGRADED TO A FULL YEAR WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION! Buyers beware!!
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2 months ago, Coastal P
RIP OFF !! Do not buy.
I paid for this app a few years ago for lifetime subscription. All of a sudden they decided to change the app with a new one that is subscription based . Although I paid for it a few years back now they will not honor my lifetime subscription. Plus the app does not work that well anymore. A lot of the flights are not listed or they say they are untraceable when you can go to the airlines web site & track the flights there. All they trying to do with their pop-up ads is for you to pay pay pay. These people are crooks . DONOT BUY THIS APP.
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10 months ago, Nicholas Fenton
Restoring Premium - Been Having an Issue Recently
Great app but I'm having a bit of an issue right now where it gives me the option to "Restore Premium purchases" and every time I click that button it says "purchases successfully restored!" But then I try playback and it keeps saying I need premium in order to use it, despite the fact that I've hit "Restore Premium purchases" over and over again. Could someone please assist me? I've tried reinstalling the app.
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3 years ago, Nicole31311
Paid for app previously for no ads, now it wants me to pay again
I am not happy with the most recent update. I had already purchased the version of this app that allowed me to use it without ads, and now all of a sudden it wants me to now pay again (and yearly for that matter) to continue to use the app how I was using it previously. I am not impressed and would like a refund on my previous purchase of this app now that I have been reverted to the basic version with ads without notice. I used to be able to use the filter option, and now that’s for “Premium only”, it’s just absolutely ridiculous.
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1 year ago, LaBlancaLoca
Mom's Prayers Answered.
I thank Jesus for finding this app. 🙏🏻 My 18 yr old son is flying a direct flight home alone from California to Connecticut for the first time. His flight was delayed x 2. I was so nervous. Finally he boarded and I found this app. I can watch his flight in real time as it moves on my screen and everything. I thank you God ✝️ it has relieved my anxieties. Can't wait to kiss and hug my son.
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2 years ago, Darrin M.
Legacy costumer
I purchased this app years ago then the 3d and couple others. This has been my go to for years. I would tell everyone about how cool it was. Since I have upgraded my phone recently when I restore my purchase it doesn’t take the ads away and the filter is only for subscribers now. I feel cheated out of something I enjoyed so much before. Really shouldn’t be this way. It’s too much a hassle to get past the ads and not being able to save the planes for future reference. Please fix this. Darrin
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9 months ago, HERKENG1964
I utilize this app when traveling. It has been a great tool to track my inbound aircraft. If I could add on more function to this app, it would be perfect. The function being the ability to utilize the app when in flight. When connected to aircraft Wi-Fi or using gps compass if no Wi-Fi is available. IE: similar to hiking apps that use the goa feature.
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2 years ago, benmreviewer
Good luck clicking through upsells while trying to ID a low flying plane
I have this app for the novelty of pointing my phone at a nearby airplane to learn where it came from and where it’s going as it flys by. I don’t use it often, but I keep it on the first page of my home screen for quick access. Cue a few days ago - I launch the app after a few months of disuse... and instead of getting the app + expected AR button I got a modal dialogue trying to upsell me to pro. By the time I clicked through everything in the ad and got to the actual app, the plane was out of sight.
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2 years ago, unicorn_loves9531
One suggestion
Hi! I’m Abby. I love this app but I have a suggestion. Could you make the app not need WiFi? Because I have an iPad and iPod so I can only use this app when I’m home and sometimes when I’m in the car I’ll be like “I wish I could use my airplane app offline so I could see what plane this is.” I love being able to track the planes tho I would just love it if you could make it offline. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Lumpy222
5 Stars again! Thanks Support!
I had an issue where the app was not recognizing my subscription. I tried contacting support through the App Store page, but it would just reopen the app. I wrote a review and was contacted by support and the problem was quickly resolved. Back to being one of my all time favorite apps! Thanks!
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1 year ago, Phleeep
Great App
Been using ADSB Exchange for a couple years now for military flight tracking. I really like that this app shows you plane type in the label. I wish there were a few more plane symbols depending on their type (T-38 should have a jet symbol, etc). ADSB does a good job with this. Also I’d like the military filter to be a free option, but I get it.
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1 year ago, packlercat
So Disappointed!
I paid for the older version of this app initially and enjoyed many features which are no longer available to me unless I pay for a subscription which I’m unwilling to do. Also the older version has been disabled and is replaced with the current version. I finally had to delete the older app because it is no longer usable. I seem to remember paying $10 or more. I was very pleased with it. But you’ve changed your game. I’m so disappointed! 😣
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2 years ago, allymchugh31
Shouldn’t have deleted!!!!
Plane finder I learned my lesson the hard way to never betray you. I deleted to give flight radar 24 a try, and they make me pay to set custom alerts. So I said oh well all my alerts on PF were free when I first got it last spring.... I had to redownload the newer version and now you’re getting $10/year out of me!!! Guess I can’t complain about less than a dollar per month. Thanks for the great app.
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1 year ago, Colonel--G
Save the alerted tracks for later viewing
App needs to save at least the last three tracks for every aircraft on the user's alert list. Currently, the alerts are only viewable for a few minutes after the notification is sent.
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3 years ago, Zhopkins_IFC name
Possible glitches
When I am looking at the app and am looking at my home airport sometimes I do not see planes. Just the other day I was trying to spot a plane and was not sure of when it would be arriving exactly but the app did not show it. Another thing I don’t understand is that sometimes when a plane is landing it shows that the plane has gone around yet it did not. I do not have premium yet.
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11 months ago, geezer53
Sad to see it get worse
Clunky, slow, hard to navigate and so cluttered with info it’s aggravating to use. I got this a few years back, LOVED it, and now sad to see it become such a hassle to do the simple basics that made it great. The ads are so close to buttons you need you end up opening them in unintentionally. But I can’t see paying for premium and getting even more clutter on the screen.
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1 year ago, TLesh115
Hard to find a flight
I can know the flight number and type it in but I can never pull up that flight. I have to use the map to go to the airport and look for the plane as it goes to the runway and then I can follow a specific flight because I’ve found the actual plane. That part is good that I can find it that way. But it’s a royal pain to have to search for a flight that way.
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1 year ago, ANewCreationSong
Amazing App.
Love this app. Totally nerd out on everything about nearly any flying object in the world. Only thing I’d suggest (unless it’s already there and I just haven’t found it yet) is to be able to view route maps for individual airlines and their corresponding schedules. Anyway, great app. Totally worth the premium price.
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3 years ago, SgtFuller
Very helpful app
I downloaded several flight radar apps to get information on the sudden increase in private plane traffic over my house. This app is the only one that’s giving me accurate information. It shows me the height, speed, model of aircraft, and flight pattern. So far no glitches.
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2 years ago, Jkolich
Great app, some problems
I love the app so far, something frustrating is that when I go to click on a flight that has an out and back pattern. Let's say I click on a plane landing in Chicago, if the flight originated in Chicago, flew to cedar rapids, then right back to Chicago, I will see the whole out and back trajectory instead of the route back. That's a bit annoying and I wish I could turn that off
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5 months ago, PurpleToonLink
i use it for fun. its great
i love it. i pay for it. i have big astronomy binoculars and i live due east of o'hare and love seeing the black of the engine intakes on a 787 rocketing its way to africa. you wanna see the colors of vertical stabilizers at 30k? 20x80s on a tripod. how many winglets have you seen recently? binoculars on a tripod. last week a different 787 make a turn right over my house at 20k feet right through the thinnest clouds. didnt need the binoculars for that one. i get that because of this app. its got filters, which lets me ignore single aisles. gotta be a big boy for me to get the binoculars out! one thing love a very dim red and black mode for when im stargazing :)
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8 months ago, Regular Kid That Is nice
Please dont waste time
I honestly after a week of having this app, I believe that I should stay with FlightRadar24 , the best plane tracking app, because every 5-6 planes I click on, it wants me to get premium and I aint wasting my money on some premium, I just love to see what planes are in the sky! All in all a couple of bugs but I will re install in a couple of months to see the progress!
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2 years ago, Ralphie 2k
Airplanes over your house
Where I live planes are flying by at a pace every 45 seconds... directly in the flight path in Metro Detroit September 2018. I find the app excellent with exception of the tracker for flight patterns off. Many planes indicate they’re away from my home when they are directly over
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