Play Disney Parks

4.7 (67.6K)
964.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Play Disney Parks

4.7 out of 5
67.6K Ratings
1 year ago, Professor Porter
Duck Tails adventure app
The Duck tails game at Epcot was outstanding with so many wow factors for both my kid and myself. No spoilers: United Kingdom, Japan, and France were our favorites. United Kingdom’s portion of the hunt set the bar really high for the other quest. My son is still talking about the red phone booth. Even spectators were wowed by our ability to “magically” unlock unseen wonders of the park. We loved it and will definitely tell others about it. Our only criticism was the lackluster finale… it just felt sort of flat compared to the rest of the quest. We would have loved for the finale to unlock one more app powered activator for something in the park around Spaceship Earth (petty complaint). Also worth noting, I often hear of people with kids avoiding EPCOT. This adventure app made the visit magical for my son. He couldn’t wait to travel to the next country. It could do the same for others. Peace and love.
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6 years ago, Tori Hdz
Love it but there are small flaws
I love this app and I think it was a great idea to create it. But I feel that there are some small flaws. For example, the Magic Kingdom trivia is all about Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach??? Also, the Tomorrowland trivia is all about Toy Story (I’m assuming because of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin). The Hollywood Studios trivia is all about Star Wars. Meanwhile, Epcot and Animal Kingdom have no trivia. Also, there is a trivia button in Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios but its title is Pixar Place (which is closing soon anyway). Another thing is that Animal Kingdom and Epcot have almost no achievements for going on some main rides. Lastly, Animal Kingdom has no games for main rides, such as pandora rides or Expedition Everest. Overall, I feel like Animal Kingdom and Epcot were forgotten when making the app. Honestly, I am nitpicking and naming every detail, but better to address them than not. The app is still wonderful and is great for keeping everyone entertained while waiting in long lines at the parks.
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12 months ago, Gabe the Grape
Great App (Minor Flaw)
I’ve been using this app since becoming an AP and it’s great for killing time in ride queues or while sitting around. Since getting the MagicBand+ I’ve been collecting the ride achievements and the golden 50th statues. It’s a nice little touch that made me want to go around and collect them all. So here’s the flaw, it doesn’t always pickup your location and give credit for whatever ride you’re on. The ride in particular that I’m referring to is Cosmic Rewind. I’ve ridden it about four times and can’t seem to collect that one. Maybe it’s glitched? Not sure. Other than that, I definitely recommend this app for the Disney Parks! Really helps make time move faster.
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4 years ago, Browncoat2112
Must have for Galaxy’s Edge
This is a fun app for use in the park, but not much to keep you going in between visits to Disneyland or Disney World. It was a must have for the first trip to Galaxy’s Edge. Even though there was only one major attraction open at the time of our visit in November (Smuggler’s Run), using the data pad built into the Disney Play app while wandering the park definitely enhanced the experience. Strongly recommended download for that reason alone. One concern though, I’ve personally accumulated dozens of badges for the experiences in both Disneyland and Disney World, but I received an update telling me I need to uninstall then reinstall the app to continue using Bluetooth enabled features on my next trip to the park. Moderately concerned that if I uninstall then reinstall, I’ll lose all my badges and have to start over. Major setback of that turns out to be the case.
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5 years ago, ~*~TraceyMichelle~*~
Needs log-in/reminder work
Great little bonus experience, but two trips to WDW now and I am constantly logged out and it never remembers my password, so it’s a hassle and a loss to stay logged in to collect my achievements! I am missing so much! Trying to jockey between MDE and Play usually leaves Play behind, and for phone battery conservation (even with a backup charger), it hasn’t been worth the trouble. Now that I’m at home I wish it would have registered with my magic band to complete my missing badges. It would be great to have a phone vibrate or tone alert to remind me to Play. It was so hot last week, hydration and cooling off we’re on the forefront. Play reminder placards weren’t proved until deep in the wait lines when it was too late to start a round, and most times (as mentioned before) I was logged out so I missed what would have been granted/started upon approach. Needs work, but great start!
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12 months ago, laurdingo
Love the app, but it’s slowly becoming more dated
This is one of my favorite Disney apps, but as a regular attendee at Disneyland, the app definitely has some minor problems. Within the last few updates I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been any change to the Disneyland maps specifically, which have changed quite a bit since past years. For instance, Frozen has not been at the Hyperion theatre for some time now, as well as a new musical fixing to take its place. In addition, rides like Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway haven’t been added, and it might be safe to assume that there hasn’t been a notion to remove rides that no longer exist. It is safe to say that I love the app and collecting achievements, but I think that the Disneyland section of it definitely deserves a little love and care!
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6 years ago, 1tacobell9
Tomorrowland trivia doesn’t focus on Tomorrowland
So far, I’m loving the app. I have only done trivia so far but I’ll for sure use it once in the parks. My only gripe about the app is the Tomorrowland trivia. The trivia questions seem to mostly be about the Star Wars movies. I know that in other lands, they have trivia questions about movies that relate to the land but there seems to be a healthy balance between movie trivia and land history. With Tomorrowland though, it seems to be mostly Star Wars movie questions with a couple of questions about the land and past attractions thrown in there. I get that Star Wars is very popular right now but there is so much more to Tomorrowland than just Star Wars. Just some more questions that focus on the rides (both past and present) and the land itself, rather than just Star Wars, would be greatly appreciated.
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1 year ago, hopeful turtle
Good, but could be better.
This is a great app, and so much fun to use at Disney. It has no problems (At least not that I’ve seen). The only things I would do is add, I feel like the choices for trivia are kinda small, or at least too broad. Some of the trivia is on a specific topic like Mickey and Minneys Runaway Railroad, but I think the specific ones focus on less popular things, I’d love to see trivia for something like Star Wars Batuu. Secondly I wish that there were more games or activities that made stuff around you happen, like the datapad for Batuu does. It is such a cool feeling to hack something at Batuu and here it start beeping and think “I did that!” That’s all it’s a great app overall but please look into my suggestions and consider what could be Thanks!
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6 years ago, ZandurFox
Good Fun Disney Parks App, but needs more
About time, Disney has made a fun unique app that involves you being in person at the Disney theme parks while waiting in line of your favorite attraction. The maps created for each park are nice and cute with retro throwbacks of the 1960s to 1990s look, but with a modern twist. Waiting in a queue line with the Play Disney Parks App on can give you achievements, also select attractions has some pretty fun mini-games I’ve yet to try. However, wacky and unique Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin needs a achievement while waiting in the detailed queue, since it moves slow. Mickey’s Toontown needs more fun stuff instead of just select music to download. Toontown needs a mini game and some easter eggs to unlock while walking around the town. I’m glad Disney has made this app for Disney theme parks; Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. It’s a good compliment to the parks to kill time while waiting in line and the games fit with the Disney parks rather than playing a non-Disney app in the parks. Thank you, Disney for creating Play Disney. It was needed for a long time, in fact it should have been made long ago.
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11 months ago, the unicorn girl 🌈
Literally so incredible!
Play Disney Parks is a wonderful app where you can play games from your favorite Disney rides! you need to make more games like this because I honestly really enjoy playing games like these. They are super fun and are from different parts of the Disney parks. It is fun to play for the whole family and I really enjoy playing with them. I really want to see what you make next. this game is not boring at all it’s actually super fun! You have to download it and play some of the games they are really really fun! so I have to tell you that this app it’s just literally incredible and it is a must get!!! - the unicorn girl 🌈🦄💖
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5 years ago, Anningang
Just ok (takes up too much phone space)
I really like the idea of this app but found it not amazing as I would have hoped. Several times it did not register that I went on the ride and it’s catered for people who are waiting in long lines, not for Fastpass users. So some of the items are impossible to earn. I’ve also tried playing Agent P’s with it at Epcot which has been frustrating. It doesn’t even start working until 11am even though a couple of the countries are open at 9am. That’s the best time to play when it’s not crowded and you’re just wandering around. Worst part is how much space it takes on my phone. No other app even comes close to taking up 711mb!! They have a lot to improve on if they are counting on this to be part of the interactive experience at Star Wars Land
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6 years ago, CT Cali Girl
Worthless Distraction at the Parks
I used this this month, both at WDW and at DL/DCA. I tried it at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom and, only very briefly at both DL and DCA, just to see if it was any better there ... it wasn’t. Whenever I tried to use it, it would say there was no experience near me, except one time at Animal Kingdom ... where it just wanted me to download some music I did not want. Maybe I needed to spend more time poking around with it outside the park, but, it was advertised to be used in the parks. I ended up getting irritated that it was distracting me from looking around at the theming and spending time with the people I was with, so, I put it away. After I came out of MK, I found it had earned an achievement for a ride by walking past it when I don’t think I even had the app open. Take a cue from the very well-done Sorcerers’ card game at MK, which really enhanced our visit and was not distracting at all. So much wasted potential here.
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4 years ago, kyliecantrallfan1234
The Best. Disney App EVER!!!!
Hey People who are reading this, I really love this Disney app. I love how you can do interactive queues, quizzes and even the new Mickey’s Runaway Railway game! This is one of the best apps in my phone. Disney World is like my favorite place in the world, so it’s really great I can continue to be reminded of my favorite place! From Mickey, to Minnie, to Donald, Daisy or Goofy, they all are the best! Thank you for developing such an amazing creation and I could not have done it better myself! Would 100% recommend this app to EVERYONE I know I use it like every day. I love the trivia, because I can use it while on the monorail or even in my hotel before bed! I love you Disney! 💋 DISNEY FOREVER!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, pristinaangelina
I love it !!! I love Disneyland so very much !! And so does my children who are grown up now and I have a grandson who is 5 yrs old . My daughter 26 yrs and my son is 19 yrs old . We had a very hard life . Trying to fight to live daily. And Disneyland had made it possible to be able to be a kids again and have family time and to be able to live life in peace and Joy and together we got to experience life in a very special way and you brought that home to us available on our phones in someways you make us feel at home so thank you Disneyland .
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5 years ago, Stunt ranger
Hello. I’ve been totally blind for quite a while now, and whenever I go out to any theme park my friends or family members had to tell me EVERYTHING THAT’S GOING ON! When Star Wars galaxy’s edge was finally built, I thought it’ll be the same old song. But when this app was created I thought I can have my own Star Wars experience...until I’ve discovered voice over doesn’t work for the choosing sides in Star Wars, and who knows what else??? I always had assistance to guide me through theme parks and that’s not a problem, but if I can’t scan for items in crates or translate Orebesh or hack into computers, droids, or cameras, then how am I suppose to have an experience I can call my own? This is a major flaw that needs to be fixed by next update...thank you.
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5 years ago, Princess.leia.14
Pretty disappointed in loss of 1.5 hours of game play.
I was in the Disneyland park yesterday playing through all the fun games in the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. My boyfriend and I were having lots of fun. My phone closed due to inactivity because we were talking to a cast member. When I went to open up my phone and play with the data pad again, all of the work I had put into the game for the last 1.5 to 2 hours was gone. I was kinda upset. I tried a few again and it happened then too. My boyfriend was able to close his phone and even shut the app down and still have all of his info saved. I got so discouraged that I just stopped playing. Any help in this matter would be great. I’d like to be able to keep up with my boyfriend and continue to play. Please let me know if there are any questions for me. Thank you for your time.
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6 years ago, dcoppins
Good idea, poor execution. Oversold.
I have location tracking on “all the time” and it can’t find me. Over and over. I received no achievements, even though I did everything expected. You link people, but there is no reason to do so (as far as I can tell). We have been playing trivia separately- no recognition at all that I am standing next to a person that I linked to and is playing the app too. Need many more trivia questions. I took the quiz once and then the second time they were all exactly the same questions. For the engineers that may be reading this I am using an iPhone X with up-to-date iOS. Unfortunately, the marketing department way oversold the app capabilities and the engineers way under-delivered. Kind of surprising for Disney. You expect everything to be top quality.
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3 months ago, JSparrow 🏴‍☠️
Great app, but…
i love this app! i am such a huge Disney/disneyland fan so i was excited to find this app! i love how you can interact with things at Disneyland and in the ride queues. you can even play games at home, if you’re not at the park. my one complaint is on the Playset Party thing. it will only let me play like 4 of the different playsets, and it’s getting pretty boring and frustrating and I’m already on like stage 10. love this app but it would be even better if you fixed that!!
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5 years ago, Samraj786
Great app
Fun & easy to use but just what is the point of having music in the app when it’s doesn’t play full song & I wish there could be freebie giveaway of Disney merchandise like lanyards & pins & other collectibles that are given away for doing tasks on the app & I would like to see facts about Disney Theme Parks & Walt Disney in the app also I shops from the theme parks on the app so when we visit the particular shops @ the theme parks we can unlock cool Disney collectibles which Disney can ship to us free which con be an unlocked achievement in the app & also if the app could have suggestions of the best shops to buy collectibles from Disney Theme parks
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5 years ago, Ni2ros
Keeps crashing and resetting credits and items for SWGE
This app is extremely fun and addicting especially at SWGE edge. To walk around and interact with the land is an amazing experience. It makes the land so much more immersive. Accepting jobs and earning credits kept bringing me back. But acquiring credits and items takes a big down fall if the app ever crashes or if you close the app without exiting. Twice now the app has either crashed or I’ve closed the app on my phone and when I return I’ve lost all my credits and items from hours of scanning, hacking and doing missions. The first time it wasn’t a big deal since I only had a few credits but now after having multiple thousands I’m done. Great app but the glitches make it feel like a complete waste of my time.
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6 years ago, Piximator
Fun... yet super buggy.
This is most likely because I have an outdated iPhone 6, but the app is EXTREMELY buggy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, this app is very fun! It made Space Mountain a lot more fun in line. However, while I’m scrolling through the map of Disneyland, the app tends to freeze up, forcing me to restart the app multiple times. Sometimes it crashes My phone is updated to the latest iOS as well. The problem only seems to occur in the map and nowhere else, so that’s fine. A fix would be greatly appreciated :) Also I wrote this review IN the Disneyland park, so bonus points for me I guess :P
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3 years ago, GieAnne
I want to add something to play disney parks
So what I love is that it has its a small world and other rides, but I want to add is that we can play on all of the rides and doesn’t have to matter where you are, you can play anywhere, and shows the inside of the ride, and make things move like the real one, and I love you guys you make the best things in the world and made the whole park and I want to add you guys to make all of the parks all around the world, thank you!
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2 years ago, Michael Czeizperger
In park games are unusable
My family has tried on two separate visits to get the import games like Smugglers run to work, and none of us can figure it out. The app doesn’t know where we are, and the instructions don’t make any sense we did fine some QR codes, but they didn’t seem to do anything. Please give the in park functionality another pass to QA with people who don’t know exactly how to work the app. For example, when do you start the app, what are you supposed to do once it starts? By the time we work through the set up we’re already well into the queue and nothing matches between Smugglers Run and the app.
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4 years ago, chomp94
It’s ok but maybe you should but consider that the app is for kids. and if your under age you can’t ever make an account. on the devise again so say a kid try’s to make an account. and it blocks them from doing so or a parent try’s to make a account. and she uses the kids age she can’t and if you delete the app and download it again it still blocks you. I know it’s for kid safety but what is is the point if it doesn’t have communication features. so many before making it to where a kid can never play it if they make one mistake isn’t the best idea. and you might say that you can still play without an account. well barely most of the features are blocked if you don’t.
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1 year ago, Dippy did did dip
Love it!
I love the app because it gives us something to interact with while waiting for our Lightning Lanes or waiting in line. I’ve had some issues with connectivity, but i think it’s my internet because my phone is older. I’ve also had some issues with multiplayer things and couldn’t get it to work and connect across my friends phones. But most of the time the app is amazing! Thank you! :)
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5 years ago, Draveiskaden
Keeps kicking me out and doesn’t let me sign in.
I love the idea, and it’s executed good. But there is a few flaws. First, the trivia achievements don’t work for me. The kingdom conservation hero doesn’t come up. I haven’t tried all the parks (Hollywood mainly) but I’m sure there is a few bugs. Im sure through a few patches it will be fine. Anyways thanks for reading. Alright so I was done writing but after I got home I found that it didn’t remember my account. I try to use the forgot password thing, doesn’t remember my email. So the progress I made is gone. It’s fun to play, but very frustrating when it technically wipes your account.
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3 years ago, mrsadingfield
Can’t add more than 1 player.
I am at Magic Kingdom, trying to play the games that require you to be in the que for the rides to play the game, and it’s a 2+ player game, but I cannot add a 2nd player. I cannot type in their name and the save button changes from gray to blue but will not ‘click’ on it or anywhere you tap on the screen around the button. So, there’s no way to add more than 1 player, and no way to play those games while waiting in a 1+ hour long que! I have cleared my cookies, turned device off and back on, and deleted app then reloaded it and turned device off and on again with no luck. App has just failed for me, beyond frustrating!
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4 years ago, dug dab again and pay
I downloaded this app to play in the lines of Disney, the app says 4+ I’m 10 turning 11 this is my account and it won’t let me in because I’m “too young” I don’t know when or is the creators are reading this but if you are but I’m angry, and I think that if you are in double digits you can sign in not just the parents, I hope the creators are reading this because the 4+ is very misleading I thought I could play this because of the 4+ please fix this and if you can fix this I want to be let in! Please and thank you! 🥺👑💖
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4 weeks ago, Starpower12360
Makes me feel like I’m at Disney when I’m not!😉
This game is great from doing things in the park to just playing at home. There’s many different types of games to play and one of my favorites is Andy’s bord game blast!👾 Another is park trivia it helps me quiz with different types like character trivia or park trivia. But one thing I wish the had was in trivia a Disney princess trivia!👸 Anyways This game is great and makes me feel right at- Disney!🩵🩷💜
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7 months ago, —Lydia—
Disney play
I honestly think that the Disney play app is pretty good! The only complaint I have is that for games, especially bounty hunter, there really isn’t a button to press for thermal scanning. It wouldn’t really matter, but you need this feature to complete the game. Also, the layout is a bit confusing. The map doesn’t zoom out, and it’s a bit difficult to find games to play. Overall, good app but a few corrections to make.
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5 years ago, Holosim
Signing in after playing loses all progress
Even though I signed in on the same device after playing for two hours, it treated it as a different login and I lost all progress. If you play anonymously before signing in, for example if you can’t recover your password yet, then you should be able to roll your progress into whatever account you log into from there.
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5 years ago, pribina
Fun for Lines, but...
Honestly I think it’s a cute app to interact with “some” ride lines. I’ve done some and their cute for kids, but the app almost ALWAYS crashes. I can rarely get to do what the apps is for because it just crashes nonstop, and I’ve restarted it over and over and it just doesn’t work. Can anyone fix this please? :( It’s a cute app idea it just doesn’t work when I need it to. Otherwise a cute fun app. It doesn’t interact with all rides but I mean it’s hard to make interactive things, so it’s reasonable. Cute app, just figure out the crashing problems? Thanks.
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4 years ago, Jo10!
Love the trivia games and interactive play
Our whole family loves the app and we use it a lot while in the parks especially while waiting in line. With the current environment, it would be nice if we could access some if not all the interactive park specific stuff while the parks are closed. If a new update could include that, that would be great! At least until the parks reopen and we can come back!
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5 years ago, Andy Bates
Lost my Galaxy’s Edge progress after leaving the area
I really enjoyed using the Datapad to explore Galaxy’s Edge on our recent visit to Disneyland. But after leaving the area, I checked the Datapad, and none of my unlocked items were visible. I had my full amount of credits, and my titles were available, but none of the communications or schematics or vehicles were unlocked. I was really looking forward to exploring the app after my visit, but it makes it seem like wasted time if none of what I unlocked was saved. Very disappointing experience.
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4 years ago, kevan999999999
Rocket Race not working.
The app is a great app overall for both playing at home and in the parks but there is a problem with Rocket Race. After I have reached level 50 I cannot get any points and thus I can’t level up. I saw other people who had this problem, it’s been a couple of months since I saw it and I’m still stuck at level 50.
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6 years ago, xSarahhSmiles
It’s okay
As someone who goes to the park, quite frequently, this app has already gotten a bit boring. From what it seems once you get the achievements that’s it? So going at least once a week everything is already done. Hopefully they add some more features, or figure out how to keep things in a transition so there is always new content. Also, it won’t let me open the music in Apple Music. I’m also curious if this app could be conjoined with the Disneyland parks app?
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4 years ago, gabitect
Can you
I love this app but I wish I could unlock badges while I am at home during shelter in place so I can play data pad without being at bso because I really want to unlock all my badges but I can’t because Disney is not open and we only go twice a year and I don’t have days where I can sit at bso at get all the badges so I wish we could do it at home! I love that we can earn badges from going on the rides but the others I wish we could earn at home
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6 years ago, (The Disney Guy)
This app exceeds all expectations
I’m a huuuuuuge Disney Park fan. I just downloaded this app today (release day) and it is SPECTACULAR. There is so much to do but it doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. I love the map, little animations, games, interactivity, TRIVIA (which is awesome!), but I NEVER expected there to be the MUSIC tracks in the app! That was an awesome special touch and makes this app even more magical. For any Disney Park goer, or any Disney fan at all... this app is a must have.
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5 years ago, squishy.k
Immersive Star Wars Experience, bring power bank
Brought the immersion level for the new Star Wars: Black Spire Outpost up to 11. Loved it! Makes me want to go back because there is so much I didn’t have time to do (which is exactly what they wanted). If this is the shape of things to come for new Disney Lands then I’m really excited. It will drain your battery though, but we expected that and brought backup power banks.
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8 months ago, Florida is where magic is
The Play Disney Parks summary
It is a super natural trivia game of your favorite characters from Mickey and his friends like Goofy, Donald, Minnie, and Daisy. If you love Disney and trivia is this is a MUST DO!! Even if you don’t know Mickey as well there is more, like trivia about Disneyland and Walt Disney World and it’s history, and Star Wars trivia and Peter Pan trivia. Now you know, that the Play Disney Parks app is maybe and probably the best app ever for Disney fans like me.
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7 months ago, Leightonz Rad Vidz
Please add tron
App is great! Still trying to get as much achievements as I can. One game I want y’all to add is Tron. I feel like that would be good for a play Disney game. This is how I want the game to work: it can be where you customize a lightcycle and do the lightcycle run. And you would be able to get different cosmetics for your lightcycle after each race you do.
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6 years ago, Ute fevah
Park or no park...still fun
Many games are not dependent on being in the parks, so I can entertain myself both at home, on the road, or even in a line queue in Animal Kingdom while playing Toy Story Trivia. Trophies are fun! Many games are multi-player, puzzles, and kid friendly. Favorite part is the downloadable music from the parks (with Apple Music Subscription) which automatically adds a playlist.
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4 months ago, A9ollo
Pretty good
It’s honestly pretty good, as most of the games are pretty fun, but I find that the Duck Tales game is a little off, as the “continue” button is broken, just sending you back to the home menu, and you have to start over. Additionally, if you turn your phone off for a second, it just shows a blank screen after hitting an option.
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5 months ago, quade
Good app. Could be so much better with tweaks.
Really wish the home page app carousel remembered which game the user recently launched. It’s especially annoying when in one of the Parks playing something, the user has to back out. Doubly so playing the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge games. Speaking of which, it sure would be nice if all the Galaxy’s Edge games were in one, single unified Datapad wrapper including Bounty Hunters.
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4 years ago, DxDfan
I would’ve given this a higher review, but...
I had nothing but issues with this app after a certain point where it was no longer tracking my location after I went to California Adventureland where it didn’t pick up my participation at Midway Manic and it has been having issues tracking my movements and which attractions I visit next with the usage of the Datapad while waiting in line for Rise of the Resistance has been confusing as hell especially with a fast moving line. I would’ve given it a higher review, but these issues forced me to give it a low review.
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4 years ago, K2-S0 is funny
Good, but...
First of all, this is super fun. Second, it drains batteries way too quick, dropping a percent every minute, even on low battery mode, and the phone is overheating in no time. Can’t think of any other app that does this. Third, right now, it’s highly limited. You guys removed the Splash Mountain game, and it was my favorite;( 😬😫😭😭😭😭😭😭
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4 years ago, JDR1011
Pathetic is the word for Disney park...
If I can advice anyone, please avoid Disney park... specifically California... the app do not work.. it do not sync with current wait time... the park staff are pathetic... no apology any time... the rides stops abruptly because of technical issues after waiting 30-40 minutes in line.. No or very rare new technology... They charge so much but give very little... No restroom signs in the park... Rest rooms are pathetic... Disney park ppl should visit LEGO land, universal to see what it takes to make ppl happy at theme park... Disney has so much to offer in terms of their Characters but their park has very few of those..
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3 years ago, shofixtikbm
Fun but buggy and a bit hard to navigate
A good way to pass the time while in line, sure. But it can be hard to figure out what to do, and whether the app is just being slow (especially in congested network areas like WDW) or whether you’re not in the right place. Also wow, tough on batteries, so beware if you’re running low and don’t have a spare!
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5 years ago, disneylover134
Crashes a lot
The app is really fantastic but crashes a lot so it takes me like six tries to just get in the app and it freezes a lot and I don’t have that problem with my other apps. The app also has a lot of trouble loading and it’s really annoying. But overall it an ok app but wouldn’t recommend it.
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10 months ago, The teen playing this game
Play Disney
This app is so fun! Great for any age. Also this app is so fun and keep your kids occupied while waiting in long lines. The best part of this app is that you can play anywhere! Definitely a five star rating. Highly recommend to any parents that has the most annoying kids ever.
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