PocketBook Reader

4.5 (4.4K)
118.7 MB
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Current version
Pocketbook International SA
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for PocketBook Reader

4.46 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
3 months ago, stephencbradford
It’s almost perfect
Does everything I need, cross platform logins, read multiple formats, save multiple bookmarks, a lot more. The thing is Im on Apple SE 2nd Gen and for the life of me I can’t figure out the touch gesture for exiting to main menu or pulling up options and table of contents once Im reading a book full screen. I’ve tried swiping all over the reading, which just changes pages and outside the area, holding down but it just highlights words and gives note taking options, Ive used multiple finger gestures. It just never works anyway and then it will randomly work or I have to exit whole app to exit reading but then sometimes it will take me back to main menu or just start me back in full screen reading mode and I just keep touch gesturing around the screen until the options, table of contents and back arrow pulls up. Is this just me? Or my phone not fully compatible? Developer what’s the touch gesture for exiting full screen mode to back out to my library?
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9 months ago, wetfrog
3 stars but
I’m giving 3 stars only because I’ve only explored my main reason for using and nothing else yet. BUT 4 stars (i don’t give out 5 stars) for what i wanted which was an ereader with autoscroll. Why is this feature so impossible for other ereaders? I read fast and sick of constantly having to tap screen to page turn. This autoscroll works great for me. Now if Apple will allow the use of the volume button (which boggles my mind they don’t) then ill be very happy. Other than that i like the ease of getting MY ebooks by simple transfer from pc to phone/tab and to app folder. Unlike 2 main ereader apps that need no naming. I have hundreds of books and now i can read them without pulling my hair out because i didn’t buy at those 2 stores. So 4 stars for what i need and ave. 3 stars for everything else.
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1 year ago, sandimacd
Lifesaver for library DRM pubs
Most of my library books go to kindle where I can use the infinite scrolling feature. But now and then a book I want to read isn't available in kindle format. I am a fast reader and scrolling allows my brain to take in entire sentences and paragraphs in accessibility large font. The traditional page turning doesn't because with large font sentences and paragraphs are chopped off to the next page. The other critical feature to me is the background. I have astigmatism and need dark font on a contrast background that is easy on my eyes. The ability to select a custom color font is amazing! Haven't seen this feature in my other book readers. Having so many fonts to select from was unexpected and added to my reading pleasure. No other reader, including Kindle app can offer me a precise background and font color in combination with infinite scrolling and font style, let alone layout. I had no problems logging into the adobe account or connecting my library download to the this app in iOS 14. I am over the moon that I can use this app to read all my library books. The true test of course is if this app continues to perform over time.
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2 years ago, Markaronin
Almost perfect
First off, this is a great app, and better than like 99% of the app store because it isn't covered in ads. I'll definitely be using this for reading epubs for the foreseeable future. I have 2 complaints that would be nice to fix, though 1. The scrolling for books is terrible and unintuitive. It doesn't work anything like scrolling anywhere else on iPhone. Fixing this would make the ergonomics like 50% better and definitely bring this up to 5 stars 2. The login process is kind of laggy and there were times when I was watching the loading indicator for 10+ seconds while logging in. Also, for some reason, I had to log in like 3 times after registering? I'm probably doing something wrong there but that was unintuitive
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1 year ago, BadosTye
Great app so far
I've only been using it for a bit but soo far I love it. Lots of features and really great for reading long pdfs, k Ive been using it more and still love it but a few suggestions to the developers. 1) add the ability to fast forward and rewind when using text to speech, I love that you guys have this capability, but if I miss something there is no way to go back or if I want to pause part way through a page. 2) The page flip animation is awesome, but if I zoom in to read something and zoom out the animation stops working until I turn it on and back off again. Hope this helps make the app more awesome
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1 year ago, Dobbs Ferry Guy
Terrific reading or listening APP
Aug. 2022: I downloaded this free PocketBook reader to replace NeoSoarBook which no longer works, but was really good for reading. This is better. AND I clicked on something, and suddenly the book starts being read out loud to me! So I can read it or listen to it, ePubs or pdfs. One reviewer thought finding books within the App could be problematic, but that’s not a problem for me, because I scroll until I find the one I want, then start reading it. And later after I have closed the app, I can re-open the app in the book is there as “Last Opened.” I don’t really see any annoying ads either. This is a keeper.
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3 years ago, Julo Satran
It had promise...
Now it doesn’t even open books already on the device - those I read once. I will removit from my iPad. —————— older review I was initially impressed by the application - mainly due to the UI - my initial review is attached. Unfortunately it is getting worse - some books take ages to display if at all. OPDS is not working - and I gave their support access to my calibre server to test but never heard them (but other readers work with it and so does a browser). It slowly gets unusable. ———————- original review But I The name is nostalgic reminder of popular reader more than 15 years ago. The UI is innovative and good. The layout of the books is very good. I would recomment adding a sellection of fonts. So far I did play only with epub books but I plan to check some more. The Library support appears to be multilingual but I could not find a language selector. Also I could not access my home OPDS server (that I can access in Kybook).
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3 years ago, Ahizen Royal
The best app ever!
This is the best! Seriously. I’ve seen too many apps of this type and none has pleased me so well as this one. The most I like is the Text to Speech function, the best I’ve found. Bear in mind that it never Freezes, you can lock your phone and it keeps working, it doesn’t matter if it’s reading a 5 thousand pages book, it never crashes, I mean it, it doesn't matter in what format is your book, it load it anyway, this is the best! And it's for free! Completely free! I live in Cuba and I really don't have any money, jeje, If I could, I would donate some money for sure. Some day I will because I owe them so much. Thanks a lot for everything.
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4 years ago, alnicat347
Was great, but now isn’t working
I used to love reading my books off of this app, which was a lot because I’m an absolute book nerd. However, I noticed that after a recent update that it doesn’t open up my ebooks properly anymore. I was in the middle of an ebook, but after the update it fails to load. Instead it just shows a white screen with a little green book that just keeps turning pages over and over again. I’ve waited for long periods of time while on that screen to see if there was just difficulty loading the ebook, but that isn’t the case. Please please please tell me how to fix this if it’s a problem on my end!!! I’ve used this app for ages on all sorts of devices and I’ve never had a problem with it before now.
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3 years ago, Ohh,Gee
Text to speech
One I have to say I love this app and the great features, but right now with the current version I have to say that the settings for the speech rate may need some work - when the rate is set to 1.1 you can tell that pattern sped up, but when you dial it to 1.2 the difference in speed is ridiculously greater almost to the point of not being able to make out what is being said. Would definitely love it if you guys can take a look at that in a future version 😀. Other than that I love this app and have recommending it to everyone I know that likes to read 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼.
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3 years ago, 123546756787
Good except quick action zones
(EDIT) Elaborating. The quick action zones make it so that if you, say, tap on the right side of the page screen it will go forward one page. However, this is completely unnecessary and makes no sense in scroll mode where there are no pages. In settings you can only change each zone from being forward or back. There needs to be an option to disable them altogether so that they are not accidentally tapped. Would rate this five stars if it were possible to disable quick action zones completely. They are such a nuisance especially in continuous scroll mode where it is useless and only makes it harder to select etc.
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3 years ago, AKA$H25
Good but scrolling issue
Hey I just got the app and it seems pretty neat. One small issue I was seeing is that when I scroll quickly it kinda lags and stutters. Only if I scroll it slowly does the issue become barely noticible. Id give it 5 stars if not for this annoying issus. If it helps, the book was imported from Dropbox. Another minor thing is that in landscape mode, I can't scroll from the margins, I have to put my finger over the text to scroll. Finally, the book doesn't stay in the same place when switching from portrait to landscape mode. I jumped two chapters just because I switched. Ps. Thanks for adding scrolling in the app, there's very very few apps with the feature. Edit: Decreasing the margins seems to help for some reason, but scrolling still isn't as smooth as other apps like iBooks. Everytime I move my hand off the screen and touch it again to scroll, the scrolling lags slightly, jarring the flow of reading. In an update, I'd like smooth scrolling regardless of margin sizes. Also, this app would be great with a windows / web version, I would even pay for those features. I use the iPhone XS
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4 years ago, ftgfdcbhj
Simple and excellent
I have used many epub readers. They are either far too complex and convoluted (MoonReader), or lacking essential tools such as highlighting or bookmarking. PocketBook Reader has all the essential features but not so many as to be confusing and make it difficult to use. It is the only epub reader I have felt deserving of use. Biggest problem: I can find no way to easily locate a set bookmark if losing track of where it is. Flipping through Page after page trying to find a lost bookmark is not time conservative or user friendly. Would like to see this fixed... or a more obvious way to do so if such feature already exists.
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6 months ago, cas !!
Best Free Reader App
This is the best free file reader app that I’ve tried so far. You can customize so much about the appearance of the text, from the font to the spacing to the size, you can even create custom font color/background color combinations. I love that I can highlight and add notes too. It’s so nice having the covers of all the books I’m reading on display and being able to track my progress in the book. I really love this app. The only thing is that sometimes selecting text can get a little finicky, but that’s not a huge deal. Keep up the good work, devs!
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2 years ago, anonms
Version 5.1
I’ve found PocketBook to be my go-to reader for some years now, but over the last week it crashes every time I click on the right hand page when the app is in 2-page mode. It seems to be OK in scroll and single-page mode. PocketBook has been updating in the background on my iPad Pro 9.7”, so I’m wondering if your upgrade to 5.1 a week ago is the cause of this problem. Also it seems that more than a few books have a pop-up saying “Error : errors during document open.” Any help?
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2 years ago, stephengraybill
Great start…
I read audiobooks for a living and this reader is by far the most impressive I and some colleagues have found. It retains the formatting of the book you’re reading, so you end up basically reading the PDF or EPUB file. Which is essential for us. My only gripe so far is the auto scroll. The movement is smooth and seamless, and being able to adjust the margins is incredible. However, though the you’re told the speed can be changed between 9 or so speeds with the swipe of a finger (incredibly intuitive and simple) at increments of .2, the only *actual* speed change happens between 5.0 and 5.2. Which is not helpful. At all. Change this please.
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5 months ago, 55O5
Buggy update! Please read!
The new update completely wiped all my local notes, bookmarks and location I had on my books as well as corrupt books in which I uploaded to Pocketbook as a file unable to load them. It also rendered me unable to add anymore notes, bookmarks neither does it save my page number. If I open the app, go into a book and read, add a bookmark, note or just leave the book, everything is saved. But when I exit the app itself and clear it by swiping up, suddenly all the data is gone which didn’t happen before this update. I have tried to: 1. Reinstall, does not fix the problem 2. Reimported the books, does not fix. The data remains until the app is closed, but after that the data is wiped. 3. Getting new file copies (untampered), does not work. [includes .epub;.txt;pdf] I checked on whether my device simply ran on an old OS or lacked storage, as well as restarting it several times just to make sure it’s not my device’s fault, but no it’s not the device’s problem. I hope these information help. I really do enjoy reading on the app.
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3 years ago, Nyags1
Still the best free ereader out there
I’ve been using this ereader for a while now and yes, after the last update, it does takes a while to load the book. But, I have found that the more I use it, the less time it takes to load the books so maybe that’s just a learning curve for the app? The only negative right now is that on auto-scroll, the screen will timeout and lock as if the phone’s not being used. I’ve looked at the settings but I can’t see what could have changed. Still, thank you for providing this free, no ad, auto-scroll ereader.
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3 years ago, Roadgecko352
Terrible app
Reply to developer: I had books in my app. I was reading one. I open app and find I am logged out. It refuses to log me in. Instead of giving me the option to log in it keeps trying to make me create a new account. I go through new account creation, I think, using my previous user name and password. It lets me into the app. No books, books are gone. Now it will not let me add books. It does not see the books download to my device. Is that more clear? Halfway through reading a book I own on Smashwords this app logs me out and deletes all my books. Now I have no idea where I stopped reading in the book. I also can’t get it to recognize any of the books saved to my device or get it to let me add new ones. What good is a book reader with no book or access to books.
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2 years ago, Jakeindc
Not opening anything
I’ve tried opening a book and it hung for about 15 minutes and finally “sort of” opened. But then I wasn’t able to get past the first page of the book. Closed the app and it gets stuck trying to open the book again. Deleted the app, rebooted, reinstalled a book that I knew didn’t have DRM and same issue. Verified that my internet was working (200mbps down and 100 up), so it is not a connection issue. I do software testing as my job. I don’t want to have to do it on apps I get to relax by reading. Update-now that I have tried and failed to open a book multiple times, when I was finally able to get back to the “home page” there are multiple copies of the book. Sigh!!!
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1 year ago, Ariitzka
Awesome app!
After a small snag I was able to quickly figure out how to upload an ePub novel I am about to publish to see how it looks to readers without a kindle. The app is streamlined, allows you to change fonts, color, and also has an audio reader built in in a bunch of languages and accent and voices (Male and Female) which is very handy! You can migrate your books over from other platforms and even buy new books as there is a store link there as well. Just Awesome!!!
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5 years ago, VeryMouseJ.
A clumsier version of iBooks
I use this for reading books from eLibraries. The functions present are mostly the same as iBooks, which I like, but the control is clumsier – it has a maddening lag whenever you tap to flip the page. Technically the lag is inevitable: it has no way to tell whether you are double-tapping except waiting for the second tap to come. It still prevents this app being otherwise snappy. Oh and it has a noticeable lag when you try to bring up something, be it the UI or text-to-speech bar.
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3 years ago, low_mileage
Syncing is so slow
I export a file from dropbox on my iPhone and told it to open in PocketBook Reader. It worked. HOWEVER, whenever I want to open PocketBook reader or simply switch back to it from another app it begins syncing and the icon keeps rotating and it seems to take forever. Like 20 or 30 seconds or more. This is very frustrating. Other readers I have used almost immediately open to the page I was reading. This is the only negative to the app that I’ve come across and it seems to be only on the newer version. Prior versions open quickly to the page I was reading and it was very simple. No idea what changed.
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5 months ago, S.Pender
I favorite feature of the app is auto scroll. I sometimes ‘read’ a book while listening to the narrated audio book. Previous auto scroll speeds were either too fast or too slow and I would often have to stop the auto scroll and manually scroll to stay on track. With the latest update, the auto scroll speeds are more granular and now allow me to more closely match narration! This app is now 5 star worthy!
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3 years ago, takerzmuse
Major functionality issue!!
I’ve been on the hunt for a better reader than my usual go-to and decided to give this app a try. In a lot of ways I really do like it—it has a scroll mode where most have only page mode, which I need due to attention issues—but it’s nearly impossible to read light novels that contain illustrations. Because of my vision, I need to increase the text size, HOWEVER! When I do so, it cuts off text above illustrations. The only solution I’ve found is to decrease text size and read what was cut off before increasing text size again. But that takes time I’d rather be using reading. Not to mention that the further I am in the novel, the more difficult not losing my place becomes with the resizing. :/
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2 years ago, Susan Ashworth
Great Adobe alternative, buggy text-to-speech
I read a number of protected Adobe PDFs for work, and wanted a more flexible app than Digital Editions. Specifically, I wanted to be able to export my notes and highlights, which PocketBook does very well. The display and scrolling options offer reading variety. However, the app's built in text to speech is buggy. No matter what voice I pick from the menu or how many times I tap Apply, PocketBook insists on the Aaron voice. I cannot change it. But if you're not using text to speech, it's a wonderful app that blows Adobe out of the water.
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4 years ago, EmilyApricot
Bookstore Broken
Fails to offer what I want: a premium eBooks store that supports Text to Speech (TTS). However, it seems workable for imported visual reading. The embedded dictionary also works. Also, offering The Lost World by A.C. Doyle (1995) free with the app is generous. Starting TTS is a little obtuse, requiring a longpress on the text to start, but it works quite well. The bookstore is still down after trying multiple times this week. To the developer: I would suggest not including broken features in the app including 'ReadRate' in the upper right corner in read view, and an unreliable bookstore. These additions can make the entire app appear broken to a newcomer.
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11 months ago, seurd
Great but highly annoying
I love the fact that I can upload through cloud any of my books and reading is mostly fine But every other chapter in my book the app decides I don’t want to read the chapter and turning the page skips to the start of the next chapter. The only way to get around it that I’ve found is randomly changing font sizes till it lets me turn to the next page instead of the next chapter. All I want to do is delete this function because it’s literally driving me mad. 5 stars if fixed.
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2 years ago, Vic765
Great app, but has an issue w/Dropbox
I really liked the app since its early days. It’s quite great. Maybe paging could be more smooth. Dropbox integration doesn’t work for me, though. It’s just empty. Maybe it’s because my Dropbox is huge, and the app only tries to read a portion of it? Anyway, I don’t want the entirety of it synced to the reader. Can we please have a feature - select which directory to sync? Thank you. Edit: it’s very simple. I authorized the app to access Dropbox. It never asked which folder, I assume it’s all of it. Dropbox icon in the app is active, but when I tap it, the list is empty. Refresh doesn’t change it. BTW, it would be nice to have a feedback option in the app. The current website is useless, it only allows feedback for hardware ebooks. Maybe it will leave less negative reviews in the App Store.
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2 years ago, greygabu
FINALLY! I Can Read .ascm files again!
I love reading ebooks, but I especially love downloading obscure books from the Internet Archive. So when Adobe Digital Edition kicked the bucket, I was upset and frustrated. How in the world would I be able to read these books again?! In comes this app. With an awesome interface and format, I don’t even have transfer these books to my Nook anymore; I can read my books right on my phone. 😀
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11 months ago, RememberThePez
I like the app in general. It has some nice options. But it has a few issues. When I load up a book it jumps to random chapters. I have to scroll up or down all the way back to my place. Most of the time I cannot get the options to pop up either. Like the chapter scroller. Have to exit the app to change books . Fix these and you’ve got yourself an excellent reading app.
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3 months ago, mr unshure
No how to guide, tutorial, buggy with large files
Can’t access menu or exit book without tapping the middle, corners, swiping top or bottom screen just to get a menu to appear, there is no how to guide or tutorials to explain navigation. Tapping or swiping left or right on the page only enlarges the book then page turns. Crashes with large files, then relaunches the same book it crashed with, without a way to exit the book and start over with a different book. Very frustrating controls and navigation, no guide on how to organize books into categories in library, very frustrating app.
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4 days ago, udhehhahajjwjsjjsjsjh
Good interface but frustratingly slow
I like the clean and simple design of the app and it has enough features/settings to make your reading experience comfortable for your needs. My main problem is that it struggles to load a lot of the epub files I throw at it (which open fine in Calibre). There’s no good reason why it should take 5+ minutes to open one book (if it doesn’t just give me an error) when my device can handle editing files hundreds of times larger issue-free.
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2 years ago, dannybeenhere
Nice app :)
Overall nice app and I really like the transparency effects in the ui. I use it to view my textbook’s pdf. Scrolling while in “scroll” view is laggy and stuttery and double tapping to zoom always zooms fine for a split second, then shifts to a random spot on the page, making the feature useless. Also, please add external keyboard support. You’re currently unable to scroll using a trackpad or using the arrow keys.
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3 years ago, I❤1D4EVER8415
Crashes a bit but I love it when it works
This is the only app I’ve found that lets me highlight and make notes on PDF textbooks and find them easily later in a separate tab. However, if I flip pages too fast or sometimes when I open the app at all, it just crashes over and i er sometimes. It seems to be doing it more and more often lately. Maybe I need to delete some books?
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4 years ago, Y0mammy
Awesome alternative to iBooks
I don’t normally leave reviews but felt compelled to for this app. I’m so happy I discovered it because iBooks was seriously annoying me with its offloading of my books. I’ve been through 3 releases of this app and it has progressively gotten better with each one. The Dropbox sync is working well and I can pick up where I left off between my iPad and iPhone. Anyway, kudos to the dev team. Thanks!
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2 years ago, MysticChang
Such a great app
I hate when an app asks me to write a review, but this app is worth it. It is so nice to have an easy to use pdf reader. It remembers my place in the book, and even allows me to highlight some important things I’d like to stick out. There are other handy features as well, and I would definitely recommend this app for anyone looking for a good pdf reader
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3 years ago, NCavillones
Better Reading Experience Than Kindle
I got an iPad because I wanted to read ebooks on some other than a Kindle. I have several ePub reader apps and PocketBook has given me the best experience so far. I did have a little trouble figuring out how to get my books onto the app but after that, it was easy. Do be forewarned that PocketBook seems to have no customer support for users in the United States. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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3 months ago, IckWooWoo
Love this app!
Sync is my favorite feature. It works flawlessly across all my devices so I’m right where I need to be for every book. Also, a ton of options for getting the book to look just the way you want as you’re reading. I have tried out a ton of book reading apps and this is definitely my top one.
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2 years ago, AshleyZM
Updating my review - Love and user interface suggestions
This is still hands down my favorite reader. The pdf wrapping is superior compared to a big competitor. However, in the last update or two, pdf wrapping occasionally skips a bit of text (like if you chose to hide rows in Excel). Sometimes that text looks almost like two lines as if line spacing was set to .5 instead (half) of normal spacing. Doing a slightly smaller or larger view fixes it. It has happened with PDFs and maybe library books. Would have to check. Maybe I should reinstall the app since it happened on 6s and now the newest iphone. Still, it’s a great app. Thanks, Awesome app!
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3 years ago, wicklez
New favorite
I had a pile of old ebook readers on my phone that were outdated and abandoned. I read epub, pdf, and djvu and this one does it all and does it well. Thank you very much to the dev and hope it will be supported for a while still. Have not played with the cloud or store functions yet but will definitely check it out, and it looks like they have some nice hardware as well. I’m hooked.
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3 months ago, LASoundCrafter
Beyond Buggy, Unusable
Just installed this unfortunate application on a modern iPad mini (iOS 16.5.1). The ap has crashed repeatedly, after downloading another book from Dropbox, thebook opened after a minute, took another minute to change a page, crashed again. Tried another book. Same result. As a reference I’ve used Marvin 3X3, a great application, but no longer in the ap store, but has worked flawlessly for years. I’ll be using that, again, but when I change iPads, might have problems porting it over to a new iPad.
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6 months ago, REDPATHSONG
Like it but could be better
I like the app, but it doesn’t close books easily while I am working on research or studies, also times will not sign me in to transfer books, or add books from other apps.I would give it a 5* rating if these things were fixed and a highlight option added.
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6 months ago, a.pennell
Used to be the best app
I am on the iPhone SE. I use the apps text to voice feature to listen to books as I have very poor vision. Ever since the most recent update this feature causes my phone to freeze after about 10 minutes or sometimes sooner. Very disappointed that this feature would always worked before is now freezing my phone requiring me to power it off or let its battery die when the phone becomes unresponsive.
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4 months ago, LonnieM123
Almost the perfect reading app
This is the only reading app that reads books even if they’re not in audio form. I love that. However, there are several bugs you have to deal with like pages not loading or being cut off. Regardless, I refuse to complain when it has the read aloud feature.
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7 months ago, Spoooce
Love this app, wish it actually worked :(
I love the idea of this app. One place for all my books with cloud syncing? Dream come true! But the problem is that I can’t use it because reading books is inexcusably broken. I read books and somehow the margins break so that I’m seeing 2 halves of separate pages at once. I really wish this was fixed so I can continue to use it but as long as it keeps doing this, I have to use other options.
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2 years ago, Naidiam
Update makes thing worse
Finally you added simplest thing: “disable quick action”. Thank you for that, maybe i will try to go back to your reader from ibooks finally. Crop margins works too again. And ui in-book make sense at last. But in process you broke more than you fix. Now pdf have to load every page for so long! And i see loading icon at screen almost all the time. Remove that thing, i'm able to differentiate loaded page myself without ui visual noise. Alternative renderer throws so many errors and unusable. Tiled bookshelf ui have so much unrelated noise where should be only book name (vertical) list, period. Ebookdroid on ipad is all i need, you second to that, but soo behind....
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2 years ago, Yongxiaqwerty
Good app
Good app. I was a big Marvin fan, but since it stopped updating and became buggy in new iOS, I have to search for alternative ebook reader and Pocketbook is a great alternative. One suggestion: could you please make the page flipping instantaneous? Even if I don’t enable animation, I still feel that there is 0.5”lag when I turn to the next page.
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2 years ago, No madness yet for I think
Great all in one reading app
This is a great all in one reading app. The ability to have Adobe drm and Google books all in one app alongside my other ebooks is fantastic. The only thing that keeps this from being my daily driver is the lack of ability to edit a book's meta data.
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2 years ago, the SewManicMechanic
The Best Free Reading App
I have been using this app for years. Especially love the TTS as it allows me to listen to books (even PDF files) while I drive or work around the yard. As technology advances, so does this app. As an iPhone user, PocketBook and IBooks are the only reader apps necessary. Thanks and keep up the great work.
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