Polarsteps - Travel Tracker

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Polarsteps B.V.
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User Reviews for Polarsteps - Travel Tracker

4.82 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
2 years ago, princetongirl12
Amazing Tracker
I love this app. Polarsteps easily tracks stops on roadtrips and flights - the trip tracker is awesome. Also love the profile page, especially the overall map view that has the red dots to show all trip stops - the only thing I’d want to see improved would be being able to see that map up close. Like if you could tap on the overall trip map behind the profile photo so you could see top level how many spots someone has been. That map is one of the coolest features but it’s kinda hidden behind the profile photo and other UI elements on the top half of that page. Even if you just repeat that map element at the bottom of the profile, so keep it up top behind the profile photo (because it’s great to see as the first thing), but then as a user scrolls down the profile through all the stats, you get to that map again - but here you can zoom in and actually see all the Stop Dots without any UI blocking it - that would be awesome! Really love your app. Can tell it’s designed and built by avid travelers!
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7 months ago, vjaynes
Cannot get it to work for current trip!
I’ve been traveling for a month and found out about this from a fellow traveler. It’s brilliant in concept but I cannot get it to track my current trip. It synced all of my trips from 7 years ago from my photos with all gps location details, and attached photos to those locations. But the point of me using it is for my current trip and it is just a blank slat. Does not import my photos, location, or dates at all. I’ve done everything I can think of, went into a deep dive in my iOS settings, went through the trip settings, my account settings, read through pretty much the ENTIRE help center, scoured Reddit, updated my phone, deleted my account and reinstalled it, restarted my phone etc and NOTHING WORKS!! It wants me to add everything manually down to the date I flew and the location I flew into and then the next place I stayed etc but at no point does it ever finally pick up in syncing to fill the info in. I ended the trips, restarted the trip, every thing I can possibly think of and NOTHING works. What is the point in using this for your friends and family to track your travels if it only syncs trip details after you arrive back home?!?! The only trips it syncs are ones where I’ve ended AND flown back to my home location. Otherwise this stupid thing is WORTHLESS and you might as well just post on social media because it will be endlessly less frustrating!!!
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2 months ago, ellliottower
Cool but very bad photo suggestions / annoying to use
I like the UI and visualization, but it is such a pain having to fight the app in order to add locations (which it renames to the county—who ever cares about the county? Just name the step the location you searched, like Grand Canyon should not be renamed to the county), then when you add photos the suggestions are always off and you have to manually look through photos. What it should do is look at your photos and suggest all the ones on that same date, even if they don’t have the geo location tag (DSLR photos). Entering in dates is also a pain, new step button for some reason always assumes you do it on a new day, so I have to go back and manually change that too. I’m sure if you use it to actively track new trips it works okay, but I’m frustrated with the experience of filling it in manually. It captured some of the trips I did in the past by analyzing my photos, but again renames all the locations to stuff nobody knows (it calls Muir Woods national monument by its county name) and will split trips into two sometimes, with no easy way to combine them. Features seem to be there but usability is lacking IMO, not really worth the effort (I did try a few other competitor apps and this is more features but still a pain).
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1 year ago, lolo cher
Perfect for documenting travels
So my friend and I road-tripped across the US last year and this app was so great for so many reasons. First - it tracks you as you go and allows you to take pictures with location/time details. So when we would stop in the middle of nowhere and take a pic it knew exactly where we were and the time , and you can add a little blurb. It also created a map for you of your route and all of your stops/ pics you too along the way. A year later I finally created and purchased a book of our travels through polar steps and sent it to my friend as a surprise. It was perfect because I didn’t have to remember where we stopped or what we we’re thinking that day or the jokes we made, since I had it all saved in the app. The OTHER great thing about this company besides the product is their customer service. When I initially sent the book to my friend for Christmas it was stolen from her doorstep. They sent another one without charge and she finally got it. Great company
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5 years ago, Tater101125
My favorite app!
I never write reviews for apps, but I have to for this one! It is by far my favorite app! I have been using it for a little over a year, and it’s been great all along! It’s super easy to navigate and keeps all my little fun tidbits about my travels for me. I also like that it manually tracks my trip. This way, even if I can’t update at that moment, family following me at home can keep up with where I’m at in the world! It also lets you write and submit steps along your journey even if you don’t have internet or phone data. It just posts it when you do connect! So useful when trying to stay on top of updating but missing constant WiFi. Also I love that you can order the books! I have ordered one for my most recent trip and it was so beautifully done and the pictures turned out great. I cannot recommend this app enough to people who like to travel and document it. It keeps people at home updated, and gives me a great record of my trip to look back on! I love it!
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1 year ago, bikerchick78
Great app, easy to share, amazing book.
My family went on a 3 month road trip and we used polar steps the whole time to track our trip, save and organize pictures, and blog about our trip in a way that was easy to share with friends and family while also allowing us to stay off social media. For that alone, this is a really cool app. But the best part it when we were done, we ordered a book from them which was made automatically from our pictures and text entries (and you can tweak it as much as you want to, it’s very easy to use) and it’s amazing! Better than all the souvenirs put together, something we’ll keep and cherish forever. AND it was really reasonably priced. We paid something like $120 for a book with about 350 pages. Like I said, it was a long trip, and I didn’t want to take any pictures out so we just set it up and I was honestly surprised at the price for such a beautiful book. 1000% worth it!
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4 years ago, HaughHa
Great App and Great Customer Service!
I love this App. Very easy to use and I like that you can set the privacy for private friends you invite to follow you or public. I also like how it automatically tracks where you are automatically. Great to be able to look back at my trip notes and pictures. I just tried using their offer to make a photo book of my trip. The book turned out great and arrived quickly. Very cool that it summarizes your trip on the first page with a picture map of your full trip and shows a trip summary - #miles travelled, #days, #steps, #photos, furthest point from home, #countries travelled. Then each page of pictures shows date, weather temperature, and altitude for that days post. I highly recommend it. Also, I want to give a shout out to Steffany who personally answered every single email question I wrote to support and stuck with me to answer my questions in full detail. Great customer service!! Thank you for such a useful App!!
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8 months ago, GleefulSmith
Your Ultimate Travel Wingman!
I gotta tell you, PolarSteps is the bomb-diggity of travel apps! 🌍✈️ Seriously, it’s like having your personal travel guru right in your pocket. I’ve been on the app since the beginning and I’ve happily carried PolarSteps around the globe with me. One thing that totally rocks about PolarSteps is their overall travel statistics. It’s like looking at your own travel résumé - you can see how many countries you’ve conquered, how many miles you’ve trekked, and even the time you’ve spent in transit (Jetsetter badge, anyone?). It’s perfect for impressing your friends with your travel street cred. But wait, there’s more! The interactive global map is where the real magic happens. You can zoom in on the exact spots you’ve been, and it’s like reliving your adventures all over again. It’s like having a digital scrapbook that you can share with your peeps, complete with photos and notes. Plus, the app is super user-friendly. You don’t have to be a tech whiz to navigate it. Whether you’re a seasoned globetrotter or just planning your first big trip, PolarSteps has got you covered. It’s the ultimate travel sidekick, and it’s all about making your journeys cooler than a polar bear’s toenails. 🐧❄️ So, if you’re into tracking your adventures and reliving the good times, PolarSteps is the way to go. It’s the app that turns your travels into epic stories. Happy adventuring, my fellow wanderlusters! 🌟🌏🌟
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8 months ago, Scott the architect
The best app to record your travel experiences
I learned about Polarsteps from a fellow American I just happened to meet in Izmir, Turkey, and he told me he was using the app as his travel blog, so I downloaded it and followed him. Actually, now that I think about it, I started using it that same day in 2018! And I never stopped. How do I remember such details? Because my experience is forever recorded in the app, complete with pictures, maps, and real time experiences. Polarsteps is so easy and intuitive, I have used it for every trip i’ve taken since then. At least 20-30 trips, many them abroad. It is so fun to go back through my past adventures and relive the details. Travel is something so special to me, and I want to remember everything I did, as well as keep my friends and family informed in real time. Polarsteps helps me so that. I highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, nothanks1414
Best RV or Traveling Buddy!!
Highly recommend this to anyone on the road in an RV or just traveling. Before my big van life trip across the USA I tried several different apps and this one is by far is the best I’ve come across. I wanted something my friends and family could follow even if I didn’t have cell service to be in touch with them all the time. My only silly small issue with the app is not truly knowing how many people are following. They have the secret link you can send out but those people aren’t required to sign up so we had no idea how many people were actually following us. I actually even reference it a lot (now) even though my trip is over. It’s the small day to day things you forget you did so I’m thankful we had this on our trip. Also love that you can print a book once you’re done.
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3 years ago, Nick6930
Love this app!!
I was an early adopter and have been using this app for years. We print a book every 6 months for a place to have all our adventures. The books themselves are great quality. The best part is I don’t have to sit down for hours to create a book. I simply add photos each day we do something. When 6 months is up I hit create book and pay. A few weeks later we have our memories. With so many memories on our phones there is no guarantee they will be around years to come. The book is great for all to page through. The only negative thing I can say is the app is a little glitchy when it comes time to print. I just no longer try to edit the photos once it is print time. Pro tip: only put photos in that you know you want in the book and don’t put it off until later to edit.
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4 years ago, hahzsnshxjsmd c
Amazing App!
I can’t say enough about this app! I usually don’t write reviews. My husband and I are truckers traveling the country and I have a picture taking problem. 😂 I wanted an app to keep track of the states we’ve been in and the places we’ve seen. This app does just that. It keeps track of our movements and shows the journey on the map. It keeps logs of the places and times we’re been so I can go back and create a step with pictures and/or mark a restaurant or activity we did. I love being able to upload pictures in bulk. Not having a limit. I also love being able to create multiple albums and then the fact that this app will create a photo album for you! It’s amazing! It also keeps statistics on your trips and how much of the country and the world you’ve seen. It’s just all around incredible.
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6 years ago, LibraryMan
What an Amazing Travel App!
PolarSteps! What an amazing app! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this app for keeping track of where we were on our latest cruise. The only bad news is how much data it takes to actually use this app. It tracks your location for every step you take and it does it in the background. The bad news is that it requires you to activate an international plan if you are traveling outside the U.S. Sometimes, it has difficulty using the tracking part of the operating system in iOS and registers the user as having taken a flight instead of cruising. Then when you get to the online part of the program, there isn't a way to change that portion of the trip. So, there are a few quirks. However, overall, it is a good program.
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3 years ago, shiloh415
Love it and…
Super fun app though it doesn’t let you add another person to your journey? My partner and I went on a long road trip and had a lot of fun with polar steps, posting photos and writing captions so that we can remember it for time to come. I think some improvements should be made like being able to add another polar steps user so you can “co-create a trip” that you are both on together. We always had to post from her phone. Also being able to post at a later date because we were always too busy to post everyday. But the app glitches and you have to publish it using today’s date/time and current location and then you can go back and change it. Too much effort though you should just be able to choose a date and time and location before you post. Overall great app!
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5 years ago, emandr2
Flaws with adding old trips
I am enjoying using this app to track my travels, but the process of adding in previous trips from before I downloaded the app has several flaws. Most notably, the app is atrocious at guessing where I took various pictures and the "suggested photos from [city]" feature doesn't work well when I'm adding a step. I know that my phone has geotags saved for all of the photos I've taken - I'd love for a way to give the app access to that info to make the process of selecting photos easier. If it were possible, I'd also love to have an option to sync the app with my Google Maps app, which remembers not only when I've arrived and departed from each city but which restaurants, shops, etc. I've spent time in. I'd really love for my previous trips to be as fleshed out as the ones that Polarsteps creates itself are.
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5 years ago, Deb/Steve
Anniversary Trip
Oh my goodness I was so excited to come home from my grand kids home and see my Polarsteps book ready for me. My husband and I had spent our 45th anniversary and used Polarsteps to document our trip. The book is beyond amazing. I don’t even know how to give it justice. The pages are quality the book is quality of the pictures are incredible. Far out exceeded my expectation. I have used other sites to create books but none of them compared to this. The app was easy to use although it took me aLittle while to figure everything out. The customer service was great and answered my questions. I will definitely use Polarsteps again and I have already recommended it to many friends. What a incredible job you’re doing.
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4 years ago, nickname10000000000
Tracks your route decently, as long as you remember to set location to “always allow.” Apple has a tendency to re-ask for permission at this setting and may revoke it without you knowing. Design of UI is fine but nothing special. Functionality of UI is problematic. Adding photos and steps is more frustrating than anything, as the app automatically decides to add mystery flights and teleportations to your route that you can’t edit or delete. This really defeats the purpose of what the app is intended to do. Will try competitors. Update to developer response: Although not having a good solve for the connectivity issue is a problem in and of itself (i.e. giving the user the ability to specify flight vs car or other modes of transportation), I’m actually talking about a bug that I encountered when pulling in photos and adding steps along my route. That’s when the app added multiple flights and nonsensical jumps in the route, and sometimes wouldn’t even allow me to pull in photos at a route marker location. I’m not sure, but perhaps the app is pulling in time stamp information or GPS information from the photos and that’s what’s throwing the route tracker off? In any case, this isn’t a connectivity issue as much as it’s a design choice or flaw. Again, if the app can’t do it’s main function well (or even decently), what’s the point?
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4 years ago, rtw1819
Great app
Would be even better if there was a more interactive world view. Currently the world view is a fixed size on the home screen that is partially obscured by buttons, etc. It would be great to have an expanded/dedicated view where you can see the big picture or zoom to particular locations youve been. It would also be nice to be able to share that page digitally and include in prints. One more thing - the app automatically decides whether a route is by plane or not judging by distance, but it’s not always right. Would be great to allow the user to toggle the route line accordingly if the computer’s guess isn’t right.
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5 months ago, Lisa W33
Great, but limited
Recently downloaded the app and was really happy with how it tracked my trip to remote areas in Antarctica. However, as a whole, this app is frustrating and disappointing to me as a lifetime traveler. To see it reflecting the sum total of my travels as 2% of the world is not only inaccurate but insulting. The app should add a means to record lifetime travel or its usefulness is only in the moment during travel or as a means to look back only at recent travel. Adding a checklist of countries, cities or the like to capture a user’s full travel history would make it a more fulfilling experience as a user. I do like how it uses location data from photos in the phone, that too is limited to relatively recent history.
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6 years ago, Vanbeats
Please fix !!!!
Real disappointing right now. So I have a lot of pictures that are still on my phone that I’ve put in this app that are NOT showing up on the map. They show as blank white dots on the map and when I click on them they display gray images as if no picture is there! It’s frustrating because it tells me there’s photos but won’t show them. :( Do I have to manually go back and re-add all the stops and re-add all those photos? Cause I feel that’s the only way I can fix this which is horrible considering I’d have to sort through hundreds of pictures in my photo app and have to guess their correct location. I thought it was maybe just me, but then when I go to view other peoples stories I follow I encounter the same error and am unable to see their photos as well. Most photos work but not all work. Why?!!!’
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3 years ago, ARDMEM
This is THE travel app for sharing!
Was looking for something user friendly, simple, but capable. I found it with this app. Could track my progress (which was most important), and share pictures with loved ones. Private for only who shared it with, and friends didn’t have to download or join anything to see our progress. This app really is all about the user and their needs! I tried about a half a dozen other apps and they didn’t come close to this one. So many intuitive features like time capture and recommended locations nearby make it not only a memory tracker, but a wonderful research and educating tool as well. Absolutely 5 stars for all!
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6 years ago, daisysparky
Seriously before even starting to read this review, download this app right now. This is the best user-friendly travel app I have ever used. This app is so convienent, easy and amazing!! I LOVE LOVE L O V E the feature that tracks my steps even when I am offline. I love being able to add photos and a description of where I was a certain day. I love knowing the amount of miles I have done on a trip and the # of countries I have been to. The awesome part is that the app is FREE! No annoying subscriptions. I cant begin to describe how much I hate subscriptions. I wouldn’t mind paying a one time fee for this app (if it ever came to that point). PLEASE DOWNLOAD THIS!! This should be #1 for the category Travel in the app store!
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7 months ago, Ausyj
document your travels with Polarsteps’ rich feature set
I documented a month long trip through Scotland after I returned home and the result was impressive. It would have been even better had I known about and used the app during the trip. The browser interface for sharing & viewing the trip works well; navigation would be aided if trip steps could be collapsed to a single line showing just the step name. A native iPad UI for the app would also be great as would a built-in airplay option. I could go on with feature requests but for a free app with no advertising Polarsteps shines as is.
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2 years ago, Fkajefmyssjrsbhdsghfsvhtd
Love this app
My husband and I are on a big six month trip and we wanted our family to be able to track our trip and see pictures of our adventure. We are two months in and are very happy with the app. We had a little issue early on and I emailed customer service and they went above and beyond to help me through it. They were super quick to respond and helped me figure out what was goin on. We post an update every day and have hundreds of pictures and it’s all been super easy to use and we love the map that shows where we’ve been and where we are going
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2 months ago, Funflyngrl
Easy to use after a bit of a learning curve
We are using this to document a 60 day journey flying a seaplane all the way around the perimeter of Australia. The most important thing I’ve learned is that wherever you are, make a step throw one picture in and call it good then come back later and put in your other pictures and words. if you forget, you can go back in but I found that‘s harder to do. I had trouble deleting points moving points around but with practice, I learned how to do it. I am very happy with this app and it is doing everything I need to do.
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3 years ago, CovertCastaway
Can’t edit dates
Update: I was contacted by the developer with a workaround accessing through the desktop. This seemed to work. Looking forward to more permanent fix. I really want to love this app and I uploaded all my steps and photos for a visit to Croatia but the dates are messed up and can’t be edited. The end date is stuck and when I try to change it or select ‘no end date’ the app shuts down. Also, I can’t select ‘tracker’ feature. I am happy to update my review when this bug gets fixed. Right now I feel like I’ve wasted hours uploading and setting all the steps. I sent an email to support, let’s see what happens. Frustrated.
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4 years ago, coura1988
Great, fun app for avid travelers!
I got polarsteps last year as I was gearing up for a very active year of traveling for business and pleasure. I do some travel writing and photography as part of my job as a tour manager, so this app is extremely helpful for tracking your movement and which attractions/points of interest you visited at each place. It is also really fun to see your flag count and mileage increase during a busy year. Can’t want to take my next trip. My only complaint is that I wish it tracked US States traveled to— we do a lot of domestic travel and it would be fun to collect state flags.
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5 years ago, ryan c thompson
Fun App
I’ve been using Polarsteps for a bit over 220 days, as we non-stop our way through the world. I really like that I can see the routes we've taken. It adds a new element that only using pins can’t deliver, there’s just so much that happens between them, (unless you only fly) and the routes show the relationship between the pins. Here are some things that I think would improve the app. An in app 3D globe view of the trip. It would be really interesting to see the 3D perspective of your position on the world relative to another you had been and how you got from point to point. A toggle to turn off steps. Sometimes I just want to see the routes and the steps/photos are so large over the map that you can’t see the travel lines. I primarily got the app so I can see where and how I’ve traveled. A similar toggle to turn off travel lines so that only steps are visible. More map styles. GPS in app so I don’t have to remember to route in apple maps everything I do so that Polarsteps can record it.
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2 years ago, Pemberly5
Travel & tell
Love this app. Easy way to share your travels and most importantly all your pictures with your interested friends. When you get home you can get a book of the whole trip! I find that editing for book relatively easy. Page numbers would be nice in editing mode. I find writing down the experience as it happens is less stressful then having to remember back on each day. I write as I go and add pictures (save as draft). At end of day “publish” that is when your friends can view.
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6 months ago, Schan_talle
I use Polarsteps for all my travels - it's not just great to share your trip with friends and families, but also to keep your trip documented for later. It's an amazing memory and I love going back to past trips and see what we've been doing. But most importantly, the photobook which you can create is absolutely fantastic. The quality and the design are just perfect. I've ordered about 5 photobooks already and love them all! It is so easy and fast to create that you actually do it. Would 100% recommend!!
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3 years ago, publicjoy
Five enthusiastic stars!
I have never written an app review, but Polarsteps is remarkable! I wanted to get away from sharing my travel photos & updates broadly on social media, but my friends & family really like seeing what’s going on. This app was easy and fun to use, easy to collect my photos, locations and comments - and I am blown away with the ease of creating a travel book and the tremendous quality of the book. Also, I had lots of questions along the way, and the customer support at Polarsteps was impeccable.
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8 months ago, djfromde
Don’t leave home without it!
Polarsteps is awesome! I have used both the app & website versions for years and can’t say enough good things about them. It just keeps getting better all the time. The team behind PolarSteps is committed to providing a seamless experience for everyone. I recently encountered an issue, contacted them, and the problem was corrected quickly & perfectly. If you are considering PolarSteps, don’t hesitate to try it…..you won’t be disappointed!
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2 years ago, 照照仙子
Want to have a search button and overall travel map
It is the best APP I can find to log travels. I would like to put all my previous trips into it but I have some concerns. I haven’t logged many trips yet but if I have 100 trips, it will be very time consuming to find one particular trip without the search function in the APP In the PC version, I have a view of my overall travel map and can zoom in for details but in the APP I can not do the same.
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4 years ago, nvm_rtm
Missing PDF export
There is the option to print out your travel diary in a book from (for a fee), but I’m not much of a paper/book type of person. I’d prefer a pdf print version which, as far as I know, isn’t possible. Other than that the app is great. It’s easy to add stories, photos, etc. but make sure you do it on the sport or at least create and empty log to fill in later. Creating a log after the fact is too complicated if you can get it done at all. Except for these little foibles I’m very happy with the features, layout, functionality, etc.
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8 months ago, mrsbelcher
Great concept but really glitchy
I love this app and the concept of documenting your travel. I also love the idea of being able to make a book at the end. But the app is insanely glitchy!!! There have been several instances where I added all my photos and wrote out paragraphs of text, just for Polarsteps to delete parts of it after posting. For example, I just wrote out many paragraphs detailing a day of my trip, and polar steps deleted everything but the first couple sentences. There is no archive and no way of retrieving the lost text. Another time, I uploaded many photos and the app only actually uploaded one. I had to delete the step entirely and try again. Love this concept, PLEASE fix this app!!!!!!
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10 months ago, MainerInOz
What a great way to record a trip. I tend to take a lot of pictures and I appreciate that I am not limited in what I post, nor am I limited in how much I choose to write. Unfortunately I cannot provide captions for specific pictures. Combining a live map of where we are at any specific time is fantastic. I hope I can make their work worthwhile with picture books ordered after the trip. Great business model idea - I hope it pans out!
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2 years ago, lrgsail
So easy with great features
This app is terrific. It captures your location and creates an easy to view map. Posting pictures and creating memos is so simple. Easy to share and lots of options to keep private. The stats are really fun to track too! Highly recommend. Look forward to creating a few books too. Takes a little bit of time to get use to interface but simple once you get it down.
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2 years ago, meyerhly
Problems with time zones
I love this app. I’ve been using it for years. I’m traveling right now - and for the first half of the trip, PS worked perfectly. But today, every step recorded was done so in the EST time zone, as opposed to the one I am in. I am now having to manually change the times - but I can’t update all of them since the time has “happened” yet according to PS. How do I fix this? Why did it happen? Why isn’t it using the time zone for which the location exists? (I’ve been in airplane mode this whole time, so why is this a problem now?). - thanks!
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3 years ago, Geocacher TEAM US2
I’ve only been using Polarsteps for a couple weeks, but so far I love it and my followers are enjoying watching the progress on my adventure. One suggestion I would offer is to add flags for U.S. states. I’d love to be a world traveler, but for now I need to settle for something more achievable. I’m traveling to each of the lower 48 continental U.S. states and it would be cool to collect flags as I go. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the app! I’m looking forward to ordering a print of my journey.
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6 years ago, whaleshark7
Awesome travel journal!!
The concept of this app is so awesome and something that I’ve been wanting for such a long time! I love that I can document my trip in such a neat and meaningful way, even when I’m offline, without having to start a blog or annoy all of my friends on other social medias! The only reason I didn’t give a full 5 stars is because quite consistently it will upload multiples of my pictures/steps, and I have to constantly go back and keep deleting the duplicates. Otherwise, so awesome! I’m using this for all of my trips from now on
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3 days ago, JohnSutter
Great tool for sharing a trip
We took a month long pilgrimage to France and Spain. Its impossible to share such a trip with friends after the fact; there’s just too much that happens. We used Polar Steps to blog and share pictures each day so our friends and family could keep up with us in real time. They heard our stories, successes and struggles as they occurred. They could also follow our location and know that we were ok. Now home, we can still talk about our trip, but they already have the gist of it. I recommend Polar Steps for keeping family and friends in touch while traveling, especially for lengthy trips. Developers: A couple suggestions- 1) allow captions on the photos 2) save blog drafts in the cloud to facilitate collaboration.
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11 months ago, Greathopesun
It’s a amazing app!!!
We just came back from a one month trip. We used Polarsteps and shared with our friends. They all said it’s fantastic. They read every what we wrote at every stop and the pictures we posted from different places. It’s a good thing to remain for us as a fond memory and a travel log. We may review those pleasant experiences at any time. Will recommend all my friends to try it.
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5 years ago, Debdiamondgirl
There’s a app has the potential to be awesome. I’m not a giver to start a type a person. But there is no support, I don’t want to read through other peoples problems and figure it out for myself. I can’t make my travel book for the past two months since we went because the book downloads and then it goes nowhere and does nothing. Once it popped up in every single page it said it needed all of the photos to be re-uploaded. I don’t know how the hell to do that? And I’m probably going to be spending $100 on the book. So you’re losing money right now. I didn’t have to do anything with my Facebook yearbook it was easy Peezy!
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2 years ago, vashka0310
Amazing app
Such an easy way to track travel, I mostly love it. I was able to share our most recent road trip without any effort! I especially appreciate the import prior travel feature, it’s foolproof! My only complaints are (1) that it is a bit sluggish; I had to uninstall and reinstall several times to get it to be more responsive, and (2) I wish the Facebook share would display all photos in a sideshow instead of just one, so not a major issue.
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5 years ago, llivings16
I will get so much use from this app.
If you travel, and take many photos doing so, this is the app for you. I hate bombarding my friends / followers on Facebook / Instagram with too many photos, but here I can just load up because that’s what is meant to be posted. This is seriously an awesome way to preserve the photos and memories with locations. Props to the developers on a smooth functioning app. Honestly, I’d pay a bit just to keep the app. Thank you!!
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11 months ago, Chazboltron
Is almost exactly right
This app is something I have imagined before and wished existed. With a few UI thibgs and some other flow improvements this app could be near perfect in what it does and delivers. My only wish is that users were more in control of the privacy settings, and that there were more ways you could manage the way the data is stored and used.
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4 years ago, helladead
Useful, memorable
Three trips so far recorded on this app. Can update with new text or photos, keep track of your location, and at the end you have the option to create a beautiful book of your travel. Can't recommend this app highly enough, my extended family and I are all members so we can keep track of each other. Love hearing about trips in everyone's voices. Very motivating to keep track of your travels.
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5 years ago, caminobound
Smooth interface for users
The person creating the trip has a hassle free interface with the app. I love that it tracks the trip with no effort on my part. Since I do not have a public trip, my followers have to go through a few steps. Not awful, but more effort than casual acquaintances may want to undertake. Especially when they only have to click a link to follow a blog. This is my first trip with the app and will be evaluating further. App appears to do everything it claims to do.
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2 years ago, Aldo Pavon
Lost trips steps
I have been using this app and I definitely used to love it. It keeps my trips organized and track every place I go during my trips. However, I have experienced some issues recently and today I realized I have lost all steps and tracking details in several of my trips. Not sure if I will be able to recover this information and I have not found any help in how to fix this issue.
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1 year ago, Sthardman
Stops tracking randomly, lost trip data
They need to have the option to enable a push notification or email if the app doesn’t receive an update after 24 hours or three days. I’ll go days or weeks without checking the app only to find out that the app stopped recording my steps weeks ago and then starts adding a new step once the app opens. Now I can’t create a cool book because a huge block of time is missing and inaccurate now
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