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User Reviews for Poster Maker + Flyer Creator

4.66 out of 5
37K Ratings
5 years ago, chihuasRD
I have been looking fo an app like this!
I have downloaded so many apps and deleted them. All I wanted to do is create a simple design. I wanted to create using png templates. print and paste create my design and that’s it. I have spent countless hours and sleepless nights attempting to do just that. I know it may sound dumb, but my Mac computer broke and all I have is my iPhone to work with. Adobe, word and some other apps that I can’t remember could not help me, yet I created my label in like 15 min, with this app. this app saved my life, and my mind. Thank you so much for creating such an easy to use, simple yet sophisticated app. I would give it more stars if I could. I can’t wait to be able to upgrade!
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3 years ago, Wliza52107
The app is ok
I been using this app for about 2-3 years. Beginning of this year I decided to go for the pro version since i use it a lot. Everything is good its just it have a few errors. Like when you want to edit or fix the bottom part of a poster or whatever you working on the options pop up and it doesn’t let me see or work the bottom part. You can close the option window but every time you click again the bottom part of the work the options pop up again. If you are editing letters that are at the bottom you cant see it because the options pop up again. Like is extremely annoying. Right now i got stock on a project because it wasn’t letting me move or change an image i added to the poster. I always upgrading the app and i even refresh but still nothing. Another thing is the save image. Its nice that it will ask you if you want to save the progress before leaving but all the time even if i click an image by mistake? It makes your saved work list so long. I needed to make a poster so i was seeing my options. I click on a few to see closer the details now i have to go back and delete everything from the saving list. If they could fix this small problems the app would be so perfect. The options pop up when you click the image is very very annoying. Not letting you fix the bottom part of the poster. Please please fix this.
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4 years ago, I❤️BTS!!
Really aggravating
I’m really frustrated with this app. I’ve used this app multiple times for making posters and brochures for school and they always turn out looking really nice. However, it’s extremely tedious trying to mess around with the different functions because a lot of the time I’m stuck tapping the same button 40 times and it still won’t do what I want it to do. Another annoying thing is that when I click the send button it freezes and you can’t do anything. you also just can’t just take a screenshot of your poster because there’s this big grey bar in the way and I end up having to delete the app, re-download it and make my poster all over again. This has happened multiple times and I’m honestly just fed up with re doing everything three times over again. Moral of the story, I don’t recommend this app, it’s nice and professional looking but it’s an absolute pain to work with. I probably won’t ever use this app again which is sad because it looks nice if you can manage getting anything done. But I’m just so fed up with it.
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3 years ago, SummieI❤️werewolf books
I love this app!
Every year, I use this app to make all of my party or birthday invitations. I love it so much that make them for my entire family! There are a couple things I don’t like. One is how there are so many thing locked up for the paid edition. The things that ARE locked up aren’t even that great. I just wish it had more free options. 2, the water mark. But i do love how professional you are able to make posters and invitations. Overall, I would definitely recommend this app to other people.
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2 years ago, the Rescue for K-pop
The Rescue for K-pop
So I wanted to get into kpop with my friend. So I started to hear their music and I loved it! So for Christmas I thought to myself maybe I should get a poster since my friend has one so I looked online for some posters and they were all coming after Christmas so I was really sad and then I found this app and then I thought maybe I should get this app and try to make a poster of K-pop so I got the app and I started to make my poster and I am reading this five stars it was wonderfulAnd print it for me and it was really good
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5 years ago, glitteryduck
Do not get! Not worth it!
I am a full stranger things lover and i saw all these poster with stranger things pictures on it. So i downloaded this app so i could make my own. Was pretty good until the end, when i left my project to go do a chore for my mom. When i came back 15 minutes later, i couldn't find it again. Whenever i went to my designs, it said i needed a facebook account to see them again. I don't have facebook, so i lost the poster and the 45 min it took to make it. In addition to this, i cant use all the fonts/stickers/whatever's because i have to suscribe or whatever and pay $5 a week to use them all! $5 per week! Thats crazy! No thank you i’ll save the money for something else. Hope this helped anyone make a decision on whether or not to get this app.
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7 years ago, Dolphin123LRT
5 star rating service.
I love this app! I can do many things I can’t do with other apps. The only thing is that at first it’s a little hard to like, but after using it you will love this app! I recommend getting this and I promise you won’t regret this. Normally I get a app and after 3 days or so I delete it, but not once did I think of deleting Poster Maker. Poster Maker is different than other apps you are able to do unlimited things. You may not have to pay, but it is worth $100.
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6 years ago, risaj1
Good, but not great
This app has so much potential, but lacks on some key points, the most important being 1) that you can’t save your progress! I spent hours creating a flyer only to have it disappear without a trace. So frustrating! 2) I also really dislike that you can’t see all of the font options for the styled-text formats. You just have to keep tapping until you find one, but once you tap it you can’t go back, so you just keep tapping, looking at the same fonts over and over until you find it. Wastes a lot of time. 3) Not enough background choices. They are very limited, and although you can customize them quite a bit, they need to have more options.
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5 years ago, vspragens
I made an awesome flyer and started out being impressed with this program... then it said if I want to save it, I needed to connect to Facebook. I did and then got hit with it being deleted and I had to start from the beginning. So I did it again and went into do some touch ups today and guess what??? The second project was also deleted! It only saved the very beginning of my project, which was pretty much a photo that I had added. UGH!!! I think I would’ve held onto this app, but it is beyond frustrating to have to redo projects every time you want to tweak them. Hopefully there will be resolution for this, but I am highly doubtful and annoyed. 😕👎
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2 months ago, TheSingingNinja
My go-to poster maker!
Been using this app off and on for years for things I need in my life as a musician and THIS time when it asked me to leave a review I decided this app has earned a very rarely seen review from me lol (I never bother) even after all this time the app remains still useful even in its free trial form AND I can say that’s it well worth it to purchase full version if you use it on a regular basis. In short…two thumbs…waaaaaay way up 🤘🏻
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5 months ago, Princess2024
Not a fan
I always hated to be a graphic designer since I was like 7, and I thought I need to know more about graphic designing so I decided to find apps. I looked around in the AppStore and I found another one but that one did not work for me. So I found this App and I downloaded it but right when I got in I saw like posters texts and things if you swipe. But when I did my last swipe it just took me to a little thing that says 3 day trial or you have to pay this much to have this app. And I a not paying for an app. If you did not have the money thing and it would show me how to like create a poster I would’ve kept it. I a not trying to be mean but this just doesn’t work for me.
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5 years ago, $BeautifulGoddess76
Just like a large majority of the people on your review page, I cannot save the work?!?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Come on, at least shut the app down if your going to continue to cheat people out of money!? I mean, I think most everyone who has the same issues would be a bit nicer in their reviews and willing to recommend the app thus making you more $$, (so you don’t have to cheat people outta their $ , just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️), if you either fixed the issue or refund the $. So what do we do from here? I’m sure I’m just typing to no one who can do anything about it, but I suppose it’s worth a shot. Either way I’d never recommend this app..the fact that I even have to type this complaint is proof this app is 🚫!
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3 years ago, Lori2020
The best app you can use for posters, business flyers or anything you think of!!
I was in need of an app to make a poster to use for a website. I have been trying many apps, and sadly no luck. Then I ran across poster maker, the most simplest name, and the best app you could possibly use. It’s easy to use, and it has a ton of common features well known to those that are into graphic design or photoshop. I love this app, and I do not leave reviews, but this app is worth it. Good job!
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4 years ago, grnegsnha
Great app but, suddenly crashing
Have been enjoying this app for awhile now but, just today, it crashes/app closes completely every time I try to open one of the saved designs I created. I’ve turned my phone on/off, deleted and reinstalled the app (making sure to keep my subscription) but nothing works. No way to contact the developer directly so I’m writing a review hoping for some resolution so I can continue using this app and not loose all of my work! Hope bug fixes happen soon...!
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5 years ago, ChefxLouie
The fact that you have these amazing templates and fonts and styles all at your fingertips is absolutely incredible. You get a quality look without having to pay graphic designers. HOWEVER, You can't save your progress.......AT ALL!!!! If you spend hours creating and then you leave and think you're about to come back and continue your work, think again. I'm doing the free trial and needless to say I will be looking elsewhere to spend $5/week or $40/yr. I need more and I'm sure they have the ability to do more but just decided not to I guess....
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1 year ago, trashpandamanda
The. Best. Freaking. App. Ever.
Seriously, I cannot stress enough how much this app has saved me in time, stress, money, etc. there is genuinely nothing it cannot do, and the price is more than reasonable for the paid version. If you use it once to create an online ad for your business, invitations to an event, or any kind of card, it’s paid for itself for the month. I would give this 10 stars if I could.
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6 years ago, sbatts91
I paid full price for this app about a year and a half ago, I tried using it a few months ago and I was having a problem where the logo was appearing on my pictures. I reached out to the company via FB messenger and they advised to restore my purchase, so I did and it worked fine. I opened the app again to use it today and the same thing is happening so I tried to find a restore purchase button, but couldn’t find one and instead kept getting a notification to upgrade to pro. I’m really disappointed because I enjoyed using this app and I’m pretty upset they didn’t “grandfather” people who previously purchased the app into PRO. Do the right thing.
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2 years ago, hmvhjjwbhh
Does not force you to buy anything
The only app and website that I have ever used that doesn’t force you to buy or purchase anything to create a poster, beginning to end. Does not make it impossible to use or create. Have used this program since 2017 when I worked at sprint to make posters for events and use it now when I want to make simple fonted images. Screen shot & dip.
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1 year ago, Fa1thR
Love itt
They made it so easy for me. It’s grate that they have pre made but soo creative templates that allows you to change the font and color by a click of a button to coordinate with your event! If you’re looking for a non complex app to make your flyer look no further!
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4 years ago, alphawolfmoon
Good, but Bad
Dear, Post Maker Developers, Everything is good about this app. It has nice features & stuff like that, but there are some problems I would like to point out. The first reason is that most of the features cost money, it to me makes the app feel really cheap, and unreal. The second or last reason is that you have to have a Facebook account to sign in. And you can’t see your progress if you didn’t sign in. It annoys the hell out of me, and I wish to get that fixed. Thank you for your time. -???
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2 years ago, just DIED
Good app until it broke. Developer won’t help me
I made a flyer that looks great with the app using the free trial. I then bought the year long subscription and ever since then it hasn’t been working. It’s just been stuck on the same 3 pages that have a next button on them and won’t go anywhere else. I have messaged the developer on facebook multiple times and I’ve just been left on read. This is really disappointing because it really is a great app, but that means nothing when it doesn’t even work
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2 years ago, ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Pretty good 🔆
This app is actually good. It does have some issues though! You can’t get a certain backdrops and fonts. Fortunately you can make money from selling these posters too! I sell them for my small business, they are good sellers too! You need to buy this! You might have to spend some money to get special fonts or backdrops but people say you have to spend money to make money🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
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6 years ago, POedRJ
Rip off!
Do NOT even think of downloading this app unless you’re willing to pay the $7.99 WEEKLY subscription charge. (A rip off in and of itself!!!!) I tried turning off the weekly mandatory charge only a few minutes after previewing the app. It was entirely unclear about how to do so, but after deleting the app and keeping fingers crossed that I had canceled properly I have now been billed the $7.99 for my first week. I’m HOPING I’ve now unsubscribed correctly—fingers crossed that I won’t be charged again for an app that I’m not using. (BTW, there are many other FREE apps that do the same thing!) Consider yourself warned.
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5 years ago, MAGA_2020
Can’t log in through FB
I tried viewing my projects and had to log into FB. So I followed the prompts as it showed. Then the screen got stuck on the loading screen, so it never completely logged me in. Now when I try to log in another way it automatically prompts me to log in to Facebook... only to get STUCK ON THE LOADING SCREEN AGAIN!!! So frustrating now I can’t view projects that I created!!! I can’t believe the mechanics of this app are that horrendous, considering how perfect the poster templates are. Definitely not worth $20 per month! Huge disappointment. Everything is perfect except this element!
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3 years ago, TweeterToo
Don’t waste your money
This app was great at first. I used it and was happy with the templates available. I even purchased a 1 year subscription to use more of it. It stopped working. I could not upload photos any longer. I tried to find help, support, an email, anything- or even just a request for refund of my $40. Nothing. It continues to ask for log in to Google or Facebook, neither of which I want to have to share in order to use their product. Crap. Use the free version and enjoy it but don’t waste your money on a subscription.
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2 years ago, Dommann
Amazing but...
This app is amazing,but i was trying to make my own two color triangle cut and there is no way to do that but use a brush and color the whole thing witch takes forever,but otherwise it’s great and I would recommend this to anyone trying to make posters for their company I used a template and It took me only 5 MINUTES to make my entire thing.
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2 years ago, annyed123
It’s ok except ….
This app gets the job done. However, it has a major flaw.. it either doesn’t save your designs under “Your Designs” or when you actually see the saved designs, as soon as you click on them the app closes and you cannot access them. As a result I have to do a screenshot and save the designs to my photos. Really annoying. I’m about to delete and end my subscription.
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5 years ago, genyrocket
Not worth paying for yet.. until not upgrades
I have the original app logo maker where I’ve made posters , business cards and various awesome logos. But this app I hard to manage move things around. If you are creating a poster from blank it doesn’t give you the proper measurements for it to be printed out only sized for media online. I had multiple issue to the point I had to delete all my work of hours and just unsubscribe. Hoping updates in the future make editing and maneuvering on screen easier. I still have logo maker n will continue with logo maker.
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4 weeks ago, Wrks247
where is the support????
after being railroaded to buying the yearly subscription for this app, I find myself trying to import pictures and having the system crash every time I try. try to go directly to support, but he tries to make me sign into Facebook to send a message and then it sends me to Facebook messenger with no link to Poster Maker what a ridiculous, redundant loop I have no time for this shenanigans. here’s an idea in 2024 actually produce some thing that works.
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4 years ago, Angielovee
Crashes, needs a lot of work
Spent 1.5 hours on a poster and it all disappeared! Spent 1 hour on another yesterday and now I can’t find it to add more things to it. So frustrated and upset. It needs a lot of work. When adding layers and changing the top, it doesn’t work as well. Needs a lot of fine tuning trying to size pictures or relocate once especially at the bottom of posters as the editing options does not go away and you can’t see where you want to pace said item.
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3 months ago, AngelineV24
Requesting Refund
Hello! I signed up for a subscription then deleted the app after I didn’t mean to renew it and I figured if it would have tried taking the money out but been declined so much it would cancel. Between that I had switched phones so I didn’t see what was charging me until I logged back into my icloud. Now it took $45 out for the year I cancelled the subscription now but Apple will not refund me and I need that money back I have two kids and we just got taken off government assistance
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3 years ago, B.E.Wash
Wouldn’t it be Phenomenal
I enjoy using this program, It is easy and has great quality! It would get 5 star from me how ever you are not able to save flyers and go back and make edits. Instead you must of start over from the beginning every single time unless you purchase the whole program
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6 years ago, 215KBS
Free trial
Signed up for the free trial but I still can’t access none of the features. It keeps telling me to try the 3 day subscription and when I try to click it again it says I’m already subscribed. I tried restoring purchasing and everything and it’s just not working. I would hate for the money to get took out of my account in 3 days and the app is already bugging. If this wasn’t a issue I would’ve gave it 5 stars
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7 years ago, Meiledora S.
Avoid this app!
If you're a iPhone 6S Plus user like I am, don't get this app. Why? I tried to use this app and customize my post with a good background, only to end up with no way to save my finished work. I also used the window screen trick and got back to the app, but the ability to edit and post my work keeps disappearing every time. Please address this glitch in the app. I give it two stars for a good selection of background. Still, please fix this.
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6 months ago, D3LIL@H $
This is the best app it allows you to do many things for free and there all cute! I highly recommend. I was making a poster for babysitting and it gave me so many ideas. This app is also really good for posting things such as things on yt or instagram.
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2 years ago, Kacilyisa
Crashes a TON
I was working on one poster and got fairly far into the process. When I went to download the image, it crashed on me. I lost all my progress so I had to restart. It crashed a total of 4 times throughout the process and the only way I could do it is by constantly saving after each thing I changed. Not worth the $40 a year it would cost if I can’t even get through one poster without losing process constantly… caused so much frustration.
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2 months ago, Creeper raid
Love it it doesn’t charge you and it came out awesome
This app is the best because I made my poster without a problem all tho it is a little hard to use and if you leave it doesn’t auto save your work but other than that the app is great totally recommend this app
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2 years ago, Hillbilly2234
Started great. Now just mediocre
I downloaded and paid for this about a year and a half ago and it was phenomenal now it’s just mediocre, when you save your creations they are fuzzy and blending a photo into a photo is choppy when you save it. You can no longer make a png image. I’m about to cancel my payment and find something new.
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5 years ago, Someone who is broke now
Scam & Not many fonts
I bought this to use one time and immediately unsubscribed on the app. Because I unsubscribed on the app and not on my apple account, this app billed me $5 a week for MONTHS before I realized it as I used my backup card that almost never comes out unless I am VERY short on funds. If you are going to use it, UNSUBSCRIBE AS SOON AS YOU’RE DONE WITH YOUR APPLE ACCOUNT. Also, there are very few font options and you can only make things so small. I wanted to use a very small heart but could not shrink it down to the size I wanted.
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1 year ago, LavishredCollection
Nice I just wish it didn’t reset itself when your editing something to same thing, also wish it was able to do multi color on text group, the text of same section has to be one color
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3 years ago, mouiito
Friendly easy use
I loved it! has a lot if templates to chose from which you can easily modify to your like. And it was very easy to use which gave me a fast and professional looking product.
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3 years ago, Huntington, WV
I was trying this app out, and I really liked that I could see the selection before purchasing it for a week… I paid the five dollars and it suddenly became very buggy. Things disappear suddenly, the text repeats whenever I type it in once, items can’t be shaped without The frame cutting off whatever you’re trying to resize… I’m using an iPad Pro, 12.9 inch screen. Please help. 🙏🏼
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1 year ago, VGK NAE!
I was looking to make a flyer for my upcoming summer block party ! And let me tell you the options they have for People who don’t wanna subscribe yet are EPIC ! I definitely wouldn’t mind subscribing to the app and it was very simple to create what I needed . Get it looks soooooooooooo bomb !🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾 - vgk Nae!
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3 years ago, ebog87
Easy and professional
This app made making my idea easy and smooth! I was able to make a flyer for my business in less than 15 minutes using the cool backgrounds provided
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1 year ago, cainbrawler
Love it
Easy to use, creative and I like the UI It’s gives a variety of options for the casual user which I am, I can only imagine the quality you’d get when you actually go “pro” using this app
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5 years ago, Joeymattia
This app is a complete waste of time. It doesn’t matter how amazing the features are within the app when you can’t master the most important feature, BEING ABLE TO SAVE YOUR PROGRESS. I spent over 2 hours designing a flyer for my business when something came up, I saved my work and later in in the day when I went back to resume there was about frustration! Fix this major issue and you’ll get a 5 star rating from me and I’ll reactivate my subscription.
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1 month ago, Jenny6702
This app practices False advertising!!!
I was very excited to try this app after reading the features and options on the App Store page however when I opened the app and clicked on free version at the bottom of the screen the purchase now confirm purchase window pops up!!! If you’re app doesn’t have a free version they should not advertise that they have free options and their is no need to purchase a subscription!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, jonnystems
Pretty cool app
I don’t we don’t ever leave reviews for apps but this ones came in clutch a free times now. Super easy to use and navigate. I do wish there was little more you could do. But overall pretty decent app
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6 years ago, eyb1209
I have had this app for a while and it’s been amazing. However, since my phone updated it does not work the same. There used to be an option where I can just upload an image as a background. I have a subscription and it will not let me access it. It keeps going to a subscription pop up. When I choose restore, it goes to a blank screen. Please fix this!
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6 years ago, Jamstreet beat
Got some Nerve charging 5 bucks a Month
Got some Nerve charging 5 bucks a Month, i just installed the app about 2 weeks ago and paid the 5 bucks, did the update this morning, checked out what’s new, and I’ve been locked out of most of the features, until I pay another 5 bucks! Didn’t even have the app for a month yet!!! DELETED APP!!! Will use other method!! Found something better, and only 5 BUCKS FOR EVER, and much easier to use with more Features!!!!!!!!
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