Poster Maker, Flyer Maker

Graphics & Design
4.8 (3.9K)
253.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nirav Alagiya
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Poster Maker, Flyer Maker

4.78 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
2 days ago, Love8282
I’m a business owner and I give it two thumbs up.
I recently started using the Poster Maker app for my business, Victory Driving Academy, and I have been extremely impressed with its functionality and ease of use. This app has helped me create eye-catching posters and promotional materials for my driving school in a matter of minutes. The templates are professional and customizable, allowing me to showcase my brand in a unique and creative way. I highly recommend the Poster Maker app to any business owner looking to elevate their marketing efforts. Thank you for creating such a fantastic tool!
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10 months ago, ESqure
Don’t waste your precious time or money
I foolishly paid for the year before I created my first project. I would give this app 0-1 star. It has potential and a lot of good features that the real poster/ flyer making apps have. Problem is you’ll never create anything that requires time , energy or real creativeness because as soon as you get 1/4 to 1/2 done, the app will crash 100% of the time you try to load your work. Really disappointed. The time old adage “ you get what you pay for “ is on full display here. Don’t waste your money or more importantly your time. Go get a real app, even if it’s a bit pricier. If you want to let your children make a simple flyer with 10% detail… maybe try this but if your wise, get a professional trusted and proven app. If you upgrade to pro here, it has less features and completed projects than the next 5 competitors give you for free. Stay away from these fakes and go with something really professional. This is kindergarten stuff.
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7 months ago, SwimsWithOtters
Amazing and Fun
I am new to this app and am really blown away by the ease of its use, the utter flexibility of it, the deep selection of choices to be made with the tools at hand, and it saves!!! I had to step away for a bit, and when I returned I had that sinking feeling... but it was soon relieved when the hour of work I had done without manually saving was still there waiting for me just a few clicks away! I had decided to pay for one month and it has more than paid for itself for the unexpected and urgent project I had to produce. I used my iPad for the whole thing, simply amazing! Thank you to the developers for this!
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9 months ago, Quarkmonkey22341
Go for the Premium edition. Worth the upgrade. GREAT App!
I run two small businesses, and I use this app multiple times per week to quickly design sales and special event posters. I used the free version for years, and finally purchased the premium edition a few months ago. It's worth every penny and has made poster design so much quicker. Great visibility through professional looking marketing materials has brought both of my businesses more foot traffic!
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1 month ago, jam jim slim i banged kim
Pretty Great Poster App
This app is definitely easy to use. The interface is pretty intuitive,& there are lots of options. They have a large selection of tools & graphics, etc that you can only access thru the pro version. Obvs , I’d be happy to have more access to these things for free. It seems like all the good apps (or All the photo related apps) cost money. 😔I say add more adds if u must, & let us use the stuff 🙏🙏. 😀😀 But for real! This app is pretty great! It’s worth the download, worth the space it takes lol,& is easy to use!
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2 years ago,
I’ve used this app for so many projects
I’ve used this app to make artwork for social media posts, website posts and posters for stores who carry our products. It’s very easy to navigate and there are a lot of templates to choose from within categories. I do recommend subscribing to unlock all of the features. It’s not that much and you do get a lot for your money
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2 weeks ago, Myoung5492
Poster maker has helped me so much!!!
I use this app daily, from making now hiring signs to just funny memes for around the office, this app lets you do it all and they keep adding stuff. It’s almost crazy not to have this app just sitting in your phone for just in case emergencies where you might need to create something on the fly. I wish the use of the AI didn’t cost extra for us that pay the yearly subscription fee but other than that this is one of the best apps I have on my phone.
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5 years ago, Beau7796
Best Flyer App Out There
Easy to use with tons of options! I’ve tried several flyer/poster making apps that were just difficult to use and every new feature required a paid upgrade. Not this one. Very user friendly with a lot of free use and then the paid options actually take it to another level.
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2 years ago, firenymph323
Extremely intuitive
I am considering buying the Pro, but I wanted to see how much I could accomplish free. I have made some great posters using their templates, and I just finished a random card as a calling card from scratch for fun. Super easy, intuitive with clear icons, and simple ads that don’t overwhelm. Great app!
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2 years ago, #Grace4U
Easy to Use
Very good app for quick usage…quick delivery…Very easy for anyone to use…Too many adds for purchasing other apps…other than that, I would definitely recommend to others… Inexperienced graphic designer
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1 year ago, LylaB.3
It’s ok……..
I downloaded this app and it’s ok for making a template and using a different app to actually make the poster. There’s so many things that you can’t do because you have to buy this “pro” thing. So annoying! :( I overall don’t like it very much because it’s so limited. But it is ok if you want to just try and explore patters and ways to make a poster eaves though it’s very limited.
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1 year ago, Kbrtzlf
Perfect for what I need
I volunteer for an organization that constantly has events monthly. This app helps me get flyers put together really quickly and has a professional look to it. I couldn’t make all the flyers look as nice as they do with out the help of the app.
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3 years ago, squeegulz
Helpful and easy to use
I really enjoy this app and I’m not even signed up for the pro subscription yet.. I probably will sign up because I’m really loving the simplicity of this app and the ability to save great looking photos that I can use for advertising.
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10 months ago, Patrushki
Amazing App
I am sooo happy I chose to upgrade to the Pro level! There is so many templates, fonts, graphics, categories, styles…too many to mention! I love the App so much, having so much fun that I’m trying to think of different ways to utilize it. BRAVO to the developers, GREAT job!
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2 years ago, News- Seeker
Ease of Use
Being a novice, I love the ease of use in integrating photos into the poster. There are hundreds of templates to choose from too! My only wish would be for solid primary colors in the palates, like real reds and blues. Dark colors seem to have a pastel affect. Otherwise, I love Postermaker.
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3 years ago, PollyPlover
Fantastic flyer
I got this app to create a party invitation and I loved it. I took off a star because the only options for getting an ad-free version are subscriptions. I don’t want to subscribe! I am willing to pay a reasonable amount, but not willing to hand over my credit card info snd have it charged in perpetuity.
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3 years ago, sellingwinecountry
Most often used marketing tool on my phone
I love this app and it is by far my most used app when creating quick and clever marketing material on the fly.
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2 months ago, Sadrian25
Poster add #1
So friendly user that you become a great designer I’ve done all types of promotions in different businesses no lie and I never spent $ but the do offer pro edition that makes it look even more unique..
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2 years ago, TrentonTGrl
Highly Recommend
First off it’s free, so thank you on that!!!! Easy to use, many options available to make your own designs, overall great app:)
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5 years ago, Thecook4u
Great App very handy
I needed to make some flyers on the fly so to speak. I forgot to get them done until I woke up in the middle of the night and thought of it. I grabbed my trusty phone and made several flyers in no time at all. Just love this app.
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3 years ago, pinaymom08
Easy to use
Love this app! Very user-friendly! Took me less than less than 10 minutes to create a poster for my small business
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3 years ago, ROMEO2322
Great app to do things for yourself and to show others a little bit more designs and pictures to really push yourself to be your best
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2 weeks ago, sexycatjt
My fabulous Poster Maker
I use this app to let my customers know when I go Facebook live and/or pictures of the products I offer.
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8 months ago, 1arianna1
Super easy to use! Helpful when trying to create a collage of my baby’s first year of life. 10 out of 10 recommended this app!!
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6 months ago, Coach 👍 C
Love this app, much easier to use than others
Love this app. So much easier to use than others that I have tried
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4 years ago, kettlecorncooker
Easy to use
It is a very easy app to use and I am delighted to have found it. I will probably be paying for the upgrade as I have been very impressed so far. Thank you guys and gals for a great product!
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7 months ago, geo-atlanta
Great app
This app is better than most apps. The variety of features and the functionality are superior.
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3 years ago, BirdsEyeVeiw
User friendly endless possibilities
Very easy to use. Drag and drop..add your own or get a little help from the stock images.
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3 days ago, bentleyboybowwow
Great app perfect for your projects you can design
Great app works for any project you design Not disappointed works great user friendly. No ads
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11 months ago, Bethm214
Needed a sign for a lost pet
If they are going to offer free and paid templates, then they should let you use the free template without constantly being harassed to upgrade to the paid version. If my need wasn’t urgent, I would have looked elsewhere.
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5 years ago, hannnnneh
a couple things that are not so good are that when you try to adjust the words on the screen is really hard to and it's sometimes freezes but other than that I love it!
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1 month ago, Hilltopdw
Poster Making
This is a great program make posters,flyers, all kind of different, very easy to use. Highly recommend it
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3 years ago, Y-vette W
Easy Steps
I love the app occasionally it freezes and I have to start over but overall I love the easy process to use the app
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1 year ago, srs222222222
Doesn’t let me save anything to my phone
Purchased the monthly subscription and everything worked fine until I tried to export the project. It won’t work. It won’t let me share it on anything, it just comes up with a blank page and I can’t click on anything. Basically worthless
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3 years ago, JGray KY
Excellent App
I am in the social media advertising business and this app is excellent I have other apps by this company and have no problems with their designs they are very helpful.
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5 years ago, Tommyboy88
Easy to use
I’ve been a flyer creator kinda guy but with this app it has allowed me to create my own designs and saves me time from trying to explain my vision to a graphic designer. Great app
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1 year ago, Color part of your eye
This app is easy to navigate, makes me look like a professional and I can utilize it for personal and professional reasons. Love it.
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9 months ago, hhgvhhfvggfggg
so it’s pretty good for making my thumbnails, but you have to have a subscription, so i’ll leave it up to you to decide if u want this app
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9 months ago, Too Many24
Could be a great app - but they are about greed and not service.
The app work great until you save your design. Then you are asked for payment. You can’t even see the design you created but ask for a payment. Last time I checked, you suppose to see the product before your purchase.
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2 years ago, MonkeyMe34
I love poster maker! It maybe one of millions of poster making apps but to me one of the best!Only downsides are adds and in app purchases other than that amazing.
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4 months ago, NGW1
Poatmate is awesome and I love it. I’m usually not a tech savvy person this app is so easy.
I use this all the time and I’m and I’m not a technical person. It’s super easy I love it!!
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1 year ago, kickdown420
Very helpful
User friendly, quickly create professional graphic designs. Very good for advertising purposes.
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5 years ago, bunnyfaceface
Very easy to use! The free options are fantastic! The paid options are incredible! I use this for all my business related marketing materials!
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8 months ago, Busybee1979
Easy to use!!!
This is a great program for advanced and beginners to use! Lots of great options to choose from. It’s great!
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5 months ago, Spiritstones
Easy to use
I'm not real online savvy, but managed to make a decent poster for an event. I hope the free version has a few more additions that I didn't see or understood to add . Good app so far
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3 years ago, Lycanspro2
Very Useful and Convenient app
To be honest if you’re creative enough you can do a lot of work from this app.
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4 days ago, Vivian Ally Starr
So professional
I love how this is making my club page look!
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2 years ago, Leeheros
Easy app!
I am not a graphic designer by any standard but I’ve been able to use it for all kinds of stuff. Shirt designs, flyers, merch Mach ups
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3 years ago, Cece be mixin
Great menu options
Great for quick go to on menu options
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7 months ago, sbc1996
User Friendly
Very easy to use & edit posters. Highly recommend.
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