Pottery Barn Kids Shopping

4.7 (4.7K)
169.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pottery Barn Kids Shopping

4.7 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
10 months ago, Cmdxu04
Best decision
I have been buying my son’s backpacks, lunchboxes, and containers from PB for over 5 years. I’ve always hitting his stuff with his name added which makes it easier for his items to be identified. They have lasted through a very active boy and they still look great! I wash the backpacks and lunchboxes in the washing machine and then let them air dry. I am now looking at adding some luggage pieces to his collection, which he is excited about!
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11 months ago, rkm717
Cannot even see the whole “page”
This is such a terrible app- and I thought the website was pretty bad , especially when trying to create, shop from or update a registry. Day to day shopping is enough of a challenge! All the negative reviews here from the past year at least already discussed those issues so I will just concur. The main problem with the app is that cannot even see the entire page on the app so cannot navigate it ! I have the most recent app version on an iPhone 13 so I don’t know if that’s an issue. I’m very surprised that a company like this with higher end stores has such terrible websites and apps
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3 years ago, LM272
Awful registry app!!
Sooo many complaints with this app. Many have said it won’t save your login info which is a huge pain. I have had to login multiple times as I was actively using it. This was hard as I was adding items and suddenly I would be logged out and I couldn’t always remember what it didn’t save. I have used it in store as well to scan items and often times it won’t be able to read and/or find the barcode in the system. It also gives you very limited options for managing your settings and preferences and ultimately you just have to login through the website. So many glitches that other registry apps don’t have.
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7 months ago, Long time customer of PB
Child’s craft table and chairs.
I like the quality of your furniture bc it’s solidly built to last. Also like the accessories that you have like the protective mat for the top of the table. This will be for my grand daughter who is turning two in a few weeks. Thank you for the cyber Monday sale as it did save me some money which helps me. I have been buying from PB for years!
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5 years ago, Cdougy123872
So convenient!!!
This app is perfect! We’re expecting our first child and last second additions to our registry has been absolutely necessary. We are still learning what we need/want for our sweet girl. I was able to add CRIB SHEETS (how that was an oversight? I’ll never know 🙈) to my registry this morning on the elevator ride to our 25 week appt. Super quick and convenient for busy working mamas! Best of luck girls!
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1 year ago, bayshoregirl
Bad customer service
Every time I call the person on the phone is not knowledgable about products. They also do not have a good return policy. Your monogramming department is awful. Pro it’s shipping from warehouse or another location didn’t have matching monograms getting Christmas stockings from PB was a complete nightmare. Now I’m having an issue with a toddler rail being non compatible. I’m stuck with a toddler rail that doesn’t fit and had to pay shipping $70 it’s ridiculous that you can’t help your customer out. Very disappointed in overall attitude and service of this company
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3 months ago, trubbs13
My kids bedding
The Pottery Barn Kids app is so useful and easy to navigate. I find everything I need with ease and the descriptions of the products make it a smart decision to purchase. I have never been dissatisfied when making purchases.
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10 months ago, TiffanyGrace87
Never works properly/ removed cart items
This is the worst app I have ever experienced. The cart will remove and not remove items on its own. It also does not calculate the correct amount during check out. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and made sure it is on the most recent version. Nothing seems to help. This app is glitchy and not usable. Am I the only one with this problem? I have an iPhone 13 Pro and I work in software. This app just truly does not function as intended.
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3 years ago, CallmeGA
User experience needs work
The app is okay.. there are a couple of bugs that are just annoying enough to make me not live this app. - user must log in every time a new item is added to registry - once item is added to registry and user selects “continue shopping” the user must hit the back button 3x to get back to the item list
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7 months ago, Kobe's Mom
Absolutely horrible
This is by far the worst app I ever come across. Order history will never display, things are randomly deleted out of your cart after purchases are made, account information will not display along with customer service. Returns are impossible as nothing can be viewed on the app to showcase purchase history. Will never purchase from Pottery Barn again. Prices are way too high for this kind of customer experience
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1 year ago, iPhone-user2101
Well done pottery barn!
Loving the upgraded version of the pottery barn kids app. It’s so on-brand! I love the collaborations and I love how easy to find what you are looking for - from the rooms that they have curated. I want to buy it all. I am hooked - My new destination for kid shopping!!
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2 years ago, Original LA Rams fan
Frustrated future mom
Was excited to use this app but it constantly logs me out and despite telling me I am eligible for a completion discount, won’t let me access the discount when I add items to the cart. Also, when I clicked several products that I wanted to add to my registry the app would log me out and I couldn’t add them. Finally went to the one physical store in Southern California to add items. Frustrating at best. Have similar issues on PB Kids website.
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7 months ago, Carol Anne King
Kids stuff
I’ve bout several kids quilts, comforters, sheet sets, & Easter baskets. I haven’t been disappointed yet. The quality is very good. I love Pottery Barn Kids. I bought it for my children, now I buy it for my grandchildren.
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12 months ago, Michael Critz
No iPad. ApplePay experience is frustrating
ApplePay failed constantly. My partner is the smartest person I know and she was easily confused during checkout process. Lack of iPad app is disappointing because the AR features are much better on a larger, more shareable device like iPad. Prices are what they are, and white glove service is appreciated. But the technical, “designed and works well” aspects of this app are bad.
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5 years ago, Kiwi0105
I love the app BUT...
I am constantly have trouble logging in through the app. It says my password/email is not recognized. I have deleted the app and downloaded it several times. The first time I login works, but after that, it always gives me this error. When I login through an actual browser it works every time, so I figured it was the app. They said I could email support to assist, but I’m not sure where to locate this in the app store. Other than that, I love the app!
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6 months ago, Nana Bear Cubs
Sherpa Chair
I had a difficult time signing in to an existing account. I then went in as a guest and still had a difficult time ordering. I wasn’t given an opportunity to enter a discount coupon when placing the order.
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1 year ago, Dajordan
App seems much improved
I used to have to log in even if I was already logged into the app. Seems lik they’ve made some improvements in the app
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4 years ago, Toddd W
Decent, but won’t save login info
The app is decent when it saves my login info. It often makes me log in again each time I open it despite clicking to ‘stay logged in’. Additionally it sometimes doesn’t save things I’ve added. This makes shopping and adding to a registry very frustrating.
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7 months ago, jrey53
Good quality
PB kids has great quality things but the shipping and handling is more than most. Should be free at some point.
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3 years ago, Ksheahen
The worst registry app I’ve ever used!
To start it wouldn’t let me create an account just from the app. It kept saying error. I called the store and they said it works but you have to set it up on the computer first. The app tells me it can’t locate my account then magically it locates it if I want to add something to the registry...? It won’t allow me to delete/remove items off the list. Worst registry app I’ve ever used. I would expect better from Pottery Barn.
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1 year ago, Sassafrass02
Website has so many glitches!!
So frustrating, before you could even check out notifications were popping up the item was no longer in stock! Then the page continued to load over and over again.. having to sign out and sign back in to find out more items were unavailable. Ridiculous!!!!
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10 months ago, K in Boston
Glitchy Checkout
Shopping experience is fine but checkout is a bit glitchy. Be aware of items you have saved for later - the app auto puts them back in your cart everytime you leave and renter the app.
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3 years ago, LMSEC6218
Registry works well checklist not so much
Registry functionality works as well as you’d like a registry app to work. However the checklist is non-functional. It would be nice to actually be able to mark things as complete whether they were purchased from the registry or not.
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1 month ago, Queenlanie
Awesome Customer service!
The lady I spoke to was extremely helpful picking out my anyway chair for my grandson. She took her time and I ended up buying it. Elaine D.
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5 months ago, BibLettuce
App is limited
The app goes to a blank screen when checking my order status. It also goes to a blank screen when accessing customer service. Additionally, no orders show in my order history. So disappointing.
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11 months ago, Penelope 🎃
Love your products ❤️
I would like you to know, every time I go to order something, like lunch pack products, your company sells out before I can order them for camp and school! Please stock up all your products !
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3 months ago, acsb162
Not a great site
Really annoying while trying to pay. Not good. Really annoying when you are trying to scroll. Always an ad for the website you are already at. So hard to buy something.
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12 months ago, Chocolat Pam
❤️Pottery Barn
I absolutely love Pottery Barn and the quality of everything you carry. Love your sales as well! Keep doing what your doing!
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2 years ago, 8876128493745
Slow, glitchy, logs out
Even though I have "keep me logged in" selected it will sometimes randomly log me out, crash, run slowly. Would rather support them then some of the big e-commerce sites but the app has been way less reliable
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1 year ago, lwalrerscheid1
App?!? Say no more
I’ve been saying for the longest how I wish PBK had an app. It’s user friendly and convenient
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12 months ago, Eightweeks
Easy shopping and great products
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2 years ago, ARS6623
Terrible interface and slow
While I’m a big fan of the products, the app and website need so much. The app is quite slow and add items to the registry have a long lag, especially if you’re trying to add personalized items on. Needs a lot of work.
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11 months ago, vivianzkw
The APP itself is surprisingly bad designed
The App is surprisingly bad designed. It messed up all the items I put in my shopping cart. I tried to re-do all the items, nomograms etc, over and over again. I had to eventually skip the app by going back to the webpage.
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3 years ago, LD0908
Love PB but the app needs work
Trying to do a baby registry and the app keeps crashing or making me sign in repeatedly to save each individual item, very frustrating
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10 months ago, Jolanata Jo Jo
App very hard to use it
App is very hard to use. You want to delete one item but actually deletes the other item. You choose to add one item but adds something different.
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4 years ago, Silhouette1986
Worthless Crap
I created my registry online and have been using it for weeks. I realized there’s an app so I downloaded it. Well it only let me sign on once. After that it’s been saying it doesn’t recognize my login information, but it’s face enabled and it lets me log on using safari just fine. Not useful at all.
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11 months ago, Aubrea
Doesn’t list my favorites
Added a bunch of items to my favorites but when I go to look at my list, it isn’t there. When I go back to the items it clearly shows I put a heart there but it won’t show up. So frustrating
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3 years ago, Walsh Organic Farms
My “Go To” Store
We love PB Kids. Beautiful products that are functional. Do you still have catalogs?
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3 years ago, honestlyreviewsonly
Had to go back to the website
Downloaded this app for convenience. Wouldn’t let me remove items from registry after multiple attempts, confirmations, refreshes. Was frustrating and ended up having to go back to the website to make the necessary changes to registry. Defeated purpose.
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3 years ago, andrewbouchie
App is garbage
You have to constantly sign in every time you want to add something to your registry. If you add stuff to your cart from the registry, it makes you sign in to see the cart and then it says it is empty. Beyond frustrating. There are way better registry apps out there.
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5 years ago, Jamiej810
It’s not user friendly
I wish you could just click the registry butting and it would show your list of items. Instead, it feels the same as logging in using a website in your phone.
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3 years ago, am4180
Just use the website
Doesn’t let you remove items from registry on the app so you have to go to the website anyways. Also, signs out every time I tried to add items to registry the first time. Not worth the trouble and doesn’t save any time.
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7 months ago, Beccanice
App issues are so distracting
I’ve been trying to check out for several attempts and keep getting errors. The tech does not match the brand.
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2 years ago, Daniel5000
Terrible for registries
It won’t recognize that we have a registry nor does the registry appear in a search despite the fact that both work fine through a browser, so the app is completely useless for managing a baby registry.
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3 years ago, Mdc-NYC
Login doesn’t work on the app
I have a baby registry with an account login and password that work fine when I use a browser on my laptop, iPad or iPhone, however it does not recognize my credentials on the pottery barn app. Doesn’t make sense and I’ve tried everything to make it work
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3 years ago, Hotsdog
Baby registry not as good as target app
Developers plz look at targets registry app. It is perfect. With this I can’t even delete items after it confirms they are deleted the items are still there! App isn’t intuitive and makes it difficult to view item on the site once u add it to your list
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9 months ago, Dia 817
Shipping and app
First of all I love pottery barn merchandise. But…. The app is terrible to navigate and having to pay a higher shipping rate the more you spend is ridiculous. Most others offer free shipping after a minimum spent
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4 years ago, JoslynInkster
Not able to sign in
When I go to Pottery Barn Kids to sign in to my registry there is no problem. While trying to sign in the app, it doesn’t recognize my account. Tried restarting phone, deleting/re-downloading app 4 times, changing password... nothing works to get signed in on the app
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3 years ago, mnk2019mnk
Buggy App
App keeps giving me an internal error. It does not accurately update the registry checklist or tracking for completion. It doesn’t give you “check items off your list from across the family brands. Good in theory, poor application
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2 months ago, DaisyG424
Crashes frequently
Just downloaded this app and it’s already crashed 3 times in the past 5 minutes. Rather use the website than this glitchy app.
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