Pottery Barn

4.8 (5.1K)
168.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Pottery Barn

4.79 out of 5
5.1K Ratings
5 months ago, BBQbythelake
I love PB all the way around & it’s been my go to for the past 20 years. Only thing is that upon checkout PB does not offer the convenience of PayPal 4 payments. Many stores have signed up for this PB has not. My hope is that you consider adding this to checkout PB for your customers. It would be greatly welcomed!
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4 months ago, Dirth86
Poor customer service
I’ve been a business trade member for 10+ years and have always loved pottery barn, I was very excited about their new “commercial sales department” and couldn’t wait specify PB for a retirement home community project I was working on. But it was a nightmare. Most of my vendors have a 10-12 week leed time, so when we placed the order 12 weeks out from substantial completetion, the only orders that haven’t arrived to our D&L warehouse were from pottery barn. Our delivery installer had to receive shipments from PB almost 3 months past due and schedule a second installation date with our client, and only half the order was ordered while the other half was back ordered and the customer service was rude, insensitive to the pressure of delivery schedules, budgets, and incapable of returning calls or picking up calls in a timely fashion. Pottery Barn won’t be specified again for a commercial project. Lesson learned. To top the cake, You will also accrue interest on undelivered items until they are shipped from their overseas vendors, who are completely unresponsive and careless. Beware…. And I told you so.
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3 years ago, LovemyGboys
Awful for shopping
I’ve never in my life written a review for an app, but in this case, I felt compelled. I’m not sure why PB changed it, however, my best guess would have to be that they do not want you to shop via the app. Perhaps they want to steer you toward their website for some reason? It seems to be designed specifically and solely for creating and managing a registry (I cannot speak to the app’s performance for that purpose — maybe it’s good?🤷🏼‍♀️). Anyway, I was never in love with the app to begin with [i.e., previous version], but I loved Pottery Barn enough to put up with it. Eventually, I got used to it. It grew on me. This current version is so useless to me, I will most likely delete it. I guess I could try to use it my creating a “Registry” for myself then shop from that list— that’s if you're able to use a payment to make a purchase? I’ll probably just use the website. Super disappointing and frustrating, though.
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7 months ago, mel56858
Not bad just not added value basically the same as the website
It’s exactly the same experience as the website but formatted to be slightly more phone friendly. This means you still have a hit a load more button while scrolling through items which is pretty annoying. Ideally the app would auto load items as you scroll hopefully that’s a feature they introduce later. As of now it doesn’t provide a different or higher quality/easier experience so while it’s nice to have an app instead of entering the website into your browser app the differences pretty well stop there so far in my experience. Not bad just not added value.
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3 months ago, Mandy7004
Consistent error messages
This app is not functioning correctly. There are constant errors popping up saying “something went wrong” or “can’t load data for launch unknown error” and prevents the app from opening until you close out and retry several times. Once able to scroll to shop finally, if you try selecting an item to see more details it will prevent you from being able to do so with a new pop up that says “This page could not be loaded. Please go back and try again”. I have had no issues utilizing the website for my registry, however, the app makes this task nearly impossible to complete on my phone.
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4 months ago, Charles Kirker
App Store app is broken
I’ve tried to post a support ticket and everything sends you back to the broken app. There is an issue with the Analytics service that is preventing the app from launching. Some error handling should fix this where you can log the error silently and pick up the anomaly in your log monitoring service. Hopefully this is fixed soon as all of your marketing emails that people open on mobile devices send people to the mobile app.
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6 months ago, TRGraham
High Quality Materials & Well Made
My title says it all. It's always a pleasure shopping on the sites for Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma. Joy for the eyes--and when they arrive, excellently packed, fun to open up the box(es) and take out the presents--to myself ir for others. Thanks for the high standards and fair pricing--and great sales, too!
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3 months ago, Boner Jams 03'
Terrible Buggy App
Tried to buy patio furniture. App could barely handle me adding items to the cart, then added 117 cushions and froze. In addition to that, the UX is trash for PB. It shouldn’t be a headache to order furniture when the cushions are sold separately and yet it is. I found it incredibly frustrating to find the right items for different components of a patio set, I should be able to add them at the same time as the furniture. Not ordering anything on this app and I’ll probably shop elsewhere at this point.
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2 months ago, iiiinnngggrrriiidddd
Love Pottery Barns products
My dream house would be all Pottery Barn products. I try to save and little by little I’m setting up that dream home. Love the quality and the style. Kills me to pay for the shipping( costly) however is the best service. Anyway I end up preferring PB over other brands.
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2 months ago, Sunrisehwygirl
My Go To Store for EVERYTHING
I my whole house is furniished with Pottery Barn. Honestly I get so many compliments. If I have a problem with an order. No problem. The service is above perfect. You just can’t go wrong with Pottery Barn. ❤️❤️
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2 months ago, Forest_in_VT
Crashes constantly
The app is beautiful and aid love to use it however it crashes every time I try to use it. Occasionally prior to that it will stay open long enough for me to try to log in - sends an ‘Oops something went wrong’ message and crashes. Never recognizes my log in even with Face ID. Same crashing and ‘oops something went wrong’ message with the West Elm App. Frustrating. Hope it gets fixed soon!
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7 months ago, alexblahblabhblah
Easy but
Potter barn app is easy and quick to navigate, just a little frustrated by $19 shipping (especially Black Friday weekend). The more you spend, the more they charge you for shipping when most places reward you with free shipping after spending so much.
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7 months ago, Debra Margs
Easier to shop on website
App is good but when there are multiple options for an items many don’t load. I switch to the website to avoid this.
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2 months ago, Plmnko77!?’
Small business owner
I love the quality and look of the pieces for my new small business! Shipping process is great and I love that they include the white glove service! I keep adding more, thank you!
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5 months ago, IHateLeavingBadReviews
App Needs Work
The app isn’t functioning well on an iPad, 8th gen, iOS 17.1.2. Numerous functional defects throughout, beginning at the home page - what’s new button. Additionally, the app crashed twice in a 30 min session. I found other functional issues when navigating sublists. I’ll update this app review once the defects are corrected. Pottery Barn products — love them. Longtime fan.
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2 months ago, AbbottK
What’s not to Love?
I am an avid customer who can’t get enough of Pottery Barn/William Sonoma merchandise. Keep bringing the quality and beautiful products, and I’ll keep buying them.
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2 months ago, Memymomarrie
Not good
Search filter is completely useless. Tried to filter a search and kept getting zero or nearly zero search results in app whereas the same filters would have dozens of (accurately) results on the website. I just downloaded this two days ago and am about to delete it already.
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2 months ago, RestedTraveler
Crashes Constantly…
I just followed the prompt from pottery barn’s web site to install it. I installed it. I’ve managed to add one duvet cover and a couple of pillow shams to my shopping cart, but the app constantly crashes and I have to re-open it and start over again each time it does. Not a good thing to push out to end users if you want them to actually spend money.
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2 weeks ago, Mr.McCray1
There were some items that I couldn’t choose from that didn’t say sold out so I ended up having to purchase something else
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7 months ago, Oakomah
Love this app! Perhaps too much
Shopping on this app is so easy, and seamless. I’m probably on here more than I should be because it’s so easy to browse
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6 months ago, DGDelong
The order system on line is terrible. And your customer service person hung up on me when trying to find out why I could not change the shipping address. Not a fun time.
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4 weeks ago, Skibunny2020
Lovely Headboard
The website is easy to navigate and items are easy to view
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4 months ago, Adflester
I ❤️❤️❤️ PB
Love everything about PB. It is totally my style! My only wish would be customer reviews on the website!!! It would be so helpful!
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5 months ago, CAC1992
Dog pillow with antlers
Very cute pillow-my daughter loves it. Only wish the antlers were removable so you could use it all year long and just add the antlers for the holidays.
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2 years ago, Michele214
Can’t log in
Unable to log into my registry despite entering the email and password correctly (100% sure if this after the umpteenth try)… it says data is not in the correct format, as other reviews are saying. Must be a glitch in the app. Have tried deleting and reinstalling without any success.
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7 months ago, Mimi Di L
Bought a pillow cover for a friend as a gift & it is exquisite! I had to make another purchase & gift myself!
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2 months ago, kims2ndIphone
Always the BEST!
Great quality! Never disappointed in the product, exactly what I love in furnishings, rugs and accents!
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2 months ago, Alpaca sim
App doesn’t save changes
Takes multiple times to save or modify cart on app
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2 weeks ago, It doesn't work :(
Can’t use the search function
Anytime you search for anything it just takes you to shop by category and even then you can’t search anything specific, just wanted to look at the hello kitty collection but this app is useless
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7 months ago, Tammy Lynn Murray
No picture available
picture available for monogram on dream robe hopefully I like it. It was available for other robes
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7 months ago, ELL527
Can’t Sign In
I’ve been waiting for what feels like years for PB to have a functional app. After receiving a text about a “new app” I thought I’d give it a try again. Nope! Same old problems. Continue to receive error messages when attempting to log in. Disappointed.
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2 years ago, jkandhly
The app gives an unspecified error that the data is not acceptable and is not in the correct format. It would not allow for the creation of the registry. Also, when leaving this review the rext would not appear on screen so excuse any typo.
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7 months ago, hate ads 1223456
Love that pottery barn has an app now-a few glitches they need to figure out yet-as far as signing in goes but overall great app
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6 months ago, Bham Max
It just doesn’t work
Even after deleting & reloading I still can’t get the app to work. It won’t pull up items at all. I’m running an up to date iPhone which could be the issue
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2 months ago, Gdawwgg
App constantly crashes. It has crashed at least 8 times within 1 hour. Love that there is an app but I am going back to browser version for sake of my sanity!!
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3 months ago, wizard lf
Outdoor stones
These were one sale the other day, but I was in the hospital for a few days and missed the sale…
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4 months ago, hhheeehhheeecumfw
I found a very special gift.
A stone-look GNOME is perfect for a birthday gift. This special item is a very reasonable price.
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2 months ago, Mystra9
App continuously crashes
App continuously crashes or doesn’t load or has some sort of error on it I eventually just deleted the app and have gone back to utilizing the website instead
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5 months ago, Loislane58
It is VERY DIFFICULT to find the incredibly LONG reward number to enable use of money earned!!!
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5 months ago, Dill_man
Products ceramic are absolutely gorgeous ! Site is easy to navigate . Love pottery barn
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1 month ago, Cranky Man #8754
App kept crashing
Also items listed would they say item not available. Store pickup also not available.
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4 months ago, mwatson6216
Key Rewards
I have $70 in key rewards but it’s really difficult to add them to my purchase. I have tried to find them to copy and paste on checkout. If it’s this hard I would rather shop somewhere else. Other stores make it much easier to add.
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3 years ago, michlea3
Not for shopping
I’m not sure what happened to this app, but it is no longer for shopping. It is only for creating a registry. I can’t even check the status of an order. Stick to the website. This app is horrible.
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2 months ago, JetteBeau
Not iPad friendly
Pottery barn it would be beneficial to make the app fit the iPad screen. If I knew what I was looking for the phone app would work but to try and look through various items a small screen does not work.
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2 years ago, dhhandk
Can’t create registry
I can’t create a registry it keeps sending me back to the beginning. Also none of the text is showing up. And when I try to create a new account they say I can’t because I already have a registry account created!
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3 years ago, ShopGirl2000
Not Happy With Update
Latest update took away my favorites list. Can’t retrieve it and no way to even create a favorites list. This latest update appears to be completely geared towards a Registry. Also, not as user friendly as previous app.
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2 weeks ago, fedupinjersey
Worst service ever.
I have had multiple orders canceled without notification. Shipping dates are wildly incorrect. They’ll tell you you get something June 1 and then after you order it, the estimated date is sometime in August. Don’t waste your time.
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1 month ago, Hopefully Amy
Customer service
All the customer service workers were very helpful. Great job
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10 months ago, hibrooke
Terrible functionality for managing registry
The app is soo slow and makes it super inconvenient to add items/ shop around. Constantly crashes and I get signed out all the time. Better off using website
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2 years ago, Caroline3495
Signed up in store, difficult to manage
The app is sending us through a sign up loop between our various pottery barn accounts. The app also was very slow in store so we didn’t add as much as we wanted… guess we’ll get it elsewhere.
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