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4.2 (8.9K)
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2 months ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Prêt-à-Template

4.21 out of 5
8.9K Ratings
6 months ago, may!!!✨🌸🌨❄️⛄️ i
I could not even draw
So basically I was looking for a drawing app that stuff already done like bodies, accessories etc. That is why I downloaded this app but when I went on the app It kept saying to pay for a monthly trial or a yearly trial. But the problem is that the first time that happened there was a x on the top but the second time that happened there was no x at the top. So I refreshed my IPad to see If it will happen again and when I refreshed my IPad it did the same thing. But the reason I gave it 4/5 stars is because it would be a really good app If that did not happen :)
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5 years ago, Blkf3ather
Best Fashion Design App For iPads
Yes, this app like every other app is imperfect. It has glitches. There have been improvements made. More improvements are needed—however I still gave it 5 stars. I’ve been using this app since I discovered it a year or 2 ago. I loved it then and I still love it now. I’ve been drawing fashion sketches since I was a kid and 30+ yrs later I’m still drawing and designing. I’ve been to FIT and quite truthfully I can draw without a template. However, when I’m on the road and in a hurry and have a fashion design in mind—using this app simply saves me time. It’s fun using the app and it took some mistakes and messing around with the options to see how it works but once you get the hang of it— you’ll love it! I give credit where credit is due and quite frankly there is not another app out there that even comes close to this one available in the App Store. Believe me, I’ve tried many and I’ve searched for something like this one for awhile. I was even considering coming up with a fashion design app of my own but, I simply don’t have the time or expertise. Everyone’s experience with this app is different. Mine has simply been wonderful.
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1 year ago, raulwrojas
Three stars is a stretch. Don’t download this!!
So I download this app to do some lowkey fashion design, dresses, that kind of thing. First thing in, it asks me to sign up to a subscription plan, which you need to get pretty much ALL THE GOOD STUFF. Like, pens? Subscription plan. Different body types besides the basic female one? Subscription plan. Better purse or shoe template? Subscription plan. Cool patterns and fancy-shmancy scissor functions said to be in the app? SUBSCRIPTION. PLAN. So that was a big red flag. I kept drawing and made a dress with the limited supplies I had anyway. Was going fine, just clicking the X when the subscription plan popped up. But, later, I was trying to use the dropper tool and everything just froze. I went to close the app and the dropper icon glitched and stayed on the tabs screen. (On a tenth-gen iPad paired with an Apple Pencil, btw.) Pretty soon, we realized the crazy app had FROZEN THE ENTIRE IPAD. We couldn’t swipe, click, or tap, meaning we could’nt even close the problematic app. AAAAAAnddd we only got it back to normal when we restarted the whole dang iPad. It was scary, please don’t download this so it doesn’t happen to you. *sarcastic* Otherwise, great sketching app!! :) -DoodleGirl, 12 yrs.
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12 months ago, Read this pls plsplsplspl
Please read this app developers
So when I first saw the app in the “need to have “ section I saw Really nice apps like procreate, or any other app until I saw pret a template I was so excited so I just had to download it. I just saw the reviews I never read it and that was a really dumb idea because when I first download it it was so exciting at first 1.because it may be inappropriate for a little kids and everything I do it just needs to cost money and very annoying and I really hate it. This needs to change at least give us more options because I only get a chance to customize only a few things that I don’t even like and I just really wish that this could change please if the game developers could change this horrible thing it is a very big mistake so please can you just do it in a snap because I really want this to change and I’m so disappointed so please I rate this a 2 because it’s not that bad you could take already made stuff to customize but not as exciting as it looks so guys when you next time when you want to download a game always look at the reviews because I have a 2018 iPad and in this type of iPad. I can’t delete apps and it’s taking up everything always read the apps by!
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4 years ago, stormsmith785
Disgusting How There is not picture backups
Terrible app I am a really good drawer and I use this app professionally I made drawings and I often screenshot images and pin point them all on a picture to use for inspiration However 3 times this app has just erased pictures I pinpointed It shouldn’t matter if I have over 30 pictures when they fit they shouldn’t be erased on a paid app when I have the latest iPhone and there’s no way to get it back because They don’t have previous copies Add this now because you don’t have servers where you can restore users info like other apps and my iCloud isint kicking in because that is not a setting Correct me if I’m wrong and I Also if I make a mistake and the game shuts down that big mistake is all over my Work How am I going to get My work back fix your glitches there are a bunch of small glitches that shouldn’t be here this isint a game and we get updates Cause you want money I Am going to send a personal email again because I need to know how to get my work back Why can’t I get my work back with a built in option you should have like previous files So I can get my stuff restored I can’t save my picture every time I make a change Incase something happens And respond to my Emails thankyou I don’t care about what I get from a paid app if it gets erased
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8 months ago, Hi123456789g
Ok first off I thought it would be a great little design where I could design clothes. But no, I get on the app excited to make a dress design. Once I got on I was like ooooo I like that dress so I clicked on it to design. When i tried any other brush it said “You Have To Have Premium To Have That.” So I tried something else, but no it said it every time I tried to do something else. So I got off to make my own dress. Little did I know, YOU HAVE TO PAY TO DO THAT TO. So then I went to hair tutorials, because I saw them. I was happy for that because I could finally do something, BUT NO. You have to pay for that to. Personally I think you should have to pay to get the game at this point. Because you have to pay for almost like 98% EVERYTHING. I do not recommend getting this app unless you want to pay $11 monthly or $6.58 dollars yearly. Because I was just looking for a free app to design clothes BUT NO. So please change this. Also if you don’t change the entire thing then at least change the blank page thing and the brushes thing. I will gladly love to use your app if you do this. I feel like more people would like that too. So thank you for taking your time to read this.
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11 months ago, frogysayshu
Bad do not recommend!!🤬
Ok so first when i open the app everything is fine But u realized that you have to pay for everything 😒like i’m a really good artist and want to become a fashion designer and i love apps like these but i hate when you have to pay for EVERYTHING like i’m only allowed to have 1 pencil ✏️ like HELLO i want to use this app but i can’t atleast make some stuff free so that we can actually draw ✍️ i used to draw in this app but i had school and couldn’t and deleted it but once i redownloaded it it was like a whole different app please make some changes and go back to a normal app but i know you won’t because you guys only want money and don’t want to make people happy😡like ok make some stuff not free but like what if someone was poor and did’nt have money to pays for this you guys only care about money and being a successful app but atleast make some changes please 🙏 you seem like an amazing app and i bet you would be an even more successful app if you actually let us draw ✍️ thats it from me but you can look at the other reviews and see
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2 years ago, Tori Pylant
Things I think about the app 1 it’s stupid
Why did they even make this game if everything is gonna be premium I think they should stop premium so everybody could just have fun designing because kids out there they don’t want to spend their parents money just to Buy premium that is just not fair so I’m thinking they should stop premium because we can only use one thing and that is not fair to anybody this app supreme premium free zone why do they do premium in the appAnd maybe some adults teenagers and kids don’t want to pay because you waste their money where their parents so if you agree with me stand up and just delete the app and why is it only for Apple pencils it doesn’t have to be for Apple pencils people can use it with they’re fingers like there’s a lot of things I do not like about this app first if you have to buy premium second if you have to pay for a premium third you have to have an Apple Pencil
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5 years ago, hayleylovesplaid
Best design app for apparel designers
I’m an apparel designer and this app allows me to sketch ideas while on the go. Two features I really wish this app had: 1) folders or a filing / categorizing system for finished sketches (I have over 100 and need to organize them). 2) the ability to customize the color palette (there’s a shade of dark red that I have to fiddle with every time). One thing I wondered about before I paid for the subscription was if you could open these files as vectors in Adobe illustrator. You can’t, but you can send the files to a computer as PNGs and then trace them. Doesn’t save me any time but is still a lot faster than paper and pencil. Overall love using this app to create original designs.
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2 years ago, (^_^)Nattie~<3
Not bad, only $5 a month
I was a bit hesitant at first seeing everyone’s low reviews, but so far so good. They only thing is everything is premium, but is literally only $5 a month. AGAIN FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS A MONTH, THAT’S IT. I had no idea everyone here was crying over that. You spend more at your local Starbucks everyday. Here’s something actually beneficial towards a potential future business in fashion, or maybe just creating a small collection with some of the ground work done, I’d like to think that’s worth less than the price of a coffee flavored milk a month, no? Cancel anytime if you start to feel otherwise. Ijs
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4 years ago, Aesthetic_Parrot
How could you not?❤️🤨🙃
How could you not live this app? I love it wholeheartedly ❤️ first off you have a nice selection of characters you can design on top of which I really like, and I can also pull off my own unique twist with it. I will admit, at first I was a little disappointed with the clothing selection but once I took it as a base, I made puffier and more vibrant designs. I guess what I’m going to say is in this app, everything isn’t put out on a golden platter, you have to challenge yourself and once you do it makes it even better. I rated this app 5 stars because it’s everything I want and more.
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2 years ago, a kid 111
Good but can’t do a lot of stuff without premium
It’s a good app I like it. But if you don’t have premium you can only use a couple brushes and few templates. Even if you don’t have premium you can use the app and have fun with it. It’s a good app for creating. For me I wanted to use more brushes and stuff so I got the app then I took a screenshot of a template and imported it into Procreate and then I could use more brushes and stuff. And if you don’t have Procreate then any Art app will do. The only request I have is maybe add a few more things to the free version.
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5 years ago, Bellaluna05
Glitched on me big time ruined my design and there’s no support!
I spent 2 whole days doing extremely detailed work on a design on this app when it just suddenly put a big white square right over a big part of my design totally ruining it and I can’t get it to go away at all and can’t find any support for this site! I’m so upset right now! I finally found a link for app support in the App Store but it won’t open, it says it’s not a trusted site and won’t let me in!! What the hell is this crap!?? This app costs a fortune every month and there’s not even any in app support or any way to contact support at all, seriously?? What a huge rip off!! Be careful doing your work on this app, you could lose all your hard work in a flash and there’s no one to help you fix it!! So mad right now!!!
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5 years ago, projectspacehope
It’s okay
First of all. How does it not have two finger to undo? It’s such a hassle to have to reach all the way down to press the undo when you could have had the standard now. Even my animation app has two finger undo. Second of all we should have way more than just one type of woman figure layout. For example, some with bigger hips, bigger breast and so on because we want variety. Third of all, give us more options! Yes we get it, you want us to pay for a full experience but what you give us right now does not make me want to do such a thing. I have many other things that would have made this app just great! But as it stands it’s a 3 star for me
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10 months ago, So frustrated ncknames
So many ads you can’t even begin to navigate the app
It’s free, or at least some of the functions are. The amount of ads makes it difficult to use the app and clicking on anything seems to make more pop up. This would be less of an issue if the tools had some sort of star next to them to indicate they come with a subscription, but since most of them don’t, trying to figure out how to use the features ends up in so many pop ups your brain will bleed. Had potential, it seems like in the right hands it could be amazing but it is frustrating to get a hold of so take account of that when thinking about downloading :) .
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3 years ago, saimoon326
It’s nice you just have to pay for everything
Ok I think it’s a nice app and it even has tutorials. But you have to pay every month to have all the good stuff. Like for the wedding ones you have to get premium to use them. I feel like if you want to draw not everything should be premium. I’m not saying that it can’t have a premium but I think there should be like stuff that you don’t know about unless you have premium. But other then that it’s a good app overall.
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2 years ago, allyu 2219
This app is amazing but it needs some improvements
I have been getting into fashion and making clothes recently and this helps perfectly but as any other app it needs a bit of improvement with glitches that happens often and the redo/undo button, it takes a bunch of tries just to undo/redo something maybe it’ll be a whole lot easier if we double tap the screen to undo or redo something? Besides that this app is the best!
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2 years ago, Malilove.
Useless free version- don't be fooled
The free version has absolutely nothing unlocked and is as such pretty much unusable. You get one pencil, and do not get the ability to even color in what you draw, etc. 1 understand that they would like to encourage people to pay for the premium version, but this is ridiculous. it should be possible to at least try out the app in the free version but with this you really can't do anything at all. $5 is expensive for a monthly fee especially when you can't even really know if you'll like it. Beyond that,the app does not have very basic things like two finger tap to undo. Not made for iPad at all. Save your time. Don't get this app.
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6 months ago, BlessedNBama
Don’t even bother
Unless you’re ready to start the trial (paying with your info for access and leading to paying monthly), or are willing to pay right out of the gate, don’t even bother downloading this one. The free version is beyond limited and pops up an ad to pay every 15 seconds it seems. So much so that I can’t even try it or look around enough to tell if it might be worth paying for it. Get a hint, developer! Loosen the reigns a little. Letting people see what you have to offer would likely get you more sales … or, perhaps not. Maybe that’s why they don’t let you get a good look at it without some type of commitment. Well, I don’t buy what I can’t try. So I’m outta here. Deleting.
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1 year ago, valleeee💛
not beginner friendly
I’m a minor and don’t currently have access to a credit card or any money matter of fact. This game gives you approximately one item for each thing on there, for example the brushes you get one texture. even though there are multiple brushes you would have to pay to use the rest, and if you choose not to you would stick with the one you have which isn’t all that great either. it’s not a wide variety of options and the game isn’t that good, it’s not like the premium is cheap either is 10 bucks monthly for just a few brushes when I can get ibis paint x watch a 30 second ad for all the brushes and just get a body template off Google. this app is okay at most nothing that special. would I buy the premium if I had the money? definitely not. can it be improved? maybe. hope this review helped, if it did make sure to like it. have an amazing day or night to anyone reading this :)
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5 years ago, Nelly White
Needs more free stuff
The app is great and starts out with some good templates but not everyone can afford to do a subscription. Plus, I rather work on a template with a model that’s remotely shaped like me instead of having to use they provide. And for the reviewers who are so concerned about the naked body, get over it. No one was born with clothes on and you sexualize everything, kids don’t. Overall it’s a good app though. The only good fashion design app I’ve seen and used.
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2 years ago, PhotozLove14
It’s generally a good app
I like the idea of this app. Many things to do and a lot of tools to use. I understand creators deserve to get compensated for their work so I agree with the in-app purchase. I used this app prior to the update, compared from before to now, a lot of “free” tools are now with purchase (the reason why my rating is 3/5). If you’re into fashion design, I definitely recommend this app. I can even save my designs on my iPad so my work doesn’t get deleted (by accident). All in all, it’s not as bad as others make it seem.
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4 weeks ago, 🤍🐻😄
Good Potential but too Many Restrictions
The app has good and inclusive templates, and a nice setup along with a lot of options, but only for those who pay. You only get one type of brush (pencil), and the basic female template. You only get one of every type of template, for example, you can draw on a shirt template, but only the first one listed, the rest you have to pay for. I get that it is expensive to make an application, but it would be nice to have more options (especially for the brushes). Thank you for reading.
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5 years ago, dwbdhdhdhdhdh
A Bug
This app is great, but I found one bug I would like you to fix: when I design for a bit, the template zooms off my design, goes back, and then zooms off again. When I zoom into my design, it does it too, so the only remedy is to close the app and then open it again. I’m running the latest IOS version, so I highly doubt it’s my iPad. Please fix this bug, otherwise this app is the best one for designing I’ve bought.
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3 years ago, Dam Liver
I think this is the WORST GAME YOU CAN EVER GET! The creators only care about the money, not the quality. You have to PAY for more templates, clothing, shoes, pets, and even PENCILS and PENS! I HATE games with in app purchases, especially when ALL IT IS is just stealing your money. Right after I played this stupid game a bit, I realized that you have to pay for EVERYTHING!! So if you are like me and ABSOLUTELY HATE in app purchases, then don’t even bother with this stupid game. If I could, I would give this game ZERO STARS!! Unfortunately, I can only give one as my lowest 🙄🙄🙄 So this is to the creators of pret a stupid template: FIX THIS GAME NOW! IT IS THE WORST GAME AND YOU ARE ALL JUST STEALING KIDS MONEY! 😡🤬
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3 years ago, design avocado🥑
Pretty good, app but problem.
Ok so this is one of the best fashion designing apps I ever got, but the problem is that you literally have to pay for 90% of the stuff. Now tahts to much. Like, us free users, we get one or zero things for everything. And the color palette. No skin tones without premium. No pastel colors without premium. What next? You have to have premium to create a design? Wouldn’t be surprised. This is a fashion designing app, for artists like me who are decently young and want to start designing. And you have to pay every MONTH to do that? Well bye I guess. Nice talk.
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2 years ago, CHLOE13011
Fun, but I wish I don’t need to buy anything
I got this game a few days ago because I just got into fashion. I love the game and it keeps me not bored. I wanted to try and use a pattern and the one I wanted says I have to pay $5.99 a month! I also tried using the puzzle looks and I tried putting on a braided hair and it’s says I have to pay for it! It’s a really fun app if you are into drawing and fashion! Just be aware that you will have to pay for most of the things.
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4 years ago, Victor Psybotik
Great app but freezes
I love this app. I use it daily and it makes designing so much easier. But often the app freezes leaving me to mess up my work or delay the process. Sometimes the backwards feature doesn't work leaving me to start all over again. It has bugs and I wish they would update it.
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2 years ago, 7rmr
Soon to be a fashion designer
This app is like a dream come true to my niece because she wants to be a fashion designer and the app helps her follow her dream and she really loves this cause she asked me for my just to use Prêt-à-Template and Netflix and last week she said that she will go to La Couture Brigade which is the best designing school in Paris and the clothes she designs on my iPad will be in her company and it’ll be named It’s Kautie.
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2 years ago, pozzy pozzbourne
App keeps crashing and doesn’t save progress
Good designing tool but This is the third time the app has crashed half way in my design and I can’t recover my last status. I’ve even tried saving but the entire data goes missing and I’m left with a blank canvas. Extremely frustrating!
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12 months ago, kai_u34
Why do we have to pay for everything?
When I was looking for a drawing game on my iPad so I can draw I get a crush this, and I thought nothing of it so I downloaded it and it was fun for like about 2 minutes. Then I wanted to try other stuff and I taped on it and it said something about buying stuff and all that and I thought oh it’s probably gonna be just this one then I went to the other category and I tap on something else and then it says to buy it, which I do not want to buy it. Thank you for reading this
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4 years ago, GillettesingerJgfam
Problematic, wish I wouldve known
It does say “in app purchases” but I wouldn’t think it would bother me. In each category there is one item available. The free body template has the females whole body shown but for the males it’s just a lump. I don’t feel comfortable using this app in public. I also wish that I could write over the lines or stay in them, at least one. Otherwise it’s an average game. Exactly what my idea was just a lot of purchasing required.
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12 months ago, Jijjijujsuhsuheue
This app just is not it.
You can barely do anything with this app, without having to pay. Me as a younger user is not allowed to spend the money. It’s to pricey. Everything should be available to use without having to buy. Most people just want this app to create designs and have fun, but it’s hard to do that when you can only use 1/4 of the app without purchasing something. This app should be easer to you with purchase. People should not half to spend money on a app to be creative.
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4 years ago, tanarox
Designs deleted!!!!
I updated to the new version because my app was lagging and it locked me out because it said my subscription was no longer active. Ok so I updated and then waited for everything to load and now 50% of my work is gone! I spend hours on this app and now I’ve lost tons of ideas because of this glitch!!! This is ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♀️ Imagine having had the most perfect idea and then it’s lost! I do not recommend this app unless you save all of your work to your tablet after you finish each sketch!
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4 years ago, Ashley~M
Free options
I used this app somewhere and I fell in love with it so I downloaded it, but the free options aren’t even good options and for the color choices on the draw thing I might have not just figured it out yet but the colors are so limited maybe add the color wheel so I can get more exact colors that I want. Overall it is a great app but please consider making the free options more of a variety and especially the hair it’s only giving me one option and it’s not the best in my opinion
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1 year ago, 👑🌸🌸👑
Why I deleted it …😡😡😡
Hi prét a template, why I deleted this app is because I did a template and I couldn’t delete it! So I got really angry and upset so I deleted it! Another thing, I was watching a tutorial and the person was using a pen (which I did NOT have ) which brings me back to the subscription, why have one when if you don’t have one you get all the things you need to complete the template. So those are the things that you need to fix!
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11 months ago, unicorn poopypants😋💩
It would be great… if I could do anything!
I was really excited about getting this app to find out practically everything costs money! There’s only one pencil that you can use, and you can only use baby templates! I’m extremely disappointed in this app. I do not recommend getting. You could literally find the templates online and use a normal (and free!) drawing app and do the same thing. Also change the rating it should be 12+ because the naked women and men are detailed 🫣.
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2 years ago, Britm2012
Great app for designers using an iPad
This app has helped me immensely to design my first collection. The premium version is worth paying for. I just wish there was a way to put my designs in folders within the app so I can organize my designs according to collections.
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1 year ago, rosalinaluva67
Really can’t do much for free
This app would honestly be really good if it didn’t make me buy premium to do literally anything like what’s the point of using this app if you can barely do anything for free. Like what if people don’t have the money to pay like 13 dollars a month just to use an app that they will probably lose interest in the first couple of weeks. Might as well just make us pay to download it instead of making us pay to actually use it
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2 years ago, FANGIRLED
Good app but really limited for free users
I have no issue with in app purchases, especially for design programs. But honestly artists are kind of broke and 40 a year is just Kind of inaccessible for a lot of people. I feel like if The tools were a little less restricted I would absolutely love it. Great app but far out of the price range for casual creators or new designers
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5 years ago, narcolepticnurse
This app is awesome but wish free had an eraser..:
Maybe I’m just not smart enough to figure it out but it appears you have to PAY to unlock the eraser. Good motivation to make someone purchase a subscription. To the apps credit, it is really awesome. Love the feature where you can take a picture with your outfit overlaid on an actual person. That’s so neat. We’re i more into fashion I would purchase a subscription.
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2 years ago, hedjagjagkzg f
I could find better
Yes, I understand that businesses need to make money, but this has you pay for every single little thing in this, when you just want to make designs. You could find a whole different app that would cost you less than this. There’s so much money spending included that I wouldn’t even with a single dollar. The only thing that you can use is the eraser tool in the pencil tool, and that’s not pretty helpful.
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2 years ago, savsu
Must have for fashion design
If you’re looking for an app to bring your sketches and visions to life look no further, this app has everything you need & more down to different models to choose from as well as textures
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2 weeks ago, LeoReshaun Brown1985
I just don’t understand…..
I love it but,I just don’t understand. Why can we have just a one time payment choice it will help a lot of people save a lot of money. and it makes a lot more sense.
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2 months ago, E donut
The app is great- if you have the subscription. They don’t mark what tools you have to subscribe to in order to use them- so it gets really confusing when I try to tap a marker to use and the ad to get the like $50 a month thing to use every thing! The ads are unexpected and I try to tap a person to design it on and it does the app ad so that’s why I rated it 2 star
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12 months ago, llooll1122334455
This is annoying
Well first of all, in ads and pictures there is nothing inappropriate. Just normal bases for drawing. But then the first thing I can open without “Purchase premium for access to everything” There was “lady bits” if you know what I mean. And I clicked on 20 things until I saw that. I couldn’t open anything before it because you needed premium. I’m pretty sure that lady bits is okay, but as a kid that just wants draw, I find it inappropriate.
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2 years ago, qkittym
Glad it was a free download
This was a waste of time. You get a single free body type, a singe free accessory, practically everything else requires a subscription. I’d honestly rather pay for the app than a subscription fee. And nothing that you can do on the app or design features available are worth the fee for the subscription. Not worth it, deleting the app. This isn’t really app related but I also can’t leave this review without choosing an obscure nickname!
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2 years ago, oooCRTVGRLooo
Wish it was better (please read)
This app is a cool idea, and I like the models. BUT, you can only have a few models, one pencil, and only a couple textures for free. I downloaded this app because I wanted a cool clothing designing app to draw my ideas on, but this app did not do what I wanted it to do. Unfortunately, I gave this app a 1 star, but I do like the idea. Maybe update it with a few more free things? Thank you for reading this! Good try, but, again, it could be better.
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11 months ago, Sepid3h
Offers NOTHING for free. Less than a DEMO App!
Anything you want to do except very limited simple drawing, it asks you to purchase their subscription plans. You can’t export anything, can’t even try any different clothes, nothing! Completely useless except if you would purchase their subscription, which I won’t. Other apps offer many pro tools for free. This gives you nothing for free. It’s free version is like those pop-up flash game ads.
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1 year ago, Amber🗿
I mean it’s ok but I have seen better
I have seen way better drawing apps and mainly when they allow templates I like to fill them in but I can’t really do that with this app anyone can disagree I do like that there’s not many ads but u have to have premium and ain’t nobody wanna spend money just to draw which they are probably gonna delete the app in two years there’s no point
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