PreFlight Airport Parking

4.8 (27.5K)
99.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
PreFlight LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for PreFlight Airport Parking

4.77 out of 5
27.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Markr Bartlett
PreFlight Parking Garage
Great service (ORD). Very clean and well lit garage. Shuttle service took us right to our air carrier, helped us with our bags. Very friendly drivers. Pick up worked well too. When we returned to the garage we didn’t have to wait for our car we went right to it and exited. We had parked previously at another garage across the road that valet parks all cars only to find a dent in the door (which sent a signal to our phone while on our trip that the car alarm had gone off) but, naturally, “they didn’t dent the car.” They also drove another customers car with a flat tire off the rim ruining the tire. We will only park at Preflight from now on.
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5 years ago, Diffusing unusual
Great App & Great Service
Preflight Parking is very close to the airport, the bus to airport is always waiting by my car when I park (guard at gate tells you where open spots are and then radios bus driver). Upon return I never have to wait more then a few minutes for bus and during late night hours they send a bus as soon as you call. The drivers are very courteous and the lot is guarded. The prices are very reasonable and there is an indoor lot option for a little more $. The APP is super easy to use too. ~Very satisfied Customer Philadephia airport
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3 months ago, Pegasus_14
App almost unusable
Great parking experience here but the app is horrible since the update. It never saves a reservation, making you go to the website, and then the reservation you made won’t appear on the app at all. The old app worked perfectly fine…if it’s not broke, don’t fix it!! Redoing my review to 1 star. Customer service online is completely nonexistent. Even when I make a reservation online because the app never works, it won’t add it to Apple wallet and doesn’t give me an email confirmation either Update: added a star because app does now accept reservations, but no reservation shows up on the app so you have to access confirmation email to get into and out of the garage
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5 years ago, MikeyG70
Good app but keeps old reservations
I do like the app. It allows for easy in and out of the facilities as well as helping to see where the shuttles are. What I really don’t like is that it keeps old, expired reservations in its list for a long time and they show up first in the list. I was accidentally trying to use an old reservation today and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get in. I had to go back into reservations to make sure I had the right for today. It may not seem like a big deal, but there’s literally no reason to have an expired reservation in the list and it can cause consternation when you’re already in a hurry and stressed. Fix that and it’s 5 stars.
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3 years ago, JustDEWit
Easy to use until time to pay
I had a reservation setup and added the card I wanted to charge on. App would not take it. I again added the card information and again it errored out. My only other option was to use Apple Pay. I did that and selected the same card information and it works fine using Apple Pay. I don’t know how I could have proceeded if I had not had Apple Pay. I don’t travel often but I seem to remember there was a system glitch last time. I like the location and convenience of the parking but not fully impressed with the Application. Needs more work.
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6 years ago, azbaerbel
We are unable to find the print button
This is the most difficult and unusual app that I have experienced in my travels. There is no print button and with trying to apply my earned rewards you are telling me I don’t have enough when it clearly shows I have 102 earned rewards and I only want to use 66 points. Please revise your app and make it more user friendly and show more options. This is truly the worst I have experienced. I need to print the barcode but where.......
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6 years ago, Sskeeling
Helpful app, two suggestions (PHX)
I’ve been a Parker at PreFlight since 2007 and love the garage. Two suggestions to make this app even more helpful: allow a photo or text space in the reservation for the parking spot reminder to take us paperless folks even further, and consider numbering the parking spots in the garage for reference so we aren’t wandering about. I generally try to park in the same area but sometimes it isn’t possible and I’ve had to do a little searching to refresh my memory.
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6 years ago, Thekat79
Need more info
First time use of preflight. I got the app and I had to call the number to ask about how the coupon works. The app should tell you that amount per day is different then the coupon which means that you did not make a reservation. It would have saved me time instead of reading everything and then having to call. Hoping for a great experience when I use preflight.
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6 years ago, Traveler4512
Pre pay is not user friendly
I travel for work and using the pre pay feature for reservations does not make sense. Now, the charge shows up before my work trip even begins and any overage for delays I need to pay at the exit. Now this is 2 parking charges I need to explain. As a VERY frequent parker, I should be able to reserve the spot and just pay at the exit. I’m frustrated this is the system in place and may consider other parking lot options. I have loved pre flight for about 10 years, but have recently had issues parking inside without a reservation. I’m willing to take the time to make the reservation, I just don’t see why I have to pre pay.
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3 years ago, Tuetall
Great Experience
I called to speak to the customer service person because I was having trouble using my Internet explorer browser versus Google Chrome. The customer service person was very helpful and directed me to use the pre flight app which proved to be a great experience and I look forward to using your parking facility going forward thanks again
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6 years ago, kernelikon
Huge improvement
This is a great improvement but needs one thing. The ability to put the Parker card into the Apple wallet. That would make this app complete. Otherwise great improvement. Update, there needs to be contact information within the app for late night/ early morning pickups. This was in the previous release but not in this current version.
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4 years ago, sndjsjkxjej
Good shuttles, inconvenient Parking deck
I’ve used the parking garage 5 times at Ohare. The shuttles both ways are clean and on time. However the parking garage use is less convenient. I always park on the top deck and have to scan my way onto each deck while going up and coming down. Doesn’t make sense since the top deck is the cheapest option.
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5 years ago, muggle1279
I.T. Help needed.
I park at the Chicago O’Hare facility. For the most part, it is convenient and their staff are almost always very pleasant to deal with. When they’re not, I’m willing to give them a pass as I see what my fellow travelers are like. The reason for the 1 Star is simple. You HAVE to get your tech to work! I prepay my parking, often a month in advance. Approx 30% of the time, I have issues entering or leaving the facility and have to get assistance. Even though I have the app, my reservation often doesn’t come up so I have to always print up my confirmation, just in case. This is not acceptable. This is all you do!
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5 years ago, Troptotake
Consistent problems
I run into problems consistently when trying to book using the app. It tells me oops it looks like there’s no internet connection when I am absolutely on the web. It tells me it can’t find my information when on the home page it welcomes me by name. It tells me I don’t have a credit card on file when the only way I’ve ever paid is by the same current and valid credit card. I can understand problems but these are consistent problems. I’ve parked at the ORD location about 25 times and I have these problems at least half the time.
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2 years ago, nkholmberg
Best parking!
We love parking here when we travel. The staff is always so helpful and the parking is phenomenal. Our last trip my battery died alert sitting in the cold for 2 weeks and the staff quickly jump started my car so we were off and headed home fast!! Again we love this place!
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3 years ago, BMW.07
Best Ride to the Airport!
I have used PreFlight several times now at different times of the day and have never been dissatisfied! They are very friendly and helpful! They are always right there before I get my suitcase out of the car, so quick and easy. I’ll never park at the airport again!!
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5 years ago, Colin's Mother
Worry Free Travel
Always the best way to travel!! No sooner than you pull in they are at your car taking all you luggage onto shuttle! Drop you off rite in front of your airline! When returning no sooner you walk out the door they are there to take you directly back to your vehicle! Would us no other!! They are the BEST! Thanks Again Colin’s Mom
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5 years ago, frequent parker 12345678
Only works 50% of the time
This app is great when it works. It has been very inconsistent lately. I use the lot weekly and it is very irritating when you can’t make a simple reservation and payment with the App. This week it took my Apple Pay but never made a reservation..... so now I have to go figure out that with them instead of getting in my car and going home
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5 months ago, Very Tired Travelers
Late night arrival at Boston Logan
My husband and I arrived at Boston Logan airport after midnight on Saturday, January 27. We were so very happy to see a PreFlight van outside the Delta terminal! The driver was extremely helpful with loading all our bags into the van … skis, boot bag, suitcases, etc! At the parking lot he put our luggage directly into our Subaru! Thank you Preflight!!
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3 years ago, N Y-Giants Rule
Great parking lot
At first I was unsure about parking in an unfamiliar lot especially near the airport. But since the first trial I have used this lot over and over. They are very friendly and kind, I will keep using this lot and you should try it as well.
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5 years ago, kgariba
Service is good, app is not.
I thought I signed up for an account (I entered all the info) prior to booking a parking reservation. However, once I booked, the app decided not to add a reservation to my new account but as a “guest” reservation. Then, I cannot add the parking pass to the Wallet app (error message). To top it off, I can’t cancel the reservation, another error due to the “guest” booking... coincidence? The cherry on top is a window where economy is spelled “ecomony.” The app gets 1 star but because the service overall is good, they get 2 from me.
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7 months ago, geubca
I have been parking with them for years. Today when I head back home, I discovered that someone run over my car. It is very unfortunate that I just get a new car and just park in there and somebody put a dent on it. The staff that assisted me is not that very knowledgeable as with regards to their procedure. He also admitted that they have limited cameras where you can trace who is the offender. I would recommend looking for a parking area that has cameras all over. I am so disappointed!
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4 months ago, YpYoda
App update doesn’t work
I’ve used this service for several years and the old app worked perfectly. Recently, I was required to make an update while making a new reservation. After several attempts including deleting and reloading the new app, I could not make the reservation. I had to go to the website where I successfully made a reservation. Afterwards, that reservation will not appear on the app even though OLD reservations do. Please fix this.
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3 years ago, ParkerStoleMyName
Website works better
Please download our app so that we can have all of your data, and then when you use our app, you get so frustrated you just use the website anyway. But in all seriousness this app works so well that I am currently writing this review and the text give it gives me is white letters on a white background. Well done app developers.
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2 months ago, Kay98705
Terrible App
Parking experience has good reviews but what’s up with this app?? Booked a reservation a while ago then downloaded the app. It is NOT intuitive how to sign in to the app. Login button is buried. Login page doesn’t register the enter key or have a submit button. I have the most recent update. Won’t let me log in and doesn’t show my reservation. So basically this app is useless. Guess I’ll have to find the email with my reservation in it when we arrive.
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5 years ago, LarvaMoose
Two stars until the app is fixed.
The App used to be great for making reservations and checking into and out of the lots. After having to update some credit card info it no longer shows existing reservations and often shows a message about a server error.
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3 months ago, Bass108
New app version is awful!
When making a reservation the app times out and says reservation can’t be made. There isn’t a way to check reservations or previous reservations on the app. Later I logged into PreFlight’s website and I now have a confirmation number and received a confirmation email. However there isn’t a way to add that number into the app. Also the web version nor the email links to add to wallet work properly.
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4 months ago, kjv1769
Updated and still no bueno
I used to love this app when it was the previous UI. The newer one is beyond buggy. Even with the update that happened just today, it still won’t register reservations and won’t process the transactions. I’m not sure if they outsourced their new app to a new company, but it’s pretty unresponsive. It wouldn’t even let me place a reservation through the app. I had to do it in the website. And it still won’t register on the app.
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6 months ago, Nom+nom+nom
Easy and professional
The staff and drivers are always very helpful. You can get a live person on the phone to help you navigate apps or reservations online, redeem points, or other help. Love the parking ease and the people!
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6 years ago, Bwaster
Since the update, previous reservations remain in the app and you can’t delete them. There needs to be a way to have previous reservations removed after they are completed
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4 months ago, TB@242
Recent Updates
The recent update to the app has absolutely been a nightmare. Since the updates…I cannot make reservations on the app without it completely messing things up on the tail end, AND my prepaid vouchers do not display whatsoever! I have to pull up the email to access the parking. The app is a nightmare! My last two reservations have been disheartening and almost has me to the point of switching companies.
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5 years ago, Davidthomas05
Force Close
While making a reservation, it automatically closes me out. I’ve used the app many times before, but now it’s not working properly. Mainly when I’m about to pay for the reservation.
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4 years ago, penny1952
It is not iPad friendly. I had to use my phone to make a reservation. Also I can’t change my credit card to be the primary choice.
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2 years ago, top4namestaken
Today’s experience
I’ve used this app several times with no problem, but today I had A LOT of trouble trying to get it to accept my credit card information. I had to allow the app to save my credit card info before it would accept it. I do not normally allow that info to be saved. After finally completing the reservation, I was unable to download it to Apple Wallet.
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2 years ago, Glcast
Functional app
Easy to navigate and secure. Never had an issue using the mobile pass entry and exit. I’ve modified reservations without any issues.
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5 years ago, alaxtr
Great Customer Service
Thank you! Service offered is great, drivers are always kind, courteous, the app is super friendly to use and the best the points Works! The more you use Preflight services the more we saved! Thank you 😃
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3 years ago, ahthornton
Great price
Very good airport option, they pick you up right at your parked car, minutes to your terminal, easy shuttle drive back to your car. The price is very reasonable.
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6 years ago, Linds187
One major missing piece
App is pretty easy to use and I like the map showing where the shuttles are. One thing that is very much lacking is the ability to view frequent parker points (ie. dates and amount of points earned)- this used to be a feature and now I wonder if I’m even getting points for each visit.
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6 years ago, uSlackr
It’s getting there
The app is great. Has my reservation and pretty easy to use. I tried to make a reservation today for today and got an error that I need to pick a future date. Went on the web and made the same reservation without issue.
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6 years ago, frequent flyer 3
Not ready for prime time
New app version took several tries to assign an end date. Pressing enough buttons it finally accepted it. Also don’t like how the app hangs when I need the barcode to enter the garage. Thankfully I found the barcode in the confirmation email. Also don’t like how the shuttle tracker is 5-10 minutes lagging behind actual shuttle location. Useless. Also don’t like the lack of documentation on what to do if a flight is cancelled.
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6 years ago, Kalil S
The best service
I have been using PreFlight for many years and there service has always been excellent. I have never had any concerns or problems. It has made this portion of my travels a nice one.
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6 years ago, Lubsit
Bring back the old app version
The new app update has a lot of flaws. It is hard to scan in and out with the dark screen and small barcode. Old reservations stay on the “my reservations” screen even after they have been used, so you have to go into the hamburger menu to get your upcoming reservation. Your next reservation should be on the home screen to easily enter and exit the facility.
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2 years ago, ECdollarbills$
App User Friendly
I've always used PreFlight as my parking destination when I travel. I haven't had any issues, and the entire staff is great. Download the app!
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2 years ago, Dhourydyu
Easiest way to park at the airport
Pre-flight is the best! Close to the airport without the hassle. Reliable shuttle from your car right to the door of your airline. And the prices are great!!
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2 years ago, jvt4787
Easy-to-use app and convenient parking
Everything worked as it was supposed to. I like the option of saving it to Apple Wallet.
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6 years ago, parkapp
Dates used to be simple.
Bad design. Not intuitive in selecting dates. Took five times before you select an end date and time. Old app was much better and easier to use.
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3 years ago, great scapes
Reasonable parking fees
I park in the outdoor lot, Safe parking environment, easy pick up and drop off shuttles, easy to use ap for reservations. I like it a lot and would recommend to anyone.
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2 years ago, justin5763
Reservation lookup fails
Many time the app has trouble will pulling up current reservation to check out of the lot.
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3 years ago, Hipsteractivities
Preflight Parking
Super easy to use application. Folks are friendly. It’s affordable and we come back to them every time we travel.
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3 years ago, Daddy Zorro
Always very professional and excellent service. Thank you Pre-Flight for making my holidays easier!
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