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User Reviews for PrettyLittleThing

4.72 out of 5
32.8K Ratings
2 years ago, alidbrbrudjngjvic
This is my favorite app and store to shop. I’ve been shopping here for about 2-3 years now. I’m addicted to this app. The clothes are except quality. The app is very easy to use. I love what they sell here. Easy checkout. Shipping is good. I do wish they had quicker response times for inquiries and that they gave you the ability to cancel orders. I don’t have any major complaints. I’ve spent thousands of dollars shopping on this app. It’s my favorite. Everything in my closet comes from this store!
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7 months ago, Wouldneverbuyfromherragain
Zero stars- worst customer service I’ve ever encountered
Typically I do not write reviews but I have never had a worst experience with a company before. I ordered a package on October 15, paid for two day shipping. One part delivered but the second part went missing before it was delivered. Immediately I messaged the company for help- they told me to wait two days, it did not deliver. Then they told me to wait two more again, still nothing. They did this a few times then finally said give it a month until November 12. By the 6th the shipping services updated and said my package was not deliverable. I message immediately and they still tell me to wait until the 12th to ‘give the courier time.’ I do, then email their services again but then I am told to wait two more weeks until November 22 so they can give the courier time to look into it. Finally I email them after this date, get some semblance of a response making it sound like I will be refunded for my 10+ missing items. Just to be informed that I am outside of the window to get any refund or reshipment because you only have 14 days from when your items are delivered to open a case and find compensation. Make that make sense. This company pushed me off for days telling me to wait until I just so happened to be too far outside the window to be compensated. I will never order from here again. This is the worst experience I have ever had with any clothing service and they have completely lost my trust. 0/5 stars.
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2 years ago, lisawhh
One of the worst clothing apps
I love PLT the clothes are so pretty but when I saved some clothes I could only look at a certain amount of them. If I were to re-save the item to my wish list I can see it at all. I updated the app because it said they fixed some issues. But it only seemed to make it worse. For example I would search up dresses and scroll through them and the app would just kick me out so I would lose my spot. It keeps constantly kicking me out no matter what I am looking at. I would like to be able to look at all the clothes especially the ones in my wishlist but I can only see less than half of them. I would really like to purchase but if this app is having a lot of issues I wouldn’t want to risk spending my money on it. Please fix these issues as it seems you’ve been having this problem for years. Update: I had a few things in my cart that’s been in there for a week now. I also put some stuff in there that I couldn’t see in my wishlist anymore. And I check it today like everyday and there’s nothing in my cart anymore. Now I have to look through everything again just to find what I had in my cart especially since I can’t see my full wish list. So far do not recommend this app I really wanted to like it especially because of the clothes but the app is trash. The more I update hoping the bugs will fix it just seems to make it worse than it was.
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2 years ago, A disappointed gamer.
App not as good as it used to be
i’ve been wearing plt for yearrsss, and i always stick by them no matter how ridiculous the outfits get sometimes, but as of late the app hasn’t been performing as well as it used to. the whole app lags if you’re on it for more than literally a minute; like LITERALLY a minute. the shopping cart disappearing seems to happen to everyone— and i get it, when you leave stuff in your cart but don’t buy it can mess up quantity count, but if that’s the case at least give a time limit to how long we can keep stuff in out cart before it completely empties so we’d know (if that is the actual issue), but for everyone who says their wishlist is cut off: your full wishlist can be seen on desktop. so the items are all still there, it just has a cut off point if you’re on mobile. and lastly, which really bugs me the most, is how i can’t find any of the clothes that are featured. like for example, there’s a really pretty dress as the picture for the dresses tab but i can’t seem to find it anywhere, so why show me the dress if i can’t find it? the app used to be soo good up until this year, it updates every so often and i’m starting to think the only thing that gets updated is the logo, because the performance and accessibility is horrible.
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1 year ago, itsparis13
As Frustrating as it is Inconsistent.
For starters, this is not a bad company. The quality of clothing is satisfactory, and the range of clothing is sufficient as well. Yet, there is one major problem. The website lacks a crucial feature, a comment section or a review segment. For a company to be as wide spread globally as they are, it is extremely pivotal to feature a feedback area to review clothing items. It is exceedingly frustrating to have to order something based off a body type that is very contrasting to mine, and assume a size that would be best fit. On top of that, it is exceptionally disappointing to receive that item, have it fit atrocious, and then have to PAY to ship it back to its origin country overseas. A simple review section would eliminate this problem. I shouldn’t have to expect to order down 2 sizes from my original size just so I know my clothing won’t be falling off; even considering the fact that I am 5”5 and 175lbs. PrettyLittleThing, if you’re not going to feature a review segment, then at least present models in various clothing size inclusivities for us girls who aren’t slender and 5’9 to compare our sizes to. I’ve been disappointed time and time again, even having to exchange an item up to 3 TIMES to get a correct clothing fit. This is my final straw with this company, my time is deserving elsewhere. Do better PLT.
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9 months ago, ac.🤩🤍🤍
I don’t usually write reviews ever for apps but I have to for this one because I’m just frustrated at this point! I wanted this 2 piece charcoal sweatsuit set that I saved in my wishlist and when I tried to add the items into my cart, I always get the message that something went wrong and I was unable to do so. I decided to then go online because maybe the app was having problems and when I went to search up the set that I wanted it was a completely different price !!! It was absolutely ridiculous because I don’t know which price is right and also the app says the sweatshirt is out of stock while the website says it’s fully in stock. I don’t know which one to trust and I hate how they are showing me two different things. I’ve already contacted PLT HELP but they’ve done nothing and if I’m being honest they don’t even understand their own problem even though I’ve sent screenshots and explained step by step about what’s going on. I’m just so disappointed because I was looking forward to buying it and now I can’t. My friend also had this problem so it’s not only me. Please fix this issue and allow me to put the charcoal sweatsuit set into my bag so I’m able to purchase. When I put other items I don’t receive error messages I just receive the error message from the charcoal sweatsuit set.
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5 years ago, baby tay🖤
Wishlist/shopping cart
My biggest complaint is stuff disappearing in the wish list and/or shopping cart. I like the wish list to favorite things for when I buy later, and at first I thought maybe it disappears if you don’t add it to your cart in time or buy it. But then I noticed while using the app it would disappear as well as the shopping cart. Had almost $200 worth of clothing in the shopping cart and was ready to check out, I go to click shopping cart and everything was gone. I was so upset because I literally spent TWO hours picking stuff out. I got so frustrated that it did that I ended up not even ordering. 😕 Other than that delivery was actually pretty quick for previous orders, most of the clothes were fairly good quality except one of the small body suits was extremely too small and I’m petite. (Wasn’t a petite size body suit) and one of the crop tips fit but if you look the wrong way your nipple will be looking dead in the eye at someone because it’s so wide😂
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3 years ago, Linriean
3 major issues in 1 order - NEVER AGAIN
1. One shirt arrived w/ a stain (thanks for the 25% discount in exchanges lol) 2. 2 items were missing. A mini skirt & a choker - patiently waited an additional 7 calendar days like 1 of the various the customer service reps on their FB Messenger told me to wait, was given a tracking number (that never got updated with shipment updates! It was never sent.) It still didn’t come, thennnnn I got my refund for the missing items that never came (the invoice was missing too) 3. The collar of a $21 shirt ($21 even after I applied my initial app discount) broke within 3 hours of wearing the shirt. Seriously, I know exactly, because I was on a date last night & it was highly embarrassing. The worst company I’ve ever ordered clothes from - I actually will never order clothes online again after having literally 3 different things go wrong in 1 order. Worst $128 I ever wasted. It takes me almost a full work day to earn that amount. Cheap fabric and as unprofessional as they come - you’d be better off buying clothes from Five Below. Never again.
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3 years ago, OkayyYeaaaa
Horrible customer service
I been ordering clothes from this company for a year now &, I never had a issue where I had to contact somebody till now. The only contact this company has is basically speak to a robot that only answer two questions which is “track your order” &, “policy on returning items”….if you wanted to speak to a actually human being you have options like “FB , twitters , whatsup app “ my issue with that is when I try to contact somebody on FB the people reply very late &, even after they reply to you I had to wait a whole day for them to even reply back to me. I feel like this company should have a “number” where you can actually call somebody &, talk to that person explaining the issue to them. I paid so much money on this company cause I really like their clothes but it sad to say I rather spend my money on a company that I’m guarantee to get satisfied company service &, I can actually talk to human being that will more so understand me than a “robot”
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5 years ago, Kaazmo
Wish List/Shopping bag
I love PLT, Y'all really look out for petite people and for that I will always love y'all. That being said, you have got to do something about items disappearing from the shopping bag and wish list. It is incredibly discouraging and frustrating to spend hours looking for the right items and then when you are finally ready to buy everything, they have mysteriously disappeared. I end up not getting anything at all because that part of the app is so aggravating. Also can you please increase the number of items you can add to the wishlist, 100 is not enough. Plus I can see that the items are still added to my wishlist but if I go to view my actual wishlist the items are not there. I use the wishlist to save things I want to buy later, but if I have to keep going back to search for these things it completelycompletely defeats the purpose. Please 🙏🏽
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1 year ago, Ttt1234678897653
The worst clothing app ever !!
I have been shopping with pretty little thing for years! The clothes are nice, sometimes they can run small but I just return or replace. Shipping is very quick! I really dislike that you have to pay $5 to return items. When shopping on the website , the items ALWAYS disappear out of your cart. Which is insane , after you spend hours browsing and adding items to your cart and when you go to check out every item has disappeared!! I’ve learned to screenshot my cart as I shop so atleast I can search the items up to add them back in my cart but I really should not have to do that. Today I downloaded the app to receive an extra discount and it was super stressful. The app is EXTREMELY SLOW. The lag is terrible I almost did not purchase anything because of the lag. This is something the company should really fix, especially if you are advertising on the website for people to download the app.
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5 years ago, justbrol
Nice cloths but horrible customer service
There is NO phone number to contact them when there’s an issue with your order. They use WhatsApp but not everyone has WhatsApp and when you try to have an IM conversation with them, a different person responds each time. They don’t assign one agent to each conversation so this brings confusion. They start solving problems I didn’t ask for and they don’t solve the problem I originally asked them to resolve. This website blocks a lot a credit cards so u have pending charges but order never goes through. Also, once u use a card that doesn’t block this website the tracking never sends u updates. I checked tracking and it said there’s an issue with this shipment and shipping has been closed. Contacted customer service and they said don’t worry. I will worry bcz your website tracking said there’s an issue. Update: Returns are a nightmare! There’s a million things you have to download and tape on the package and you have to pay for the return! The return label usually gets sent to junk mail.
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2 months ago, tatiannadina
took my money without sending my order through
I have used plt since I was in high school, I am now 25 and wanted to see Nicki Minaj for the first time so I ordered my jacket from plt first. 2 weeks before the concert PLUS the “free speedy shipping” they gave me. When I placed my order I got no email, no thank you for placing your order but the money was taken out of my account. They told me I had to wait 5-7 days for the order to process so I tried ordering it again but this time through the app. Same thing, when I tried to get someone on the phone there is absolutely no way to talk to anyone on the phone from plt. They ended up sending me someone else’s tracking number with their address on it which is not ethical at all. I will not be ordering from them again. I got my money back but never got the clothes I ordered. Very unprofessional and unpleasant experience. All they could do is give me a 30% off coupon. All of this concluded in me having half my outfit come concert day.
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5 years ago, Jebbeh Marie
Pretty good but has their moments...
I love the styles I find on this site and the prices are not bad but sometimes they miss the mark with the quality. Their sizing is weird and takes very careful attention to details and time to figure out which makes it harder to shop with them sometimes. However, I’ve gotten it down pat for the most so I don’t usually have issues with fit. Now the quality of one of my last orders was surprisingly low and I hope that is not a continuous pattern for them. Returns with them have really been my biggest issue with this site. I gave 4 stars because I ultimately do love the items that I get from them when the quality, fit and price are right but when they are not it can be really annoying, which made me almost leave 3 stars but since I continue to order I’ll leave it as 4.
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1 year ago, thatgirlgigi
I really enjoyed this clothing site at first. A few months ago I order a few things and loved them and they came in quick. But last month 1/5 I ordered an outfit for an event I had it said it would come in on 1/17 or before. I didn’t receive till 2/9. I tried contacting them and only got a robot with no answers to where my package was. No emails nothing was ever sent to update me on my purchase. After receiving the item I wanted to return it bc it looked nothing like I expected. So now I’m trying to return it and again you can never get a real person to talk to and they make you jump through so many hoops to even figure out if you can return it. They also told me it was to late to return my outfit but the site says you have 28 days and I didn’t even get it till Feb 9. Now I wasted almost $50 and I had to find a whole new outfit for my event. Horrible horrible I will not be retuning to this site. I hope goodwill enjoys my outfit.
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2 years ago, Lizannjohn
Horrible Service, liars.
Placed an order over a month ago. Items never left warehouse. Inquired about my order and kept being told I have to wait until the 31st which makes it a month and 2 weeks. Okay whatever. So I’m waiting and I get an email that basically says “thanks for returning you items, a refund will be to you in 3 weeks minus shipping fees and restocking fees” EXCUSE ME! I’m over here waiting for my clothing and items and they never come now I’m being charged for them lying and keeping my clothing. And you can’t get in touch with a real person. Just robots that send the same messages via text that don’t address any real question. I’m filing a report with my bank and documented all the conversations. And to make matters worse they are still telling me I have to wait 2 more days to get help. Such a joke. My items are still saying waiting to be dispatched and it’s been like that for 32 days. I hate this place.
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4 years ago, npkay
Pretty little thing is very overrated. I understand that there are procedures every company has now due to covid-19 so shipping would take a little longer than usual. First off they gave me an invalid tracking number then gave me the correct one days later. Secondly my package got lost so it took even longer. Thirdly their customer service is just the worst. I emailed them and it took a while for me to get an response. I finally received the package may 28th and the package was just dirty and just in a bad shape overall. I ordered a couple of things and when I took them out the packs I was disappointed😕some of them were just to big and I ordered them in a medium and I ordered one dress and it was poorly stitched🤦🏽‍♀️the only good thing about the clothes the good quality fabric. But I will never ever order from here again. I really expected them to be a lot better but they left me very disappointed
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3 years ago, beccaw223
Horrible quality of fabric
I ordered a couple things from here. I ordered a shirt and it came and it looked nothing like the picture at all and the fabric looked SOOO cheap. I also ordered a pair of Jeans. I do not recommend buying any sort of denim from them because it it’s the cheapest looking denim you will ever see in your life. On top of all that they sent me the wrong size jeans. I ordered a size 00 and they sent me a size 4 AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT there return policy is horrible. I’m trying to return my things right now and it will cost me 4 dollars to do the returns. I have to print off a returns label of my own. Package the things back up. Then I’ll have to go drop it off. I have to do all these thing to get a refund and they don’t even refund the shipping cost which is 8 dollars btw. So in the end I’m short 12 dollars and none of my stuff was even right. Also my package came 2 days later then it said it would on the app.
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2 years ago, ammishadas
Great Products - But App is Frustrating
I was reading through the reviews and saw that many people (from 1-3 years ago) were having the same problem I am having now: Things in my wishlist won’t appear, I can only see the first 19 things. If I want to see everything I would have to leave the app and go on the website. This is really frustrating because I cannot remember everything I put in there and it makes me not want to order from here again. But I gave three stars because shipping is usually faster, which allows things to come earlier than expected, and materials are very good for their pricing. But please fix this issue so that we can continue to enjoy PLT without all the frustrations.
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4 years ago, kels00000000
Don’t. Just don’t
I ordered 100 worth of clothes(8 items) over a month and a half ago. I never received anything. After finally getting ahold of customer service through text, they told me there was an issue with the box being sent back to them. I told them they should work harder to make things right when shipping issues occur. do you know what they told me ? “Well you can just reorder” ugh! So after hours of trying to find everything I had on my first order, I could only find three of the things I initially wanted. It came out to 30 so I debated if I wanted to risk it.... I decided to give them a second chance and even paid for the faster shipping and guess what...... my package is now late and no shipping info. Just don’t. These “sales” aren’t worth wasting your time for things you will never receive and the customer service is horrible
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5 months ago, jenlynnMo93
The app doesn’t work… like ever.
I have been a loyal PLT customer for years now. I’m tall and skinny so it’s always hard to find pants that fit and I love their tall range, but lately I can’t even shop here anymore. The app has SO MANY glitches and problems that it quite literally makes it impossible to buy anything. Most of the time I either can’t check out, can’t add something to my cart, or can’t even get the app to open period. I’ve been patient (this has been going on for nearly a year now), but I think my PLT era has officially come to an end. Not because of a problem with the clothes, but because the shopping expirience on the app is so frustrating it’ll make you want to pull your hair out. I see so many other reviews saying the same thing, so I have no idea why it’s still like this, but whatever.
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2 years ago, PrimetimeXavion
Horrible, save yourself the stress!!
I ordered 4 outfits and one anklet I was suppose to receive my order at the latest in 2 weeks from when I ordered. It has now been 3 weeks now and no one has contacted me to let me know where my order is or what day it’s suppose to be here. I got no heads up about it being later than expected. I had plans that’s why I ordered the outfits and anklet and if I would’ve known it was going to take longer than expected and the Communication was gonna be bad. I would’ve shopped somewhere else. I have an account with them so I don’t understand why they can’t contact me about my order. I can’t even get the whereabouts on my order because the site and app can’t locate my order. Hopefully I get it and get to wear it so far it’s not looking good…. Save yourself the stress!
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3 years ago, ButterCup Tavia
Don’t understand why online I’m seeing the same complaint and no resolve. I love PLT but to shop on the site is very tedious and time consuming so for me to pay $700 for my basket and add all thee additional things to my wishlist to come back to later and things are disappearing is upsetting. I literally had to screen record me going through my wishlist because everytime I go back later to buy I have to type and search things that should be saved. Also All I can see on my wishlist on the app is the first page of saved items….. if I want to view ALL items I saved, I have to go off the app into the regular search engine site and login. These problems need to be addressed.
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3 years ago, DH518
I wrote a review a week or so ago about how awful this company and customer service is. Never did I think it could get worse but it has. I ordered items on 11/30 which never showed up on the scheduled date of 12/14. I was then told I had to wait until 1/4/21 to receive a refund and that they would be crediting my $7.41 shipping on my $250 order. That credit was never received. On 1/4 I asked for my refund for the full order and they told me I had to wait until 1/12. I asked if I could just have the order replaced with a more secure prioritized shipping and they said I would have to place a new order and choose that shipping but that I would not be able to get the same pricing I had on my original order lol. What a joke of a company. At 35 yrs old, this is the worst company and merchant experience I have ever dealt with in my life
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4 months ago, jae.s.b
i love shopping on plt they have the most affordable quality clothes in my opinion. but the only problem i have with this app is that everytime i open my app it either kicks me out my account and whenever i try to log back in and i press log in the screen disappears. and i tend to notice when i scroll up to the screen its on the same page but its still not letting me log into my account so i always have to go on my computer if im planning on buying something off plt. maybe i could be pressing the buttons i have no idea and everytime i see i need to update the app i think they’re going to fix it but the same mistake keeps happening.
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9 months ago, uours truely aries
Not happy
The app is fine by its self, just the company is trash. I ordered two items. Waited about a week and a half for them to send me a lot of items that were not mine.(probably worth over $200) Don’t know how you miss that big difference. Been dealing with them for the past 4 days for them to say I was getting my correct items ship to me, for them now say I’m only getting half my refund, even though I shipped the items back for them and they said it was gonna be free of charge but still charged shipping to send back the items they incorrectly sent me. I have kept every email exchange from them. Just weird how they try to brush off and it’s not like you can call someone for this situation. Something that can be resolved in maybe 30 mins took 4-5 days.
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1 year ago, JANELS IPHONE
Never received my package
I never received a package I’ve ordered four weeks ago when i tried to get in touch with the company about it the automated message responded on several occasions there weren’t any associates available they have no number to call if you run into these kind of problems they only prompt you to text send an email or get on their social media i went and disputed the charge with my bank but it’s still in process doing so i attempted to get in touch with them to cancel the order i final got in touch with someone through the automated message Madison i was told to wait another two weeks for my package if it doesn’t come then they’ll process my refund this will be my first and last time ever shopping with the online company i wouldn’t recommend
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11 months ago, Lynnaenaebae
App glitches
Love the clothing, always have good sales but the app glitches often. Some times the app will open and immediately close out, if i go to cart the screen goes blank white and i have to restart the app. Sometimes the back button takes forever to work, this doesnt happen everyyy time but its definitely happened several times. Also, the items in cart disappear completely after ab 1-2 weeks, i like to plan outfits while waiting on the right time to buy them and i suddenly all items are gone and i have to scavenge to find them again its stressful. Brand is good and good customer service but the app needs work smh
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5 months ago, L PRETTY LITTL THING
i hate this app i ordered a package almost a month ago and they told me 10 day shipping ( to late anyways ) and when it came down to the last 2 days they said that my package was being held at the facility so they told me to add all of my information that i added to the order and i used everything the day exact way i did when i placed the order and now it’s not working because it says my card is not eligible and it had me sitting there stressed and mad because i have to be some where in 2 days and they gon make me pay 30 cents for a mistake they made DO NOT ORDER FROM PRETTY LITTLE THING and this is bad because i thought i would be getting somtbing good for my first time ordering but not i guess i won’t be ordering from them anymore
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4 years ago, gsscghurdvhukk
I legit downloaded the app when there was a really good sale going on and I had about 35 item in my cart all under $15. Jeans, tops, shoes, dresses, accessories. My total came up to about $330 which was really good. I got super excited cause I was about to get paid soon and I was gonna use that paycheck to get me a new I look at my cart and $330 worth of items turned to $570 😭😭😭 the cute dresses and simple tops went from $4 to $22 and now I want to cry. Not leaving a bad review but I am really disappointed. Why is a plain crop top with 300 thread count $22?? I downloaded this app because I noticed the prices were a lot more reasonable for the quality than others but idk 😭😭😭 I just want to cry.
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2 months ago, Iam_her
Could be better
I’m not sure if PLT is open to feed back, however the app for the US is entirely too slow. I noticed that when I switched to UK it moved much faster and they also had more in stock, grant it they are based out of the UK but if you are going to provide services all around I think it should be equal. Also, the plus size selection could be much better also. We want to wear the same thing that “shape” does. We like to show skin as well. Give us more denim skirts and shorts. Give us more mesh dresses etc. It would really help if we had a review section as well as back in stock notification. I really love PLT but the looks are becoming repetitive, especially for Plus size.
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8 months ago, Handndndmdnfnf
Love the clothes, not the app or delivery
Starting off, the clothes are beautiful and litterally so nice, but the app is so annoying. I add something to bag, it doesn’t add it, I restart the app, I add the same item, it doesn’t update. I remove something from bag, it doesn’t remove. It’s such a glitchy app I even have to delete it and redownload it sometimes. And with the delivery, I had to wait over a month once for 2 sweatshirts only. The tracking system was so bad too. Please fix the app, I found so many cute clothes that I’ve heard so many good things about, but I can’t even buy them because it wont let me add anything to the bag.
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3 years ago, ashleybookworm4life
Loyal customer…until today!
I was a loyal customer! Love the prices and the quality of the products, you really get a bang for your buck. I’ve never had to reach out to customer service before until recently and when I did I was very disappointed. I made a purchase that was never delivered and was sent back to the company. Before giving me the options they automatically took it upon themselves to cancel my order! I wanted my products and I’d been waiting for Black Friday to get the best prices! I wanted these items for my Christmas vaca and i am so heated 😤 because i was soooo excited! The customer service is lacking in; 1. Response time (took almost20 days for me to get valid response) 2. Listening to customers 3. Lacking options to resolve customers problem 4. I kept getting the same automatic message over and over yet no one was actually resolving the problem 5.No one follows up on cases that have been opened I really like this company and it would break my heart to part ways but your customer service is a fatal flaw!
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3 months ago, cheryy bomb
Love the clothes, HATE THE APP
As an online app shopper, it is so annoying that I end up not getting anything at all because of the app. I do all my other shopping this way but this app is horrible. Clicking anything takes forever. This app will log you out and not accept your log in any more. If you make a new one, it will corrupt that one too. Finally I went straight to the website on my phone and it let me stay for 5 minutes and then forced me to the app which won’t let you sign in. This means no access to your cart, your wishlist, your account info, nothing! Please fix this. I see the same complaints from a year ago. Understand that customers are only using apps now. It’s time to progress.
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4 years ago, K.kayyla
Needs work
The app is always logging me out and when I try to log back in it says oops something went wrong, I can’t access my account therefore I can’t purchase something or add things to my wish list. Things in my wish list or shopping basket just disappear, these glitches are annoying and honestly make me use other apps. The SHAPE clothing runs sooo weird bought items in my size 6 and i could not fit the skirt over my thighs let alone my behind. The top was so small a 5 year old could probably fit into it and I wear a DD in bras. Returning is pathetic, they make you pay for shipping to make a return like really ??? So your better off just selling it cause by the time you handle the return and wait for a refund you don’t even want to shop there again.
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2 years ago, glowlingtwinkle
what i love 💕
not only is the name so suited for this whole company, but omg… thank you for keeping the items that are out of stock still in my wishlist, bc i would love to go again & have the opportunity to buy ! another thing… LETS TALK ABOUT THE CATWALK VIDEOS !! hello!!! it’s so so smart! i would recommend cat walk videos in the same way but different body shapes too! it can be helpful for others ! it’s all about the touch ! thank you for keeping cute clothes up ! it’s really a RANGE of selections! lots of love ! xo ❕❕❤️‍🔥
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3 years ago, DayjahT
Shipping and customer service
I ordered two items for a trip I'm taking and i asked for USA Express shipping but the order was processed for USA Standard shipping witch means i won't receive my order till the day i leave and i leave at 5AM so i won't me able to receive my package! I asked could they change the shipping date & they said they can't change or cancel anything! So they didn't try to help fix my problem at all! I have to wait till the items get here, then i can get a refund. I still haven’t heard back from them! They respond once and don’t respond anymore. I really like this company but if there is a problem and they can't fix it before it even gets sent out then i won't shop here again
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10 months ago, It's ok!!!!
Love the store, Hate the app!!!
There is nothing wrong with the store they have great clothing. The only thing is that the sizing can be a little weird, but that’s with every online store brand. My issue is with the app the app used to be very convenient and easy to use but recently, I have found issues where the app with log me out and it will take forever for me to log back in when I will try to log back in the screen won’t move all the way up to where I can no longer type in any information or even click to go to the next page which is very frustrating and forces me to go to the desktop website.
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1 year ago, qtqtkarla
I haven’t ordered from PLT in 2 years because I only liked using the app as its more convenient to create and pick outfits. For 2 years though the app won’t even load the products. It says it’s loading and lags and no images of products show up. It’s so slow and just impossible to shop. Used to be my favorite store, I’ve spent thousands here. I always redownload this app every few months to see if they fixed it yet but after 2 years… seems like they just don’t care. Feel like the company should care more for their customers since all of their reviews are now horrible. It’s a simple issue yet they’ve done nothing to fix it for years. Loyal customer lost.
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6 years ago, GenesisRodriguez
Got an email confirmation but the purchase didn’t actually go through
From the app, it stated that the purchase didn’t go through but yet I received an email confirmation and a charge on my card. I called for confirmation on the purchase but was told the order didn’t go through and I actually had to re-buy everything. I am still waiting on my refund from the first attempt. They say it usually takes 5 days but it is still an inconvenience.
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3 years ago, alyciss
Love the app/Inaccurate delivery dates
Pretty little thing is one of my favorite shopping apps. Their estimated delivery dates are never accurate and I hate how you can’t review the items. My favorite part of the app is that you can see the model in the clothes with their “catwalk” videos and I can usually figure out if I need to size up/down. They’re also on top of their restocks. Every time I order I’m always satisfied with each item!
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2 years ago, College Zombie
The app has a bunch of glitches. Each time you want to scroll to see the items the app takes forever to load up the pictures. Also if the app logs you out it takes a huge while to sign in again. Then when you have things on your cart the app glitches and takes a while to process so your items may be sold out. Clearly the app needs some improvement. However it has good things like you can keep the items in your cart and the wishlist that you keep adding your favorite items.
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6 years ago, makenziestratton
Extremely disappointed.
I spent $250 on Christmas presents for my cousins, and in addition to that express delivery shipping. A week later after the expected delivery date I finally got in touch with a customer service representative when they informed me that my package was actually cancelled. When were they going to tell me this? That I don’t know. The crazy part about all of this? My money was taken out and will return “in five business days”?!! Long story short, don’t purchase anything from this company. Just because it looks cute on models and celebrities, and is priced reasonably, doesn’t mean it isn’t just another fashion industry hoax. Don’t learn the hard way like me and save you’re money for a more responsible source.
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3 years ago, GucciBadazz Whoop whoop!
Don’t even waste your time. If you’re in the USA they will debit you immediately. They will provide “tracking” information saying they cleared customs outgoing from Great Britain, then provide FedEx with a label for import to Jamaica Queens NY 3 days later. You will NOT get an update even though it’s the delivery date. FedEx with say delivery date pending... You’re shipment will not arrive on time. They will not cancel your order because “they process orders immediately” and therefore no cancellations. You’ll just end up disputing the charge on your card. Just go to a REPUTABLE site and pay the extra money. I ordered 2/21 and had a delivery date of 3/3 and it’s 3/5 with “pending delivery date”. I ordered from China the same day and got my delivery faster. GTH
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10 months ago, This has to go!!
I don’t know what’s going on
I don’t know if it’s this new update cause I had to update when trying to open my app. But now I can’t remove anything from my cart. It’s not removing it or updating my cart. I even went online to try on there but it’s the same thing. It’s really aggravating, I’m trying to get ready to check out & it’s doing this. Also for whatever reason I’ve never been able to check out on the app it never goes through with the purchase. I always have to go online and add everything back to my cart to check out these problems need to get fixed
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1 year ago, Ashleywatson91
Horrible site now!!!
I stayed ordering off this app with no problems. Between the desktop site and mobile app. They both are horrible now. The glitches, whwn you go back to the previous page it takes you bavk to the top of the page making you have to scroll back through to find where you left off. Takes like 4/5 swipes to delete items out of you wish list on the app, 3 times to hit delete on the desktop site to remove things. I could go on. I barely order from site anymore. Everytime i get on the app it asks to restart it due to updates. But have yet to see an update. App just gets worse and worse.
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2 years ago, Des|33
After my package was 20 days late and I was advised by FedEx to file a lost package claim through PLT they would not accept the claim because it hadn’t been enough time. There customer service is a joke and there is never agents available to talk to. There is no customer service number to call if you do have issues they want you to Tweet them or Message them on Facebook. Even after all of this I placed another order hoping it would get here in time for the event the delivery date was after the date I needed but when I tried to cancel they said it wasn’t allowed even though my order hadn’t shipped yet. 0/10 won’t be shopping here again
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4 years ago, G0ldie_
Updated App
I love PLT however this most recent update logged me out & every time I try to log on it says my password is wrong but it’s not because I change my passwords every few months & I just changed it in February. Secondly when I tried to just reset my password I never got the reset emails I’ve sent 3 & am still waiting. If I update an app I should not be logged out or inconvenienced in any way , my app should just run better. Typically stuff like this doesn’t bother me but the fact that I can’t even reset my password to buy what’s in my shopping cart & wishlist is VERY much inconvenient
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4 months ago, Authentically Spoken
Too much glitching..
3 stars for the clothing and a wide variety of clothing and prices that i highly enjoy. The app glitches way too much though, my app will freeze and will need to be fully reset to open up, when i’m at my cart trying to delete items it will not delete them but give you the pop up of it being deleted. I’ve also had a really hard time with their sizing and not having real customer reviews on the app limits the experience that could be enjoyed without all of the glitches
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4 years ago, QV.E.EN
They sent my refund to the wrong card!!!!!!
I literally have proof of every email they sent me about my Order and how they received the items I shipped back. And so then they said it could take up to a month for me to get my cash back of $52. So a month past and I emailed them, and they basically said to check my card and Apple Card to see if the money was on there. I don’t have an Apple Card, I only use one card. So then they said check the card number ending in ****. That was not my card what so ever. So then they said contact the bank and try to send PLT a copy of what I bought. And now I’m waiting to hear from them. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ordering from here again. Very disappointed!!!!
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