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User Reviews for Price Chopper

4.6 out of 5
17.9K Ratings
2 months ago, ufygmfifofifi
Food an price
I like Price Chopper is easy to find their stuff, especially online if you’re not an In shop person the prices are not bad you just have to shop their store brand which is called pics and it is is affordable for people to mid to low income people who has a high significant of income that pulls in a lot of money, can afford to buy non-pics brand. Which they can afford people that complain a lot is the people that have low income that are trying to buy higher priced things which they know they cannot afford like an example buying a piece of jewelry that is worth $100 and you know you cannot afford $100 worth of jewelry or buying a pair jeans for $30 and you know that, you can afford that at Walmart for $10 so the way you shop the way you think is the way your mind is going to set you in a direction for success if you continue to shop in a non-subconscious way then you will just end up in debt and you won’t shop comfortable. so my review on here for Price Chopper is excellent. I give it five stars because it is affordable for me. And I feel comfortable shopping here because I know that I can afford what I can afford for great quality food at a convenient store. That’s very close to me. I hope this helps a lot of people and think about their life decisions on what they can and can’t afford specially in today’s economy thank you Price Chopper for providing me with the best prices at affordable price with great quality food. Have a great rest of your day!
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1 year ago, Jane6446
Why Market 32
Since opening I have mainly shopped at Market 32. I like the layout, produce, meat selection but most of all the friendlly the staff is. Recently, like most people, the prices have shot up immensely. I can understand some of the reasons but most of those reasons have changed for the better however prices are still way out site. I can understand some but others I don’t! I live in an over 55 community and most of my friends, as myself have changed our eating habits tremendously. No longer do we buy bakery products except for bread! We use to have fish twice a week but not anymore. Instead of throwing out leftovers after a couple of days in fridge it’s now eaten the next day. Those are only a few examples but our food bill still has risen at least 15 - 20%! We just can’t afford these prices without a huge change in our lifestyles. It’s hard for us but we can’t believe how families must be affected! No more fruits, eggs and forget about any icecream or snacks. I just hope you can manage lowering some items that are essential for anyone. We have shopped at Market 32 because the closeness but we are looking into traveling further to a market we know is more reasonable. It’s a loss for us and Market 32.
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1 year ago, Jane oo7
Each time I go onto the Price Chopper app is a nightmare. To get around this app is very difficult and I always have to try at least five times to locate what I really need. You need to do a major review of this app so if I want to go on, for example, and just find the price of lobsters that week, it only takes a few steps instead of 10. If I want to order a tray of cookies, it should be simpler than looking at all the options you offer just give me the tray of cookies. Please consider this thank you.
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3 months ago, Busy lady di
Signage and prices
Signage is weak and makes no sense. The store is lovely to look at but navigating it takes too much time!! More items need to be on the signs. Maybe you should do a weekly map that shows specials on end caps and also lists what is found in aisles alphabetically. Like on a bulletin board at entrances. Prices are ridiculous for staples like eggs and butter etc. Sales are great but I shop Aldi or Grand Union for several items now. Also you need to offer rain checks especially for sale items that run out. I feel sorry for families when I see price increases for things like cereal. I do like getting the paper flyers as prefer it for making lists and seeing specials. Hannaford lost a lot of my business when stopped flyers even though I could look at them online. I’m a long time PC customer who also shops for a food shelf in my town and often for another family so making my life easier finding items would be appreciated, especially when I’m in a hurry. Your checkout clerks are very nice but some don’t bother to help me load groceries into my reusable bags and they should all do that. I always pack my groceries to help store out and that should be reciprocated but I have to ask some clerks to assist with that. I also like the coupons you mail and recipe suggestions.
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5 years ago, JoeinNY
Issues with Update
There are issues with this updated PC/Market 32 app. Even though it installs as an update to the last version it didn’t pull in any of my info. I had to actually sign back up for a PC account, then enter my membership card manually. The app seems cumbersome and not intuitive. I click a menu option to display my advantage card but it doesn’t display. Initially I thought there was something wrong, before I realized I had to click another option. That screen is cluttered and it’s partly why it’s not immediately obvious I had to click another button. Then, the cashier couldn’t scan the barcode and she said that’s been happening for a few days (probably anyone with the updated app). She had to enter it manually. Guys - can you fix the issues? Ideally I’d also love to see you clean up this app and make it more user friendly, intuitive and appealing, but I might be asking a lot. I’ll settle just to have the issue with the barcode fixed.
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3 months ago, Tesco22
Apple Wallet support- essential in 2024
The developers of this app really need to think about how customers use it on a day to day basis. Adding the ability to add our rewards card to Apple Wallet should be a standard feature in 2024. Picture this common scenario- I am standing in line at checkout at Peice Chopper. I want to pull up my rewards card to scan it. I currently have to find the app on my phone, open it, then click the loyalty card link. If I am lucky, the app will remember my credentials and not ask me to log in again. Way too many steps! If the card was in my Apple Wallet, it could automatically appear on my Home Screen and I could open it with one tap and be good to go. It is absolutely no diffeeent than having it on your physical keychain, so it makes no sense not to support it in this day and age. It’s time to get with the program and do what almost every other grocery store app does - support Apple Wallet!
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1 year ago, pc_pok1
Poughkeepsie Price Chopper
I have shopped here since it opened, but the store seems so old and in dire need of a complete upgrade. I am just realizing that some PC brand items I use to buy apparently have changed to Tops brand, so I do not recognize them. I cannot tell if they are the same products or completely different. I hate to think I have to start “testing” them. And one last comment from today’s experience, my cashier’s screen did not work (as well as some others) so I could not verify any of my purchases or prices as she scanned them, and she could not tell me how many points I had. This should really NEVER happen, in my opinion. I guess this goes back to my first point, the store needs upgrading.
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2 months ago, ree der
Make it easier!?
Your app seems a bit picky and sensitive. For some reason I can’t use it unless I agree to your cookies or tracking (Every time!). It’s also not easy to find the coupons to be clipped for in store shopping and the screen is very sensitive. If I don’t touch in exactly the right spot I have to start all over again! And the weekly recipes you recommend? It would be great if I could click on it and get that exact recipe. Instead I have to try to figure out where your recipes are and then scroll through alphabetically to reach the one I actually wanted! I do love your store. The employees are ALWAYS nice and literally will go out of their way to help! Your store is also clean and well stocked. You could teach Market Basket a thing or two in these areas!
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2 years ago, EMCobb
They fixed it!!
Access to weekly flyers, store inventory (sort of accurate), e-coupons, and local store times. All the best things about walking into a store but before or never if you want. They have Instacart access. I don’t like it but others in my family love it. They are courteous and kind. Going in, they always seem busy but it’s clean and stocked. Love when a company store and their app actually seem to compliment each other. Shopping location: West Lebanon, New Hampshire.
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2 years ago, Meric543
Store Coupons vs Manufacturers Coupons
I have been told that a digital Store Coupon on this site ISN’T a store coupon and they won’t reimburse you for it if you use it with either an digital coupon or a paper manufacturer’s coupon. Then why do you state it is a store coupon that CAN be used with a manufacturers coupon (either digital or paper). This week you even had 2 Hellmann’s Mayo coupons on the ecoupons site...both good on a 30 Oz bottle... one specifically said Store Coupon and one was a manufacture’s coupon...which you are supposed to be able to combine??? This is very frustrating!
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3 years ago, community person
I’m not sure the price chopper is considering those people that do not have cell service every single day to clip coupons. The elder community who cannot be bothered clipping coupons on a phone because they need a list in front of them. And, I have clipped and save the coupons on my phone for my card and it has never worked and last night the cashier said it’s a mess. I have to go back to the store every single time for a refund. This is a mess I don’t think you considered our population here in VermontIt would’ve made more sense just to load everyone’s card with the coupons and if they use them fine and if they don’t fine very disappointed in Price chopper customer service
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4 years ago, Fenderstrat23023
Can’t log into my account!
I tried to give it zero stars, as it is useless! If you a are trying to service customers you are failing miserably. I can’t log into my account and when I tried to reset my password it didn’t recognize my email address! I am not creating a new account. By the way i am still receiving Market32 ads on the very same email address that the app doesn’t recognize! This will drive customers away!
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3 years ago, opicigrammy
I did not see in the tiny writing in the ad that it was now digital coupons which i dont understand if it’s all attached to my advantage card why do we have to do cartwheels to get that price? How many different ways do you to need to find to save money take advantage of the sale and then every 4 months we have to stop to upgrade the card! So i pull out of the only cashier line to do the ap to add all the items i had digital coupons for said it was uploaded and in my cart and it wouldn’t take it! The cashier continues to say oh it’s because you probably just did it!! Really?? I unloaded all my damm coupon items paid for the other items and walked out of your damm store!
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4 months ago, Ranger from NY
Your app is very colorful and detailed, but as confusing as it can be made. I work with computers and apps all day, the goal ease for the ap to flow from item to item without difficulty. This isn’t it. It’s difficult to return to begin without reselecting a store location. In summary, I can navigate the site because I work with this stuff, but someone else my age, 60ish. lol, will become frustrated and give up. It also keeps asking me to sign up for what I believe is an automatic list builder? Unfortunately, when I try it just keeps circling back to the beginning. Now I just tap skip for now. I love your stores, and your staff, but this may turn off some of your clients.
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4 years ago, MillerMommyx3
This app is horrible. It is basically impossible to shop the flyer and make a list at the same time since you have to click on the item to even see what the actual price is. Then you have to choose from a list of products which is ridiculous too. Lately the app has been even worse - it keeps telling me my reservation time is expired but I’m not even doing a pick up order, just trying to make a list. I have to say though that the app has saved me a ton of money because I rarely go to Price Chopper anymore due to the poor functionality of the app. Other stores in my area have apps that are by far more user friendly. Price Chopper needs to fix this.
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3 months ago, CHEVY4669
Not happy
I am not happy with this new concept. I feel if you have a advantage card the coupons should automatically be loaded on. I went to the store yesterday and because I didn’t think to load the e coupons on when I got home and checked my receipt to find out I didn’t get the sale prices. It’s just something else to add to the stress level that today brings. I did go to Hannaford because they have ground chuck on sale and was very impressed with the store.
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3 years ago, ashe522
Still some bugs
When looking at deals if you select an item then “x” to go back it closes out the entire deal page so you have to restart at page one. It’s not a big deal and yes 1st world problems but yet it is still annoying. Other than that I do appreciate the pick up feature since for me being so busy it makes my life easier to just swing by the pick up after a 12-16 hour day at work. Thank you to the employees for what you do, appreciate you.
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2 years ago, Francie 3
The Weekly Flyer Doesn’t Open
I love Price Chopper but the app doesn’t let you view flyer in the app, it opens to the web, slightly annoying but ok. But now for a few days when you click view weekly flyer it opens on the web but no flyer? I even try putting it in myself on the web & it’s a blank page, except for the Price Chopper info at the bottom. Please fix this, thank you.
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3 years ago, diwiednwlsb
Not super user friendly
Not the most user friendly when searching for things. Have to be specific about exact product. Pictures of actual item are clear to read which is helpful as well as the usability of clipping the coupons. Having the item below to add makes it easy. It is very frustrating that some products you can see the nutritional information but others you cannot. For the products that do have it, you are unable to zoom in any way so it isn’t much use of having it their anyways.
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3 years ago, Curbside Connoisseur
The App
I really like the Price Chopper app and the customer service is good. There are a few glitches though, the time slots expire too quickly. I’ve gotten frustrated and stopped adding to my cart in fear it would happen again. Also there’s disconnect when trying to shop the flyer. Before you could click to add items to your cart, now it just tries to add them to a list, so you have to toggle between the flyer and shopping. Thanks
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3 years ago, CraigJLaFave
WI like clipping additional coupons but I don't like the ecoupons since I shop for my mom, and can't get her the ecoupon items for her. Before she could give me the coupons from the ad and I could get mine and hers. Now when I shop I can either get it for her or I will be changing to Hannaford if we can't get multiple ecoupons each week. So sad since I have been a loyal Price Chopper shopper.
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3 years ago, mrsbrn
I’m very disappointed with this new ecoupons procedure. I know how to add coupons. Despite that, there has been at least 3 or 4 incidences, where I know that the ecoupons are loaded. I check out. I ask the cashier to verify that I received the ecoupons. They say “yes” or ask the customer service. The ecoupons do not come off. I’ve received 2 tutorials from customer service, indicating that I don’t know how to use the app. It’s a “discussion” or a debate. They tell me, that I can’t receive the e coupon rebate, because it wasn’t taken off at the register. “ sorry, there’s nothing we can do”. I’m very dissatisfied with the evoupons AND customer service.
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1 year ago, Blozlola
App is not user friendly and now I can’t log back into it!
Shopping lists created on laptop are not on app when I get to store. But, when I added an item to my shop list on the app it deleted everything I had added on the website. I tried to see if my Advantedge # was the same but couldn’t find it on app. I then logged out of the app and now I can’t log back in!!!! I even deleted the app and put it back on! This app should be consistent with the website and shopping lists should be too. And easier to find also!
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5 years ago, gamerboy797
Great App!
The Market 32 app allows customers to use their advantage card on their phone at the register, giving multiple ways to save on your groceries. Working with Instacart is a great idea and showing you coupons and allowing you to get an advantage card without having to go into the store. Overall, great app for some, other 1 star reviews didn’t look at the benefits.
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12 months ago, Win @1
New yeppie grocery store
Although store 202 in Matamoras, had a beautiful remake, and changed it name, to Market 32, the powers to be forgot the economic area that store is located. Upper management has decided to stock more expensive items, and are dropping the PICS line of products. To bad economic conditions and income growth hasn’t changed in the area. They are lots of seniors, lower income people, but evidently this was considered. I see many more trips to ShopRite, Walmart and even the Sav a Lot store. Hope your projections work out, but I’ll be much more cautious and comparison shop. Good Luck Market 32, goodbye Price Chopper.
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1 year ago, Pirate Ian
They are too fast to replace items
My shopper replaced eight item in one minute later she cashed out. I did not want the item she replaced, but had no recourse at that point in time otherwise everything is pretty cool, except for my fees were up and the mandatory tip way up from last time. I spent almost the same exact amount of money so I don’t understand why they charged me more again. Otherwise this way of shopping is super convenient and I will try again. Thanks, Ian.
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3 years ago, Lisa Lemieux Allen
App changes
Price Chopper/Market 32 has changed something in their app. You need to sign up. I have had an account for a long time now and never had issues using my ecoupons or using gas points. Now I cannot seem to redeem my points. I tried signing up all different ways. I need to contact them now to try and fix. I have already had points expire. I say that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
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5 years ago, bill schmidlap
User Unfriendly
This app is difficult to use. It does not offer to shop via the weekly circular like your competitors do. The web site I access from m PC is just as bad. I complained to your main office several weeks ago about this. I was told that the issue of user unfriendly was being addressed.. Well several weeks later and nothing has happened. So either I was lied to or Price Chopper does not care. Needless to say my purchases from Price Chopper have significantly gone down and I don’t see myself buying more when its too difficult to come up with a shopping list from this app or your web site.
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3 years ago, Huck51
Could be better
Kindly go to the Safeway app. You have two lists, one that lists everything you purchase, and from that you select the items for your shopping list. The completed list is put in order, with all veggies put together, meat together, dairy, cleaning, etc. What you have is rather a hot mess.
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3 years ago, ShelleyKDaigle
Delivery and Pick up Service or lack of
I’m sorry but as big as your store is in Granville you should have delivery service and pick up. This is nonsense that everyone around us has it but this town. I quit going to price chopper because of this. There is no excuse. My gosh you have elderly and immunocompromised people. The least you could do is join in and try and make it better. I’m so upset about this. I would give you five stars but for this.
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3 years ago, Larry Bigando
Upgraded App is terrible
I can never get to my advantage card. I started browsing the app and now it is stuck on shopping it won’t delete or let me go back to my advantage card. When I click on advantage card t tells me about it I just want to have it come up so I can get it scanned!!!!
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2 years ago, kaeseemcdoogle
This is by FAR the worst app I have ever used. Neither my husband or myself can login, it comes up with an OOPS, sorry, this feature isn’t working right now, go back to home. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ We can’t clip coupons, and since we can’t login, we have to use the card to use at checkout, instead up just pulling it up on the app. This has been going on over a month, with countless calls into Price Chopper support, with NO results!! I can’t tell you how many times I have deleted the app and reloaded it, all for nothing. Completely WORTHLESS!!
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2 years ago, squeery
Reason for two stars
I love price chopper but I don’t like the location of the one on Erie BLVD. Don’t feel safe have been approached in the parking lot by people asking for money. Also, had a very disturbing experience in the bottle return! We need a store in the Dewitt/Fayetteville area!!! I used to shop at the Central Market in Green Island in the 50’s!!!
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3 years ago, SDIRA
Make it Better
If you have a sale item & you do not click it or forget the paper coupons, you get the discounted price anyway, if your an AdvantEdge card holder. If the item is discounted, your eligible with your AdvantEdge card for every sale item!
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3 years ago, MirandaBy
Can’t use gift cards?
Price chopper very clearly cares about maximizing their profits over the customer experience. I wanted to place a curbside order for my husband to pick up while I’m at work and the app (&online site) won’t allow price chopper gift cards. I called customer service to confirm. It seems they are so greedy that they want you to use your gift card in store -probably to encourage impulse buys. This is a terrible inconvenience and now my $250 gift card will probably just sit at my desk at work for ever while I shop elsewhere.
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12 months ago, ThunderRunner19
Clipped Coupons
I really enjoy the e-coupons but they should have a separate section for the coupons that are clipped and the ones that yet to be clipped. I hate to go through ALL the coupons to get to the new ones I still need to clip. Or allow me to change the order of new coupons to the beginning
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5 years ago, NoahLovesMe
Bring Back the Old App
This app is no longer user friendly and does not load quickly. I was in the middle of trying to view specials and it kept going back to the “still cooking” screen. I liked the version that was simple and allowed you to view the ad pages for specials. This one is MUCH too time consuming. If it weren’t for the load to card coupons, I would delete it immediately. Side note - the redesigned website is no better. Newer is not always better!
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12 months ago, J.L.A.L.
Extra work for me
After going through the flyer and making my list, you are forcing me to find my password and log in and spend time looking through many coupons to find the few I need. Furthermore, many people in my age group (seniors) would not have the ability to do this online task. And most importantly, due to our rural and economic area, many do not have the internet at all. It is unkind and I am disappointed.
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1 year ago, mathman209
Price chopper, remote shopping
Because of health, we are shut ins and the convenience of their site, the selection of items is fantastic. We are happy campers because of price chopper service. with a family member to pick it up and being able to charge it right to our debit card. Couldn’t be better.
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11 months ago, RiversongMS
What’s the point?
I’ve shopped Pricechopper for years. I was excited to see they had an app so I would have one less store card to have to carry with me. So I downloaded the app, set up my account and went off to shop! At the self serve check out I tried repeatedly to scan my member card on the app. No luck. Finally asked for help. Nope, you still have to dig your card out of your wallet to scan it. In addition, the layout of the app is confusing and awkward. Why on earth would I bother with the app?
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3 years ago, KohlsYouAreAFriendofMine
One of the worst shopping apps!
This app is extremely slow, always locks up, and takes you out to the website without even letting you know. It be nice to just be able to click on the weekly ad and it goes to your shopping cart within the app. Also your local store hours could be posted right on your homepage. The weekly ad in shopping online are very confusing. Also when you cleared the list for shopping and you don’t mean to you can’t undo it.
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2 years ago, ** red bird **
Price Chopper
I frequently shop this store since it has a great variety of merchandise and the prices are very reasonable. Their pharmacy is also great, if you have any questions there is always someone there to help you. The pharmacist there has a knack of giving a shot, they never hurt. Great employees.
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5 years ago, Pdevinne
Horrible update!
Like the other reviewer I needed to start over with all of my information. Tried to use my electronic Advantage card and the cashier couldn’t read it, she said none of them work. So either she has to manually enter my number or I need my actual card in my hand. Why have an app at all? Also it appears that the gas discount is going away by August. I’ll have to ask customer service to verify that. I dislike this company almost as much as their employees do, too bad in my town we don’t have too many choices.
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4 years ago, Polonius Monk
Delivery orders
The delivery service is wonderful and I so appreciate it and the people who shop for and deliver my groceries One improvement might be if you could let me know when things on my list are back in stock Availability does not seem to update until you place an order Thank you!
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3 years ago, CookieMonZsteR
My Market 32
I absolutely love my Market is had the BEST SALAD BAR ever and the butcher is always ready to cut the best meat “I ONLY BUY MY MEAT AT MARKET 32” and don’t even get me started on the Bakery Dept. Amazing ! Along with sooo many obvious choices to choose from for your buying preferences YOU ALSO GET A COFFEE SHOP DINER AND….A flower shop that I make a stop by EVERY TIME I SHOP !!!.. thanks My Market 32
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3 years ago, Zisbfka
worst app I’ve ever used
I’ve never used this app without it crashing at least once. it’s common to spend 45 mins doing your shopping only to be told you have an empty cart when you get to checkout. can’t pay with SNAP. $5 “service fee” AND $5 delivery fee that doesn’t go to the instacart employee who actually does the shopping and delivery, just pocketed by the massive corporation that pays poverty wages. whoever designed this app should be forced to use it for all their shopping as punishment for their failure
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3 years ago, Grandma Frugal
I love the app. You not only get the prices but the nutritional information about the product. It also uses simple easy to read information for those of us who are watching our calories, macros and nutritional needs.
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4 years ago, Mike3B
Very difficult, impossible on my iPad
This app is very difficult e.g. I can’t sign in because its not accepting my email and password but is only showing half the screen so I can’t find out why. Then when I went to customer support I got referred to instacart’s FAQs. Really!?
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4 years ago, dmc4313
Love that you can make your list on line and it sorts by dept. Would be nice if sale prices are listed everywhere product is. For example, $10 fir ten showing on front but if go in to dept regular price showing. Would be nice to have in both places!
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5 years ago, suzinot happy
Frustrating to use
Latest update is extremely frustrating. You can no longer see your clipped coupons without going through the entire list of all coupons. Hate the new point system. Why did it change??? Had to call customer service 3 times so I could log in. None of the techs new how to operate new app. Please make improvements soon! Hannaford and Shaw’s app and program significantly easier. Just enter your phone # at check out. Couldn’t be easier. Easy to navigate app as well
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