Price Scanner UPC Barcode Shop

4.6 (15.4K)
47.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
BuyVia, LLC
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.6 or later
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User Reviews for Price Scanner UPC Barcode Shop

4.58 out of 5
15.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Deanie Bug
Converse Chaos
I have a trip coming up soon to NYC and my favorite pair of converse shoes are pretty ragged. I needed to find another pair, the same style as the current ones I owned, and I needed to be able to get them at the lowest cost possible because the trip to NYC was going to leave me with a bare minimum budget to work with. I was able to track down the shoes I needed that were the right style, color, and fit in my tight budget. I was very pleased with how easily I found it to be, there was no hassle at all!! I do plan on using this method for more of my future purchases, not just my Converse Chaos!! Off to NYC now 😊
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3 years ago,
Love this app!!
I’ve tried lots of different price scanning apps and they never did what they were intended to do but this one does exactly what i needed it to do. And it’s quick , simple and easy to use . Literally all you have to do is open the app and select the icon for scanning and point your phone at any barcode and it tells you all about the item and most importantly it’s shows you how much most stores are selling it for , even eBay. I recommend this app for anyone who buys and sells items frequently.
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1 year ago, Johonsky
This application has came in real handy when we go shopping at Sam's. It is very helpful when you go to a restaurant nowadays to use this application to read the menus. I would recommend this application to anybody that needs to scan anything to check pricing. It's well worth having.
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6 years ago, DMEC
App review
I just got the app, both on phone and iPad. I was looking to find products by UPC for pretty much everything, but I haven't played around too much with the rest of the features yet, so don't feel like it is fair to comment about anything other than what I have used. It found more products than any other app I used, I think my only negative feedback would really be more about a little UX. For some reason on the iPhone the product comes up within the app, but on ipad, the results show up by the Safari App opening. The iPhone way is def a better way.
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5 years ago, Schmeg75
Easy and accurate
The app has always been easy to use and provides an accurate price for almost everything. There has only been a couple of times that didn’t scan. Could have been barcode issues on the product?? Regardless, this app has been very useful.
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7 years ago, Marnanc0424
Found best deals on products!
I was able to find better deals than search engine extensions such as priceblink and other similar extensions. I highly recommend this app and will definitely continue to use it to find the cheapest prices for quality products and expensive brands.
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5 years ago, Lazy G Designs
I love it!
I wish I’d found this app sooner. It’s gray for finding the price or deal on an item. I use it all the time to find the best deals on large purchases as well as standard consumable items like cases of cat food. It tells me where I can find it and what it will cost me, when I get there, which is great for budget planning.
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7 years ago, Dezi503
Awesome app!
This app is awesome! Being a busy working mom, I often times don't have the time to shop around for what they want. If they see something they like, I simply scan the barcode and do a search for the best deal. I've saved tons of money with this app already!
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4 years ago, tellyelly
Great way to save
I’m a bargain shopper, this app helps me do just that. On top of that, it’s great for the holiday season when you get those gifts you don’t like. Simply scan the barcode and it tells you where you can return them... shhhhh don’t tell them :)
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5 years ago, D3L3TE APP
Doesn’t actually work
If only it worked it’d be awesome. I downloaded it and scanned a bottle of Ice Water brand beverage I purchased from Walmart the day before for $1. The app showed me only one result for that product, for $1.49 at Walgreens. That’s a fail. I grabbed the next product sitting within arms reach of me, an unopened box of Clear Eyes. It was $3.24 at Walmart on yesterday’s visit. This time the app shows me it is at Walmart for $4.29 along with other retailers for cheaper. But is that even true? Can’t trust it. Terrible app!
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7 years ago, DJ Deac
Best App Yet
This app is a by far one of the best apps I have hands down. I wish I had discovered this app way before I did would of save me a lot of time and headaches. This app does exactly what is says I have yet to have a issue with this app. Kudos keep up the great work.
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10 months ago, Sara’s reviews
It works, but sometimes it doesn’t!!!
Price isn’t always accurate as it is in the store for some reason!!! But it’s still nice to have it, you don’t always have to ask someone for the price or look for a price scanner!!!
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5 years ago, EbayHeadFirst
Scanner A+
This scanner has made selling on eBay so much easier. I can use this scanner app to connect to eBay and see other sellers prices and also helps me find the original of what it is sold for in store.
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6 years ago, Budgetshopper57
Money & time saver
I’m so happy and grateful to have this app. It’s so time consuming locating where items are available and whether your getting a good deal or not. I’ve saved a lot of money using this app. Thank you.
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6 years ago, Natiebow
Better apps out there
My first time using this app I scanned a box of pampers and was sent to google for high voltage power poles... twice! After my first scan, I had to reopen the app to a bunch of ads and pop ups. I’m not interested in anything more than finding the prices and comparisons of certain products. This app was just a waste of time. I will be deleting and using the UPC apps I used in the past. (Thankfully iCloud remembered what those were!)
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4 years ago, Mrh31
Deleting now
Downloaded a few weeks ago. Needed to upgrade when restaurants wanted to stop providing menus opting for scanner versions. This program has yet been able to open a menu. It has been able to identify the restaurant on occasion, but nothing more. Tried using it for its true purpose and found about half the tune it was not able to identify a product either. I’m done, deleting now.
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3 years ago, necie088
Happy Customer
I Love this App!!!! I can access different stores without having to download a lot of apps. Everything is within the app. Cool!!!! It saves a lot of space on my phone. Thank You!!!!
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7 years ago, nlr_fairygirl
How would I know?
I cannot write a review since I've never use this app. I have no idea why apps open it to you for the first time and then ask you if you want to review too get extra things on the app. it makes no sense because do you estimate for review before I have actually used it
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7 years ago, jacquelyn111
Great for returns
This app was very helpful when my husband and I got married and we got so many gifts that this app helped us return the things that didn't have gift receipts. It have been very helpful
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7 years ago, Brainylinks
Best app ever
This app derserve a 5 star because it’s give me the best deals ever from other websites and it makes my shopping experience easier with just a click... I wish I could give it more rating.
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2 years ago, Maat Heru
Nicest tool in the toolbox
This scanner app is a really good tool to have. I’m not a marketer or purchaser, but for things like mailing stuff to my family and getting the amounts right for customs, this tool helps.
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7 years ago, tecraven
So far so good:
I like this app has not given me any bad info, u have use it for 1 week and have scan a few items, it I noticed anything wrong i will change my review.
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7 years ago, Sarahbeth987
Best easy comparison
The easiest way to shop multiple store for best price on one item. The alerts are great because they let you know when your item is on sale.
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6 years ago, CT Charlie
Good App
Easy to use and does a good job filling you in on prices and where the best place to buy is. I recommend this app. I’ve looked at and used many apps like this, and like this one the best.
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4 years ago, old grey duck
No help for what I want
Not trying to buy converse shoes or shop rite groceries. App doesn’t have local stores, only big chains. I’m just a regular person who wants to check prices on my everyday purchases, like groceries, drug store or hardware. I buy the high price stuff infrequently, therefore this app is of no use to me.
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1 year ago, DMB33
Doesn’t work
I downloaded the app and it didn't give me a price, also when i pressed the search google app it gave me a welding tool when that was not at all what i was scanning and when it scanned it, it only took a part of the barcode in frame and didn't even wait for me to center and make it less blurry.
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2 years ago, 44LYNS
I absolutely love this app it’s very easy to use And the savings on Walgreens photo deals are great. 20 of my friends have the app now
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5 years ago, Gabby Page
Great APP
Very accurate scans very quickly even if the barcode isn’t filling in between the lines and brings up the exact price and gives the price and as a free app and I found one of the best free scanner apps I’ve seen or used!!
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6 years ago, TWBerry
Pastor Tommy Berry
I recently found the great app! I had lost a receipt and I was able to use this app to prove what I paid for my merchandise and was able to get a refund and an exchange. Thank You!
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7 years ago, SlothCircus
Actually works!
This is the first price scanning app that finally actually works and so far has found every item I've scanned!
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4 years ago, debTward
Great Scanner
I looked at many scanner apps before deciding on this one. So glad I did! Works great and it’s free, while others were $15 a month. Hard to believe!
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5 years ago, fhtvxvdt
This is awesome
This is awesome because I can go around the house and find different things to scan I recommend you getting this app
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6 years ago, AmyDenise2023
Shop Savvy for the win!!!
I was pleasantly surprised when I came upon this app after searching for a website or app with similar info like Brick Seek. Shop Savvy is even better!
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3 years ago, Warmglow
Works great
Easy to use and works great when you are in the run and need to scan something quickly.
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3 years ago, Jackson45672727
So many ads that I couldn’t use it
As soon as I opened an app there was an upsell and shopping screen, that’s fine. You gotta make money, I understand that. As soon as I went to scan, I then got hit by a full screen ad. Hard noped out of the app and uninstalled it.
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7 years ago, ccofojohn
I use this all the time to compare prices before going out and doing Christmas shopping etc. highly recommend
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5 years ago, DoneMantis
Great App!
The app is really strait forward and right to the point. It can scan barcodes and tell you what the product is on almost anything!
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5 years ago, megameggers
Pretty accurate for an app
The prices that come up are usually accurate compare to other app I’ve tried in the past.
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6 years ago, Kimmersssss
So Far So Good
I am still learning the ropes but so far it has been easy to understand. That is the most important requirement in my book. But so far so good not a trouble at all. Lori
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7 years ago, M H 2015
Love this app it's very handy. Cause as everybody knows the price isn't always on the item and it seems like every time u need a price u can't never find an employee of what ever store your at.
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6 years ago, Medwards2312
Great $$$ Saving App
Love this app! It is my “go to” for finding the best deals. I love that I can not only save my searches, but that I can also save them by category or however I like! ❤️❤️
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5 years ago, gandgflowers
I am very happy with this app it is very convenient when I go to the store and I can’t find an associate I can find a price check myself
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3 years ago, Earth Babe<3
Freezing Up & selection is incorrect
Second day in a roll that it won’t let me scan my stuff on top of I select one button and it jumps to another selection on its own
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7 years ago, Loveslove_
I was not able to locate a store to return an item, but this app definitely helped! It made life so much easier.
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6 years ago, Jess1Boss
Easy to use & convienient!
Great app for typical price comparing with other stores especially when stores like Target and Walmart will price match if other store has a cheaper price for the same item.
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7 years ago, Addicted Groupon shopper
Love this app ! Almost always accurate and big help in bargain shopping when you have no idea on new items.
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4 years ago, shdjsjsjshshsshshs
The best
I got this and I was shopping looking for the price and I scanned it and it work I love this hard work keep it up and I’m going to give ya a 5 star rating
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5 years ago, Piglover52
Love it
It’s very helpful when I’m out shopping! Easy to find the price when I can’t check somewhere in the store
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5 years ago, H_Townsyy
Great app
I’m pleased with the various options of saving mechanisms the app assists with!!! Every penny counts, and the time consumption is mostly in the research!!! Well I’m amazed how much “Price Scanner” offers aide to save, save, save....
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7 years ago, Windola's Zoo
Just starting
Just getting started using this and so far I have no complaints at all. The app does what it says it will do.
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