Princess Polly

4.9 (7.1K)
103.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Princess Polly Online Pty Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Princess Polly

4.85 out of 5
7.1K Ratings
2 years ago, panda🥳🥰
Great app
Hello, I just started buying things from prince Polly but I have yet to buy much so I won’t share to much opinion on that. The item I got was a cute flattering dress and was shipped to me fare more sooner than anticipated. Which is great! The down side of the app is that it doesn’t send regular alerts like the other apps do but send multiple unnecessary emails. Emails that are very redundant. Other than that this site is a really great shop.
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2 years ago, We💗it
Rewards/ Reviews/ User experience
The app is fine to buy something maybe 1x. But for regular customers like me who are part of the reward system it doesn’t seem to be very special? I see I have accumulated points from several purchases but after I’ve made a couple more over the past few months- the points look the same to me? What exactly are they for other than “VIP status”? Reviews on items are key to user experience for me, I can see what others have bought and if they liked it and how it fit their bodies & if they have a similar build to me, which is why I think Princess Polly should allow photos with reviews. Also doesn’t help when they delete only their bad reviews… Model outfits- a lot of the times I’m browsing through princess Polly app I see a full outfit on a model and I want to buy everything she has on - but I can’t bc the only thing I can recognize is the item listed. I think the app should include all the items a model has in an outfit with quick links so customers can buy if it’s also sold on their app. I think this would improve their sales also.
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2 years ago, ojkjjkj
Amazing but definitely not for me 😃
There is so much cute stuff for my as a girly girl, but it is too expensive especially because I don’t have a job I’m pretty young so I don’t earn money from anything really other than Christmas or Birthdays but even then it’s really not enough to buy anything on this store and there is some stuff we’re I wonder who in their freaking mind would buy that. There is a lot of bugs and last time I had bought something it didn’t deliver to me until like December and I ordered it in June by the time it came it was too cold to even look at. It was however really cute. There’s so much stuff that you could find on here as a girly girl but I really couldn’t find any other style.
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4 years ago, Louweez_
Good app but has many bugs
I love how the app is easy to navigate by category and allows you to view items with ease, but I find it very frustrating that when you exit the app (without swiping up and closing it, but say you want to check another app or text someone) and then swipe back, it doesn’t save the last page you were viewing and takes you right back to the home page. I was about to buy a jacket but wanted to send a pic of it to my friend first, when I came back to the app I could not for the life of me find the jacket again as it didn’t save my last viewed page, and I never ended up buying it!
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3 years ago, mdubleu25
Overall this is a good app, some fixes needed
So overall this is a decent app. One thing that needs fixing is when you click a product, and then go back to browsing multiple, the page refreshes and moves you back to the top if you don’t wait a second before clicking the screen. Really frustrating especially if you’re a first time user. It would also be nice to have more subsections on the app, like a page for just bodysuits; when you search, it would also be nice if the items that showed up weren’t stuck minimized as well, it’s hard to see the products at that size on a cellphone.
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4 years ago, oliviahoy
Need some work
For the most part, I love using the app: the layout is great and not difficult to navigate. My only issues are the fact that the app restarts every time you leave; certain items that you previously liked will disappear and you can’t select them to unlike them or anything, they just leave an empty space; I had made an account on the website and had a bunch on items saved there, but they didn’t transfer to the app when I logged in. A lot of these issues seem like simple fixes with the coding so I hope that they can be resolved soon. Otherwise, I might as well just shop on the website...
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3 years ago, Gglenn123456789101112131415
Best shopping app!!
I wish all shopping apps were designed like this one!! Very easy to browse through the clothing and find details and reviews on each product. I love that you can slide down when you click on a product and there are a lot of ways to filter your searches to find exactly what you’re looking for!
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4 years ago, Ely Blanco
Please fix page resetting after closing out
I love Princess Polly & the app itself is pretty easy to browse though. My only two complaints are that when you close out of it, it always resets back to the homepage! Which is kinda annoying since you have no choice, but to browse back to wherever you left off. Lastly, I think it would be helpful to show how many pages there are for whatever you’re browsing on. That would give it some structure rather than it feeling like you’re just browsing through an abundance of options.
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2 years ago, Eml274
The app and website don’t talk to each other
The app itself is generally pretty easy to use, but if add items to my cart in the app while logged into my account, and then log into my account on my computer, my cart will be empty. Truthfully this has been the reason I’ve skipped buying things several times - if there’s a 25% off flash sale going on I might go over to the app to snag a few items in my cart, but my cart in the app is often empty when it shouldn’t be.
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3 years ago, aylakat
Fastest Checkout ever!!
The new updated app is so smooth; I’ve never had a faster checkout! They also make applying gift cards & discount codes a seamless process. The only thing I wish is that they would allow you to individually click on & view all the items that you have purchased in recent orders. Other than that, fantastic!
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6 months ago, soccerkicker
Love the app BUT the review area needs work
Love the app and clothes BUT I have to switch back and fourth between the app and website and search the clothes to read full reviews and see the review photos. The app is missing the descriptions of weight, height, etc. PLEASE add these features to the app. It would help greatly!! I think a lot of us decide on what we buy by reading reviews and how it fits each type of body structure.
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3 years ago, sydney elmore
Great app!
I recently started shopping on the website and decided to try out the app, it’s very well organized and easy to use. It’s aesthetically pleasing and you can find things quickly. At first, there were some bugs where the app would crash but I don’t have that problem anymore!
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2 years ago, gordamn
Needs major revamping of app!
The app only lets you search for items in categories such as tops, dresses, bottoms, etc. It unfortunately doesn’t give a separate category for plus size/ curvy. You can search but you end up getting results for every item of clothing and can’t make it more specific. Not worth the time and headache trying to search for my size. Maybe I’ll give it a try once they improve on their app. I didn’t try the website so my review is only based on app experience.
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1 year ago, granny smith apple review
Loved this app until all the bugs…
I have been using this app for a while now. A few months ago I stopped using it due to the amount of bugs. I love putting items in my wishlist. I had a bunch of stuff in my wishlist and I noticed about a month ago that everything on it was gone. Now I can’t even add to my wishlist due to an error. Unfortunately until the bugs are fixed (which i don’t think they ever will be), i will not be using this app and I will be deleting it. It’s very unfortunate because all their clothing is super trendy and cute.
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3 years ago, lil beee
Princess Polly is one of my favorite places to shop. They keep up with the latest trends and constantly restock sizes for the most popular items. I’ve spent more than I’d like to admit with them and I don’t think I’ll be stopping any soon. The app is super user friendly and checking out with Apple Pay makes it 10x easier.
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3 years ago, nowimmad97
Best Online Clothing Store App
Princess Polly is my favorite online store...the app makes it SO much easier to find the cutest styles. Format and aesthetic look great while there’s a tan for everything you favorite is the wishlist tab. Best feature is you can heart your favorite items! Highly recommend if you’re a big PP fan like myself :)
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3 years ago, ugis777
Love The App & The Shop!!
I love PrincessPolly! Their clothes are super cute & true to size. Everything is super trendy! The app has so many perks and is super easy to use too! I can favorite, search and purchase items off the app just as easily as I can on the desktop site. Highly recommend PrincessPolly!!
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3 years ago, lunia_frenchfry
It’s ok but..
The app’s layout is sleek and beautiful, but when you exit the app without swiping up for over 15 seconds, it takes you back to the homepage and it never saves. Also, I have a lot of things in my bag, for the fun of it, and it never saves. I always lose a few of the items, or sometimes there’s only 7 left from the 61 items (just for fun). Now, it’s stopped saving anything in my bag; it deletes everything a day after I added it.
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4 years ago, maddie noelle 1001
Love The App, However…
With the Christmas season coming up, along with online shopping due to the pandemic I have been creating a wishlist for friends and family. Unfortunately, there is not an option to Share Your Wishlist on the app. And, after trying to login on the online store, my wishlist was not synced with the app. A little disappointed, but I love the store! The layout is super nice, too!
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3 years ago,
Best shopping app
Honestly adore this app so much! Great interface and few bugs. The only thing I’d change is making the search function a bit easier to find by adding a button on the top of the screen
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3 years ago, minecraft6969696969
the !!perfect!! store, but in the last few days wishlists have become extremely glitchy…. there are missing/blank spots in the grid & items of clothing showing up that haven’t been on my list in forever. i’d love it if this was resolved because i browse on PP literally every day! much love xoxo
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7 months ago, Unsatsfied custome
Awful app
Terrible app that glitches constantly at really “convenient” times like when you’re trying to get your money back on items you’ve returned. Clothing is low quality as well.
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4 years ago, 😜✌️💕
Love the app but there’s a problem
I love the app, the set up, everything about it! The only thing that’s annoying is if i leave the app for over 10 seconds it resets the app and I cant go back shopping where I left off! I think you should change it so if i leave the app it stays in the same spot I was shopping in. Other than that it’s perfect
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3 years ago, Anontwitteruser589568
almost perfect
i absolutely love this store and app. my one and only complaint is that when I leave reviews they don't seem to get posted. maybe because I’m in the US? other than that this is my favorite store!
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10 months ago, jejajsisnsjsjsua no jujajJaj
Issues with favorites
I loved the app but it won’t let me save anything to my favorites when I go to my favorites it says error something went wrong try again I try again but it won’t let me I thought it might of been the fact that I hadn’t updated the app in awhile so I updated it nothing changed still the same problem so I decided to delete it for a day I download it again still nothing changes please fix this
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3 years ago, xkristinabravox
Good app and shipping!
I had an amazing experience using the app. Very easy and simplistic to use. I’ve ordered multiple times, every time I’ve gotten my package really quick. Even their packaging is super cute. Their clothes are great quality.
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4 years ago, Maddiep1116
a mess
the app itself has a great layout and accessibilities are fine but every time i leave the app it resets and finding and looking for a product is such a hassle another big issue i’ve noticed is products on the online website don’t show up on the app. i’ve searched for multiple items on the app yet nothing i’m ever looking for pops up, but on the website everything’s there! needs LOTS of work
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Good App
Never had a problem with this app! Having an account on this app makes everything so easy- fast checkout and having the wishlist section makes it easier to window shop before you decide to purchase!
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1 year ago, dw.har
Bad App
The clothes are cute and all but the app is so annoying because everytime you click out of it, it logs you out of your account. With the exact same login info that you created, it says incorrect!! With the email i used under my account it tells me incorrect. How is it incorrect if i’m the one who made it?😑 Get this fixed and you might get a 5 star lol it’s so frustrating when i’m trying to track my order.
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10 months ago, Ndregioni
First time ever I found a store where everything I order fits me perfectly
I love P.P thank you for all amazing clothes that you have made for us, there is no other store that I trust where to buy the mos amazing tops.
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3 years ago, Savanna1028
I love this brand
Mobile app is easy to navigate, they have great photos of the clothes they sell and choosing your size is very easy. A tad bit pricey but I can’t seem to stay off the app. Absolutely read the reviews to make sure you get a good size for you
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3 years ago, sydneyyjack
Best Store Ever
I seriously buy ALL of my clothes from Princess Polly and am obsessed with their style! Their app makes buying clothes so much easier too! 10/10 recommend!
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4 years ago, ali san jose
Please fix!
Some glitches on the platform. Sometimes I can’t unlike a sold out item & have it just disappear from my wishlist. Sometimes pictures of the products don’t even load. When scrolling through my wishlist there are empty spaces where the picture of the product should be.
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1 year ago, Natybaty8
Please fix bugs
I shop here a lot and have been trying to get some things for spring break. Every time I add stuff to my cart, the page refreshes and says things are no longer available and my cart is empty. I had a bunch of items in my cart and was ready to check out but it crashed and restarted it at 0. Please fix this. It was so bad that I just got my clothes somewhere else
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4 years ago, Ashevee
Material & Price
The clothes are a great trend for bringing back the 90s and 2000s but they are over too priced on their items, the material and quality is not so great its kinda cheap material so for the price they put there items is not really worth it.. overall I love there items etc! Just something to keep in mind thanks!
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5 months ago, Nydakkur
App and Site are not working!
This is my fourth time trying to place an order in the app and literally on your website and I get that email saying all your orders confirmed seconds later or your order has been canceled who is canceling my order because it’s not me and if this fourth time doesn’t go through, I will never ever shop at the site again.
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3 years ago, krnickels
Doesn’t Sync
The app itself is fine and easily navigable, but everything you do in the app does not sync to your account in the web browser. It is very frustrating. I wish I could see what I added to my wishlist or cart in the app when I switch to the browser and vice versa.
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3 years ago, pippip96
Good app
This app is very easy to find the clothes you want. It is a bit pricey but you are definitely getting the quality’s worth.
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3 years ago, be11a9
Easy to use
The customer return policy is super easy and stress free. The products are good quality and if a product doesn’t fit then it’s really easy to exchange.
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4 years ago, MIKA_____LUV
Absolutely obsessed!
I’ve loved Princess Polly for years and so excited that they’ve launched a mobile app!! So quick and easy to buy clothes that I know will arrive in just a few days!
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6 days ago, Ashpsxxx
Love the app!
Just wish the reviews showed the full review (pictures posted, size ordered, etc.) like the website does!
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1 week ago, Linds.19
Amazing app to shop in
I wish all clothing apps were as seamless and easy to use as this one. Cute clothes at great prices, quality exceeds the price tag. I’m in love 💞
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10 months ago, Denisha W
Princess polly is my go to for legit everything! Casual wear, event wear, beach wear, concerts, and more! The quality is AMAZING and true to size. I have truly never been disappointed in anything I’ve gotten!
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4 months ago, thicci nicci_04
Horrible app & Dis honest company
I emailed them after there was no updates on my order purchased 12 days before that had yet to even be shipped out from the shipping company I contacted them and when I did contact them the representative lied about the update they gave me. Very unprofessional to do in such business when such money is being spent.
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3 years ago, katertott981
Cute clothes!
The app usually works really well and has a very seamless checkout process! Cute clothes overall, just a little expensive sometimes but often have sales!
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3 years ago, Bjwtfw
Great App, Great Fits
Not only does this app have the outfits my daughter loves, but the app is so easy to use! Glad I downloaded it, it’s a go to when shopping!
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4 years ago, asbobdyer
Every time I try to apply filters and sort the items from pricing low to high, it says either network error or completely quits the app. Otherwise I love this store and the app
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3 years ago, phillois
Some bugs but easy to navigate
I love this store, the app is super easy to use but I do experience bugs every once in awhile like random crashes.
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8 months ago, Mariana Sucre
Easiest Shopping App
I have many online shopping apps for clothes and can say Princess Polly is one of the easiest to use by far. Loyal customer foreva
Show more
4 years ago, Veronica Brumburgh
I’ve been with PP for a while now and was waiting for the app to come out. Finally!! Shopping w/ PP is always easy and quick, I’m just glad there’s an app now!
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