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User Reviews for Priority Pass™

4.78 out of 5
263.8K Ratings
2 years ago, JustiLeague
Nothing seems to work here
I’m trying to activate my membership and I’ve follow the instructions to do so on the app. I’ve tried to activate by membership number and it couldn’t finish the activation process. There were no error to inform me what went wrong, I submitted the form and there was no feedback at all. The technical issues with the activation flow and sign up is utterly disappointing and this app is completely unusable. Please spend more time on testing before releasing this kind of products to consumers. I then tried to submit a feedback regarding this issue online and there were issues submitting this issue online too. Honestly nothing seems to work here and I really wonder what are they even doing?!
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6 years ago, SillySillyGame
Okay app
The app seems to work just fine. I’ve been enjoying this lounge program and app for almost four years. It’s great to have lounge access in so many airports, especially since Amex lost so many of its airline lounge partners. I have long been frustrated about such limited lounge access when I’m in Australia. The $36 credit Priority Pass has arranged at various cafes and bars in that country’s airports are a welcome compromise. Prior to this recent update (Dec 2018), I could have rated the app more favourably, however... the good people at Priority Pass have recently decided to lunch a discount program, whereby we members are offered small discounts (10% off this or that, buy a 30 min spa treatment and receive an extra 5 mins, etc). Discounts are great, but unfortunately they’ve shoved them into the same section as the lounge listings. Case in point: check airport LGA (NY/NJ LaGuardia). It looks as though you have options at three terminals. But after you waste 10 mins with your slow airport data, you realise there are no actual lounge partners; just 10% discount coupons at places you wouldn’t care to shop. I understand the need for PP to build additional revenue streams, but could they (you) please not do it in a way that compromises the usability of your program and app..?! Maybe move offers to a different tab, where I can choose to peruse or ignore them. Cheers.
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7 months ago, Mich6699
Worthless app
I got lounge access through my Amex card. This app is just not that helpful. The lounge service is paltry to non-existent. I travel maybe twice a year. I got to LAX today. Open the app. It asked for my password. Of course, the app told me that I typed the wrong password. I had to reset it. And then the app told me that I can’t use the same password. After I got in the app, I chose the airport. I don’t see a lounge. And the app doesn’t tell you that. It lists a place that you get a10% discount if you spend over $25. I did a google search which tells me that there’s a lounge as of November 2022. I called customer service. I had a hard time understanding the man’s accent. After about 5 minutes, the man told me that priority pass does not have a lounge at LAX. What a waste of my time!! This isn’t an airport in the middle of no where. If you don’t have a lounge there, please say so clearly. Don’t waste your customer’s time. Frankly, I am disappointed with Amex as well. Please don’t provide this type of worthless add-on benefit.
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3 years ago, Wm.
Blackout Periods - Low-Priority Pass
I had Priority Pass for one year and managed to use it once at LAX (Alaska Air). The common theme was that the lounges refused Priority Pass customers anywhere around peak times (e.g. 10am to 2pm, then 4pm to 7pm) and only allowed the particular lounge-membership customers. The app was no help in this regard. I had also provided memberships to my adult son and two adult daughters with the hope that their travels would be more pleasant. Same story, more blackout periods than access to lounges. When I think of Priority Pass I think of my adult daughter calling, crying, from the airport after being cattle herded between canceled flights and having to spend most of the night in the Airport. What tipped her to tears? A rude and snobby refusal from the only Priority Pass “accessible” lounge open. The app said the lounge was open to Priority Pass members at the time period… the stringy blond door-Nazi said otherwise. At least if the app and service could tell you the Priority Pass Members hours of access for any given lounge in ** real time **, it could set expectations early rather than having to trudge all over hill and dale in O’Hare looking for a lounge that will admit Priority Pass members. Two stars because this app results in great cardio workouts racing around airports trying to find a lounge (that might let you in) before your next flight! Low Priority, I’ll Pass
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11 months ago, notafan234
Horribly unreliable app consistent with equally horribly unreliable website
I’ll give it to Priority Pass - they’re nothing if kit consistent, as in consistently unreliable. I had a bunch of glitches with my login on the website that no one could figure out, so I tried to see if the app was any better. Oddly enough, despite non-stop problems with my login on the website, the exact same credentials worked without issue on the app. Go figure. However, when I try to save my Priority Pass card to my Apple Wallet from the app, I keep getting an error that says “We had a problem adding your card to the wallet. Please try again when you’re online.” Except I am online each and every time I’ve tried this. I’ve tried updating the app, and deleting/re-installing it, none of which makes a difference when you’re dealing with a developer like PP that makes a shoddy product (both on the web and in their app) and doesn’t care enough or know how to support it.
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2 years ago, Questtt
The downloading wait is a drag
Sometimes I try to look at a lounge and I have to wait a few minutes (or seconds depending) for the app to download all of the airport and lounge data I ask please either 1) lookup as I search 2) allow me the option to predownload for offline use and update the list when I want to (pop ups and notifications acceptable). I’d also be happy with background updates I’m the end, I see that waiting cursor and I ditch for lounge buddy which also usually has more photos and reviews I love priority pass and I will switch this feedback to a 5 star with a response
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1 year ago, booskiiiee
Terrible app nothing works
My family and I just recently went to Italy and tried to Priority Pass Lounges at the airports during our layovers. None of the staff would accept priority pass cards so I’m not sure why they gave us cards? Tried to register my card to this app and the app kept crashing? Luckily the Amex card allowed us access into the lounges without question but it blew my mind that the advertisement for Priority Pass was on the sign outside of the lounge, but the employees didn’t know why I gave them that card they only accepted Amex 😂 so… 0/10 from our experience. Not sure what priority pass is or how it can benefit me when none of the staff knew what to do with it…. Just my experience… I felt like sharing. I hope others have a better time than us.
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4 months ago, The Agorio family
Why one need a membership for American Express
I’m writing to you about the bad experience with your lounge room experience every time I try to get in. With no success today I am was told that I have to wait one more hour to get in because my flight leaves more then four hours later. I’ m very tired and I have 10 more hours to go to my flight to Chicago and I can’t get in because of this rule. I’m very disappointed with American Express. My husband and I have been a member of American Express for more than 40 years and we have seen a lot of changes but this time I had!!! It’s very frustrating and I don’t think I can deal with this kind of situation every time o came to visit this lounge!! Every single time I came to this lounge I get panic attacks and have the worst feeling that I’ll be stopped and denied entry. And of course! Today I’m waiting outside. I’m wandering if this is the way you treat yours. Ana agorio
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1 year ago, felisaaero
A useless pass that works 60% of the time
Out of the 9 airports internationally in southeast Asian and along the west coast of U.S, only 5 worked, that’s 55%. Priority Pass app did not update for a long time and so many lounges stopped their access: Alaska in Seattle, Terminal Bradley in LAX, KLA in Taipei TPE T1. It’s frustrating. The replacements are pathetic coffee shops and restaurants with limited options. ONT California Aspire lounge was also closed after 3 pm. SFO has 3 lounges in the International terminal and all are useless in the afternoon: China Airline lounge turns away Priority Pass holders between 11am-3pm, KLM is on temp renovation location and only gives takeaway doggy bag (not allowed to sit down), and British Airways opens only 5-11:30 am; so you cannot use any lounge during the prime afternoon hours for your flight. Horrible! Anyone thinking about getting a membership should consider otherwise!
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2 years ago, Mitz on the go
Times out!
Unfortunately I have the priority pass for quite some time now and tried once again to use the pass to enter the lounge here innLAX international Tom Bradley Building, and it was 8:30, after finally finding the lounge, I was upset to see they were closed at 7:30 😡I pay quite a bit to have this perk and I’m unable to use it. This is the second time and fir the same reasons I was unable to use the amenities of the lounge. I was going to be waiting 21/2 hours till my flight was to depart. So this is why I rated a 1 star. Seriously it is not worth having if I cannot use the amenities, I think I’m going to search out another card to use, that offers a lounge that is open. I also visited another lounge when looking for the priority pass lounge and theirs stayed open till 10:30pm. I’m sure you understand the disappointment
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9 months ago, Dissatisfaction at Cozumel!
Cozumel, beautiful paradise. Very poor Customer Service at Coral VIP Lounch.
First experience at this VIP airport Lunch. Felt totally disrespected/unwelcome by the lady at the entrance. Doble check our passes, asked us for photo ID, asked us in a stern way to sanitize our hands (I observe we were the only ones that she was asking and checking). We were told there is a limit of 3 beers at the bar. And when we finally proceeded to take a seat, we’re told the seats are for two people! To use only one sofa for the two of us!. Again, I notice the people behind we’re treated this way. On our next stop DFW, much, much better experience.
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5 years ago, alitaccd
Archaic to not give all members a digital card
I travel a lot and forgot my physical card at home. I called the Priority Pass number and they said that because I got the service through my credit card, they don’t offer the digital pass but I can call my bank to ask for it. Guys, it’s 2019. I can pay for my groceries without cash or physical credit cards and link my headphones to my friggin watch and listen to music without WiFi or cell data. How is this a luxury service if you’re still stuck in the 90s requiring busy travelers to carry physical cards with them, and not only that, actually have the digital option available to only certain groups of users and make it hard for them to even find the info they need for this? I give 2 stars for the app providing info about the lounges.
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3 years ago, kklavans
Latest update preventing login (Update)
Update: within days of me identifying this problem the developers fixed it and it is working fabulously! So I have updated my rating to five stars, especially for the responsiveness of the developers. I have used this app for years now with no problems at all but since they updated to this latest version neither me nor my husband are able to log into the app rendering it useless for us. We have no problem logging in on the website, only the App. Fix this problem and I will bring you back to a five star rating.
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1 year ago, lcbattista
Membership tied to a single PP Card
I’ve been a long-time user of Priority Pass. The app is excellent and has good functionality. However, my main frustration is that the online account is tied to a single Priority Pass card. These days, every travel Credit Card offers a PP card. The Priority Pass card that I activated my online account with has expired. Since then, I have been unable to use the app (and the digital card function), even though I have three other active Priority Pass cards.
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4 years ago, EAcrazy
Not easy to use, and lounge location is not clear.
I’ve been member of priority select for many years but honestly I only had three times ever using the lounge because of one of the following: 1. There isn’t any lounge at the terminal (which is always true for all my domestic flights from LGA) 2. Priority app purposefully provide extremely vague instruction on the location of the lounge, e.g, “Concourse E on level 2 and it’s straight ahead.” Ahead of which direction? Between which two gates or any specific nearby store? Any maps help to locate?? Just useless instructions that I guess is on purpose so that they don’t get too many visitors. 3. Got denied because they are only open to first and business class passengers only. This is true especially for name brand airline lounges. The app doesn’t have any way to figure out which lounge is available for regular passengers with priority pass like us.
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5 years ago, Bentley_J
Want offline and offer filtering
I’m still waiting for Priority Pass to add back the ability to off-line the information— we were told that would come back, is that ever going to happen? I wish it would remember recent searches. I really wish there were separate sections for the “offers” and for the lounges. You all know perfectly well nobody joined Priority Pass for the offers...we join it for the lounges, and I don’t think I know a single person who actually gives a darn about the offers. It is annoying to look up an airport (BWI, for example) and see all five concourse is listed. Then I have to tap each one to see which one contains the lounge. This is not helpful, it is annoying. It should be lounges and offers as separate categories, then show which concourses have those things.
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2 years ago, Dom-is-annoyed
Limited Access
The app itself works fine, and I appreciate the ability to have a virtual card. However, I recently got the service to use on a recent trip across several airports, and I noticed that the vast majority of lounges are closed to cardholders because of capacity (even though there are clearly open tables inside). This seems to defeat the point of the service, if I can’t actually get in anywhere then what am I paying for? That being said, a huge benefit would be to at least indicate in the app whether a given lounge was at capacity. The only thing more frustrating than being turned away is trekking across the airport to do so. Having that would at least set expectations and make finding a replacement less stressful.
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5 years ago, Unhappy voice
What good is the app if it doesn’t open when I need it?
After standing in an absurd line to drop my bag, I thought that at least I would be able to go rest in the lounge that I pay for. I have the app on my phone so I don’t carry the card (yet another card to carry). I saw that the app was updated 2 days ago for bug fixes and improvements. Now I sit here and see the app spin and spin. Nothing happens. It starts but hangs. I have tried switching to WiFi but it still doesn’t work. It isn’t connectivity because I am able to access the web. That is how I am leaving this review. This is a situation where it earns a single star. If it wasn’t a good interface or something that would be a 3 star or 4 star app because it has one job. Get me into the lounge. When it can’t do that one job, it is a completely useless app. Thanks for nothing.
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1 year ago, ImpatientAppUser
Horrible design
I think the app developers should ask themselves: When would I usually open up this app? As travelers, the only time we need access to the info in the app is when we are at the airport looking for a lounge. However, whenever we click on the app icon, we are always made to wait for A FEW MINUTES before the app can load its data. What a ridiculous design. That’s why I chose to ditch this app and use Google to find information I need about the airport PP lounges.
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5 years ago, Rp in dc
Priority Pass via American Express Finally Worked
While I don’t travel that often I’ve tried using Priority Pass a few times over the past few years. It was always either the wrong pass level or I forgot my physical card. On a trip through Copenhagen I again didn’t have my card, but looked on the App Store and found the Priority Pass App. #lifesaver. I ended up delayed for several hours and the lounge made it as nice of an experience as you can have with a delay. So happy I tried again
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11 months ago, fastflame100
Easy to Navigate. Some concerns.
The app itself has a great interface and is easy to navigate. I found it easy to check my connection airports for lounges. When I tried to add my card to the wallet, an error message appeared. It said something along the lines of, “Please check back when online. Unable to connect to Wallet”. When I searched for other users with this problem I found a great number who found the same issue. They contacted support and were said it would be fixed. This was almost 2 weeks ago. Still not resolved. I hope this is fixed soon.
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5 years ago, sunshineannie2
The Priority Card is only good if the airport lounge accepts it or the lounge is not full. This limits availability. One time when my flight was delayed and it would have been so nice to kick back, the lounge was full, but there was lots of room. It appears that they give priority to other lounge pass providers. Alaskan Airlines at SeaTac no longer accepts the Priority Pass. Maybe Chase should consider improving their contracts with the lounges so that they are available more often.
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1 year ago, DrTalkFL
“Low-Priority” pass.. you may get lucky and put on a waitlist.
Don’t plan to arrive at the airport early to take advantage of your priority pass. In my experience, you’re most likely to be told that the lounge is full or that they have limited priority pass capacity. In some cases, you’ll be put on a waitlist and texted when it becomes available to you 30-60 minutes later (right before your flight boards)… too many people have this “perk” attached to their credit card and in most cases, it’s a joke. Get an AMEX platinum if you are often in major airports as the centurion lounges are night and day better and I’ve never been turned away.
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8 months ago, SouthernMouse
Priority pass got much worse than it used to be
PriorityPass does not feel like a “priority” anymore. Busy airports have a very limited selection of lounges and usually are overcrowded with priority pass members. In my experience, many lounges are limiting when PriorityPass members can enter the lounge to off peak times or you have to wait in line for at least half an hour to enter. Quality of lounges offered have also declined. I had roundtrip to Hawaii in October through HNL, one lounge had about an hour of wait another lounge had barely any space and offered only soft drinks and magazines to read. I don’t think PriorityPass should sell its membership to more members without expanding availability of lounges first.
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1 year ago, foofindo
Terrible! NONE at LAX (2nd largest city in US)
So disappointed with Priority Pass! (A) How is it possible for them NOT to have at least one lounge (actually should have several lounges considering the # of passengers served) at LAX airport! Mind boggling!! Never even imagined that would be the case. Come on Priority Pass, get your act together. So disappointing! (B) At Boston Logan airport we were denied entry bc the lounge was giving preference to other passengers over Priority Pass customers. What? And they charge a fee for this access so their customers can be denied access! What a racket!! I’d say don’t get their membership and use that $$ to buy yourself a good meal at the airport on your own, at least till they make major improvements.
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5 years ago, vcheow
No digital card access
Please note that not all our Members are able to use the Digital Membership Card at this time. We are working hard to make this feature available to all our Members through updates to them Priority Pass app. If you do have a Digital Membership Card, we highly recommend that you carry your physical membership card with you when you travel, as a back-up. This from their website says it all. It’s been months since they took away digital card support. Either they are not hiring the right people to fix the problem or they are not making enough money from all these premium credit cards to pay for storage of these digital cards in the cloud.
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10 months ago, basik1298347645
No Priority
We just got back from a 2 week vacation in Europe. We were only able to use the Priority Pass as advertised, one time! We were in LAX, Heathrow, Charles De Gaulle and Yerevan Airports(the only one we were able to use). There aren’t any lounges for popular stops so you’d have to go from one terminal to another to get to them. When you do find the lounge, you’re not a priority! If there’s other people from other flying memberships, they get to go in first and you’re out of luck when it’s full. I just didn’t see the benefit, I could have just paid to get into the Yerevan lounge, no need for Priority Pass. Waste of my money
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3 months ago, Jusuf Voglic
Worth the money, most of the times
It is a good perk to have when you travel but it is dissapointing that some lounges have limited hours, some that dont change their food/menu for months and months and some that you can access only before security check or if you are in transfer, you have to exit, go to lounge and then pass security again and that is what does not make sense because you will “save” money but waste a lot of time. Not bad anyway
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4 years ago, Sail 7 seas
Yotel Lounge Review
We are a member of Priority Pass traveling from the US to Morocco, laying over in Charles De Gaule, Paris, for approx. 11 hours. We went to Explore Paris City for most of the time and thinking about relaxing in the lounge before boarding the airplane at 6:35PM. To our surprise when we arrived at the Yotel Lounge, there is a limitation of 3 hrs in the lounge, which is unheard of, furthermore the refreshments, snacks & beverages, are so minimal. Not a lot of selection and they are in a vending machine....are you kidding me??? This is way substandard compare to the other Priority Pass Lounge I have ever visited. We managed to relax with the 10 euro allotment beverages/snacks. But if we have to rate this will score a POOR. Being in Paris De Gaule Airport, the facility has to be upgraded to be comparable worldwide. Thank you.
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2 years ago, thomastan
Excellent iPad support
Can’t say how thankful I am that the app natively supports tablets, and is not merely just an iPhone app that can be stretched to the iPad screen as this would leave bars of empty space on each side. The tablet support is extremely helpful when navigating airport maps, allowing me to zoom in and use the full screen’s real estate, which is necessary time-to-time when using an iPad/tablet on an airplane that’s about to land at an airport I’m not familiar with.
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4 years ago, Podcaster02
New digital car verification
So I have had a digital card for the last couple years. Logged into app today and clicked digital card and the camera came up. We must verify who you are. Camera opens up and say play with physical card in front of camera ? I don’t have the card anymore. So I no longer have the digital card to use. Called support line and they were unaware of what to do
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10 months ago, Dc Yukon
App no longer works with Apple Wallet
I’ve been trying to add my new cards to Apple Wallet for the past month, and re-add old ones after deleting them. The app will not add any of my 3 accounts to Apple Wallet, regardless of whether I’m connected to the internet via WiFi or a 5G cellphone signal. It only provides the following error message: “We had a problem trying to add your card to the wallet. Please try again when you are online.” I have been online the entire time during each attempt. And apparently no one answers email support requests sent via the website.
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2 years ago, FreeArcadia
Extremely unclear how to use to find actual lounges
Have used this program and app for over 7 years, the most recent iteration of this app is extremely hard to navigate in terms of clear information— for example, I’m at LAX and pretty sure we have at least one lounge at TBIT with KAL. In the old days you would’ve clicked LAX and a list of eligible lounges would show up. Now all I see is a map— and that map doesn’t even show lounges? What the heck is up here, devs? Or did we just lose all access here in LA? 😂💦 Please give back the clarity of just telling us if we have lounges in our airport or not. That’s the primary reason for your apps existence. Thx.
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5 years ago, Opn7
$32 Hamburger
Needing supper before a late night flight I approached a sit down restaurant at IAD. To my surprise there was a Priority Pass announcement at the hostess station, so I asked what it meant. The hostess said if a member of Priority Pass they’d give me $28 off my bill. I said, but wont Priority Pass charge me? She assertively said no. So u offered my card. I had a $16 hamburger with fries, well under $28. Much to my surprise my credit card showed a charge for $32 from Priority Pass for that night. (I’d not used it at an airline or other lounge). That’s outrageous for a burger listed on the menu at $16.
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5 years ago, Tacos Tech
Easy to use
The app UI is very streamlined and intuitive to use. After using the app regularly, I’ve noticed there could be a few tweaks to reduce repetitive actions. 1. Suggesting nearby airports/lounges on the main screen based on your location. 2. Often times I’m switching between my digital boarding pass and the app to confirm my terminal/gate. Whenever you leave the priority app, your progress is lost causing me to find the airport again. This frustrating when booking multiple flights and trying to align flights or layovers with airlines and terminals you have access to through priority. If the app would remember your progress before switching out, it would be very helpful. In conjunction with #1 this could save time and enhance the user experience. Perhaps including recent searches on the main screen would help too. Thanks!
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5 years ago, e1zilch0
Unable to add card to Apple wallet.
While the app is perfectly fine for quickly finding the lounges and restaurants available in the particular airport I'm in, I'm greeted with "We had a problem trying to add your card to the wallet. Please try an when you are online," anytime I try to add the mobile card to my Apple Wallet, thus still forcing me to carry my physical Priority Pass card around with me - even after removing and reinstalling the app.
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7 months ago, FEY FANS USA
This is not what’s expected from a VIP Lounge Experience
Unfortunately, I had very high expectations on this membership. I’ve traveled to many locations from London to Paris, Mexico to the United States and they all seem to have a huge need in their food selection. I have no problem paying a bit more for their services but at least have better food quality to choose from. As of now, this company should already know the travelers choices. And they are not even meeting the standards of a VIP Lounge. I will not continue my membership next year. I’m sure there are other memberships I can take advantage of with better food options.
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1 year ago, timelord traveler
I have had this for over 10 years and i only twice used the lounge. Every time I fly it’s not in my terminal or in the airport I fly out of. On my last flight to Rome my priory pass suggested I use air Indian lounge it was on the other side of terminal So I made the hike. Once I arrived I was told that this is not the case. He had a big sign saying no priority lounge access. This pass is not worth the space the app takes on my phone. It makes you feel like a bottom feeder. If there is room and the food is about to go bad and the receptionist is in a good mood then they might let you in. But only four passengers of priority pass at a time.
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5 years ago, Alma Montemayor
First Visit
Unfortunately, our first visit isn’t going very well. We are at TPA. The FD lady did not even acknowledge us, so we are standing there like idiots waiting. When I finally ask her if we are in the right place, she seemed perturbed. My husband was needing to be on a call for work and she is taking her sweet time. My husband goes ahead and finds a spot. Maritza, the FD agent, finally goes to find us a table only to find that it needs cleaning. Not sure what I paid for really.
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1 year ago, charles degrasse
Just not worthwhile
Great concept but the reality is that most lounges seem to hate it. They routinely close the lounges to Priority Pass holders due to capacity constraints, and (just to preempt a false explanation from PP) this isn’t a temporary problem. The lounges are (obviously!) built for the capacity of travelers that they expect to pass through, not for this additional Priority Pass population. I feel like Priority Pass was able to market themselves and secure partnerships due to the excess lounge capacity caused by COVID — but that’s passed now. It’s a useless product if you can’t actually use your pass during travel hours!
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5 years ago, E.Beagle
App fails after going backwards
App was functional but reversed to go downhill (changed from 3 to 1 stars). It is clunky and there are a lot/too much navigation. You have to wade thru Offers to find lounges. You cannot select to search for lounges or offers at the start. So you search in Seattle and have to wade thru all the terminals to find only two lounges (and the (usually goofy 10%) offers in all if them. An airport with 5 terminals may have one or no lounges - but you have to click each to find that out. REALLY? Separate lounges from offers at the initial search - it shouldn’t be this complex or arcane. Available Lounges seem to be reducing in number, particularly in western US :(
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6 months ago, Blackbirdw68
Gotten worse and worse
I used to find this app worked well and was simple. Now it never displays either of my priority pass cards and most often cannot even log in. Further every time I open it and click to search for a lounge it has to “download new data”. Why? Just keep the data in the app and stop downloading it every time. You don’t get new lounges that often this shouldn’t be a problem. This is so annoying, especially when traveling internationally or in an airport with limited data. Fix the app!!!!!
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2 years ago, ReviewsByDee
Digital pass
I’ve had my priority pass card for my years but didn’t know about the digital pass until recently. As any user would expect, that I could go to my priority pass app and see my digital pass. But nope. Priority pass has made it uber complicated to set up your digital pass. Magically somehow I figured out how to get my digital pass number. I deleted the app and re-downloaded it hoping now my digital card would show up. But nope. Still no digital app. I use apps all the time, but this is the most unintuitive process I’ve been through for an existing priority pass account and digital membership.
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2 years ago, bbsbdjdbdjxknxns
Orlando A terminal club
DISGUSTING is a great word to describe the place. The furniture is very abused and filthy. I would not even sell it at a thrift store. There are industrial extension cords running along the floor. The place is in desperate need of a refurbishment On a positive note The staff is excellent prompt and every friendly. They try there best to clean the old run down stained furniture. But. It’s hard to clean a chair with years of stains and splits in the vinyl so you can see the inner padding
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11 months ago, CarloNav
Apple Wallet Issue
Just activated my account. Tried to add the digital card to Apple wallet. The app errors out, and states that I must try again when I’m online. But I’ve been online the whole time! Please fix this glitch as soon as possible. You’re definitely not putting your best foot forward for a new customer. Update - Finally got my physical card, so I guess that’s progress. However, still encounter the same glitch and error message when attempting to add the digital card to my Apple Wallet. I don’t feel like anyone at the company really cares. There has been absolutely zero follow-up from them.
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3 months ago, Deb to go
I I joined Capital One Venture X card which says that I can be a member of Priority Pass. It’s been over a month now, and Priority Pass says they don’t recognize my card number. I called Priority Pass. They told me to call my bank. I called my bank they told me to call priority pass. This appears to be an unresolved issue and I think it is a scam. Reporting it to Better Business Bureau. Just received a response from Priority Pass to this complaint. They told me to reach out to Customer Service. My arms are sore from reaching out to their customer service as well as Capital One. Continue to be disappointed in this offer. Deborah Owens.
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1 year ago, cinFox50
What a disappointment
Here We are in Heathrow airport, just flew in on American Airlines to be shuttled to gate5, British Airlines. We arrived at the Lounge with Priority Pass in hand( after registering on line) and we are told to scan the image … we did and then the hassle of filling out the information only to have it say they can’t locate the site I’m looking for at this time!!! We are waiting and watching as 100’s of others are accepted in and still here we wait!! We are members of AMX platnium, interval international Platnium and the Priority Pass and still we are waiting to get in!!! What a joke!!! I’m am so disappointed and all will hear of this !!! Cynthia Nichols
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2 years ago, jkar65
No update or space info
no ability to reserve space until you are at terminal. We have been using this service at Orlando I to for many years and this is the first time we could not get in at all. They also had no time frame for how long it would take to get access. What is the point of having the lounge pass if you can not use it. If space is too limited they should put a time limit on people in the Lounge so more can have access . No update on availability, they said they will text us if space opens up. This may be the last year we keep this card
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10 months ago, Forrest0001
Can’t add pass to Apple wallet
No matter what I do. I am unable to add my Priority Pass to my Apple wallet, which is very frustrating. I’m seeing an error message that I need to be online to add the pass and I am connected to Internet, but the issue persists indefinitely. Update: The customer service team reached out to me and assured me that they are working on a fix for this. I appreciate the prompt update and have adjusted my rating accordingly. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Engineer Dan
No lounge access for me
The app is okay; however I cannot recommend this program or service. I arrived at Orlando International Airport at around 2:00 pm and proceeded to The Club MCO as directed by the app. I stood in a short line where guests were allowed in, then I was told that I would have to give my name and phone number to be added to a waiting list. I did and then proceeded to the Delta Sky Club lounge, where I worked in comfort for three hours. Then I went back to The Club MCO, where again other people were being let in and, again, was told that I would have to out my name on a list with an expected wait time of two hours. I also checked, and the list was blank, even though I added my name to the list three hours prior and was never called. I am giving the app only one star because it obviously does not fulfill its intended purpose, to allow Priority Pass members access relax and enjoy Priority Pass lounges. I am going back to the Delta Sky Lounge, where I am a welcome member.
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