Graphics & Design
4.4 (40.6K)
446.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.4.1 or later
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User Reviews for Procreate

4.45 out of 5
40.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Beef n Stuarts
Plz fix bugs, add a text tool and shape tool
This is the superior digital art program for iPad, but it’s missing a few fundamental features that nearly all others have to offer! I have to edit my comic pages in another app for text and speech bubbles. I would like to shortcut this step by just having a complete app. Give me proper shape tools and text tools! Selection is too much of a hassle and the auto shape function doesn’t create perfect shapes about 80 percent of the time. Though it’s a handy tool, I want a conventional shape tool as well. Secondly, the app has been acting really weird on me lately. When I open the app, it opens a completely random file as opposed to opening me up to the main selection menu. That is annoying, but doesn’t prevent me from using the app unlike this next one. When I add a new layer, the app freezes up and crashes. And I’m not using an excessive amount of layers, the resolution is small too. Sometimes when I’m switching from eraser back to pen or changing layers, my pen size suddenly gets ginormous. I have to undo the line and then do a scribble to fix it. It’s extremely annoying. Not very much of an inconvenience until it happens frequently enough for me to notice, and I just wish it would end bc I must have wasted accumulated hours just scribbling to fix the pen back to its proper size. The app didn’t always treat me this way, so I’m not sure what changed. But I want it to work as seamlessly as it did almost a year ago.
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6 years ago, JillyBean91334
It’s wonderful!
I love Procreate so much, having a iPad Pro with a Apple Pencil works so well with this app, the price is worth buying it. Tbh I stop using my laptop for drawing since the drawing and painting feels so natural and smooth though sometimes when I try to use the short cuts it won’t work other than that it’s works like a charm. There are some things that could be worked on, color picking a color from a reference or from the color wheel isn’t the exactly what it should look like while painting with it, it’s a little bit off, though It’s not noticeable at first (it’s not a big problem at all it just something I’ve noticed while using Procreate over the years) and now the blending tool, the blending tool can be really good but sometimes the blending tool can be frustrating to work with and sometimes while blending it makes the color muddy or won’t give a nice type a texture, I know sometimes it can be what brush you use for the blending tool. It would be nice to get a better version of it, also it might be a bug or something but when I leave a painting and go back I lose some of the progress of the painting and I haft to redo what I’ve already done. Other than those small details this is the best app for everyone it’s easy to use, you can create masterpieces with it, I wouldn’t go to another drawing app, I would say THIS is a app that you should try out. Everyone from 3 to 90 years old can use this app. It’s the best app out there just get it try it out !!!!!!
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2 years ago, Discount_Dracula
Magical App and a go-to for my Creative Director husband
This app is the only one my husband uses as Creative Director for a very successful, exploding social platform. His art has been a big factor in the success of the company…in the words of the CEO/Founder, with whom he is good friends. He has become buddies with some very famous people through that platform; much of those online interactions have begun through his artwork. (He has also gotten to know some celebrities by arguing with them, 😂 He has gotten into online “wars” with very famous people on his social platform and others. It blows my mind! Imagine fighting with a celebrity! These battles sometimes go on and on, because it turns out they are as equally hard-headed as my husband 🤣 He sometimes wins them over, and they end up friending each other like something out of flipping Forrest Gump. He has formed creative partnerships with some people you would not believe. Procreate is part of this! Oh, btw side note: I have to say here that one celebrity, a really likable one, was a friend of my hubby’s on Twitter. My hubby Tweeted something on there from his own head that was hilarious and popular. Three days after that, this aforementioned celebrity copied it word-for-word in a Tweet. It immediately went viral and was quoted in different places in the media. While my hubby wasn’t thrilled about it, he viewed it as a compliment and was like, oh well. He is so laid back. I, however, was indignant about it. 😂
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6 years ago, mondepurple
Fill bucket + reference
I love this app and it has made digital art so easy for me, and I’m thrilled to see the addition of clipping masks and shape tools! One thing I think is an absolute necessity for the next update, however, is a reworking of how the fill bucket tool functions. Other (free) programs such as medibangpaint that I’ve used have capabilities like expanding fill bucket selection without having to use the select tool, and the fill bucket taking all marks into consideration, regardless of layers, when making its fill. The ‘reference’ setting has proved to be inconvenient at best. Also, having to drag the color swatch from the top right corner is cumbersome. Fill should be its own tool like drawing and erasing. Honestly, I just want to see the fill bucket function like it does in EVERY other art program I’ve used. Another thing to note, many programs have the very useful feature of allowing you to have reference images in a separate window on the screen, so you can see them no matter where you are on the canvas. Would love to see this integrated. And, a final request, please make blending tools stop picking up colors from outside your selected area when you blend. I use the selection tool,,,, so the brush doesn’t interact with things outside the selection,, why do blending brushes pick up things from outside the selection and drag them into your selection,, That said, thank you for making such a fantastic art program accessible at such a low cost!
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2 years ago, TokyoDAZElucu
Fantastic for beginners and professionals alike
One thing I never liked about most other drawing programs, especially on desktop, was how incredibly overwhelming and complicated the user interface tends to be. Even as someone who has been doing digital art for many years, I find the many buttons and knobs and whistles of other programs to be very difficult to get used to, and the workspace feels very cluttered even when I trim down the windows to just the tools I need. Procreate is different. The developers put a lot of care into developing this program and it shows. The result is a wonderfully elegant and streamlined UI that lacks clutter while still being incredibly powerful and giving the artist many tools to work with, and it utilizes the most of the iPad and Apple Pencil's functions to make it very efficient to use and easy to master. In addition to its lovely and easily customizable layout, I commend the Savage team for sticking to their guns regarding their pricing, as Procreate has always been single-purchase with free updates, unlike other companies that have fallen to the temptation of subscription and microtransaction models. Moreover, their customer support is excellent. I have seen many instances on their forums of developers personally getting in contact with users to assist with problems they may be having. I cannot recommend Procreate enough, and I eagerly await the developments they have planned for us.
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3 years ago, Blackshiver12
Amazing app but a few problems
I’ve been using this app for about two weeks now and realized there are a few problems… 1. When trying to fill in a circle or perfectly closed shape, it will sometimes color the entire layer but not at 100% opacity for some reason 2. I have to screenshot my drawing when finished because the option so save as a png and etc is not possible or won’t work and will only save as a file not to my gallery and when I try to share an artwork, it will make it unavailable to open for other devices or people. 3. I just discovered this but though this is a one time problem or error, I’ve been trying to draw and when I open my layers the whole app with freeze. I’ve reopened the app multiple times and even restarted my iPad but it just won’t work. After this review I’m going to try to reinstall however I just wanted to point this out to the devs and other people who use this app Have a wonderful day and even though these problems are pretty irritating, I still have fun with making art with this app and it’s overall a really good app for artists. Oh and one more thing, I recommend adding an option to add a reference or photo on the side of the canvas not on top. So that we can look at it and look at the whole canvas itself. So far I haven’t seen an option for that besides making it a layer but if there is then I apologize. Once again have a wonderful day and have fun making artwork with this app, I really enjoy it.
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3 years ago, e__1.07
Great! BUT a few major flaws
So I’ve been using procreate for almost a full year now. Honestly one of the best drawing apps due to the design of it. However I do have a few MAJOR gripes about the app. I’m a very particular about organization and I usually store my art in folders within folders, within other folders, and so on. Procreate obviously doesn’t have this feature since stacks are only allowed to be made. Another gripe I have is the lack of a “recently deleted” section in the app, once artworks are deleted they’re gone forever. I’ve only realized how troublesome this was because a friend of mine wanted to know what was the biggest canvas/file I have in my gallery. As I was looking through the gallery I had realized that I had accidentally deleted my “completion” stack (I don’t know when I had accidentally deleted it, but it was already too late for anything to be done, plus I hadn’t really notice it since my completion stack is at the bottom of my gallery). I am a bit bummed about it since I like saving art to see how much I’ve grown, but what can I do about it. I hope that procreate implements these features or similar ones to these problems, because it’s honestly what’s holding the app back in my opinion. The UI of the app is simple and isn’t overwhelming at all compared to other programs. Along with that they provide versatile default brushes. It’s just a great app!!….. apart from the lack of folders and recently deleted section like I mentioned.
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4 months ago, rccobler
Fantastic App, Tricky for certain disabilities
I use this app all the time for everything I need to design. I’m especially grateful that Procreate is not based on a subscription model, which is the reason I left Adobe products behind. I also teach an Intro to Digital Illustration class where we solely use Procreate to learn about concepts like layers, masks, selections, and effects. The students overall have responded positively to the ease of use in the app and its capabilities. However, I have had a few students with disabilities, both physical and technological. I teach that there are usually multiple ways to accomplish your goals in illustration and using the app. I have shown them where they can modify settings to smooth their brushstrokes, switch the Size/Opacity panel to their preferred side, etc. In that I am really grateful to Procreate for designing with accessibility. However, the gestures are what these students struggle with the most. Their hand/ eye coordination paired with already shaky hands makes it next to impossible to move a brush into a folder or a layer up or down the list. Even students without these issues struggle to understand the feel of touch and drag controls. As far as I know, these are designed from Apple’s gesture controls but there is no way to bypass them in the app. If the next development comes out with other ways to move these things around I would absolutely give it 5 stars.
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5 months ago, ibljp
Accessibility questions and concerns
This is a very good app! It's probably one of the best digital art apps on the iOS market, but I have a few extremely minor complaints/suggestions for how you could improve. Can you please add a feature where you're able to change the layout of the program based on which version you prefer? I have no idea when the last time I updated Procreate was, but I had the version where there wasn't a menu for arcs, and you could just pick and choose whether you wanted a line, quadrilateral, circle, etc. without making two clicks to go into a menu. I haven't seen any other apps do this, so I think this would be a very interesting and revolutionary thing to do, and it would be really helpful because a lot of people have a hard time adjusting to updates and just want to have all the patches that come with an update without having to deal with new layouts or dramatic changes from what they're used to. I'm super into this app, and I use it all the time for art and animation, so I'm willing to adjust to the changes, but I'm just throwing this out there as a suggestion because it would really help me and a lot of other people because I've been in a lot of digital art classes, and I CONSTANTLY hear people complaining about software updates and how it changes the layout and makes it difficult for them to use 😂😂😂
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6 years ago, Dataverse
Out of all the art programs I’ve used..
I got an iPad Pro to replace my broken Cintiq Companion. While I have found that I love using the iPad Pro more for art, than I did with my cintiq, I thought I would eventually need to invest into an actual desktop PC to use my other programs like Clip Studio Paint (without a subscription fee), and just use Astropad with the iPad instead. But since I’ve tried out and used Procreate, that need and desire for having an actual PC to do art with other programs, has gone away. Out of all programs I’ve used in the past for art, from expensive ones like Photoshop to free ones like Krita, Procreate is the most enjoyable and easy to use program I’ve ever come across for making art. Though I will say that it was frustrating at first for me to learn Procreate, coming from a desktop background in art programs. So certain functions weren’t easily known for me to find and use right away, like I would expect to find and use in a desktop. So this required me to look things up and watch tutorials to learn where these functions are to access and use, like the quick use of flip canvas. But once I learned how things worked, its become my most favorite program to use for art. From rough concepts, to complete illustrations, I'm producing more art than I generally do on a regular basis than I had ever done in the past with other art programs, due to my enjoyment and ease of use with Procreate.
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2 years ago, 🍩👩🏼
I love this app it’s so easy to draw with I’ve been using it for about a month and I’ve compared it to other apps this is by far the best iPad art app this makes people who aren’t great at drawing amazing like I’m not that good myself at least not for detailed drawing but this made it easy I admit there are some bugs and some MAJOR bugs but the last update really helped and even with the bugs it’s the best iPad art app out there if ur a pro artist or literally anyone use this app I use it to make iPad backgrounds and they look like professional portraits (not trying to brag) a slight suggestion is when using the light brush or pen use the darkest color possible without it being black otherwise blue yellow green orange red pink purple they all come out white it’s so amazing how easy it is to use when I first found the app what really sold me was Discount_Draculas comment LOL Anyway if you don’t know how to creat a new canvas or something press the plus sign and the rest is easy enjoy creating OMG i made something and I had to delete it cause it kept saying it had a virus or somthing and the app started being weird once I deleted it it was just fine this is an edit so just a warning to all users and future users take a screenshot of you’re artwork so that if that happens you can simply go to photos and put the screenshot of you’re artwork in you’re gallery!
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1 year ago, comik steve
Great art tool - lacking essential organization.
Overall, I really love procreate as a personal and professional art tool. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s intuitive, powerful, easy to use with a ton of expansive art features, and even capabilities for custom brushes, color profiles, etc. The one thing procreate DESPERATELY needs is a better file organization system, or even the semblance of one. Adding a search bar for finding pieces. Most artists I know that use Procreate, like me, have hundreds and hundreds of pieces from their years of procreate use. Adding a search bar to find old pieces, or having a more in depth filing system would be excellent (‘Stacking’ only goes 1 layer deep, and can be tricky if not frustrating to maneuver). As well, simply adding ‘Files’ iOS app support would easily solve this issue as well. While I do appreciate Procreate’s gallery view to see all pieces, the lack of structure can be an impediment when trying to find pieces from even the past year. Filtering by name, year, tags, or even size, etc would be terrific! Again, overall, fantastic illustration tool! I’ve used it consistently for sketches and finished pieces alike over the years. The simple fix of a single search bar would easily make this a five star app. Definitely an essential for any illustrator with an iPad looking for a streamlined, comprehensive, and portable digital art tool.
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6 years ago, fletcherae
Love it!
I’d highly recommend this app for digital artists, recently I’ve started to get into digital painting, and this app is perfect for it! I’ve tried other apps like ibis and medibang, but they aren’t as efficient, and ibis is clearly not meant for it. The transition was easy, and I love being able to utilize the fact that this is an app and not a desktop download. At first I was hesitant because of it costing money, but I love this app, and it is so cheap for how amazing it is. My complaints? I don’t have any about current features, and the things I’m saying aren’t complaints, they’re just things that would be more convenient. This app doesn’t seem like it’s made for comic making, but it would be great if there was some tools for being able to make them. I’m able to, but I have to switch between ibis (has a text tool, I haven’t seen one on here yet) and Procreate so that I don’t have to be frustrated with my handwriting. It would also be nice to have “stroke outer” and “glow outer” filters, it would be more convenient for my stylized art, and some effects look better with “glow outer” and/or “glow inner” filters applied to them. But these are definitely not necessary features, they would just make things easier and take away the step of taking the file to ibis to apply said filters. Basically, I love this app, and I would recommend it to any digital artists on iOS.
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5 years ago, GHz_ghost
Wow! From an experienced digital artist.
What an amazing app! I’ve been drawing digital art for a long time, and I’ve used a variety of hardware and software; Cintiq, Wacom Intuos, Photoshop, Medibang, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Autodesk Sketch, and more. But oh my gosh, I can never go back to anything else! Using the iPad with a proper pressure sensitive stylus and Procreate is better than any other combination of hardware and software I have ever used. I’m so used to my normal Photoshop workflow, which I’ve been settled into for years, that I was skeptical about being able to get used to another program. Boy, was I wrong. Procreate is so well designed and just works absolutely perfectly for me. My Wacom tablet has gone in the drawer and my Creative Cloud subscription is cancelled. I can’t possibly recommend this app and sing its praises enough. It’s unbelievable how powerful it is, especially for only $10. I’ve used more expensive software that was far less capable. The only tiny gripe I have is that I wish there was a way to turn off the automatic adjustment of adjacent colors when I use color dropping. I'm not sure what this feature might be called, but I can’t find a way to turn it off. Still, I don’t use color dropping to color most of the time anyways. So, 5 stars. EDIT: Figured out how to fix that one issue I had. Turns out it was my own lack of knowledge, not anything wrong with the app!
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4 years ago, araart.xd
Needs audio, stacks working wrong, needs blur
AUDIO: This is such an amazing app for illustrating and animation. So many brushes and styles to draw in. For animation I used to use Flipaclip but it doesn’t has as many brushes as Procreate does. Plus there were limits to Flipaclip. And one thing that procreate doesn’t have is audio. And that’s a pretty big thing for those who animate. Many people have been asking for audio and we need it. That would make Procreate a much better app. If this has audio I’m sure that it would gain more downloads and be a main app for animation for many more people. I really would’ve rated the 5 stars because it’s NEARLY PERFECT LITERALLY ANYONE CAN USE IT but the audio thing brings it down :( STACKS: I have some stacks that are named so I know what goes where. But for some reason when I add a new canvas in a stack it changes the name to “stack” For example one of them is called “animations”. When I add a new animation to the stack that name “animations” changes to “stack”. And not only that, it kind of glitches and makes a different canvas/illustration first. Also, I have to drag the stack to the canvas. When I drag the canvas to the stack, the canvas doesn’t go in. BLUR BRUSH: Another thing is that Procreate needs a blur brush. Not one for the whole screen but a brush similar to the smudge brush. Because sometimes we just need to blur a bit of something.
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1 year ago, transcendentalaccidentalism
Still iOS’s best
There are a few others that do certain things better than Procreate or have a feature or two that Procreate doesn’t have, but they lack other things that Procreate does better than even the OG king, Photoshop. IMO, it does image/canvas size and layer/layer grouping better than photoshop. I would say it does brush creation and modification better, but that’s probably the one area I’m still largely engaged in by trial and error. I painted for many years in traditional studios and still do, which is probably why I can’t quite give in to the lack of impasto texture involved at the surface where paint interacts with canvas. The UI is so clean and effective that even if I am using a different painting app I end up using Procreate in the background for the basic dynamic structural elements like free transforming, etc., importing back into the other app because it’s faster and easier. My favorite recent upgrade is the ability to import videos. I have been making the weirdest animated gifs, which is also weird since I’ve never been inspired to do anything but static image painting and collaging, proving the inspiration factor inherent in Procreate. That being said, it just became the largest app on my iPad Pro by far since the data involved in frame by frame editing can be massive. External SSDs are great for this issue.
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11 months ago, larissamadethis
Great, but…
Often feels incomplete. The animation tool and color fill are the biggest of my grievances. There is, as far as I can tell, no erase fill whatsoever. I’ve heard about workarounds but those are significantly more frustrating than just allowing me to quickly erase a large*, monocolored area. The color fill also often bugs out on me, refusing to allow me to adjust threshold or just outright not filling. Overall, colordrop is significantly more frustrating to use than the standard bucket tool most other art apps have. I understand you guys are going for minimalism (an admiral endeavor, as most other professional art apps of this quality have very overwhelming UIs) but the addition of a proper bucket tool would make the application less overwhelming, not more. As for the animation tool, it is very difficult to create properly colored animations without toggling it on and off repeatedly, coloring my lineart, shading if so desired, merging all those layers together (making the completed image significantly harder to edit in the process) and then moving to the next frame and repeating the process. I do understand you guys are, first and foremost, a drawing software, not an animation software, but an overhaul to the animation feature allowing multiple layers per frame (perhaps each frame could be a layer group?) would easily boost my review up to 5 stars.
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7 years ago, Bauhsoj
The Professional App for Artists
I started using Procreate back in 2011 on the iPad 2. Back then it was an impressive app, despite only being able to finger paint at the time. Savage kept updating it. Changing it. With each iteration it got better and closer to what it felt it was trying to be; a professional app for artists. Nowadays, professionals are using it to create amazing work on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. It’s crazy how far the app and the iPad have come. Everything from movie posters used in theaters and on billboards (Logan), storyboards for films (It), to fine art, comics, and concept art. If you want to do professional work on iPad Pro, this is your app. It may lack a tool here and there, but everything it has is tweaked to near perfection. Blazing fast, smooth as glass, and full of power. Not many developers in the App Store so obviously put in this much work and care. Procreate is what you get when a team wants to make the best thing they possibly can. With Procreate 4 we get yet another amazing update at no additional cost. I feel like I’ve robbed Savage at this point. I paid some small amount of money back in 2011 and what I have now is worth hundreds. I hope they’re making plenty of money, because they deserve it, and I’d be crestfallen if Procreate was no longer around. Keep doing your best down under, guys and gals. We appreciate it.
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8 months ago, Cosmic.Wonder
Beginner Friendly & Affordable
So I’ve been wanting to give this app a try ever since it came out and the hype is well deserved. I was worried the simple layout and compacted design would make things hard to find but it helped me get familiar with the program and its features, its starter brushes feel nice but you can always create your own or import premade brushes by other artists. I also like the ability of being able to record timelapses of your work. I’ve mostly used Paint Tool SAI & Clip Studio Paint throughout my art but Procreate is just as effective. There are some downsides of course. I feel the fill tool can be improved as you need to make an outline if you need to fill a specific area without it filling the entire canvas or add a magic want tool to combat this, the brush size could be better expanded especially for those working on larger canvases, I’m not a fan of layers being limited based on size, the stabilization feels weird and not like typical stabilization on other programs such as SAI or Clip but you eventually get used to it & I wished it wasn’t exclusive to apple. Hiccups aside, this is a very good program for only $12 and there’s so much it offers that the price is essentially a steal. There’s also Procreate Dreams for the animators & even a compacted version if you only have an iPhone. Highly recommended
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4 months ago, Tasokei🌌
I FINALLLY see what the hype was about😊👌🏿🌌🌟
I’m always seeing shorts made from this app and I’m like-“don’t tell me this is all it’s good for.” BUUUUT, now I’m using it daily and it helps me make my Webtoon, it helps me make my character sheets (and shorts) and it’s actually… not actually just straight up best. A con of the app? I think the only thing that annoys me is that the canvas size determines how many layers u have. On Ibas paint, I could have up to 200 layers on a big canvas and it wouldn’t care. Sure, maybe lag every now and again, but I have a generally laggy tablet. I would like to have more than 2 layers on a character sheet, or more than 7 for my Webtoon. The app overall is still really great and the amount of brushes overloaded MY system. I’m gonna say right here I’ve never left a long review before this, but this app deserves one. It’s so perfect in a lot of ways, but like anything, it has cons. Either way, no matter what ur doing, this app helps and I say this from a comic designer, a shorts maker, and a devoted artist. I hope you like this app 😊 like, kudos to the developers 🙌👏 KUDOS 2 U- I mean, a app that you can make it look like a REAL PAINTING or like those trends you always see, I mean CMON THATS A STEAL! Sometimes I think that “huh…did I waste 13 bucks?” But I’m also saying “NAH MAN, THIS APP IS WORTH IT!”
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6 years ago, grl
Missing key features
This app has the best combination of robust features and ease of use out of dozens of drawing apps I've tried. The brushes are easy to customize and have great variation. Transferring docs to Photoshop is a breeze. All the tools and effects are thorough and well done. The interface is sleek but poorly documented, and I only found out most solutions through forum posts after Googling them as there's no Help documentation. As there's a lot of swiping, tapping, and dragging to reveal tools, this is really, really inconvenient. Even the Fill tool is unique (and cool!), but good luck finding it without a walkthrough. The MAIN ISSUE is that there are some features missing that most other drawing and graphics apps have, that make it incredibly frustrating at times and force me to still have to rely on other apps. *There's NO clipping layer option and you CAN'T crop/resize canvases after creation.* Having to shade without clipping makes me feel like I'm 13 and using MS Paint, but even that lets you change canvas sizes. These are options on almost every drawing app I've used (even back on my iPhone 4) for years now. There's also no text tool and you can't draw shapes, which is definitely a handicap compared to other apps, but not treasonous considering its focus as a painting app. Still, I'd love to rely solely on Procreate for what are usually relatively default features. All in all, my favorite drawing app, but not complete enough to be my only one.
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4 years ago, snapdragøn
Love it - would love to see music in the animation feature
As the title says, I can’t express how much I love this app. The layout is simple and intuitive, more than any other platform. Everything flows so well and the amount of brushes they have in the library is insane. I was able to start with the ground up with digital art, and easily recommend this app to anyone who asks or is considering it, you won’t be disappointed!! One of the best thing about this app is how they’re constantly making updates, and Procreate 5 rocked my world. I genuinely appreciate this team for being so on top of things and continuously making it better! The animation feature recently allowed me to try animating and although it’s simple it has all I need - except for being able to import music to animate with. I don’t have anything to bargain with, but I can guarantee I will definitely sell my soul to this app if you allow this feature. Just putting it out there, if any admin reads this and even considers this as an option just know you would be able to make all my animating dreams come true, and I’m sure countless others. Procreate is my preferred animation app, and I’ve tried way too many others, but without music, I’m limited on what projects I can use this for. Either way, I love this app and would highly recommend!
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2 years ago, FoxPyrat
5.3 update leaves old iPad users and 3rd party styli in the dust
I loved Procreate initially, it was the reason I bought an iPad and compatible stylus last year - I didn’t have enough funds for a brand new iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, so I spent ~300 USD on a 5th gen iPad and Bamboo Wacom stylus, both compatible and touch sensitive with Procreate.. the new 5.3 update completely trashed 3rd party styli compatibility - and procreate didn’t warn their users in any way! They are also aware that the App Store won’t allow anyone to revert back to an old version after the auto update… so when emailing customer service, they basically said I’m screwed, and need to get the cash for all new equipment if I want to use their program I paid for.. outrageously rude and inconsiderate, from my view. *They are being generous with such an elite and inclusive art app, and keeping the app -itself- affordable, I do appreciate that - but not notifying anyone and just booting all the poor/budgeting artists out from being able to use the app anymore is kind of classist and absurd. Yes, Apple Pencil is progressing faster than other styli - yet iPads only a few years old can’t use an Apple Pencil. If there was a way to offer an option within the app, to give up some of the new and advanced features, in order to use a 3rd party styli with touch sensitivity.. you could keep all your struggling artists in the net of Procreate appreciation. But until that happens - we’re screwed. ; v ;
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4 years ago, Oni ni Kanabo
Buggy quick menu and some things need tweaking, but great app overall
Trying to use the Apple Pencil too soon after selecting a quick menu option causes it to pop up an additional time at the location of the pencil, stifling drawing. For my workflow, this is a nuisance, and this bug has persisted ever since 5x (I suspect the addition of multiple quick menu presets had something to do with it). I already contacted support and they said this is a known issue, but it has persisted for 2 months now so it feels necessary to mention. In my last review where I mentioned lack of a proper stroke stabilizer, I was told to suggest it on the forums. Procreate should however already be aware that there is large demand for said feature, as one of the largest threads in suggestions (3 years old and counting) is dedicated to it, and moreover is already marked as “considered.” Streamline is inadequate and in many cases inferior to other programs’ options; please add proper stabilization options for line art. Lastly, flipping the canvas view should not be included in undo/redo history. It gets in the way constantly and really sticks out sorely when moving from other art programs. Losing subsequent steps unintentionally because you wanted to see the piece flipped when deciding to commit changes is really annoying when it just doesn’t happen in other apps.
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3 years ago, artofficial1
An app for the ages!!!
Every few years, new ideas and technological innovations and advancements come along that disrupt and change the way we perceive what is possible within the world we live in as well as continue to push the boundaries and limitations of the human mind. When Procreate was first launched on iOS in March of 2011, no one could have anticipated, let alone fathomed the huge success and beast of an app that it has become. Procreate continues to evolve and elevate in ways thought “impossible” before it made its debut on the AppStore and has not only consistently and easily kept up with other big name art software, it has undoubtedly become a leading competitor and top dog in the industry. Procreate is intuitive and very accommodating for professionals as well as the everyday artist and its UI is crisp and orderly, allowing anyone of any age to comfortably create. Now, Procreate has changed the game once again with its 5.2 release and the addition of 3d features, as well as a myriad of other jam-packed tools that will surely enhance the User experience. In closing, Procreate is an art app I would highly recommend to anyone and in a world where the competition is fierce, you have to learn to adapt and like the company behind the creation of Procreate, you have to remain SAVAGE!
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5 years ago, Lolosheshe
Some functionality improvements would make it much better
For the “edit shape” feature, which pops up at the top after using quick shape, there should be a way to easily re-enter this mode, rather than having to redraw the shape...I get that this makes more sense for a vector app, but it would be so much more useful for there to be better shape editing functionality. I find myself undoing because I can’t really see what tiny adjustments I’m making because the “anchor point” blue bubbles get in my way. This should be an option after every most recent line is drawn. Hoping this changes in procreate 5. Also...double tapping on one of the anchor point controls should convert a curve into a point, like in illustrator how the anchor point tool converts end points from curves to straight lines. I just want to draw perfect flower petals! Duplicating shapes is annoying as well, in move/resize mode there should be a duplicate button right on the bottom option panel, so I can duplicate within my layer, rather than navigating from the selection tool to the move tool, only to have my selection disappear upon switching between these two. I notice it happening and maybe it’s due to my own inexperience with the app, but it is annoying. Especially when it just makes a new layer every time I try to duplicate an element.
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2 years ago, Aubreechan
Hands down the BEST drawing app I’ve ever used!
After seeing CSP went to a subscription system and not having any luck with Adobe fresco, I saw a lot of reviews recommending Procreate. I was a bit nervous at first as some complained about it being hard to learn but that’s not the case at all. I’ve only had this for about a week or two now and I can already say I’m absolutely over the moon for Procreate! It’s incredibly easy to learn; (might be difficult for those who have never used digital drawing apps before) I didn’t have to use a single tutorial and have only used the help guide once, which by the way, is wonderfully laid out! The variety of brushes they provide are much more than what I could ever ask for and respond to pen pressure beautifully! There’s also an option to adjust the brush opacity which is incredibly helpful! My only gripe if I had to give one, is that I would like to see more options on the layer menu such as adjusting the layer opacity and having the ability to delete the layer. I’m sure those are both options but having them right there when you double tap the layer would be helpful. Other than that, it’s a great app! I would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a good on the go option.
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6 years ago, Dem/in/Hawaii
Some things about the update.
So when drawing and using the app after the recent update, I was having fun drawing, until these two things started happening. The Gaussian Blur, is my favorite tool to smooth out all the hard lines when making a gradient. but I used it, and it left the Hard Line, only adding a small opacity blur. That’s not what it always has done, and it’s really upsetting that it does that now. Did that ability move to another button? I can use the smudge tool of course but it isn’t even and doesn’t do it to all of the paint in that layer, taking a long time. The Gaussian blur did it immediately, evenly, and quickly! For the selection button, when selecting an area there is a glitch too. When undoing on only the separate line just made, you can’t keep drawing for the selection area! It makes you undo the entire selection area until you’re back to drawing mode and then you have to start over. Is this a glitch? Will you most likely be fixed it in the next update? Procreate is the best drawing app in my opinion, and this is why I still give five stars for now. These are my go to tools, and this is what makes drawing on the app easier and fun! If these stay like this it’ll make the whole experience just worse for me when drawing.
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4 months ago, beardo21111
Amazing for any level of digital artist
This app is amazing for any level of digital artist. From the 4-year old girl that draws with her finger on her father’s iPad on a road-trip, to the professional artist who uses her Apple Pencil and 60 layers to create masterpieces, this app has something for everybody. It has no ads, no in-app purchases required to get the full experience, and no distractions. I personally use this app to draw in my free time, (currently working on my Bill Cipher drawing, going very well by the way) and let me tell you, this app is everything. I started digital art a few years ago on a poor quality paint app. (Not saying any names!!!) I fell in love with the idea that you could just press undo to rid of any mistakes without a trace! It was lovely! When I started digital art, I was using my finger, (oh, what a pain that was!) and soon after bought an Apple Pencil. I felt like a queen, with my pen and tablet! Why not step it up? I bought Procreate, and MY LIFE CHANGED! I was no longer a lowly finger-drawer on a free paint app, but a DIGITAL ARTIST! Of course, I am not a full time digital artist, (although that is my dream!) In conclusion, this app is one of the BEST apps for art out there, and I would not be where I am today without it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, usagi242
I love the app but
I adore this app. It gives me all that I need and more when it comes to completing illustrations. But for the past weeks there has been an error where whilst I’m drawing, the app would just close. I figured i would just give the device and app a break and come back to it later. And usually this would fix the problem. But then another similar problem arose. It would again close, but also remove a square from my illustration. It didn’t matter if there were separate layers. Anything in the square was erased and simply showed the background white. After struggling with this problem for a while I figured that maybe I had too many projects on the app and therefore causing the malfunction. I deleted unnecessary files and the program began to function quicker and the square problem stopped. But that was not the end. I am now coming from another problem that takes the cake. I completed a sketch on one layer and began to work on a second layer. All of a sudden the app closes, and not a square, not even one layer. No, everything I worked on disappeared. Every line on both layers, gone. Of course the undo or redo function is enabled because of the app closing. I really do love this app, so I plead that these problems are fixed. Otherwise I simply cannot trust it, in fear of losing a piece again.
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2 years ago, strawberryspider
Wonderful App, Great Service, some suggestions
I’ve been using this app for about a year now and what has shined the most about it to me is it’s simple, easy to use layout and amazing customer service. They have an email help service where you can ask any questions and receive a quick response in the next 24 hours. No more searching Reddit threads in search of solutions and finding nothing that works. My old MediBang program wouldn’t always calibrate with my Wacom and the program itself would crash all the time interfering with my actual work time- not fun, when I’d Google search and nothing would help. Everything from how to replicate your favorite brushes from former programs to small technical questions - I once thought there was a problem with my Apple Pencil not connecting, turns out my opacity was just all the way low! Ha! This has been wonderful for me, as someone transitioning from another app and overall not too tech-y. My only suggestion would be to offer more free brushes, like a standard pixel brush would work wonders, and brushes that are pressure sensitive or have “wetness” to them like ibispaint. Textures and borders and more and even in-app downloadables like medibang would be magical too. Overall well worth the money.
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3 years ago, SharonMaxine
Closest to hand drawn art in a digital app
I’ve mostly worked with Photoshop and more recently started using Affinity Photo and Designer. I purchased Procreate a couple years ago but never used it that much because I hate that there are no stroke settings for objects and text. I’ve just now decided to work with it more often and am falling in love with the ability to get a more hands on feel to my artwork that I couldn’t get from Photoshop. I wish the app would have the ability to hide brushsets or nest them in a folder style so you don’t have to scroll through the list to find the brushset you need. It is difficult to copy a brush and move it to another folder if you have a lot of brushsets like I do. That way you could simply unhide the brushset with the brush you want to copy and rehide it when done. It would be even better if this could be done at the brush level too. I have lots of brushsets that I would like to keep installed and grouped by the artist and I don’t want to delete them. I just want them hidden and I can unhide them if I want to play around with the brushes from that set. The ability to hide and unhide brushsets would make the app more user friendly and provide a cleaner brushset UI.
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3 years ago, mallidlion
It needs something
See this is a great great app but theres 2 things you need first thing you need is camera movement so theres like a camera option so we can make the camera move zoom in or get bigger and an option to duplicate frames faster EDIT: also this should be easy to make can you plz make an animation assist option so when you create a new frame it stays the same as the frame before so we don’t have to keep on duplicateing and copy and pasteing alotta stuff (plz put both of these things in the next update if you do it will be the best)edit:also there should be a movieclip option when we can export animations into animations say that your tryna animate an explosion you animate it and then make an animation with explosions and don’t want to animate it again so there should be an option for when you doing animations in options put in whatever category and then it should say make a movieclip and then in animation assist you should be able to press a button that says add movieclip and then we can press it and then we could move it make it bigger and make it smaller (also)we need a audio option we can speak in something and the audio will be under the keyframes and we can follow the sound and we can import music or audio from file so that would be good thank you bye
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3 years ago, hrr16
Very Glitchy After iOS 15 update
I very rarely had problems with Procreate before updating my iPad recently. Now though it has become vey frustrating to use. Now when trying to add a photo, the pop up of my photo albums constantly closes before I get a chance to find & add a photo. It’s not just occasionally… it’s every time I go to add a photo. It also glitches when trying to change the font of your text… after trying out several fonts, it eventually stops updating the text despite the name of the selected font changing. I’ve also experienced new issues just today that I haven’t had problems with before. While using color fill on several different shapes (all on the same layer), it stopped working mid way through and I could not get it to work again without completely closing & then reopening the app. Then while adding a photo through the “add file option” (that I now have to rely on completely as opposed to “add photo” which is usually quicker) … the file/photo would not show up on the canvas… however it was showing in the layer menu. I’ve never had those issues before and the problem resolved itself after another restart of the app. It is very frustrating though because I love this app and use it all the time but now it’s becoming a pain 😣 Please fix!!
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3 years ago, K1w3chu
If only the exporting was better
This is definitely a decent app altogether, but the two problems I’ve been having is the quality of images after you export them and the animation. The art often looks great quality while your making it and in you procreate gallery, but once you go through the process of saving the image to your photo gallery, in a file, or sending it to someone, the drawing looks SO much more pixelated. I use my drawing tablet for procreate so it might be different on other devices, but I know for mine the image quality really ruins 5e whole experience as I can’t send a good looking art piece to anything with it still looking good before. My second problem is he never I try to use the animation feature and try to export it as animated pdf it not only has low quality, but majority of the time it DOESN'T EXPORT AS A VIDEO. This has definitely been a problem in multiple situations as I’ve only been able to export a working animation when doing gifs. It might be something that I’m doing wrong but I’ve been having this problem since I got this app and I REALLY need it fixed. If it weren’t for those unfortunate problems this would be a 5 star app. The problems(specifically the animation one) are fairly infuriating for me and ruin my overall experience with the app.
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1 year ago, LuckyWhite1o98
Great but there could be some improvements ❤️
This app is worth your money. Unlike other apps where you have to pay each money, Procreate is a one time payment which I think is pretty nice! The app has many brushes, and you can always make your own or buy some from other people. I made many great art pieces on Procreate! It’s a nice app for IPad, and I would recommend it to other people. But…. There are some things that could use some improvements. First of all the private layer. I think that the private layer is VERY controversial. It does more harm than good. For example, somebody could trace art and nobody would know since it was a private layer. That isn’t good, and could get somebody into trouble. Also, some people who use the private layer say they use it as a reference. Well, just use the reference thing they have? It’s easy to use and much better than the private layer. Secondly, the paint bucket isn’t doing its job. It’s not filling in the things properly, even if it’s closed. Like, it will only change the things I want to fill to a different color or whatever. It’s hard to explain, but the tool bucket doesn’t work. Overall, everything else is really good! I would tell everyone to use it, as it’s a great app.
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3 years ago, Fruitfly098
So close to perfect
I just got procreate about 2 weeks ago, and it’s like the best drawing app ever, it has everything I could ever want from a drawing app and more, it’s extremely intuitive and easy to use as well, unlike many other applications, the only part that I dislike about the app is that it isn’t as superior when it comes to animation. I know Procreate is a drawing app, not an animation one, but it makes drawing so easy, I wish it had better support for animation, specifically adding audio, I wanted to lip sync to a lot of my animations, but since I can’t import the audio into procreate, I have to try timing everything myself, which is a nightmare. If procreate was audio compatible, I think it would be the perfect application for all my 2D drawn animations. But, it’s animation support still has everything I need when it comes to the drawing side of things. So there’s at least that. Either way though I highly recommend Procreate to anyone interested in 2D digital art. If you’re looking to animate in procreate, I recommend it if you only need to draw something, although I recommend other applications if you’re going to need to add audio to make sure your animations match up.
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3 years ago, stenthesatyr
Great app, but it’s been glitching a bit
I’ve had this app for quite a while now, and for some reason when I click on the Inking brush section, it kicks me to the Painting brush section. I can’t figure out why it’s doing that, and I’ve restarted my iPad and the app multiple times. I’m afraid to delete the app because then I might lose all of my artwork. Is there any way for me to fix this without having to reinstall the app? It’s really getting on my nerves. Other than that, this is a great app and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good digital art app. Edit: Thank you Procreate for replying! I was actually able to find a solution to this bug on the internet a bit after I originally wrote my review. I found that if you press and hold on any brush from another category and drag and drop it into the inking category, the inking brushes will open back up and you can use them again. You’ll also be able to drag and drop the brush you used to open it back into it’s original category if you would like. For anyone who may be experiencing the same bug, I hope this helped a bit. Google search can be a bit inaccurate at times, so it took me a while to find this solution.
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1 year ago, JustACleverKid
Trial Version Please; Piracy is a Crime.
I heard about this app from a friend who likes to draw. I went to see if there was a lite version, and found a cracked version (I know, I’m a bad person). However, it ended up working really well, and I could see myself as a long term user so I bought the app to support future development. It installed smoothly and all of my drawings transferred to the AppStore version. There was nothing wrong with it, however any software that I want to try that doesn’t have a lite/trial version, I pirate. after a week, I delete the pirated version and either buy the full version to support the developers, or just don’t use the app. I feel like it would decrease piracy and would allow a user who just wanted to try the app if there was a lite version that was free but had a very limited set of brushes. It would be very easy to just cut out content from the app binary, and would drive more sales. Also PLEASE CREATE AN APP FOLDER IN THE ICLOUD DRIVE WHERE FILES CAN BE SAVED. THIS ALLOWS MULTIPLE DEVICE SYNC, AND IS VERY EASY TO IMPEMENT. EVEN FREE APPS HAVE IT, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR A PRO APP TO NOT HAVE ICLOUD SYNC. Yes I know I can press “select all” to export all as procreate files, but it’s a workaround, not a feature.
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4 years ago, catzmeow33
Er mer gerd awesome 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I’m not a great artist, but it’s so easy for me to express my little creativity using Procreate. I’m also not a pro (haha then why are you using PROcreate) but it’s so much fun to just sketch, especially because of the simple format. I have Procreate on my IPad, and usually use my Apple Pencil when I’m making art, so it feels almost like I am drawing on an actual piece of paper or a canvas, with an unlimited amount of art supplies at my fingertips. I do have a couple complaints/request/suggestion however... could you please add an easy to find help button that has a list of how to use / find different features? That would be extremely helpful, especially for people like me that have a bad habit of randomly pressing buttons until they find the right one 😅 Also sometimes when I finish doing a drawing or anything and I go back to the gallery it freezes and crashes the app, but I’m always able to open is again to find my art saved perfectly fine 👍🏻But besides the fact that sometimes it can be a little frustrating, I think Procreate is an awesome way of making art, no matter your skill level. Thank you so much for this amazing app! Hope all is well, Kat.
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2 years ago, Diddleladay
PROCREATE NOT for the novice digital artist
I’m not sure if I’m a complete idiot or it’s one of the most difficult artist apps I’ve ever tried on my iPad but there’s not even a widget or introductory message to help a person with learning about the different things this app can do I mean for someone that has only used traditional pencil and drawing pad for creating I was so excited about getting this iPad pro and the Apple Pencil and buying this amazing new artist app that has taken everyone’s artistry to new levels at least from the reviews and word of mouth that I’ve heard and read so naturally I jumped right into it with both feet and here I sit after an hour of trying and trying and trying I’m no closer to creating a digital coloring page or animating a picture I’ve already drawn on paper or even adding color or correction to one of my original pieces I did figure out how to import a drawing into the app but that’s about it I feel like an idiot…. Im not sure why I haven’t been able to make this app work for me but I have a suggestion for the next update and that’s a widget or something that will walk you through the basics of the app and some of the inner workings of the app just so someone like me can get started using the amazing digital art app and i will for sure give it 5 stars
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2 years ago, bri…..
Amazing app! There’s one thing…
Hello! I’d like to say Procreate is probably my go-to app for sketching, it’s a breeze and wonderful to use! A minor issue I would like added (possibly!) in the future is the usage of audio and music input. As the other reviews have stated, I believe this would add a major amount of downloads to your app. Again, another thing I’ve noticed is: the fill bucket. Often, it will color the circle the correct color but leave a thing trace of the background color behind, but I’m not really worried about that. Back to the audio/music option: I really think this would be wonderful for beginner/pro animators alike! Other apps don’t compare to the lovely quality of this one, with hundreds of brush options. It’s just nice really, compared to toner free apps I’ve tried, this one by far is the best. Thus, the missing audio input is what disappointed me the most, as an artist and beginner animator, the music/audio brings your character to life. And you also need it to lip sync, add movement or footsteps, etc. If you could, could you try to add a music import within the animating portion? I’ll await the day it may happen! Well, thanks for everything Procreate, and making my drawings look nice and smooth.
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2 years ago, PARKER1331
Love it, but needs current updates
Been using this for quite a few years now. Love the App, however I noticed overtime rarely get any updates on bug issues. And it seems like every couple days there will be a freeze up in the midst of drawling. Or doing a fill in any parts that are drawn will leave a thin negative line between the outline and what was filled. also would love to see some update in the future with the text other than using warboard to store to be able to actually arch without having to use other apps to do so. And even using a high dpi and then moving or skewing the picture not have a new girl pixelated and have the redraw it all over again. for the most part I love what propriate has given for such a small amount but at the same time I would pay $50 to 100 for this app if it would include more. For being a one time payment as low as it is and getting as much as I’ve gotten out of this app I do think that says a lot about a company that made the software so I don’t wanna completely be negative. But if it takes more money to get more things included in procreate I think it would definitely be worth it as long as it’s not a monthly rate or yearly rate.
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1 year ago, Nathanael_F
Love it, but have been experiencing glitches lately
I’ve been using Procreate for a couple of years now, and I’ve been loving it. It has really helped my development as a digital artist since it is generally very easy to use and a polished drawing/painting experience. However, over the past couple of months it has been glitching to the point where I’m hesitant to start new projects except for commissions I’ve already been doing in Procreate. When I’m drawing or painting, I’ll frequently get lines that skip or come out squiggly, even when I’m using a consistent amount of pressure. The most annoying is when random lines start shooting out of the pen, usually at the end of a stroke. It got to a point where it even changed the opacity of my brush and closed me out of the app without me doing it. I’ve taken my iPad to the Apple Store and the diagnostics didn’t detect any hardware or screen issues, but I factory reset my iPad to make sure it wasn’t a software issue and the problem persists as much as it ever has. I still really love the app, when it’s working properly. It’s just a shame that these glitches are annoying at best and a hinderance at worst.
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2 years ago, App2ooo
Mixed emotions in Intuitive and fluidity with the Keyboard and trackpad.
Procreate has been a great app for artists whether you are an enthusiast, a hobbyist, or even professionals. The tools are great for most situations, Grouping to keep you organized, and not to metnion how great it is with the Apple pencil. Here is my main problem with the app. If you are using with the keyboard for undo, redo, color, layer shortcut, etc, It is amazing, but Keymapping your own keys. would be helpful as I do not prefer doing gymnastics with my index finger trying to press the "B" key. I would love to remap to the "A" Key if I can. Another problem when I was using the magic keyboard case is about the trackpad itself. Navigating with the trackpad is terrible for panning the canvas. I cannot use the two finger pan, but I can Pinch to zoom, but it's a hit or miss, and if I keep trying to pinch, it registers "Undo", which I didn't want to do. There is also a software bug where I try to name the canvas on the starting screen, It does the animation like the usual, but It just aborts the action, which is quite frustrating and I have to open the canvas, go to canvas settings, and rename it there. If these problems are fixed, This would have been the best experience for users who does use keyboard and trackpad or a mouse.
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4 months ago, thewinxer
Incredible app but could use some more features
I love this app, it feels like a computer app on mobile! But when I transitioned from ibisPaint to procreate there’s one specific thing that I can’t do that I made life much easier. These are a select tool that selects the inside of a shape from lineart, a shape tool, and a text tool. Back whenever I was using ibis paint having a select tool that functioned similar to the paint bucket tool was really helpful! I could draw and erase in one specific area without worrying about ruining nearby areas on the drawing and I didn’t have to use a clipping layer. As for the shape tool, it’s annoying trying to use the current shape tool where you hold and it makes a shape, every time I have to change the shape type to get the right shape. And finally the text tool, I can’t write, my handwriting is absolutely horrid, a shape tool would help a lot with making clean and easy to read text for people like me who’s handwriting is terrible Edit : my procreate suddenly stopped letting me import any photos whether it be into an existing drawing, when creating a new drawing, or in the reference tab!
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4 years ago, idk, its just me miki
Love it!
I love this app. I have had this since before it cost anything to buy/download. I have used it so much as of late and it’s become my new drawing program of choice. I only have one major issue. I have disabled every touch function or gesture except the press and hold for an eye dropper tool and the pinch to zoom/rotate. However, for example when I’m trying to make a selection and I have my hand resting on the screen sometimes it senses that as me making another point in the selection. Its really frustrating. Also sometimes if I’m trying to write words and I have my hand resting on the screen it’s like the Apple Pencil cuts out and makes sorta like dashed lines. When I lift my hand it doesn’t do that at all and lines are smooth. Also sometimes if I go to start to draw and I rest my hand on the screen it will be like I’m pinching the screen to zoom or move the canvas around. Yet I’m not doing that by choice. I only started to notice this be more of a problem since one of the latest updates. Before that I had everything disabled as well and almost none of what I said above happened.
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5 years ago, Chazmania
Haven’t used Procreate for very much yet, but what I am finding is fantastic! My only two issues so far involve creating glows and drop shadows and adding fonts. It is much more difficult to create these glows and drop shadows than it should. In order to do either, it is necessary to create a second text layer below your main text layer, and blur or spread that second layer. However, if you want to change the shadowed or glowed text, even if you just want to move it a little to get it aligned as you with with the main text layer, you have to recreate the layer anew as there seems to be no way to edit the text once you have changed it from a standard text layer. In terms of fonts, it is great that we can add extra fonts so easily, but if you add a font to the system, Procreate ignores the fonts you have added via iPadOS. This makes adding fonts to Procreate a pain because you have to add the same fonts separately to Procreate that you just put so much effort into adding to your iPad system. Apple doesn’t make it easy to add fonts, so once you’ve done it, you want ALL your apps to be able to access these fonts. Aside from these two issues, Procreate is an amazing drawing program.
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6 years ago, Alejandra79
Really good, and worth your money-Updated
I don't generally write reviews but I've been using this app for almost a year now, and though it doesn't have all those qualities a computer might have this is pretty good. It's not the hard to use and allows me to do simple things that help everything. From being able to slide the size and opacity meter. To actually having a laso tool, and creating folders as well as your own canvas size. I also great enjoy the future of importing brushes people have made. I was able to get some good brushes to use. Overall 7 dollars for this app really grants a lot. I was also very surprised on how many layers I could open depending the size of that canvas. Overall it's really good. Edit: Okay with the brand new update, I absolutely love it. This app is honestly amazing, the only thing that bugs me or that could be improved is being able to pictures outside of the canvas. Meaning I would be able to bring in reference photos and place them outside of the canvas. That way my drawing won’t be interrupted. Aside from that, I’ve had this app for almost 2 years and I am still not even close to disappointed. :)
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2 years ago, its ok123445826394
Great!, but..
This app is amazing, and its the only drawing app i use currently. There are only a few things that i’m not sure about. One, when you first download the app, everything is incredibly confusing. I didn’t know how to lasso, to bucket fill, or how to change the opacity of layers, but thats nothing a quick email to the (very nice) support cant fix. I just wish it was more guided on how to use things. Two, the brushes arent all that flexible to work with, excluding the lineart, sketching, airbrushing, and a few others. Some of them just look lazy and weird. There is a wide variety of brushes in different categories, but i still feel like there could be more to make it feel complete. Third, i feel like making custom brushes could be easier. Its just so hard to learn how to make them, and tbh, i still don’t know how. I also wish that you could make accounts so that if you loose your device or break it you could have all your progress saved. Otherwise, i think this app is amazing, and if you can afford it, its definitely worth every penny once you get the hang of it. Just don’t feel afraid to the email support for help!
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