Progressive Leasing

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Prog Leasing, LLC
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User Reviews for Progressive Leasing

4.71 out of 5
33.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Roman.13
Great option instead of credit!
This is my first review ever and I want to help people out with this. First of all, I’ll be clear I had never used credit so it was hard for me to get approved most places. I found out about this some time ago and didn’t even qualify the first time. I tried again buying a special gift for someone & it worked great! Obviously if you don’t do the 3 month early option you’ll pay double or more doing the longer options. ALWAYS call about your purchase and request the 3 month purchase option! It should start when you receive your purchase not the moment you place an order. You’ll literally pay only what it’s worth with no interest. They even increased my buying power by 2 grand after my first purchase. Customer support has always been supportive, just don’t get frustrated during any situation. I don’t understand how people have trouble with this. Just follow directions don’t be dumb.
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2 years ago, dftrsjb
Good customer service
Great customer service whenever you need to call in. I been using P.L. Since 2018. I have bought a ton of things. Both needed and wants. Just so you can have a general idea of the things you can get. Nintendo switch with game’s. Bed frame. Bed mattress. Box springs. Sofa. Ottoman. Air conditioner. A closet. Great for apartments that don’t have any. Pillows. For my bed and sofa. Blankets. Sheets. Pictures for my walls. Ear buds so I can jam while at work. Apple I watch. A laptop. Apple ihome. Galaxy tablets. Bose speaker’s. Cell phone cases. Cell phone charger. And a few other things I believe. But can’t remember what they are. It’s definitely worth use. But always remember. If you don’t pay it off in 90 days. You with be changed for it double. So it’s like you’re paying it off twice. Or buying another one but only having one. So make sure you stay on top of the 90 day’s.
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1 year ago, Poor-folks
Great for when you don’t have cash to buy outright
Things happen whether you have kids at home or bad credit etc if you need something spur of the moment that you don’t have the money to pay out right for like replacing appliances that have worn out etc this allows you to spread out the cost over time. There is an early pay off option which cuts down the interest etc that gets paid out. It’s only for 12 months so it’s pretty short term compared to a lot of your other rent to own places. This gives you the chance to purchase the name brands the you prefer with out having to settle for something less. Would use again if I needed to.
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2 years ago, gammaJames3
Be careful with the lease agreements
I made a purchase at Lowes for an appliance. Due to the pandemic, there was over a two month delay before I could get the appliance. Progressive did not start taking payments until a week after I received the appliance. The lease agreement is very vague when it comes to explaining when you can use the 90 day same as cash option. There is wording that indicates its “after you receive your item” but its actually when you place the order. I signed in thinking I had plenty of time to pay off the purchase because I only had the fridge for a month, and found out that I missed the early purchase option. I accepted the responsibility of getting hosed, but again the lease agreements are very vague to take advantage of naïve buyers. Had I used a credit card, I would not have been charged until the item was shipped. Progressive was sued by the FTC; its apparent that they did not learn their lesson. If you choose to use Progressive Leasing, make sure you understand what you are getting into.
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3 years ago, clxtheme
Screwing Me Over
I started leasing a computer with them when I was still working at my old job, then I lost it and was out of a job for about two months or more. I used everything I had in my savings for all of my bills, I always paid on time or a little early too. Because I was out of job for so long I ran out of savings and It wasn’t until now that I got a new job. I’ve only had one pay check since I’ve been working here, and I used it to pay bills immediately. They charged me twice for the same payment and took all the money I have right now, I called a week ago for a refund and still have yet to receive it. Today I was suppose to make a payment but now I can’t because they took my money and I still haven’t been paid yet. Now my credit score will be hit, and I still don’t have my money back. Just because I’m young doesn’t mean that I’m stupid. I don’t recommend this app or company, there are some places out there that intentionally screw younger people over.
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3 years ago, Tristen Vaughn
Progressive Leasing is wonderful for those with little to no credit history or less than average credit. Instead of using a 3 digit number to define you, they take a look at your finances and work history. This service has allowed me to purchase an entire living room set, a 70 inch 4K Vizio TV and soon, a new lawnmower. This app is wonderful. I’ve made on time payments and have paid everything off within 90 days or less so I’m not spending a ton of extra money for using the service. Also, if you ever need to call customer service for any reason, their associates are outstanding. Wonderful company.
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1 year ago, Justalittlepurple
Don’t think you’ll ever get ahead…
I pay extra payments between my auto debt one (I don’t cancel auto debit). Anyway, I was at 150 on one and 80 on the other. I was so excited… then the last two months things changed they added all these extra costs and the payments are increasing on top of it. So disappointing and thinking of taking them to court personally. This is not okay to do to people that are coming to you to purchase things they need because of the inflation in the USA since Covid. My payments were once $30 and now they are $63 (haven’t bought anything else just those two leases) My pay off for the one that’s $125 are now at $275 and the one for $80 is now $220. This is someone that makes double and triple payments a month and these are how much they increased in just two months. I hope I save someone from this nightmare.
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5 years ago, Brownpride143
Quick & easy
Walked into bestbuy to purchase the HP Envy. Issue, I didn’t have all the funds. Sales rep shared info about progressive leasing and at first I was hesitant. We continued to discuss the stipulations and it started to make more sense. I only recommend using progressive leasing if you’re disciplined and accountable with your finances. The end state was the purchase and it took all of maybe, max 20 mins and minimum of 15 mins to walk out with a brand new computer. “Catch 22” if you fail to pay within 90-Days the program is legally authorized to double down on you and now you bought two items but only received one tangible item.
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11 months ago, Tigger1387
Customer service
Worse customer service I have experienced. I couldn’t purchase my item I wanted. I call their number waited three minutes for someone to answer to only be transfer in less then a minute. Then that representative disconnected the call because I didn’t take her off speakerphone. Then I had to call them back to be told I would have to wait longer to transfer.(since they can not call people back after a disconnection) So why am I speaking to the first representative if they can’t help do anything. Then asking to have my account removed was like pulling teeth. I have to wait 2 days for e-mail to confirm I want my account deleted (me telling the guy to delete does not count) then 10 days after the email to have it deleted. Worse experience ever. I would not recommend this place to any one.
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5 years ago, RonCross
Simple and transparent
This app makes managing your leasing accounts easy and convenient. It shows you every payment you’ve made, what your balances are and when when your 90 option expires. Not only does it show you the deadline it should you much you’d need to pay. More importantly though it shows you how much you’d pay if you DON’T use the 90 day option. Ive been able to manage and pay of 2 leases simultaneously within the 90 day window using this app. Making additional payments is as simple as a couple of clicks.
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1 year ago, 000109107710
Horrible app
Could you make a worse app you can’t pick a store it just keeps asking you to apply for credit no matter what you talk on the screen! Literally one of the worst apps I’ve used yet These app developers just don’t care anymore they are like here’s the app use it or don’t we don’t care I’d be better off just going to the store and picking out what I want because 5 minutes on this app will have you ready to throw your phone because all it cares about is getting you approval that you’ve already done not to mention this isn’t the first item I’ve bought this way so why am I applying for credit to start with if I paid off the last item in full on time
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3 months ago, W702m
Awesome financing option
I don’t use credit anymore. Got into trouble with it. The only thing I have credit wise is my car. Sooo, when it comes to making big item purchases, I have used Progressive Leasing for about 5 years now. Have always paid it off before the 90 day mark too. I don’t mind their little fee that they charge. They’re not making too much off of me cause I do pay it off in time. Plus I save money by not letting a big purchase sit on a credit card for years lol.
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5 years ago, Demmie*
I appreciate the company for extending me credit when Conn’s would not. Very easy to deal with, make arrangements, make payments, get approval, and pay off. Their app make it easy as well. I’ve used them a total of 3 times and looking to use them again. I’d also recommend them to anyone that has not so great credit looking to buy merchandise and quickly pay it (the items) off in 90 days or less. I do not recommend if your going to pay for the merchandise in 2 years or more. The finance cost is ridiculous (double).
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6 years ago, The Talkative Dancer
Accessible Ownership!
Beautiful company to be able to get a product for cheaper, and to be able to have the option to pay it off. Especially for someone who is building their credit, and doesn’t want another hard inquiry, but also doesn’t want to dish out a huge lump sum of money, this app is a perfect medium to have ownership at an affordable price. Big tip though, aim to make purchases you can handle using their non-interest option! Literally twice as affordable than the minimum payments spaced out over a given time.
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3 years ago, Shy Mitch
Great service
Progressive leasing is one of the best services I have used. If you are thinking about getting new furniture, phones or appliances this is definitely the way to go. The payments are affordable and based on your income. I have used this service twice and paid everything off within 90days for half the price. After being a loyal first time customer you are able to raise your credit limit, customer service is great. I have no complaints.
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5 years ago, neverlease
Rip off!!!!
I’m paying DOUBLE the price of an iPhone probably even more than that. $200 a month and that’s not even to put time on the phone just the progressive. When I signed up no one could give me an estimate of my monthly payments and the customer service is okay but once you have a problem with their company they turn horrible. I do not recommend this to anyone at all. This is my first review ever so that should tell you a lot. I’m now paying for a phone that’s been lost or stolen. Absolutely horrible.
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4 years ago, Cece Obama 08
Let's Get The Facts Straight!
First of all I was approved. I'm happy about that. Secondly , it's funny how I see all the "Bad Reviews" about Double Down interest! What do you expect if you're leasing furniture, mattresses etc. Its clearly due to you not Having The Money, Credit Etc. So for a Company to Give You XyZ Amount of money and for you to Pay it off In 90 Days is a blessing. Especially when you didn't have any other options! It's time to Grow up and Realize nothing in Life is FREE! These companies have to make money as well. Why do you think they are putting the RISK in you to PAY. They are taking a Risk and if you Knew You couldn't Pay it off in 90Days!! Which is PLENTY of time then you shouldn't have Purchased it or you should have of PAID Cash. Which you didn't do either. ( cause you have bad credit or you are BROKE! Get a Grip and Grow Up.
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2 years ago, mf-41
Second time using
It’s not a bad experience at all very easy to start I would like to say that he needs a better update for people who wants to do the 90 days same as cash and also approving people on their amount just telling them upfront for instance I was approved for 27 but they only told me 2000 and then once I may purchase they told me I hadAlmost 700 leftBut once again process is very easy and simple and I will continue to use the service
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6 years ago, ttttttyyuuuyyy
Great company
Had a couple dings on my credit and personal loans aren’t always the best option. But progressive leasing gave me a hefty amount towards a purchase. I did the 90 day purchase plan, but I payed it off in about three weeks (23 days). The money is paid back in full to them and the product is mine. I Love this company and the help they provide, when other options seem out of reach! Will definitely use again! And would highly recommend them to anyone!
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2 years ago, A-1200
Progressive leasing itself is an amazing tool for people with little to no credit my issues are with the app itself. It is extremely unmanageable every time I log in I have to go to my email that’s annoying. Y’all don’t have it set up to be functional for you consumers at all. If I were y’all I would give the app an easier way to get to everything for the customers who aren’t as tech savvy. Maybe put it to where you can see how much you’ll have to pay per check if you wanna do the 90 days. And also send a text verification like everyone else it’s too sensitive and really annoying
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3 years ago, DaReyale
I purchased a laptop last year through progressive leasing and I loved it. The progressive app made keeping up with payments easy, however, I just purchased a new item and now the new lease will not appear in my app. I have looked for a place to input my new lease number, logged out several times, and also clicked on the already have a lease link in but I have yet to be successful. Please help!
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10 months ago, CassiRaeOfSunshine
Never again
Both my husband and I have used Progressive last year and paid off our products. Went onus not again and our payment method (that we’ve used over the last year) declined the initial payment to purchase. Our bank does not show Progressive trying to pull this payment out at all and did not have a block on Progressive. Could not get the items we were approved for because of this and all Progressive will say is that I have to submit back and front of my ID, me holding my ID, a photo of my social security card, and 90 days of bank statement in order to take a “block” off of my account.
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4 years ago, TySamona
Unable to access my lease!
SUPER annoyed with this app right now. I have been trying for DAYS to create an account even called and spoke with a representative so that I could set up online access to keep track of my payments and to make payments in the future HOWEVER, when I try to create an account using both the app or logging in through the internet it’s telling me that my lease is not found! I even tried my lease ID, social and DOB and I’m STILL getting a pop-up that says user not found! It’s annoying bc I’m receiving emails yet I can’t get access to my account! The process starting the lease was very easy but trying to access my lease has been horrible and I’m not satisfied!!!!!!
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2 years ago, mxdlin
I never make reviews on here. HOWEVER!! This deserves it. The app is comfortable to use, can access information extremely easily. The backbone of this leasing company is the customer service and it was a great experience. Jen was super nice, and helpful👍. I do feel that the surcharge to actually lease is over charged on purpose. But thats the name of the game. Just be sure to be mindful of the 90 Day lease to own date.
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4 months ago, Nina Watson03
Great Blessing
Went with my son to guitar center. Feeling bad because I didn’t have any money to get him a birthday or Christmas gift, since the are literally back to back. We walked in, he liked a guitar. Must admit, I did too. We were told about Progressive Leasing. We applied and got in. Paid out in 3 months. They allow you to make payments above your scheduled payment. It is a Huge Blessing. ❤️
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5 years ago, Mister__Sir
The app is fine but...
This review is primarily for the company. Progressive Leasing allowed me to purchase a beautiful diamond engagement ring for my girlfriend. Without their help I would not have been able to afford it at the time. My review would be five stars however the only reason it’s a four star review from me is because the cost of leasing from them, if you cannot pay it off within the 90 day period, is just too high. I will be paying it off within the 90 day period.
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5 years ago, tina_928
Why I liked it
It was fast easy, and they give you a payoff amount for the first 90day’s! I just love that if you ever need something,and you don’t have all the money upfront. That you’re able to pay it off weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. You have many options to get you’re items paid off weather you want a 90day pay off or the full term there both really great options.
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9 months ago, Noneya12345678901
It’s a good service if you don’t have credit
I have had several leases with this company and it’s always worked out great. I make sure to pay off my lease in the 90 days so that I don’t have an immense amount of interest to pay. So far I bought all my cell phones through this company and I bought some things through Lowe’s. I was going to buy a new washer and dryer through this but I can’t get the app to work as of right now so, we’ll see if I keep using it.
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7 months ago, Neiphi14
Payment methods not working.
So I’ve had a lot of issues with trying to put my debit card and even my cash app card on file for a while now. I had them on file before but because there were times that I couldn’t pay, they’ve cleared every card I had on file and now won’t accept any card I try to put on file. The account that it has on file is my Wells Fargo account and I closed that account a long time ago but I don’t know why I kept that one on file and won’t register any other one.
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8 months ago, Hahbkgnkdfjsc
They do not care about you!
I set a plan to pay furniture through progressive leasing. Somebody stole my card and I had to wait for a new one, I contacted them to let them know of the situation and to hold on charging until I got my new card and we set up a payment plan for the next month going forward. Then to find out after contacting they STILL Tried to charge me 2 different payments in that same month and since my account was locked they viewed that as me not paying and added almost $4000 dollars to my plan 😕 THEY ARE TERRIBLE AND WOULD NOT FIX THEYRE MISTAKE!!!! I Will never use them again.
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6 years ago, therealrobdavies
Too Confusing
Payment details are very vague and make it difficult for the user to understand if they’re paying the correct amount, if paying the 90 day terms. Definitely needs to be reconfigured. Always call/contact company directly so you don’t end up short on your payments if you’re choosing to pay off within 90 days (interest free) in total.
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2 years ago, Aaron likes minecraft
Money was taken from my account without any confirmation?
So I was recommended this app by a friend and I decided to check it out. I check the app out and decided that I didn’t need to use it because I just don’t need it. As Im no longer on the app anymore I get charged $63 without any warning or signature or any form of transferring money. I have no clue as to what I was charged for or how the money was taken out of my account and when I check my banks app the money was taken out after I was no longer on the app. I am confused and mad as to why I was charged still don’t understand it.
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4 years ago, Your fawking mom
Your app continues to charge the card the was used to originally open the account and will not let me set any other payment method as the primary method. I have used several other methods linked to a separate bank account, yet the app continues to charge the original card that opened the account. Even after I’ve made enormous payments compared to what my weekly payments are, the app still charges this card, after I’ve made payment, before the next billing date. There are no options to remove a payment method or set any other payment method as a primary. This is extremely annoying
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4 years ago, BigD624
If you are looking to lease obviously you cannot, like myself, afford a large payment, went to buy something that was 1700, they then wanted to charge me a total of 300 a month for a grand total of 4000 in payments over the course of the year. Do not use unless you absolutely are desperate, you will be overpaying when the smart thing to do is use the money they wanted you to pay over the next few months into paying down your credit, don’t dig yourself a deeper hole!! This does not apply if you can afford to pay off within 90 days, for which I suppose it’s acceptable, much more reasonable and fair
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5 years ago, TRHIC
Tax with every payments???
I like the option to pay overtime but this is definitely a loan shark type of scenario. If I would not have chose to pay my merchandise off I was looking at paying an additional almost $400. You also pay more than purchase price with the 90 day option already just not as much. My suggestion is if you don't need it, don't use it. Pro: You can purchase what you need if in a bind immediately. Cons: You pay way more for your purchase, it can easily be a trap for many with unstable jobs/income, and tax with every payment is absurd.
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6 years ago, jspeaight6
3 year client
This is a great company I’d recommend them to anyone. All other the other leasing companies they kind only get your hopes up high you know only to let you down. Progressive is simply fast and there you go the items I could not have afforded I have them at a second after my approval. Thanks progressive now I was able to get my wife the ring she truly deserved!
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1 month ago, Jnavarro47
Worst company to deal with
This company is the worst company to deal with in terms of customer service. My information was provided to them, and they keep repeating the same information to me over and over again. It's not worth the hassle, trust me. There are other companies out there that work with you and can at least follow up by email if something was received or not. They keep saying that I never gave them the information, when i have reciepts and proof I did and also from my bank. The rep I spoke to was just reading from a screen!
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4 years ago, Monet Kay Love
No issues
I’ve used progressive for 2 different phones now at third party phone stores . I don’t like that there’s such a huge difference in 12 month vs 3 months ( 90 days ) but hey that’s the price you pay for buying things you can’t afford lol. No issues with them, have definitely helped me plenty of times and a very simple company that works with you when needed. I just wish they built your credit like acima.
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3 years ago, MrEvanJTaylor
Virtual Card Feature Needed for Apple Pay
I was approved through GameStop, and I went to a GameStop to make a purchase and was told that I can not use my lease because they are not allowed to manually enter in information due to people stealing and making fraudulent activity so threat require a virtual card in Apple Pay. So I was not able too use it and fear it will expire before This is implemented.
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5 years ago, runnerjay10
Quick and user friendly
I’ve never leased anything beforehand and so knowing there was an app and I could pay through the app with multiple pay options I was very impressed and happy. I just paid off our couch and it was any easy three step process. Very happy with this company and would be happy to lease through them again.
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6 years ago, WWJD4U?
Good enough
I liked using the app instead of having to go online. But it wouldn’t save the Touch ID option and the payment schedule would sometimes be confusing or wrong. But when it was right it was easier to check what I owed and when the next payment was than looking it up online. It was easy to check how my balance was. I really wish the Touch ID would save though, it would have made things faster and easier for me.
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5 years ago, Quaneze
Love Progressive
Yes I love them so much. Let’s me have an option to make a larger purchase without having to immediately break the bank. I loooove progressive. The feedback I will offer is for there to be a list of stores supported instead if the map pins. Or simply have both. That would take the customer experience to the next level.
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3 years ago, Tia_boo417
App is garbage
This app is garbage and so is the website. My lease will not generate on the app. I’ve contacted customer service multiple times and they’ve done nothing to resolve the issue. And for anyone complaining about all the interest charges and fees you really need to read the fine print. If you don’t do the 90 day same as cash be prepared to pay double or even triple what the merchandise is worth. That’s the whole point of this company is to make money off people. Don’t buy more than what you can afford and you’ll be able to pay your item off in 90 days.
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3 years ago, David1987777
Inconsistent and pointless
Ridiculous program with inconsistent results. Bought furniture I needed with a good limit the first time. Went to use it again... I make 3 times as much as I did before and I was approved for way less, hardly enough to buy even a cheap couch. Was going to use this program to furnish a new apartment but doesn’t make sense. If the results were consistent, I wouldn’t be upset. Was actually looking forward to doing this again with a few different companies progressive uses but obviously not anymore.
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6 years ago, aparicio12
Thank you John.
Progressive has messed up twice with declining my card however when I expressed frustrated the manager John took the time to calm me down and help me by clearing my balance saying merry Christmas and I hope your holidays are well and thank you for being a loyal customer. I appreciate it to this great company and will business with them again
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3 years ago, Cortimi
Flawless execution
Downloaded, approved, shopped, new items in my hand all within two hours. The fact this directly ties in to the storefront for the retailer and lets you order directly to arrange for pickup is the killer feature for these guys. Will definitely use again.
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2 years ago, 132aweswom
Was good
When I first got the app at the beginning of 2021 it worked great. Now I miss payments because it either won’t load, so then I am late or it loads and then it will just load go blank and do nothing and be a white page. I wouldn’t recommend at the moment until they have an update again and fix a lot of issues. But the payments and options are great and wouldn’t complain about that although percentage rate it high..
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3 years ago, oj immot
Charged me twice and NO WAY to contact them!!
I saw today they charge me TWICE for over $100!! I am up to date with payment and this never happened I thought it was a simple glitch in their system. I cannot for the life of me get an agent to assist me with the correction the number I found just rings then cuts off. There’s no email to contact as well, this is terrible and messed up on their behalf. They should have a chat or something available. Not just a phone number that doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Easy auditor
No Credit is a lie
I have used Progressive Leasing for over a year and have purchased quite a few things. I was very happy that I had this option since my identity was stolen and it is hard for me to make purchases other wise. Not one missed payment on anything now all of a sudden I’m denied to purchase anything else. I just received a letter today that said it had to to do with what was on my credit report. This makes absolutely no sense since bad credit wasn’t suppose to be an issue. Very upset , you lost a good and reliable customer.
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2 years ago, dbrown2532
App Issue
I truly do love progressive leasing. But this app is absolutely horrendous and very much has been an inconvenience to me. I have been experiencing the app totally freezing on me and glitches out to my Home Screen since maybe October of last year. I have made the issue know with Customer Service. And nothing had been fixed on my end. Please fix the issue and my rating will be adjusted.
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