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User Reviews for Publisher Lite

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6 years ago, mkee808
For an out of practice layout designer, this is just good enough.
I was the layout designer/editor for the features section and front page of the daily college paper making $10 an hour in 1994. I am also an amateur photographer. The Adobe Suite subscription service is a bit overkill for me for how much money it costs every month. Occasionally, I would like to do a flyer or a brochure or something and this is just good enough for my needs. I can layout photos with exposure controls and masks and filters. I can add backgrounds and layout text. I can rotate and flip objects. I haven’t even gotten into the document templates yet, but it looks like there are lots of brochures and menus and business cards and such. There is also expansion packs of additional templates that can be purchased for 99 cents.
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5 years ago, VolunteerE.D.
Does what I need it to do
I am the volunteer Executive Director for a VERY small, grassroots non-profit. I am the jack of all trades with our organization which includes having to create posters, flyers, postcards, etc. I had Publisher with my old job and have also used Adobe Suite, but we cannot afford the costs right now. I find Publisher Lite online easy to use and it does what I need it to do all for free. If I want to get a little fancier, the costs for upgrading are much more affordable than most others out there. I do find the sizing a little challenging, especially when trying to fit to U.S. standard sizes. Still, overall I am very satisfied with it.
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6 years ago, TexNati
Non-US Formats
European Paper Sizes Only The app is easy enough to use, but only supports European paper sizes (A4, A5, etc.). If you are hoping to use standard U.S. paper sizes (8.5 x 11 for example), you must figure out a work around.
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1 year ago, Gs3456
Easy to use program for brochures and flyers
I'm not a computer expert, so I needed a low-cost program for designing brochures that's easy to use. This porgram is very intuitive... it's just what I was looking for. I had a question about moving the program to my new computer. So, I emailed Support and had a response in less than five minutes... from a real person. Had another question and had another really quick response with the answer. That's great support.
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7 years ago, Christothe1st
Thank you!
I never give reviews but this app and it’s developers deserve it. I searched for hours to find a flyer maker / illustration software, after the one that came standard on my Mac would not function. It wasn’t until I found this app that I was able to make a nice flyer for a benefit to help a child born with a rare and serious congenital disorder. This app helped me to create promotional material to potentially help raise money for this infant who is fighting to survive. Thank you to the developers for making this free as I could not afford to pay for a flyer maker.
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5 years ago, Rgbuggs
More Than I Had a Right to Expect
Our HOA needed a low-cost solution for a newsletter, but one that would still be eye-catching, versatile, but easy to use. The reviews on Publisher Lite were so positive that I decided right away to give it a try. I haven’t needed to go elsewhere. We’re on our third issue of the newsletter and the plaudits are still coming in. This is a great app for occasional use. I’m so glad I chose it.
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3 years ago, Liz005
Stops working every few minutes?
It seems like after a few actions, all the editing features stop working. I cannot select an image or edit a shape anymore.. weird! Not sure if this is buggy?? Or, if it’s part of the Lite limitations, and if so, this free version is not really a functional software if I can make only 5 edits in a file. Otherwise it looks simple and comprehensive enough to use.
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7 years ago, podpocket
publisher lite review
I absolutely love this app.I have used it for everything from typing flyers to making a resume, and even party invitations! It's simple to use and it offers a plethora of options that would suffice even the most extensive user!
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7 years ago, PuebloSem
Does Great
So good, you’re able to create pdf, jpg, and other files. Helpful for flyers, postcards, facebook picture edits. One limiting factor is that you must pic from selected sizes of canvas and it’s hard to resize once a project is created.
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6 years ago, jasonisnowhere
No US Letter Size?
I was disappointed that the availble pages sizes to chose from did not have US Letter. Such a basic and widely used size should be standard as part of any app. A4 is not used as much in North America. When trying to print on US Letter, I could not find a way to make things fit without undesired borders.
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4 years ago, Simplytired
excellent - but...
I'm very impressed with this app, except for one thing - if there's a way to chance the color of fonts, I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated.
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1 year ago, PROTELmedia
Great for small business
It has helped my company produce professional looking brochures. Thank you!
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6 years ago, Flatfoot809
Publisher Lite
Does the job very nicely. Not overly complicated but does everything I need it to. Exactly what I was looking for and can’t beat the price. Very Impressed!
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7 years ago, Djrossie
User friendly
I love the simplicty of this program!!! was able to download and create a project in minutes….. Awesome!!!
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7 years ago, MekaGQ
This app is typically super useful, but it just crashed twice and has crashed atleast two other times before. FIX IT!
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7 years ago, cac1209
Not user friendly
I spent hours creating a document just to relize that you can’t print on standard US letter paper. The closest option is A4, which causes everything to be off center and the bottom to be cut off. Huge waste of time!
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6 years ago, Stir Fry Willie
I like this app a lot!
Thank you for making something so user friendly!
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6 years ago, cyan62
Easy and versatile
I like this app for my purpose of creating various home-based pubs. No glitches so far. Thanks
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5 years ago, Gesiglobulin
Good app
I like this app! It's easy to use but I wish it had American page sizes.
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7 years ago, grf819
Not very intuitive -
I was looking for a simple, intuitive app to design single pages - this app is NOT intuitive - its even hard to figure out how to set up a 8.5 x 11 inch page - all their templated are not that!!
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7 years ago, Fleischfresserarbeiter
useless in USA without standard US paper sizes
Good luck getting it to print with your available paper and envelopes and printer in the US. Otherwise it would be okay for small print jobs.
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5 years ago, Juggalopina
Not US Friendly
If you want to try a sample print, you will not be able to with the Lite version. Letter size is not available without purchase.
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5 years ago, Some guy that uses it
Hard to figure out
Hard to figure out how to get the text color to work
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7 years ago, fundraiser - PRIDE
Worked well for my need
It was pretty easy to use. Wish the paper sizes could be adjusted to US sizing.
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4 years ago, Senior Citizen 166
I love this Lite version.
This is an easy to use, lite publisher app.
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9 years ago, BeyondJ
Love it!
I love this app and plan to pay the full purchase price for it. I love how easy it is to use. I was able to make a beautiful invitation letter with matching envelope. I hope it has more templates to choose from in the full app. I reccommend this app to all those who need a quick and easy to use publishing suit.
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2 years ago, Dhaowint
What in the world would you want a program for that won’t let you design and print in standard sizes?
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7 years ago, ESzocska
Only European Page Sizes
Can’t set page to US letter. No custom page sizes either.
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6 years ago, Megaldon333
Gave up
took 5 minutes of trying to find the letter sized paper as apposed to a4. Gave up I will go find a publsher with American Sizes
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7 years ago, jaliceh
Can’t open Microsoft Pub docs
Some research indicated that it would, but it definitely doesn’t.
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7 years ago, Jane Doe jr.
It was trash
It was the worst app I have ever used. I couldnt even copy paste a picture when I wanted to make a brochure.
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12 months ago, Laura Williams - 2542
APP Does NOT Open
App does not open. Therefore, cannot retrive and edit my old docs. Lame
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6 years ago, Plaid is Rad
No 8.5 x 11 size!!!!!! This is a UK app only!
If you’re in the USA - don’t buy this app! No american sizes- it’s all A4 and other weird european sizes!
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3 years ago, sesame.95
crashes all the time\
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5 years ago, KamilAlexnadra
Publisher lite
It will not downlaod on my mac at all
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5 years ago, Radekelly
Freeze App everytime
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8 years ago, LBinCA326
Maybe it’s because I used lite and they want me to purchase full?
I could not figure out why my text was not filling the full space of the text box so I contacted customer service and explained all of my trouble shooting. They came back with a response to try something that was in my original email to them. I figured it out myself and told them the fix. Apparently you need to select a style for it to fill the space, it defaults to "select style" and I didn’t notice, but I don’t think that should matter if it accepts the text in the first place. When multi-selecting boxes the alignment functions did not work. When trying to use the bullets the app would freeze. The first time it happened I thought it was a fluke so I quit the app and started again. The second time it froze the app would not let me quit, or force quit, or log off my Mac, or even shut down my Mac. I kept getting an error that I could not log off/shut down because the app was still closing. I finally had to do a hard reboot.
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9 years ago, Rana a terry
Very good Application, simple with nice features
Very good Ap. Never mind the version I have is free but it does have some nice features. Intuitive and decent editing tools. It did crash on me once before saving but I re-opened it and whatever I had before was recovered.. I am thankful. Give it a try, I will probably buy the full version… I like it.
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9 years ago, Meggan 71
Great replacement for MS Publisher!!
I had to switch to a mac in my new school district and all my publisher files were unreadable. So I am recreating them with this app, plus some new things. I love how creative you can be with this app!!! For my purposes, as a school counselor, it is perfect. I will upgrade as soon as I get paid again!
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8 years ago, Smadacram
Lite Version Crashes!
I was making a poster out of a template. Everytime I try to add bullets to a text box it locks up and I have to force quit everytime. Even after a reboot. Using ElCapitain on a MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM with I5 processor. Other than that the ease of use is good and does a fine job for simple tasks like I do.
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8 years ago, Sarah.Schumann
While the app is very user friendly and seems great, it cuts you off halfway through designing your first project!! The Lite version is a scam and you might as well purchse the app or use it to see if it’s user friendly or what you want. There’s no way to actually design anything to use on this app. It’s more of a demo. I wasted an hour working on a newsletter for elementary school and can’t even access or use it now that the app is asking to upgrade. BOO
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10 years ago, Patrick0000
Originally thought the program to be hard to use. After about 1 hour of using it I was able to make a beautiful brochure and very pleased with program. Thank you!
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9 years ago, tommy's first mommy
super easy
this was super easy to add photos and edit text… I used the furniture template to make a mothers day card with a bunch of photos surrounding my text… 2 minute learning curve - it was great!
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9 years ago, Emma Buttimer
Very Good
This app so far is perfect and fits my needs, btw to make a calender open a blank page and click calender since most reviews say they dont hae that feature.
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9 years ago, RyanTDarby
Intuitive and Practical
I was very impressed that a free program like this was so useful for making an event flyer. Couldn’t imagine a better free program for this purpose.
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9 years ago, labluezlady
I’m totally computer illiterate & when i say, this is a very easy app to use trust it is! I am getting the upgrade because I’d love to see what more can i do with this. I am truly wow’d...
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9 years ago, Camera Guy 513
Cool for being FREE
I like this app. It's pretty cool for being FREE. Especially if you wanted some basic stuff instead of paying $100 for MS Office Publisher ;) Thanks for this app. My mom and I both thank you lol
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10 years ago, Arelia99
Just what I needed! I will be upgrading as soon as I can because I liked the program so much!
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9 years ago, APYRE
wish i had read old reviews
I downloaded because like someone else pointed out it states that you can make calenders. Dont know how that works since there is no template for calendars. Gave two stars because at least the app was free. I have pages so I dont see this as a very useful app for me.
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9 years ago, battmann69
Excellent Tool!
I can’t believe it’s free! I’d been looking for a program like this and am very excited to have this. Thank you!
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