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Publix Super Markets, Inc.
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9 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Publix

4.9 out of 5
213K Ratings
4 months ago, you gotta love Publix
My Happy Place
I love going to Publix for several reasons The atmosphere in the store is so nice and relaxing. The people who work there are so polite and are always willing to help. I really enjoy the deli and produce department. And the bakery such wonderful assortment of goodies and bread. All you have to do is go to the deli or sub counter and you know what a great store it is by the number of people on line. Some people may think it’s too expensive to shop in Publix but it’s really not. This truly explains what great customer service publix has. Two years ago, I went to Publix with my husband who was not in the best of health. When I arrived at the store I parked at the curb and found a manager because I needed an electric cart for my husband. I asked him would he mind taking the cart out to my car so we could get my husband. He was so kind and helpful When we finished shopping my husband waited while I got the car. The same manager again helped me, got my husband in the car, loaded our groceries and took the cart back into the store. Sure I can go to the big W but for the few cents I would be saving, it would not be worth it. Anyone who has not shopped in Publix, should try it at least once. Trust me it is a great shopping experience
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11 months ago, Few-Reviews
Best grocery app of them all
I realized I’ve been shopping at Publix for a year because this week I got a coupon for free anniversary flower bouquet in the app, (thanks Publix lol!) and the Publix app is good enough to deserve a review. I shop sales there and love the ease of finding them (vs a 10 page flyer, eg Kroger which I don’t ever go to anymore, and Kroger’s app is too bad to bother with) with the aisle it’s on too (so I don’t wander around looking and waste time). I’m an Aldi shopper primarily, but have added Publix to my grocery trips because their app is so efficient. The app will even list “For you” with sales on what you’ve bought previously, and the rest of sales are divided into bogo and department. It takes like 10 mins to add sales to your list, and can add extras quickly. As I shop I can click and it will auto put it at bottom, another click and I can remove all those. Whichever people designed this app and update it are terrific. I’m in a place with grocery saturation and the helpful Publix employees and low stress shopping environment wouldn’t be enough for me to continue shopping there on their own (I get bogged down by too many choices), but the app makes it absolutely worthwhile.
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3 years ago, Principal Agent
List Function
Update: Thank you for bringing back the Coupon On/Off button on the List function! Maybe some of the other issues will get fixed soon, too. Hoping! I’ve used the app for quite a while, but never the list function. I used Grocery IQ, which was the best when it existed. I started using the Publix list function a few months ago. It has some bugs, like the produce, deli and bakery are always at the bottom of the list even though they are the first section of every store I shop and there is no way to reorder the aisles myself. Also when adding items to the list there is no indication after you type the item that it has been added, so I often add the same item multiple times. Just a blink or something please. But the WORST, is a recent update that has taken away the button to filter out digital coupons. There are many, many more coupons on my list than items I actually need to purchase so I have to scroll and scroll to find what I need to buy, and several times have missed items. PLEASE bring back this function.
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1 year ago, MimiTN1
Great Store But App Could Be Better
**Update - app appears fixed. Raised to 4 stars. I use this app weekly. This morning, all but a few of the BOGO offers are showing up and the link to the ad seems broken because there is 0 (zero) listed under view all there you select that option. I tried to reach out for support but their chat function is non existent for app issues, other than log in, which appears to be a bot anyway, so that wasn’t helpful. I realize I can call in, but I really just wanted a quick way to report this to an actual human being. Just hoping a developer sees this and fixes it. Under normal circumstances, I’d give this app a 4 (and will revise if it gets fixed). For convenience of the customer, they really need to modernize/integrate all of their services in one app like all other grocery retailers vs having three separate ones for store, pickup and pharmacy. The in store app also needs some work as far as making shopping a little more efficient, such as help with finding a product in store and reflecting prices for in store products, but it works ok for looking at their sales and savings when it works. Their stores and associates are wonderful!
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3 months ago, nettluvsunchild
My Favorite Supermarket
Publix is the place to shop, it’s the whole package considering the service with a smile, awesome customer Service, great product selection, the BOGO,s OMG! The BOGO,s has allowed me to fill my refrigerator and cabinet's at times where I thought I wasn’t going to be able too. The produce is fresh, the bakery is amazing, I also utilize the Deli , which by the is time savings, I can go on and on Trust me! The meat dept will cut up your whole chicken without an extra charge, the store is clean, the return policy is hands down the best with no questions asked. I’m telling you you won’t find a better place to shop for groceries. Publix you’re in another galaxy in comparison to others. Please don’t change and continue to offer competitive prices and delicious, fresh affordable options. Oh and Did I mention the Publix app? Amazing…..if you don’t have the Publix App, you’re missing a whole experience if not a movement. I absolutely love Publix. Honestly, Thank you
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3 months ago, Weso1812
Doesn’t work if logged in
When logged in I’m unable to view the Publix weekly flyer and or deals. This started happening around November, 2023. I’ve asked Publix employees if they’re aware of any issues and they said dozens of customers have been complaining about the app not working. Logging out doesn’t necessarily fix the issue either. You may have to uninstall and reinstall the app, and don’t log back in again. This is the only way I’ve found that I can even view the store ad, but I’m unable to use any of the features that require you to be logged into an account. The moment you login to your account, everything quits working. This issue persists on both my iPhone and my iPad. I don’t know if it’s an application issue or iOS, but hope the issue will be fixed soon. Edit: After reading solutions to other problems I found something that corrected this issue. If you’re experiencing the above problem, try changing your store location preference, and then change it back to whatever your preferred store location is. I don’t know if it’s a permanent fix but at least for now it’s working again.
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3 years ago, Vmpyrchik
Used to work great, but...
My husband does our shopping on Sundays after he goes to church. Today marks two weeks in a row that he cannot access the app for the grocery list (list will not open, nor will the ‘weekly ad’ section and the ‘search’ function doesn’t work {on a simple search like ‘milk’, a message comes up that says “Sorry we can’t find that. Try rewording your search or reducing your filters.” For MILK??!!}). Last week we got lucky; I could access it and snapshot & email it to him. This week, we have to rely on our rusty, middle-aged brains to remember. 🙄 I went to the online contact form and it says “Sorry our system is temporarily offline’”. Why do scheduled maintenance (yes, that’s a *guess* but probably a good one, since it happened to weeks in a row at the same time) during peak shopping hours? And if it’s not scheduled maintenance then Publix needs to check into why their app is crashing each week. Especially with the pandemic, people (including us) are using the touchless pay features more and more, and with the app down, this is no longer an option. Please find out the issue, Publix. We love shopping there and we loved using the app, but not the past couple of weeks. 😕
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3 years ago, cczep
App very buggy
This is an update to my review below. Since the time of the review Publix’s app team worked diligently to figure out the problem. Even though the problem/solution wasn’t spot on, it was enough that I could adjust my VPN settings so that I could get my apps to work again. It appears that sometimes app and VPN updates can affect one another so it’s not always a one sided problem. I’m happy to be able to use the app again. This app used to be great and now very recently it no longer works when using a VPN. Even worse when I turn off the VPN the app no longer works, won’t let me log back in & the only remedy is to delete the app & reinstall & start over. NOT very convenient for a frequently used app. I have already call tech support & have gone through the problems with supposedly a fix but it did not last long. Can’t log back in. The website isn’t much better as it also won’t let you use it when using a VPN service. Doesn’t say much for Publix’s concern for customers’ security.
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3 years ago, Em1019
Good - needs improvement (again)
Yet another glitch… if you add items from the home page under the header “Deals picked for you”, then go to the “Weekly ad” at top of same page, then select “view all”, the ones you JUST picked on the home page aren’t selected.. so no problem, tap them again right? Well when you go to your list the items are there twice. Kind of annoying. Please fix. Thank you Also to note- my last complaint about the coupon bar that comes up at the bottom of the screen when you select a coupon is much fast that before- so thank you for that. But what I don’t understand is why it has to come up AT ALL. Maybe just keep the error box pop up that pops up when the coupon isn’t available? The “coupon clipped” notification bar at the bottom isn’t necessary. Just having the scissors icon go from green to muted gray means we clipped it. Sometimes less is more.
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1 month ago, lyrics30716
Confused on services on products
Shopped in the west Boynton Publix today. Not my normal store, but was getting gas and decided to stop in since it was convenient. I wanted a few pieces of fish… so I went to the deli to find a few old .. over cooked pieces. I asked the associates if there would be more… the look I received as deadly. I then just said thank you and walked away. I went to the case to select a bag of chicken to see the same thing. Literally burnt chickens in the bags… I then went back to the counter to have a sub made. They informed me they do not make Italian subs… I looked at the board to my surprise I did not see it. So again I said thank you and walked away. I proceeded to cash my order with no issues. I was still hungry and decided to go to my regular store closest to my house ( Aberdeen) I walked to the deli and ordered a hot Italian sub… without question my order was completed in record time with seeing beaming smiles behind the counter. I’m one to believe we all have things going on, however Publix has a unique reputation of service. I’ve shopped both in the 30 years I’ve lived out west. Unfortunately my experience in the Boynton Beach Big store may be limited. My store is full of exceptional people… I even tease the service counter when I buy lotto tickets of being held against me because I never win! Thank you for this time . A smile goes a long way!
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8 months ago, Vangie Nelsen
Save the environment bring your own bag’s.
I love shopping at Publix! Great deal’s, love your app too because it remembers what I bought prior. I do wish the store carried Izze sparkling beverage 70% juice, in a 6.4 oz can or bottle comes down to matter of preference or what coastline your on. 🤣 I know the Nutty Fruity dried fruits is a vendor item just wish I knew who to contact to get more of the Tangerines 🍊 and Orange 🍊Slices. Publix on N 27 is out too. I make my own smoothies/ frappés at home, and I miss the frozen fruit that had watermelon, cucumber, pineapple, strawberries, and coconut . Who do I speak to about getting that bag into the store? When I talk to my family and friends I’m always recommending shop Publix not just for your great prices but for the way y’all treat your customers like we’re part of your team/family, and I thank you all for that. Thank you Publix for being in my neighboring town so I can shop your store.
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4 years ago, kjjri
In recent version, removing checked items deletes history
Edit: In this most recent update, I went to the bottom of my shopping list and clicked Remove All to remove my checked shopping items. After I did this, I went to both History and Favorites, and all of the items here appear to have been removed. This is a big negative since I often base my list on what is in my history or favorites. Big bug to fix in this update. Old: Love the app, it’s so easy to make a list. I have noticed that when I search for an item, the search results sometimes repeat themselves, and if I click add to list, it might add it more than once. I can just remove it in the list view though. I really love that it has the aisles that the product is in, and it would still be even more helpful if, like the Target app, there was a floor plan of each store with aisle numbers and product location included. The pay feature is great, I used it for the first time today. Keep up the great work.
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3 years ago, Reenee17
App is glitchy
I have been using this app for a long time now. When it’s working, it’s awesome. When it’s not, it’s a real bummer. Nothing is worse than to be standing in Publix and searching for a coupon, you find it, clip it, and it says “error”, and won’t allow you to clip it. I’m at home right now trying to clip digital coupons, and getting a lot of errors on several offers I had intended on buying in the next hour when I run to the store. Now I won’t buy them. Also, since the most recent update, when I open the app, it takes almost an entire minute for it to finally respond to my tapping to open the coupons, or weekly sales ad. Not having this issue with any other app. I’ve even tried turning my phone off and back on to reboot and that’s not helping. I believe there’s something causing the app to glitch.
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4 months ago, AlbiFunVR
Several bugs
After the recent update (version 4.60) the pay in app functionality doesn’t work anymore giving the error “Unable to get PIN enrollment status”. if you log out and login back, the issue is fixed for the first utilization only but you understand this is a waste of time right when you are in a hurry to pay. This is only the latest and worst of other bugs, showed up over the past months, such as: 1) Auto location suggestion disappeared. Until a couple of months ago, when you opened the app in a store different from the default one in the application, it was automatically suggesting to switch. This very useful functionality has now disappeared and you need to manually change the store every time. 2) e-receipts disappeared. Again if you log out and login back, they will show up but only once similarly to the pay in app functionality that works once only. 3) e-receipts shows the receipt image only while the product list button doesn’t work anymore.
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3 years ago, J Manci
Love this Publix app But More clarity needed about the five dollar reward
I love this public app and I signed up using the payment when they promised a five dollar reward off your next purchase of $25. My only issue was they should have been more clear because apparently you need to spend $25 the first time you use it and then $25 the second time you use it in order to qualify for the five dollars reward. My first purchase was only $23 that my next purchase was over $50 but I didn’t get the reward because both purchases weren’t over $25. I called Publix and they said thatThe next purchase over $25 would make me eligible for the reward so we’ll see if that happens. I would have just liked it to been more clear because I could’ve easily spent the extra couple dollars on the first purchase to make it eligible. Other than that grate app!!
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4 years ago, inspredbyjulua
It improved, however...
One of the last updates brought several great improvements such as the ability to build a list of favorites which makes compiling a shopping list easier and thus faster. Sadly, I spent a fair amount of time doing this, but when I logged in today my favorites list is empty. I tried using the contact form from the profile page so I wouldn’t have to leave a bad review, but it says “service unavailable.” I tried rebooting my devices, but that did nothing. Very sad that it looks like I will have to build the list all over again. UPDATE: I started adding to my list and everything reappeared so I am changing my review to 5 stars because the app really improved since I first started using it. It looks like these are just bugs that need to be worked out. Hopefully someone will see what happened and get to fixing it. :)
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4 months ago, Hyhgxcdg
App is buggy and unreliable
Every update introduces new bugs. App freezes for several seconds after start-up so I might as well just pull out my credit card - it’s much quicker. Today was the third time that I went to pay and kept getting a PIN error and eventually found that my credit card info was missing. Now every time I try to add it back the app gives me a “timeout” message even though on the last attempt it took me 32 seconds to type in my info and the message pops up immediately. I suspect it’s not a timeout at all but just a problem with my card not showing but the app not wanting me to add the same card again. This is probably my last visit. Food City is more common in my area and has better prices and better selection. I usually come to Publix be a use it is relatively the same distance for me but is less busy so easier to get into and out of. But if the app only slows things down then it’s not worth using and not worth shopping there.
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1 year ago, 70xseven
Page freezes
The app is fine until I try to view something in the weekly ad (not scrolling), and the page freezes and I have to reboot my ipad to fix it. The same thing happens on my phone, but I am able to get out of it by swiping right. Doesn’t work on the iPad. Do you have a fix for that? Update. I can unfreeze the page by tapping on the upper left corner where “back” is supposed to be. There used to be an x to allow me to close that view of the page. UPDATE. Thank you for your response but you did not indicate that problem is fixed. The “BACK” option OR the X needs to be replaced. I was frustrated by this problem for several months before I accidentally happened upon a work around. Up till then the only way I could figure how to fix it was to reboot my iPad. Thanks in advance.
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4 years ago, Marce3210
I think that Publix is the very best grocery store in the world. You cannot beat the BOGOs! The produce is fresher than fresh, the seafood is amazing, meat is cut fresh daily and the butchers will honor any requests, the bakery bakes fresh breads daily with unbridled passion, the deli not only fries chicken every 3 hours but undoubtedly makes the finest subs bar none, the store is kept clean by enthusiastic associates, and customer service excels beyond belief. I have shopped Publix for over 50 years. No matter what state I am in, including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama the consistencies are the same. When you enter a Publix it is like going back in time. This company wants to make sure that you have the best shopping experience while doting on you as you shop. I cannot imagine shopping elsewhere. Thank you Publix for keeping Mr. George’s vision alive. He would be proud and honored that his beliefs have stood the test of time.
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6 months ago, Painter P
Could Improve
Has anyone gone to a Wegmans store to see how they do things? I have asked a few times to get some items that we miss from central New York. It seems like no one pays any attention. Also, every time I get fresh fruit already cut up, I think someone should show the workers how to cut it up. Inevitably I have to throw some of it out because it’s not edible. We went up north this summer and Wegmans had their own organic Tuscan garlic bread that was absolutely delicious and it was a huge loaf for $6.00. Also, Hofmanns snappy grillers - Publix used to have them. Not anymore. Also, Wegmans brand blue cheese stuffed olives are the best. And Wegmans Italian Sparkling Water - fantastic! I suggested to a manager to get Lupo’s Chicken Spiedies - never heard a word - someone should try these - they’re located in the Binghamton, NY area. Don’t get me wrong, Publix is my go-to store here in FL. I am merely making some observations. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, maustin89
Working again !!
I had previously left a negative review as an update earlier this year completely broke the app for me. The developer response suggested I contact customer support and I finally did so today - it turned out there was some kind of bug in my account that prevented me from updating any account settings including phone, email, etc., and this same issue was also responsible for breaking the app. After a quick email exchange they got it straightened out and the app is working perfectly again. A+ Publix ! As for the app itself, it’s excellent in design & functionality. Very easy to use, and all its features are super useful whether it’s list building, clipping coupons, checking weekly specials, or viewing order history. So happy it’s working again! 😃
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6 days ago, Dulsadarlin
Best shopping app!
This is a very useful app, that I use every week! It helps me to easily see what is on sale and create a shopping list. Great job! I do like the ability to see what will be on sale a day early BUT with the most recent update, those are no longer marked with red text, so I have to look at the sale dates in each item, which takes time. Ideally the filter function would show only the sale items for a specific sale cycle but if that’s not possible, can you bring back the red text? This in the only reason for a 4 star vs 5 star rating. UPDATE: I know how to turn off adding in the preview of the next week sale items and I want to see them, not turn them off. I just need to be able to more EASILY (text used to be red) identify which are current and which are the next ad. The red text was removed with the last update.
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1 month ago, Bye Publix
Publix Should Be Ashamed!
Publix’s management should be ashamed of how they have continued to raise prices. I understand that COVID impacted the food industry including the production, supply, transportation and distribution of food. These problems have resolved yet the prices continue to rise. I consistently try to shop at local businesses rather than national chain stores and commend Publix’s employee and community support. I reached my breaking point this past year when I found that I could consistently purchase the exact same items for considerably less at Walmart even when Publix offered a “two for one” sale on the items. While prices have continued to rise, the quality of produce has declined. I now shop at Publix for specific items (eg Publix ice cream and the holiday sale on prime rib) or for items I cannot find in other stores. In my opinion, Publix has used COVID as justification to attain higher profit margins. Publix has the right to charge whatever they want for items. I choose to shop elsewhere.
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9 months ago, apple_annonymous
Aisle Info Incorrect for Generic List Items
For the last few months the app has been putting items in the wrong aisle when adding them to the list. For instance, if you add sliced cheese without searching for the specific brand it shows cheese in aisle 13 on the end cap (sliced cheese is not on an end cap). If you go into the item to update it and pick cheese for the location it still shows it in aisle 13 on the end cap. But if you go look up the specific brand, it puts it in aisle 15 which is correct. When you edit the correct item it uses the cheese location as well but it’s in the right place. It like the location information for the generic items doesn’t match the brand name items. This happens for several things such as jelly beans, certain drinks etc. The ability to add items without having to search for the specific brand is super useful. I was hoping it would be fixed in an update but it’s been months and it’s still sadly broken.
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4 years ago, circus lilly
Deli subs
I really love Publix’s! The last couple of times I’ve ordered a sub from this Publix’s they haven’t been ready at the scheduled time my Publix app has said to pick them up I have had to wait at least 30 mins over the scheduled time . What is the point of ordering online if I’m going to have to wait anyway at the store. This is really annoying to me ! I did talk to a manager on duty the last time and all he said was , I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do for you , I’m just the manager on duty, which is even more annoying! The people working at the deli said your order is still hanging off the Machine where the orders come out. They had a long line , the people standing in line were annoyed that they would make an online order before serving them . There must be some way to fix this mismanagement. Thank you
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2 years ago, carlsrich13
Try using an timeliness feature
I understand that sometimes stores get busy and delayed orders can’t be helped, but a few too many times I’ve had to wait 30 to 45 minutes beyond when my order was supposed to be ready. There’s no way in the app for me to address a completely delayed order and I end up paying the same amount for my wasted time. Otherwise I can cancel, which I’ve wasted time and my lunch break for food I won’t be able to purchase. Apps like Uber Eats offer discounts or partial refunds for orders delayed beyond a certain time. Maybe try that? It’s gotten to the point where there’s no real benefit to using the app when I end up waiting for my order longer than those who show up in the regular line after me. This is not meant to insult the workers or the stores. I understand things happen and I’ve never taken anything out on them. This is solely about what the app could do to improve its efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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1 year ago, Gustavo de Brito
List is almost unusable after the latest updates
I shop at Publix for years and this app got much, much worse in the latest weeks, because it kicks you of the shopping list and reloads it frequently, making the shopping experience a real nightmare. That’s what’s happening in detail: Arriving at the supermarket I look for the first item on my shopping list, put my phone in my pocket and after grabbing the first item and unlocking my phone to mark the item as checked and see the next item, guess what? The app pulled me out from the shopping list, forcing me to wait for the home page to load again and then load the list, all over, over, and over again. Imagine when you have +20 items in your list? This makes using this app in the supermarket a terrible experience, on top of using more data. I got myself waiting for the shopping list to reload in every corridor! I hope Publix fix this, because while shopping there is great, the digital experience is a pain lately!
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7 months ago, 987654321why
Very Helpful App!
I am a loyal Publix shopper of more than two decades. I’ve followed the many marketing methods and feel the need to finally write to congratulate Publix on providing a very high quality App. Along with your many other attributes; cleanliness, courteous and helpful employees, and super savings, you continue to grow and improve the shoppers experience. The app allows me to map out my shopping, filter my searches, review lists of items I have previously purchased. I also love the “sneak peek” feature. The Publix Club is also fun and helpful with its Rewards and Perks. The electronic receipts very useful. I could go on and on. Thank you! I promote Publix to everyone and visit Publix stores whenever I travel. Shopping with the app gives me the satisfaction of playing a game with a guaranteed Win!
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3 months ago, Beretta32
I’ve been all around the states. I am originally from Florida HOWEVER I’m not bias when I say this. Publix is the best grocery store there is AND THIS APP!!!!!! Why didn’t anyone tell me I could make a shopping list and see all the deals available all on one app!!! Are you kidding me! I’ve been buy on getting one free for 2months now! Cut my grocery expenses IN HALF! I’m not down playing those who go to whole sale store and buy in bulk GOOD FOR YALL! If you’re a weekly shopper like me you needed this app 10years ago and you won’t know that until you download it! Also sign your phone number up for membership! “WHY?????” You ask, because on top of you finding all the store deals from this app YOU RECEIVE ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS AFTER YOU ENTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER INTO THE CARD READER MACHINE THINGY 😂. Ok get the app thank me later BYE 😘
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3 years ago, KBSVSMNY
Publix App
The Publix app is just ok. Great for seeing what is on sale. However I wish it was more sophisticated and would reflect prices and if the item is in stock at the store. Walmart, Whole Foods and Target apps are more advanced. Unfortunately I am finding myself shopping at the other stores mentioned because of the ease of use of their app. I could never have imagined buying food at Walmart however the app and pick up process has changed that for me. Adding the items in the app when I run out has made shopping so much easier as I never forget anything. I have tried instacart with Publix and determined the prices were too high. Why pay extra when you don’t have to with other stores offering similar service.
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3 months ago, Blutrk
The app is a joke! 😂
I do shop at Publix, I only use the app to see sale items. I do not give out my information because of the tracking and selling of personal information. Also the price of an item is a secret 🤐. They don’t want people to know how expensive they are and to be able to compare! I find that it actually makes me shop elsewhere. I will say I like the deli and meats better, but that’s where it ends for me. Since the pandemic 😷, there was the need to shop other places for many things. What a rude awakening I got. I was never a price shopper, although I do like a bargain when it is available. Being forced to shop somewhere else saves me a ton of money. 💰 Example; an item that I bought elsewhere for $2.72 went on sale at Publix, two for $7.00! I kid you not! The more I payed attention the price, the more shocked and aware I became. It’s not like this with every item grant you. Nonetheless it’s amazing how many times I have found this occurrence. So now I realize why Publix doesn’t give their customers the price of merchandise on their app! I have knocked on average 28% off my grocery bill every week. I’ve turned my sons on to this knowledge and my friends also. I will still shop at Publix, they just get a lot less of my money 💵 now. And they are a major player making billions a year. They can do better for their customers. Greed Kills!!
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1 year ago, Britchie9147
Great App!
I have been using the app to order in-store pick-up items for several years. No problems until they moved the pick-up away from the Deli. Nothing serious though. I have used the list function for the last several months. It makes getting through the store so much quicker. Sometimes the item is shown as being in the wrong location or no location but this is easy to correct in the detail of the item. There are a couple of improvements needed though with the Favorites function. Deselecting the Heart icon does not remove the item from the Favorites list. Also adding a sort capability would be welcome. Most recent isn’t all that useful in this instance.
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9 months ago, Rifle lord
Good but has some ideas to do better
Love the order ahead feature but unfortunately I have had a few times where the deli person must not read English or something cause it’s been late or wrong(like recently had them do that nasty Italian? multigrain bread instead of white idk why it’s so salty even *I* who love salt can’t stand it). This is a problem cause I’m a cashier and don’t have forever to burn when I’m on break. Also prices would be great if listed when searching through the app from deals to just items in general(“save X amount” doesn’t always cut it). Wish there was the option of garlic bread, this onion bread I’ve seen promoted but can’t remember the name of, sourdough, etc as bread options in the app/ordering in the deli in general that would be amazing sounding. Just a few thoughts.
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5 months ago, Betty Carter
Omg please please please for the love of Pete, make the search function functional. I search “publix block cheese”, and I get 117 shredded cheese options that are every brand BUT Publix. The search needs to be refined so that when you search for something you can actually find it. I know that this is possible; even the separate Publix Delivery app has the ability to search for specific items without having to sift through sometimes hundreds of irrelevant items. And as long as I am begging here, please please put prices on things. Walmart is cheaper. But if you shop smart, Publix can be really cost effective with coupons and other offers. But I would have to spend way less time in the store if I could prepare a list within my budget. I almost exclusively shop at Publix and plan a lot of what I eat around their deals. But it would be so awesome if those two issues were resolved.
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3 years ago, maryh54
Publix in Cullman
Publix has been a God send for so many families in Cullman and surrounding areas, including my family. The staff is friendly and courteous. They will actually show where a product is instead of waving vaguely and saying something like, “Well, it should be on aisle 7 or maybe 8. If you see an associate there, they’ll probably show you exactly where it is.” The people at checkout are very patient and greet you with a smile. The extra plus of having groceries taken to and placed in the car is invaluable, especially for customers who are unable to do so. The other departments in the store including fruit and vegetable, bakery, seafood, milk products, pharmacy, etc help make the store “complete.” All in all, Publix is my favorite grocery store and I highly recommend it.
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6 months ago, Darcyp60
Never have I EVER🤩
Honestly I never use grocery store apps or coupons because I forget to bring them or the line behind me is long so I don’t use them-and usually i save maybe $2.32 cents so I just don’t feel it’s worth all the trouble:/ …& usually it’s just me forgetting!!! BUT WOWOWOWOW!!!! Using the Publix APP is fantastic and goes beyond any APP I have!! It finds all the “Buy one get one” -HUGE SAVINGS for non perishables you’ll use anyway! So nothing wasted!! I used the APP for the first time yesterday and saved over $90 for products I use all the time!! AND the best part is that they put your sale items in order of the isles!!!!! GENIUS!!! We just moved here and I don’t know this store very well at all:/….Such a time saver!!! THANK YOU PUBLIX!!!
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3 years ago, hjuycb
Coupons and shopping lists
The shopping list has been coming and going since September. What has become a frequent issue that has started costing us money is the coupons. Half the time I cannot access the coupons. I touch the option using several different ways of approaching it and some days it just doesn’t work. Twice, I have gone back to check my husband’s recipes to see that the coupons weren’t even applied. I tell the local store, they say they have heard this a lot since the last update and I’m referred to customer service. They just tell me to delete and reload- it doesn’t work and just takes what little time I do have available. Super frustrating!
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4 months ago, fedupngrumpy
New ‘updated’ version is a total disaster and disappointment
It now REQUIRES a phone number to use it, an refuses to let me enter one, along with refusing to allow me to change the now invalid email. They restructured the format for adding to ‘my list’, which wasn’t broken to begin with. They have fallen into the abyss of ‘change for the sake of change’, which never bodes well for the user. They have also now seem to Demand that you allow the app to ‘know’ your location to be able to use the app. I have shopped 3 different stores in my area, and the app has always switched to the store I’m in at the time with no problem. Now that they’ve made the app useless to me, I’ll likely stop or shop very infrequent at Publix and use Kroger and Walmart for virtually all my groceries from now on. Kroger is so much easier and trouble free than Publix is now, not to mention so much more reliable than Instacart, and a better value.
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5 months ago, Twight145
Works ok
This app is strange and needs a lot improvement! Yes I have complained for over a year. With the App deli you pre- order cakes, cookies , cupcakes, salmon, sushi, steaks, salads, subs, pre- cut for sandwiches roast beef, ham, turkey, salami, mashed potatoes, green beans, potatoes salad, soup all ready when you get there to pick it up. You can’t order 1 chicken leg, 2 chicken breast, 5 wings , 10 wings ,20 wings ready when you get there. You CAN order with app 30 , 40 , 50 , 60 up to a 100 wings to be picked up when you get there . This makes no sense in what the difference is in a lower count of wings and it is Important to be able to use the app so they have instructions on how to cooks the wings and everything else. When you call it in they get it wrong over the phone 85% of the time . Most of the time they overcook the wings beyond being eatable.
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4 months ago, KD-Florida
Issue with Payment Feature Since Recent Update
After the recent update (Dec 2023), I’ve encountered a recurring issue with the Publix app’s Pay feature. Despite being logged in, the app consistently throws a ‘Pin’ error at the register. This error also coincides with my purchase history and credit card information disappearing from the app. A temporary workaround I found is logging out and then back in, which seems to resolve the problem temporarily. However, this is inconvenient, especially when trying to make quick transactions at checkout. This issue significantly disrupts the shopping experience, which was previously seamless with the Publix app. I hope this feedback helps the development team to address and fix this issue promptly. I look forward to an update that restores the app’s functionality to its former reliability.
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4 years ago, Britters C
Love Publix, But Unreliable App
I love Publix! Even if they didn’t have an app, it would remain my favorite place to get groceries. When their app works, it’s great. I appreciate being able to see my digital coupons, weekly sales, my shopping list organized according to my store, and more. But when the app glitches and stops working (which is way more often than any other app I use regularly), it is TERRIBLE. Some days, nothing but the home screen will load. It’s not a WiFi or phone issue — it’s just the Publix app. I’ve reached a point where I take screenshots of my shopping list just in case the app stops working during a grocery run; granted, that can only happen IF the app works long enough to create a list in the first place. I’ll keep trying to use the app, but I wish using the app was as much a pleasure as shopping at Publix.
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4 weeks ago, cindy75le
App Effectiveness
While I enjoy shopping at Publix and using your app to find store savings and pay for purchases, I’ve always found it frustrating that the app rarely ever shows prices nor any additional info on products, just a snapshot on the screen. There’s a placeholder for nutrition but it’s never displayed. What’s up with that? I just don’t understand in today’s world why a chain grocery doesn’t have a more sophisticated app when other competitors do so. A factor that occasionally sways me to shop at the competitor. To add item costs and nutrition, is that so difficult when most retail apps today contain more than only an item photo? Otherwise, the app is fine and user friendly. Just doesn’t make sense for such a popular grocery chain to utilize an app that’s only 2/3 effective.
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2 years ago, lisamirabent
Deli personnel not Publix quality
Im not the type of customer who puts in reviews. However, this stuck with me And bothered me! I’ve been coming to this Publix since I moved here 15+ years ago. I not only pay for Publix quality in food I also pay for Publix quality staff and that Deli staff is no longer up to Publix standards. Let me just say, that dude with the ponytail and yellow scrungy was not only stuck up but rude when they tell me no potato wedges after I ordered hours ago and then no tuna. I didn’t care you didn’t have it I cared the way it was said to me, the way the message came across. Crazy thing is the manager was right there when it was happening and she didn’t care one bit! Thankfully I got miss Beverly as my cashier and made me smile as always. It’s because of her that I left happy! Deli department needs to spend a few days training with her.
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3 years ago, Interceptor208
Temporary problem solved. Back to five stars.
This has been one of my favorite shopping apps. I’ve used it weekly for nearly four years. I loved when they added “pay through the app”. I used it from the get-go. (In the beginning, I had to explain to the cashier how to do that.) 😉 I have no clue what has happened in the past week or so. I have to close and reopen the app just to see my list. Today, I had to use Apple Pay as the “pay” button would not do anything. Tried again six hours later to go to the pay button. Still not working. Otherwise, an excellent app! Update: Apparently, the “glitch” was only temporary. All is well now. Back to five stars!
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2 years ago, uktj456
Good but needs work
I love me some Publix but the search aspect of this app is awful. I search for things and have to scroll half way down just to find an item close to what I want. I type in the exact name of an item and it’s maybe the third one down. I hesitate to use any sort of drive up option because I can’t even find the exact name brands or items easily. It shocks me that after so long of having this and seeing multiple reviews on the same subject that the search is still just has bad as when I downloaded the app a year or two ago. Please please make improvements; Publix is better shopping and quality of food then Target and Walmart but Target and Walmart have way better and more user friendly apps and would love to see Publix contend.
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11 months ago, cuziman
Publix Odessa or Anyone
I was a supermarket manager in Shopwell, Food Emporium and A&P for over 40 years in NY. I was also a District Manager for several years. I love your stores, the variety, the staff and store conditions, clean & easy to shop. I know these are inflationary times but some of the prices you have in all departments are really unreasonable. I see some prices decline, such as eggs, some produce items and some meat items but the majority of price changes due the past year of inflation (namely dry grocery items) will never be reduced. Other than that, I like your BOGO sales only when the regular price is reasonable, not inflated. Like I said I like your stores and only wish I had the opportunity to manage one of your stores. Thank you
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2 years ago, Peaches3C
Great app, but…
This app is awesome, I’ve used it for quite a while to manage my grocery list. I love how it sorts items by aisle, and if you happen to be at a different Publix you can change the store and it will automatically resort your list based on that store’s layout. However for some reason in the last couple of weeks it has started grouping items by section instead of aisle number. For example, it lists paprika in the Spices section, ketchup in the BBQ sauce section. Well I already know that paprika is a spice, but on which aisle is the spice section? Is this some kind of setting that I accidentally changed? I’ve looked but can’t figure out how to change it back. My list is set to sort by Location.
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8 months ago, TriggerHippie70
Almost there…
As a Publix LOVER, I can say the only thing wrong is the fact the app doesn’t list prices and totals in the shopping list. I feel it would be beneficial to the consumer. It’s a good way to track the spending while making lists because let’s face it, in these times, most of us our tracking our spend with budgets. This is where I think the app fails. Other than that everything about Publix and the app is great. I’m from Florida and for 4 years I did live in Texas. Kroger was horrible so I would shop at Tom Thumb which was like Publix but on a smaller scale. I MISSED PIBLIX so much. When I returned to Florida it was a right of passage when I entered Publix again the first time. LOVE YOU PUBLIX, you are my forever! Lol
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2 years ago, Greg D Viera
Publix App & Account
Good day, I like the way the app works to let you the shopper know of all potential price offer & sales. The issue I continue to have is I put my phone in at checkout and the display states “customer id accepted, but the digital offer do not get redeemed. So I’m hoping this is a temporary issue. It frustrating to them have to go the customer service to explain to the helpful employees of the issue. In talking to other customer who have experienced the same issue. It would great to have this issue resolved. I believe that Publix’s values their customers and hope they fix this issue soon. I’ll say this started about 6 months ago. Please look into this issue. Thank you.
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1 year ago, Zenful Chick
Publix is THE superstar of grocery stores!
Let’s face it, customer service is a dying thing in this crazy world we live in…except Publix! There is no other grocery store that compares to Publix for customer service as well as the value you get day in and out! The B1G1 sales are an incredible value! I dare say they have the best deli anywhere! Their chicken tenders are insanely delicious! Might I suggest the garlic-parmesan dipping sauce! 💥Yowza💥 I’ve ordered online literally countless times and NEVER have I been disappointed! Everything from decadent cakes, meat trays, veggie trays, special order buns and breads to their delectable sub-sandwiches!!! Thank you Publix for making my life SO much easier and tastier!
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