4.8 (8.3K)
102.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for PULL&BEAR

4.82 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Jenny.Arellano
I was using the web browser and I didn’t even know there was an app. 10/10 everything is cute and affordable material girl on a budget ! And you can pay with Apple Pay
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2 years ago, Charlotte 18374737
Love the App, but the wishlist
I have used this app for a fairly good amount of time yet one thing that rlly annoys me is the wishlist! y'all may ask, "how would that be" im used to no max amount in wishlist and the max is 25 items, i barely even have a top in my wishlist, all are pants. i suggest updating and putting at least a max of 100 or no max at all. wishlists are for things you want to buy, not for things you are going to buy in about 3 days, and also what if you loose the item you wanted to purchase bc it wasn't in your wishlist? putting it in the cart doesn't help because what if theres an order that you ARE going to purchase in a couple days! other than that lovely app.
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4 years ago, Shai USA
Don’t use this app if you are in the US
Been waiting for my order for longer than expected. They didn’t even shipped it yet. They wouldn’t cancel my order tried several times to call them and work with the “chat”. In the end disputed it through my credit card company. DONT USE THE APP IF YOU IN THE US! I don’t understand how a company with such a brand name can’t work properly in the US. Don’t use them in the US! They customer service have no clue what is going on in their “warehouse” over here. I have been waiting for someone to call me and let me know what is going with my package but no one is calling or emailing.
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2 years ago, abby mdn
I have been buying through the app on many occasions and everything has gone well, until my last fedex order, my package came open with nothing inside, and it is sad because there is no real person you can talk to, it is only by chat and it seems be a computer you talk to, i never got answer and i lost my money, and still they put in my account that if the package had been delivered, it's sad because i really liked their line and now i won't be able to buy again i would be risking it
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5 years ago, Vegipup
Phone number error on laptop, difficulty through mobile on safari
I really think the website should be updated, fix it up a bit in these areas: On mobile using safari, the webpage seems to not load correctly after pressing a button. Same for on the laptop. On computer: I tried to process my order, but the error for the phone number is an error itself- I would put my cell#correct everytime but it kept saying error. This isn’t to make you guys sound bad but I think it could use some help, I’m in the United States so I don’t know if it has to do with me being in a different country. Bought your overalls , cannot wait till they arrive :) xo
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12 months ago, honestrevieww....
Never order from here if you are located in the US
Worst experience ever, horrible custumer service. I paid fast shipping on an order placed early July was supposed to arrive July 10th. It is now July 31st my order never arrived I never received an email saying it was canceled delayed or anything. I have not yet recieved confirmation of a refund or any information. This is one of the worst expiriences I’ve had to deal with, with an online store. Save yourself the headache and don’t EVER order from here.
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5 years ago, ayangang
Easy to use but glitches sometimes
Yeah glitches like every shopping app, had same issues with H&M and others, but not a big deal, just restart the app or wait a couple min. Placed my first order, waiting now
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5 months ago, J’Ovie
Jovie’s first time
My first time buying your products, your site is seamless, zero hassles, i hope the jean i got online is top quality. If its okay, i’d become a regular customer.
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3 months ago, Apple✓
Nice app but annoying that I have to keep signing in
It’s a good app with a nice UI but I always to consistently re sign back into my account. Not sure why but it makes my experience a bit annoying and frustrating.
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3 years ago, Meh_12345_
Great but
despite other reviews, I live in the US and had no troubles with my package being delivered. Nice quality. Just wish we were able to add more items to our wishlist I don’t understand why there’s a limit.
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3 years ago, tatiana tula99
I paid express shipping for the order and I was supposed to receive it on the 23rd and it has been delayed, I am disappointed with this.
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4 years ago, AlliLiya5
Great stuff but...
I love what there going for and they have a lot of cute stuff!! But only 25 on a wishlist... I always add things on my wishlist that i like and I go through category’s. Either boost up the amount of things I can have on my wishlist (preferably unlimited) or stop selling such cute clothes.
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3 years ago, brooke2899
Best jeans, Best app
I am hella tall, about 6 foot, and these jeans are absolutely perfect. The sizing chart worked and this is now my second order!
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4 years ago, @onlineshopper1
Could not purchase online
I tried several times to purchase my order in different ways but every time it would tell me it wouldn’t go through. I love their clothes and this brand but I feel like they are losing a lot of money by not having their online website/app working properly. Pls fix this!
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5 years ago, Fashiondesigner2008
Great clothes but one problem
It has nice clothing but the only issue I had was that when I accidentally put something in my cart it wouldn’t let me delete it and then I had to keep deleting the app and re downloading it.
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4 years ago, cookiemonstrz
Checkout problems
The clothes in the app is great I love it but for some reason no matter how much I try to checkout I just can’t, I can’t find the checkout button on a computer, iPad, iPhone and the app but it’s just not there! I spent the last hour trying to figure out how to checkout and just pay for the stuff but I can’t find the button to do so! Please fix this and tell me when you do!
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2 months ago, --Romka--
No support?
Order is delayed, no updates for past two weeks. Customer service is only available via whatsapp chat (?!!!) and provide no real support except for bunch of emojis and “we’ll look into this” and then nothing. Not sure why they would not open an actual case with fedex with case number?
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5 years ago, You have to know
Can’t even return?
Tried both the website and the app, when ever I want to return a product, and click on the reason for return selection, a blank white screen would just pop up, forbidding me to process my return since there are no reason for return that I could select...same thing happened with the website too... MAJOR BUG PLEASE FIX IT ASAP.
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2 years ago, Pinkianana
It seems to be every time i tr to use the payment with my master card A message shows to me that could not process or something like that!!! Only work woth cash on delivery! Fox please
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6 years ago, Brian Gavino
Ship to USA
I used to live in Italy and shop at this store all the time please do shipping to USA so we can get more pull & bear
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2 years ago, nubyan652
10% Offer not received
After downloading the app I was suppose to get 10% off I placed my order still, no offer received
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5 years ago, l do not have nickname
Need improvement
Can not put the same item with different sizes to the shopping chat at one time which is very inconvenient
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6 months ago, nizaralg
Nice products and prices
I loved the experience
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2 years ago, Q80ss
Amazing app
Amazing app but they didn’t get my 10% app order 😢
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3 years ago, josegalicia7227
Best shop
Excellent quality
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6 years ago, Valeenntinaaaa
I went to Spain on a trip and I ended up loving Pull and Bear!! Sadly I live in the USA and I really really want your clothes to ship It to me! Please make It happen! Please!!
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6 years ago, Dịvhn
USA store/shipping please
Love the stores when I’m in Vietnam and Thailand! Please bring it to the US!!!
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2 years ago, Xnkssn
Cant open the app after updated
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3 years ago, Icel 92
Can not checkout
Wish I had a chance to give this app zero stars. What is the point of this app if I can not order anything. After updating nothing has changed.
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4 years ago, Deniz Mardanova
A lot of bugs
Why i dont have a shopping cart. Literally no button to add thing to card or the cart itself. I also dont have a favorite things menu. I add things there and cant see them later
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4 years ago, MJ9400123
Hate this store
It’s unfortunate that they have such nice clothes or they would not get a single cent from me. Still waiting on items that I ordered ages ago. Costumer service rep lied and said items are in transit when they are not. Ridiculous.
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12 months ago, Lamiae99
App doesn’t work in Morocco
It’s so disappointing that I cannot sign up in the app here in Morocco. What’s the utility then ???? We would like to purchase through it but it’s just impossible here!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Brit britty204
It says it would give me welcome 10% coupon but it didn’t even though I downloaded the app and was a new customer.
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6 years ago, lanzukela
it’s much more easier for us to buy online rather than visit store (the store is not even in my town) there were some items that i wanted to purchase but well :/ make it happen!!
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4 years ago, Chicken chicken 2020
Worst app
The worst app ever, I downloaded the app and I couldn’t make any purchase where they show the products on website is exclusive online and the app is just doesn’t work at all. How ridiculous 👎
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5 years ago, MikoMas
Worst website, worst App
I received 10% off from Pull & Bear yet it would never work. Live chat couldn’t help, and phone support never picked up. Crappy interface all around. The absolute worst.
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8 months ago, Maryam19822
Very good service 😍
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4 years ago, von Gotha
This app is a joke
So many glitches and bugs I can’t even finish my purchase. Also as a new customer no first-time buyer discount was offered. Cheap cheap cheap across the board.
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4 years ago, lovingtv
Failure app
Just a bad app , should be revised and fixed
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5 years ago, Angjly
Couldn’t figure out how to checkout. A little confusing.
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5 years ago, ohafez1995
Egypt shipping please
Zara started shipping its products in Egypt, why can’t you too
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2 years ago, makwosm
worst app i’ve used
when a product is out of stock, you have to guess which one is out of stock instead of it being removed. the online customer service agent wasn’t helpful at all and claimed that he only saw one product in my cart.
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4 years ago, JIMMYKING👑
Best and the finest young adult clothing ever
Everything about PULL&BEAR is unique and good
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4 years ago, idk #2
the app isn’t letting me shop
when i enter the app it sais « our online store is launching » how do i get to the app to shop?
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3 years ago, Arrpu
Can't order even one.
I don't know what's wrong. But literally can't order anything. Everything said-Out of stock!!! Out of stock!!! Out of stock!!! Out of stock!! I tried it on both App and website. There are so many thing I wanna purchase. But this gave me very very upset.
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2 years ago, corinne_143
why cant we have more than 25 items of clothing in our wishlist?
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2 months ago, Starf1sh_Pr1me
Can't listen to music while using app
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5 years ago, Jxo9900
Can’t update address
Every time I try to update my shipping address the app will pop up a message called “_PERSONAL_DATA_LEVEL”. Can’t purchase anything. THIS APP NEED TO BE FIXED!
Show more
6 years ago, IzzieCloud
USA doesn’t exist?
I have no words.. I’m reading reviews from months ago and still nothing?! #alienatemuch?
Show more
2 months ago, nickolai1
No 10% :/
No 10% off after downloading app?
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