Qatar Airways

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Qatar Airways
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Qatar Airways

4.66 out of 5
37.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Aatif_2017
Amazing app, but football graphics make it unreliable
It is an amazing app. Has worked perfectly for many years. However, over enthusiastic implementation of football graphics have made this app unreliable. I had to buy an international ticket with another airline, when this app got stuck. I really wanted to travel with Qatar,. I hope they hire some competent SREs to fix this app (and website) reliability issues that arose lately.
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3 years ago, the worst of worst
The worst customer service
I see the reviews Shows 5 star I try to travel with Qatar Airline there’s no customer service available at lax airport treat customer like the stone ages , this company needs a shakeup in their management and customer relationship to provide faster customer service and a valid phone number in the USA ( if you have an issue you have to wait tell all the passengers Bord & then the customer service person tell you will help you in customer service in the ticket station , you go to their customer service station you will find 300 people in line in front of you with their luggage You have to wait till your term you get to desc for help the manager leaves you and go help other customer with their luggage and never come back you request your luggage you have to wait 3 hours tell they provide it to you and all this you stuck in deferent airport you have to book your ticket back where you start your flight at your own expanses all this and I been trying contact customer service for one hour now and still waiting bad customer service They should be stopped from operating in USA if they don’t provide better customer services to meet the consumer service.
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2 years ago, Boomer031
Worst airline and useless app
Airline customer service is nonexistent! This is the third time I’ve flown with them and will be my last! Flew from Doha to Dallas and had to go to the chiropractor the next day because the seats are like sitting on a board for 16 hours! I had taken shorter flights with them and thought they would have better seats ford international flights, they don’t! Some reason there are more small children on this airline than any I’ve been on. It looks like you been to a frat party as you leave the plane! I tried for two weeks to upgrade my seats prior to flight but could not do it over the app or online. Spoke with customer service and was told they were full. The trip back I couldn’t check in with the app had to check in with gate! While at the gate, another passenger and I asked for an upgrade. She said they had 2 available, we said we wanted them! She said $1450 cash only! I only had a few hundred cash on me! Same with the other guy! I checked with the purser on the plan and he came found me just before take off and said they had 4 upgrades available for $1450 cash! He said they couldn’t take a card on the plane only at the gate😳😳
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6 years ago, Ukthk
Surprisingly bad for a world-class airline
The app is extremely cumbersome, slow and buggy. Most operations seem to take place in a browser-like atmosphere rather than a self-enclosed app environment. It didn’t automatically link my trips based on my name (I had to manually input my booking reference number even though I was logged in and the app “knew” who I was, something that almost all other airline apps do automatically) and basic operations like checking in take a long time because the app doesn’t store any personal information, requiring the filling out of multiple forms. I finished checking in only to find out that there’s no mobile boarding pass available, and I was emailed a PDF of my boarding pass, only to find out that it’s not even a boarding pass and I’d have to get the pass at the airport anyway. Spirit Airlines should not have a better app than Qatar Airways, and that should definitely be a source of shame. Edit: Now the Privilege Club section is completely non-functional. It logs me in with my Touch ID, spazzes out for a few seconds and then kicks me out. So far there’s not really anything I’ve discovered that this app is actually useful for.
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3 months ago, Hsharhha
Do not provide hotel accommodation even after having over 20 hours layover
This airline does not provide complimentary hotel even after having over 20 hours layover in Doha. I talked with the staffs on front desk and customer service agents but they refused me giving the hotel even after having 20 hours layover in Doha. I asked the reason and they said since you didn’t request the hotel 2 days before your departure. Ok, that is my fault because most airlines provide hotel voucher at the hotel desk and i thought this airline does the same. I then requested any lounge or food accommodation then, since the layover is too long and they said no but what i can do is book a hotel that is around $600 per night. The hotel price per night is half the price of the ticket. I said i will go out and come back before my flight and they said no you don’t get the transit visa either. Basically they put me in the jail of hotel where they don’t provide any service and don’t think they must provide any service to their customer. So, I would say big NO to qatar airways moving forward. I prefer Turkish Airlines over this airlines.
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7 months ago, Aayushya Gupta
Worst service I could have dreamt of! They are just pathetic
Hello THIEVES! I thought worst part was over after I got the information that my bag was found in Miami and will get delivered soon (this is after Qatar made me miss my flight, did not provide me accommodation, did not deliver my bag for 20 days, did not provide me reimbursement from bag delay or accommodation when they made me miss my connection which was booked together and then my domestic connection booked separately). But NO! Qatar shocked me again by taking things out of my bag before delivering it and I’m not even sure what all did these guys take out. Chocolates were not delivered. Protein was not delivered for sure. Not sure what other things did WORST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD take out from my bag (which should be deemed as a THIEF but I suppose people don’t report it enough). Not to talk about worst customer service. I don’t expect any support from you THIEVES on this knowing you would not at all help me ever (because I’ve been trying to connect and request support for last 23 days), but still sending this feedback here on App store.
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1 year ago, digitalpilotnm
One of the worse airline apps
I have found that the QR ios airline app is one of the worse that i have used. as a 250k miles+ annual traveler i have used many….. I started looking at Qatar Air as a replacement for much of my long haul. mostly because of reliability and service in the air. i am now having second thought on the airline and it’s hub DOH. the app does not seem to cache flight record data. meaning if you have zero tcp/ip connectivity you cannot see your current flight details in the app. yes they might be stale, but seeing what time your flt is tomorrow is useful. do do anything meaningfully requires IP connectivity. they should change that i have now spent an hour with the app and it still will not show my current flight record. i have had this problem in the past and it magically fixed at some random point in the future. i have restarted the phone, updated to the latest version via app store, logged out and logged back in. added my eticket number. added my PNR. all with zero success why must an app and thus its developers and company create a system that highly frustrating to us. As a revenue biz class customer. It Should Just Work!!! Other airline apps do. then you have the wi-fi problems at OTHH. but that is another saga…..! in the end i pay for reduced friction service and reliability. QR’s app in its current form does not provide that and that is a negative against future purchases.
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3 years ago, kardo hamadameen
Bad travel
My family and I recently traveled on Qatar Airways between Erbil, Iraq and Washington, DC via Doha, Qatar. We feel we were unfairly treated by local airline staff in Erbil on our return trip date, and as a result were required to purchase an additional return flight for our family of 4. I am writing to request that Qatar Airways listen to my request and consider how to make it right. We purchased 4 round trip tickets between Dulles (IAD) and Erbil (EBL) On August 17, 2021 we arrived at the Erbil International Airport 1 hour 15 minutes prior to our departing flight. Upon arrival, we were told by a Qatar Airlines employee that the flight was already closed and we were not going to be allowed entrance to the flight. This flight was at 4:20AM departure and we arrived QATAR AIRWAYS lobby in Erbil airport with our children at 3:05AM. This is plenty of time to get through baggage and check in for the flight at the Erbil airport and we made sure to check with local residents to confirm our arrival time. With no explanation, this Qatar employee denied us entry to the flight and would give us no further information. We sat at the airport watching as the plane sat on the tarmac. Along with 2 other families, we were not allowed to board the flight. As a result of this unfair treatment, we had no choice but to remain in Erbil, go to the Qatar Airways offices in Erbil, and purchase 4 additional return ticket change vouchers which cost us an additional fee.
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3 years ago, Seandiver_1001
So far not impressed
Downloaded the app after I booked a flight and Qatar Airways was part of the route. I’m still unable to book my seats or even find anything to click on for seats. Everything online says “manage bookings” but nothing. Looks like others have the same issue so I tried the site on a desktop computer and it wasn’t any better. Tried contacting them in some of their social media sites and still no response. Tried calling and sat on hold forever until I finally hung up. They do not have a call back function or online chat. Even some of the links within the app cause it to crash repeatedly. It’s sleek and could be very user friendly if it actually worked or if you could get anyone to answer and help. I’ve never flown this airline before but if their app is any indication of their quality of service it’s going to be a long flight.
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9 months ago, Mangobajito1
Deceptive voucher Terms and Conditions, Proceed with Caution
I recently had an experience with the qatar app that left me feeling quite disappointed. While the app seemed promising at first, I uncovered a hidden catch in their terms and conditions that left me frustrated. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that qatar only issues vouchers after a lengthy waiting period of 7 to 14 days. This information was not prominently disclosed, and it felt like a sneaky move to delay compensation. Additionally, they attempted to entice users with a seemingly generous 10% voucher offer, which, in reality, doesn’t make up for the inconvenience and delayed resolution. In summary, be cautious when using the qatar app. The hidden terms and conditions can leave you waiting longer than expected for any resolution, and the 10% voucher offer may not be as enticing as it seems. Transparency and user-friendliness are crucial aspects of any app, and qatar falls short in this regard.
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3 years ago, MartinPat90
Don’t trust the app
The app showed me my flight is rescheduled and I called the contact center and they told me my flight is moved to a day earlier. I couldn’t make it to airport on the new date so they rescheduled it for a day after. Then I checked their website and saw my original flight is still available for reservations. I called the contact center and they said my flight was not changed in the first place. They asked me to pay for changing the ticket to original one as they didn’t trust me claiming about the app. After 2 hours on the phone they gave my original ticket back and guess what, the app again showed my flight is rescheduled to a day earlier. I called them again, they told me you should always check website and not the app and my flight is fine. I wouldn’t trust their app. It cost me half a day on the phone and lots of stress.
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3 years ago, no_name_just_nick
App has potential if completely overhauled!
This app has bugs, glitches, and information that is uploaded seems to disappear. I’ve been flying with Qatar airways for many years, and I am sad to make this review about the app because their in-flight service is so great. I ONLY book flights through the app using my privilege club account, and recently when I attempt to reserve seats, request a special meal, or upgrade to business class, the app and the website give me errors such as “incorrect name” or “you did not book the flight through Qatar Airways…” excuse me? Yes I definitely did! I have a traveling partner who needs a business class reclining seat due to a major surgery and there is no option anywhere to upgrade like there usually is. Qatar Airways, You Can Do Better!
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3 months ago, ReviewerHerself
Makes me change password every time
App looks glossy and easy to navigate, but it has gotten to a point where it forces me to CHANGE my password every time I want to use it logged into my account, even if the app was just closed for a few minutes in between!😠 Also, when I tried to use the app’s customer service chat to request missing Avios (air miles flown— and believe me, Qatar almost NEVER credits them without a special request afterward, no matter how many times you gave them your account number at purchase or at check-in), even though I’d signed into the app with my husband’s account, the chat was still thinking it was MY account🧐, and so the agent wouldn’t let me request the miles for my husband.😵 Their website has issues too, but the app is head-banging misery!
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2 months ago, carpet designer
"The most irresponsible airline regarding lost luggage."
We packed our entire life in our suitcases for our destination in Canada, including important medications, essential items, and expensive gifts for our young child. Unfortunately, our suitcase was misplaced during the journey. Despite numerous follow-ups, we were informed that our suitcase was in Toronto. Upon further inquiry, they claimed they couldn't locate it. It has been six months since then, and I have faced numerous difficulties trying to find my son's medications in Canada due to the gross negligence and lack of follow-up by Qatar Airways. I am truly sorry for choosing such an airline, as I thought it was the best. Now they should compensate us significantly because I had many important items in that suitcase. In my opinion, do not choose this airline. No one is held accountable.
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2 months ago, tpavanbtech
Do not codeshare with Indigo.
Qatar Airways, If you really want to be on top of the list, I sincerely suggest do not merge with Indigo. Their services are pathetic. I travel from US to India and till Doha, the services are good but after that you guys do codeshare with Indigo and they do pathetically. No proper food, no blankets to cover ourselves, seats are terrible and no other entertainment services. It is really downgrading your services. So far, my friends and family of 20+ members traveled and everyone had the same experience and I’m sure this number grows. We decided if our next flight to India from Doha will be Indigo then we do not want to book Qatar airways. Otherwise, rest is good. I gave 3 star only because of that.
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1 year ago, Adem0nat
Seat selection Glitch
I have to say the app is good, however it needs work and be just discovered a bug with seat selection. Once you select a seat and you try to change the seat number for another one, the app deselect your original seat and fail to select the new seat. I’ve tried this several times. Especially if you’re having a connecting flight view Doha. If you select the seat for the first time, it works great. But if you decide to change your seat for one leg of your trip, it glitches. It selects the new seat, and deselect the other leg that you didn’t make any changes to. Please developers, fix this asap. It’s highly important.
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2 months ago, M2301Mont
Many glitches
I struggle to see this comparing to the Emirates app and hope they fix this. Multiple things: 1. Fix OTP issue - I almost have to re-sign into my Privilege Club account every 10 mins because it keeps logging out and then asking me to sign in again and do OTP verification 2. Menu before flight doesn’t work: Meanwhile on Emirates I am able to see the full menu before the flight 3. Errors while booking: Sometime mid way through bookings the whole process gets an error and then I have to do it all over again 4. Flight changes UX/UI: It’s very confusing - you can’t change individual segments but instead the whole flight of it hasn’t departed. Also when you try to change it shows full fares and only after you proceed would it show if there is any difference to your original fare - compared to Emirates where I can see that while navigating the options to change 5. Overall: Looks like the app has websites within the app itself which is awful for a reputable airline - compared to other airline apps, it’s also bad for the user experience
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3 years ago, lucy tayler
Very bad experience in Lebanon airport
We recently traveled from the U.S. to Beirut on Qatar Airways. On our way back to the U.S., the Qatari representative at Beirut international airport informed us we have to take a Covid test even after we told him we are already vaccinated. He insisted we have to take the test, otherwise he will not allow us to board the airplane. He referred us to a lab nearby where they charged us $200 per person. The lab technician took a swap and within few minutes informed us we tested negative. We later met some people traveling on the same flight who told us they didn’t have to do the Covid test. The lab refused to give us a receipt showing what we paid. It seems this was a scam by the Qatari representatives to take our money. This is totally unacceptable, unethical, and illegal.
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3 years ago, kelal 23198
Useless app
Decided to update my flight unfortunately after I selected the new flight , it kept showing an error then asked me to call , I had to make a call to do changes and to wait for more than 90 minutes, why do you spend too much money on apps and websites since we had to call customer service and wait for a long time and whoever answered the phone didn’t have any knowledge instead of changing the flight she decided to do the rebooking again and charging me an extra $1800 . Needs to hire more professional and knowledgeable team members especially World Cup is next year and better be ready. Then I told her I can go to another airline and pay less her answer was it’s up to you so I told her to cancel my tickets .
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1 month ago, Ilim_2009
Muslim never go with this airline
They will never let you pray on board. They are trying to push you to pray in your seat. If you pray without their permission, they will report you to the airport police. They will take you to the police station after you arrive, and they will cancel all your connecting flights. They will not refund you for it. It’s the most terrible airline I have ever encountered. Note: the plane changes direction on the way, thereby changing the direction of the qibla. Besides, there is plenty of space where you can pray while standing. If all conditions allow you to pray while standing, then obligatory prayer while sitting will not be valid; it is valid only for Sunnah prayer. Many people do not know this, and they follow their instructions.
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8 months ago, Binod Poudel
This Airline is not the best airlines anymore, be caution when considering it for your travel
I would say Qatar Airways is just one star airline. They exhibited discriminatory behavior. When I mentioned I was heading to Kathmandu, they began questioning me. They informed me that I couldn’t bring my computer bag on top of my hand-carry, as it needed to be under 7 kg, including the computer, while my work computer alone weighs around 5 kg. I also had a book to read and needed extra clothes for a day long transit. After insisting on removing my computer bag, they allowed me to proceed. I was going on vacation, with DFW as my starting point, and I encountered discrimination, ill intentions, and disrespect from Qatar Airways. Please exercise caution when considering Qatar Airways for your travels.
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4 days ago, Basebear
Customer service is awful
When you cal customer service (which I have 5 times in the last 3 days) you cannot understand a word they say. I keep having to ask them to slow down and annunciate so I can try to catch the English words out of what sounds like full Hindi. Once you even manage to understand what they are saying they can’t help you and I spent 2 hours waiting to talk to a supervisor who then told me a decision would be made in 48 hours. I called back 48 hours later trying to understand the customer service rep and was told to call back in another 6-9 hours. I’m going on 3 plus hours of my life on the phone with Qatar at this point regarding this one booking. It’s ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Kev21031
Worst airlines ever
First of all the web application is so slow. It takes hours to open something on the app. Worst crew members worst management. I was travelling from Los angeles to ahmedabad via doha. At the Los Angeles airport the pilot waited for 8 passengers for 2 hours and the flight attendants told everyone who had a connecting flight that the connecting flights will also be delayed. At the doha airport all the connecting flights departed and didnt wait for anyone. They rescheduled our tickets for the next day without any accommodations at the airport. So we had to stay at the airport for 24 hours without any accommodations and the attendants told us that we cannot do anything about it instead of apologizing to the customers.
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2 years ago, BleauBoiy
Painful enough to want to leave a review. Logs you out half the time. During checkin, makes you fill out information you’ve already filled out. Let’s you fill in emergency contact, but won’t let you leave the form until you realize you have to “Edit” your personal info, by tapping Edit. When you come back out of there, your emergency contact info is gone. Session timeout while you’re literally still typing. Then you have to start over on a lot of things. Loses you booking reference info often. Type it in all over again. Seriously? Won’t let you check in even though it says flights to/from the US only open for checkin within 24 hours. It’s less than 24 hours to departure. That goes on all day long. Then, mysteriously, you can checkin. Error messages completely wrong for the context. Don’t match what you are doing. “Connection errors” all the time. There’s no problem with the connection. Google works just fine.
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2 years ago, CrashTimes3
Best Airline, Worst App
1) CONSTANT LOG IN. To view points, one must log in. (Understandable.) To toggle between features (profile--> my preferences) AFTER being logged in, the system has you log in again, then stops at the logo with the "please wait" message. After 90+ seconds of NOTHING, I go back, and suddenly I have to log in again. ENABLE FACE ID/stop making users constantly log in to access their account info. 2) ADJOINING QSUITE. There is no way to select adjoining QSuite in the middle of the plane on the app. One must call. Whom? I don't know: the only 24/7 phone is in Doha, and the U.S. #s are Mon-Fri, during a time frame WITHOUT A SPECIFIED TIME ZONE. ENABLE 24/7 CHAT CAPABILITIES ON THE APP. By far, the WORST app for the "most celebrated airline in the world."
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1 year ago, Zaidskii
Useless App
I downloaded the app as the email I received pointed me to download the app in order to manage my booking. When I entered my booking reference number and surname , it registers but then nothing / no booking appears. So you can’t do anything on the app really. Going to the website , as soon as you click manage booking, it is game over too. Slow unresponsive UX and obviously shows as little effort as possible is put into the customer journey once someone buys a ticket. This is my experience BEFORE even getting on the plane so my expectations are at the lowest possible level. I’m giving the app 1 star as it won’t allow me to give zero , which is what it should get.
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2 years ago, nyg90
I don’t even want to give this app 1 whole star..
I am unable to view my trips. Uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache, power cycle restart, downloaded latest updates, I did everything but nothing works. I tried from my iPhone and iPad, just not possible. This is the annoying message I see every time I attempt to open it “UNFORTUNATELY MY TRIPS CANNOT BE ACCESSED RIGHT NOW. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER”. I have been traveling my whole life but this is my first experience with Qatar airways app and it’s horrendous. I have used apps of almost every airline and none of them have ever given me this issue. This is why this app is completely useless to me, I’ll have to print out my boarding pass like a peasant.
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5 years ago, Adel_qa
Excellent Update
The app is getting very much better now than before with the new updates, although i only one hope wish they can do is when there are late flight at least they should tell us and notifications from this app better than going there and had to wait 5 hours extra .... but to be honest before it was trash really trash app but they learned and start to get better and better .. bravo 👽✌️
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2 years ago, Achegbulu
Worst baggage service ever.
I booked a flight with Qatar airways to Abuja, Nigeria through ASAP tickets, and I regret doing this because as of today which is 4th day after my arrival, my baggages still did not make it to Abuja, Nigeria. My first flight was from MCO to JFK which was scheduled for 7:44pm for my next connecting flight from JFK to Doha, Qatar scheduled for 1:AM depart and my last flight from Doha, Qatar to Abuja, Nigeria scheduled for 2:50AM next day. Due to the delay by JetBlue airlines the connecting flight was missed. And JetBlue gave my a new ticket from JFK to Frankfurt, Germany and then to Abuja, Nigeria. However, my checked-in bags were already sent to Doha, Qatar. Upon arrival, I made a claim with Qatar baggage service and it’s 4days after I’ve still not been able to get my bags from Doha, and all efforts to get the airline has failed. They never pick their calls and you spend endless hours on their answering machine. I won’t recommend this service for anyone except you want to be frustrated. They mode of communication is the worst ever.
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2 years ago, ChaseRaynen
Normal airline, terrible customer service
After booking a multi-city trip, I realized that Qatar Airways’ website glitched and booked one of the legs incorrectly. I immediately contacted them to get it changed but they said I must pay a service fee of $15 per person per flight. Their website advertises FREE change of flight - this is deceptive and wrong. I know it’s a small fee, but it’s the principle. I’ve contacted multiple times and they seem to not care at all. They won’t even give a small voucher, upgrade, nothing. The flights themselves are fine - but unfortunately, I won’t use them again because they do not treat me well. 0/5 stars.
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1 year ago, India travel
Doha to Jfk
I traveled from Doha to Jfk on march 9 th 2023 . Flight was so big huge. traveled in economy class. They serve food so late & food was not good & not enough . After they serve as a snacks cold pizza the pizza test was horrible. Flight attendant were not helpful at-all . My granddaughters traveled with me 5 & 3 years old. They were hungry throughout the flight. Rest seats were okay enough legroom. Please improve the food quality & & please serve timely manner
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2 years ago, Hania998
Booking with Qatar airways
I had a very bad experience with Qatar airways I was booking from the app a trip and I put all my informations and payment informations I push pay and suddenly page start loading for long time and after that I see error sorry your trip can not be found I did not receive any email about my trip or about travel informations or my trip number… nothing then I thought payment did not go through because something wrong in the app so I try again and again but no way same problem. Next day I found out that they charge me money for ticket I did not book i call them they said you do not have ticket your booking not complete but they took the money!!! Why??? If I did not buy anything from you and in your system I have no ticket how you charge me?? For nothing?? It took almost two week to try to get my money back but finally it is on the way to my card. Still waiting. I will never book with Qatar airways online anymore.
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1 year ago, Charrliez
What Happened - OTP nonsense
Could not purchase on the app, had to use a computer. Did not recognize my frequent flyer number even though I had the card in front of me & was logged in with it. The worst is this new OTP nonsense. One time password- you only have two options, every time you log in or every transaction. Added headache & nonsense. My phone already requires my face & my computer my thumbprint. What a hassle especially if you are at an airport stressed out or worse don't have internet access. You have gone too far. I purchased this time but will look into alternate airlines with less hassle & more operational friendliness.
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11 months ago, Sabinki_ki
The worst app ever
So QA will spend millions on advertisement, for their brand, but their app and website is the worst you can imagine. In 2023 YOU HAVE TO CALL THEM TO REQUEST FOR ANY CHANGE RELATED TO YOUR BOOKING. Imagine that! It is also part of the service, I fly mostly with business and experience doesn’t start from the flight, it’s from the point of BOOKING - where customer paid. I have no clue how they are still winning awards, it’s impossible to miss that huge part of online booking/managing experience! Did you pay for those award??? they have to get dropped down to the bottom with low coaster where they have better UX. In 2023 not serving customers online means you gonna die soon, good luck Qatar Airways FOR DEVS - always gives me an error when: - managing booking - changing the dates - cancellation issue ( you won’t see your refund you have to follow up with a call) Does QA have even developers? Or thousands of marketeers to bait the customers instead?
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4 years ago, Farooqui786
Not only 6 star. It is super star
My kids are coming from Pakistan first I got Saudia air line but they can not fly until December than I buy ticket from Ethaid he changed my flights 5 times I cancel their tickets with fine. Than i buy Qatar tickets First time and no cancellation my kids are coming back to USA after 5 months no hassle. Great service A big salute to Qatar Airways. For their best services
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3 years ago, stressed-traveler
It would be ok if it worked :(
It was ok to begin with and then they did an update and suddenly my reservation which was one week ahead was marked as completed, given a different reference number and was made inaccessible. Everything on the website was correct but the app was completely messed up. Reported it twice by phone and via form on their website , they told me to uninstall and wait 24 hours and reinstall. From the time of the guy I knew he had no idea what it was and was just trying to get rid of me , sure enough it did not fix anything. Not impressed with the service.
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3 years ago, secondmr
Speed and bugs
This app certainly makes it easier comparing the really slow QA website. But during past coupe of days I have noticed a few issues - when booking somehow the page size was not right on iPhone and there was no way to select meals and save. - when clicking on the map of Doha Airport the app shuts down after a few seconds of nothing opening. - there is no place to contact support through a chat or email on the app. What if my phone does not have reception when I am in the airport?
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1 year ago, Seek the truth !
Always touching the starts
Honestly Qatar airlines is the only airlines that care about the customer give him the best experience of flying best service they have best option of refunding best option of changing your date of traveling. They have many other things I can’t even see it all and the other airlines they don’t have even half of what Qatar Airways do for us. Thank you, Qatar Airways I feel privileged flying with you ❤️
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8 months ago, t.i.12345
The app doesn’t function when you need it the most
Trying to check in online is a mess! When check-in windows open, it does not allow you to check in. It’s like the app is confused as to when it should let you check in certain time it lets you check in, but you are greeted with “We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.” No matter how many times you try 99% of the time you’ll get this message. Either make an app that works or don’t make an app at all! Waste of time and energy!!!!!
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2 years ago, Cumcmova
Terrible airline
Qatar airlines is possibly the worst airline I’ve ever traveled with. Their customer service is terrible and handled so poorly; they take no ownership of any issues. I had a flight from JFK to Qatar and there was an issue with the ticket number. They couldn’t figure out the issue and continued to say the same automated response and blame the issue on something else. They were truly the worst customer service. If you have any option, stay away from this airline. It’s terrible service, flight is average, the app interface is awful. So bad I wouldn’t give any stars
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2 years ago, MrAlexxV
The app still lacks of improvement
I had to reset my password, and when i fixed it the app won’t let me login..Saying “Something went wrong: Please login from our website” Why can’t you keep your app in normal working condition? It also won’t let select my seats when i come back from Armenia..It just doesn’t work from there..idk why..It was always like that ever since i started traveling with Qatar Airways..I always have to contact you via facebook to select my seats from Armenia to Doha and to Los Angeles..
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3 years ago, chgsbnijdcv
Baggages late on borg elarab
Baggages on your flights to alexandria borg elarab dont come on the same flight..this happens to travellers everyday ..when we complain u said whats the problem it will come next day or after 2 days ..i dont know why this happens its direct flight not transit ..this is not acceptable to me i paid double the price i would pay on another airways to not be put in this problem town is 5 hours travelling from alexandria ..i cant go home then travel again to airport to take baggages then go home again ..this disrespect for people that we would never accept
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6 months ago, YasmeenMahmoud
Garbage app
Qatar Airways app is pure trash, you can only do certain things on the website but you can’t do them on the app and vice versa. On top of that anytime you try to do anything it crashes. Then when you finally get to where you need to it’s taking you 20 minutes longer. Their system is not cohesive at all and dealing with customer service on the phone or via the chat is some of the most frustrating experiences. For an airline that is supposed to be so luxurious, everything about them is in the Stone Age. From their airport terminals to the websites
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2 years ago, Traci.L.K
Mrs. Traci King
My family and I flew to Phuket, Thailand using Qatar Airways in April 2022 and we had a wonderful experience there and back. The airline attendants are amazing and very attentive. We each had our own QSUITE and it was a First Class experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend flying with Qatar Airways. It is really hard for me to fly on any other airlines right now after such royal treatment!
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5 months ago, Blinkwang
The service of this company is horrible, the flight was scheduled to depart at 11:06 am, and I arrived at the airport more than one and a half hours before that time. However, your employee at the boarding desk was preoccupied with a video chat with a family member. He refused to check my already online-checked-in ticket and to check in my suitcase, instead suggesting that I book another ticket today while he continued his video chat. As a result, I completely missed my flight. I had a very terrible experience and request a full refund.
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3 years ago, Ojie101
Best airline ever
Qatar airways always be there for you while other airline wasn’t . The beginning of the pandemic while other airliners were stop running but Qatar airways take you where ever you go as long as the border was open.. and don’t forget it service was marvelous ever. Thank you Qatar Airways, I’ll fly with you again soon
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2 years ago, Tanker lead
Disappointed in Qatar Airlines
We reserved a business class seat months ago from Delhi, Doha, Miami. We had a hotel so that we could enjoy the extended layover in Doha. Then the country closed down completely for anyone that doesn’t have a World Cup ticket and special visa. The hotel canceled us, we have a 20 hour layover in Doha, cannot leave the airport, cannot stay in the lounge, and nobody cares. Qatar airlines will not change the reservation. It looks like we’ll be sharing the airport floor with thousands of others that have similar problems. And this is how the worlds best airline operates?
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3 years ago, ahmad yasin27
Overall its very bad experience
Overall it’s very bad experience from buying tickets to check-in using the app, then meeting the crew on the airport & trying to communicate with customer service through the application. You can’t get help when u need it. They have applications that doesn’t contact you with customer service when you have an emergency. Informations provided not accurate & each employee on the airport has a different opinion. It was a big mistake to choose Qatar airlines. I paid $243 extra for a wrong informations.
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1 month ago, shoally
Currently, the airline poses the greatest risk.
I bought a ticket using my card, and an eTicket was issued to me after successful payment. Shortly after, I received an email stating that my ticket was canceled because they were unsure if the cardholder initiated the payment. I sent them my card, passport, and transaction history, but they said they couldn't do anything about it. Now, I lack the funds to buy another ticket, and my visa is set to expire in three days. These people are causing serious stress in my life. After facing difficulties in acquiring funds,
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6 months ago, Okuhle Dyantyi
Refund not received - waiting for over 2months now
I booked a flight on this Qatar app the beginning of October. Unfortunately I had to cancel the flight the very next day. The flight was for the end of October. Long story short… I received a confirmation email for the cancellation stating I’d have to wait 28 days to receive my full refund. It is now the 11th of December and I still have not received a cent!!! I’ve been trying to reach Qatar airlines literally every week and I’m told to be patient to this day I have totally lost my patience I NEED MY REFUND!!!!!!
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