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User Reviews for QFC

4.67 out of 5
10.5K Ratings
3 years ago, 63Gigi63
No Access to Items in Flyer
Mostly I am happy with QFC’s Pick Up & Go. I am very disappointed that I can’t access the meat listed on sale in the ad flyer. There have been a few times where they have given me some sub-par produce, too. These seem to be the most consistent problems. I appreciate that I have a chance to refuse substitutions, and that if I order the day before, I can add to the order until midnight. I also like being able to use paper coupons, and I appreciate that QFC uses PAPER bags, not plastic. For these reasons, I prefer QFC’s service over Safeway. We have an extremely fragile person in our household, so this service is NOT just a matter of convenience for us, it’s a necessity. I think the problems I mentioned above could be corrected. I hope that happens.
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5 years ago, AlexExarhos
Pine Nuts
I’m in the store with my fiancée; last stop of our errands. She’s wants to make a delicious Moroccan thing for dinner that has pine nuts in it. Great! Uh oh, can’t find the pine nuts… No worries, we have some other stuff to get first. Ok, done. Now we need those nuts. Where. Oh no, stress is building. Where are they?? Wait, I know! I’ll use the QFC app that tells you where stuff is! Find it. Open it. A little box says “This version is out of date, update now” and won’t let me continue. First of all, WHY. What is so different that what I used last week won’t work AT ALL anymore… Ugh. Stress still building… Ok. No matter, I actually have a decent signal and unlimited data. Update in App Store… Takes annoyingly long… Ok, finally open my new and improved app, and… Now a GIANT BLUE BUTTON says “Version out of date, update now” and won’t let me continue. I JUST UPDATED NOW! AND ALL I GOT WAS A FANCIER BUTTON TELLING ME TO “UPDATE NOW”! I CAN’T UPDATE ANYMORE! I’M AT THE LATEST UPDATE! And where are the %*@$& pine nuts! Oh. My fiancée found them. They were with the other nuts. That makes sense. BUT WOULD I USE THIS APP AGAIN? DEFINITEY NOT! At least not until they have another update…
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4 years ago, Colonel Kernel
Managing deliveries doesn’t work anymore
This app used to be great. When ordering groceries for delivery, my shopper could send me a message if they couldn’t find an item on my list and we could figure out a substitute on the fly. Now the app doesn’t seem to support notifications anymore. After my last two orders arrived, I noticed messages from my shoppers in the app that I had never received notifications for. It’s also super frustrating that clicking email links doesn’t open the app. I also can’t seem to ever find my most recent order in the app to double check whether I received everything on my list. The only thing this app seems to be good for is actually creating my order. Everything after that is just broken. The same goes for the QFC website. I can’t even track or rate my order or submit feedback without getting an error page. I’ve tried every browser, even IE. Whatever “upgrade” happened to QFC’s site and app about a month ago, it broke a ton of stuff.
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3 years ago, Snowcat228
Saves Time By Grocery Shopping On Line
Our 2nd time shopping here at Belfair QFC. It’s quite the time saver and no having to stand and wait in lines. You may want to pick out your own fresh fruit and vegetables. I’ll see how it is this time. But packaged mushrooms were not fresh and white, more dark and older the4n fresh. The same is for bananas too. If you order too many and can’t eat in 3 or 4 days they start turning. This time I wrote in comments “NOT TOO RIPE” We will see. Bottomline...what a great way to “shop local”
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3 years ago, ghhfdseer*bnmooouytdw
So buggy
There are so many issues. I will only list a few. Do you do testing? 1) Two of the items I ordered never appeared in my cart. I suspected perhaps they were unavailable, but, upon digging deeper I found in an area I had to dig to find, one item was in fact marked as unavailable, but the other was not. Seems like, if that’s the case, you could tell the user instead of lying by saying it’s been added to the cart 2). I ordered 4 cartons on pop on sale, 4/$11. However, it charged me the regular price. I hoped perhaps when I placed the order it would adjust, as sometimes happens at checkout. But - NO. 3) When I went to checkout, it determined that my credit card is expired. True. But, when you try to edit the credit card, you are stuck in an infinite look. Sign in to Kroger, which takes you to a page to sign in to change the card which takes you back to the first signin. The only way yo accomplish the task is to delete and reenter the card. These items are just the beginning of my issues with your system. Honestly I probably know 3rd graders that could do a better job. The way to insure good software is to test repeatedly (even user testing) . To have good tests, you need to know and document ALL functionality and errors. Pretty obvious that your IT folks are either under-educated or just plain inept.
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9 months ago, rosswellian
Broken agsin
The latest update is just getting ridiculously complicated. The developers have added a “preferences” to the search function of coupons. It has about 99 categories that you can select from -great - and then you save your preferences and then /confusingly/ there’s another function called "filter”, which can be used to filter the search, with same types of categories and so forth departments and on and on. Well, guess what? they conflict, so the end result is you can’t search effectively even after you try to eliminate all of the preferences something is really broken in there. But the real Klinker here is that when you get a list of search results and you touch one of them to bring up more information, you get the item below that on the list same goes for clipping a coupon. You clip a coupon and it clips the item *below* the one you clicked on - also it has frozen and I’ve restarted it and terribly frustrating. I hope the developers issue an update soon. I have wasted 40 minutes trying to get a search performed and so forth on this terrible update.
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3 years ago, City cook
I’ve used this app at least weekly over last three months. It is awkward, unfriendly and frustrating. Search function is hard to use and often comes up empty for items that are obviously not in short supply. Trying to pickup at preferred store is almost impossible once system has decided where you should shop. Shoppers often don’t find what I ask for (no Easter eggs a week before Easter, but niece went into same store and found them. No dates and again niece went into store and found them). Substitutions are not done well (pork sausage for chicken sausage! Good thing I’m not Jewish or Muslim). Would not use this unless needed to stay out of stores for health reasons.
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2 years ago, Fred Franken
You need to fix the app as it doesn’t add items and the ones it does is random. You end up thinking you added the items you want only to find out at checkout that they are not there and you have to start again yet it still doesn’t add the items again. Web version works so why not the app?
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3 years ago, abrown261984
Qfc has been a lot better at pulling all my items
I have ordered through instacart and through Safeway’s app they always say items are out of stock when they aren’t. I had to have my husband go to the store after my order at Safeway because they didn’t get half my list, come to find out the items were there the staff don’t look for them. I’d get a better service sending my teenager over there. I never have this problem at qfc they read my requests and always are diligent to ensure if there is an item I get it. The staff are friendly and helpful.
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3 years ago, HeyNeenz
Spoiled produce in Seattle -
This is for the QFC pick up service in Seattle. I have been grateful for the businesses that offer curbside pick up to those of us who are immunocompromised. I am thankful that employees put themselves on the line to keep people fed. I wish I could go into a store and pick out my own produce, I really do. One reason being that I keep getting spoiled produce in my orders. Another being that I have received the wrong order on more than one occasion. The stores never credit me properly and I have called and called and called. I’ve sent online reviews and complaints but to no avail. Sadly, I’ll be using Amazon’s grocery service. As much as I dislike them, at least my produce isn’t rotten or wilted or wrong when it arrives.
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4 years ago, Not_Impressed_DG
New app is clunky
Why did they discontinue the original app and replace it with this new one? It’s terrible. When I signed into my account on the new one, my shopping cart was empty (even though I had items in the cart on the original app) and I had to re-add everything. I also had to re-enter all of my account information. When I typed in a search for cereal, the only results were breakfast bars. I had to go to the Breakfast section to find cereal. Stupid. The list goes on but I haven’t found one improvement with the new app.
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4 months ago, ApolloTrevor
Mostly works
In general, the app works and does what it needs to. But as someone who mostly uses it for shopping in store and finding deals, they built-in list is awful. Half the time if I switch to another app and back, it closes my list. The list itself only takes about 1/2 of the vertical space on the screen (the rest filled by unnecessary buttons and ads), and now the latest update has completely broken the UI so that the buttons and list items are overlapping each other. An absolute mess.
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4 years ago, VonWinco
Hate it
Paper coupons are quicker and can be sorted for how i go thru store, i need to know the price to know if i can afford it and if coupon is worth it, i dont want to use up my data looking at stuff i dont want, i dont want to walk around the store holding my phone. I dont want even more of my shopping data being sold to 3rd psrty. Paper can be recycled, my time lost is forever. Last week all 5x sales were digital to coupon only. My usual 30% savings was unattanable. I was mad, i loaded app, i am still mad. This app is not gor full cart family shoppers. It is for simple minded people who develop a relationship with a product by clicking it, then wanting to complete their new commitment
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3 years ago, Spill boss
It’s getting better
Things I like are it keeps track of your previous purchases and it’s easy to find things you regularly buy. What I don’t like is that it is difficult to locate generic items. Example if you type in cream cheese you are going to see everything with cream cheese as an ingredient or it will recommend “Philadelphia Cream Cheese”. I’m using it as an ingredient and don’t need the good stuff and can’t find it. So I’m some sense it helps you keep to your shopping norms and save time/money and then you might spend more buying name brand items you don’t need.
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2 years ago, mackromackro
A potentially great but sadistic unstable app
I get that workers for retail companies justifiably hate the human race, so I get there’s a drive to inflict pain on said human race in an app form used by the worst, pickiest humans. The thing is: the QFC app’s store-specific stock is useful and well done. The problem is that items will randomly appear or disappear from one’s shopping list or cart at any given moment, which is really annoying. (Why is there a difference between a list and a cart, anyway?) If sadism is the goal of the app, this one wins it hands down.
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3 years ago, Brian987643
Why so complicated?
I applaud you are updating your app regularly, however for me it just gets worse. I don’t understand why at times it shows things I’ve bought and now it shows them in a special regular section. The regular section has a huge bug because it allows duplicates. If you remove one of the duplicates it remove all instances of the item. If you don’t remove the duplicates it tries to add all instances of an item to the cart. Why are the items available such a small subset of what the store sells?
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2 years ago, 230 degrees
QFC online shopping
The shopping experience online is simple and efficient and greatly appreciated by me since I am housebound. It is sometimes hard to find specific items that are unique to a regular order and may or may not be available. Thanks for making this process of shopping possible.
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3 years ago, mehve-chan
Please improve the search function.
I liked that I could split the items I was shopping for between shipping and pickup during the same session and check out two separate times. Thank you! The search function in the “shop” area did not produce results — 4 out 5 would error out— and so I spent a lot of time scrolling for what I was looking for and only found something like it. I already checked out the pickup order by the time i eventually found the exact item i needed and added it to my ship order. I used to shop at QFC exclusively but have a neighborhood Safeway we frequent. The search function on their app was much easier to navigate, gave me no errors, and I like that it keeps tabs on what I buy so I can find same or select from others like it. I would love to keep my options open! Please improve your app!
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5 years ago, Kimmykoolbeans
Keeps crashing
Hello, I just uploaded this app. Hoping to make my life easier I thought I’d investigate and install QFC app. Pharmacy, groceries are all the neat things that make my world go around. So I sign in,I create an account, create my password and Wala I’m good to go. When I try to renew a prescription it crashes. So I thought I could be doing something wrong. I start over and signed in Then go to the pharmacy refill page.I entered all my pertinent information and it crashes again now igot on the phone and completed the refill request in fraction of the time it took me to just play with this darn app.
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2 years ago, MJCqwerty
App is crap! Just going to store from now on!
I gave this a try again after having downloaded the latest version. But it is STILL difficult to figure out! Soon enough, MILLIONS of hungry sick infected people, who can’t figure out your app, who have nobody else to help them, and who have no patience with government bureaucracy, are gonna go to the store and spread COVID! Before 2020, bad grocery store apps were only a matter of inconvenience and incompetence. But now it’s a matter of life and death! I’ll just make smaller purchases and go through the self check out to minimize my chances of getting Covid.
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3 years ago, rvrinsea
Needs work
App says buy 3 and save - but then did not do the price reduction - difference was $5.85. Coupon was buy 3 for 12 dollars- single $5.95 each Entered credit card, stated approved, but then would not allow me to use the credit card - did not even see the card - needed to wait 15 minutes and re-enter - then it worked
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4 years ago, Kylo K.
Great app - very helpful!
I love this app. You can browse the weekly circular, add digital coupons and create lists. It even tells you where in the store to find your items. You can keep a list of regular items so you don’t have to keep adding them. The app also shows you current on-sale items so you can plan before you go. Super helpful.
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4 years ago, tinac1
Be wary - Does not accurately update cart
The app very buggy. I tried to remove items from my cart and it kept adding them back. I could not get the cart to show an accurate update of my selections. Shopping list is hard to use and isn’t easy to add selections to cart. I will avoid using this until it works.
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4 years ago, billy'n'holly
Version 20.5 makes the app FAR worse!
After they added pickup to make filtering coupons slower, and the in-store view to make navigating slower, and grocery lists & prices to make client-server communication slower ... now they change the coupons from “add/remove” to “clip/unclip” in hard-to-see green vs. red and it takes FOREVER to clip a single coupon! I should go back to just using the website ... at least there, I only have to deal with my browser loading 1000 images on the coupon page.😢
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6 months ago, HTFD8675
Terrible app
The app is pretty horrid. It’s really hard to find stuff, and you can’t order from specific stores, unlike Instacart. My shoppers keep starting at a QFC that’s further away and smaller than my local store. They are always out of stuff. My orders go to DoorDash, which doesn’t have experienced grocery shoppers, and it impacts the quality of the produce and meat they pick out. The only reason I used this app is for the savings vs Instacart. But the hassle is making me think it’s not worth the savings. Just be prepared to make a lot of returns.
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5 years ago, Chaotik_lord
Was 5 stars but update unusable
It was a five-star app, but after installing the mandatory update, I just get stuck in a loop telling me to update, which I did, so the button says “Open,” which just sends me back to the update prompt. Yesterday, I went to the store to get something on sale, but it was out-and the last of the season, apparently, so I couldn’t even get a rain check. Bad times lately.
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5 months ago, Sea Snag
Clicking specials does not guarantee sale price
I click or scan the specials. At times they do not give the sale price. Last week when I showed the cashier a special she said get used to it, if you don’t select it and it does not give you the sale price, we will no longer be correcting it not w phone photo. Ok I think Im done with QFC. I mostly shop Safeway which has a helpful staff and I also shop Costco! I really did not appreciate the comment so did not purchase anything. Put everything back before scanning my QFC card.
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2 years ago, Efbrazil
Very buggy app, but does (kinda) work
Pickup is free and the app does kinda work. Having said that, it’s also a buggy mess. Top gripes: - Some in store items missing from the app, zero customer service when you ask for a fix - Can’t see available pickup times until after filling grocery cart - Buttons to add items to cart are cropped on iphone se and very hard to click as a result - Clip coupon button doesn’t work at all in “forgetting something” mode - Shows items only available with shipping, if you accidentally add one the whole order gets messed up - Special instructions you type are ignored more often than not So yes, it’s a buggy mess, but it kinda works. Very 3 star experience.
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5 years ago, unhappy32121321
App switched store without me knowing & misdirected order to incorrect location
I have a default store location thru my app, where I always shop. I added product to my cart and without any notification it switched the store to one that had the available product, even though that store is not close to me, and it processed my order/payment before any notification came up. Now I need to call customer service to get a refund as I certainly will not be driving to some far away location to get my groceries because of an app issue.
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4 years ago, douglas/frogman
Grocery pick-up
The ability to pre-order groceries and pick them up has been great. I started using this service before the store I shop at had set up a place to pick-up groceries. The workers in the store weren’t even aware of “pick list”. You’ve come a long way. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Stamparina
Don’t bother using this app for delivery, just use instacart for delivery it’s much better! I decided to give this app a try and even though my order was shipped, they canceled for some unknown reason. When I called Kroger the lady couldn’t tell me why so finally I asked her if I should just call Instacart and she said yes. Instacart was very helpful. I told them I’ve never had any issues with them and they confirmed that there are always issues with the store apps. I like the QFC app for a lot of things but based on delivery alone it gets 1 Star from me.
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4 years ago, puppylover54
Needs improvement
Unable to save credit card information even after deleting the app and reinstalling and restarting my phone. Let me know when you fix it, I’m going to shop elsewhere.
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4 years ago, Apmdaw
What the heck happened to this app??
This used to be a super handy app. I’ve been using it for grocery pickups about every two weeks over about 18 months. I could compose my shopping list over several days, using both my phone and tablet because it synced seamlessly. No more. Lists disappear, items chosen on one device do not show up on the other (and yes, I am logged in to the same account on both.) if you do manage yo create a list and want to review your cart, it’s now a two step process. Super frustrated!!
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4 years ago, not in edmonds
Less than satisfactory
Why can’t you note on the Items if you’re out of stock? Then I won’t waste my time. Then to have those items removed from your cart when you’re ready to check out, only to fall below the minimum required for free delivery is extremely annoying. Then you’re charged a delivery fee! And if I’m logged in why can’t I use coupons or get sales price, or get store brand items on delivery orders? So frustrating!!!
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5 years ago, Creetisvan
No compact view—and it’s gotten WORSE
All of a sudden my shopping list is HUGE. I used to be able to see a bunch of items on one screen but now I see only a couple. On top of it my list now has controls to add or subtract items FOR EACH ITEM. Why isn’t there options to allow users to view their list in a compact mode? This has become a really crappy user experience.
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2 years ago, William Stein
Expiration date fraud
I installed the app, signed up, etc so that I could save $10 via an e coupon. The sign i the store said it expired 8/31 (today) and the app said the coupon expires 9/1. However even then when I clicked to use the coupon it said “no such coupon”. Very frustrating. The most basic feature of the app - providing a coupon until it expires is broken due to I guess sloppy programming. So 1 star. Otherwise I like QFC itself a lot.
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2 years ago, 5678976555678jnncnads
Somehow you have taken a barely functioning, extremely frustrating app and made it completely unusable. Congratulations, you did the unexpected. I *really* want to use this app and I’d like it to work at least a quarter of the time, but over the course of the last year or two, all this app does is nothing, crash, freeze, and raise my blood pressure. I am pretty much at a point of refusing to shop at QFC period because you KEEP making your app even more unusable and it was barely functioning at the start of 2020! I guess Freddys, Safeway, and more likely winco will get my dollars now. Good job guys. You literally had one job to do with the app: make something people can do their shopping with. You have resoundingly failed.
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3 years ago, Cece sweet
My Neighborhood store
The best! Shopped here for years! You have only excelled in the current situation! Aside from anything else your employees are the best and make it it happen. I know most of them by name and am eternally grateful!
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4 years ago, bbmcg10
Online pharmacy ordering is nice, and generally the store location and coupon features are helpful. But the lists and “shopping mode” need a lot of improvement. If I make a list of items and the app isn’t kept open, I lose the entire list. Why? What’s the point of spending time making a list if it’s not saved anywhere?
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5 years ago, mikedice417
The app is horrible
Only makes you type your password once. Why would every other online app in the world make you type it twice when creating an account? Recommend asking your developers that question Cannot type in my QFC club card number. The app keeps telling me the number is in use. Of course it is. It is my number. Couldn’t get past this step during registration so couldn’t register so can’t use app. Deleting it from my device
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6 years ago, Don$108
Why does this app require that I create an account? I can’t see any valid reason from a consumer’s perspective as to why creating an account has any value to me. Rather, it’s just one more account that will inevitably get hacked, all the while providing needless tracking of my shopping patterns. Kroger: just check your shelves to see what sells and don’t bother me via technology. You are not my BFF and never will be so don’t expect anything from me beyond an arms-length transaction.
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2 years ago, Denise555000
Bad app. 1/3 of the world is technology incompetent.
This app is so bad kroger created an 800# for it. Kroger really made something simple difficult and confusing. As a cashier this app creates a lot of complaining and issues for us. This system is terrible. People still find a way to abuse the system and get away with it. I’m finding as a cashier 1/3 of the world is technically challenged or incompetent. No rain check on digitals. Rule has always been. People are so use to being told yes they get pissy when they are told no you can’t get your way this time. You can only clip so many ads before it prevents you from adding more. If your looking for one on sale tough luck. The app doesn’t care.
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6 years ago, Joannebug
Why limit coupons
I love that I can clip coupons right onto my account through the app, but WHY limit the amount I can put on there? I have a huge family and and sometime multiple shoppers, so I add things that I might not buy but my children or husband might. It frustrates me so much that I sometimes decide to shop else where
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2 years ago, brap0
Not terrible but not great
The design of the shopping cart view is quite poor. The information density is very low—lots of blank white space around list items, headers and footers and floating “did you forget something?” buttons blocking the view. I don’t know if I forgot something or not because it’s so cumbersome to see what’s in my cart.
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3 years ago, Haendog
You have been a life saver
Thank you, thank you to everyone who’s working right now. You are so vital and have been nothing but gracious and kind. QFC is doing more than their share of keeping our community safe ❤️
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5 years ago, Shoze
When it works it’s great… But a couple times I loaded 50 items into my cart and I couldn’t check out. This seems to be fixed now that was very annoying. Anyways now that it’s working I love it!
Show more
1 month ago, Justy B.
My shopping experience
I’m grateful that we have this system to have someone to shop for us, as I’m sick with a very bad cold but I git my groceries without leaving my house so thank you.
Show more
3 years ago, Ann127543
Excellent products and delivery service
Our family is so grateful for everyone who makes it possible for us to get our groceries.
Show more
3 years ago, Tonycdis
Horrible app
The fact that you have to switch in between 3 different tabs to use coupons, cash back, and weekly add because they don’t show up on the same shopping list is the reason I will walk the extra 20 mins both ways to Safeway. Also, who wants to search through 257 random non organized cash back offers. This app is junk. Safeway’s is so much better and easier to use.
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4 years ago, shwilson2
Efficient & Seamless
Once I was signed in and added all my info, shopping was a snap. I also loved that I could see previous purchases as I do tend to buy the same items. Great service!
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