Quick and Easy Spanish Lessons

4.6 (1.2K)
26.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raja Mohammad Zishanullah
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Quick and Easy Spanish Lessons

4.61 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
7 years ago, BDH 5c46f5B3E2
Quick way to learn basic
This app has helped me retain the basics and it is a quick way to review. Retaining has been one of my weak areas but since using this method I seem to have greatly improved. I will keep it in my phone regardless of how I hope to progress
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8 years ago, Black Chinned HB
Easy way to learn basic Spanish
Broken down in lessons of everyday Spanish with different tests you can take to test your retention. Easy to hear and understand for beginners. Will need to build on what I've learned but this is a great place to start.
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6 years ago, Bah2017
This app is amazing. I can’t believe I’m remembering what I learned during my school age. Also I’m retaining a lot of the information. Along with being able to test yourself as many times as you want is great.
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3 years ago, Yumo79
Spanish learning app is the best
I rate it 5 stars because when I was a kid I learnt Spanish but I don’t know how to say Spanish any more but this app helped me so that is why I rate it 5 stars
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4 years ago, Fallen_Anjel
Love refreshing my spanish but...
Volume keeps cutting in and out. So low i can barely hear it with the phone up to my ear. Ans idk who the female speaker is but her spanish is horrible! She was saying elagato for el gato. Her c'a sound like f's. I keep getting many wrong because i cant understand her. (Shes in the nouns quiz and the verbs quiz). The numbers quiz was great. Men were loud, clear and concise.
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8 years ago, GIBHDN
Very Helpful
I'm currently taking Spanish 101 in school, and find this app very helpful so far. It gives the complete Spanish alphabetic which is the best part. I just downloaded it a week ago, so I haven't fully explored it. However, I really like it so far.
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9 years ago, Joepen.
Great start for building blocks of Spanish
Very good for learning basics and fundamentals of Spanish. Necessary before other language programs that typically assume an understanding and pronunciation skills or very briefly cover.
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5 years ago, 20Grand1
The application is very helpful. I am a beginner but I know more than I did before practicing and studying with this application.
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3 years ago, abby loo hoo
I just learns the entire Spanish alphabet and 26 Spanish numbers in less that an hour ❤️❤️❤️❤️
The best
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4 weeks ago, potinya
Very good
I like this Spanish app. I wish it would allow me to repeat the words in Spanish. Thank you.
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8 years ago, Penguin13xtcjx
Spanish app
Just got teamed up with a teacher who only speaks Spanish. This app is a life saver. If I can learn from this anyone can !!!
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7 years ago, Ina123A
Easy to use
Helps make Spanish speaking fun and straight forward! Thank you
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9 years ago, Karen Kaz 45
Learn Spanish
Best app so far my Spanish was horrible I have learned so much from this I love it.
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9 years ago, Structure Distruptor
Spanish lessons
The Spanish app is easy to understand and it allows you to learn at your own pace
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2 years ago, CaliforniaGirl2143
Please consider releasing an ad free version
The video ads are annoying. They are so disruptive that it makes me not even want to use the app! I would be willing to pay for a premium version free of ads. Please consider releasing one!
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8 years ago, Buttercat_waffles
It has helped me soo much to learn Spanish and does it in an easy way.
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4 years ago, ProteusMX
Great app
This app worked great for my daughter. It’s worth the money. It even has a translator.
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8 years ago, Rickstevens
Thanks for a great app!
The upgrade was a logical purchase. My vocabulary is growing quickly.
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8 years ago, Jajajajjaorjrbrhsjeh
Esto aplicación es buena cuando aprendizaje español como un languaje segundo. Pero, esto aplicación no hace enseñar apropiado gramatíca cuando molesto a aprender eso como un languaje primero. Tú hariá tienes compras un versión completo. Moral del pasaje: ¡utilizar el traductor de google! This app is good when trying to learn this app as a second language. It is not good if you are trying to learn it fluently. It doesn't teach you correct grammar, or sentence structure. If you want that then you'd need to buy it. Moral of the story: Use google translate instead!
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8 years ago, NVBarb
Good Basics
Wanted more conversational Spanish, but this is a good app to learn vocabulary and pronunciation. Thank you for this app! As I use it I may find conversation!
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4 years ago, hussamsalah
A new user
Perfect for beginners .. accurate and easy
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12 months ago, L*)
Volume too low
Please fix the volume. The app would be great if I could hear it.
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7 years ago, NomarT
Very nice app.
Helps me a lot in learning Spanish from step 1.
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7 years ago, Nick Schallick
This is super awesome so far, I can guarantee I'll know full Spanish soon. Amazing!
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7 years ago, Jeffreymoody
Very fun. Very easy and easy on the brain
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4 years ago, briana ann marie
It is helping me and my grandma with Spanish
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8 years ago, MrD3 Pro
Great app!
Love that this app covers the foundation of the language. I'm learning! Thanks!
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8 years ago, tjcalif
Love this app!!
Great way to learn basic Spanish!!!
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8 years ago, Jcoope9
Great addition to Spanish lessons
Very good app used as a compliment to my Spanish lessons.
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7 years ago, It is bad🦍
I love this app with a burning passion
It's helped me with the basics of the Spanish
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7 years ago, SDC@54
Great app
This is awesome app for beginners!!!!
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4 years ago, Gabyyxoxox
A lot of this seems off, I’m Hispanic & fluent in Spanish. Just wanted to freshen up on some stuff & a lot of the translations are just the same word said with a Spanish accent
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8 years ago, twomoonmusic
Audio didn't work
Couldn't get the audio to work. My volume was up but theirs is not functioning. Sad.
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6 years ago, redd!!!
Poor instructions
Gives poor instructions on how to complete most of the sections
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7 years ago, Oldosage
Speaking Spanish
This app is helpful, but, could not hear it on my phone. Vocal was very low.
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8 years ago, Cleopatra000777
Very good
Lear lots of basic words. Great.
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7 years ago, Perileo
Very useful to learn Spanish
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7 years ago, Banana350
I love this app, but only for learning the alphabet.
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8 months ago, mab1953
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8 years ago, Dawns renew
Great app for beginners
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4 years ago, 1tootsiebelle
Spanice Basics
This a great app.
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8 years ago, HajiHATINGme
Show more
8 years ago, Sifu: Bk
Axe kick
Awesome and worthwhile!
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8 years ago, Had a bone
This is so crazy and I hate this thing
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11 years ago, Flower girl 20
This is a terrific app!!! I have been searching and searching for an app to help me with my Spanish. I am trying to teach myself. I have downloaded many but none seem to really work for me!! I love the whole set up of doing the quiz and the PowerPoint!! This app is so fun too. So than you a million. LOVE IT!!!
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11 years ago, grainhalo
Good Instructions
I have been teaching myself Spanish out of necessity for my job. I am using another app for the majority of my lessons but that app lacks written instructions. I like this app because I can usually find what I need to know from its handy instructions plus this app has some things that are very basic like numbers, alphabet letters, and colors, which the other app also lacks. Overall, this app really is great and complements my other Spanish app very well. I would recommend this app for anybody who wants to brush up in their Spanish speaking skills.
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9 years ago, Fuzzy144
Yeah... Not that easy
If you are like me, and you don't know ANYTHING about Spanish except the basic "gracias," or "hola," then this isn't for you, unless you can memorize something in 30 seconds, which isn't me, so I'll start from the beginning: A: it gives you a really good start at the beginning B: unless you have another source of the language, this is really hard (because you have to memorize 30 to 40 words a lesson). Well, that's all I have to complain about, and, to the creators, it would be WONDERFUL if it was a tad bit simpler toward the middle and end.
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9 years ago, Add visuals
App is great. But,,....!!!!!
This app could be great for kids that need to learn Spanish. The creator had them in mind but fell short in a few areas. You need visuals for kids to get an understanding. 1. In the color section... ADD the actual COLOR. I'm sure the audio is helpful but if you add a VISUAL that would put this app over the top. 2. In the fruit section ADD PICTURES. Seeing what grapes, bananas or mangoes look like along with the audio would speed a child's ability, or an adult for that matter, to grasp the concept a lot quicker.
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10 years ago, Cd1o
The most complete app yet
This is the first app I've been able to find that teaches the alphabet and vowel theory before just throwing u into the language.
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11 years ago, linb99
easiest learning app so far
the only complaint I have is during the practices, too many of the same questions are asked again and again
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