Quran - by Quran.com - قرآن

4.9 (21.6K)
153.2 MB
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Mohamed Afifi
Last update
6 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Quran - by Quran.com - قرآن

4.87 out of 5
21.6K Ratings
3 years ago, itsnouraalbalawi
I love this app; I use it the most for memorizing
This app is awesome for familiarizing with larger parts of the Qur’an. The way the ayat are broken up makes it annoying to listen to just one ayat on a loop, other apps or sites are better for that, but the newest updates have made this app FANTASTIC for looping a specific part of the Qur’an. For example, I’m trying to memorize 33 ayat a day. So I will put my 33 ayat on loop, and it doesn’t matter if the 33 ayat contain ayat from 2 different surat because you can set beginning and ending ayat, choosing both the beginning and ending surah and beginning and ending ayat in each surah. So for instance, I wanna listen to say 78:5 to 79:3 — I can easily select those two ayat for beginning and end points. This is the best feature of this app by far, and it’s very clean looking, great translation and transliteration options for us non-Arabic speaking reverts, and the Arabic is very clear and easy to read. I just wish there were tajweed markings bc for now I read along in my tajweed Qur’an but I would like not to pull out my physical Qur’an from my backpack anytime I’m on the bus or something and just have tajweed in the app. A solution could be to read along in a different Qur’an app that does have tajweed markings, while listening to audio of this app. But, Alhamdulillāh and masha’Allāh this app is great. Jazakumullah khairan
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6 years ago, cos.im.fiah
Clean interface and good features
This is a good Quran App that is adapted from the online web-based version. May Allah reward the team greatly for the efforts, Amin. Some notable features (frequently used myself) 1. Division by Juz. Good for tracking reading or listening progress by juz. 2. Auto bookmarking. Good to track where we last left off 3. Many reciter options and english audio for meaning. 4. Clean interface that makes use of space wisely to facilitate reading. 5. Ad free! This is awesome n not distracting. I would like to make some suggestions for kind consideration: 1. Include Option to play English audio translation (e.g by Ibrahim Walk) after arabic recitation per ayah. I use the app regularly to listen while commuting/driving. If the english translation can be played right after the arabic, it will greatly aid understanding thru listening. 2. Option to customize e view of the quran. Font size and position of the translation and transliteration 3. Option for word-for-word translation and transliteration. This can be an alternate view while reading. This is one feature i see lacking in most apps. I tink the app has a way to do this via the arabic quran view, but it would be great to have this option as part of the main interface view Jazakallah Khair.
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3 years ago, nbalhadji
Mash’Allah! Love this app💙
Dear developers, this is to let you know that I am very fond of your app. I used it on a daily basis up to 2/3 of my time in general. I really like the feature of listening and reading simultaneously. There is a slight issue by the end the Qur’an recitation of Cheickh Salah Bukhatir. Starting from Surat Ash-Sharh to An-Nas, the audio breaks occasionally and doesn’t go along with the screen cursor. The Audio is kind of ahead of it. It would be very nice if you could fix that. Also, I have noticed a couple of typos throughout the book( French Translation, which language I happen to know quite well). I can try to note them on the side as I read through the whole Qur’an again and then send them over to you. Once again, thank you for this wonderful app. May Allah SWT reward you with Jannatul Firdaws! Best, Souleymane
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1 year ago, Gerbil_World
Could use a cleaner UI
Al-salamu Alaikum wa Ramatu Allah wa Barakatuh This is an awesome app. It’s simplicity is excellent and lack of convoluted features makes it a well worth companion app. Too many applications try to be a one stop shop for all things a Muslim needs, but sometimes a user should have multiple apps that are excellent at what they do. Like this app for reading the Quran. However, I would like to comment about the UI in hopes that the developer could clean it up better. For the Surahs tab, there’s a clear indication up top of whether I want things divided by Juz’ or by Surah. If the option selected is Surah then all I should be seeing is a list of the Surahs. There is no need to showcase the juz’ division in the Surah’s tab as the Juz’ tab achieves that. Secondly, why is there a recents display? If it’s for progress preservation, then there should be only a single display item (which indicates where I last stopped reading or listening…) this recents display should also be something that is optional for the user to display or not. As for the audio capability, there should be an option where the user can continue listening till the end of the Quran. There are more improvements that I think are needed but these I think by far are simple QoL issues that can be addressed to make the experience that much more fluid. JAK.
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2 years ago, M.S.A.Khan
All that you need… and more
This is a beautifully designed Quran app. It has an easy to read Arabic text, a large variety of translations (my personal favorite being English by Dr. Mustafa Khattab), and a diverse assortment of reciters (my personal favorite being Saood Ash-Shuraym). I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to start reading the Quran. You can read at your own pace, and the app will automatically bookmark where you stop. You can even create multiple bookmarks of your own to mark spots to revisit in the future. The interface is well laid out and easy to navigate. I commend the developers of this app for making something truly amazing, and keeping it completely free. May Allah reward you for all your hard work.
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4 years ago, AidanHeartsBread
Great app
I really love this app. It’s clean and minimal, without lacking the features I need. A notes section would be great. I was thinking if I wanted to use an iPad with an Apple Pencil and have hand written notes or be able to make notes from the main reading pain, so it’s easy to see all the notes in one place and refer back when I might be reading further down the page. Using the basic features of (highlight, underline, and writing). A sort of Quran version of “pdf expert” from readdle. It’s an area no one has really tackled in the Quran app realm and not many Quran PDFs from online are formatted properly. Thanks for all your efforts and may Allah bless you.
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4 months ago, Shaanyar
Add a Streak feature
Hey there, been using the Quran app for a few years now. I find myself rarely reading the holly Quran even though I know how much Sadaqah I get from reading just a single verse. But a while back I started to read daily on my iPhone ‘Books’ app and I noticed they have a Streak feature, where you have to read in the app for a specific amount of time that you set as your daily-goal to keep the Streak going 🔥 just like snapchat. I hope you add this feature it is proven to be effective and to help you stay consistent with your tasks. May Allah bless you and all of us ❤️
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1 year ago, Nab. Ahmed
Amazing app but one feature I would like…
I have been using this app for a little bit now and am loving it. It’s clean, doesn’t show ads, and has many settings for your liking. Just one setting I would like to see added is infinite scrolling until the end of the Surah. Whenever I am reading a surah I have to keep track of if it has ended or I have to flip to the next page, so maybe if possible you can add a setting where I can just keep scrolling until the surah has ended instead of me having to flip a page to see the next parts.
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5 years ago, saudapop
AMAZING APP!!. But please increase margin-bottom for word pointer tool tip
This is the best Quran app for iOS. My only suggestion would be to increase the bottom margin of the tooltip this appears when highlighting a word with the word pointer so it is easier to see the translation of the word. Also adding the word being highlighted in a magnifier above the word(like the iOS keyboard does when you press a letter or long press on an editable text!) would really take this feature from an A to an A+. Jazzakum Allahu khair to the developers. I know it is not easy and greatly appreciate the time and efforts that go into its engineering. I love this app!
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4 months ago, Fagelanudbenskc
It’s good but
It’s a good app but I don’t like that they add their extra parentheses of what the verse is saying and how it was translated by the original author of a English translation. For example, when I choose Dr. Mustafa Khattab, in Surah 24:31 I know the original book Dr. Khattab wrote and how he translated it and his translation is correct but this app is again is conspiring to falsely spread the message of the Quran using their peganistic cultural and teachings and spreading the wrong message of the Quran. These so called Muslims don’t fear god at all because if they did they would never dare speak a word out of the context witch god himself gave us the message as. Shame on you. God sees all.
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6 years ago, JediLinkNYC1989
The best Quran app on iOS!
I have used other Quran apps and they were good, until I got an iPhone X. The apps I used then were not optimized to take advantage of the larger screen. That was, until I searched for apps that are optimized. Turns out, this app as the first and it is a really good Quran app. It has all the features I need to read and memorize the Quran as well as a vast array of reciters. And to top it all off, they now introduced a dark mode where I can use the app and it doesn’t drain my battery as fast as well as read it in low lighting. If you are looking for the best Quran App on iOS, this is it!
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2 months ago, 🌺 Aহك
Alhamdulillah I honestly think this is a great app whether your on the go or can’t touch the Quran or can’t bring it with you somewhere etc. However, I feel like this app could be better. For example, where is the profile sync on the app? I’ve seen it in the website but not the app. It would really helpful it was on the app too. Also, I don’t like how if you exit the surah that is being played to go somewhere else on the app, it stops playing. Otherwise it’s a great app. JazakAllahukhairan and Ramadan Mubarak to you all
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1 year ago, IsmaelBalkhi
Top Quran App
Salaam Alaikum, JZK for the app? This is definitely one of my favorites and use it daily. One suggestion I have is if the Plural We/Us/Our could be updated to the modern English. It’s so bad all translations still use this. It is accurate to the original language out of respect, not truly plural, but it’s devastating in English. Maybe if there was a setting where selecting it would give the more friendly version for easier reading. The old English of 500 years ago doesn’t translate well to today’s communication. Jazāk Allāh Khayr!
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10 months ago, luqmantidbfb
Good but missing somethings
The online version of this app is far better because it has many features that the app dosent have that somewhat restrict the experience, for example the sepia theme is not available and the font change is not available but MOST IMPORTANTLY in the onlime bersion you could tap on individual arabic words and it would tell you the meaning this feture makes learning arabic much easier but sadly it is not available in the app bersion if i had to chose i change to make on the app it would be thiss but overall this is still my favorite quran app
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2 months ago, A Sohel
Amazing Gift
Alhamdulliah for this amazing gift in this dunia for infinite reward in the akhirat. One recommendation of automation:- It would be beneficial if there is a play button in the notes to play all the notes that has been accumulated. Say if I save in notes last 3 ayat of Hasr, 255 of bakarah, last 3 of bakarah, few ayats of Mulk and fre fron Sajda …, Than I wanted tp play them all, Alhamdullah that would be fantastic. Moreove if there is an option to share the notes or bookmark than we may share them to our children, relatives and friends. Thanks
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10 months ago, Nxksjwbkqj
The holy Quran
I love this app so much for many reasons. For Me I was raised by muslim parents in North America. I know a lot of English and it is my main language because I went to school here. Arabic is my second language so finding a holy Quran that I can read with good translation is great. I checked with my mom about the translations and she said they are good. It makes me really happy that people like these developers take the time to make a holy Quran readable for primarily english speakers. Thank you for reading this and I wish everyone the best allahu akbar.
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4 years ago, Jakedasnake510
Best Quran app
Mashallah this app has everything you need. My favorite feature is the Quran is shown by pages just like the book, but you can select each individual ayah and play the audio from a wide selection of reciters. I love this feature, because I want to make sure I’m pronouncing everything correctly. Also not to mention the wide variety of translations offered in English and many other languages PLUS tafseer of Ibn Kathir and many many others. So thank you and jazakallahkhair. ‏جزاك الله خير ربنا يتقبل منا
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4 years ago, Presidos
Best Quran app out there
I’ve tried many Quran apps and I have to admit, this one is my favorite. Very easy to navigate, has a great layout and color scheme, and has 30+ brilliant reciters whose audios you can download to listen to offline. And my personal favorite feature, there is even a search bar where you can search for any word and find every ayah with that word. My tajweed improved greatly through this app. Highly recommended, may Allah reward the developer.
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6 years ago, j_md
Better than other apps but...
As-salāmu ʿalaykum wr wb, Let me start by saying Jazāk Allāhu Khayran for a wonderful, pacifying to eyes app and desktop version which is awesome. I use this app almost daily 👍👍. I want to point few things out. First thing that I would like to see separate font size selector for Arabic and English, right now the font for Arabic is smaller when compare to English that makes screen filled up with English translation when zoomed in and makes hard to read translation. Second i would like to have word to word pronunciation in translation mode. Last, A cloud backup of your readings to track and which can be used by multiple devices to be in sync. I like the desktop version much more better than the iOS app I am well aware that making requests are easy, delivering them is hard. Keep up the good work Jazāk Allāhu Khayran As-salāmu ʿalaykum wr wb
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3 years ago, Cr7yusuf18
Amazing Quran app
As a frequent Quran reader I’ve been searching for a good Quran app. I was looking for an app that didn’t contain ads and isn’t extremely complicated. This app is just perfect. I’ve been browsing through so many Quran apps but this is the best one out of all, no doubt about it. I really love the searching tool. If I’m looking for a specific page I just type it in and it just appears. You can also type in words in the search bar, which I think is a really cool feature.
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2 years ago, SamTheSpecial
Simple put the BEST Quran reader I’ve seen
This Quran reader is the best I’ve came across. It allows you to download multiple translations of your choice and also English transliteration as well. It has many reciters audio available for your preferred Quran reciter. It allows you to repeat surath and/or verses for however long you want or need. Great user interface has automatic dark/light mode. As I said the best I’ve seen so far. Great job!!! Truly well done!👍👍
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3 years ago, Choiut
Different Scripts
There are many ancient Qurans and one of the oldest of them is Kufic. It’s a very beautiful script that is not seen very much online or in apps but I think would be cool to see it represented in this app as a setting. It would also be cool for people to possibly design different formats and fonts and have them be chosen to be added in the settings. Learning the different scripts and ligatures in Arabic is really fascinating and it’s cool to see that go into online fonts too.
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3 years ago, Fatemamohamedhadi
The BEST Quran App
I have been using this app for a while.. and I can say that I cannot go a day without it. It has brought everything you need along with the Quran along in one app. Audio, notes for each verse, bookmarks, saved verses, and translations. It has everything you need and is very user-friendly and not complicated or old-looking. It does not glitch or stop working. Highly highly recommend. Sincere thann you to the developers. May God bless you and bless your work.
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4 years ago, KidSavage2k
Needs Bigger Text Font Option
Assalamualaikum. I’ve been using this amazing app to read the whole Quran while quarantined this Ramadan, and alhamdulillah the experience has been nothing but smooth. My only wish would be to have options to increase the font size for the arabic as it’s a bit difficult to read unless the screen is very near to my face. Insha’Allah the feature is added by next Ramadan. Salaam
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3 years ago, shirazrasool
Love this app
This app is great .. I love that it had multiple translation options and whenever I am done reading I just book mark the page which makes it so much easier to go back to the right page when I need to read again .. I highly recommend this app especially if you want to read all the pages of Quran and if you want to really understand what it says ..
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5 years ago, Asgjflvv
This app is good but.... please add
Please add tajweed colors like in iquran app and zoom feature or bigger font and lastly when pressing back to keep it on the same verse just repeating it because when you press back to hear it again it goes to the verse before it. (For memorization purposes ) after this it will be 5 stars. The only reason I downloaded this app is because you actually have shuraim audio by himself. If you can add these things this app will be perfect for people that want to memorize and learn tajweed. Thank you
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4 years ago, Fatimah2018
Absolutely love the App
I downloaded the app few days ago and I appreciate the effort that has been done. However, there is an issue in Minshawy- Mujawwad especially in the short surahs. Not sure how to explain it but don’t play smoothly. The audio cut between each ayht while the shaik is still reading. It seems like a technical issue. I hope someone can take a look at it and have it fixed.
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2 years ago, Abasdabiss
Bugs in the App/ Feature Request
Salaam - I love this app however the latest update has lots of bugs. Is there a way to revert to the previous version of the app? It doesnt let me click “read more” for longer verses and the auto play doesn’t go in sync with the verses. Could I revert to the previous version where there was no “read more” and no auto play issues?
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3 years ago, PriceyJunk
Very English-Friendly to English users
Highly recommended if you’re trying to learn the Holy Quran and you only speak English. Their transliteration feature allows you to see a syllable breakdown of each word to help with pronouncing the Arabic words. No errors as far as I’ve seen and everything is written eloquently and sophisticatedly. They have put clear effort into this app and I am very thankful for that. May God bless the developers and everyone else.
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3 years ago, CsniperC
Best Quran app I have used by far
Alhamdulillah this app is incredible the dev team has done a wonderful job mashaAllah. It has nearly every translation you can imagine and you can have as many translations/transliterations active as you want, this makes comparing two translations VERY easy. Beautiful clean interface, reliable and bug free in general. All of this for free with no ads? Yall are doing Allahs work with this one mA mA
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9 months ago, Ivar the Soulsucker
It is so refreshing to be able to sit and read the translation verse by verse as it is recited. Sotting down with the Quran this way bring i different feeling than when i was only able to read it and not follow along. Thank you, Whoever you are that work on this and make it free for everyone. May Allah bless you, and my we meet in Jannah so that i may thank you in person, Ameen.
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3 months ago, mystic_fist038292828
Things To Work On
This app is overall good, but I wish that there were sections for bookmarks. One section can be about memorizing and the other about revising. I also think you guys should have a system of how fast the reciter is reciting, and that colored Tajweed should be something separate rather than being a part of the Mushaf style. Speaking styles this app needs different colors of the Quran, such as pages looking like old pages.
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7 months ago, Aisha_1111
Best Quran app ever
I’ve tried so so so many Quran apps to help me with my memorization because I mainly speak English but this helps me memorize whatever I want in less than a Day because it also has the translation for the ayah and you could translate the word that you don’t understand in that ayah and you could repeat for example ayah 7-12 of Al-waqiah for how ever much you want it’s so so helpful best app ever
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2 years ago, A.Rosay
Good app, but
I give it 2 stars because I want the developers to see this. I will change to 5 when I get a response. It’s a good app. But here’s some suggestions/changes I would like to see in the app to make it even better. Any holy word should be able to be sent to others and I think that is what makes this technology so amazing for the holy scriptures. With that said. I would really like to be able to select multiple verses from the books so I can send to others instead of only being to copy one at a time. Similar to the holy Bible App.
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6 years ago, Samsunto
Repeat or loop play option for selected Surah & Ayats option
Would request to developer to add an option to repeat & loop play option for surah & ayahs. It will really helpful. Another suggestion is that please have an option to browse all Quran while in translation mode currently it shows only one page of translation & it could not switch further. Thank you & Jazakumullah Khair for such a well designed app
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6 years ago, zeshanmh
Add ridges graphic to each to make it look more like a book
Would like to request that devs basically make each page look like it's a "left" page or a "right" page by adding a ridge graphic to each page. This will make each page look like it's part of a real book and it really *really* helps map each page in your head when memorizing. Thanks!!
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5 months ago, Vahid12
Please fix notes
Salam 3laykom. Please fix the note section! I made important notes for the past year and now I can only see notes from the past two weeks! I relied so heavily on making my notes in this app not realizing they were disappearing. This is a very big issue. I had more than 40 hours worth of notes and they are all gone. Please fix and if possible restore the information for users who lost it. Thank you
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2 years ago, Hachi sama
I gave 3 because
I gave three stars because I noticed the following: -Typing errors in the translation of content. The translation & transliteration should be reviewed for accuracy repeatedly. A believe there should be a way to experience a few authorized translation options as well. -There is no settings tab: A tab for settings, which is a normal feature in most apps would be helpful. Some positives: - The discover tab & the various info there. I have not explored it all but I think that is a cool feature. -The counters are cool although they could be programmed more efficiently. I can open the app and scroll through a sura without even enough time to read it and it will say "73 versus this week" after I have only quickly scrolled. Adding a delay of some sort may help...
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3 years ago, MohamedM0
Incredible application.
May God reward the developers. This application is really wonderful. Has every feature you would want. Multiple reciters and Quran translations available. Very intuitive interface. Bookmark feature is very useful. No ads or additional charges like other apps. Overall, a very lovely app that I’m very grateful for.
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1 year ago, aba sita ah ah
Everything works great, but one feature is missing.
The only complaint I can possibly make is that I think it would be great if you could adjust the speed of the recitation. Everything else is fine. I like how it works offline so you can listen to the Quran whenever you want; I just wish I could change the speed to be faster or slower.
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9 months ago, Ahmed Ali Md Sibgatallah
Add new reciters
Assalamu Alykum. Please it’s my humble request to the development team please add “Abdul Rahman Mossad” reciter in reciters list. He’s voice and recitation is so much calming and relaxing. Sometimes his recitation voice refreshes my mind and soul. Please it’s a humble request to the whole team of this application. Thank you. May Allah(SWT) blessed you all. May Allah(SWT) helps you each and every step of your life.
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2 months ago, m_111_111_h
Loveeeee but word for word meaning would be nice :)
This app is so great for learning and understanding the Quran, its simplicity makes it my favorite Quran app. It’s so easy to use and it’s just plain easy. One tweak I would love to see is if we could have a word for word translation view. I used to use an app where you could tap on a word and it would give you the definition, root, etc. otherwise, amazing app !!
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4 months ago, Dynasprite
One of the Best Qur’an Apps
I especially enjoy the repeat function as it has helped me memorize Surah’s I wanted to work on. My only complaint is that you have to press play to the end of the juz in order to modify it to repeat the select amount of verses that you want it to. It’s small, but a little annoying. I would prefer it if we could press and hold a verse to modify it from the start.
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2 years ago, studyquran
Good App
Everything is really good only one thing is annoying me every time I pick a Surah to listen to I have to select it and modify all the time ayah number otherwise it will no go by Surah it will start before the Surah i want to study and continue after my Surah to next. Even if put they in my favorite still I have to modify and set up beginning and ending ayahs. Other than there it’s good.
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2 years ago, mr igra
No excuse for anyone not to be able to READ QURAN anytime anywhere.
The most beautifully done work. The quality and esthetics are very appealing to the reader or the listener. Masha Allah. May Allah make this the ONLY source of guidance for our lives and may this Quran help us become a more devoted reader, better Muslims and an ideal human beings. Amen!! Prayers and best wishes to those contributed to the development of this app.
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8 months ago, titaniumind
BEST Quran App
This app is truly excellent, serving as the best companion for those looking to learn the Quran, its translation, and how to read it. The app's user-friendly interface and comprehensive resources make it an invaluable tool for anyone on their journey to understanding this sacred text. It provides a seamless learning experience and is a must-have for those seeking to deepen their knowledge of the Quran.
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4 years ago, LegendYH
Small Page Compared to Screen of iPhone 11
The text should take whole of the page. The page size for iPhone 11 should be enlarged. The page is small compared to the screen size of of the iPhone 11. The text seems a bit small. I had the app on Galaxy note 5 and the text was taking whole of the page.
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5 years ago, _z_RAM
Clean, elegant, and nothing but pure Quran. This app has an list of translations that will please every soul. Not a single add. Beautiful, beautiful voices of narrators and top notch quality. It is clear this app is developed by a true Muslim who absolutely does not care about making profit off of it but making sure that we have such a wonderful access to our Quran. May Allah reward this creator for his/her good deed!! Mashallah!!!
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2 months ago, badigoToure
Include copy function to copy tafseer text
Jazaakumullaah khayran! Beautiful App Maasha Allah. Could you include a functionality to copy the tafseer in Arabic to elsewhere where I can translate the meanings. For example, the tafseers of Qurtubi, Tabari, etc. in Arabic are great, but I want to be able to copy them into other places to do further translation of the detailed tafseer, if you get me. Thanks
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1 month ago, rayanlol07
Amazing App
I love this app and to be honest it’s perfect in every way. Downloading Qari is nice and the arabic tafseer option it gives is nice as well. However, I haven’t had an issue until recent with my highlights. I highlight a lot of ayaat for different reasons and i looked and now i see most of them are missing. i am not sure why this is but this is very inconvenient
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