QVC for Tablet (US)

4.5 (9.5K)
164.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
QVC, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for QVC for Tablet (US)

4.55 out of 5
9.5K Ratings
7 years ago, karensmithmusic
Not great. QVC on MacBookPro-5stars 🤗, on iPad-2stars, or 1😪
I love shopping with computer. Navigating on iPad is fine, until checkout time. Then the nightmare began. It took me almost an hour to pay for 3 items. It would not give me easy pay with Visa. Is that true? Had trouble with a new credit card I put in on the computer last week. Tonight, it did not show up. It wouldn't show my shipping address which is not my billing address. Works fine on computer, but not on iPad. I was ready to turn it off and just call it in, or use the MacBookPro. If you want to talk to me about it, call. It was really bad!!!. For that reason, I give you 1 star for ordering, 2 stars for the rest. On MacBookPro, which is a laptop. Thank you. Today, a year later, I breezed through the purchase. WOW! What a difference. 5stars!!!!!
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6 years ago, steamedricr
Mostly love app, except
Mostly love the app and functionality. Wish Prior Program Selection was on very first page. Many times I want to see what was on earlier in the day. Also with Quick Checkout I end up with EasyPay when I don’t want it. And in the past, looking at my order history was simple. I want to see the list of what I have ordered, especially at gift giving time. Not just stop EasyPay orders. If I have to get up and check the gift closet to see I already have something appropriate for someone I’m probably going to get a distraction and end up not ordering what I was looking at. Same true for seasonal items, decor, clothing, etc. and if I have to try several attempts to see the history, I’m done. Having said that, I shop more n QVC than any other shopping network.
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6 years ago, marthamarie49
QVC has saved me from running around naked!
I have lost 100 plus pounds over the past year and am not able (or do not want to) go out to the stores so QVC has been my savior. I have gotten a complete new wardrobe of clothes that actually fit me. I am proud to go out in public now, my clothes are stylish, fit well and are beautiful. From shoes, to sandals, to bras, to undies, to boots and even jeans. I have to admit I have also treated myself to hair products, make-up, skin care and aroma products. My only complaint is the return shipping charges. Sometimes I cant find the size I need when returning items so I have to pay the shipping charges. Thank you QVC for making this almost 70 year old lady feel human again.
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6 years ago, KimGWV
Occasional glitches on iPad4
In the past, I had problems with getting it to recognize my password, but I was able to reset it, and no problem since then. Tonight, I was placing an order for 6 Christmas sale items, and the app shut down right in the middle of the process of adding to the cart. I opened it back up, thinking that maybe the items I had previously placed in the cart would still be there, but they were not, so I began again. After adding 2 items, I looked down at the cart symbol, and saw that there were now 8 items! It had suddenly "found" the missing items. So I completed my order, and then edited the cart to remove the duplicates. It also recognized my email and password with no problem, and filled in my default credit and shipping information. The app is not perfect, but it's good.
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5 years ago, Hmskoolmom
Needs Updating Badly
While the IPad app does what it is supposed to do in two of the three initial choices - Explore, Watch, and Shop - the Explore area has not been updated in YEARS. I cannot imagine any reason the “Q” would put out updates year after year, with hosts that haven’t been on screen for years. It appears the developers have ignored this part of the app as if they don’t really have any ideas how this part of the app should be used. To the decision makers at QVC: for whatever reason this part of the app doesn’t improve or even change - this is a huge missed opportunity. As a side note, the wishlist function reports an error every time an item is added to the wishlist informing that the item was not added however it actually does add. I suppose you could say the error message itself is erroneous.
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6 years ago, NJ shopper
App needs work
I am pleasantly surprised with the changes in the app. I can watch live, read reviews, get sizing information for clothing, and add to my cart or edit my cart. I'm pleased Please add a shopping cart feature; now you can order multiples of the same item but not different colors to take advantage of shipping discounts. "item on air" works sporadically ; sometimes other functions seem to be on a delay which is frustrating when you are watching live tv. This app is so temperamental that I get frustrated and don't use it very often. This app needs to go back and be redesigned for the customer user.
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4 months ago, pualeiehu
Qvc app on IPad
On IPAD Still happening…. Items from ‘Recently on air’ under current live showing: placed in cart and App freezes. Must close and clear app, and reopen. If it’s an item with multi choices like ship dates or tall, regular you can choose and open item and place in cart, no problem. those O.K. Restalled twice. Cannot open items from ‘recently on air’ or “on air” to full page, just stays in small page. Agains those that don’t have multi choices. You removed “for more information” from bottom of screen, if you scrolled to bottom of screen which could open it up full screen. This all happened after you fix the issue with multi choose items (ship dates or tall, regular) that show up with zero easy pay, no color or favor choices. Just put back the “for your information” and should solve problem.
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6 years ago, culleoka
Does not work on iPad or iphone
Every time I try to log on to place an order I have problems. This last time again email and password input and I get an error that it doesn't match their info. Request link to reset password, nothing no email. Try it again, nope no email. Send QVC email from their "contact us" page and I get a returned mail can't deliver. Try to log in again and reading the password requirements try a different password (the one before this one) and now for my safety I'm locked out and have to call to reset my password. This is all a repeat of the last time I tried to log on but knowing the adage of trying the same thing and expecting different results I'm not going to call them I'm just not going to utilize hem anymore. Plenty of other user friendly apps to shop. If you don't like frustration don't get this app.
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7 years ago, khryse2
So Easy
It all of a sudden turned cold so I had to wear pants today. All of my pants are Denim & Co. but, I only have one pair, of the ones I wear around the house, that have pockets. Luckily, the item number was on the tag. So, I go to my iPad, instead of waiting for my laptop to boot up, and I pull up the QVC app. I type in the item number and the pants I want come right up. I select the ones I want and then go to my cart. When I check out, my purchase is automatically put on easy pay, since I paid with my Qcard. Very easy, convenient and quick.
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6 years ago, Curlyroe
I luv the app. I am 85 yrs young and I am able to navigate the app. to purchase the mdse. that I want t to purchase or repeat a purchase. I like being able to check on my history of orders. Sometimes I would rather be on my iPad than listening to some of the hosts. A few tend to be rude and over talk the designers or representatives which causes me to not hear some important information. That really upsets me and causes me to use my iPad rather than watch tv. I think QVC offers some really good deals at times, but sometimes the mdse. is lacking in quality to the mdse on the designers web site. It is mdse made only for QVC or HSN. Not always is it the best!
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3 months ago, Fifties diner
20+ years veteran shopper
Something happened last year?! Not sure what? I called many times,was given not her number to call. That number there was no one to speak to, left messages etc. I paid a balance due because some one in customer service said to! Went online, could not order still. Months, months went by. No shopping was allowed?! Spoke to managers etc. finally some months ago I got a call from a collection person?! Paid that amount which I told them I attempted to pay still not knowing what happened! This was now something happened to an order last May! Have I been accepted back with no issues, No. thanks for all the spending and shopping I did with you people, YOU REALLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR SHOPPERS,!
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6 years ago, NLC27713
Better than Before
The QVC app has improved. It doesn’t kick me out nearly as often as it used to. It doesn’t let you order more than 6 items, and if you overload the cart, that’s when you get bumped out. I don’t like that an item in your cart can sellout on you, so putting it in the cart does not reserve it, which is annoying. It needs a timer to let you have a warning before it times out. It’s great to pick up one quick item before it sells out. It also beats hanging on hold for a long time which is a guarantee that a popular item will sell out before it’s your turn.
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6 years ago, pickles94
Love it !!
I have it !! I have no problems with placing my order and setting up my payments. The payments must be thru the QCard not your own Visa or MasterCard. If you sign up with the QCard then you have the opportunity to do this. Shopping with QVC online or TV is so much better than going to the stores and fighting with the crowds and trying to find a parking space and getting my car door hit and paying for gas !! I pay alittle extra for wrapping and a name tag and the gift arrives and all wrapped !! QVC is the best !!!!!
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5 years ago, GaApple
Difficult to know where to go and make corrections
When I chose go to cart, I thought it would go to completing the order, not go to a tiny cart in the lower left hand corner. So I hit go to cart AGAIN and finally found it but there were two. So I touched the cart and when I hit the quantity drop down box, 0 was not an option. So I tried backing up and couldn’t start over, so I kept trying to figure out how to delete.(you don’t make it easy. Might be your way of discouraging deleting. Won’t work for me) Finally, I looked in the upper right hand corner and found an edit function. Then it allowed the delete function.
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6 years ago, kittenmomma
Problem with time out
Since I was a new customer, when I went to check out, I had to sign up-are a password,etc. Because I had to put in a separate shipping address, when I finished with all of that and pressed the continue button, I was timed out, the app closed, and when I opened it again (right away), my basket was empty. So I had to re-shop and go through the sign up again. This happened three times! so stressful. I finally skipped the second address part. I think if an optional address field is on there, extra time should be given.
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6 years ago, prezgal
Super, easy to use, BUT
This app is well designed, doesn’t try to do too much, and works like a charm, except for checking out! I often get a message that my order didn’t go through, then have to try again, and voila, it goes through. Here’s the catch...sometimes the first try actually went through, and I’ve ordered two! I don’t get a confirmation on the first try. If I don’t take the time to check my order status, I get two! I’m currently waiting for a clothing item where I’ll have to decide what to do...return one, or keep both, but they’re identical.
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5 years ago, Sassygirl63
Easier on computer
I get frustrated with app. I have iPad and sometimes like others who have written app locks up. I also have a harder time finding things when searching for some reason. the main frustration is trying to find the program guide. I would like to see it up and center without having to hunt for it. I don’t get to watch all the time and I do my shopping from looking what what shown that day or yesterday, etc. through the program guide. I can never seem to get it up easily so I turn the app off in frustration. Ordering is also hit and miss with ease of processing.
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6 years ago, Guynova
QVC shopping Game Changer & Upgrading my Life
I love love QVC! The app is easy to install and easy to navigate. The range of products is fantastic. The today special value consistently kills it with the best prices anywhere on great products. Easy pay as an option has allowed me to upgrade my life and make big purchases of quality products that are now accessible on my budget. My friends who once used to tease me for my love for QVC are now converts. We are BIG In the Kitchen with David fans. Thanks QVC!
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6 years ago, Sweetduckie
Love QVC, the app has challenges!
I spend half my paycheck with QVC and frequently use my iPad to shop. I have A LOT of difficulty, even when attempting to follow a host instructions, finding ANYTHING unless it’s “on air now”, “recently on air” or “Today’s Special Value”! It’s frustrating that I can’t even get QVC2! Prime example is the current contest you have going re:TSV @ midnight. Shawn says “Rick will announce the TSV at midnight so” (now I’m paraphrasing but...) you need to go to QVCs FB page “and under video” (??) you’re suppose to make some comment that I forget now but it doesn’t matter because I have NO IDEA what she’s referring to!
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7 years ago, Carlisle newshound1952
Very Easy
It's almost too easy! To select and order items!! But I love it!! It really helps when I am pushed for time! Instead of waiting for the item to appear on TV, I can order!! Good job with the app! And most definite secure thank you. The only thing I do have a problem with is purchasing gift cards. Does not seem I can always get the correct reason for the purchase--like Happy Birthday or just to say thank you. Other than that! It is easy!!!!
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6 years ago, Debbiedarling1
Love QVC
Obviously I love QVC and sometimes , depending on the popularity of a product, it is difficult to process your order. I have used all forms of ordering and I would prefer to use my iPad to process my order. Unfortunately , this app frequently freezes or doesn’t process my order. It frequently shows the error message. I would like to see the bugs fixed because it is so convenient. If it looses function when something is popular then this is a huge operational issue -you lose business because I lose confidence . Fix your bugs please .
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5 years ago, NAUSAMAN
App ensures accuracy
Great app, in my opinion and in my many (we’re talking multiple-multiples) experiences, designed to ensure order and payment type accuracies. It’s certainly no touch and go given the selection and purchase type options, which further ensures card information and address information is accurate to eliminate card decline errors for invalid or limit suppressed cards AND invalid address shipments for those who change addresses.
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6 years ago, Kasey 56903-2
Helpful and useful
I find this app extremely easy to use and makes shopping with QVC a positive experience. I shop QVC only with the app, and I’ve never had any problems. I find it a way to quickly view and order items. I often watch it on my iPad while I’m cooking or doing chores. The only negative thing is that I can’t get volume now while watching. I have to watch now via the website which I access with Safari.
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6 years ago, Alshannagifts49
I write a review from my iPad purchased from QVC. . . While writing, I lounge on my zero gravity lounger with my faux fur throw keeping me warm, both items purchased from QVC. . . My Sketchers boots, water proof, have kept me warm and dry through our recent winter rains, also from QVC. The time of day never eludes me as long as I wear my sterling silver quartz Byzantine watch with matching sterling silver Byzantine bracelet, also purchased from QVC. I could go on and on and on, but my guess is, you get the message!
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2 years ago, Stef in FL
Option to email link to item still not working
The option to email a link to an item you are looking at is still not working. Over a year now. It opens the email but there is no link to the item in the body of the email. Have to exit the app, go to a browser for the item and share a link that way. Also, the link to app support in the apple store goes to the qvc site but an error page is displayed. Oops that page isn’t found.
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4 years ago, GalvinJordal
I have shopped QVC for probably twenty years and never have had problems with this app or ordering. I am however upset at this time that several of their brands are imported from China and we can not see what country items are shipped from. I am trying to start noticing more and staying with America. Every item I had on last night says made in China and I was wearing items from six different designers on QVC. Amazing!!!
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6 years ago, stylish21
Great full for this App
I’m 59; but still work an 8 hour day, so I don’t look forward to shopping trips like back in the day. Most of my business coronets come from Qvc. When I’m home I can grab my iPad review the sales, order and it comes to my door in a few days. If I have to return which is not often that is simple also I just repackage it, and take it to the post office. So yes this is a great app and I really appreciate it.
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7 years ago, Birdeez
Quick and Easy
Super easy to order before things sell out! The only issue I've had was trying to find my easy pay options. Sometimes ended up with an easy pay option I didn't want, but oh well. I've just learned to take my time and look though what I'm ordering. Still the best way to go! The operators are alway nice though, when my Wifi is out. Yay for the app!!
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1 year ago, Deb0516
Orientation Change
While the functionality of the app is still the same, the change from landscape to portrait orientation in the most recent update is problematic to those of us who have keyboards attached to our tablets. Obviously, the top and bottom of the displayed page are cut off. So if you are looking at a sweater and wish to see it in other available colors, you have to keep scrolling up and down instead of being able to see the sweater change colors with just a tap.
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5 years ago, broweyegirl
Only the App
I only use the QVC App due to the instant gratification of being able to quickly browse what is available for the day/or prior days. Buying an item takes less time and my order confirmation. comes to my email immediately. I am a Baby Boomer with two daughters (one who develops Apps) and was encouraged to use them. Once you are confident, you will never go back. Thanks QVC.
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5 years ago, Trailsend Queen
I new there was a way
Opened a QCard account and suddenly all purchases defaulted there. Not impressed! Customer Service recommended not going through speed buy, but navigating through checkout to be able to select all options. I now prefer this way just to be able to look at everything before I push that final button.
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6 years ago, Nawnac
App best on IPhone
I am a big QVC shopper. I find it is much easier to search on my phone app than me IPAD. Why can’t both apps work the same. Navigating on phone APP I can find everything. On the IPAD the main page is not the same. Your hosts were not even updated. That being said I can easily find my account, check order status and update info. Love QVC. Probably too easy for me as. I overshop!
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6 years ago, r49ersg
Love the app
I see something on tv that i want and jump on my iPad and do live tv and click on my item and add to basket. love that if you want more than one in different colors it lets you continue to add, you don’t have to go back and find the item again and order. You can check out and pops up with full payment or payment plan click and your done.
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7 years ago, KUNurseDoc
So easy to use for iPad!
I have used my iPad to order and view items I am interested in for years. This website is easier to use now than at the beginning when the website first was established several years ago. I am very pleased with how I can scan from one item to the next, save items, and check out in minimal time. Well done programmers!
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6 years ago, Gampy Boy
Love the QVC app
I love being able to shop on line because I can visually see what I'm ordering plus read the reviews. It is so much faster than on the phone AND I can start a cart and add as many items I want before checking out. I also like being able to review all my easy pay and auto delivery items. Thank you QVC for making this so easy and I'm 64 years old.
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6 years ago, howjennoah
Error screen
Enjoy app but some days it gives me a error msg that locks up ap and I have to close it out and order by laptop. Have had a few times where it would not connect at all. But over all good ap. I don’t know of any apps that do not have glitches some days. Only down fall is sometimes order too much😬
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4 years ago, bowler747
Latest software update
I cannot open up your app for iPad. When I click on the icon it looks like it is going through the load process but then just closes itself out. I've tried numerous times to delete the app and reload it but nothing is working. I am on this app everyday and this is a big problem. The app for iPhone works fine but I prefer using the app on my iPad because the screen is bigger. I have never had this problem before with your app nor do I have this problem with any of the other apps on my iPad. I'm not even getting an error message. Please help.
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5 years ago, Nadinealso1
Disappointed With New; What Was Wrong With The Old
Have accessed the app several times in the last week. Has made shopping difficult. Too much is now hidden. Information for products is often only a quick pop-up view without details like dimensions or content on most items. No continuity each page is designed differently and can’t easily locate the secret sweet spot to read product. Sound is muting suddenly & frequently.
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5 years ago, Makreiser
Trouble finding recently on air items
I usually use my iPhone to order items from QVC, but since receiving an iPad for Christmas I like to use that for my online business. I found today’s special without any problems, but it took me about 5 minutes to find the recently aired items. It would be nice to have a link on the home page. I like shopping on QVC and am looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day.
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1 year ago, pppzzz2841
App Kicks Like a Mule
I have used the QVC app on my iPad. Just recently the app closes on it’s on. No rhyme or reason just kicks me out. I reboot the iPad, clear the cache, reinstall the app. Nothing helps. This is the only app that has a mind of it’s own. When it wants me out, poof I am kicked out. Even the Walmart app lets me wander for long periods of time. But now QVC. I have googled this, done what was instructed and still kicks me out. I am determined to look and shop, but very much annoyed. 🤷‍♀️
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7 years ago, Katfox
Iffy in checkout
Checking out is usually a "hold your breath" and hope it works routine. Need to improve. Get cart errors, sometimes says the cart is empty so I go back and add the items again and then I have double the items in the cart, get wierd payment errors, etc. Also, haven't figured out how to print confirm. If it is there it is not obvious. End up going to my email to print confirm. Should have a print confirm page on this receipt just like regular website.
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5 years ago, Katrucka
QVC Review
I used both my IPad and IPhone and have no issues with ordering. I get notices of nice deals via Facebook feed as I don’t watch QVC very often. Everything I have received I have loved, especially during Christmas you buy a gift that can be given to 4 people. Key changes, face cleaning cloths etc. Also if I want something specific, like Clark shoes I go to QVC. Not everything is a good deal, you have to know your products.
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6 years ago, wnygrl
Could be much better
The app and website are very bad in showing detail for items on sale. Item comes in several colors but they only show one color that will zoom in or allow you to view how other colors look. If other websites and apps can do it so can QVC. Its not like they are a mom and pop just starting out in the business. Half the time video doesn't run, expand, or have sound. All changes have never been positive since I have been with them since they started back in 86 or 87.
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6 years ago, KathyChap
Love it most if the time
The app is easy to navigate through, but there are a couple of little annoyances. Every once in a while I get a message that my Speed Buy order can’t be processed, so I immediately try again and it goes through just fine. Also, sometimes the app just goes to black - I get booted out and have to start all over again. Overall, I love using the app most of the time.
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5 years ago, akwadiva
Enlarging image/ back to the top feature
I use Qvc all the time, both on my phone and iPad . Love it . Only wish is that you could enlarge images easier by just touching with you fingers and pulling the image out to the sides. It is very hard to navigate when trying to get “close up” detail . Also wish there was a “Back to the Top” feature when scrolling through images .
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6 years ago, pepperlouise
Checkout issues
I love QVC but when I get to check out- it takes sooooo long. It won’t let me use my speed buy option and then it takes so long to use my credit card. Every once in a while it will work, then if I see something else I want- it takes an hour to buy it. Maybe it is so I don’t impulse buy—-but it is frustrating because my friend NEVER has any issues
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7 years ago, Lil Vixxen
The video presentation part of the ap needs work. Doesn't matter what item I'd like to see the QVC presentation on or what type of device I'm using, wether its my iPad, iPhone. Mac or HP computer, the videos although you can hear most of the presentation you cant see the presentation. Some items I will not purchase without seeing all the details of the product. Just something I noticed that can use some work.
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5 years ago, AZSWtraveler
Latest iPad app is crap
This latest version of QVC for iPad is crap. Hard to navigate. Not user friendly at all. I’ve always enjoyed going through prior Items on Air to see what was shown. Now much more difficult to even find access to these...put them back on an easy link on the main page! And when you do find them and attempt to scroll through to choose a show, cannot scroll easily unless you use two fingers and don’t let go of the drop down. Who designed this?!? Need to debug your app before releasing this junk!
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7 years ago, QueenVee
Smartest APP ever!
The QVC APP is the easiest best designed app on the web. I wish I could afford an application from this designer because nobody has an APP that is so well organized and easy to use! I'm a designer myself, but even if I had the tools to make this, I wouldn't have the time to make such a fun and useful app, quick and no 'learning curve'. Use it, you'll love it, too....Cudos to the designer!
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5 years ago, Coasterthriller46
On vacation visiting family and friends. While at friends home saw QVC advertise falling in love kit. Then it was showing if you were a new customer and got an Qcard it would offer a $40 credit. So I tried but it wouldn’t let me in. How do I get my Qcard? I have placed an order for my falling in love kit using the 6 easy payment plan ( no problem here). Would love to be able to enjoy ordering from your app in the future.
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