Rack Room Shoes

1.3 (137)
75.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Rack Room Shoes
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Rack Room Shoes

1.34 out of 5
137 Ratings
6 months ago, Ditzyone
From Bad to Worse
Don’t waste your time downloading this app. I only downloaded it because the Rack Room site is so bad - it’s soooo slow & freezes up constantly. But the app is even worse. When I opened the app, the screen read “AUTHORIZING” (in the classic Rack Room orange) on top of 20+ rolling lines of weird computer language. When it stopped rolling, nothing happened so I selected “Try Again”. (Spoiler: that’s all there is to the app - a big orange “Try Again” button.) After trying this a few times, a new message appeared: “Multiple attempts to authorize connection to services have failed. Please wait a moment & try again…..Reason provided: Forbidden”. Look, I just wanted to browse some shoes - not gain access to closely guarded shoe secrets. From reading the reviews, this app has had issues for months. How can a company (esp a large one like RR) allow this app to still be offered with their name attached to it?
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2 months ago, LfootMamaBear
This app takes waaaaaayyyy too long to load. It has to load up every time you make a filter. Like click womens- Load 20 minutes- then click shoe type - Load 19 minutes- then if you are still trying the app you try filtering to size it’s another 21 minutes. If you get past that then you see the shoes in the gender, type, and size you want. However, once you click on a shoe to see more and try to go back it’s another loading period of 15 minutes. I don’t have time for this app.
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2 years ago, Javkieannie
Search Doesn’t load results
I’m only going to wait so long for results to load. I tried another app at the same time and results loaded after a few seconds. The really annoying part is that I downloaded the app because I couldn’t access the website on my browser due to repeated CAPTCHA failures. I’ve used apps and websites before, Rack Room. It’s you, not me. iOS 15.6.1 iPhone 7 Plus. On Safari browser captchas fail. On Chrome the site loaded without a captcha!!!
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1 year ago, Erika0980
Can’t do much
Some glitches are happening. Was unable to make a purchase on the app. Was giving me all types of errors including, first and last name should be different…? What? Had to go online to the website to complete purchase which defeats the purpose of the app. Searching could be better. Has a hard time loading results and maybe an option to save favorites.
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2 years ago, avacodothefirst15
You almost had me back
Wow! I deleted you because of the Incompetence of the app and decided I try you again — everything was so quick it was awesome — until you said you’d send me my log-in info. Never got it — then when I went to shop it wouldn’t even load … fire your web manager and spend some money on a quick sight please!
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8 months ago, sassynangel
Not useful
This app isn't useful whatsoever. The app needs a modification. The way you have to search for shoes doesn't work properly but it's also ineffective. You can not search for specific things you want to. It needs to be revamped. When and if the search does come up you have to look at thousands of shoes to find what you want there is no filter options. It's not helpful at all. Will not use to buy shoes from until it's more useful!
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2 years ago, PC Masters
App Not Working
App not Working anymore, i always used it to buy shoes but not sure if after last update app won’t open anymore just stays at the Welcome screen and little circle going round and round and won’t go pass that…(iOS 15.4)…. After almost a year i figure it out app doesn’t work if i have an ip address feom Mexico. Too bad i used to buy my shoes here now cant even connect….
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1 year ago, Quenglish
Why is this so bad?
Downloaded the app and gave it about 5 minutes before I just removed it. To anyone reading this—don’t bother. Just use the website or another shoe company. Searching and filtering is convoluted and slow. Gave up after waiting minutes for my my search to load.
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2 years ago, Angeltbizz
Not able to login with off Broadway account
I am disappointed in the fact that I have to create a whole new account when I already have an off Broadway account. If this is truly suppose to be connected to off Broadway I or even no one should have to create a whole new account.
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1 year ago, araaia
wow just terrible😭
whoever runs this app needs to be fired immediately, exponentially, as soon as possible. I wish i could submit a picture of what your app looks like the second u ATTEMPT to open it. strange how the worst app i’ve ever seen wasn’t some bootleg mobile game it was rackroom shoes, crazy world we live in
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4 months ago, AB070510
Makes Online Shopping a HEADACHE
I don’t usually leave reviews for apps, but I had to leave one for this app. It’s HORRIBLE! It’s slow, it hardly ever opens the first time I try. I always just end up giving up and going to the store, or trying the website (which is just as bad).
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2 years ago, Lilil_rguez
It’s not working
I’m so disappointed. I really like to buy here, so I decided to download the app instead of buying through the web page, but unfortunately it does not load, it is stuck in the charging circle and it’s annoying.
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3 months ago, JaeSav41
Can’t login
After inputting my login credentials it continually sent me to create an account when I very much already have an account. It didn’t matter if I used my Email or phone number associated with the account. App definitely needs some work.
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11 months ago, LH1803
Worst Execution of Mobile App
Riddled with error messages. Can’t click on more than one thing without getting an error. Impossible to search or browse, much less even attempt to add something to your cart. Don’t bother downloading it.
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1 month ago, Kwixb
How does an app this bad get made
Not only does this app take forever to load anything. There also appears to be no way to log in with an existing account. This app is completely useless at the moment.
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2 years ago, Albert203411
Good app and shoes I recommend
for me it works well so far I really like the shoes they sell in this store I love
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2 years ago, mackenziesutton2007
Horrible app. Nothing loads and when you search something it gives you something completely different. Don’t recommend. If I could give it zero stars I would!
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3 years ago, verdekc
Wish List
The modifications to the combined new app is not as user friendly as the separate OB & RR apps were. I have searched effortlessly for the wishlist to no avail. If I log into the webpage I’m able to access it, but not through the mobile app. What gives???
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8 months ago, Katy1516
Please fix this app
This app is slow and reloads endlessly. Can you guys not get a new app developer? It is a major deterrent to have to go to the website in my browser when other stores have usable apps.
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1 year ago, wishIneverupdatedthegame😭
Will not load.
Absolutely terrible. Nothing will load. It takes forever to login, search, and filter through. Don’t recommend downloading the app. Waste of time.
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1 year ago, powers98
So slow
This is the slowest app. Also, since it’s so slow, allow me to pick all my filters at once before you take all the time reloading each selection.
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2 years ago, 1018cruzD.
Not working
The app isn’t working very well. It’s super slow and the little circle going around and around as it’s uploading. Nothing changes on the screen
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1 year ago, Tdalton76
This app is horrible! I went in to change a few personal details, it told me access denied and kicked me off. Not user friendly at all!
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5 months ago, Samanthaspero386
Fix the app
The app won’t open. It stays on the “logging in” page. Guess I’ll order from some other website.
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6 months ago, Deency13
Does not work!
Your app never loads and also didn't show my purchases. Wish it did work because I love your store
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4 months ago, Shanksfam
Don’t bother
I have deleted the app and reloaded twice. Every time I try to login in it says bad credentials. I can login to the website fine.
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2 years ago, Eyerish73
Does nothing except constantly spin…. Horrible filter settings that never seem to work!
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10 months ago, bamhughes08
Need to get past go
When I open the app the home page loads but nothing after that loads.
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11 months ago, Rb rates
This app is awful
What’s the point of this? It doesn’t work. Very glitchy. Nothing will load. It’s 2023. A third grader could create a better app.
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2 years ago, hellokitty_o0o
Can’t log in
Won’t import my password from Keychain and won’t let me paste it in either. It’s too long to transpose so I won’t even bother.
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3 years ago, haikcute
Won’t allow me to sign in.
Won’t allow me to sign in. Only allows me to create a new account, then states one already exists. Love the store, hate the app!
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2 years ago, n1ckn@m3n0tt@k3n
App doesn’t work
This app never works. I can’t search for anything. It is stuck in search mode indefinitely.
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7 months ago, ughINFINITY
This app is awful
Never loads simply spins and times out. Stupid Rack room loves you message while spinning. If you love your customers, fix the app
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2 years ago, WwaaggzZ
Worst app
You have to create a new account no matter what. Extremely slow. Won’t process any payments.
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2 years ago, PhoebeGraham
Highly disappointed
The app does nothing but load for me. I was ready to find myself a new pair of shoes. Super disappointed.
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2 months ago, FreeStyLeR83
This app should be banned
The worst app I have ever used in my entire life. Website is unusable either.
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7 months ago, Senia89
App doesn’t load
Can’t even shop on the app. It doesn’t load the shopping page. Smh.
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9 months ago, Smashley4444
Slow, can’t search, can’t browse. What can I do with this app!?
Boo! This app has a terrible Interface.
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1 year ago, Steph1099
Huge waste of time
Seriously the worst app ever. Everyone shops online. Get it together rack room
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2 years ago, Smor05
Worst app
Seriously the worst. Everyone shops online. Get it together rack room
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2 years ago, albertes2122
the app does not load
the app sometimes doesn't work
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2 years ago, PopcornSucks
App not login In
An app without nothing to show inside? And app without the capability to login? A useless app? YES THIS CR-APP HAVE IT ALL. Join NOW!
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2 years ago, Lindsaylou1007
This app is literally the slowest app I’ve ever used. Please make it faster!
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1 year ago, birthdaygirl_35
happy birthday to me
idiots don’t even care about my birthday
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4 years ago, JadoreSmiles
App won’t let me login
I have filed complaints with tech support on app and with store that the app won’t let me log in at all and won’t accept passwords no matter how many times I reset them. This has been happening for at least 9 months and apparently the company does not read reviews and store managers and tech support do not report issues. The only answer I was given was to either go to a store and shop or use a real website to shop. Very poor response as it shows they don’t care and don’t intend on fixing problems. They don’t care about customer service and obviously do not need the sales or they would care that people cannot shop and spend money. If rack room doesn’t need our business then I will go somewhere else.
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3 years ago, NickDaFarma
Website and app is broken!!!
Great store and love the prices! However the app and online website is broken. Tried ordering on the app and every time I view a shoe, an error message pops up and prevents me from looking at different sizes and ordering the show all together. I went to my laptop to try the website and it’s the same deal. All you can do is view the home page but won’t let you navigate anywhere. Again, love the store, but it’s the 21st century. People are getting away from brick and mortar company’s and shopping more online. You guys should be on top of your game with your online business. Especially with COVID. Please fix ASAP!
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4 years ago, DiamondJoyB
Too Many Bugs, Not User-Friendly
I love buying shoes from RR, but using the app is a headache! I have to log in with my email & PW every time I open the app. It kicks me out when I go from looking at an item to seeing my rewards. I keep having to re-sign in just to keep shopping. There is no way to save Favorites. I hate to say it but this does affect my wanting to shop with RR. The DSW app is way more sophisticated & very easy to use, a lot less hassle. Even though the deals are better at RR, I’ve started shopping with DSW because of how easy it is to shop from my phone.
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3 years ago, sefyt
Not worth the download
This app works great when searching for the shoes etc. but it doesn’t work. After selecting all my shoes I wanted, it wouldn’t accept my card. It would give me some weird error. So instead, I just hopped on my laptop and proceeded to complete my transaction with the same card with no issues. And the app isn’t even showing my purchase transaction so I can see the status of the shipment of my order. So I wouldn’t waste memory space for this app until they fix it. It’s useless if you can’t complete a purchase.
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6 years ago, Judith?
Not working
Only reason I’m bothering is because I just spent a frustrating hour resetting my password and not getting anywhere. That was after app was running really slowly and was hard to navigate. Cart full with four pairs of shoes and could not sign in after multiple attempts to reset my “forgotten “ password. Gave up and went to Zappos app. Total was $50 more for similar shoes but it only took 5 minutes to breeze through their app and it recognized my password. Something is not working on this app!
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4 years ago, shay.addi
App Needs Fixing
I was thrilled to find out you guys had an app but was soon disappointed when I realized how dysfunctional it is. First off it logs you out when you are simply just scrolling through the app. Secondly when it logs me out I log back in only for it to give me a “404 Error” message. If all that gets fixed then the app will be as it should and I will enjoy shopping on there more often. So please try to fix those little errors !
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