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User Reviews for Ralphs

4.76 out of 5
58.9K Ratings
5 months ago, Wendy J60
My Ralph’s experience
I have ordered delivery from my local Ralph’s, and I feel bad that I have never left a review, I’m big on reviews because there is so much competition out there I believe good or bad experiences people have a right to know! All of that being said, I have never had a bad experience at my local Ralphs, it’s at the corner of victory, Boulevard and Buena Vista Street in Burbank, about a half a mile from my house, and I have been shopping at “my” Ralph’s store for about 25 years, I am kind of an expert, not to say that I don’t sometimes shop at other stores locally, but this is my go to, majority store, everybody is always very kind to me, I am always greeted with smiles and quite often I hear “how are you, Mrs Johnson“? I feel very welcome! I know the store, like the back of my hand, and occasionally I’ve had to return some thing, and there is never a problem, sometimes I haven’t even had the receipt, and they are very kind, and very apologetic when they don’t need to be, it’s kind of like family there! They are my fave!!
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6 months ago, Blubalou
Sitting on the couch doing my grocery shopping
I used to spend at least an hour every week pushing a cart up and down the aisles. Now I spend about 10 minutes a week using this app! Just the fact that it shows me the last 50 or so items I’ve purchased before saves me so much time, because most of them are things I buy again when the current supply runs out (I.e. milk, juice, coffee, yogurt, etc.) I order and pay using the app, then use it again to let them know I’m on the way, and one more time when I arrive at the reserved spots in front of the store. I never wait more than a few minutes and I can even give them additional paper coupons right there in the parking lot. Sometimes I miss pushing the cart, searching all those shelves for my items, standing online to checkout, and then getting home and realizing I forgot something on the grocery list…. JUST KIDDING! I don’t ever plan to shop that way again.
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3 years ago, shelwolf
App and website are screwed
This has been an exercise in frustration. Built A pickup Order. Tried to input my credit card eight times trying to different cards on the app it wouldn’t except it. Called customer service first time got wound up with virtual agent for 15 minutes and couldn’t get to a real person. Second time I calledI eventually got to a live agent but I was disconnected after about 10 minutes. Third time I called I got an agent who had me go back to the website on my laptop to put the credit card number in which was successful but when she directed me to go back to the pick up order her directions had me go back and it cancelled The entire order. Went back to app and started to rebuild entire order. I Had accessed $20 pickup discount but the bill Was not reduced by $20 When i went to pay. The virtual assistant is Impossible to WorkWith. This took me almost 2 hours of frustration. Not a happy camper.
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5 years ago, lys75620
So helpful and convenient!
The Ralphs app is on point. I love viewing the weekly ads each week and the fact that they offer different forms to view it. It makes it easy to add to my list from the ad or by searching. Just about every item is available upon lookup. I also love that when you search for an item, any available coupons in relation to that item pop up for you to know. I ALSO love that the app keeps track of your purchases, the items and the total/ savings per purchase. So if you want an item you bought recently and you forgot what it was you can easily look it up. It’s also great that the app has a section for your weekly items so you don’t forget or can be notified of sales on them!! Thank you Ralphs for designing the app to be easy to navigate through for your customers!!
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2 years ago, Upset old school
Review of your website and phone app!
You guys got a lot of work to do!!! The website and the app are a pain… these are not user-friendly!!! There’s too many pop-ups and too much crap getting in the way!! There has to be an easier way to look at my previous orders and cross reference the items that I would like to get again without having to open each particular or individual past order!! Furthermore, when you search for things the search mode won’t find certain items that I know are there because I’ve been in the store a dozen times even on the same day I’ve placed a delivery order!!??? As an example, for hard boiled eggs you only list the organic when I know… there’s the Kroger brand there too!!!??? Wow is that an effort to force us to buy more expensive items maybe… perhaps??? You guys are living up to your nickname which is “Rip Off Ralph’s”!!! You guys can fix this!!! And why doesn’t Instacart deliver chips or pretzels what the Hecks going on with that???
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4 years ago, Gem-
Recent updates are problematic
I really enjoyed using the list function in the past because it sorted items by location and was really useful...but now if I make my list at home or on the go, for some reason, my list disappears once I close and restart the app. I’ve take to adding items I need to my cart to preserve my list but this is tedious and doesn’t give me the great functionality of that the actual list provides when it is working correctly. Also, I will second those reviews that have said to please get rid of store mode. It interrupts my use of the app and I don’t really understand the point of it. Searching for individual items has become problematic as well with recent updates and I have having to tell the app with every search for every item whether I want to search for all items ( I presume for shipping??) or in store. I’m hoping some of these problem will be fixed with the next update. Prior to the recent set of updates I really liked this app.
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4 months ago, Chris.wav
Worst App
I’ve seen junior high students make better apps than this. The app has so many problems it’s not practical to use in the store. It not only continuously logs you off the account every time you switch screens, it gives you an error when you try to log back in…that is unless it doesn’t completely freeze and force close first. When it does work and you find a coupon you want to use, you must re-log in even though you’ve already gone through the pain of that, except you cant use the coupon because now it’s asking you to confirm your email address for the 3rd time. And when you do click the link to confirm your email address, it just takes you to a website where you have to face log in yet again. And nowhere does this “app”, which appears to be a wrapped web browser in many places, ask you to save your login information. Worst app I could think of. Its the opposite of well designed. How hard can we make this was the motto behind this design.
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3 years ago, G Hour
Using this app since it started last year of 2020
So far it’s been great! The app itself is good, it allows substitution, the cons is that not all items available through the app. As for the Kroger/Ralph’s support team, they are very responsive when instacart drivers dropped off at the wrong address or if the items did not meet expectations. As for Instacart, not all deliveries are equal, some will go way beyond my expectations and others.. well let’s say I got a bag of 10 cherries, a rotten cantaloupe and my kids were sad because of the delivery was missing Kinder Joy treats (that I was charged for!)... That was probably only 3% of the deliveries so far. Ratings are important so if they didn’t meet expectations please make sure you are honest about it, I notice the quality of deliveries tend to change as they weed out the bad apples and adjust their service to meet the needs of their customers. Thank you for keeping us safe at these times!
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4 years ago, Mubsupial
On the right track, needs lots of improvements
I love being able to get groceries delivered. Convenience is awesome! Ralph’s app supposedly applies the coupons once the items are checked out, and supposedly credits my Ralph’s cards with points. But like any other online shopping experience, I want to know what I am really being charged BEFORE I check out. Sure, I get that if I’m buying a chunk of meat, the final weight and price will be different, but please acknowledge which coupons were applied. The free delivery coupons are almost never applied. Which then require me to call customer service, which has me waiting, and talking on the phone. People use apps because people don’t want to talk to people! There isn’t a button on the app to make inquiries about the charges or to ask questions about missing items or poor substitutions. What happens when my bananas show up smashed? What if the milk didn’t get delivered, but I got charged? I have to call Ralph’s and wait for someone to answer. Also, the search engine needs improvement. Smart search is a must. It shouldn’t matter if I use the singular of plural version of a word. They should both work. As for the actual delivery, I’m puzzled why some reviewers are complaining about the service here. This is about the app, not the actual shopping and delivering. Yes, there are mistakes and annoyances, but that is what happens when we ask someone else to shop for our groceries.
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4 years ago, Lovebravo
Deserves Zero Stars
I rely on this app to update my shopping list throughout the week. It WAS so nice being able to run out of bread, instantly add it to my shopping list, and have it sit there until I removed or purchased it. The other nice thing about the app was the ability to see what aisle each item I needed was in, making it quick and efficient for me to do my in-store shopping with my 3 young children. If not shopping in store, I could easily schedule a drive-up for my groceries. But NOW- there is no better way than to say this app is absolutely WORTHLESS! It doesn’t save my list, constantly evaporating into nothing every time I open the app. So I can never remember at the drop of a hat everything that I had previously entered onto my shopping list and I end up forgetting items which results in extra (aggravated) visits to the store or incomplete meals at home. And items that the app says are in store are nowhere to be found. I’m done. I’m about to abandon Ralph’s altogether because the app pisses me off so much! FIX THE APP- IT WORKED JUST FINE BEFORE! NO MORE STORE MODE- IT’S USELESS!! PLEASE, PLEASE FIX IT!!!!
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4 years ago, Ilikegrub
The biggest blessing to SAHM!
Now that I have a 2 year old and a3 month old let’s face it. Nothing is harder than getting them both grocery shopping ready. From last minute melt downs to a dirty diaper as I load the car seat it’s hard doing anything easily. Ralphs delivery has been a HUGE blessing and totally lifts some of the stress when needing to get grocery shopping done. I have used the delivery system 4 times already and it’s been a game changer! I don’t mind the fact that they substitute some out of stock items and like that you can choose which ones. Also, applying the coupons is easy and saves you more time and money! All the shoppers I’ve had have also been awesome and tip is included in the price. I would recommend anyone with kids, a full schedule, or home bound to use this app and service!
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3 years ago, Sleepy_Br0wn
Once you become a regular customer it’s hard to change.
I’ve always been a Ralphs shopper and don’t like when I have to go to Vons, and Vons customers don’t like Ralphs, strange since they’re both similar, and stores like Albertsons carry more sku’s so they have a better selection, but I still prefer Ralphs, go figure. People follow their habits, and for some reason grocery stores are extremely habit forming. When Albertsons bought Lucky they changed the name of the stores, causing a good percentage of them to go out of business, because people hate switching grocery stores. Nowadays, when a grocery store buys out a competitor, they leave the competitors name on the buildings, they’ve learned. So I give a five star review out of default, whether they deserve it or not, because it’s the only store I shop.
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4 years ago, TSG8683
Lots of glitches
This app requires a lot of refreshing through out your use. I was making an order for delivery and it erased my cart items 3 times, each time I would make another list. Then all of a sudden my list appeared with 3 of everything. Putting my address for delivery was an issue too because I added my billing address and then once I hit submit it didn’t acknowledge that I had just updated my address and would ask me to update my address even though all the correct fields were updated. I had to refresh the app after imputing my billing address and then hit “next” and proceed to checkout. At the end of the day I was able to put my order in for delivery but it was confusing to place the order because of the app glitches.
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3 years ago, Michaelsmith4444
Ralph’s Manhattan Beach
I have been a customer of Ralph’s for over 30 years and cannot say enough sit the staff and management. The week of Thanksgiving, the store was jammed and Jose in produce went far beyond the call of duty to find two items in the back. Feeling guilty for asking for his help at a crazy time, he was gracious and went beyond the call of duty. And then there is Karen who is a phenomenal ambassador for the store. I go out of my way to wait in her line because she is a ray of sunshine, greeting my family bu our first names. We have Gelson’s Bristol Farms, Von’s, and Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s in our small town but my loyalty is to Ralph’s because of the employees and management. Thanks for listening.
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2 years ago, Steadinan
Basically pretty good, but some problems
I don’t know why they ask to set my store, because a lot of the availability or locations (aisles) of the items are incorrect for my store. Also, on the page where we can select to pick up or get it delivered, the pickup line is so short that I can barely read it. I really like that we can see our receipts, but when I tap the button in the top right corner, the app crashes. I’m guessing that that icon is for printing or downloading. That would be useful if it didn’t crash every time. I tried to download the receipt from Safari, but there was no way to download it. So I selected the text of the receipt and copied it to a pages doc, which worked, but what a pain. We should be able to download it as a pdf or even a text document.
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3 years ago, BusyyyyyMama
It’s more affordable to shop at Ralph’s through their app than the InstaCart app so I put up with it- but it’s annoying. If you click a department (such as bakery) and search for items, it will only display items that are in that department. If you want to search for something else, you have to leave that department, select another department, and search for the next item. You can also search all departments from the cart, but then it displays items that are only available via shipping. Once I was checking out, I was informed that multiple items weren’t available. It would be helpful if the out of stock items were noted before I was ready to complete the order. The app works, but it’s more time consuming than it needs to be. Why can’t I just add my Ralph’s Club number to Instacart and get fair pricing? The order is fulfilled by Instacart anyway.
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6 years ago, Pigpenx
Right Idea
I like the concept of this app & use it regularly for digital coupons. I wish it was a little easier to navigate when it comes to using it for shopping. Also, the prices on the app don’t always reflect the prices in the weekly ad I receive & I never know what price I’ll be charged if I’m ordering online. $3 for 12 cans of Diet Coke if you buy 4 is great, but when the cans are listed as $6.24 each online, putting four in my cart is a risk I’m not willing to take. Lastly, I’ve attempted to use the click list function multiple times when the app wasn’t working. I fill up my cart (a somewhat time consuming process), go to check out & something happens & my cart is empty. I’ve wasted hours online to end up having to go to the store because the click list just won’t work.
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2 years ago, Whispurrs
Text size
If you have the text size adjusted for your app, when you clip a coupon a message pops up about enabling notifications. Unfortunately, the options disappear off the screen when text size is adjusted, meaning you have to force close the app in order to get back to any of the menu options. It took me awhile to figure out why this was happening. Once I set my text to “too tiny for older eyes to read”, I was able to either enable notifications or tell it to stop asking me, then readjust text size. Other than that, app works fine, except for in my Ralph’s where they seem to block any kind of signal making searching for items next to impossible
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4 years ago, AlexisNicole010
Pretty Bad
Ralph recently updated their app and the new one is horrific. When ordering my groceries for delivery I am not able to communicate with the Insta cart shopper like I was able to before. I am also not able to modify my order once it’s placed, even if the shopper hasn’t begun shopping yet. With the old app you were able to upload pictures of the groceries you needed in case they did not appear using the apps basic search, with this new app you are unable to do that. On top of all of that, the over the phone customer service is pretty useless in helping you with any modifications or concerns you may have using the app. I don’t understand how this is supposed to be an updated version when it’s really a downgrade. When spending nearly $1,000 a month on groceries and delivery fees one would think they’d have a decent shopping experience.
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4 years ago, Ella267
The old app was so much better. This on makes it difficult to search and find items, you can’t talk to your shopper if your order for delivery, it also makes the substitution options really difficult. There is no tracking while shopping like in the previous Instacart app. I also noticed that sometimes they advertise coupons for 2 for 1 or similar but then they aren’t applied when your checking out.... I honestly don’t even know how this app got through testing because it’s buggy and way more difficult to use than the old app. I also feel like all my carts are significantly more expensive than when I used to order on instacart. This app took away the ease of being able to order groceries in then palm of my hand. Ralph’s is going to loose a ton of delivery business if the app doesn’t improv. I’m planning on switching to another app for any future grocery ordering.
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1 year ago, twoandanh
The update stinks and customer service is terrible
I tried chatting with someone to ask why the app is constantly making me log on every time I open it. It didn’t use to be that way, and every other app on my phone remembers me. I didn’t even get a single response on chat. The agent disconnected and left the chat immediately. What?? Terrible app, terrible customer service. I then went to the “email us” section and tried to submit the above text and received the error message “send failure: body not allowed”. Guess they don’t tolerate you sending a message saying you’re dissatisfied? It’s not like I’m cussing anyone out. Really horrible customer service. Since their carts are also the worst (they’re all broken and dilapidated all the time!) I think maybe it’s time to just stop shopping there altogether. There are so many better places to shop.
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2 years ago, Prof Keynote
App still drops selected items b4 checkout
I’ve reported this problem several times via their feedback and it’s still not fixed. Just tried to place my weekly order and several times several items that I had selected were dropped from the cart. VERY unreliable. I don’t have this issue using the web browser version but it routinely happens with the iPad app. Just wonder why in the world they won’t or can’t fix it. App has nice format etc. but not reliable. You just may not get what you ordered and wonder why. 😫 Previous Review: Once again broken. During checkout could not get the dropdown for the afternoon pickup times. Once again, had to redo the order on my computer. Does make me wonder if anyone actually tests the app before they release updates! 😩
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7 months ago, Micah.Lomax
Placed three online orders and went to multiple stores that showed baby formula in stock. Every. Single. One. Was out of stock. I was told, ‘We don’t update the stock online.’ Not helpful, and really critical when buying things like… food. Would give 0 stars if possible for having to wait for them to confirm then tell me it’s out of stock. Went to Target instead. I was then contacted by Kroger saying, “Please know our app/website is not an active inventory. It will show you what the store carries, not what’s in stock.” Then WHY do you show ‘in stock,’ ‘out of stock,’ and ‘low stock’ in the app? That’s absolutely unhelpful. How is the customer supposed to know your stock levels in the app shouldn’t be considered or used? Why have them in the app at all if they are not accurate? It places the burden on the user, and ends up wasting the user’s time.
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3 years ago, M&GOli
We have ordered from Albertsons, for delivery. Everything worked out. However, never had a slot available for second order. Next we ordered from Vons. On line ordering very difficult, can not update. Vons time slots, well if you stay up until after midnight, it may take days to place an order. Then to top it off, you get 50% of the order you place. Ralphs is wonderful. Site is easy to use. Order is perfect. You can update. If there are substitutes, they are perfectly matched. I can’t say enough wonderful things about our on line shopping from Ralphs.
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5 years ago, BLKOMLOS
Ralphs, Foothill Blvd
Sadly after 25yrs plus, I am shopping elsewhere. Suffering through a year and a half of outdated merchandise (during the “remodel “) then constant price hikes I am done!! Celery stocked with rott on the bottom, condiments over a year old, peaches and fruit that when opened was either rotten or not ripe at all, vendors not willing to give you a loaf of “fresh” bread off of their cart 🙁, no real butcher in other words looks at you like you’re crazy, when asked if he can a piece of meat for you. I asked three times why there was NO date in the nest package and was told that the price gun was broken... pathetic. Nice store manager, great cashier Sandy, and box guy( talk af guy ALWAYS willing to help me!!! They are why I guess seas the reason I stayed and kept giving a Ralphs another chance, and convenience. I drive a little further now, but their produce is fresh... and I have not thrown away any meat at all! Blkomlos&gmail
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5 years ago, sievShane
I’m no longer shopping at my local Ralph’s since a month or more ago. One of the older checkers always seems too busy chatting with other employees and seems to be annoyed to be interrupted by any customer. The LAST TIME I was there he gave me sale prices NOT MY COUPON ON MY IPHONE PRICES. When I questioned him, his sharp reply was that he gave me the sales price, kind of throwing my change and/or and receipt in my hand. He seems to quickly return to his conversation to his co-worker. For instance, the angel food cake was in sale for ? $1.99 or ? $2.99; but with my iPhone savings already scanned in, it was ONLY $.99. I did NOT get that great price then on that item plus other deals that day! On the Friday special free items, they are not FREE because I often spend 1/2 hour searching up and down isles, hunting high and low, spending more than $10 of MY TIME FINDING AN ITEM OF LESS THAN a dollar or two value. TIME IS MONEY. The clerk’s continued hurrying attitude, acting like my time does not value my net worth, has driven me away. I have not been back and do not expect to be soon, even tho it is the closest food store to me. One boss I had almost 35 years ago had a saying that I try to follow as good advice, “I vote with my feet”. I have done so, and I feel it is warranted! Sir Shane
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2 years ago, MagicSRC
What happened to my purchases
I have been using the app I first saw it when looking for grocery store apps. So far, it is the best of all the ones that I have tried. A feature that I really love is the purchase history. If I neglect to enter a receipt, before I lose it, I can look it up in the purchase history. Since I use Quicken to track my spending, it is a huge help to be able to look up the receipt when reconciling an account. This feature stopped working yesterday. I noticed that an update was available. The problem still exists. An error message appears saying that I should try later. Still not working after the upgrade. Is there a limit to the history? Mine goes back over a year and this the first time that I have had trouble with the app. Now not much actually works on the ap
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1 year ago, HPGW70
Easy to use!
Love the easy to use features It’s way better than the Vons app Ralph’s let’s you modify your order afterwards and Vins doesn’t and what’s really great is when I pick up I can give my paper coupons that I get in the mail and they can apply them manually. Speaking of which, that’s my only complaint, it would be nice to be able to apply my paper coupons myself beforehand. I also LOVE the feature that allows the store to text me to alert me to out of stock items on my list and they give me the choice to either accept the alternative or deny it altogether and just go without. That’s like the BEST because VONS doesn’t do that. They actually ignore my No Substitution preference (every time) and give me another product that’s twice as expensive or completely different altogether and don’t bother notifying me. Then I have to call and complain, get a credit back to my card which takes forever and it’s a total hassle. So now I do all my ordering from Ralph’s They have it together there
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4 years ago, Cath3y
Bad new app and service-What Happened?
The new app has a lot of useless links, junk info and inefficient tools that don’t work effectively (like the shopping list that doesn’t correctly move items to your shopping cart). Too many items now not available for delivery through the app any more. NO LONGER AVAILABLE!!! They took away the best parts of the old app: 1) flexibility with substitution (able to easily select the substitute) this was essential- last time I ordered on the new app I got tart shells as a replacement for raw sugar!!!! Really?? 2) ability to request special item and include photo (this was essential since not all items show up on the app) 3) ability to add/modify until the buyer started shopping Also I hope someone looks into the new buyers; if this is still an instacart service- I question the credibility and hiring of these new buyers, if these buyers are hired by Kroger (i.e. Kroger only buyers), you did not get it right. Ugggh! What a pain - I use the service because I can’t easily carry groceries up my stairs so I am very thankful for that; but I pay good money for that convenience- the app and the service needs to go back to the quality it was when I moved here a year ago. The problems started with this new app.
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4 years ago, Coasterbuf
100% Complete failure. Do not even bother with this app or store
Multiple times my husband and I have tried to order groceries to be delivered when we were too sick to go out. Multiple times it has failed. Every single time. A ONE HUNDRED PERCENT failure rate. We will get an email message saying order is confirmed. Then we get text telling us a person is at the store getting our items for us, and then.......nothing. No more text. No emails. No groceries. No communication. Just nothing. I have to dig into the app multiple layers deep to find out after all that the order has been canceled. WHAT? Why? It never says. I am OVER trying to buy groceries this way. I guess Kroger does not want my money. Fine. You shall not have it then and I will shop elsewhere. And I suggest everyone else look elsewhere too. They are just too unreliable and don’t communicate properly.
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3 months ago, Aju1117
APP issues and Circumventing
Since my phone requires an iOS of 15.2 or higher, I should not have to be forced out of getting access to my Ralph’s coupons and other offers. I have been shopping at Ralph’s for over three decades and with all this electronic mumbo-jumbo, I am having to circumvent. Case in point- my purchase of cherries this morning. Thanks to the wonderful checker, he adjusted the price because I was ready to show him whatever I needed on my phone with the special price and he was very kind to adjust it in a jiffy! Customer Service great, app access cumbersome and sometimes unnecessary. Thank you. Happy 4th! God Bless America.
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1 year ago, $$$water
Total crap
I’ve tried using clipped coupons several times in stores, and most of the time it does not automatically add the discount even after I add my rewards number in. I find out after I leave, and it’s not enough to warrant returning to the store to fix this. This seems like unethical marketing practices. I end up buying a more expensive products thinking I’ll receive the discount, when I could have just gone with a cheaper option. Also, there is no clear and easy way to find the “clipped” coupons from the app, so instead of standing at checkout holding up the line while I check each price of the clipped coupons, I choose to trust that the discounts were included. Clearly there is something faulty with either the checkout system or the app.
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4 years ago, Robska
Coupons removed from item page
I just updated and the cool feature you just added that when I clicked on any item, it showed me all available coupons (instead of me wasting time searching for any) is gone!! I was so happy you finally added that. And in one month you remove it and screw it up and a bunch more crappy info instead? We want coupons, not just a manufacturers description of the product. I do not want to waste time flipping back and forth in the app. Please add the eligible coupons back to the items page when you are adding them to the cart, not just what items are eligible when you are looking at the coupons! We don’t all shop by looking at coupons. It’s like you don’t want us to save any money, and that bothers me.
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4 years ago, SDkiter
Good app, but still needs a few key things
I use the app on a weekly basis and so far so good, but it lacks one super important feature that all customers would totally agree with me on. The ability to scan in the Kroger coupons that Ralph’s sends you weekly! Theses coupons are usually specific to your buying habits and Ralph’s knows this. No one like to carry the ziplock bag full of them every time you go shopping. Why not add this feature, it will save us from having to sort for them while at check out and it will save the cashier the time it takes to scan them.
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3 years ago, Thekerbey
Had no idea it would be this simple.
I love this! I may not go back to the other way even after quarantine ends. This is super easy! The substitutions are simple and automated so I’m not worried about not knowing what I get. And it asks for approval before so if I don’t want a substitution I just decline it. It was fast when I picked it up. And oh my god the produce was perfect and not one egg was cracked. That’s what you worry about, ya know? you worry they’ll pick bruised stuff and not care as much as you would. But every piece of produce looked like I bought it for a still life art piece. I loved the service and will use it again.
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4 years ago, babyannie1
Ralph’s Market. Thousand Oaks. California
I came to California in 1956 from Boston Mass. I started shopping at Ralph’s market way back then and I love Ralphs!!!! My Thousand Oaks Market is wonderful. I have never had a problem with anything or anyone at Ralph’s. It’s very clean, a very nice store with wonderful checkers. I will continue to shop at Ralphs as I have done in the past. I’ve also shopped at Ralphs in different locations but my Ralph’s in Thousand Oaks is where I go now all the time. Ralph’s has really good food and also really good meats and produce and their prices I find to be reasonable!! Thank you for maintaining your wonderful Market!! Doris Del Verde
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3 years ago, JimSin London
Cart has persistent bugs
The shopping cart has persistent bugs. Items you order disappear from the cart list, but when you go to re-as the item, the ap shows 1 already in cart, even though it doesn’t appear in the cart list. This has happened to me on three separate occasions. Also, the search is quirky. If you search “coffee beans” it returns “no items”, but a search of “whole coffee beans” returns a nice selection of beans interspersed among a bunch of semi-related and unrelated items. You can work through it, but it needs some tuning to be a competitive product. Service at the store is great, and overall door pickup is a very helpful service which I appreciate, but Kroger needs to put in some work if they ever expect to charge a fee for this.
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3 years ago, Carlsbad business owner
Gave up and went back to ordering from my PC
This app is impossible to navigate to actually buy something for pick up. It lets you put items on a list BUT that is not the cart and then you have to place items from the list into the cart. One by one. It makes no sense to have to do these multiple steps. And it’s very hard to find things. On the PC, through their website it remembers what I’ve bought and makes it super easy to create an order to pick up. The app is shockingly bad. My 13-year old could design a better one. Don’t waste your time trying to order food from the iPad - just go get your laptop and use it.
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1 year ago, jbmwlm
Digital Coupons not presented very well
Quick view descriptions of digital coupons are tunicated and the pictures are too small. Showing a small picture of an item with the with the only part of the description that can be seen as “Simple Truth Organic” is not helpful. In order to know what the item is the shopper has no choice but to click on the item to open the full picture and description. The shopper winds up looking at items in which there is no interest in purchasing. It is slow and is a frustrating experience.
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4 years ago, the.kimmy01
So excited!!
I’ve always wanted to try the feature of buying groceries from the palm of your hands and having the option to have it be delivered straight to your door step. However, I had an issue on inputting my card info., I gave a call to their contact line and they were so willing to help! The problem was so little, and the person on the phone was so patient! I was so excited when the problem was resolved. Thank you Ralphs for making this application an option to make life so much easier!!! Very proud to be a Ralphs’s Customer☺️
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7 months ago, SoCalNatives&BeachBabes
Just did Ralph’s PICK UP for 1st time & will again!!
Thank you Ralph’s (South Bay Terraces store in San Diego, CA) for Manager Ryan, Martin, Marco (brought our order to our car) & when we do shop inside we are also appreciative of Stephanie…all are very thoughtful, gracious, care about safety, pay attention to so many details multitasking & with great wonderful friendly respectful GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE…in a day & age where many people only think about themself, this is tremendously refreshing for us (I am a senior & my grown daughter & I are both disabled) & yet Ralph’s cares & shows it!!!
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7 days ago, Unhappy with Petco
Would not let me "Add Card"
Had my grocery cart all filled up, picked the day and time, went to pay for my groceries, and it wouldn't let me add my credit card. Instead, what I got was an image that just kept circling, round and round and round. It took me a half an hour to get my groceries paid for. In the meantime, I tried to call the store and got hung up on three times. The fourth time I called I was put on hold, and there I sat. I was still on hold when the website finally allowed me to pay for my groceries online. I could have just gone to the grocery store, done my shopping and returned home in the time it took me to do all the above. Not exactly the time saver I thought it was.
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3 years ago, Yeyene99
Easy To Use
I like the flexibility to add things after ordering and it that it is user friendly. I like the recipes and that ingredients needed are easy to purchase when you open the recipe. I wish there was an area where I can add my coupons that come in the mail. Also, I like to buy Cactus plant or “Nopal” in Spanish. I know the store carries it, but the app doesn’t give me in option to buy for delivery. It also doesn’t give an option to buy fried fish. The seafood department usually fries for you.
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3 years ago, pebbs(89)
No more updates 🙏
The updates make the app UNRELIABLE. Trying to make it more “stylish” just doesn’t work. Miss when the app was fast, simple, to the point and didn’t have click this to get to that then click this again nonsense. All these unnecessary options just lag the app, trying to load coupons takes forever then you have to MAKE SURE THEY ARE ACTUALLY SAVED and trying to open the app just to get your card takes forever too, so I just screenshot it to save time. Also Kroger Pay (useless option & lags) should be where you are able to scan the barcode and leave the store without waiting in lines. The lines are ridiculous and with COVID-19 you’d think they would have them all open.
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4 years ago, skerbel
1st time using app for grocery order
- Could not enter my reward card number and could not reach customer service. - though items are grouped in major groupings (fresh fruit/veg, beauty, etc.), there’s absolutely no order for products once under the heading. Very frustrating looking for some products which I couldn’t find under multiple headings, so gave up and will buy those items elsewhere. - no option to change pick up date. The date/time offered to me was not convenient, but no other option provided and when I went to change to delivery, this option was also not available. All in all, not a very helpful site. Don’t know if I will use this service again.
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3 years ago, Jgh40
Great app, but one issue
This app is incredible and makes shopping online and in-store really easy. Thank you. I have noticed one issue, though, with curbside pickup. There have been a couple of times where store has reached out to me to let me know that I may pickup earlier. When I take advantage of this, you can’t “check-in” with app to let them know you are on the way or arrived. The booking time for pick-up isn’t changed in app, and can’t notify them unless calling store. Reaching someone can be a challenge, as well. Please see if there is a way to adjust this. Thank you, again!
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8 months ago, MrsScheck
Easy to use
I love that I can order my groceries while my kids are eating their breakfast and have them delivered while they are at school. I love that at the top of my page it has items like milk and eggs that I frequently buy and I can easily add the bulk of my list within a minute. The app is easy to use, and when I order delivery the drivers are really good about alerting me if they have to substitute and item. I can click on the text and approve or deny the substitution.
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1 year ago, 1joeyy
I like having a One-Stop-App to shop for groceries, schedule my pickup/deliveries, easily browse through coupons, manage my rewards and fill my prescriptions all in one place. However, this App is far from ready and is filled with broken links, error codes, and non-responsive pages and loads up exceptionally slowly. Unfortunately, this App is a no-go for now, and it'll likely be more of an inconvenience for you than shopping in-store. RECOMMENDATION: Dump your developers and create a young, creative, and up-to-date team that can keep up with today's technologies. This is Kroger, and this is unacceptable. Get it together folks!
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3 years ago, AllanW74
Poor scheduling
I have placed several orders to be delivered. The time chosen was supplied by Ralphs. Each time you were given 5 days advance time. Each time you kept texting me saying you have it under control. I am 77 years old and was counting on you o support your claims and each time at the very last minute you cancelled. If you can not deliver at certain times just say so. If you schedule a delivery on Easter for 6 pm and the store closes at 6 pm, put the order up at 4. I have an oder scheduled to be delivered between 9-10 pm. A ridiculous time but thats the choice you gave me so make sure you get preparing it around 7:30. I suspect the store will be picked over by that time but I am trying to support my local Ralphs. You might offer seniors earlier delivery times.
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4 years ago, WordGirl8602190
The Old App was MUCH Better
I have to say, I hate this new app. I no longer can give feedback on my order after it’s done, change my tip (even though it says I can, so maybe that’s on me) and I can’t change my order after I submit it. The old app let me track what was being shopped for and when, and I was able to specify replacements in advance if something was out. I also could see a list of replaced items and request changes if I didn’t like them. And, I used to be able to update my order up until shopping began. Now, it says I can do that, but every time, I’m locked out within a minute or two of submitting. So, if I forget to add something, even if my delivery is hours away, I can’t. The old app was so much better.
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