Randalls Deals & Delivery

4.8 (17.6K)
233 MB
Age rating
Current version
Albertsons Companies, LLC
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Randalls Deals & Delivery

4.79 out of 5
17.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Supercharge #1
Mrs. Evans, customer
I enjoy shopping at Randalls it is a clean store, polite personal as the following: Tiffany (pharmacy) Helen. (pharmacy Otis (bakery) Carolyn (bakery) John (sacked) Cedric (sacked) Angie (Cashier) Mari. (Cashier) Ruby (Cashier) Marianne (Cashier) John (Restocks Product) The lady that wipes down the grocery carts. I am embarrassed that I have not learned her name. She is so sweet! There are others that I haven’t mentioned. What makes a great store to shop besides reliable products and cost factor are the employees! Each and everyone I have listed have been helpful to me. They have made my shopping experience feel like I’m at home. I know that might sound strange. But would you like to shop at a store you fell at home or a place that you can’t wait to get out of. I like the products Randalls offers. Several things are no longer on the shelves but I’m hoping they will return. If Randalls would train all new employees how to sack groceries, that would be very positive. I do 98% of my shopping at Randalls. Have a great day!
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5 years ago, Spamarama
Pretty poor app, limited use
This is only good for searching for weekly Randall’s coupons if you don’t get the weekly flyer in the mail. You can’t search or browse the store products, only those items on sale. You can write something on your shopping list like “Jiff creamy peanut butter”, but you have no way of knowing if the store actually carries that brand or what the price is, unless there’s a special coupon price listed that week, because the app doesn’t search store products. Even if it sees a coupon, it just may say “buy one, get one 1/2 off”. Half off WHAT? What price? To manage prescriptions at their pharmacy, you need their pharmacy app. To manage deliveries, you need their delivery app. To shop wine and beer, you need their liquor app. I’m serious. This is truly a useless app. I’m deleting it. I can get the same deals on my Randall’s card online if I want. You can’t even save your card on the app; you still have to carry the card with you. They really didn’t do any market research at all before creating this junk. Can I give zero stars?
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6 years ago, Scarlett124
Why I love my store!
I had a stroke on January 31. Thanks to a wonderful God, I survived and made it thru rehab at hospital in Sugarland on February 7 th thru 23. I had home therapy thru the end of April. When I made it to Randall’s I discovered wonderful employees who went out of their way to split up my grocery bags where they were not to heavy for me to carry in when I got home. Also, the store provides “just for U” offers on the items I usually buy which gives me a nice saving. This is why I love my store and will continue to shop there as long as I am able! Thank, Linda Dietrich
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2 years ago, G-MyMe
Products not available
I am disappointed that items are advertised but have not been available at any of the three stores I visited. The manager of one of the stores stated that they have never carried the item. I am a long time shopper but this has happened on several occasions. Please don’t advertise if you know the item is not a product you carry.
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3 years ago, lightchaser76
No itemized receipt?
I switched from Instacart after two uses with this app, but I won’t continue using this. I cannot find an itemized receipt from my order & the “Last Order” listing does not include all items, both ordered & found. This makes it inconvenient to know what items from my list I still need to purchase elsewhere. In addition & unlike Instacart, there’s no real-time communication with shoppers about substituting. It seems the only option is to include a note next to an item before I place the order which is less effective than a shopper offering real-time suggested substitutes from inside the store.
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6 years ago, Vulgar demos
Not good.
Let's face it: those of us who shop at Randalls do so because it happens to be closer than any of the other, superior stores. The experience is terrible in the store. And now Randalls has brought it to its app. If you think you can simply log into the app and start getting discounts you'd be wrong. You have to jump through absurd registration hoops and scan things like an idiot in the store. Randalls is known for having expired coupons all over their products and counting on customers not complaining beside it's just a dollar or two here and there. The app reproduces the experience in digital form, except instead of expiration dates it just refuses to work. This app is a classless circus and treats its users like little monkeys.
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3 years ago, RLErrington
Thumbs down. Roll back the update. Read it and weep.
Ok. Just got the update. And is it a mess. Rather than logging in with my email and password, it wants you to enter a phone or email. And wait. So, I mistakenly logged in with my cell phone (my account is linked to my home phone). And couldn’t figure out why my rewards didn’t show up. As I checked out, I realized my mistake. But there no way to logout. So I had to delete and reinstall the app. And I can’t fix where to update my personal information. It’s well designed for using pick-up or delivery. I don’t shop that way. The regular grocery list is gone. Sometimes I’m looking for a a general item, not a specific one. So the new app is a pain to use. I guess this is handier than a separate “shopping” app for pickup and delivery. Not not for in store shopping. Fix the account details. Let me attach multiple phone numbers for login purposes, or bring back the login screen. Restore the grocery LIST. Not the cart for in store shopping.
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6 years ago, blessedE5
So excited to work for and now shop at this store!
This store has provided its customers so many ways to save $ it’s so exciting to work as a cashier and see customers huge bills drop by at time 50-60% at totaling the order! Takes milliseconds to get a Randall’s club card, seconds to download the Randalls and just for you Apps and save even more!! Meat-buy one get TWO FREE!! Are you kidding me!?? Thank you Randalls! I ❤️ U! 🛒🍒🍅🍑🌽🍕🥓🥦🥔
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2 weeks ago, LoA51288
Great!…when it works.
I have had this app glitch and show incorrect prices in cart multiple times, despite repeated updates. Now I use it to clip coupons, but pull up my cart in my browser as well because the online version consistently reflects correct pricing. Also, not generally correct when it says that an item is “out of stock”. Basically I use the app and browser as a “list” and go in to purchase the items myself.
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4 years ago, davidgrantaustin
Please increase capacity on your servers
This app had been getting 5 stars, but since the outbreak, it is constantly unable to sync my grocery list and download the latest rewards and specials. Please fix ASAP, so that I can give you five stars again. If management asks for an ROO analysis, tell them that you can guarantee they are losing money to HEB, Whole Foods and Central Market.
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1 year ago, Bliss Hunter
Disappointing for Such a Great Store
I haven’t seen an app like this since grocery stores in our are first started offering them. It’s like from 2001 or something. The app doesn’t give any information on the products. No calorie/nutritional content - it doesn’t even give the ingredients for products. You have to go to another site (like Walmart) to get that information. Also, they only provide one picture of their products -*that you can’t enlarge*. The only way to see things like the particular flavor/contents - like with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for example - is to screenshot it and zoom that way. Randall’s has an awesome selection of products; they’re pricey but the variety is worth it - if you’re in the store. It’s got to be the cheapest app for a business with the size and reputation of Randall’s. Walmart, HEB, Aldi and even the corner station have more sophisticated and customer -friendly apps. Do better.
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7 years ago, JanMcC
List may not be reduced when items on list are purchased
Like arranging by aisle, but sometimes it does not work. Some items selected do not show up at the discounted price and I have to go to customer service to receive the correct price. I would prefer having Just for You include all Just for You items and not have to scan coupon on the ad sheet.
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6 months ago, Sarah4555
Not a great customer experience
There are a lot of flaws when it comes to customer experience: from randomly canceling orders, not being able to add items after submission which then makes you create another order, but when you get to the store you can only check in for 1 order at a time which wastes not only the consumer’s time but also the employee’s. They also provide a pick-up time for the time pick-up ends however the link to let them know you are there expires at least 3 min before your pick-up time.
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5 years ago, mstyboo
Changes to Weekly Ad List - AWFUL!
The changes to the Weekly Ad view are awful. You can’t view by categories like before, and when you try to add a weekly ad item to your list, you get no details in the list. Those items show up in bulk under Added Items instead of their respective categories, with no price or quantity details. And then when the ad changes the following week, you have to individually delete anything you added one by one. Sync doesn’t help. Employees at my local store have no clue. This app seems to be getting worse over the years instead of better!
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1 year ago, Clete Cindy
Randall’s App
This app is really convenient and easy to use. It can clip coupons from different setting if you click on the item. Sometimes the coupon override each other if it is for the same item and the less one is used at the chec.
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2 weeks ago, Eli's Papo
U Deals
Sometimes when you try to clip the coupon from the weekly ad, for example, cherries, then it gives you all of the you deals and then when you try to clip it another special then it’ll give you that one the one you want, but not everything that’s on the you dealweekly ad goes directly to that item. Sometimes it goes to all the items it’s very annoying.
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3 years ago, ATX_R
Doesn’t work
It was great for a long time, but for the past 6 months I don’t get my points when I check out, discounts aren’t applied, etc. I’ve spent too much time at customer service getting cash refunds on groceries I was overcharged for. When I ask about my points (every single time) they tell me that’s a tech problem and can’t do anything about it, resulting in more lost $$. I’m quitting Randall’s for HEB. For the price I’m now paying, I can order online, have my groceries delivered, and the bill is pretty much the same. Randalls lost a loyal customer.
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7 years ago, Lisa #TexasStrong
Lots of savings!
The Randall's app tracks your shopping and offers discounts individualized to you. The improvements they have made work great. The best thing, you no longer have to hit sync when you make selections. Just make sure you complete finding savings before you scan the card at check out.
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6 years ago, Sudoku New Plyer
Big saving using it
I shop at Randalls always because it’s where I get my biggest saving on food store items. It why I keep coming back to shop there. Like most people I do shop all the others food stores Randalls does give me better rewards. Shop with your Reward Card and use the Randalls App.
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7 years ago, rrtahoe
Like the coupons and value
There are some quirks like most apps I work with. But, the values and coupons are awesome. I have saved up to .70 cents per gallon for gasoline with the coupons after a couple of shopping trips. So if you like the quality of Randall's products like I do, you owe it to yourself to use this app.
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6 years ago, Bobbyjj1
Clunky at Best
This app is a complete pain to use. You have to jump major hoops to get any sort of savings. I was hoping it would be more like that of Kroger, which is really user-friendly. This app doesn’t even come with a digital card that would allow me to free my key ring of all the outdated savings cards. With Kroger’s app, I’m able to keep my Kroger Plus Card in my digital wallet, so that it can be scanned from my phone. Randalls hasn’t quite made it into this century yet.
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4 months ago, jcbry
Love the App!
Love the easy access to see the weekly deals as opposed to H-E-B where I have to scroll and search for the flyer. Easy to select items and love that it’s added to my shopping list. Thank you Randalls for making shopping Easy and in a clean, comfortable store environment.
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2 years ago, keh915
Weekly ad feature
I really like the feature where are you can click on the items in the weekly ad and they appear on your list and in your coupons.
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2 years ago, Wyandotte Bulldogs
This app has made me pay more attention to the sales offered. Before the clip it App I never looked at the Randall ad. But a very nice customer representative navigated me and my phone through the application and explained the benefits of the clip it coupon program. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Merrissa1
Great app. Keep you phone charged. Some items are hard to scan with store WiFi. Many times manager will correct sell if it was mentioned. I love it when the sales works. You definitely earn your rewards trying to keep up.
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3 years ago, chilepioneer
Made good app bad
The new Randall’s app is more complicated to use than old app, it is almost like Randall’s is trying to make using your purchase points difficult. Then in the last two weeeks, my points are not showing in the app and so go to Randall’s every week and sometimes more and spend over $100 on each visit. I get my just4u discounts, but that is it. Disappointed in the new changes.
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4 years ago, crszy***
Just for you
I got a just for you offer this am Trying to accept it it is giving me the run around The site is not user friendly. At this point I cannot sign in to get these two free offers
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3 years ago, Austin ag
New app not helpful
I can’t find the just for you items to add to my account. I had to go to the store and scan the item and THEN it was added to my account. So frustrating.
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2 years ago, JP exclusive
Improved but lacking “real deals”…
The app overall has improved a great deal. However, the “deals” are not really deals anymore. Bring back the low cost deals. The deals lately are not “real deals”. They are more like overpriced suggestions.
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3 years ago, FayeBee
One of the Worst Apps I’ve Used
The app is has never been user friendly ever since it was updated a long time ago to version 2.0. The app is only useful if it’s using WiFi, and not by LTE. This is especially worse if the store’s WiFi isn’t working. Too many steps to place a digital coupon or coupons into the app’s wallet. I guess pressing a coupon one-time to automatically go into its wallet was too simple.
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3 years ago, I am trouble
App is horrible
The old app was great. The new one is horrible. Nothing pulls up that is in flyer. Out of 5 things I searched for in deals using multiple search words only one was found.
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1 year ago, Christa1999
Clipping no longer working
The “clip deal” function no longer works. I spend a bit of time clipping a lot of deals and when I go back to deals or open the app again, it looks like none of the deals have been clipped. So I have no idea if I’m getting the discount when I shop, not to mention I’m wasting time doing this over and over again. Please fix this bug. It’s the inky reason I use your app.
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1 year ago, BiteMe3xs!
Not what it once was
I liked it better before you made the most recent changes. Why take away the ❤️favorites area? I clip a digital coupon and it is stored in its own space. Why take that away? Now I have to take a screenshot of each item I want to buy. I don’t even open the app while I’m in the store. Seems like a missed opportunity to me.
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5 years ago, diakimani
Digital Deals
Very hard to locate the advertised digital coupons when scrolling through the app.
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3 years ago, Red Screen
Give us the old app back
I don’t need another payment app. I don’t ńeed another app collecting data on me. I need an app that tells me what my coupons are and if I’ve put the items in my basket. I don’t need them forced into categories that forces yet another navigation step each and every time I need to review and check off an item. Do you guys ever go shopping??? Seems not. This is just bloatware
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6 months ago, WalkerBurkes
Shopping at Randall’s
I enjoy grocery shopping and Randall’s is one of my places to shop. Some items are a bit over priced, I mostly shop the sale items.
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1 year ago, Pittie Baby
Randall’s on south fry road Katy texas
This is a great store. They call you to substitute items on your order. Tom is super nice. Remembers your name and is prompt and courteous. Highly recommend. They also give you free samples with your pick up order.
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11 months ago, SFoxxy
Great coupon, specials, and fresh produce
I just discovered Randalls after moving to Austin and I really appreciate all the good deals I get, and the fresh fruits and vegetables and the customer service is fantastic. I love the pharmacy too!
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1 year ago, srbh55
Great App that keeps getting Better!
I love the flexible of choosing substitutions and adding qualifying adding notes that allow customers to get the desired product!
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6 months ago, Tx pool chick
This app can save you tons of money!
The app makes it so easy to clip coupons and get online-only deals. I’ve saved up to $70 in one grocery trip!
Show more
5 years ago, BrandonAW
The app would be better if: #1: they would tell you what aisle the product could be found. #2: if you could find whatever product they have; not just what’s on sale
Show more
2 years ago, nacho nite
Yes I do like the app and savings. Would like option to see coupons that I have already downloaded.
Show more
4 years ago, Corin Dodson
You still have to carry a card
I only downloaded and created an account so that I wouldn’t have to carry the cheesy little remarkable card on my keychain or in my wallet as I am a minimalist and have very few things in my wallet and on my keychain and there’s no way to add the card to the app so it’s pointless for me. Even my little gym offers an app or I can have my membership card scanned directly from the app ...get it together Randalls
Show more
3 years ago, j31707
New update
New updates is no good at all. I use to shop here all the time but since the new update , I haven’t been back in months
Show more
1 year ago, SpiderTexan
Clipped Deals
Recently, many clipped deals don’t work at the register. Cashier has to check my app to verify and then override the price. Very frustrating.
Show more
4 years ago, OB1 & Pebbles
Georgetown Randall’s
Just moved here about a month ago and I truly love this store over all in Georgetown, TX. It’s always super clean, stocked, products are straight and the customer service experience is superb. Staff is always smiling and asking if they can assist.
Show more
4 years ago, Spreadeagle17
Useless app
Every time I try to add something to “just for you“ it tells me “we are having trouble downloading offers” and to try again. But it still doesn’t work. This has gone on for weeks. Randall’s is so ridiculously expensive that the only reason to go there is to take advantage of their coupons. Even Central Market’s prices are better than Randalls. How does the store even stay open?
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7 months ago, Brittlee9537
Best Place to Shop
Randall’s is by far my favorite place to shop. There’s rarely a crowd and the store associates are always so kind. I can’t recommend this store enough!
Show more
1 month ago, CengizV
Stop messing with coupon clipping
It baffles me that they keep changing how coupons are clipped all the time. Leave it alone. Once a coupon is clipped, it should disappear. Why do you want me to scroll for 10 minutes to do this simple task. Better yet, why is there not a select all option.
Show more
5 years ago, Stelitogirl94
Not user-friendly app
This app is is always getting stuck , it’s difficult to navigate, it needs to be more user friendly
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