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Crazy Love Ministries
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User Reviews for Read Scripture

4.84 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
6 years ago, DOC Mears
Read Scripture Review
I give this 5 Stars. A really great app. Probably the best for reading the whole Scripture. Our whole church is going through this right now. We started in January. At the first of the year, one always knew where we were because the Psalms number was the same as the number of the day of the year. That is Feb 28 was day 58. This only works if you start at the first of the year. A lot of people do not. In the second half, if you got behind and were trying to catch up, it was hard to know your target, and it was hard to get in sync with the rest of the Church. May I suggest: when one starts the app, inter the date and add a calendar to the program so you can refer to it and keep up, knowing where you should be. Also the videos are so tiny I have to use a magnifying glass to read them. Please allow us to enlarge them. Maybe you could allow a full size print out of the visual, as well, (or a video download). Allow us to highlight and copy and paste a passage for memorizing. Other then that you deserve SEVEN stars. God bless you and your families.
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2 years ago, H007
Very Cool. Even Better Than Expected
I was looking for something related to Francis Chan in the App Store, because I love his quote, “I want to live my life in such a way that if God doesn’t come through I’m screwed.” That’s become my life motto in combination with Jeremiah 17:7 “But the person who trusts in the Lord will be blessed. The Lord will show him that he can be trusted.” The bible app I’ve used for years has taken on too much of a social media format, so I download this app. This app is very impressive. The short videos are very well done in regards to content, narration and artwork. What a great idea to put the Bible in context for the reader. No matter how many times you read through the Bible you learn something new. The illustrations are very cool and it’s a nice feature to hide the verse numbers if you want, to give a different reading experience. The circular animation that coincides with taking a deep breath is fantastic. I need a reminder to take a deep breath and relax. Francis Chan frequently mentions each breath we take is because God allowed it.
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1 year ago, Kristin McT
After reading through Genesis a million times, I’ve finally completed the whole Bible! 😄
When I recommitted my life to the Lord at 17, I plowed through the Bible in four months. In the many years since, I’ve tried, tried, and retried to reread it, without success. I’d print out a paper copy of a reading plan and start strong- then I’d lose the paper. Or I’d get off track and, by the time I’d get back to it, I’d feel like it had been so long, I should start over. I’ve seriously probably read Genesis at least 20 times. 😝(ADHD here- hyper focused teenager, distracted adult.) Then a friend posted about this app on fb and I decided to try it. True to form, I’d get off track here and there. But the app was always ready and waiting to continue on when I’d get back to it. It took me way longer than a year to get through it, but the part I care about is that I actually made it past Genesis, lol. I prefer reading a hard copy, so I usually use the app more as a tracker, but it is nice to be able to do the reading in the app if I’m out and about and find myself with time to read. Just as a tracker alone, I’d rate this app highly, but the Bible Project videos that are throughout add so much. And it’s easy to use and looks good. I finished reading through the whole Bible today, for the first time in 26 years! Definitely wouldn’t have happened without the app. Thank you! (I never review anything, so consider the fact that I did, an extra star. 😆)
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7 years ago, Mysfyt
God Lives Through This App!
I was reading in my YouVersion Bible plan, and stumbled upon a video. It was an amazing overview of the books, within really cool animations. I showed my 10-year-old a few videos from the app, and he was in awe of the Comic-book-style renderings. He said it made the Bible so much more readable because it became fun. (But I have to admit, I think I'm more hooked on these videos than he is.) There are various artistic creations - from what look like comics, to beautiful scenes that look like they were painted in watercolors. Of course, the app isn't just a bunch of videos. Do you ever look at scripture and wonder why there are line breaks and poetic-style passages? Well, not any more. Put into actual paragraphs, the Bible is an amazing read. Almost like a novel. Because of that, I find that I'm much better absorbing, and comprehending, what I read. The Bible has always been a bit off to me because of the style. Now I actually enjoy reading it. Reading and watching is available at your own pace. Want to skip to books & chapters and read stories of what you feel is more important to you at different times? Go ahead. You can always go back and see anything you've skipped, (and also re-read the ones you haven't.) I don't have even one negative to present. This is by far my favorite app of all time, and I hope everyone realizes the amount of time, effort, and super creativity that has been put into it. A+++++++
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5 years ago, sadiesanborn
Best Bible reading app!
I’ve used more bible reading plans and apps over the years than I can count. Any method that gets a person into a routine of reading the Word is great, but this one is by far my favorite. Every little detail has been a blessing to me, down to the reminder at the beginning of each reading to take a deep breath. It reminds me to pause, be still, rest, and be reverent, instead of treating the daily reading like a task or chore. I love that there is a psalm as well as a sequential reading for each day. It’s also wonderful to have the plan not attached to calendar dates. It keeps me from feeling guilty or overwhelmed (both of which often convince me to just give up on a plan altogether) if I fall behind. Sometimes I need a day away from the plan because I feel led to study something else, and I appreciate that it doesn’t leave me feeling like I need to “catch up.” The videos have been a great source of insight, too! Love this app.
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6 years ago, alwzn4ever
Nothing is more important
I have been a Christian my whole life, raised in the church, Bible college for a couple years, etc and I’ve had moments of feeling close and feeling far away from God. I love the encouragement by Francis Chan and other godly leaders to get alone with God, to make personal intentional time with Him. I had heard about and tried (unsuccessfully) for years to read my Bible but I just never found a rhythm or put in the work. I often felt like reading the Bible was good by not necessary and compared it to flossing - beneficial but not worth the effort to me. But since I’ve started using this app, all of that has changed. I am on my longest streak of readying the Bible every morning (70 days, missed 2 but man, I’ve never had this many days of being intentional). And I feel God in a way I have never experienced in my life. He is changing me. He is changing my heart. As I sit at His feet and read the Words He wants me to hear, I can see myself becoming a new creation. I highly highly recommend this app to everyone! This is an amazing gift and I love the videos at key moments that highlight the chapter or a theme we are reading about. I am now a firm believer that nothing can replace this time alone with God and yield the same results. Thank you Bible Project and Francis Chan for this app and for your faithfulness in ministry! I also recommend checking out the Crazy Love podcast as a great supplement.
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6 years ago, JohnAndASatchel
I’ve been using the app for the past 3 weeks, and honestly it’s had me in the Word and studying it the most consistently I’ve ever been. I work about 25-30 hours a week, I just started my first semester in college after a gap year, and I teach a Sunday school class, so this is exactly the kind of structured reading I needed. And as far as theology goes, The Bible Project guys have been super solid on their doctrine as far as I’ve seen, which, obviously, is a huge plus. The only criticisms I really have is I haven’t seen a way to set up a new reading plan after I read through the whole Bible (other than re-reading the Bible) and I think it would be awesome if you could choose more specific reading plans, like reading just the Old Testament or just the New Testament, or just the books of the prophets, ect. But other than that I really can’t complain!
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6 years ago, WeareIM
This is Amazing
This app is such a blessing and exactly what I have been looking for. I use it every day. The videos are incredibly well done with artistic creativity while providing legitimate overviews of the books of the Bible that even the most biblically educated would appreciate. You read the scripture in the ESV and then end with a paired psalm. I recommend this app to anyone who's interested in reading the Bible. My only negative comment is that there is issues with the portrait orientation. When I change my phone's orientation from vertical to horizontal the text changes location, even background color. Then when you flip it back it doesn't even go back to where you left off. So I always have to make sure my phone's orientation lock is on while I'm reading. Such a fantastic app though. I'm thankful apps like this exist. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Sourdough Lady
Just what I was looking for
It has daily readings of scripture arranged into about three chapters of Old Testament plus a Psalm, and the reading is often prefaced with a neat video of about five minutes. The video gives background and overview of the book that is featured in the reading. When I have done daily reading plans in the past, I've been frustrated that I can't find a simple plan that divides the Bible into daily portions going from one cover to the other. I don't like mixing my testaments. The other option is a chronological plan, mixing chapters of books up so they go according to their historicity. Mutilation! This plan goes a book at a time, and the addition of the psalm each day infuses a devotional element that takes the reader out of the narrative and into communion with God. The only thing I might add to this app is the ability to listen to the Bible readings.
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6 years ago, BC521
Great Reading Plan
I have been really enjoying the set up The Bible Project has with this app. I didn’t grow up in the church and am not very familiar with a lot of the stories in the OT. Having videos along the way to help guide and give context really helps me as I’m reading much of this for the first time. Additionally, most days readings are really manageable and not overwhelming. Some other plans have you reading from four different books a day— that’s too scattered for me! This streamlines your reading, allowing you to really get into the story. And having a psalm a day is refreshing! I do wish there was a way to adjust the reading schedule a bit more. Mainly, when I miss a few days I wish I could adjust it so that it doesn’t keep moving forward when I’m still catching up. Not a big deal, but functionally it would be a little helpful!
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7 years ago, khpusb
Love it!
I've been watching your videos for a while and that's how I learned about the app. I love the reading plan, I love having those videos in key parts and sometimes I watch them again as I continue reading future days to keep track of where in the video I'm at (so I can connect with the larger picture better), I love the Psalms following each day, the encouragement to pray,... It's like a quiet time! I have three suggestions for new features: 1) other translations. I'm liking ESV, but I'm more used to NIV. I'm sure other users will have other preferences as well. 2) my fiancée started using the app as well, but she had started reading the Bible a while ago. We played with the "start date" option and used the long tap option to mark everything up to here as done to match the dates of "read every day" with the current date. Maybe there could be another long press option for "Start here today" which would mark everything above as done and set the start date accordingly so the selected section is due today. 3) a dark theme. I like reading light on dark when the room is dark, plus it helps preserve the battery. I like the theme being used for the Psalms. Thanks for the effort you're taking on and keep up!
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5 years ago, Ang-RN
Perfect “Easy” way to get into Gods word!
WOW, it’s here! This app is amazing! Finally an easy way to read the Bible in a year with interactive amazing videos to go along with Gods story! I love The Bible Project! Their work is truly making a difference! I am so thankful for this! God Bless them in all that they are doing! Please get this information out to everyone! I do go back to the YouVersion app so that the reading for the day can be read to me while I follow along in my bible, highlighting. Maybe that can be an update to this app. Have the ability to play the reading by audio. But it’s easy to use the YouVersion app for that if want! Thank you, Thank You for this perfect app. I am full of JOY! No issues at all found with it❣️🥰😍 Keep adding new TBP videos to this app! ~Angela
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5 years ago, Tim T2T
Incredible Tool!!!
I want to reach out to the team at the Bible Project for such an incredible resource. I have tried a number of times to help the boy I mentor understand the Bible better. I had tried a number of approaches, but we stumbled across these videos a few years back at a small group meeting and he immediately asked if we could start watching through them. He was impressed with the quality and art style. I was ecstatic about the content! Thank you so much for this incredible resource. On the suggestion front... I would love to see a dark mode option incorporated into the app. I often use this at night to read scripture before bed and a dark mode setting would really help! Keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, sensosmith
Excellent, but could be updated
Absolutely love this app, went through myself and it was an incredible experience that taught me more about the Bible and helped me to grow as a Christian more than I ever had before. That being said, I think it would really be benefitted from an update. It’s lacking BibleProject’s many new videos detailing Biblical themes and the books themselves (for example, their older animated Mark series is included in the reading plan but their newer animated Luke-Acts series is totally absent). I would love to see the app continually updated with BibleProject’s new releases! Highly recommend this for anyone seeking to understand the whole Bible on a deep level, it will change your life.
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4 years ago, zirb12
A few changes would make this great
Love the app, but a few changes would improve it a lot. I wish we could create an account so that our reading would sync across devices. So that I could use my iPhone or my iPad and my progress would be shown on both devices. That would be really helpful. Another thing that would be nice is if there was audio for the readings as well. And I have also noticed that the Read Scripture/Bible Project videos are not updated on this app as more are being made. The reading plan listed on the Bible project website has a lot more videos listed with different sections than what is shown on this app. It would be great if the new videos were placed on the app when made available.
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4 years ago, MaryKGeorge
Reading Plan
If the app can have 7 stars, I’d rate it as such. I don’t know where I was all these years to not find this app and I guess it’s because my personal hunger and curiosity to be closer to the scriptures and the Lord has grown. Initially I had problems following along the paper version but then I finally received the email that I was to receive when I first signed up, and TADA! I went into “settings” and set the “start date” to be whichever date you start, it has a calendar date that popped up and is next to the portion you are to read. No more guessing the date and the chapter I should be on. Love and blessings to the project team! May you be blessed abundantly. ❤️
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6 years ago, rekkss
Great app! 1 suggestion.
Great app! You’ve done an amazing job in putting this together, and the videos and narrations are awesome. Thanks for putting this out there for free. Just one suggestion. I would love to have a dark mode option so that the text is light-colored over a dark background. It makes it so much easier on the eyes, especially when reading at night. And if we could have a few fonts to choose from that would be great too. I tend to prefer serif fonts for long reading (they just flow better). And you could also add the free Open Dyslexic font which would be of incredible help to those who suffer from dyslexia. Anyway, thanks for this app guys. God bless!
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8 months ago, SabrinaTheHockeyLover>😋
Beautifully made. Perfect.
This app is perfect for those who need guidance on the Scriptures of the Bible and feel lost between its many contents. Each day is broken down into explanatory videos, the actual Scripture, and a Psalm/prayer and meditation part at the end. It has a plan for reading the entire Bible in less than a year (about 358 days I believe it was). On top of that, it’s an aesthetically pleasing app and it’s absolutely perfect. Exactly what I want in a Christian app. I have no words and no edits. I can say with confidence every Christian, whether new or experienced, young or old, would benefit from this app. Best Christian app I’ve tried by far.
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6 years ago, Stevven123
I have been using this app this entire year. God has used it to transform my life. His Word is so beautiful and soothing in the midst of the chaos of this world. The creators are Christians who hold to the correct and historic view that the entire Bible is the Word of God. The videos are so very helpful, and have totally reformed the way I view the entire Bible and my faith as a whole. The videos highlight the themes and the important shifts of each book, and do so in an easy-to-understand way. Their theme videos go through major themes in the entire Bible. In addition, the whole technology team has been anointed with God-given creativity (which shows in their stunning animation) and gentle humility. The Bible Project is my favorite website right now. There is also blog that goes along with the reading plan. It's eye-opening. In order to access it, you need to sign up via email. If you love the Lord Jesus, then you will get to know His Word. This is an incredible tool and an incredibly helpful resource. I highly recommend it to all my brothers and sisters in Christ.
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5 years ago, Jami.Lumos
Well done!
This app is fantastic! Well formatted, straight forward, easy to use... I prefer my own Bible for reading, so I was a little hesitant to use the app for a Bible reading plan, but one day of use I can hands down say I will continue to use the app for this daily part of my time with the Lord. I use my Bible for further study, and other things, but for this reading plan, it’s perfect. I love that it’s all together, all tracked, I literally just have to sit down and enter that quiet time with my Father. It’s effortless. I could keep going, so I will just sum up with this, if you are looking for an easy, but in depth Bible reading plan, don’t even look any further, this app is great!
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5 years ago, data freq
Such a blessing!
This app is so wonderful on so many levels! It has allowed me to cultivate the habit of being in the Word daily, which has been mind-blowingly amazing! It has allowed me to understand the content and context of what I am reading. AND it’s free!! Thank you to those who put this app together and work to bless us through it - God is doing a mighty work through you; thank you for following God’s call on your lives. A few things that would make this app even more wonderful: - ability to highlight and take notes on the readings - ability to listen to the daily text in addition to reading it
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6 years ago, Jdjehgebehdif
Incredible way to read & see the Bible!
So grateful for this ministry! Amazing artwork in these videos make the Bible come to life and have already helped me understand the Bible more already! My only two requests for developers.. I would love to see a ‘donate’ button or something like it on the app..I just think the artists and team putting these resources together for free deserve support:) Also, I would love to be able to re-watch the introduction video and information, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get back to them once I started the reading plan. Thank you so much for doing this project!
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4 years ago, skindogg50
Good app but limited!
There are many things I love about this app. #1 is the videos. They are excellent!! I also like the reading plan and how it is divided up into major themes of the Bible. Now for the negatives. #1- there is no way to listen to the Bible readings. I like to read and listen to the scriptures and that is not an option with this app. #2- I am reading the scriptures with a group of people and for accountability and encouragement, we comment on what we read. There is no way to do this within this app. Last year we read thru the Bible in the you version app. Though we all like read scripture plan and videos better, the listening and comment feature makes you version a better option in my opinion.
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7 years ago, Great Sleep Coach!
An answer to prayer
Several years ago I started reading through the Bible because I wanted to get the full picture. I almost completed the task, but became incredibly discouraged because I didn't grasp the significance of the much of the reading of the Old Testament. I finally gave up within sight of my goal! That was two years ago almost to the day. This morning I happened on this app and I am wild with excitement. This app is engaging beyond belief and gives me the background information to complete my goal!!!! I am so blessed!!! Thank you Crazy Love Ministeries!!! BTW how do I give you a ten star rating!!!
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3 months ago, SFC Kujo
Find out for yourself
First of all, I started watching The Bible Project videos and really learned a lot from them but, I wanted to actually read the Bible. I ran across Read Scriptures while looking for a how to read the Bible plan. Immediately I recognized the Bible Project videos and that prompted me to download the Read Scriptures app. This is an app that allows you to read the Bible from beginning to the end with helpful videos and read a Psalm each time. See how the Psalm flows with the chapters you just read. So often they mirror each other. Bottom line I’m in the book of The Revelation and when I finish it will be the fifth time I read the whole Bible. It’s because of this app that I have even finished it once. Once I finish, I will start it over again using the app. Thanks Crazy Love for your dedication to bringing this app so we can read the Bible and learn more about our Lord. Kujo
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7 years ago, Dbaziva
BEST Bible Reading Plan Ever
The videos accompanying this Bible Reading Plan make all the difference. I am getting so much more out of my reading with these big picture overviews of each book of the Bible and of themes such as Covenant, Messiah, etc. This app would be perfect if the full-featured You Version Bible were incorporated as the Bible to read as that App allows me to highlight, make notes, compare translations, etc. Oh and You Version reads to me when I want to meditate on God's Word. God is using The Bible Project to reach many. I've shared it on Facebook and texted it to people so they can install it right away.
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6 years ago, Mrs. Judd
HS Bible Teacher
I love this app and I love what Read Scripture and The Bible Project are doing. As a Bible college graduate and now a High School Bible Teacher, I am often very wary about videos that try to explain books of the Bible. I’m delighted with how the authors of these videos always bring the focus back to Jesus’s. I’m also thrilled with how consistently and clearly the Creation/Fall/Redemption paradigm of a Christian Worldview is presented throughout the theme videos. I feel totally safe referring my students to this app and have already used the Hosea and John videos in my class. Thank you so much for making this resource free!
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4 years ago, crosseyed Jenn
By far my favorite!
This is by far my most favorite Bible reading plan! Here’s why. It’s transportable and great for those who travel. It’s trackable. It keeps up with where you left off. You design your plan. You can read at your own pace and start anytime with any theme. It’s easy to navigate. I love the organization of content. It’s very well thought out. It feels like it was custom designed just for me. The videos are creative and sets them apart from all others. It’s reliable. I’ve never had an issue with using the app. Well done!!
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6 years ago, Kirkwww
Wonderful w one exception
The Bible project videos are awesome. I watch them w my 12 and 14 year old sons and am often moved to tears. I downloaded this app and love everything about it except for the “take a deep breath” intro. Might seem minor but it’s unnecessary and smacks of the “mindfulness” mantra the world has embraced. Entering into God’s word stands on its own. Adding ritual to it just smacks of religion. I’m not a professional complainer; this is honestly the first review I have ever written but I felt so strongly about it I had to share. Please just delete it from an otherwise fabulous tool. Tysm for all the work you have put in to making God’s word gorgeous and accessible!
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7 years ago, acamp96
I can't say enough good things about this app! I keep telling everyone I know about it! I've grown up in church but was never able to read the Bible on a consistent basis. I used to struggle with reading and understanding the Bible, and honestly sometimes it felt boring. For the first time in my life, I feel excited everyday to read my Bible! I'm reading Leviticus right now, and I'm even excited about it! Now that is saying something! I'm learning so much and I've only just begun! So thankful for the guys at The Bible Project and Francis Chan for putting this together! Go get it. Right now!
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5 years ago, Rader05
Beautiful, simple, powerful app.
It’s simply designed and is honestly so encouraging. Each book begins with a theme video giving you an animated overview of the book and how it plays into the overarching narrative of the Bible. It’s also super intuitive. You can set reminder notifications, read at your own pace, and every portion you read is paired with a Psalm. By the end you’ll read through the Psalms over 2 times. I finished my first pass through the entirety of the Bible today and I can’t wait to start again, honestly.
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5 years ago, Generalgarrett
The videos are really helpful!
The videos that introduce the books and topics are engaging and help me see the big picture of the Bible, book or topic. The only feature that would make the app better is if it also read the scriptures to you while you follow along. There are many people who have reading disabilities, and having it read to them would greatly enhance their ability to understand and retain the Word. It would also make it more likely that they wouldn’t quit.
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4 years ago, Skillet007
Just started the app today and I really enjoy the idea. I’m loving the deep dive into the scripture to help provide understanding one may not have just reading the word on their own. I have just a couple of complaints/suggestions. The option to select a different version would be helpful. I also wish the “Today” button actually took you to the current day’s reading. Right now, it’s throwing me to the very last day. Easy to navigate since I’ve just started but I envision a lot of frustration trying to find my spot as I move through the year.
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4 years ago, Tammy Dinh
I love this app!
I began using this app at the beginning of the year to read the entire Bible in a year and it has been working so far!! The plans for each day are very thought out and has really made it easier for me to read the Bible at a consistent pace. Some days you might get a larger section to read (like 10 chapters) which kind of threw me off but that’s okay! I also prefer the NIV version, so I use my own Bible to read but I use the app for the videos and reading plans. Definitely recommend!
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4 years ago, RyanJamesGeorge
I LOVE this app but...
I absolutely LOVE this app, but I’m greedy for MORE! The Bible project has released SO MANY more videos. Is there a way we can have an update with more? Please? Thank you so much for setting this up. It’s wonderful. Also, is it possible to add a way to read with someone? I disciple a lot of guys and it would be cool if they could ask questions or make comments remotely. I know I’m asking a lot for a five star review, but it’s because this is the best way to engage scripture in the App Store. I want to milk it for everything I can.
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7 years ago, I'll try anything
Unique App with a Unique Purpose
Having used a lot of apps and bible study resources for different purposes, I feel like this app serves a unique purpose to simply engage a reader into the story of the whole bible. Soak in the 'big picture' and see the 'whole story' come to life between the reading portions, and animated video portions. Thankful for the intuitive ease-of-use of this app, along with the simplicity of its design. I think this will be an app that I will personally be able to use for a long time, along side other devotional apps, and bible study resources. Thank you to all the behind the scenes people and contributors that have made this app FREE. Bless you all! Side note: It's cool to see the faithfulness, and example of unity between 'Crazy Love' ministries, and 'The Bible Project' crew come together to do this project. It's amazing! Can't wait to see how it grows and continues to serve over the years.
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4 years ago, Dave124689
Beautiful way to stay on track
I love the way this app is designed and how it’s tailored to help one stay on track with reading the Bible and praying each and every day. I also really appreciate that the verse numbers can be removed to make it more like reading a novel or something. However, I do wish there was a way to highlight sections that stand out or leave notes in the passage. Part of studying God’s word should be writing down the things that you learn or He shows you and there isn’t a good way to do that right now. I’d love it if there were someday!
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6 years ago, oJoie
Showing how beautiful, relatable and powerful GOD’s Word is.
I’m so thankful to come in contact with the app and the Bible project. They present GOD’s Word so beautifully through the videos and other resources they have online. The videos help me relate more to the Bible and shows that the Bible, as they say, “is one unified story that lead to JESUS”. Such a powerful tool for anyone who seeks to grow in the study of GOD’s Word. My yearly bible reading is more amazing because of the app. Also reading the Bible with together with my church family has been really encouraging. Double thumbs up 👍🏽👍🏽
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6 years ago, MissyKP81
Love this APP- Life Changer
I love this app! I can finally read the Bible with better understanding and in an order that makes sense. Only feedback I have for the creators is if they could bookmark the last screen read so when we go back in we don’t lose our spot and have to search that section for where we last left off. That being said, I rave about this app and tell all my friends about it. Love it!! Great job, guys!!! And I love hearing Francis Chan’s podcasts that coincide with the reading for the week.
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2 years ago, hubba909
Stays #1
Was having a problem where app images wouldn’t load, was fixed promptly. Only other thing I have noticed is that sometimes after updates/right on the new year, my progress is reset—maybe this should be left to the control of the user. Besides that, this app is one of my favorites. Intuitive OS that supports what is a great idea for an app, and has helped me learn more and feel more confident in my understanding of the Bible.
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4 years ago, hellomynameisannie
Best Bible Reading App Ever.
I am so grateful for this app and all of the team members involved in this work. Reading the Bible has been transformed for me. The videos give such rich context on who what and where these letters are coming from. The scripture comes alive differently when understanding the circumstances. I am so impressed with the video creative qualities and the succinct ways the narration has been done. It’s been such a blessing. Thanks the to entire team for being in tune with the Holy Spirit and the needs of Christians in this generation.
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7 years ago, HouseOfEstes
Great Reading Plan
If you are looking for a good bible reading plan, I recommend this App. The videos that are before most readings are really insightful. They really show that even since the beginning, in the book of Genesis, everything was pointing towards Jesus. I think too often people look at the Old And New Testaments as separate. We even think of the stories within them as separate. This study really helps you see how the stories within make one big story about Christ.
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6 years ago, DeMoonSta310
1 Year In!
I am enjoying this app still. I enjoy the videos and the overall format and structure of the reading plan. You can read/watch it over and over and over. Each Psalms pretty much correlate with the scripture reading spot on which is so cool. (Don’t take away the deep breathing please. It helps to get into a state of meditation- for the Word says we are to meditate on it, to be still. And this helps. I pray during this part that God give me what I need as I enter into his presence and read His word).
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6 years ago, KY prodigal
Great for all Experience Levels
Whether you’re a newcomer to the Bible or have read through it several times, this is a really cool app. The amount of time needed for each “day” is really up to you. On busy days I’ll often set down and watch the short video and than listen to the chapters I’m supposed to read that day while getting ready for the day. Note I have to listen in a separate app but it’s also free. The videos are very well done btw!
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6 years ago, thamora3
Amazing is what comes to mind.
I just installed the app and watched the first video on the book of Genesis and you can tell a lot of work was put into the app. It is going to be much easier and more enjoyable to learn God’s word. Give it a try and you will see what I am talking about. You have the option to watch a summarized video of the Bible or just read it like a traditional one but organized in a way that you will finish reading it in under 1 year.
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6 years ago, Recovery Joe
Just finished my front to back reading
So happy to have finished my first cover to cover reading of the Bible. I really liked the animation at the beginning of each book. I’ve recommended this to many family members. Starting on page 1 again this time in my Bible. I plan to make notes in it so that when I give it one day to a grandchild they will see more clearly how God worked in my life. Thank you for helping me get back on the path of righteousness.
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6 years ago, Livin'InThePNW
Videos Make the Difference
I have been using this app for a little over two months and have found it very helpful. The reading plan itself is not all that different from other plans available, but the videos are really enlightening and help me think about sometimes challenging passages/books with a bigger-picture perspective. I use the app every day but prefer to read the passages in my physical Bible, which I can highlight.
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7 years ago, LovedByYeshua
Answer to prayer
I learned about this project today and I am so excited about it. I have started many reading plans over the years and can get overwhelmed by the historical context and my lack of knowledge concerning it! I'm eager to use the tools provided to read through the Bible and learn details I've never noticed or quite understood before. The posters and videos are beautiful works of art, and so full of wonderful and helpful information. This app is great!
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6 years ago, Beth2496
The Big Picture of the Bible
I just started the reading plan, but I am excited to dig in and go through a well thought out plan that will help me better understand the word of God. I already had seen some Bible Project videos, and those plus a reading plan - how could I resist?!? So glad I downloaded and excited to grow closer to God through this plan!! Very easy to use, simple and lets the message of the Word shine though because of that simplicity!
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7 years ago, persia2005
Reading the Word is exciting!
BEST BIBLE APP EVER! I was the typical Christian where I struggled to read the Word because I didn't know where to start and it typically got boring. Since I've downloaded this app I'm excited to read the Word daily, I rant about this app, it keeps me organized and it breaks the Word down in ways I've never heard explained (and I've been in church all my life)! This is one download you won't regret, thank you to the team that started this! Thank you Jesus!
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