Reading List: Book Tracker

4.8 (24.9K)
14.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Andrew Bennet Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Reading List: Book Tracker

4.83 out of 5
24.9K Ratings
10 months ago, Curry Macaroons
Literally the BEST book app EVER!!
This app is amazing!! The free version is insane!!!!! You can add unlimited books (?) I’m up to 600 and I see no limit in sight 😂 The paid version is literally just graphs and data that you get, I personally see no value in it, but you do you! You can add books to your TBR, to your Just Read, or to your Started pile. There are many ways to add your books. Either you can scan the barcode on the back, search up the title name and author to find it, or you can manually type in the book if you are that type of person. You can also scan many books at a times, you just have to select the option. When scanned, searched, or inputted manually, there is a book blurb given for each book and where to buy it, along with book genre details and other stuff. You can also create different “piles” or folders of books that can edit with ease. I personally like to organize my books into genre with these folders. The app is a BREEZE to navigate and this app truly is the best out there for FREE! I have seen and used many apps to keep track of which books I have, and all have had flaws. Either I had too many books, or I couldn’t search up the books I already had, or some other flaw that made me unable to use the app. But this app has zero, and I personally challenge you to find one
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1 year ago, dsgruntledgenx
A treat for those disenfranchised…
I started using Reading List maybe 6 months ago. I was searching for a digital way to store my ever evolving tbr list, while compiling lists of books that I have collected (lovingly & haphazardly) for 30 years. I’ve spent many a dollar on paper mementos from bygone eras & yet more times than not, I’m literally lost in a bookstore wondering “Do I have this edition? Do I have it in paperback, hardcover, signed, limited edition?” And yes I’ve bought multiple copies of many (my local library loves to see me donate). So you can understand why when I began cataloging my personal library to a digital format, I downloaded 3 or four free apps to test to see which would best suit my long term needs. After several tries, I kept two, because yeah I like having a backup plan. Reading List was one of my final and now is my only reading list/biblio type app. The developer, Andrew, actually replied to my app user feedback email. And he is responsive on Twitter to followers of the app. In a world where service and help is no longer a courtesy but is usually rendered by ever infuriating automation, it was nice to see the actual human interface of this app, caring for his product. I hope this review though long, helps this young developer’s dream. It certainly helped my disorganized collection of books. Many thanks!
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4 years ago, Jacquelinef18
Excellent app!!
I love this app! I do use Goodreads to track books but I wanted someplace non-social to track the spiritual books I read since people seem to be so judgy these days no matter what faith or eclectic spirituality you espouse. I was immediately impressed w this simple book tracker and how easy it is to look up books by barcode or title, author etc and add it to custom shelves, track your reading, add a rating. Not sure why book reading always has to be a social event, tied to social media, when it’s a mostly solitary endeavor. I love that I finally have a very nice non-social book tracker! Not all features are intuitive to figure out but there is a help menu that helped me figure out for example, how to add a book to a shelf. (Have to add book to Reading list first, then scroll to bottom of book description page to Manage Lists.) LOVE that I can have a book on multiple lists! In addition to categories & book club lists, I like to have lists that tell me whether the book is in Kindle, iBooks, physical etc so I can find the book if I want to re-read it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app and tipping the developer if you like the app since it’s completely free to use. (Tipping is under the in app settings menu.)
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5 years ago, sky_blue02
Very happy so far...
I haven’t seen any ads. The app is very straightforward and easy to figure out. I didn’t encounter any limits on adding books. I like how elegant it is. I felt like other book-tracking apps were over-complicated. The features were so layered and I drowned in them. It distracted from the goal of reading and took up too much time. I feel more productive with this app. The interface is very clear. At a glance I can see my progress on several books. I like that I can edit the information for books and add custom covers because I have a lot of old books that have no ISBNs and are hard to find for sale or listed online. Thank you very much to the developer! It’s an underrated skill to know just what to include in an app and not to have too much. Less is indeed more when it means that you’re not drowned in complexity or unnecessary features and can get your work (in this case, reading) done so efficiently. :) I just wanted to add that I’d love to see support for Roman numerals (they are usually used in the introductions and prefaces). I hope you consider adding that feature in the future. :)
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5 months ago, Pan54
Good Stuff but would like a little more
Delightful UI. It is really smooth and beautiful. The online search to add a book is excellent. I enjoy using it across multiple devices, organizing it in various lists, and custom sorting my books. Surprisingly, I could not find many apps that let you custom-sort. It would be perfect for me if it had an option like the Leio app where I could plan my reading. They have an option where you can select a reading plan based on a date, daily pages to read, or daily time spent reading. If you have a page or time goal, it will give you a "You could finish by" date. Why is it the only app that offers an actual reading plan for each book? I have seen some that offer more generic daily page read goals, but not for specific books. I enjoy understanding that I need to read this many pages to keep my goal of finishing by a specific date. I may use both apps, one for planning detailed reading goals and the other for gathering (this app) long-term reading goals. I like the layout and list for quarterly and yearly tracking. But honestly, this app would be unstoppable if that detailed planning feature were there.
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2 years ago, 💜 CLP 💜
Best Book Tracking App!!
Love this app so much!! I do have Goodreads and I keep it so I can see my friends books and they can see mine, but other than that I only use Reading List. I love the simplicity of the app, whereas I find Goodreads to be kind of visually cluttered if that makes sense. I would rather have simplicity and organization than an abundance of recommendations and reviews so this app is perfect for me! Its design is simple and clean—it makes finding books and making lists so incredibly easy! I love the feature of being able to scan the barcode to find books, especially if you have a special edition of a book you want to add. Even the fact that you can add books manually is super cool! (Although I haven’t used that feature yet.) And being able to customize my lists and easily sort the books in them is huge also. And lastly, although there are many different features you could add to this app, I think it’s great how it is :) Definitely the app I will be using to track all of my reading, so glad I found it!! ❤️📚
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2 years ago, jinmyjy
Simple, efficient, & the best thing since white bread! ;)
I love this app!!! It helps me keep track of what I’ve read, what I want to read, what I need to buy, which series I’m reading & want to keep up with, & more. You can create lists that fit what you want to know, add notes about each book. You can keep track of how long it takes you to read a book or which & how many books you’ve read in your life time. It is so simple to use, just scan the barcode of the book, import the info from the internet or type it in yourself. There are no adds & if you change devices just export the lists to a spreadsheet which can be imported to your new device. (I think I’m explaining that correctly. I haven’t had to do that yet so idk.) I really do love this app. It is so easy to use & saves so much time that I can spend reading. Oh & I love the app so much that I decided to leave this review which no one asked for (except apple’s prompt asking if I like the app & did I want to give stars or a review, that’s it.) - Stephanie :)
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2 years ago, shelley181
Simple, powerful, focused on the right stuff
I am a long time Goodreads user getting increasingly frustrated by the “noise” of the app— the number of screens I have to go through in order to enter or find a book, the intrusion of other people’s comments, the invitations to vote on new books. This application is a just exactly what I was looking for— a way to keep track of my reading, privately, so I can enter thoughts without sharing them, and remember books from long ago— and not turn reading into an AI driven contest. Thank you! I spent a happy afternoon transferring ten years of data from Goodreads to your app. Goodreads doesn’t have Google data, so it was challenging to get the meta data in, but I perservered! I’m sure this is WAY off your radar, but I would love it if you one day added the option to keep track of watched movies and TV series— there are NO options that do that simply. I would also love to know what you have planned for the future— is there a timeline? Thanks for the excellent app.
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4 years ago, ReaderJoe200
The PERFECT Reading Log
This app is perfect in every way for logging books you have read, and for keeping a list of books you want to read. You can also scan barcodes at the bookstore with a touch of a button to add those titles to your “want to read” list. You can mark your progress through Books and look back on books you have finished as well as how long it took you to finish them. You can also categorize books into a series or a genre. I use it to record my physical books, Ebooks, and audiobooks that I have read and want to read. I can also look back and see how many books I read each year since it logs when you start and finish each book. Excellent app for every bookworm! Update: I have really been enjoying the widgets feature added to the Reading List app for iOS 14!!!! Being able to see my book progress for multiple books at a glance, and then update my page number with a tap is phenomenal. Keep up the excellent work developers, I love Reading List!
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1 year ago, jj nia
Great app
I have been using this app for a while. I use it mainly so that I can make sure not to get two copies of one book while out shopping. I also send the info out to my family and friends around the holidays so they know what books I already have. One thing I wish was different is there are some books that I know I have read but I don’t remember when or how long it took me but I would still rather have it marked as read so if I could say that I read something but don’t know when I did it that would be great because I just marked the books I don’t remember reading but know I read as read but I had to put a time frame in and I just put a few days or a day for each of them and it messed up my stats. Other than that this app work very well it is very easy to use, everything is well labeled and if you are a reader at any level you should definitely get this app as soon as possible.
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2 years ago, Love to Track
Love this but a couple requests
I love this app. It helps me remember to finish books I got distracted from for some reason and helps keep me on track. I even upgraded to help support the one man teams. Seems like a labor of love not a money maker and as an avid reader I wanted to support that. However, I have two requests: 1) I know it tracks how long you took to read a book but I’d love it to track the number of days you actually spent reading it I.e. the number of days you updated the current page or percent done. Like it took you 300 days to read it but during those 300 days you only actually read on it for 5 days. 2) I read a lot on the internet specifically fan fiction. I’d love a way to track that even if I have to put in the author’s name, word count/page number, and website myself; and then track my progress like with books. Thanks keep up the good work
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4 months ago, mas3sons
Just what I was looking for
This app has exceeded my expectations! I admit I have tried others apps and ended up deleting them because they would limit my books or not let me arrange mine they way I wanted. This app lets me do all that more! The free version is even amazing but I opted to upgrade for year. The year price was amazing and it had not disappointed. I can keep track of total pages I have read, time I have read, even time of each individual book. I have a TBR, Read,want to buy and read list. I could not be happier. I love the colored book covers , the option to add in manual if by chance a book was not found, literally everything about this app! Oh, it even lets you shake your phone and it will chose your next book for you, if you are like me and can’t decide what to read next because you want to read them all lol. Thank you Thank you!
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5 months ago, Jebinaiqer
Hands Down THEE Best Reading App
I have had this app for about three years now and seen it through several updates. I’ve tried goodreads, storygraph, bookmory and so many of the other popular ones and the only one I remain faithful too is The Reading List. What it does, it does WELL. I literally never have bugs or glitches. All the features work as they were intended. The creator pushes through fixes SO fast and frequently! The updates to the interface are GORGEOUS - the attention to detail is awesome. Letting us change the sorting between the lists or the book faces?! I gasped when I saw that update. All the recent upgrades have just made me love this app more. There are only two things that would make this my perfect app: more stats - like genre, mood etc.. and if we could track pages read in a sitting similar to bookmory. Regardless though, I’m happy as is.
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3 years ago, agilmore8
Love this book tracking app!
I just downloaded this app to keep track of all the books I’ve read, listened to, bought for my dad, etc. and it’s allowing me to keep track of everything I need via separate lists. I love how you can name your own lists and don’t have to use pre-fab ones, so thanks to the developer for that flexibility! I love that I can scan a books ISBN and all the info pops up or enter it manually, exactly what I needed!! And it really is free with no ads! I’m going to be purchasing to pro version so I can use this on my iphone and ipad, which will be really convenient. Thanks to the developer for creating an app that helps a book nerd like me track all the things I love to know about each book I’ve read and want to read, this is the only app I need, so relieved to finally have found the right one after trying so many others 😊
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3 years ago, Freebeatz
Top Tier!
Think about your priorities here: Are you simply looking for a place to keep a list of books you wanted to read, books you’re reading, and books you’ve read? Then this is the app you’re looking for. Apps like bookly are exhausting, and i uninstalled it immediately because they constantly pushed subscriptions in your face. They even expected you to pay for a reading wishlist!! This App thrives on simplicity and it greatly caters to those who have the simple goal of tracking their reading. As for feedback, Andrew (the developer), i’d recommend perhaps having the option to set goals for book reading? Or to separate finished books by year? This would help people even further in their own reading goals, especially if they’ve owned the app for more than a year. Otherwise, there are absolutely zero issues with the app.
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1 year ago, I'm so awesome 4421
Absolutely Fantastic
I have a lot of books in my house that I’ve just forgotten about. This app keeps all of the titles in one place and shows me which ones I’ve already begun reading. There is a percentage bar that shows how far into the book you are and so far I have seen no limit to how many books you can add. I have encountered no ads which is amazing. The app is clean and neat with no confusion whatsoever. It is clear that this was made by a fellow reader, for fellow readers, not by a large money making company. This is helping me get back into reading, and it is fantastic. Thank you so much for making this app! Edit: A year or more later, still amazing. I have recently purchased Pro, and it is worth it. Especially as I know the money is going towards a good developer. Best book tracking app I’ve found.
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3 years ago, kalthoffdesign
More features
I just downloaded this app and I really love how clean and well designed it is, and appreciate that there aren’t ads cluttering up the space. It does what it’s meant to do. However, I actually found this because I was looking for an app where I can create a calendar view of books and goal dates, which doesn’t really seem to exist. So, for example, if my library book is due back on a certain date, how many pages per day do I need to read to meet that date? And if I can’t read one day, adjusting those numbers so I still meet the due date. I’d love to see a feature like this added. I also noticed I could only sort books to the top or bottom, but it would be nice to be able to move them up or down anywhere in the list — maybe I’m doing something wrong. In its current state this app is similar to how I use Goodreads, so without added features I’m not sure it makes sense for me to use both apps.
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6 months ago, butternutbalrog
exactly what i needed
I read a lot of book-length items that are not actually books (iykyk) and I had long been struggling to keep track of what I was reading and how many books (or book-length items) I was reading in any given span of time. This app handily solved that problem with its manual entry. And because the data's private, I don't have to worry about weird adds popping up in random places as I go about my day (or, at least, not because of this app). I also really love how backdating books I've already read works. That I can just pick a year rather than a specific day??? Game changing. This app is FAR AND AWAY easier to use than anything else I've tried in this niche, which includes GoodReads, Candl, and Storygraph. And it's way easier than trying to learn my way around a spreadsheet. And it's all PRIVATE. There's no social aspect at all. Because of these features (and more--pausing books?? a DNF button??? a reread tracking feature??????????), upgrading to a premium sub was a no brainer. This app fills all of my needs, and it's definitely worth a try if you're struggling with the need to catalog what you read while also reading posted vs. published material. Thank you so so much for making this app!
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2 years ago, Amy’s Mac 13
Great Tracker
This is one of the best apps on my phone. In light of all the garbage going on in the world I decided I needed to read more books and quit watching the news. Because I don't read very diligently, I needed something to help me track my progress and keep me honest. This app does that perfectly. I get a visual of how I'm doing and it allows for reading multiple books at once. Only one complaint (kind of a first world problem); when I go to update what page I'm on the app makes me highlight and delete the previous page number and then enter my updated number. Before, the app automatically had the previous page number highlighted and all I had to do was enter the new page number. This doesn't completely ruin my day but I liked the old way better 🫤
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6 years ago, FlyingAce148440
Mostly fantastic, with one gripe
I really love this app. It helps me keep track of the books I’m reading and that I want to read very easily. I go through a lot of books, and often would forget what I had read from week to week, and this app helps keep me organized and remember books from months back. The only thing I wish would change is that when you reread a book, you essentially have to erase the old entry in your history to accommodate for the new one, as the app doesn’t appear to understand what rereading is. For example, if I read “Frankenstein” in September and decided to reread it in November, the app would make me reset the entry to November, making it seem like I never read it in September. The way I get around this is by making a note of the dates, but I wish that the feature didn’t erase books you’ve read before. Other than that, it’s a great app that I use every day.
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5 years ago, Mrs. LLG
Helps Me Stay On Track
Great app to help you stay on track with reading. This app has been wonderful in helping me follow through with my reading goals. The first year I used the app I managed to read 50 books since it was so exhilarating to see the percentage of book read increase. In the 2nd year of use, much more of life on my plate, the app, however, has been extremely helpful in keeping me a reader as it reminds me exactly how many days I’ve been reading a book. I never want to be on a book more than 2 weeks so it helps me stay on track with my reading. Aside from this, I’m able have several book lists which I have one for hard copy books and one for audiobooks. Finally, the app allows you to shelf which books you want to read which for me means never forgetting which books I want to read. 👍🏽👍🏽
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4 years ago, brina_p
Worth A Try
Just downloaded this app because it had many more positive reviews than “To Read” which I was using before. I would like to see an easier way to add books to my list and import. It’s frustrating that to add a book, I cant just start typing; rather, I have to follow a five-step process: 1) click the plus sign, 2) select if I want to add manually or search online, 3) type in the name of the book I am looking for, 4) click the book I am looking for, 5) press “done” to add to list. It would be much easier to type in the name of the book and either click or swipe to add to my list. Adding many books at a time would be much faster that way and may bring more people to the platform that are already using other apps to track their reading. Additionally, I would also like to see this app sync with Evernote, Readwise, Pocket, Instapaper, Kindle and others.
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3 years ago, puny penguin
Life changing
I’m coming back to re-write this review. I’ve had the app for almost a year now, and I’m reading more than I ever did before. I attribute much of that to this app. For example—it’s the sixth of January and I have read four books already (I’m about to finish a fifth!). I really think being able to track how much I’m reading, how far I am in books, etc, has been really encouraging. I tried lots of other book trackers before this. Goodreads, of course, but that was too clunky and I found that the review system of misleading. (Also, it felt like every recommendation was to read Harry Potter or Pride and Prejudice). I tried some others, many of which boast intense features like the exact amount of time spent reading, words per minute, and statistics surrounding every tiny detail. It was overwhelming. This app is right in the middle. It isn’t too much, and it really isn’t too little. I would recommend it to anyone who reads. There are a couple updates I would like to see, though. First and foremost, I would love it if after a book is finished, it’s possible to write a short note about it. I’d also love to see a tab to add “Books I want to read.” But honestly, the app of just fine—better than fine, really—without them. Again: HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
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8 months ago, swtzazn89
Amazing APP to keep track of your books!
Lately, I have been writing the books that I’ve bought and haven’t realized that todays society there is a thing called apps. From what I’ve searched, this app is by far the best because it seems like there is no limit of books that you can have. I’ve reached over 100 books already and still going. Hopefully they will keep it to unlimited. The layout is simple. You have your To Read section and the Finished section. You can also organize your books into sections like fiction or romance. There are also a Did not Finish button but you would have to pay extra for it. You could even make a new section of Not finish books instead of paying for it. (Although, the books you’ve organized will still be in the To Read tab instead of completely removed to that section) Adding a book is a breeze. You can scan multiple ones, search for it, or add them manually. It also tells you the percentage of how far you are with your book. You can also review your books. Personally, not sharing with others who has the app. I’m glad to have this app so I can keep track of my books so I don’t have to buy double.
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3 years ago, Deborah623
Love this app!
Found this app after going through multiple others and finding them too complicated or too simple. It took a few days to figure out how to use like with the order of books you enter. Once I got it I became obsessed with putting in everything I own including Audible and Kindle books. Love the ability to make my own categories. Also love the backup and restore features which give me some security if I lose or break my iPads. Also like the option to sync over multiple devices. And with all that, the app is free. Encourage others to “tip” the developer which is found under the settings tab. Thank you for all the obvious time and effort put into this app. Keep coding! Would love to know about any other things you’ve done!
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6 months ago, littlexwarrior
Love this app!!
I’ve used this app for almost a year now and i love it! The functionality is great and easy to use. There were a couple of issues finding books in the beginning but I have not had that problem since. If there is, I just add the book myself and continue on my way. I like the subscription offers as well and am planning on purchasing the lifetime option soon. The best part, this app is by a single developer! I don’t promote small business enough, but when I learned of this I had to write a review. The effort he put into this app and the layout is great and used friendly - and there’s NEVER been a bug issue! I’ve tried out other reading apps but none have worked out better than Reading List - thanks Andrew!
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7 months ago, Afog-y
Simple, awesome.
I’ve been using this app for close to 3 years. I read for both fun and work, so my book count is 200+ a year. I wanted a place where I could track all my books without having to use my goodreads account since some titles are nsfw and I don’t want people in my business 😬 my main concerns were: being able to search titles to add, jot down a quick note/review and see eom & eoy metrics. I’m on the paid version and that covers all those needs. It’s simple. Straightforward. And I’m not bogged down with a ton of content (ahem goodreads) that feels overwhelming and not relevant. A good product is focused, and that’s what this is. It doesn’t try to be a million things. If you’re looking for a great and easy way to track your reading, this is it!
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2 years ago, Jocey K
I love this app!
I just started reading more recently and I wanted some way to keep track of everything, but Goodreads and similar apps were all kind of overwhelming and clunky and I had trouble wanting to use them. And then I found this app! It’s so simple and streamlined and extremely easy to use, while still having all the features I wanted (I’m especially happy about the barcode reader!). I was even happier when I found out the pro version is a one time payment instead of a subscription and I am very much considering paying it simply because I love the app so much and want to support it. There really isn’t anything major locked behind a paywall! This app was exactly what I wanted and thank you so much to the dev for making it!!
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4 years ago, hope_eileen
Great Work!
I love this app. Every book of mine is easily catalogued, at no expense! I’m also thankful that there’s lists you can create to sort books into; I’m very organized when concerning my home library and the personalized lists add to the charm of the app. However, I have one qualm: a while back I deleted the app to make some space on my phone. I guess I automatically thought that my books would save, but when I re-downloaded it, I had to put my library and lists back in. It’d be great if there were a feature that allowed you to create an account, that way you could save everything through a cloud. Idk how that works. 😂 But over all, I really love this app and hope to see more done with it! It deserves more recognition.
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1 month ago, noname1315
Best book app I’ve found so far!!
I’ve been looking for an app that will track my reading, TBR, and current library for forever!! I swear I’ve tried them all but this one definitely takes the cake! It has all the best parts of the other apps put together. It’s free, can scan your books with ease, lets you search for books, tracks your reading progress over multiple books, lets you create different collections, and lets you edit the information for each book without messing anything up! Plus it’s easy to use and aesthetically pleasing! I only wish I could sort by series and that my library was a separate tab like the “To Read” tab. Still my favorite book/reading tracking app by far!!
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3 months ago, Jennifer L5678
Best book tracking app!
I love that I get to use the cover art of the book. The only enhancement I would ask for would be to have the type, (kindle, hard copy, Apple Books, audible) available as a dropdown that showed somehow small on top of or below cover art. I, like many users of book tracker apps, have a compulsive reading habit and forget where to find my books across electronic apps, audio, hardcopies etc. I was able to add it to the notes, but having it clearly show helps choose pending what I’m doing… sitting: kindle or hardback, walking or driving: Audio etc. I prefer using this app like a consolidator and deciding from here, not from the apps themselves. Well done! No issues, beautiful interface and UX
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2 years ago, ycuxufxuyci
I use this everyday when reading, it is basically one of the best apps I ever have gotten, I have told all my friends and family members about it, and they have downloaded it and like it too. One thing that I really enjoy about it, is that when you put in your page number on that certain book you are reading, it gives you the percentage you through. When downloading this app, I was contemplating it, because the pictures show it like it is an app where you read the books online, and I DO NOT like reading ebooks. But I decided to give it a try, and I am soooooooo glad that I did!!! Even though the pictures when downloading are a little confusing, I am still giving it five stars.
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2 years ago, treg123
I love this app BUT…
In all honesty, I’m a huge fan of this app. I read a lot of manga and having the ability to add multiple books to my list at once is a great newer feature. I had the app for 10 minutes and bought the pro upgrade immediately lol. I’ve had this app for a while now and still love it. However… I realize that the only thing that is having me look into switching to another app is the fact that this one isn’t on Mac yet. I like having the ability to access my books from whatever device I’m on and having this on Mac would be the thing to keep me here. Also maybe having different ways that the books show up in a list. For example having a grid style display so we can more clearly see the beautiful covers of the books.
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5 years ago, Wonder Interstellar
Just What I Needed! 😁💕
If you are looking for a way to keep track of your books, current reads or future reads than I HIGHLY recommend this app. Reading List is really incredible in what it does for being free. You can scan the barcode of your book and it’ll pop up on the main page. Then it allows you to categorize your books and keeps track of them as you read them. You can make certain personalized categorizes for your books into and label them as anything you’d like. This app in my opinion is definitely worth downloading even if just to try it out because for free, I can’t complain. I’ve only had it for a couple of days and knock on wood, it’s been add free. It was just what I needed. I cannot stress this enough, HIGHLY recommend. 😄💖
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4 years ago, Khloe511
Great App! but needs more options for organization
This is such an easy and functional app to use! The only thing is I would like to have an option to have different accounts with the app. As a teacher, it would be nice to have separate accounts (one for myself and one for my classroom). I have books on here that I want to read myself as an adult but it’s also mixed with books that I want for my classroom for kids. I realize that you can put the books into categories but they are still all mixed up in the “To Read” section so it’s hard to keep it all organized. It would also be nice to have an option to add books within a specific list instead of all in the same place. If I had these two options, I would 100% give this app 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Writervt
Just what I was looking for
For literally several years, I looked for an easy to use app that simply recorded books read and hope to read. I am so very pleased with this app. It is so easy to use and efficiently keeps track of books in the 2 categories I care read and finished. Being able to add personal notes is a welcome feature. I love the option of searching online and immediately seeing the summary and other information about the book. I would like to be able to send information to my friend, but only seem to be able to send one title at a time. I have not been able to figure out how to select more than one book. However, I still rate this as 5 star. Thank you.
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4 years ago, SignificantNobody.
Love and Support from Overseas!
Hi Andrew! I’m from Iran and as you might know, this country has no connection to the international banking system. Thus, I can’t financially support you! But I wish I could; I really do!! This app has been really useful for me and trust me, as a perfectionist, I’d find it hard to get comfortable with a new app. But Reading List reached my iPhone’s main page in less than a few days! I’ve been looking for such reading app for a long time and this is the best organizer. So it’s really unfortunate for me, not being able to support my favorite and useful application. But giving it a 5 stars is the least I can do! I appreciate your time and effort you put on this app! Be safe and live your best life, man! 🙌🏼❤️
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2 months ago, cmurf1960
A great alternative to Goodreads
I find the social features of Goodreads to be annoying. I also find the ad-cluttered interface annoying. I searched for an alternative, and Reading List is perfect for me. I read almost exclusively on Kindle, I have Kindle Unlimited, and I also take advantage of the free and discounted Kindle book deals. These books can easily get lost in my library, but if I add them to this app as soon as I download them, it’s easy to see that I have them. This app is easy to use, no annoying ads or friend requests or snarky comments about what I choose to read. It’s just a way for me to keep track of my books. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
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6 years ago, super busy lizzy
does not track rate of "currently reading"
Goldilocks once again. In my seemingly endless search for an app that will track my reading progress, and by that i mean, daily reading habit, this is not what i was hoping for. Loved the clean and simple interface but was quite disappointed to discover it only tracks books you've read, want to read, or are currently reading. But does not track the rate at which you are reading a book. I know there are other apps that do it, but some are cumbersome to navigate and i wanted a separate one for reading i do for school. I really like the layout of this app and if it just had a little progress bar where i could enter my current page #, it would probably be my favorite and I'd give it 5 stars, seems like it would be a cooke extra feature but maybe it wasn't in the designers plan.
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2 years ago, Becktriad
Love this app!
I’m a prolific reader and have a massive library (654 physical books and over 300 e-books!). Not only does this app help me keep track of what I’ve already read but I also love the ability to create custom lists. I would frequently double purchase books because I forgot I read it already or owned it already. Now a quick search tells me if I already own the book I’m looking at. I can also create lists by genre and browse my library to decide on what I’m going to read next without getting up from my couch. Also love the feature where I can mark where I am in a book by page number. I hate dog-earring and there’s a black hole in my house that eats my bookmarks.
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5 months ago, 3daffodils
The Perfect Book-Tracking App for Me
I love the simplicity and functionality of this app—it does what I need it to do without a lot of extras that I don’t want or need. It has helped me to organize my reading life in such a way that I was able to read 200 books the first year I used it and 150 the second! I like to have a lot of books going at once (traditional, audio, and digital) so that there is always a current book I am in the mood for and able to read in any circumstance. Keeping track of what I was reading was a struggle until I found this perfect-for-me app. I am not exaggerating when I say that the Reading List app changed my reading life forever!
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2 years ago, Lucy30161
Pro version too high
I love this app much better than Goodreads but I simply can’t afford the pro version which is my only complaint. Maybe develop a sync across all device version for $4.99 and I would definitely be all in! The only issue is when you import from Goodreads, none of your book covers are there. It’s taken me hours to upload the book covers. I don’t want my reviews on social media because I’ve been attacked for leaving a 2 star review. My books, my opinion, my business. I can write whatever I want in this app and then I know if I want to bother with that author again. ❤️ this app. Please consider a cheaper mid-pro version for all of us seniors!
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3 years ago, Sounds asleep
This is what I was looking for!
Tried so many different book tracking apps, but they either required a subscription or had too many features. I was looking for something with an attractive design where I could purely just track my reading. THIS IS IT! Thank you - it has everything I would want in a book tracking app. This app makes me want to read more and helps me keep track if I’m reading multiple books at once! Also love that I can create a “to read” list as I’m constantly getting recommendations I forget to write down and never end up reading haha. This app is exactly what I was looking for thank you for keeping it simple and clean!!
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2 years ago, mwiney
Reading List
Good tool to keep track of books read by year/category or other desired method to organize. Would like the ability to text a title or list of completed books to/from colleagues to add directly to my list. Would also be good to have a ‘group’ function to share titles with other users and compare progress on books. Overall helps me build a record of books I’ve completed to share with others or re-read later. Book reviews and versions would also be a welcome update. Many books have been revised and would want option to look for original publications to find specific books.
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5 months ago, Dastew79
Awesome Book Tracker
I love this app. I did pay for the subscription but the free version has great features as well. It keeps track of books you have read and books you want to read. You can search for the book by title or if you have the IBSN number you can just scan it with your phone. It has also become my go to for book descriptions instead of googling them because they are so easy to find. If you go for the paid version it tracks how many books and pages you have read. I highly encourage you support the paid version. It’s economical and will help the developers be able to make needed updates to the app.
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5 years ago, daaHamster
Good for tracking page you left off
I'm always all over the place- sometimes I don't have enough time to finish a library book and the due date is up. So I return it. Then I borrow a new book and the cycle repeats. This app lets me keep track of books I have partially-read before and the page I left off. It's pretty simple to use and the barcode scanning makes things much quicker, and if that doesn't seem to work, searching online is just as quick. Rarely do I have to manually add a book. It also let's you add notes, which is a total game changer for me. I usually write down quotes I find interesting in the book or write a simple and brief conclusion. 5/5 stars, reccomended for readers~
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4 years ago, Amilynn21
The Best Reading List
This is by far the best reading list out there. I listen to about 7 to 8 audiobooks a week and I have hard time remembering their titles so I needed a reading list to keep track of the ones I’ve listened to and the ones I wanted to listen to. Books are easy to add to the list and it’s easy to mark the ones you’ve read. With another more known and popular app, you have to enter start and stop dates for the book to show up as read. Plus, you can organize your books by genre. I probably have 10 different genres in my reading list. Sometimes I get tired of reading a book in one genre so I just search for a book in a different genre. Outstanding app!
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3 years ago, WildRoseWells
This app is a book lover’s dream.
I absolutely love this app! I began to keep a list of my current, upcoming, and finished books in a spreadsheet but that just wasn’t cutting it. I did a quick search and found this app and have been amazed at it’s ease of use and the fantastic way it keeps my books organized. You find books via searching for the title or author, scanning the barcode (AMAZING feature!) or through entering them manually. It also allows you to document when you started the book, how far along you are (based on page number), and the date that you finish. Not only can you document progress and see all of your books in your reading queue, but the app also provides information on each book (back cover summaries, ISBN, publisher, subject categories, etc.) You can also organize your books into different lists based on genre, author, series, or whatever your heart desires (you create the lost titles). Overall, I would recommend this app to anyone who loves to read and wants a better way of tracking their books and reading progress.
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9 months ago, Ffstujvkuddvb
This app is my favorite for writing book reviews and keeping up with what I am reading. It allows you to track books you DNF and have on your TBR, as well as, the books you are currently reading and have finished. The free version includes so many features and I actually ended up buying the pro version because I use it every day. You can add notes, how long you read the book, page numbers, it will track what percentage you are at while reading, and let you rate the book (all on the free version). The pro version has the additional feature of providing statistics on your reading. The developer is amazing. He is always available when you have a problem and works really hard to get the issues resolved quickly. I had a problem with the notes glitching once they got too long. He worked on the issue and within a couple weeks he had an update available that resolved the problem. I highly recommend this app to anyone who loves reading and has an apple device!
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6 months ago, Cotume
Almost perfect!
This is an absolute fantastic app and one that I almost immediately bought the pro version for. Literally the only things I can think of that would improve it would be the ability to add books to a series (preferably with numbers) and the ability to add and sort by tags instead of just lists. For a while I was keeping my TBR list in a Notion database and being able to filter by tags to find exactly the kind of book I was in the mood to read at any given moment was really helpful. Even without tags and series, this is a great app well worth checking out, but having those features would make it one of my favorites of all time!
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