Receipt Hog: Shopping Rewards

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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Receipt Hog: Shopping Rewards

4.71 out of 5
176.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Bejewelez
Zenny is the best
So I’m not big on leaving reviews. I don’t know why I probably should start do my it more but anyway that being said, I feel as though this is worthy of some positive feedback and a little boost in ratings. I really like using Receipt Hog versus any of the other wannabe receipt scanning apps. I haven’t had too many issues while on it, and if ever I did I always got quick responses addressing my concerns with solutions and helpful tips. Zenny is part of the Support Team and has been The One who actually provides the answers when you need any help with the app so far. I’d also like to mention that when it comes to earning any actual money, with this app it’s true. You really can trade in your accumulated points and choose between 3 different gift cards and the more points you gain the higher the dollar amount on the gift card of your choosing. Only kind of annoyingly lame this is that it takes forever to get enough points just to get yourself a $5 gift card. And the gap in-between each reward is a bit too wide l it’s just a bit discouraging. But idk that could just be me. So my only suggestion would be to either introduce more rewards and perhaps fewer point requirements or maybe implement a few other ways one can possibly earn points on this app in addition to the receipt scanning.
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4 years ago, sfhkoyrw
Do not like recent Changes !!
Consistently over which receipts are acceptable and which ones has changed and are unfair. I’ll explain. (1) More receipts than ever are being rejected. (2) businesses that were once accepted are being rejected, for an unknown reason. (3) almost every large purchase is being rejected. I get it, you don’t want users to accumulate points as quickly as we once could. Not right! (4) Two receipts from same business are submitted. One is accepted, the other rejected. Almost always the lesser amount of the two is accepted. (5) we work diligently to upload these receipts - it’s not a fun thing to do, but I do it for a measly small dollar gift card that takes forever to achieve. (6) too many receipts are marked wrong, wrong amounts, claims that receipts are blurry when they are fully readable, a few are legit, but far too many are mislabeled; then when i challenge the errors, nothing is done. (7) if you want me to continue using this app clean up your act. (8) the fact that this app makes a record of purchases and can be used to return items is nice, but there are other apps that will do same thing. (8) if your recent changes are permanent please communicate honestly with your users what new rules are ... to be fair.
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2 years ago, Xddr4lifeX
Overall Okay
I used it frequently until income loss and had a lot of personal stuff going on.. I haven’t use this in about six months according to my last receipt uploaded. When I first opened the app it showed that I had 425 coins, and a full yellow level bar. Then, I browsed through the other tabs to see if anything was new. (I see the spin slots still not updated/used.. that August winner from 2021, or maybe even from 2020 lol.) I saw that I had no spins left which i definitely had some. I went back to the homepage and now I only have 5 coins and my level was lowered! Wonder if anybody else has experienced this? I skimmed the app Q&A and Terms of Service, but nowhere did I see “coin loss for inactivity.” I mean it’s a “feature” [scam] mostly expected from ALL of these savings apps, but at least you can find that info somewhere. I never liked the limit of 3 receipts from the same store per day. Just yesterday I went shopping with my mom and together we had five receipts. I often ring up batches of items to keep things organized, and limit “data sharing”/shopping “trends.” Also do it to take advantage of the different apps to maximize my savings. It’s necessary because i have no income of my own, and otherwise have a low budget. We know the 3-receipt limit is done on purpose.. if we spend a few hundred on groceries, that prevents us from just doing separate receipts and getting the points we Actually deserve.
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3 years ago, Kdh88
I’ve had this app since 2013 and I must say, it has its pros and cons. It’s pretty straight forward with receipt upload limits and redemptions. I’ve noticed that with every update, a new problem occurs that prevents one from getting coin rewards. I’m not sure of the point of uploading restaurant/fast food receipts. They give you sweepstakes entries but the chance of you actually winning a sweepstakes is slim to none. I’d rather they give you spins that way you have more of a chance to win something (even if it’s 2 coins….something is better than nothing). The Question/Feedback section is faulty. It’s practically impossible to contact them and get a response. If you try to look and see if there are any responses, the app completely crashes. I currently have an inquiry open and have no clue if they will respond and if I’ll actually get a response. The issue right now is when you upload big receipts (ones that reward you 15+ coins), the app doesn’t load the receipt and it stays uploading way past the deadline for the upload week and you lose out on coins. Kinda frustrating. This app does work somewhat better than some of the other receipt reward apps I’ve encountered, I just wish the contact method was more reliable. The updates that add new features is nice, but being able to actually speak with someone about features that do not work, would be even better….
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5 years ago, =+Amberlicious+=
This app is so great! Totally delivers!
I downloaded this out of boredom, positive this was another drop in the ocean of "Do these 4 million easy jobs and make 8 cents! WOW!" ... but I got lucky (as I understand they are no longer accepting people because of the numbers joined) - turns out you ACTUALLY do what you normally do - shop, and the major difference in your routine is you snap a picture of it. The app is cute, the writers are funny, you get real rewards for normal stuff, plus constant vegas-style bonuses (though in hindsight I've never seen pigs posing centerfold-style in a festive outfit in Vegas. Doesn't mean Vegas doesn't have that though. It's Vegas, so ...) I'm not collecting Maseratis because of this app, but it's been fun collecting little pretend gold coins for real-life gift cards - and you don't even have to do it every day. You have a 2-week window if you're really busy. But if you can't manage to pop in every 2 weeks for snapshots, slots, and oinking goofy pigs dressed like leprechauns, you might be dead inside and likely wouldn't enjoy cashing in for the prizes anyway. Can't say anything bad - this is a great idea and fun while being productive and worthwhile at the same time. Yay lepigchauns!
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4 years ago, G4b®i3∫
Annoying, Picky and Timely to earn $40
Let me be clear, this is not fun, quick or convenient. I’ve had it for 2 years. I have 5k+ reward of uploading every receipt imaginable. It takes 6500 points to earn $40. In this covid situation to get real receipts from grocery stores you have to go inside. Receipt barely honors emailed receipts, because you have to keep the phone flat/parallel to ground. You can take a screen shot of computer, you can’t screen shot and upload from phone, and the printed email is 8x11 makes font too small for receipt approving associates to approve. Countless “image blurred” from normal receipts or “not entire receipt” - from perfect photos from my iPhone 8+ - one of best camera phone on market since 2017. What is wrong with this system? Too slow, too picky, too timely to earn rewards. It make “work”, compared to most competition, but it doesn’t work well or quick or convenient enough for me. 2 years - too slow. And the rewards system is a machine slot game that only gives you rewards 35% of the time. I’ve never won a raffle, 1 receipt = 0-5 coins, 1 coin = raffle. But apparently many people win 5K coins everyday? I just think it’s a waste of brain energy - like every other “rewards” technology. Please improve fun features, receipt readability technology or train associates to read properly and fix your rewards timeline. Sheesh. Good day.
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5 years ago, Some Random Bloke
Very little good.
Often mistakes real receipts for fake ones (i.e doctored, handwritten, etc) and sometimes makes you mark a receipt as incorrectly processed (wrong store name or grand total, sometimes both or blurry image even for clearly displayed ones). For the ones that still get rejected even after the 3rd attempt at verification, you’re out of luck. Their support team is a total joke which is no longer a surprise to me considering the luck I’ve had getting them to assist with newer issues. They NEVER respond to support requests anymore. You’ll be lucky if they respond to yours AT ALL. The last few attempts to get them to right their wrongs have been to absolutely no avail. To my knowledge, they do not have a phone number to call regarding any sort of issue with their service which, in my book, shows an even greater lack of concern for their users’ issues. Additionally, the cost is greater than the reward. You would need to spend hundreds to perhaps even thousands of dollars and months of your time just for a measly $40 gift card. They really need to adjust that ratio for the benefit of the users—that AND they need to provide more RESPONSIVE support rather than the passive, practically nonexistent support that they have now. I think I speak for all other users when I say that it would make us happier if this were to all come true. Until then, I guess we’ll have to do as Led Zeppelin has before us and Dream On.
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5 years ago, Ihij
Keeps up with your receipts when you don’t!
So I got this app figuring it wouldn’t amount to much, honestly. I try a lot of cash apps. This one has actually helped me more than I realized it would. I still haven’t gotten enough coins to do a payout to my PayPal and I’ve had it for about three months but I’m over half way there and I honestly don’t shop that much (single female) so I’m okay with that. The part of the app that has actually helped me a lot is the fact that after a receipt is submitted you can go back and look at it. I’ve used this on more than one occasion now. Most recently I needed to know the date that I purchased my vacuum cleaner on so I could set up the warranty. The paper receipt is probably long gone now considering I put off setting up the warranty for over a month now. The website actually required the date I purchased it so I was able to go back through my purchases and find the correct receipt and see the exact date I purchased it. So if you’re needing a way to keep up with your receipts this is a good way to do that and earn a little money at the same time.
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3 years ago, Allison E F
Not a bad app
I have several different receipt scan apps I use regularly and would say this one is about average. I say this mainly because it takes a lot longer than most apps to earn rewards based on the receipts that they accept and the coins awarded. I do like the slots, surveys and levels because there’s that element of surprise when you never know if you’re going to unexpectedly earn more, but it doesn’t happen often. I also wish that you could get coins and not just sweepstake entries for gas and restaurant receipts. Because honestly, your chances of a actually winning a sweepstakes are so small and it would be much more beneficial to be awarded coins instead. This app also has a difficult time recognizing smaller merchants and will often tell you that the image is “unreadable” or doesn’t qualify for rewards when it does. You have the option to report this as a mistake in the app but it doesn’t always solve the issue and it might take multiple attempts. Overall, it’s free money and I can’t complain about that but unless you are using in conjunction with multiple other apps, it might not be worth it to some people to wait months just to earn a few bucks.
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6 months ago, mika(Lovelee)
Cashed out Many times- Legit App
I have been able to cash out many times on this app. I use it pretty frequently, but not as frequently as I could and yet I still manage to have been able to cash out from time to time. The app has improved greatly over the years making it worth the time to upload the receipts. I personally think it makes a difference when you take the time out to complete the short many surveys that are asked after uploading some of the receipts. I think it possibly contributes to the amount of reward you may receive with the hog slots, etc. That is just my observation. It would make sense though because the purpose of the app I think is to get an idea of the consumer’s buying behavior, desires, and dislikes, etc. So essentially you are getting paid for taking the time to give feedback beyond just the upload of the receipt and not like the long time consuming surveys from many apps that you get nothing or barely anything back from the time spent to answer questions. Definitely worth it!
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2 years ago, Sweetbeats33
Used to be awesome/ can’t change email address
I really need to change my email address with this company. They make it impossible by emailing you a bunch of questions that you couldn’t answer because it was from years ago. The main problem is that the current email I have with them has been hacked. They want me to answer personal questions to that email. Get it? Yeah you’re making it impossible for me to update my email and so I’m probably just going to close it all together if I can. You can’t do anything within the app to change your personal data. It Hass to go through those stupid email chain of idiots. I hope one day that you can see that you’re processes compromise the user. Update your app so people can change their own email. It’s 2022 App asks way to many personal questions. After years of using this app I’ve never had a big coin hit. App freezes up too much with all the extra garbage on it. Receipts get rejected all the time. Most will not read the date correctly or you get an unreadable message. Maybe hire better people to read the images then. Sad this app went downhill. It used to be fun but not it’s a pain to use it.
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3 years ago, hfkwhfjhdj
Cash for little effort
It’s slow going to earn cash, but the effort is minimal and the app itself is decent. I’ve used the app for roughly 5 years, and I’ve redeemed a total of $110 (cashed out three times for $30, $40, and $40). The minimum cash out amount is $5 (or 1,000 coins) and doesn’t take terribly long to obtain. You can earn 100 coins per week, plus additional coins from receipts that give you spins on the slot machine, so you can earn a $5 cash out every 2.5 months or less if you’re an active user. You don’t need to buy anything specific as far as the receipts go, just take a photo of them. Most qualify. The more you spend, the more you earn in coins. If the receipt doesn’t qualify for coins, you still get a sweepstakes entry or a slot machine spin. Be advised that you aren’t going to make a ton of money with this app, but it’s a good app to casually use and earn coins with and then cash out $30 or $40 for extra spending money on a vacation or whatever.
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3 months ago, becca282
Only one major issue
My only issue with this app is I cannot log into my email ever!I go through the steps accurately and it ends with a success message, only for me to receive a second message only seconds later stating email error disconnected!!my email account to correctly scan the receipts I have in my email. Even when it says it’s connected successfully, it will logout almost immediately. Then there are times the app randomly scans my email for receipts but will consistently say there was an error logging into my email. Not to mention they also do not offer a way to link your iCloud account. I’ve tried linking this account thru all the options given just in case it would work but unsuccessful. It’s very aggravating! Other than this, I like the app and have especially enjoyed when I have a survey to complete. I do however wish they were offered more frequently. Love spinning the slot machine; this was a creative additive to the app. It helps make scanning receipts competitive. Hopefully the email scan issue is resolved soon and yes I have followed all the instructions even correctly enabling 2 step/password generation.
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1 year ago, annabanana1g
Waste of Time
I’ve had this app for several months now and still haven’t gotten anything from it even though I’ve submitted countless receipts. Apparently, I don’t shop frequently enough for this app. 🙄 I have three other couponing apps that have paid out time and time again, are much easier to use, and aren’t half as picky as this app. I’m all about saving money when you can, but don’t waste your time with this app. Once I *finally* get enough coins for a payout, I’m deleting the app. Update: Received this from the developer: “Hi there! Have you looked at our bonus opportunities outside of uploading receipts? On your Rewards page in d app there are surveys, bonus programs & tips. More receipt uploads means more earning opportunities, so the longer you stick with the app, the more you can earn. If you want to learn more about it, check out our FAQs." In response to that, I’d say that, yes, I’ve tried to, but I have yet to be able to fill out a survey or do anything additional because I haven’t uploaded “enough” receipts yet. It’s ridiculous. I may not have submitted any online receipts, but I’ve definitely submitted dozens and dozens of paper receipts AND have had this app for several months if not a year now. My review still stands: don’t waste your time with this app.
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5 years ago, cobby10
Not much of a return for time spent
I like this app but it really needs more ways to earn rewards. I’ve been using this app for almost 3 months and I still haven’t made $5 yet. I add about 3 valid receipts per week, and about 10 receipts I have from purchases can not be used per week. This app requires you to upload receipts from well known established retail store. But my local deli I go to for breakfast doesn’t provide a valid receipt, my local gas station doesn’t either. The bagel place I go to on the weekends doesn’t have a valid receipt and the local hardware store doesn’t either. Unless you shop at Walmart/target WaWa or Quick-Check you can’t upload a receipt. Mom and pop shops, you can’t use them. Which is really frustrating since those small local shops usually have the best food and retail. So, sadly after 3 months, I got no rewards. I’m going to use this app until I can cash out my $5 gift card and delete the app. I wish that wasn’t the case but I’m not spending the time collecting receipts every shopping trip to only get $10 per year. That’s a lot of time spent on this app!! I don’t blame them, I don’t see how they are even able to give me any money. but there’s nothing to draw me to keep going with this app.
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9 months ago, Lemon taffy
After having this app for over a year
First, something positive is that I used to use a number of these apps, but this is the one app that didn’t get rid of my account for inactivity. On the other hand, I finally won a sweepstakes for a whopping 5 coins. I have used this app for at least a couple of years on and off, and still have yet to have any reward. With lifestyle changes, I’ve been shopping a lot recently and was hoping to really start accumulating points, but it is so difficult given that I don’t get very many coins and that some receipts just go to a sweepstake entry which turns out to only give a couple of coins. I was always so excited to win a sweepstake, but now I wish I didn’t because now I know that only by years of posting receipts can I get anything from this app. I wanted to get the most money for my points since there is a price break, but I may have to cash out early. Reading another review made me realize that it is true, many of my receipts have been being rejected lately. I am not sure why. I always make sure the picture is clear. Maybe I could make more progress if this wasn’t the case? Also, the app doesn’t show old receipts any more. It was nice to look back at receipts sometimes for returns.
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5 years ago, nickiedoo
The piggy character needs a change..
I’ve been using this app for over a year now, and my goal is to get to 6500 points for the $40. I use my receipts and my families. I don’t pay attention to whether or not they end up going through, being too blurry, or old. If they went through (for the most part they do) then great; if not it does not bother me and I’m not gonna waste my time trying to track them down. I save up my receipts and enter them when I have the time vs doing it every time I get one so that might be the case as to the length of time. I mean it’s ‘free’ money in the end so I can’t complain, just sharing my experience. However, whenever you don’t upload for a bit the little piggy gets all skinny with his ribs poking out and he has a sad frown... which isn’t cool as there are real people starving out there and people using this app are so lucky to be able to upload receipts from buying stuff to get more money. Please change that and maybe just give him a sad face instead of a starved body. Once I get the gift card I’ll remove the app. Over all I’d recommend if you don’t mind sharing data about your shopping habits.
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6 years ago, Jessi Hardy
Get paid for scanning receipts
You get 2 apps in one with Receipt Hog. 1, You get points towards getting real cash towards stuff you buy anyways. Why wouldn’t you just upload your receipt towards getting free money? No brainer. And 2, You can treat this app as a receipt scanner. It has come in handy multiple times whenever I needed to return something and lost the receipt. I can just pull up Receipt Hog, search for the store name, and voila! Receipt when I need it and no more need to try and keep up with paper receipts. Even better, I can send the receipt to someone else in case they are returning something on my behalf or if I purchased something as a gift for them that they need to exchange or return. My only criticism is that I wish there was an option to share the app with friends and get rewarded for sharing the app. (Most apps do offer some kind of incentive to invite others to join.) I don’t even see a share the app option to share to Facebook friends within the app itself.
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1 year ago, OutlawWoman86
Used to be good, don’t know what happened
When I first downloaded this app, it was pretty good. It’s never been one where you can earn quickly, but it was still worth having. There was a while where it rejected receipts that met all of the listed criteria, and I thought about deleting it back then, but it’s gotten MUCH worse (conveniently, the “rate us” button is the only one in the menu that doesn’t work, and I don’t usually like leaving negative reviews, but I’m hoping the developers see this, and make some changes, because it could be good). Anymore, any non-grocery receipt won’t earn you coins, just “tickets” for some drawing that you’re about as likely to win as the Power Ball. I know there’s not a lot of effort involved in completing the tasks for these apps, but there are several better options, with the same or less required. If you want to take your time, and sacrifice your privacy for what works out to roughly $30/year, then this app is for you. After comparison, it’s far and away the lowest return of any I’ve tried. Take this for what it’s worth to you. TLDR: Super slow, very low return, wasn’t always this bad.
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1 year ago, KateBabeBud
Loss of points
I don’t understand why I lost almost all my points. I did not use your site for quite awhile, because my husband was in the last stage of cancer. This site was not a priority when he was dying. I believe your company should make allowances for unexpected life changing events, and leave the points in a customer’s account. Also I have not cashed in my $50 Southwest reward certificate, because I could not fly. Please leave that in my account. My old receipt images are not getting hidden when I hit “hide receipt”. They used to do that. Your beginning site was so much easier to navigate than the new one. It takes longer to get to the slot machine than before, and you are not offering as many rewards as you used to do in the past. I am still using your site, but it would be so much easier if you had a checklist off to the side of the photo to let you know that the name of the establishment, amount and date were on the submitted photo of the receipt, instead of having to recheck the photo before submission. Thank you for reading my concerns.
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5 years ago, Littlebs1
Love this app and never have had a single issue!
I’ve been a Receipt Hog customer/app user for the past 3 years and have never run into a single issue besides about a year ago, they changed their reward amount payment for the customer/app user to a ridiculous amount of tokens required to receive a decent reward or CASH OUT (and any cash for time app user knows how important cashing out is, the ease of access cashing out, and the amount of tokens/points it actually takes to cash out.) But I’m not here to complain, not even a little because again, I absolutely love this app! Anything I say here should just be considered as app feedback. Oh one last thing, please go the route most apps are taking now and have an instantaneous cash out process rather than having your customers/app users wait a minimum of 2 business days to even receive their hard earned cash. All in all, great app, use it every day, and absolutely love it!
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1 month ago, KMiller1111
The idea of getting money back for scanning your receipts is very intriguing It can be a little tedious at times for the little amount of money that you get back so when it comes to scanning your receipts, you really don’t want to put any more time or effort in than necessary which is why I am no longer choosing to use Receipt Hog because my main issue with this app is that it has a hard time reading your receipts and getting the information necessary to submit the receipt to get your points several times I’ve had to change the lighting move the receipt change the angle of the camera and you can see clear as day on the receipt The information needed but the app does not register the information making it very frustrating to deal with and it’s happened so many times now that I give up and no longer feel that it’s worth my time and frustration to deal with if they can fix that and make it as good as the Fetch app which is very easy to use, and I like much better then maybe I’ll return to using it also they don’t offer very good rewards for scanning multiple receipts like the Fetch app does The slots play is pretty much a joke.
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3 years ago, rated negative
Horrible Don’t Use
I currently use for a different receipt apps. This one is by far the worst I have ever used and I’ve been using one of them for almost 2 years now and the other two for about seven months. I never have an issue with a receipt or any other matter with the other three apps. But this one is horrific and as soon as I reach a point where I can cash out I will be and I will be deleting this app. They are far from consistent sometimes I will scan a gas receipt and they will except it and then other times they tell me they don’t except those kinds of receipts. You can only submit the receipts from the same store from the same date. For example I had four receipts from Rite Aid in one day and they would only except three. And then you get unreadable image message. you can scan it to perfection and they tell you it’s an unreadable image and it is not, and when you submit that to the other three receipt apps they accept it. My suggestion - DO NOT USE THIS APP
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5 years ago, Panda71
Emailing to cash out being ignored.
Please update my phone number so I can cash out, I wrote you 6 times now and this. I should have gotten an answer over 90 days ago!! Please send my Visa card if $15 plus for many rewards and coins I never got now please. I'll review you again once you respond finally. Thanks!! I spent ALOT of time on this app putting in my receipt photos to get rewards, but a lot of times I get “receipt blurry “ when they’re clear, “ineligible receipt “ when I got rewards other times for the same place, or “not full receipt“ when I definitely make sure to check that my receipt is fully there. I write them a lot and don’t get responses most of the time. If we put our time and effort in to put these receipts then they should take their time and make sure we are getting the points and rewards we are entitled to because they are using our receipts for their gain some way. And I wish the rewards were easier to get and better because it takes a very long time to get $5 or $15..... ☹️
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1 year ago, Waste of time. Play Fetch!
Waste of time. I'd rather play FETCH
I've had this app for a few years. I've been able to rack up enough points for ONE $25 gift card. That was simply from having luck of several surveys pop up within close proximity to one another that were all worth over 100 coins. These surveys to get me to my gift card took a good chuck time. Probably 2 hours or so. I've earned enough points and have redeemed for $175 in gift cards on an app that I am sure is one of your main competitors. You don't get to spin the slot machine unless you scan receipts for places that are anything aside from gas stations, restaurants and groceries. When you do get that rare chance to spin the slot 1-2 times, nearly 97% of the time you get "ah no prize this time". If you do get a win on the slot you will be lucky to get 5 coins. The only thing that has kept me around and continuing to use this app is simply frustration. It's like ok maybe today I will get 10 coins. Nope. I am officially giving this app to the end of the year to get enough to cash out again and if not, I don't care. Deleting and saying bye bye to the measly 3600 coins sitting and getting moldy! Good luck.
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7 years ago, reconcrazy1
I've been using this app for a little while now. It has a few problems. For one, I frequent a certain gas station near my work and when I submit the receipts, sometimes I receive coins and sometimes I don't. Doesn't matter if the receipt is for gas, goods, or both. When I emailed the "customer service" they said that you don't receive coins for receipts where just gas is purchased.....yet I have. Another problem is when you submit a receipt, half the time the app denies it saying it's not a full receipt. That's because the receipts are read by a computer that I assume is an old Acer from the 90's. Since it seems to randomly choose what receipts to give you credit for, it takes a while to build up enough coins to receive rewards. I use better apps where I've received over $100 within the first few months. I have still yet to receive a reward ($45 through PayPal being the largest) on this one.
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5 years ago, Gail718
Poor customer support
I have been using this app for over 2 years maybe more. Never had any issue until now, and its not even the app itself, its their customer service. I have been trying to get a hold of customer support. Emailed them a couple times but no response. My issue was when I claimed my reward I did not know i had to verify it by going thru the email address it was linked to (not an issue for me). The problem was i didnt know the email add i registered was an email i could no longer access (it was thru school email system, once you graduate they deactivate your email). I tried changing the email to link my account but its not letting me or it is asking me to verify thru my inactive email. I have lost $40 worth of points this recent transaction because i could not verify it thru my email. I wish they can put it back. If i dont get any reply, im going to delete this app and use another. Sorry...
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2 years ago, LawnGoddess
I Would Give It No Stars If I Could
I uploaded maybe a dozen receipts and none of them were taken. I did this three different times, each time waiting seven days because they said it could take that long to process them. All the while I kept losing receipts because they would be past the 14 days. They had me to send a screenshot of the receipt screen and explain to them that none of my last batch of receipts weren’t showing up. They had me to email them a list of my receipts that weren’t show up, giving the last upload date, the name of the store, and the amount. They then told me that they had been corrupted on their end and gave me 20 coins to try to pacify me. When I continued pursue the issue they had me do a list of things that was supposed to fix the problem; got a few receipts uploaded, but not all of them. Then when I sent them a message with $#!t word in it they closed my ticket number and told me I could reopen it if I wrote them back and used better language; I’m not going through all of that again. If anyone knows a better app out there like this one please let me know.
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2 years ago, - That - GIRL-
Handy but could be better
Great handy app that keeps record of your receipts for you while earning you real money rewards! it’s a win win. This app could be better though. online purchases don’t count. And they should! I spend a lot of money online since COVID 19 reared it’s ugly face so I feel I could benefit more if that was an option .also keep in mind there is a very slow level up ability. If I could link more than one email account I’d be a happy customer!!! Developers please listen to this request!! Being able to to upload pictures from my phone to the app would be extremely helpful as I throw tons of them away when I’m cleaning out my cars. Had I been able to snap a pic for later upload I’d be submitting sooo many more receipts. Also Hog slot spins hardly ever pay off. I have never won the daily prize either and I have been uploading daily for many many months now.. disappointed to say the least in that part.
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2 years ago, J. Review
Used to be great
TLDR: get fetch instead (thank you for everyone in reviews who turned me on to this app. 100% better as I just scanned 5 receipts and got $5 immediately versus scanning those same 5 receipts on this app that didn’t even get me $1. This app used to be great, but now it’s showing my receipts where I shop everyday as previously submitted receipts and when you hit the error and tell them it’s not a previously submitted receipt they ignore it. Not worth it if you don’t count my receipts and there is NO SUPPORT other than hitting the error and them ignoring the report. It’s unfortunate as the app used to be awesome. Update: got a developer response that wants me to use the same system I’ve already used and been ignored by to fix the issue. I’ve used both the in app and website support and they are both garbage. Avoid this company as they just want to sell your shopping information and not even give you the common courtesy of paying you what they say they will for it. Again, used to be a great app, but their support makes it not worth using.
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6 years ago, COCOB6
This is an actual app, that does pay out after so many collected coins. However, there are a few things that I DO NOT like about this app. Sometimes, they do not give you the correct rewards that you are suppose to receive. The amounts that they reveal for your receipt are sometimes wrong. They do not have an actual live person that you can speak to about any conflict that you have with this app. You can only submit an automated request 3 times and hope they get it right. If they do not give you the credit after the third time, you will never see that credit. I have tried to contact them by email, but no one responds. That was over a month and a half ago. They need to really do better with these issues. It is frustrating when you are not receiving the correct rewards & there is nothing you can do about it. But I will continue to look and investigate.
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5 years ago, LauraBlackbird
I’ve made $130+ with this!
Update:Still using and loving Receipt Hog! I’m now level 24, and those larger payouts you receive for gaining each level get really nice. I see my parents a few times each week and they give me their receipts too & every bit helps! If you redeem onto PayPal you get extra cash back if you spend with your PayPal debit card. Yes, it takes some time to remember to snap every receipt, if you’re patient you will be well rewarded. There’s other advantages to photographing your receipts too. I throw mine away after adding them to RH (unless it’s a very large purchase, something like electronics or furniture) and I’ve had more than one store let me use the receipt as proof of purchase to return an item. We also use an online/phone linked program to track our spending and RH is very handy to look back at our input for the month, every penny does count!
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5 years ago, sammie79eimmas
Could use improvements
I’ve had this app for a while now. It takes 1000 coins to get to $5 PayPal cash out. On average I’m getting 10 coins per receipt sometimes zero and I get a ticket for the drawing or a spin on the game where you could win coins. For me personally, it takes a while to get to $5. I mean, you’d be throwing the receipt in the trash anyway so why not. Im really on the fence about deleting this app. I want to over how long it takes to get to $5 but I don’t cuz that $5 comes in handy at times and can add up 🤷🏻‍♀️ hopefully they will up how many coins you receive or make the slots better. When I get a spin I win 2 coins at most I think I’ve won 5. This app is amazing as far as advertisement! No pop ups or watching videos every 10 seconds like some apps. They don’t send countless notifications either! That’s great! You need to try for yourself to see if it’s for you. I’ll say this, I shop a LOT! Takes me a couple months (at least) to get to $5.
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6 years ago, I_am_the_real_Mia_Marie
Not as happy as I once was
You can’t upload more than 3 receipts from the same store. Ok so when you go to a store that has different counters and you have to go by 3 of them, why should it matter? Kohl’s is like that, Walgreens is like that, even Walmart is like that in some cases. I find that ridiculous, so say I make multiple trips to a store due to forgetting something, like flu season where I am is in a hype. So that means if I have more than one receipts from the store because I went back for more stuff I can’t use them.... seems like the longer I have this app the stupider the rules become. Moving on to the other issue I have I’ve been told that it’s not a complete receipt, or the date was wrong, 1) the date they looked at was the return date allowed (wrong year) 2) I have the receipts that print out, what am I supposed to do accuse the cashier of not giving me the full receipt? I have other receipt apps that does the same thing if not offer a better deal, they have never gave me this much of a headache
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8 months ago, MamajpMo
Responsive and earnability
Over a week and a half ago, suddenly the app stopped working and I couldn’t login to document my receipts, after the second day I reached out to customer support. By the time I heard back from customer support, during which no updates were done to the app which I have installed, I was advised after over a week to delete the app and reinstall. This did not work the first two times I attempted this. The third time I deleted, then restarted my phone, then reinstalled the app, I was able to sign on. However, the receipts I had from the prior week are no longer valid through no fault of my own. I had responded to Justin requesting that the receipts I scanned in for the prior week be honored as the issue was not of my making, and have at this point not been credited for those receipts, as they are too old.
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6 years ago, Recmm
Easy and fun way to earn $
The bonus surveys are now hidden in the receipts tabs. You don't know you are eligible for a survey unless you click on individual receipts. A few times I have started the surveys and then not been able to complete them due to a glitch in the system. Disappointing, but I still enjoy the app! Almost perfect for what it's designed to do. *Update 9/25. I was able to complete a survey today, but it was very frustrating. Receipt Hog should look into the bonus survey software...or it could be because I have an older phone. Update 10/1. I've learned to check my completed receipts for bonus opportunities. When doing the surveys I've learned to swipe the screen to the left to move to the next question. Swipe to the right to go to the previous question. Hope this helps to relieve others frustration. Very happy hogger! Update 1/22. Stick with it if you can. In the last four months I have been given the opportunity to complete dozens of surveys, one for 800 points. The only complaint I have is that you use to be able to see how many weeks you had to complete before leveling up. Now you just have to rely on the status bar...really not a big deal. Update 4/4: I won 2000 coins on Hog Slots today. It really happens to real people. Shout out to Receipt Hog!
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5 years ago, Beautiful1979
Waste of Time
I’ve used this app for over three years but lately, however, it’s become more of a waste of time. It takes forever to rack up points enough to cash out and takes even longer with their lack of customer service and them screwing you out of coins all the time with their bulls@&% excuses for “ineligible receipts.” There’s so many receipts marked “blurry” when the data needed to be read is clear as day unless your a moron, or they mark them “not a real receipt” when it in fact is a real f&@%ing receipt just like the millions of other receipts from the same f&@%ing grocery store. I mean really?! Come on! It’s like some crazy liberal is checking the receipts and getting their panties in a bundle because it looks just slightly shorter or even when it looks exactly like the other ones they, for some reason in their effed up thinking, find it completely different and mark it ineligible with one of their bs excuses! On top of that, when you mark them as “incorrectly marked” , they do absolutely nothing about it! Definitely would not recommend this app!
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2 years ago, KDB6151
Pretty good
This app is pretty good, as I’ve been using it for a few years now. I’m up higher now with my crown level being at 27 and almost at 28. It takes quite a while to get to these higher levels, but it’s worth it with higher rewards points you earn at each level. I like that they have surveys where you can earn more points. I do have a few complaints though. I typically submit receipts for this barbershop I go to, and earn points for that. However I recently submitted a receipt for that and didn’t earn points. I tried submitting the request to correct it, but they wouldn’t honor it. So it would be nice if there was consistency, since previous receipts were honored. Also, occasionally their system is slow in processing receipts and it takes a few days to get points for your receipts.
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5 years ago, Miss_Alis
Good concept, but total scam
I have been using this app to upload receipts religiously for several months in hopes of eventually getting enough ‘coins’ to see some kind of reward. I finally made it to level 12, which theoretically should mean that I get a weekly bonus of 100 coins as long as I continue to upload receipts, which I have been. I have not missed a single week since I started. I still have yet to see any of those weekly bonuses that I am supposed to receive. Rewards are always incorrect, bonuses are non-existent, and I have to mark several receipts as incorrect after receiving no credit due to them being ‘fake’ or ‘blurry’ (I can assure you they are not). I have sent several messages to the help center regarding my incorrect weekly bonuses, and it’s been almost a month with no response. Maybe this review will get someone’s attention. Seems like this company will do anything to get your purchasing information and avoid paying up on the rewards they promise. Stay away. I will continue using until I have enough to cash out a measly $25 reward then I’m deleting.
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3 months ago, Leeli
Unfair to your customers
I recently started using ReceiptHog & was a big fan in the beginning. My biggest problem is punishing us for uploading receipts. We should not be punished for uploading more than 20 receipts or going to a particular store more than 3 times. First the app should count our own receipts. The app should give us a reminder that we’ve our threshold and the next date we are allowed to upload again. Any receipt over 20 becomes trash in the eyes of this site. If we are not rewarded for receipt 21, 22, 23……..why are they invalid?????? Those receipts should be able to be resubmitted on our next viable upload day. It’s unfair that we are not able to resubmit. Its actually unusual and weird. The app should not dictate how often we patronize a single business. If we uploaded one too may receipts or visit an establishment more than twice our receipts are considered trash which is an unusual punishment. Think about some updates that can fix this problem. Until then you deserve 2 stars.
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12 months ago, hjcvhnbkc
No improvement from 1 1/2 yrs ago.
I used Receipt Hog almost two yrs ago and decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. I also use Fetch. I started using them both again about 5 months ago. I’ve earned $45 in gift cards with Fetch in that time. And $10 finally, just today with Receipt Hog lol. Part of the reason is they kick out about every third receipt I scan in. Usually I get a statement saying receipt was unreadable and/or blurry. And they never are. I scan the receipts as soon as i get into the car after checking out and receiving the receipt. The scans are crisp and clear. And frankly it’s almost ALWAYS on the one big “weekly” shopping trip for food that I do that they refuse to take and tell me it was unreadable. Also the actual stores u get coins for are very very limited. I shop multiple times a wk at my local tractor supply. For those reciepts I get an entry to the sweepstakes lol. So many ways this app and process could be improved on.
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1 year ago, Linda-1182
I’ve had Receipt Hog since 2017. From 2017 to 2020 I earned $40x3, $15x4, $5x2 for a grand total of = $190 for simply taking pics of my receipts! I always cash out thru PayPal and get my money within 7 days. Any time I’ve had an issue with my coins or levels I contact customer support and it’s always resolved. They sometimes will credit my account for the inconvenience for like 10 coins! I’m currently working on my next $40 since it’s best to try and cash out at $40 if possible. But I recommend this app to everyone I meet! It’s not gonna make you rich and it’s not immediate but this is the easiest way to want FREE MONEY! I have $190 for snapping a few pics of my purchases… So easy! I use this app and another one … very similar just not “HOG” it’s uhhumm “PAL” lol!! If ur doubting this app, don’t! I say download it!
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3 months ago, Matthewokc
Accruing rewards is painfully slow
Unlike Fetch, this app uses the lowest, worst camera settings possible, and then rejects a high proportion of your receipts for being “blurry.” Fetch, on the other hand, can photograph the exact same receipts with crystal-clear clarity. This app also dispenses points in minuscule amounts; I’ve earned $25 in gift cards FOUR TIMES on Fetch before earning my first $15 reward in this app. Hog’s solution is “have you tried doing our surveys?” Yep. Have YOU tried fixing the app so it’ll use proper camera settings? Nope. Addendum: this app is STILL using the camera at potato quality settings, and then rejecting receipts for being “blurry.” These are the same receipts that the Fetch app photographs perfectly every time, using full camera functionality. Even receipts I’ve made sure are clear are rejected as “blurry.” This is maddening. I’m pretty much going to just stop using this app at this point. Also, the "do not sell my information" link doesn't work; nothing will load at that URL. So I've cashed in my measly $15 in rewards and deleting my account.
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5 years ago, CanteroDesignsNY
Payout Issues
I’ve started to find when I Submit my receipts that they will be denied for just about any issue. First I’ll get not available for rewards then when I mark it as incorrect it will come back with receipt blurry. This makes me a little angry because it’s like they just don’t want to give the reward. I shop A LOT. I use this app to keep track of my expenses as a freelancer as well. So I have many receipts that I Submit. So what’s the issue? Y’all just don’t want to pay people out so y’all find ways to slow down the progress of someone entering receipts. Even my receipts from my local tire shop have been denied. My receipt for over $1000 in car repairs has been denied. It clearly states that y’all accept mom and pop shops so what’s the issue? I think I’ve left a previous review where I wasn’t getting spins that said were rewarded to my account. Right now I have receipts that are about 6 months to 1 year old that have not been processed. It clearly states it should only take 7 days. So what’s the hold up? I will be moving to a different app in the near future.
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2 years ago, Well or is great
Invested but…..
I started 3 receipt scanning apps at the same time. At first I really liked Receipthog because of the interactiveness. I love the spins but now that I have been doing it longer and no longer get the spins that often is no longer fun. Scanning receipts is easy enough. Wish it would scan other apps like Starbucks and stuff that use only the app to buy. Gaining rewards takes a while with this one because of the different tiers of receipts but I have earned at least 2-3 rewards ($5-25). My biggest complaint is I had 3 family members sign up for it and I never got my “referral rewards” I contacted customer service, after weeks of not hearing anything they asked for their emails and said they would verify. Never heard anything back. I’ll continue to use the app because I’m already invested in it but I won’t recommend this one over others.
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2 years ago, $keketk cashapp
No customer support and I can't reset my password
So I have use this account for about two years and all of a sudden I go to use the app and it logged me out. I contacted the Support and ask them if they were deleting the app because I thought I've seen some thing about that. They emailed me back it took about a week and they said make sure all my information is correct and try and login and reset my password… i've been trying to do this for months now and every time I try and reset my password the emails never go through to my Gmail account. Meanwhile I have received whole reward payouts to the receipt hog Gmail account I'm trying to log into. I have tried to remove and make storage on my Gmail account and I have looked through the spam's in the trash so many times and I just can't figure it out and I'm so frustrated. I will never be using this app again. Custer support cannot answer the questions that we have I asked them is the app down they don't have a response for that so I do believe the app is down.
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11 months ago, JigokuShoujoXIV
I wanted to like it
The app layout is cute. But it’s very buggy. There are non stop error messages on the various app modules. I’ve had to reinstall the app more times than I can count. Customer service takes a long time to respond, and reply with a copy paste that doesn’t answer the question. They constantly reject legitimate receipts that literally all other receipt apps took. They even marked one as “not a real receipt. Appears to be doctored”. I am on the verge of deleting this app for good. It IS a real receipt. Never mind the fact that they give nothing for e-receipts beside a chance in a “sweepstakes”. So I’m giving them access to my retail accounts and email for THAT? I won that once and got 5 whopping coins, which is worth nothing really. I wish they’d sell this app to someone who can fix it before it completely crumbles. It has such good potential. I did manage to cash out one $5 gift card in the last few months, so it’s not a scam per se. But I’ve gotten much better payout with less headache from many other receipt apps.
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5 years ago, subteach52
Very poor customer service
I was quite happy with Receipt Hog, until I tried to redeem my coins for a $40. gift card. I received an automated email saying it would take up to 7 days to verify and I would receive another email telling me how to access my gift card. It has now been over 2 weeks and nothing. I have contacted them via e mail at least 3 more times and absolutely no response. The coins, however have been removed from my balance. Going into Christmas, you’d think they would be quick about getting people their earned rewards. I feel like I have just wasted my time scanning all those receipts. It also feels like that are scamming their users. I use other rewards programs and get my gift cards within minutes. There is no excuse for this delay or for ignoring your customer.
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4 years ago, Customer 100000
Frustrating but still worthwhile
This app is very fussy at times. It won’t except your receipt if it’s the least little bit blurry and when uploading several receipts at the same time (all with the same date), it can except two of them but say the other one is too old and if you try to report a mistake they just come back with the same answer. Also, it can take up to 7 days to process each receipt which means your week might be over so when they finally do and then they count it towards your next week’s points, but still don’t count it as a current week upload so you won’t get the free coins until you upload another receipt. I usually get enough points to cash in for the $40 dollar reward about once a year. I’ve been using this app for 4 years now and my family thinks it’s not worth the effort, but if you don’t mind the frustration then you can make a little money with this app.
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1 year ago, MisfitMenagerieFarms
Simple and easy rewards
Unlike apps that require you buy certain items or brands, this is a great way to get rewards using your normal shopping habits, since it’s based on receipt total. The coins can be redeemed for various gift cards, and the spins sometimes earn coins. That’s great! I’ve been using it for close to ten years off and on. But it’s not perfect. Some receipts aren’t recognized correctly so don’t get rewarded accurately, or sometimes at all. Linking accounts for automatic rewards was a hassle, so I stopped trying. And recently, I tried emailing online receipts instead of printing them to snap a picture (save sone time and paper, right?). But instead of getting any reward, it says they aren’t eligible (and these are from a retailer like Wal-Mart, so an eligible store and purchase). Overall, still a solid four-star rating and a positive review.
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