Receipt Pal: Rewards & Scanner

4.5 (21.4K)
82 MB
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Current version
The NPD Group, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.3 or later
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User Reviews for Receipt Pal: Rewards & Scanner

4.46 out of 5
21.4K Ratings
3 years ago, Angelscry2o
Top Choice
This app is a great one to get gift cards free. They do have a limit on dates receipts can be excepted, so you really need to log your daily receipts on the same day you get them. You can only get a total of 300 points per week for filling each of the cards they issue weekly. Plus you get extra points on top of each card of 100 for completing a card. But don’t stop scanning in cause those will give you a ticket to try and win the $250. drawing. Each weekly set of cards runs from Sunday through Saturday. If you can’t scan a grand total of 12 receipts in one week, they will bump your incomplete cards to the following new week. Say you only scan 7 receipts in a week, the next week you will have to scan the normal 12 plus the other 5 from the previous week. It can get strenuous and nerve racking especially if you get sick! But it is possible if you watch the dates of acceptable receipts and scan them in the same day. It’s taken me 6 months to be able to cash out at just $45. so I’d really like to see more points per week given.
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2 years ago, xanderbilt
They ruined the app! Not worth the effort!
I used to use this app to log every receipt. The rewards are very small and it’s hard to accumulate enough points to earn anything decent. But having an easily accessible way to find older receipts made this app worth its trouble, worth the trouble until now. They added the ability to scan the phone for e-receipts. Sounds great in theory, but they automate the system to scan your phone each time you open the app. This takes several minutes and is way beyond intrusive and annoying! Want to just quickly scan in a receipt? Forget it! It’s not happeninYg! You do not have the option to choose whether to scan the entire phone or not. It happens as soon as you open the app. Scanning a simple receipt is now an event! Make sure you set aside 5 minutes or more each time you want to scan a single receipt. Think saving a small amount of receipts to scan in all at once will make it easier? Good luck! Most likely they will no longer be valid! They use to allow this and give you a 2-3 weeks to scan. Now they will only allow you to scan in receipts that are 3-4 days old, so you have to do it more frequently and each time requires a significant amount of time. The rewards are small and no longer worth the effort and time involved. I am finished with Receipt Pal and will no longer give these leaches so much of my time.
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12 months ago, joannhuerto
Customer service unavailable when you need it
I’ve been using RecieptPal for a while and when I need to contact the support reps, they are extremely rude. I’ve had one of the worst experiences with a rep who was very unhelpful and even went so far as to close my request before it was even resolved because he couldn’t find the answers. If the app works for you great, but if you find your self with any issues, good luck trying to get a clear response. I’m not sure if they outsource their workers but they either need more training or better customer service. They don’t need inputs that blatantly call me an “idiot” when I called them out with verifiable inputs. Oh additionally, not every receipt will be accepted even if you have all the criteria… I had the correct date range, the name of the merchant (including all the necessary information), and the amount paid but ReceiptPal still didn’t accept it. I escalated it to their customer service and that’s where this entire issue occurred. The idea is great to save receipts and get points for them but they’ll probably accept 3 out of the 10 you submit with valid fields which means your stuck using the app more than necessary. Im assuming they collect your receipts any way but won’t give you a reward so they can “pocket” the earnings on their end. I hope you have better luck with them than I have.
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2 years ago, Where's my Dinero?
Run and scam!
This App has deteriorated to the point it no longer recognizes valid receipts and customer service is no longer responsive to say the least! It has become a drag and waste of time. Will review again when there is a marked change. But for now 3 stars out of 5 is being generous and kind for past performance. Update Don’t do any of their so-called surveys if you don’t want to waste your time and effort as you will not be credited what is justly yours. They will have a thousand and one excuses why you are not being credited and will make you run around in circles. I am dropping my star rating to 2 out of 5, from 3 out 5. I have dropped my rating to 1 out of 5 and that is the minimum allowed. Otherwise I would give them (-) 3. They have now changed their terms such that for the minimum of prize or sweepstakes they want you to connect to your email for 30 days. This is my very private information that my even my family do not share. Just imagine giving this away to total strangers who may or not have your best interests in mind and expect to receive all kinds of emails or worse emails being sent out from you to God knows who and asking for who knows what. And that for $5 gift cards! In one word, run and scam!! DOES ANYONE AT APPLE READ THESE REVIEWS?
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6 months ago, Kimshii
Good for Gift Cards, but very slow.
I do enjoy the app. Never hurts to earn an extra gift card or two even if it may take you a few months. It was a hassle to get some linked accounts to work correctly as it was for some weird reason disconnecting certain ones a few times. The app also didn’t want to work or open a few times and I had to wait a day or two to try again. Aside from just earning points for receipts, you also get extra points when first connecting online accounts and weekly bonus points for scanning your linked accounts. So, overall this app is a keeper but isn’t the star of the show. I use multiple reward apps and this is more of a background runner.
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3 years ago, Allison E F
Needs to Allow More Weekly Receipts for Points
What I do like about this app is that receipts from most places are accepted and they all get the same amount of points regardless of the amount. What I don’t like is that you can only submit a maximum amount of 12 receipts per week to get actual points. You can submit more that will earn you sweepstake entries but there are typically near 500,000 total entries so your chances of winning are extremely slim. I’m not going to waste my receipts on sweepstake entries that will likely not get me anything, so I’m always having to hold on to multiple receipts from the prior week to submit again on Sunday so that I can get points. Really unnecessary. 12 is an extremely low number of weekly receipts, as other apps allow you to submit almost 3 times that much. So yeah, that would be my number one thing to make the app better. Aside from that, it would be nice if they offered a cash option, like Venmo or PayPal for redeeming rewards, but only gift cards are offered. I’m not gonna complain about gift cards but would much prefer cash, as many other receipt apps offer this.
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4 years ago, ジェjddksksksk
Very sus unfortunately :/
I love receipt apps, it sort of “give back” if you submit in your receipts. At first I couldn’t connect to email in one go and had to make an “account key” from yahoo in order to give permission to the app to access your Email. Didn’t think much into it and started using the app for a week however, I wasn’t able find much use in this app so I tried unlinking my email but didn’t let me unless I add in another email. I didn’t wanna give it another try so I just deleted the app off my phone. Couple weeks later, I received a notification on my yahoo mail app asking me to confirm a log in. I blinked for the longest time because I wasn’t behind this. Thankfully yahoo had additional protections so I was able to deny access to whomever it was. I wasn’t sure who it was but this app was the most recent time I used my email. I had to connect mh email and activate account key (all this process is why I don’t log into my email for apps). Since this app is the reason why I have an account key, I received the notification shortly after deleting the app in which concludes that this app is sketchy. I could be wrong but the incident followed so it’s hard to not be suspicious.
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5 years ago, chrisc101577
The app is good except...
The app is easy to use. A couple annoying things is recently I had a message saying the store wasn’t listed. It clearly was and it was a gas receipt. The second thing that is highly annoying is the wait time for connecting email. I get the first time and it’s 30 days but I’ve had to now do it twice. Had to change my password because of someone trying to hack my email so of course now I have to wait 30 days for a second time. Super annoying. Another update. A receipt was flagged as duplicate even though it wasn’t. The response is that the system looks at merchant, date, time and amount of purchase and if that matches its a duplicate even if it’s actually not. Clearly the barcode numbers are different so obviously they are not the same receipt. I can make two purchases and get separate receipts easily and quickly when I pay for a ferry ride. I do this twice a week as I am using 2 different pre paid cards but I guess only one counts because they can’t differentiate between numbers on a barcode showing it’s not the same receipt.
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9 months ago, Angry Pandamama
Nope I’m done
I like this app a lot better when you had 30 days to put in receipts. Now you have to put in receipts every week or every few days and some people just don’t have time for that so I had not been on it for a while because I just didn’t have the time to put in receipts that often and then when I tried to get on it after not being on there for a while, I had to, hurry up and put another receipt in before I lost all of my points. I connected accounts put in receipts and receipts should’ve been taken and factor from my emails that were connected to my account and they still took my points all the way down to zero and took all of my connected accounts, but my emails off of my account to where I would have to reconnect them but I just got within the last few days. I had gotten up to almost 1500 points had receipts done and I still lost all of my points so done with this app and so done with the people who even made this app I will definitely be looking out for any other apps that they do because I feel like they just are screwing people over.
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3 years ago, TalysPops
Another one bites the dust
One = Receipt Pal. Thought it was just me that was having issues redeeming a gift card but it’s everyone else too!!? Well guys you know what this means don’t you?? When a company is unable to fulfill its obligations that means bye bye company! Sent many messages, directly thru email and in the apps message system, crickets…. When they’re usually quite responsive. It’s been nearly 2 weeks for me, but what’s weird is, I’m still uploading receipts, and ReceiptPal unlike the others is the only app that manually reviews receipts and mine are being reviewed, accepted just like normal. They’re just ignoring everyone that’s cashing out. Well it’s clear, someone’s having financial issues and can’t provide us the gift cards we earned. Saw many stating they saved up, waited till they could cash out for $25 cards but I had a feeling something like this was about to go down, that’s why I cash out when I have the minimum just to make sure I don’t screwed like many did. I’m cashing out on all my other apps now just in case more go down like dominoes.
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1 year ago, momtojasev
Don’t download this app!!!!!
Unless you want to waste your time downloading receipts in a one day window that may or may not make the cut, don’t waste your time. Also have been a member for three plus years and one day I wake up to scan in a receipt and my points, of over 9,000 points are gone. Had to reset my password I thought because it wasn’t even recognizing the email I was using which is the same one I used to log in for over three years. Forget about contacting their so called support team you’ll get a bot message with oh while you wait for our response perhaps these frequently asked questions will answer your problem. Then they will leave your message right there with no human response. What a complete waste of my time and now I don’t have the old receipts that I’ve accumulated throughout three years. Needless to say I ame cancelling out this app after the end of this week if I don’t get a human response as to what has happened to my previous uploads of receipts as well as my 9,000 points.
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2 years ago, Blondie927
Changes as to when receipts have to be submitted!
I understand, or should I say, understood that receipts had to be within 7 days for them to be counted. But somewhere in between the, technically within the last 2weeks, y’all switch it up as to where I could get a receipt on a Monday, and if I don’t submit it by the following day then it doesn’t count. I think this is bogus! It seems you all could care less about the lives that we, the consumer, live! Maybe we have to immediately go and pull a 12 hour shift and then immediately get our kids and do homework and bathes and by that point we are exhausted and, oops, no time to submit that receipt ! I just think this is ridiculous and I also wasn’t notified of this! I regularly check my messages and such and have yet to see anything about changing this policy! Again I think it is unfair and like you all are trying to swindle your way out of owing us, the consumer, the points we would get and slowing us down to our goal! RANT OVER! Have a good day!!
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1 year ago, appChick50
Terrible customer service
Every interaction with customer service has been a negative experience. 1. Scanned more then 5 receipts for the same store , I now know that isn’t allowed after receiving a rude message about it after my account was temporarily locked & there are polite ways to reply to users . 2. Trying to redeem points for a gift card 2 weeks & keep getting a pop up to contact customer support , customer support replies with links that are not at all helpful just basic links on how to redeem which are not addressing the issue at all . 3. There is no option to recommend the app to a friend , which now I wouldn’t recommend it at all , but every other similar app has that feature for a few bonus points . I use several apps and this is by far the worst in every way . It takes a long time to earn a reward because of the limitations, then when you earn one you get the run around trying to redeem it . Don’t waste your phone space on this one .
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4 years ago, No_one115
Updating from No good to just ok
I have an email account connected. I have more than enough points to redeem a reward. My level one rewards are still locked and I can’t redeem anything. As a side note, ReceiptPal app seems so dated and unappealing. I think I’m done with it. Ibotta, Shopkicks, and Fetch apps are so much better. Update: Apparently your email address has to be connected for 30 days before you can unlock rewards. After contacting customer service, they did go ahead and unlock my level one rewards. I’m increasing my rating from 1 to 3 stars because they did address my complaint quickly and satisfactorily. However, having to have an email address for 30 days before you can redeem rewards seems inconvenient and pointless. The other apps I mentioned don’t have that same rule and you can collect as soon as you have enough points or earnings.
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1 year ago, 🤑🤑🥺
Amazing app, definitely would recommend!
at first i tried out this app as a joke but when I started getting points so easily from the app I started to get invested. In about the first week I already almost had enough points to get a 5$ gift card. It is so easy to claim your points too, you just have to click the redeem button and will send yo to a page to select which gift card you would like and in seconds they will send you an email for your gift card. The only downside to this is that you kind of have to take a good picture of the receipt because sometimes when the picture is blurry it sometimes doesn't see it as a valid receipt. Otherwise the app is great!
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3 years ago, Banco je
Not as good as it used to be.
I’ve used this app for a few years, and it was my favorite receipt app; though I did not do much with it last year (I blame Covid). When I came back to it a few months ago, I noticed that it was very slow. I assumed that the problem was my phone, because it desperately needed to be updated. Once I updated my phone and updated the app, it made no difference. I spend more time uploading my receipts to this one app than I do uploading them to all three of my other apps combined. My phone will “fall asleep” twice while waiting for one receipt to load. I do wish you could collect more than 300 points a week, but that is not a make or break issue for me. I am about two weeks away from a $10 gift card, and I believe I am going to be done with this app after that. I simply don’t want to spend so much time uploading pictures.
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3 years ago, Amytha83
Not what it used to be
While I used to love this app and how getting paid out was legit, I’ve now had to change my rating because of recent changes to the app. After the last update I was signed out of my account, after signing back into the same account I’ve had through this app for many years, I soon realized that all my previous points that I had accumulated were no longer there. I signed in using the email that is attached to my account, I’ve waited a few days to see if for some reason it would show up after a few days.. still nothing. I don’t know what else to do because I have access to the account that I’ve been using since downloading, but there is no option or help question that hast to deal with this issue I’m dealing with in particular. I have used and uploaded receipts within the period of time that the app says in order to stay active. Pretty disappointing to be honest.
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10 months ago, ~Jordan~
I use this app weekly to scan my receipts. I have been saving up for a LONG time to get the top reward of a $100 gift card. I am a little over 1,000 points away from having enough points for this reward when I got a message a week ago that my account has been inactive and will be deleted in a week. I immediately contacted their customer service team on Thursday August 10th about this and they said they would check on it. I followed up with them 3 times over the next week and they did absolutely nothing! I just kept receiving messages from a Brian and Taylor saying they were still “looking into it”. Today I got a notification that my account was cancelled. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I have been reaching out to your team for a week. Please help and give me back my account/points that I have been saving forever. Just ridiculous! Don’t use this app due to their terrible service. What a scam.
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8 months ago, 4maniac
Works but has a lot of issues
This app does work in that if you fill up your cards, save, you can definitely redeem your points for gift cards. It’s a very slow process though because you are capped at the number of cards you can turn in for the week. My issues with this app have been: -it’s pretty buggy. The loading times between screens are very slow. I’ve also had it not load a few times (maintenance?) and so I’ve just had to come back later. -I get random messages like “your account is inactive and will be deleted in 30 days” when I literally have been using it all week. -sometimes your receipts get rejected for the wrong reason (e.g. expired when it’s actually not expired) so you have to spend some time arguing with customer service about it. literally keep your receipts and show them the error and they are usually good about correcting though -receipt search is very annoying. It keeps resetting the filter when you look a receipt, and go back to look at other receipts in the filter. I occasionally use this to find old receipts to reference something but have to constantly refresh the filter if I don’t find what I’m looking for on the first try.
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4 years ago, shopping_pumpkin
Can’t connect email :/
Have had the app for several months now and love it so far but, I do have one big complaint. And after reading through the reviews it’s very clear that many others have the same big complaint as I do. Normally I would not be writing my own review with so many others already wrote but, none of the others had gotten an actual viable response. I am hoping to receive a solution because I have been trying for several months now to connect my email with the app. I keep plugging my info in, making sure that the toggle switch is green, and also that the email and password is correct. So please let me know what’s going on with it and how come it won’t work and also how to fix this issue. Thank you!
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4 months ago, Love-custom-tune
Relatively good, but…
I’ve been using this app forever (along with another one) and generally it’s good, but doesn’t really tell you if you get bonus points for buying certain items, like other apps. But lately it’s gotten more irritating because it keeps rejecting my receipts as Unreadable, even though they're clear as bell and are accepted by another app just fine. For the most part, it’s a grocery receipt where I may get bonus points, but, again, I can’t tell. Just wondering, if other apps can do it, why can’t this one? But my main issue is with their system rejecting valid receipts. Not sure if I want to put up with that for long. I’m sure there are other apps that are less finicky.
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9 months ago, felichia420
So happy with this app what an amazing creation I add all my receipts I remember to get I’m so bad at remembering to ask for one always in rush and don’t realize they didn’t give me one tell I’m leaving so I don’t have time to go back and get it but I spend a lot of money so it’s nice to get something back from it and it’s my hobby I look forward to it at the end of the night before I go to bed and I see how much I’m actually spending everyday and realizing I have a problem and getting better about it too it’s definitely a app everyone should have I love it it’s better then others also easy to use and not making you do anything but enjoy it
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4 years ago, desmeg2
I do enjoy the app but..
I would’ve given 5 stars but you only get 25 points regardless of what you buy or how much you spend. So it’s great for all my little drink/snack stops but only 25 points for receipts that are over $100 or more should have some type of bonus.. Also when I redeemed one of my $5 gift cards I didn’t get to spend the entire amount. It doesn’t apply to online shopping as a gift card so that when I check out it tries to charge to entire amount to gift card. So I had to intentionally spend less than $5 & nothing I can buy to redeem the remaining balance. I guess I need to wait on cashing in until I have larger amounts so I can actually use my redemption. Overall I enjoy this app
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3 years ago, marymel4863
Technical issues
I really have enjoyed this app but now being a member of ReceiptPal for quite some time now I am finding this app very, very frustrating because I had a whole bunch of receipts ready to load in then all of a sudden out of nowhere the app wanted me to update the app saying that it needed to be updated to iso 13.0 with my iPhone but my phone won’t let me update my phone that high unless there’s update available to update in the settings which there has not been an update available so without it this app will no longer allow me to even get in past the update to load new receipts so that really stinks when I’m not allowed to just bypass through the ReceiptPal Update option and still be allowed to load anymore receipts so I don’t know if I will continue using this app if they can’t make it an option to bypass the app update
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3 years ago, LmRobinson713
5⭐️ but...
Hey guys! I am happy to be rating and reviewing this app...and at 4 STARS too!!! Which is a great rating in my book lol. The ONLY thing I would suggest being changed is....well it yAll could somehow give more points per that would be FANTASTIC! But then again... you guys would be out so much money due to paying out all the app lovers redeeming constantly due to you guys giving more points per receipt haha!! In all honesty guys I’m kidding and I love this app it is by far one of my FAVORITE cash back apps/rewards apps and is the easiest! (next to fetch that is) way to go in a great app guys thanks for all yalls hard work not to mention the awesome easy ways to get cash from ur receipts that u normally would be throwing away!!!
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4 years ago, mimi167
Why I only gave it 3 stars
The receipt idea is a wonderful concept. We turn them in and get points for them and collect goodies in return. When I turn in a receipt I always circle where it is from, the date it was purchased, and the total amount. If I don’t do this, and submit say 2 or 3 receipts in one day, I can always count their will be a problem with one receipts. They can’t see the date, is the top problem or the can’t see the amount. This drives me crazy, when it is circled and right their to find! I wish they would pay more attention before they kick out a receipt. I also wish they had more items to pick from. It’s takes a while to build up even a 5.00 gift card. Anyway if they could improve on looking at the receipt I will give them a higher star rating.
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2 years ago, Blackmarketoc
Total scam!!! Beware!!! You been warned !
I have tried multiple times to get my rewards. I have 4,250 points I’m picking a rewards $10 retail gift card for 4,000 points which I have more then needed at 4,250. I have all the rewards unlocked and have contacted support once already and they were no help giving me links to information that I already knew and tried and I have done everything correctly! I am on the newest receipt pal version of iOS app and it is giving me a error every time. I’m starting to get a little irritated and feel this is a big scam. Please take care of this problem or I will be forced to contact the BBB with a claim and the internet rights and media with this scam of a site! I have given all my information and gave the correct amount of receipts and I have not received anything except a run around and inconvenience! Thanks for all your help
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2 months ago, BlueHorseshoe108
This app will do anything to avoid giving you your rewards
I’m ready to delete this app. Out of all the receipt trackers out there, this is the only one that doesn’t own up to their mistakes and do what is right to fix them. I submitted a bunch of receipts for purchases that I made this past weekend. This is well within the window of time they want for receipts. Their system rejected all of them as expired. I submitted a ticket to ask for a correction and they still claimed that they were expired. I submitted a new ticket with up close pictures of the receipts showing that the purchases were only made three days prior. They are now claiming that I submitted the receipts the same day that that I submitted the second ticket. Meanwhile, Receipt Hog, Fetch, Coin Out, Pogo, and Receipt Jar all accepted my receipts without any problems. Stick to the apps that actually have integrity. Do not trust Receipt Pal.
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7 months ago, KelsKelsMarie
This app is CONSTANTLY telling me a receipt is out of date or a duplicate when it is absolutely not. I will scan my receipts from each day and it will reject at least one receipt from each card. So the card is useless and I can’t get any points for the card. It’s already stupid that you are only able to earn 300 points a week. Think you can contact anyone to correct this? Ha absolutely no way to contact any type of support. Other receipt apps at least have someone you can contact when they make a mistake. Oh sure you can shoot an email but all they ever do is email me back with a link to their FAQ page. Very annoying. The only points this app ever gives me is when I let it scan my phone for e receipts. Which is a joke. I’m about to collect my sad little gift card with the points I have and delete this waste of an app.
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6 months ago, JennySykes
Worst receipt app
They do not actually pay out. When you earn enough points or “level up” then your account loses all your points. I have had this app for years and it used to be great. They did an update and now I regularly get messages saying I am losing all my points due to my account being inactive for 30 days. At NO POINT in the past year has my account been inactive for a 30 day period of time. However even if it had been according to the terms and conditions you actually have 90days. It honestly makes me very mad. To some people this may just be a fun thing but I have had an unbelievably crazy last couple years! The gift cards I earn from this and other apps is the ONLY way I can purchase things for my sons birthday and Christmas! I give up 1 of my 5 hours of sleep every week to submit receipts so to me this is infuriating.
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3 years ago, shaveheadvsndalia
I have been using this for a long time and have been happy with it. Three weeks ago I tried to summit receipts and was told I had to upgrade in order to access the app. I was directed to the App Store to upgrade but was unable to do so because the iPhone I have is older and the upgrade only supports the latest iPhone. It is impossible for me to use the app as it doesn’t allow me to open the app without upgrading. I find this totally unacceptable that I am unable to use this app because I have an older iPhone and am losing the money I have accumulated to this point. It would seem to me upgrading should be an option not a requirement as some of us are unable to upgrade due to the age of our phones. I would really appreciate it if you would consider letting people continue to log in even though they don’t upgrade the app. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
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2 years ago, spi93
Terrible updates. Used to be good.
I love that it takes most any receipt without having to add items to search for. However, the last few updates have been trash. You now only get notified of surveys by email and when I click on the link it takes me to the app but the survey isn’t there. Support was no help. I’ve already done all the things they suggested. You used to be able to get to surgery’s directly from the app. The app itself has been very glitchy and slow for the last 2 updates. I use several of these type apps and none of them have the issues this one does. I mean, it still works.:. But you may miss out on certain opportunities due to the email/app linking and overall glitches.
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5 years ago, eric leuci
No customer service
I have had this app sense it came out. I can no longer access my account I have emailed support at lease 10 times trying to Figure out what’s going on not on reply so I made a new account and tired getting them to add my old points to my new account cause the new account it totally different then when it first came out and still no reply I have had a several friends down load the app cause I thought it was a great was to earn extra money..... and those of you who use this app know how long it takes to get 5000 points and to start over for no reason and not get a single reply..... I feel like I wasted the last 6 months saving and taking pictures of my receipts.... I’m very disappointed cause I would use these gift cards to help buy Christmas gifts and would save all year long..... so just a warning to any one who has downloaded this app over 3 years ago
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2 years ago, Calla_7
It works but it takes a while to redeem
So downloaded the app in 2019 and I’m not a super shopper and I am glad it does connect to e-receipts but my biggest issue is that when I do want to submit a receipt the window of days is so limiting. Other apps have 2 weeks time to submit which works great but this app I feel I miss so many receipt submissions because of the short days to submit them. So it took me 2 years to redeem 1 9,250 gift card and it worked perfectly well but again it may have taken me less time had the app given me more days to submit my receipts. ALSO I don’t know how many sweeps I’ve entered but I’ve never won 1 😞 that part makes me even sadder lol
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1 year ago, RiskyTeddy
Terrible service & Greedy app
I’ve used this app over 2 years now. This year is the only year that I’ve had issues with this company’s app. The customer service need to learn how to read. I don’t usually write reviews but this company had me frustrated and locked my account due to a violation of their rules. I’ve complied with the rules and they are still keeping my account on hold. I was told to continue submitting receipts which I did for the full month they asked me to. After reaching back they still won’t unlock the account. This app is greedy and keeping up with their point system is time consuming. I am no longer happy using this app and I HIGHLY recommend people don’t. They would just use your information and lock your account. Until then I will keep this here until they do something about this.
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1 year ago, B&B$
This is one of the worst apps I’ve ever had downloaded these guys make more money off these receipts than they give to us. We do all the work for them, and yet we don’t get paid like we’re supposed to they even deducted a lot of points from the app, they’ve switched a lot of things around that was actually decent and actually worth scanning the receipts. This is the worst app and every time I contact customer support they want to give me some excuse and I don’t even get a chance to respond to anything they say because they just close out the conversation this app used to be a good app used to be our “that used to be this app has changed for the worst and I’m only giving it one star which I didn’t even want to do that the developers to this app need to change everything the worst App I’ve ever downloaded
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4 years ago, ccelaya97
Got a $10 Starbucks gift card
It takes consistency of remembering to snap pictures of your receipts to get to enough points to redeem a reward. It took me 3 to 4 months to get 4000 points to redeem a $10 store gift card. I don’t like that 4 receipts = 100 points = 1 card. It’s like they want to make it hard for you to earn points, however it is possible. Also, they claim that connecting your email will allow them to collect e-receipts, but none of my e-receipts have ever been applied and there’s no where on the app to address this yourself. As long as you’re patient and consistent, you will be able to benefit from it. And if you shop a lot, even better, you’ll get to a reward quicker.
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2 years ago, agent9mel
Strenuous indeed
I like Receipt Pal but like someone else said, they bump you if you do t scan a certain amount of receipts, and they have a time frame when you can scan. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I’ve noticed a lot of issues with their scanner and have reported it. I even report issues with their app when contacting them about issues. They always seem to have an excuse that they’re working on it and it’s in the beta stages or something and there’s nothing they can do of our receipts don’t get scanned because of an error on their end. It’s ridiculous to say the least. Personally, they need a better IT department or someone who knows that they’re doing.
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5 years ago, KayBellaBambina
Love this app and am a skeptical!!
I have always been skeptical with apps but my mom talked me into downloading this one and don’t regret it one bit! I’m so excited and look forward to uploading all my receipts at the end of the day and there’s fun little sweep games you can do to enter into the grand sweepstakes. I will definitely continue to use this app and everywhere I go I tell people about it when they ask if I want me receipt from my purchase (-: it’s such a easy to use app and I haven’t had one problem using it. A+ to the developer and team and thank you for the fun and gift cards we get to redeem when we hit the mark!!
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3 years ago, reohas
Good app but slow with issues
I like this receipt app. Unlike an alternate one I also use, ReceiptPal doesn’t make you answer any questions. Also, this app sends you your reward quickly; the other app can take a week. However, this app has issues periodically where as the alternate app never has issues. It loads as soon as I open it and never fails. ReceiptPal doesn’t load quickly and fails at times. When it won’t load at all I can’t enter my receipts for points and ReceiptPal has a short window for entering receipts based on dates. Aside from that I do like the app for rewards, but app creator needs to make some improvements. I took 2 stars off due to the two things that need improvement.
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4 years ago, BusaCon
Wonderful App
You are doing a wonderful job with this app/program. Please add in a feature that allows me to communicate with you so that if I have a question I can get some assistance. There was a receipt that had the date on it but you didn’t see it about a couple of months ago or so. Being able to text you or email you would have been great but instead that receipt didn’t count. Other than that, I am sharing this app with strangers even when I don’t know their personal information or get points for showing them and telling them about this app.
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1 month ago, TheJACKedViking
Being gaslit about points expiration! AVOID
At the beginning of the month I logged into my account only to find my point balance was reset to 0 and my receipt submission history had been mostly cleared out. I was active throughout the previous month and submitted both paper and electronic receipts. However, when I contacted support regarding this issue, they only default to quoting their 90 day point expiration policy for inactive accounts ( which mine was not ) and do not lookup or investigate any issues occurring with their system. Their point expiration policy currently favors the app developer allowing them to expire your points at any time claiming inactivity when all the app developer has to do is delete your receipt history. Until they implement a better solution that is fair and equitable, this app is a MUST AVOID!
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2 years ago, RyDogg75
Beware —AWFUL customer service
When it was time for me to try and redeem a gift card I got an error. The customer service rep told me my account was locked because I submitted too many receipts from the same stores - well that’s where I shop. Then was given a WARNING This was his reply: Our records indicate there were a high number of receipts submitted from Pick'n Save and Woodman's Markets. In addition, we found that on a number of occasions you and another ReceiptPal member(s) submitted the same receipts. As a result, a hold was placed on your account. At this time, I have removed the hold on your account and you should be able to redeem your rewards. Please note that we will not be able to unblock your account in the future, so I'd just like to remind you of the rules regarding the submission of receipts:
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3 years ago, Dsamn
On the fence
I thought this was a decent receipt app until I started to redeem my points. This is the only app I know of that will not let you redeem your points unless you give them access to your email account. After exchanging several emails with customer support, I am not happy. There is no way around giving them email access. I get emails from doctors, credit cards, my bills, etc and do not want some random access where I have no confidence that they are not looking at my private info. This is unacceptable and I hope they change this requirement or I’m gone. There are plenty of other great receipt apps.
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11 months ago, kristaaay98
don’t get this app, there’s tons better ones
I was loving this app until I was getting emails about scanning more than five receipts from the same store in a 24 hour period. which is really petty considering they have no idea how many times i’ve gone to the store. and if I have more than five receipts of the same store in 24 hours, that just means I’ve gone there that many times obviously. if it’s a receipt and you are a receipt app, you’re supposed to just take it and not be incredibly picky. it is honestly making you lose more money by losing people who are loyal receipt scanners and could’ve helped your company thrive but now you won’t have my money or time. your loss! all the other receipt apps that aren’t picky will be glad to take my receipts. :)
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3 years ago, Roni Poppins
Ready to Uninstall
I’ve been using this app for years since they began and over the years it has changed so much it’s not even worth using anymore. What I’m fed up with now is the fact that not all the purchases in my emails are being counted. I’ll leave the purchase in my inbox for a week and the app does not pick it up. We used to be able to forward the app the emails and they got rid of it saying that they will scan our emails “automatically”. I’m over the fact that they pick and choose what email purchases they count. With 80% of people buying things online due to Covid you would think they’d have a more reliable system.
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2 years ago, shaquillabb
Can’t redeem rewards!
I downloaded this app about a month ago. I have reached enough points to pick a $10 reward. It says 0 days left of emailing to redeem an award but the reward is still locked. Suddenly my email is disconnected and it says if I connect for auto scans I’ll get bonus points. Before connecting to auto scan I notice that I am now able to select a reward… BUT the app says my email is disconnected and if I don’t reconnect I won’t be able to redeem my reward. I reconnect my email and the rewards are locked again. I have about 3 other receipt apps and I have never had to jump through so many hoops for the payout 😒. Also this app should offer either more points for scanning for other earning options.
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4 years ago, Stephanie832
Very slow to earn anything!
I am an avid shopper. I have tons of receipts weekly. This app is not the least bit transparent in how it works. It says you can get up to 5 cards per week. Each card is 4 receipts but I only ever get ONE! And then the rest they put in to their “sweeps.” I joined months ago and I just made it to a $10 gift card after hundreds of receipts, most of which go to sweeps. This app could use some serious improvement. At least with fetch rewards you get points for every receipt not just whenever they decide to give you point cards. Thumbs down. The developers need to relook at the app because it is worthless to most to spend all that time and give access to all your personal receipts for pennies or most of the time...nothing but an entry in to a sweepstakes.
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4 years ago, Review For All Seasons
Slooooow to respond, Bad customer service
The program is sound, though it does take a very long time to earn rewards, even if you submit mini more receipts. But the application itself is horrid; it is agonizingly slow to respond, and if you got a button more than once (say, to take a picture of a receipt or view one) It will then take several pictures in seriatum or slide several screens with the same receipt. Often I have to force quit and restart the app between taking pictures. Moreover, they encourage you to email them with invalid receipt questions, but they rarely respond, so you’re left with no credit for a perfectly valid receipt. Overall, a decent program, an unbelievably lousy app.
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3 years ago, DizzyDavina
App update
It says I can download last comparable version but it doesn’t give it to you sooooo Unfortunately it looks like I’m gonna have to stop using this app that I’ve been using for years I do like the app I think sometimes you should be able to get a little more points for what you’re putting in but now it’s saying I have to update it in order to use it and have to be 13.0 and I only have a 6S or the phone from Apple I can’t afford to buy a new phone so apparently I can’t use it anymore because I don’t have the right phone very disappointing should be made for everyone to be able to use it’s the people that don’t have lots of money that enjoy these apps because they help out but if you don’t have lots of money you can’t download them either
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