Rehlat- Book Flights & Hotels

4.1 (1.6K)
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Current version
Rehlat Online Services Private Limited
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rehlat- Book Flights & Hotels

4.14 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
5 years ago, sirrqj
Almost all my flight booked through this application, Compare to travels I find good price
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11 months ago, Bec Spec
This is a true scam. Unfortunately for trivago, the site that redirected me to this garbage app, which is generally a legitimate site, this is a really scummy business. They auto populate your booking date even after you adjust it. No option to move the date after booking. Tried to cancel. I was offered a $13 refund out of $154. The cancellation fee was $140. What? Called and was on hold for 33 min. They were unable to move the reservation. They were pressing me to cancel. The ultimate “resolution“ was that they sent me a link to an “open ticket“ about my “issue“ that they were unable to resolve and continue to tell me that it would be resolved in the “next time” whatever that meant. Of course this absolutely did not happen. I ended up having to book directly with the hotel. Never again. And honestly, trivago? Never again will I booked through you.
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1 year ago, not even worthy of a 1 star
Worst booking airline app
My biggest regret was choosing Rehlat as my booking app for my flight. The employees are unprofessional and very disrespectful. I needed my flight date changed and both employees that I called said they would change the dates to my flight. Well when I looked at my emails it said my flights are non changeable or non refundable. Which makes no sense because I paid for a flexible ticket. Both employees wouldn’t tell me why they couldn’t change the dates. Also when I was on the phone with the guy he started screaming at his kids and he didn’t stop he hung up on me. Rehlat is scam don’t waste your time on this app like how they did to me!!!
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2 years ago, M of the MS
Worst company ever
I did a booking through this app but one day before the flight they send an email saying that the booking is not confirmed and I have to pay extra fees “cost me the same price of a new ticket “ I refuse and I waited 3 months for the refund !! Guess what? I never had the refund so I was forced to keep it as balance in Karam wallet ,also wasn’t easy to have the money there , this is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with I also wanted to ho to the low but unfortunately they don’t have office in KSA they work from Dubai ,, the struggle is REAl 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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4 years ago, maxeeeeem
Got worst
At the begining its really easy and good , now its greedy and fruad When you book for a flight you think you get a good price , then when you start booking everything change you will notice an extra fee ! Thats fine its get worst when you pay they wil tell you the ticket is pending , now you will have to make alot of calling and wasting alot of time then they will tell you sorry the price has changed , pay extra to confirm the ticket!! OR wait for 5-7 working day for the refund !!
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1 year ago, kdr_refer_code
The worst app.
I made a booking through this app and went to the tutel where they tell me your booking has not been approved even though I had paid. I called the hotel and they said you had to pay an extra fee to complete the booking. At the same time, they had a slow and useless response. I stayed in the reception area for about three hours until the problem was resolved by removing the head. Please please please no one booking on this app.
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9 months ago, ¥¥¥::::€€€<>{}•
Never received my refund
Hello, Anyone can help me with this company. This company the worst. We booked a flight and mom got sick. She came from different country and we couldn’t make it. My son canceled the flight within 24 hours but they never refunded his money. I need help. He is a college student. And saved money to take his grandma for trip to Washington. It was first time coming abroad and her high blood pressure was high so I didn’t want to risk. These people are horrible and I need help. Thank you
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3 years ago, gqpozx1234👩🏼‍🦳
Not user friendly and very slow
The app is exactly the same as the company. Useless and not worth your time and money. Not user friendly, takes ages to load and doesn’t give me any comprehensive or needful information about the hotel/flight so I ended up opening another tab to google. Also Rehlat itself is unprofessional company which doesn’t put effort in customer service, let alone caring about its customer. Avoid at any cost both app and company.
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5 years ago, shai78600
Don’t trust this app I lost my money
Don’t trust this app. I booked one ticket and I paid the money also . Two days after also I didn’t get the ticket. After I send a mail to them, then only they reply me like my ticket not booked it refund soon. This is 5 th day untill now a didn’t get the ticket or my money.. now I check ticket for the same the fare is very high. They didn’t try to inform me about the failure of the transaction untill I call them. So no responsibility for them. Even the customer care staff also talking very rude..
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1 year ago, Profkhaled
Worst Company ever
I did a booking through this app but after one day they send an email saying that the booking is not confirmed and I have to pay extra fees, Even I received and confirmation email that my booking is confirmed | refuse and they said that I have to wait 25 - 45 days for a refund. This is the worst company ever. Now I sent all the details and documents to my lawyer who will take action and I’m sure that It will cost them a lot. Not recommend at all.
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1 year ago, Absolute abdull
STOP! Don’t book with them!
I booked and paid, later got an email from them asking for more money to confirm my booking!! I refused to pay extra money then I asked for a refund they said you will get it within 20 days! Now its over 60 days and i still didn’t get my money back!!!! After contacting them for many times now they saying we can only add this money to a wallet for you to use for future purchases!!!! THEY ARE SCAMS THIS IS SERIOUS WARNING!!!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, ابومحمد ومجتبى
برنامج فاشل
انصح الجميع بعدم تحميل هذا البرنامج او التعامل به حجزت تذكرة سفر فيه وقبل الرحلة بكم ساعة تلقيت رسالة انه تم الغاء الرحلة ولايوجد رد منهم حيث اتصلت لهم قالو بيحجزون لي يوم ثاني والرجعة بتتاخر والترانزيت في المغادرة ٦ساعات ونص والاياب ١١ساعة ونصف I advised everyone not to download this program or deal with it I booked a ticket in it and before the trip by an hour I received a message that the trip was canceled and there is no response from them where I called them they told me to hold me on the second day and return by delay and transit on departure 6 hours and text and return 11 hours and a half
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6 years ago, hill@@@@@
Terrible experience
1. booked one hotel 3 months ago. when i tried to check in, i found that it was cancelled!!! OMG, it is still confirmed in my booking in the website. and NO EMAIL OR NO CALL TO TELL me it was cancelled. TERRIBLE 2. their KARAM system was terrible. asked how to use it, the customer support team KEPT repeating "check our website". NOT helpful at all. 3. even i gave my mobile number, they said they can not connect me saying it is invalid!!! considering the previous communication, their system is really terrible. 4. Karam is a trick. U can only redeem 3%!!!!3%. Not helpful overall, this company system errors are terrible. Even the support team try to help, their abilities is limited. i don't recommend anyone to use this website. plz try to avoid it. thanks
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3 years ago, a-shar
Worst service ever
When your booking get canceled due to flight overbooked, you expect a refund in a short time. But this travel agent will make you wait more than 3 months and the customer service will always send an email that you e will get refund in one week. I don't recommend using this app, I had 2 an issue with them 2 times, both of them I did not receive my refund till now.
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11 months ago, kikilkikjjm
Extremely poor customer service!
I reserved two tickets and right after reservation I found out that the destination was chosen by mistake. So I tried to reach out their customer service via Call, Email and Chat, but I was unsuccessful to even make the connection! Every thing is on auto-reply so I could not change my flight. I lost about 200$ just as simple as this.
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1 year ago, al12135
Scam Company, strings you along with no resolution
Horrible experience on the app, terrible experience with their customer service, and the entire operation is simply incompetent. I would advise you to book elsewhere, as to save yourself the headache. This company may attempt to reach out to you and "resolve your problem", but actually will just string you along until you are too frustrated to deal with the issue.
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1 year ago, chedzwar
Rehlat are scammers and steal your money
This application is the worst experience you can have in traveling. Don't expect to book anything through them, they only steal your money and will never refund you. I've been waiting for months now for a refund and still no luck. This company should be closed and removed from all App stores as they are not legitimate. DON'T USE THEIR SERVICES!
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5 months ago, HelpinYallOut
Took them a long time but still did the job
Took them longer than the average agency to confirm and get the flight details, but they got the job done. Communication and customer servicedefinitely needs improvement!
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1 year ago, starwalid
Payed and ask for more
I did pay the flight Ticket and they ask me for more money to confirm the reservation. I didn't have to enough money, moreover I asked them to cancel and they said your money will be return within 25 days. And they never return it back. Sent couple emails, also made a lot of calls and it didn't work out.
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1 year ago, CodingMonkey2
Scam! Don't download!
Never believe their price on app. I tried to book a room using their app but failed. Then they sent me an email asking for higher price on the room I want to book, i replied 'no i don't want that room anymore please refund me' but they never reply. No customer service at all. I have to call my bank to dispute the charge. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
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5 years ago, sulaimanharbi
This company is made of thieves I was scammed
I booked a ticket through rehlat and wanted to change the ticket. The customer support told me to wait an hour and I’d get an email where they would CHARGE ME for a flight change. After that I got no flight change. I talked to the customer support and they told me that my ticket is gone and they won’t change my flight or do anything to help me
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2 years ago, andreaiop
They show a good price then the moment you start the booking process fees added from underground! Then after you pay and book they tell you that we cannot proceed with your booking because seats are not available any more and you need to pay for the next flight. Disgusting liars people
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1 year ago, Affhsmsgg
Dont use this app for booking
I asked them to change my flight and i paid the extra charge for changing then they still asking me to pay more every day untill the flight time. After that they told me your ticket is unrefundable so we will not return your ticket price
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2 years ago, ghikokjvc
Hi guys I hope everyone not to book flights through this app with these people , I have been waiting for my refund for three months and in the beginning they told me it took up to 40 days maximum, and they are very rude people knowing nothing about their jobs and trying to fool you all the time!
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7 months ago, Yo-yo-yoooo
Full scam don’t pay
Booking canceled but no refund Booked our honeymoon in this app, paid all $400 upfront, got to the hotel and was told the booking was cancelled. Have been complaining ever since but have not received any refund yet. All sorts of auto reply, total liars all through! Don’t waste your time and money here!
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6 years ago, zh98ra
They take my money and they don’t confirm my ticket take long time and I tried to contact with them by numbers but it doesn’t work or out of service I emailed them complaining they sent me electronic message after that they ask for more money to confirm I asked them to return my money they don’t respond
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3 years ago, omarsaqur
Won’t use again
They book an already fully booked trip for you and then tell you to choose another one. If you want your money back you have to wait 20 whole business days!! And costumer service is very very bad. Worst travel app ever أسوء تطبيق حجزولي رحلة محجوزة بالكامل و لما طلبت فلوسي قالوا ترجعلك بعد ٢٠ يوم عمل !! خدمة عملاء ولا أسوء
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8 months ago, n1995t
The worst travel booking app!
First of all customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced ! second on their website they claimed of an offer may be applied if you download the app which was never applied when I checked out. Crap and useless!
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3 years ago, AZ.....
The worst app , they always take the cash from my account and do not give a confirmation and it stays tow days to be refunded while I need to book at the same time . So if you happen to use their app don’t ever even think of buying cash in their karam points it’s a fraud.
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11 months ago, Deetster🔥
This app is a scam and it’s a shame Apple is keeping it up in the App Store. I have reported it to the Dubai Ministry of Economy and will have to initiate a dispute with my bank to get their fraudulent charges refunded. This company is terrible and the customer support is awful. I hope they get what’s coming to them.
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1 year ago, HMalah
Very bad service
I feel regret to use this app and I will not use Rehlat again I hope I read the reviews before using your service as what happened with me already happened with others customers before They accepted booking however it is not confirmed with airlines And I I have to wait around 25 days to refund My advice to Rehlat to review your integration with airlines and change your reservation way For other users, Do not use this application, go direct to airlines application
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9 months ago, Waverly777
This business has amazing prices and great customer service. Top Notch
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6 years ago, Mohamedhady
Need more
I Wish to add Booking manage in next update for more easy ,
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2 years ago, B8_v
Bad service
Bad service no refund money
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11 months ago, Revengeonabc
Rehlat Is A Scam!!
Booked my hotel through this site. Arrived at the hotel and they had no reservations for me. Charged my credit card so I had to dispute for fraud. Who knows if I’ll get the money back. Do not use this service!!!
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3 years ago, BlizzarD964
Worst app ever
I booked a flight using this app , paid every thing , then i was surprised by a call from the Airline saying that i booked a flight and there is no flight that day . Don't use this app .
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4 years ago, Mamostafa
Hidden Charges
-As an app It’s very handy to use, which is good. -As a price My flight price was very attractive to me before the checking out process. -As an experience based on my experience and other users reviews I can clearly say yes, there are a hidden charges when you select to pay with your credit card And they did’t mentioned that.
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1 year ago, Aakash1.618
Beware of booking with them
They have a 3.2% non refundable booking fees which is not refunded if your plans change. Other travel websites like Expedia and Booking offer much better flexibility without any hidden fees.
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2 years ago, ضحيه رحلات
The site is a fraud that takes customers' money and does not return it to them
The site is a fraud that takes customers' money and does not return it to them موقع نصابين
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11 months ago, iphoen x
Very bad experience
😡😡😡😡 I had the worst experience ever with this company you book a flight and they call you later to pay more to confirm your booking!
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5 years ago, h5legy
Don’t trust this app
Believe me this app one of the worst apps around the world. I booked a ticket, and I receive it two days after. Regarding the customers support it’s to difficult to reach them. I don’t advise anyone to deal with them.
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9 months ago, Doooooood12
They deducted several unauthrised amount (no matter what is stated in their website). And customer support will not help you Any money is gone, you will not get it back.
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5 years ago, marco gaballah
Very bad company
Very bad company Do support in your trip every thing very difficult and the system very slowly without action no manger can talk with him or response to talk with him not use this very bad company and not have any office . #rehlat #verybadservice #airlinerehlat
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1 year ago, Siraj dubai
U will not travel for sure
.Watch out as you will be asked for extra payment after booking is confirmed and money is deducted from bank. Then they will cancel the ticket unanimously . Wait for their mercy to reverse payment on credit card as per their sweet time 20 working days / 1 full calendar month !!! Absolute non sense customer service
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11 months ago, jolisan17
How is this app still existing when it’s a literal scam?
This is nothing but a scam. And the fact that Apple has it on the App Store is just a slap in a face. I want my money back.
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5 years ago, new vs
Hidden charges are charged at the time of payment.
You end up paying high and realise that only after payment.
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6 years ago, P X b
Unable to make payment using US based credit card
Please fix your payment server. Thanks
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6 years ago, Alain94x
Not recommended
Don’t book any flight through this app. I booked a flight and then they’re saying it’s not refundable. The mistake wasn’t from my side. I confirmed it based on the availability. I waited for sometimes maybe it will be confirmed but it didn’t. It’s the worst app ever. Any maybe the flights are fake too. Good luck to the others.
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2 years ago, 1991haneen
Very bad company
Customer service is very bad and they don’t commit to their own policy.. I don’t recommend it to anyone
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10 months ago, tecdn
Pls read the google review before you download this App. SCAM. Never refund Never process your order.
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