Rent the Runway (RTR)

4.8 (207.7K)
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Rent the Runway
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10 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rent the Runway (RTR)

4.8 out of 5
207.7K Ratings
2 years ago, mrsmchotty
Dream Experience!
I used Rent the Runway for the first time and it was a dream experience!! First, the selections are so incredible! I feel like I could walk the runway in these dresses! Having the reviews with details on what size the person wore day to day and what size dress they wore from RTR and then having photos of them in the actual dress from RTR helped me pick out the perfect ensemble. Thank you! This Watters Stone Antonia Gown was stunning! I’m a 40G and regularly wear a size 18 pants. The size 22 was perfect for me! I have never worn something as revealing as this dress but I felt amazing in it and my husband was all googly-eyed. The perfectly cinched midriff was breathtaking! My sister said it fit me in all the right places. It did! I am so thankful that I took the plunge to rent this dress and am even more thankful that I proudly displayed all my curves instead of hiding under a turtle neck. For any big girls… a fabulous dress from RTR now! You will not regret it! Having the free extra size was also a huge perk!!
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4 weeks ago, NMcWL
Easy to add more impossible to get less
As much as I love the service and the clothes are great, I’m going to start looking for another service. I started the plan with 5 spots a month with one swap and over a short time I am now up to 13. In spite of contacting customer service multiple times I can’t seem to roll it back. The app doesn’t let you order less if you have open slots. It’s totally confusing. I travel a lot for work so getting things in time for upcoming trips is important so I had to add 8+ items based on timing and limitations of the app just to be sure I got the few things I actually wanted. Which has resulted in a lot of things I’m not wearing. I have spent countless hours back and forth chatting with customer service and get different answers. The last time was I couldn’t order less until May 5th but again they were happy for me to place the order before that date for 13. I have 3 events this week so I just did it BUT it seems crazy that someone couldn’t just help me get 4 things. The service reps are prompt and friendly but overall the program is very inflexible and the reps seem to have no way to help you with doing anything but adding more cost and pieces. I am not trying to order a lot and pay less I’ve been just pleading with them for 2 months to get me back to 5 and it’s proven impossible.
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2 years ago, KGriffin89
Great in theory, not so great in reality
My review is related to the RTR service, not so much the app. I found customer service to be incredibly unhelpful, so I wasn’t sure where else to turn with this complaint. If you use this service, be very wary of what you select. If the clothes don’t fit you or flatter you, you can’t exchange them for new items or sizes. I tried 8 items from here, and only one worked. I loved the dress that worked, but was extremely disappointed in my overall experience. It’s not like purchasing clothes, where you get a refund when it doesn’t work and you return it. You spend money on these items no matter what, and when nothing works, you’re still out the money. Customer service said their exchange program had been discontinued, and offered me credits to rent extra clothing… that’s fine, but those credits had to be used for the next month, and I did not need any rentals. To me, this program is high risk low reward unless everything looks great on you. For reference, I am 5’10”, 175lbs. 30” waist and pretty average proportions. In my opinion, they should re-instate the exchange program, otherwise you take a very big risk renting clothes from RTR.
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6 years ago, over a year Pro member
Not worth the stress
At first I was happy until I noticed it took forever for them to scan my returns. Customer service aren’t helpful and as always unavailable managers makes it worst. I feel that if there’s someone who could rate them it would be me- I had them from 2016. I dealt with the ups and downs but the worst was these past few months that my returns would only get to them after almost 5 days where in fact I live in nj. Theyre in secaucus nj. Then u will need to deal with customer service who would sounded like u need to beg to get what u need or else no dress will reach to u on the day u needed them. Very poor service that even I’ve been with them for over a year they would treat me like that. Not to mention the ups problem that they cannot solve. If there would be a positive thing- are those brands. Which in most part are not available for most of the time..then they will only give u the least of the options. Other than that the stress and begging off was just too much that I feel they don’t need customers- maybe because the representative themselves are renters too. I guess in the end just rent once in a while but on a pro- u will need to mke sure it will be there 3 days before ur event. Good luck to that. Coz I had an episode that it never came and no apologies or notices was even brought to my attention. Pooooor service.
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3 years ago, KarenSue4
Disappointed post Coronavirus
I was so happy with Rent The Runway until coronavirus changed things. They used to have great customer service and were consumer friendly. They were sending me notices each month about either extending my monthly hold or coming back. The. They stopped, I didn’t realize it and they charged me two months, over $300, and would not refund me. I obviously rented nothing for those two months. I decided to stick with it, with the new plans, and not cancel, yet. But that was very poor customer service for someone who has been a customer for many years, almost since the beginning. Now it takes two days to speak with someone, they sent me an email that they received my return on two items I never received, and I now need to re-rent and what’s with the plastic bag they are sending rather than the blue one? It’s strange to not have any heads up that the bag is changing. I wasn’t sure if I should be sending back my items in the plastic bag. But I did and hope it’s correct. Anyway, I may not renew starting July. I think I want to try a different service to compare.
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12 months ago, Compulsory review
Terrible customer service
I purchased a dress, but it never arrived and then I got a notice that they thought I had returned it and charged me a restocking fee. When I reached out to them, they let me know that an error has occurred, and instead of sending it to me it got sent back to them. But they never issued a refund for the restocking fee, so I had to contact them again. Fortunately, several days later the item reappeared on the app, and instead of purchasing it this time I decided to rent it. It arrived several days later without the dress! The dress has an inner slip and that arrived but the outer dress did not! I contacted customer service and they offered me an extra rental for my trouble, but it also never appeared on the app. Must I contact them twice, just as I had to do for the restocking fee? My other issue with the service is only about half of the items actually fit me in a flattering way and I have a pretty average build - 5’5” 140lbs. They have some cute items, but often they not available so you are left to either not rent or rent items you’re only luke warm about. In either case I still can’t believe that they messed up the same dress twice in less than two weeks. I was super excited about this dress, it was perfect for my occasion.
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2 years ago, amoon0116
Horrible experience, better off buying a dress for special occasions
This is not related to the app, but the actual service itself. Though the app could use some improvements for recommending the products that would be best suited for the specific user. My main complaint is the customer service of this company. I bought the middle package of receiving two shipments of 4 items each. They lure you into getting the more expensive package by promising exclusive items that are worth more/higher quality, when their selection is extremely limited and disappointing. Also, when two of my four items didn’t work out in the first shipment, they said I had two “swaps” which is misleading because they took away two items from the next shipment. In reality I only had 6 items (not 8) that I could potentially wear and the items in the second shipment didn’t even work out. So all in all, I overpaid to have maybe 4 items that I wore once each and when I reached out to them they said that it’s “in their policy” not to do any refunds and blamed me for not reading the reviews carefully. This service isn’t worth your time/money as it takes so long to find anything to rent on this app and when the items arrive you will likely be underwhelmed.
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6 years ago, AF_Chica
They will charge you for their mistake
I was excited to use this service for my bachelorette party, and was heart broken when I never received the dresses I ordered. Contacted customer service and they sent me on a wild goose chase to track down the item. Mind you, I entered the correct address, but their system apparently made a modification because my unit number was included on the first line, instead of the second line (per the second customer service rep this is a glitch with the system). 2 hours at a UPS shipping facility and they could not find the item. By that point I couldn’t even get to a store to find a replacement item since everything was closing. I was left stranded. I have been informed that I will be refunded my money once they receive the items back, but since I never received the items it’s entirely out of my hands. I’m receiving warning emails that I need to send the dresses back and I’m terrified that I’m going to be charged the full cost of these items that I never had the luxury to enjoy. Any time you spend on the phone will be wasted as you’ll only be offered discounts instead of truly fixing the problem at hand. Spend the full money to buy a dress from a store, the gas money and time spent shopping will be far more convenient. Complete nightmare!
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5 years ago, caarolineerosee
So much stress!!!
I did this for prom because I thought it’d be cheaper. My prom is Friday and Tuesday they email me saying the size 0 dress and earrings can’t ship. The size 2 will but that’s the backup and won’t fit me like the 0 will! This leaves me in tears, sobbing and absolutely freaking out about if my prom will be a disaster now. They said it either came back late or dirty, which was not a good excuse. Did they not have a single other dress in the same style and size? They need to give themselves enough turnaround time because people aren’t perfect. Why would they have them so close together with only the one dress in that size? What if I really needed that dress (which I did)??? They offered to let me pick another dress but it was super vague and I wasn’t sure if I could pick a more expensive one or not- not to mention, at that point most good looking dresses were unavailable for shipping so last minute! I could either deal with a big dress or an ugly dress. We cancelled my order and I got a way more beautiful dress from JC Penney with better accessories that I actually get to keep and can stain without stress. Totally not worth it, it’s not even that much cheaper! Only do this if you are going somewhere that you don’t care if you can wear that specific dress or not.
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5 years ago, Rabrat
Fast, reliable, and affordable
Rent the Runway has never let me down. The items I’ve received have always been quality, the shipping is always fast and on time, and the one time it wasn’t going to be - because *I* sent it to the wrong address!! - Rent the Runway still came through for me and stopped the shipment to my previous address and got another item out to me in time for my event. The selection is phenomenal and sitting in the comfort of my bed making a list of my top options then giving my husband and friends a chance to throw in their votes before I put money down FAR SURPASSES the crowded mall, hideous fitting room lighting, and the miserable return process of traditional retail. Not to mention, you get the pleasure of knowing you’ve never worn the same dress multiple times to highly photogenic functions. If you’re hesitating, give it a shot. Rent the Runway is seriously the easy button for the modern girl of modest means to get her glamour on.
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5 years ago, ivysaur93
Impossible to cancel
I’ve tried to cancel my unlimited subscription 3 separate times now with no luck. Every single time I’ve ever called, they have a message saying “we’re experiencing an unusually high volume of calls. Your expected wait time is over 10 minutes”. The first time, I waited on hold for 45 minutes before I finally selected the option to have them call me back when they were available. They didn’t call me back until another hour later when I was already on the phone with a relative. I tried to cancel it again this morning. When they called me back, I picked up and it was silent on the other end. I said “hello” several times and no one ever answered. I just called a third time and am still waiting on my call back. They need to make it easier to cancel subscriptions or give the option to do it yourself online if they’re not going to answer their phones. The subscription was a cool idea and it’s fun for holiday parties and such, but most of the things I really wanted to rent were never available in my size and I had to go with my 2nd or 3rd pick instead.
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3 months ago, Brigett0000
RTR is not the same after going public and the new update is awful!!
RTR has drastically gone downhill since going public. Customer service is a thing of the past, forget getting any decent clothes and if you can they will more than likely be ruined upon receiving them as there is zero quality control during the cleaning process. Every shipment I receive now has at least one item that is completely destroyed with rips, stains, or missing parts. Aside from that, the prices are astronomical given they got rid of the unlimited option and all storefronts. Oh, let’s also discuss how they will show an item is available when it truly isn’t. They say it’s available as they are anticipating the return in time. This means they may not have it, and also haven’t inspected it for any issues that would then mean it’s not available. This has happened multiple times. I’m beyond disappointed with how things are run now. Also, let’s talk about the app update from yesterday — now, you can’t sign into the app without being signed into the site at the same time. NO THANK YOU!! I deleted the app, and will now have to unfortunately rely on the website only.
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6 years ago, ElleHTX
Do NOT buy “keep it forever” items
I used the Unlimited service regularly and liked it very much, for the most part. But then I made the mistake of purchasing a “keep it forever” (clearance) item that I did not already have physically at my possession. Order placed on Feb 21st, scheduled to arrive by Feb 28th (longer than usual but okay) and it’s March 11th and the order is still “processing.” I’ve contacted RTR four times about this: the first time I was told “let me check on this....actually, it’s scheduled to be shipped this afternoon!” The second time, I sent a message because the chat reps mysteriously went offline as I started to type, and I never heard back from that message. The third time, I did get an email back saying “clearance items take 10 business days to ship”.....but it had already exceeded 10 business days... the fourth time, I brought this to their attention and requested AGAIN a refund for the dress they refuse to ship to me, and RADIO SILENCE. “Final sale items are final,” they say, completely neglecting the whole “providing the purchased good” component. By the way, the app still says “Scheduled for delivery by Feb 28th”....on March 11th. This company must be sinking fast if they’re clinging desperately to my $115.
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6 years ago, i just wanted my dinner
Customer service is trash
Listened to a podcast about Rent the Runway and thought it sounded awesome! So I ordered two simple black dresses for an event on a Saturday. I received them Thursday and thought this is great! First dress was super baggy, so I was going to exchange it. No a big deal. While trying on the second one I noticed there was multiple deodorant stains on the inside, so I was immediately grossed out thinking they probably didn’t clean the dress before sending it out. Ew! I called the helpline to make the exchanges with the dresses I wanted to get in mind. The call line said there was a 10 minute wait... 55 minutes later I spoke with a stylist. She told me that both of the dresses I wanted were gone between the time I called and now. She said to continue looking at the app and call back, with an hour phone wait to me that sounds ridiculous! After being so frustrated with the app and customer service I decided to return the dresses. The stylist said I would receive a receipt for the refund. 12 hours later I’m still waiting for that receipt and no one has responded to my email. Unless you’re easy to shop for this app is trash.
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3 years ago, Hollyn
Buggy app & lots of poor condition clothes
I have a membership and have had both amazing experiences with RTR and absolutely trash experiences. The variability in condition and quality of items I receive is all over the place. Many of their items particularly ones that have been in their rotation for longer than a month or two I’ve had issues such as incredibly bad pilling and fading rips and glue on items that are more of what I would expect looking at clearance items at Goodwill. But beyond that the app has been super buggy for the last month to where I cannot send items back when I need or want to you without calling customer service which is an absolute nightmare. I have complained and brought this bug to the attention of RTR at least 10 different times over the course of the last month and they have apparently failed to really work to resolve the issue. I spend close to $200 a month on my membership and these two issues have made me seriously doubt if that is worth it any longer. Up until the last month I used to 110% believe this is a great service and product but now I am unsure and very unhappy.
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1 year ago, SKing PBJ
Totally aggravated with RTR
It usually goes well. This time, what could have gone wrong, did. I received the dresses a couple days early, which was great, because the one I wanted to wear was sent to me ripped. So I had to scramble around just before Christmas to find some sort of quick, same day service. Nightmare! Then when I returned all 4 dresses, I received a $50 late fee charge saying that one of the dresses wasn’t in the package! Huh?!?! Are you kidding me? Then I had to go back and forth with billing to let them know the dress was definitely in the bag, and to check again! So now they are supposed to be reversing the $50 late fee charge as well as reimbursing me for getting the dress sewn. Now the same person in billing is saying that I should not have had the dress sewn and they have a special dept for that. Well, If that’s the case, I should have not received a ripped dress!!! This was the worst experience ! In addition to the late fee reversal and the credit for the repair, I need to be completely reimbursed for the items. It took me a lot of time to find someone who could fix the dress as well as the stress and Aggravation that this experience caused.
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4 years ago, Lynnboo2u
True Value & Customer Service!
I’m a first time RTR customer and I am beyond impressed with this service, the value, the app, the response time, the intuitive ease of use, and the relatability of this company!!!! I live and work in yoga gear and jeggings; but, I have lots of occasions that need a more dressy attire. I hate the fast fashion and it’s I’ll fitting, poor fabric, planet destroying effects, but if you need a quick dress for an event - what can you do!? You can use Rent The Runway!! I’m a short, size 4-6 but busty - most things need tailoring- but this company finds a way to make a rented outfit work without tailoring! Next day delivery if it doesn’t fit?? The delivery was on the doorstep before I was up for the day! I’m a devoted customer now, and not just because they also ship in a black canvas, reusable case; but because I am truly receiving a true value for my money and know that I am in good hands. Thank you!!
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6 years ago, Mkkkk2
Terrible customer service
Their unlimited service is great in THEORY. However, after few months of service, I realized they have a terrible customer service. Even after your dress has been delivered to their facility, you will not be able to rent your next item until they “process” it AND they don't tell you how long it takes them for process the item. (Please note them I gave them 4 hours to hopefully process my item, but all they said was its still processing after it got to their facility). So if you were planning to get your item for certain day, it becomes almost impossible to get what you want and their customer service doesn’t even try to help you a bit. All they do is basically repeating what you already know. For close to $170 you paid, the frustration that you go through to borrow about 10 clothes and drop them off at UPS seem little bit too much? It’s fun to try for a few month, but they definitely have a lot of room for improvement. Also all the nice clothes are hardly available, so don't expect to borrow everything that you see on the app.
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3 years ago, katabor
Think B4 you USE
FYI: After spending hours searching thru reviews, calling the help line, then hours more - bottom line: 11 dresses delivered, the first shipment (5 dresses) I went off my actual size then went up if the reviews suggested. When NONE of them came close to fitting (all styles off the rack that usually fit me) I called the help line. The “help” line only read to me what was already on the website (the only measurements they have online are shoulder to hem) which was not very helpful. The rest of the “help” was to “read the reviews” to determine my size. You This assumes all the reviewers are honest about their regular size and current weight, etc.. If you have a cup size any larger then a DD I suggest you spend your time and $$ looking in a retail store for what you can afford. I have spent $200 so far, and have not been able to wear anything. I picked very classic, basic styles - shift dresses, wrap dresses, A-lines - some fitted and some not - up a size, etc… I feel like a schmuck for trying this and now I have spent my precious time & money and still need to find something for my daughter’s wedding in 6 weeks.
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5 years ago, fightbs
Skip the store experience
Hopeful about trying on a variety of dresses for a wedding, I was surprised to find the collection of store items to be so little (at the DC store). Dresses, often, only had one size so you could not try a size up or down. The style of the clothes at the DC store seem curated by the same person for the same kind of person which was not my style and I feel like I fall in the fairly easy to please range. The staff did not seem receptive to helping me find what I was looking for (long sleeves on a dress) and staff seemed even more dismissive of my second request to find a jacket. I felt overlooked and ignored. The experience ironically led me to feel cheapened. In response, I am going to spend real money on my own dress. The concept is great but I was surprised the staff there had such poor customer service skills. It’s a real shame because I wanted this to be part of a new style regiment but there are no amount of savings from renting clothes to quantify the feelings I had today that made me feel strangely neglected and annoyed.
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3 months ago, Maddi1102
Smoke and mirrors customer service, defective products
Fantastic idea, flawed executive. They overwhelm you with text, emails, and surveys to portray the image of customer service. Try to utilize that service and you’ll be sorely disappointed. After a few months of receiving defective (missing zippers, uneven lining, too-short-for-size sleeves or legs, etc.) that more than once had a cigarette stench and receiving no assistance from customer service, I decided to cancel. They deactivated my account, so I can’t login to request a shipping label to return the items I have at home. I reached out to get a label and failed to receive a response via text and email for a few weeks. Then finally after my second late fee, they responded saying they scheduled a pick up. No one shows and I get charged another late fee. Contact them again. Repeat. Now I’ve been charged the full price of all these items that I would just like to return. It’s been comically stressful and disappointing working with RTR, especially for a product that doesn’t deliver.
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1 year ago, CBakewicz
Classy Maternity Dress
Loved my first experience with RTR, which happened to be a maternity dress! I’m 24 weeks pregnant with my second child. I’m 5 feet and 127lbs when I’m not pregnant. I ordered a small and medium and wore the medium, which is a size bigger than I typically wear, even in maternity sizes. The small fit, but was snug in my lower half, so I opted to wear the medium. However, that made the top too big, which made the other other reviews accurate that the shoulders slip down. It was an easy fix with double sided fabric tape. It stretched out really quickly, which made it feel a little loose by the end of the night, but I was comfortable for a nice dinner out. It also needed a quick steam when it arrived and wrinkled quickly after sitting. Overall, without having a custom made dress, I enjoyed the rental experience for a night out at the Opera!
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6 years ago, Skipp to my lou
App Issues
I have had RTR unlimited for about 3 months now. I have had both successful rentals and issues with shipments. Over all I would say it’s a good service and worth the $, customer service is generally pretty good but it’s very annoying when I start a conversation with one rep and then have 3 other people responding. I have to repeat myself over and over to get anything done. The main reason I am writing this review is because I really rely on others to review the items in order to decide what to rent and which size, but more than half the time I submit a review through the RTR app it doesn’t post. When I go back to see my reviews it appears I haven’t reviewed many items. I have tried to review every single item, but it seems to delete them constantly. I have reviewed some items several times and they just don’t seem to stick. Please fix this for my sanity and to help others determine which items and sizes to rent!!!
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6 years ago, Brieanna Arsenault
Easy & Convenient!
I am shocked at how easy this process was. They have the perfect filters that really allow you to hone in on the perfect attire, especially for a Libra as indecisive as me! That also brings me to the matching jewelry! I went from necklace to bracelet to earrings like Bing-Bang-Boom!! Let me also mention that it’s pretty amazing and actually a rare occasion when you can have another size sent along free of charge, just in case. That is extremely important for a curvy mama like me! The best part of it all, the pricing! I got a beautiful, elegant gown, necklace, bracelet, 2 pairs of earrings and hand bag, all for $170 because I also signed up for the annual subscription which is less than $30/yr!! That means free shipping and free insurance on all items. The only bad part of my experience was not having known about this sooner. Can’t wait to receive my package!!!
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6 years ago, ZaraWright
Glitchy af
Okay so while I love the app when it works, when it doesn’t, it’s a drag. Specifically when an item is suddenly not available and a space opens up. I have never had an easy time adding an item when this happens. It always tells me I already have all my items at home, so have no room for another. Obviously that’s not true, you just sent me an email saying I need to pick a replacement. Eventually the spot opens up, but well after the email by which time I’ve spent waaaay too much time trying to look for an item only to have the pop up say, sorry you have no room. This has happened to me several times specifically with Anya Hindmarch. In fact 3/4 times I get an email sorry that’s not available. Not sure what it is with that brand. Also there is no “search” available when picking a replacement. Instead you have to drill down by category. Why? Why can’t I search all the way I did when I picked the item I need to replace in the first place? Picking a replacement should not be this difficult.
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2 years ago, stillvic88888
They threaten to make you pay if your package is stolen
First of all, I really liked using it…until a delivery person left the package outside of my building and it got stolen. They have very distinctive bag and can catch a thieve’s eye very easily. Then the nightmare starts. Lots of time spent staring at the chat messages trying to figure this out. Eventually they said they were going to “investigate” and opened up new spots for me. More than a month later I’m still getting emails threatening to charge me full price of all stolen items if I don’t “return” them. Every time I get a threatening email I have to try to chat customer service again and every time I’m on hold, waiting, checking messages, can’t do anything else because if I don’t respond for they drop off then I’ll have to start it all over again. The stress of handling this situation is not worth it. Unless I move to a doorman building I will not consider using them again. What a shame.
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6 years ago, kacswim
Unlimited - Don’t Waste your Money
Customer service is extremely unresponsive, I have emailed 4 times in the last two months and have never heard back, whenever I try the online chat its either “unavailable” or no one ever responds, and when I call I get no answer. All of this makes it very difficult to cancel a subscription, which should be an option within the app itself without having to contact customer service. Considering most things have to be dry cleaned the price is extremely high for just a few items a month that you can only wear once. And shipping takes too long to get more than one or two shipments a month. The app has a lot of bugs and doesn’t work at all unless I turn off WiFi. Also, they don’t have much stock. Whenever I chose items for my shipment 90 percent of my loves are already rented to someone else leaving very few choices. The clothes themselves are nice - when you can get them that is - but unlimited is definitely not worth it. I would stick with just renting specific pieces for occasions as needed or avoiding RTR altogether.
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3 years ago, I heart rock stars
Low quality post-pandemic
I’ve just taken my membership off pause bc I have a vacation and am then returning to the office, but after this month I’ll either repause, or flat out cancel. Prior to Covid I wouldn’t shut up about how much I love RTR, and had referred several friends who signed up. I had the unlimited plan and would both swap clothes in store, and drop off at locals like Nordstrom. 100% satisfied with 2020-era service. The 2021 return has been AWFUL. An item arrived damaged in my first shipment and there is no info on their site about what to do about that in the new plan structure, so I sent an email that was answered a day later with a form response that did not address the question. After six days (and three more form responses via email) of no answers, I returned the damaged item to a Nordstrom Local around 3p yesterday and only this morning got credit for its return, but still no indication of HOW I can replace the item without using my second shipment of the month. In the last two days I’ve been on their chat for 4+ hours cumulatively without ever getting to talk to a person bc when a rep does come available after sitting in a room on hold for 60+ minutes, it doesn’t allow you to type in the chat window. I ordered this shipment more than two weeks ahead of my scheduled trip departure and I will only leave with 3/4 items because of the mess that is currently RTR customer service.
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4 years ago, Mak25292529
I went online three to four weeks before I needed my dress for homecoming, and I found one I liked. But just in case I got a backup size and backup other dress for free. Days before they were supposed to arrive, I got an email saying that my #1 dress wouldn't be coming. They gave me a refund and nothing else. When I received my backup dresses, one had a foot-long rip down the side. I emailed RTR and the most they would do is replace the dress with one out of a list I would have to make. So I chose several and two days before my homecoming, they replied and sent the cheapest out of the list. Their customer service is terrible and it is almost impossible to get in touch with them. Before all of the problems started, I helped a friend order from them also. She had three dresses in her very consistent size and none of them fit, so she sent them back and asked for a refund. It took them TWO MONTHS to email her back, and another two weeks to actually refund the money. If these two situations don't tell you how bad RTR is, I don't know what will.
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6 years ago, JLynn305
Always have a backup!!
RTR is awesome when it works well. I have used them twice for two weddings. The first experience was amazing! The dress was a perfect fit and it arrived on time! The second experience was awful. The dress was suppose to come on a Friday. When it didn’t show up I called and after an hour on hold was told it would come on Saturday (the day of my event). When it wasn’t showing up an hour before the event on Saturday I called again, to be placed on hold for 20 minutes and was told it wouldn’t be there until Tuesday. I asked them not to even ship it. The worst part was that we got family photos taken before the wedding and everyone coordinated their outfits based on the dress. So, I spent money on outfits for my family and money on photos in which we didn’t coordinate. When I expressed my frustration, RTR did refund me and give me 20% off a future order but I honestly would never use them for an important event again unless I had a backup (which kinda defeats the purpose of using them at all). So, always have a backup plan!
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3 years ago, Maureen M G
Totally disappointed in RTR
I am a long-term member of RTR. I preordered a dress in 2 sizes to wear to the Tony Awards ceremony on 9/26. I scheduled pick-up at the flagship location on 15th street in NYC. I arrived Saturday morning, 9/25 only to discover the the store was CLOSED ON SATURDAY! There was no mention of this when I ordered my dress nor in the confirmation e-mail. Chatting on line was not in service. I was able to call the main number and a very courteous representative told me the store was closed and my dress was inside. I was told there were not other locations in NYC where I could go to rent a dress. I AM LEFT WITHOUT A DRESS FOR THIS VERY SPECIAL EVENT! I EXPECT THE CHARGE TO BE CREDITED TO MY AMERICAN EXPRESS CARD - NOT A CREDIT TO MY RTR ACCOUNT. I am uncertain if I will ever order from RTR again. It has far diminished from its original efficient service operation it once was. Maureen Gibson
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2 years ago, M.J.R. Mom of 3
Dark patterns where users are forced to leave reviews
I love this company and have been using their services since 2014. Unfortunately, recently they created a UX dark pattern that isn’t only frustrating, but also very disturbing. The user isn’t allowed to navigate the app or website unless they complete the task of reviewing their previous rental. There’s a full screen interstitial, that blocks them. I’ve tried relentlessly to dismiss the app and reconnect, but this is also proving unsuccessful. Every time I open the app I see the pop up that blocks me. I’d highly suggest giving the user the option to complete feedback later, with a “Not now” CTA or designing the screen with an “X” cancel button. I’d like to access the app to track my order, and to rent more products, but I’m blocked, as I won’t I review my previous order. I refuse to give in, and review my orders because I feel that it’s a matter of principle. No one should be forced to perform a task on an app/website and be punished for not completing the task. Please fix this!
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2 years ago, Kathy@2020
Warning: Over charges, slow delivery, app mid-functions and terrible customer support
I’ve been a faithful customer of RTR for years and recently started to encounter issues with my unlimited membership on what fees like a bi-weekly basis. RTR now requires that you swap shipments when using the unlimited service. Not only do shipments now take almost a week to arrive at your home, there a constant delays in the deliveries (causing me to miss my shipment for a beautiful vacay), the swap function regularly not work, but now my account has mysteriously increased from 4 slots to 7 slots, with an added cost of $100 a month. I reached out to a manager by email who has been shockingly totally dismissive of my real concerns about the overcharges and inability to actually get the clothes (which is pretty much the point of this exercise). Not sure what’s going on, but the service levels have gone from stellar to terrible. Consider yourself warned that somehow you may get charged $279/month for 21 slots but be unable to actually get the clothes.
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5 years ago, ThumbsWayWayWayDown
Shipping is awful
Love the service, like the app. It’s fun and has completely turned around my work wardrobe when I have outfits on hand to wear, and am not waiting on something in UPS’s hands. Customer service was fine for me when on my first order, UPS never delivered the package, instead using my first week of the subscription to mis-sort and reroute the package back to RTR without ever delivering it to me. Shipping has not improved from there, and it’s making me consider cancelling. Be aware that “2 day shipping” may not be relevant for your area. UPS hasn’t made a shipment in less than 4-6 days for me, meaning it can be 8-12 days between having outfits (by the time an order takes almost a week to go back to them, and the next order takes another week to come to me).
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5 years ago, Jasmine Christina
Inventory low
Hello, I have been an unlimited member for over a year. I have noticed significant changes in the inventory over the past few months. It’s been stressful, but I’m not going to cancel just yet because a team member told me it will be fixed by January. Every time I call with a concern, the customer service is top notch. The customer service is one of the reasons I love rent the runway. My other concern is the turn around time for ordering new items. For example, on Friday morning I sent my clothing back. It arrived at RTR on Saturday, but I couldn’t place my new order until Monday. Ultimately I wouldn’t receive my clothes for 5 days after I dropped them off at UPS. I rely on these clothes to wear on television so I really wish the turn around time was quicker. I’m excited to see what the future holds for RTR. I have faith that things will get back to where they were when I first joined. I have referred many friends to rent clothing too. Thank you!
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7 months ago, Leela95
Changes to item viewing options
In previous versions of the app, as a member, you were able to view the entire inventory available within your membership tier, as well as toggle to the filter of “items available to be shipped ‘now’”. Currently, you’re no longer able to view “all items available in your membership,” as you are only able to see what is available to be shipped ‘today’. I don’t like this change at all because previously being able to view all items would help me to plan my favorites lists for future occasions, and it also provided a ton of transparency for what my membership provided. I wish the app would revert to allowing both viewing options, as I found that much more beneficial. Being unable to view all items in my membership, even if they aren’t currently available, doesn’t seem quite fair to me.
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12 months ago, Chiquitita123
It’s Not What You Think
RTR is great in theory. You can rent multiple designer pieces every month for less than what it would cost you to buy all of those same items. It’s especially convenient if you work in an office job and thus need a variety of outfits. That’s sadly where RTR’s good qualities end. While they have great inventory, the majority of it is consistently out of stock. I’ve been waiting months to rent some of my most desired pieces, which is ludicrous. For how much I’m paying for this subscription, I should be able to rent whatever I want whenever I want. They also don’t include measurements for their items, so you have no idea what will fit. They have a “good fit” algorithm, but I find it to be wildly inaccurate. You would think that RTR would let you swap out anything that doesn’t fit, but that is not the case. If something you rented fits wrong, then too bad. You just used up one of your monthly spots and can’t get it back. Lastly, RTR’s customer service is atrocious. They take forever to respond to inquiries and are tremendously unhelpful when it comes to delayed, missing, or stolen packages. They will try their hardest to place all costs on you, so you have to really fight them to get decent treatment. All in all, I would not recommend RTR. I am only still a member because there isn’t a comparable rental service with designer inventory. Because believe me, if there was a comparable competitor, I’d drop RTR like a hot potato!
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2 years ago, TBak179
Post-Covid, the Selection is Terrible
I’m so heartbroken by what has become of RTR post-Covid. I was an avid unlimited subscriber, and it was even more incredible because they had a San Francisco store near my office where I could immediately return clothes and get my next shipment - or pick out items directly in the store. Then, Covid struck. That store is now shut down, and while Returnmates is just as efficient - the selection of clothing on the app has become HORRIBLE. They’ve also taken away the unlimited membership. Now, I’m receiving dresses that are also so old, there’s literal holes in them. I’m noticing there hasn’t been much variety added in the last several years. Anything that I actually want to wear is also never available when I want to rent it. The selection just becomes so meager after a few months as a member. I know they’re trying to recoup revenue lost during Covid, but tarnishing your brand with loyal subscribers isn’t the way to do.
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2 years ago, Taychay
Used to love RTR, now they steal from you.
I have been a loyal customer to RTR for going on 8 years now. I loved them because if I had an issue they would make it right, immediately! Customer service was fantastic. And then in the last two Months I’ve had two dresses show up completely WRECKED. And of course that late there are no dresses to replace the one that’s messed up because it’s the day or two before your event. I have to TWICE pay for my own dry cleaning/steaming that cost 44$ EACH. And they said they would reimburse me 30$ total. I also had a monthly rental subscription and I used the app to request to cancel it the day I was charged and never heard back. I put in a second request. Nothing. I finally called and they told me since I didn’t reach out the Day of the charge they can refund me. Overall rent the runway has taken over 350$ the last 2 months from me with nothing to show for it. This used to be a great company. Now they are horrible and I will scream it to the rooftops.
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2 years ago, ACA918
Not worth it
I was excited at first because it really helps me not to shop but there are thousandsssss of really ugly and outdated items to sift through before you can find anything cute. It takes a long time and effort to get an order together. Many times I’ve received damaged items, shipments arrive late where I’ve missed what I ordered for vacation and customer service just throws extra spots at you as a “solution” when there’s not even enough time left in the month to actually be able to wear them instead of just refunding the missed days for the missed service. And now they demand you return your items BEFORE you receive the next shipment and lock your account when the items are in transit back to them which we have no control over. Overall terrible way of treating customers and other rental services have better options that are in line with todays trends and cheaper prices.
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6 years ago, big joe7745
don't rely on RTR
Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me . So I was going to San Fran at Xmas and ordered four pieces to take with me a week before I left and the pieces didn't arrive before I left . I guess one piece held UI p the entire oder so I didn't get anything . Then I was going g to Hawaii to celebrate my anniversary . I didn't we ant it to happen again and left plenty of time . And o gf course it didn't come time.. I called and was super angry and spoke to my stylist who said she would re-route my order to my hotel in Maui and I would have the pieces on Monday. And you guessed it - it didn't happened . I got an excuse that didn't make sense . So don't count on RTR. I think they are trying to workout the problems with little success . I've spoken to many ladies that have had similar issues .
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6 years ago, Disappointed10463
Terrible Service
First of all, when you call RTR you’ll be on hold for at least a half an hour. And if you try to email a stylist, they won’t follow up with you in a timely manner. Also, most likely you will not be able to try on any of the dresses you’re interested in the store because odds are they will not have them or won’t have any even close to your size. Lastly, when you place orders for the style (multiple orders most likely because you’ll want to make sure it will actually fit), your order won’t even show up. And if it does, probably one of the sizes will somehow not be available anymore right before your event, so a stylist will pick a back up style to send you but it won’t fit at all or won’t have the same style. Every single one of those things happened to me, and I would not recommend this service. It’s unfortunately because I work in the fashion industry so I would benefit from this, as well as my peers but it is just too much of an inconvenience and too unreliable.
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3 years ago, Essell22
Used to be great
Used to be the best app and service. I do have to say that the app is great and easy to use. Other than that everything went downhill. Lately deliveries have been delayed but I guess that’s forgivable. However, they recently changed the unlimited membership so you can get less swaps while also changing the quality of the clothes on the app. The new items are much cheaper - talking about leggings and sports bras. The few high-end and nicer items are rarely available in season. Super annoying right now is if something goes wrong with an order it’s nearly impossible to get through to customer service. I dropped off my order this morning but app only shows that two of the four items are returned. I reached out in the morning but got no response, again in the afternoon, and now am on a 30 minute hold and still listening to music. I used to love this app once upon a time, just can’t believe they let this go so downhill so fast.
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6 years ago, Pregnant Mama in Concord
Amazing customer service!!
This was the 1st time I’ve used Rent the Runway pregnant and was unsure about how the maternity selection would end up. The first dress that I ordered and the back up did not fit me at all so I wan really frustrated and thought I wouldn’t have a dress in time for our Christmas Gala. The woman who I spoke with in customer service was so friendly and offered me to have two dresses sent to my house shipped overnight and didn’t charge me extra! I am so impressed with the quality of care and how quickly my dresses came! I absolutely love the second dress that came in the second shipment and it fits perfectly!! Thank you so much for making this experience so wonderful and for allowing me to go to this Christmas Gala confident and comfortable in my 3rd trimester!!!
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3 years ago, HeyCharissa
Never enough inventory
I’ve been a RTR Unlimited subscriber for years and they have always have had problems with inventory but it has gotten substantially worse. I saved over 60 items to a board for an upcoming vacation and for the last 3 weeks less than 10 have been available. It makes getting items feel like a race and if there are 2 things I want, I have to weigh wasting a shipment on a partial order or wait and risk those items slipping out of inventory. To your product managers, a back in stock alert would be a helpful feature. That said, it might actually make things worse because it would just highlight how little inventory there is when you race to order still can’t get any pieces. It may also be bad timing on my part, but I’ve noticed the app crashing more in the last month or so.
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3 years ago, Natkat100
App needs improvement
RTR is a mixed bag. I’ve used it for five months and not sure if I will continue. The app is not user friendly. I selected items for my vacation, placed them in the bag and marked old items for return. I received a message that said: ITEMS ARE HEADED YOUR WAY AND WILL ARRIVE ON OCTOBER 13. October 13 came and went. I checked RTR and my items have not shipped yet because I need to confirm the shipment. Tell me, why does the app say that the items are headed my way if they are not ready for shipment yet and there is still another step I need to compete before the shipment is sent? The confirmation button was at the bottom of the page, not visible until you scroll down and easy to miss. I was so looking forward to wearing dresses on my vacation, but now I’ll have to stick to the two pairs of black running shorts that I own. Such a bummer.
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3 years ago, realmisspal
Love! Have an App Suggestion
I love RTR and have been using it for years. While I’m sad unlimited is going away, going to try out a new plan and see how things go. I have one developer suggestion for the app which is a small change but would be hugely helpful. Currently when I go back to look at past orders (let’s say I want to reorder something I ordered in the past), the app doesn’t allow you to click on the item to take you to the listing. Instead I have to write down the name of the item and then go back and search for the item to place into my cart. If you could directly clock on prior order items to be taken to the listing it would be a small but super helpful change.
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10 months ago, sophiegrace97
Service review
In theory, RTR is a great service. But buyers beware: members are very very limited on what they can rent. When scrolling the app before purchasing a membership, it looks like there are so many trendy options to choose from. I had hundreds of items starred. Then, when I purchased a membership, I chose the one for 10 items a month of any price point. Once I purchased and began picking items to rent, almost all of the things I wanted disappeared. When I look under one time rentals for the same dates, lots of the items I wanted came back. For some reason, as a member you can only rent certain things, even if you buy the more expensive plans. Most things are outdated. Seems that one time rentals are favored for the stuff that is actually cute and you dont know that until its too late. Nuuly is a better option for trendy stuff and the ability to see what is available for rental before purchasing a plan.
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6 years ago, Redhead318
This app needs work!! User interface is no bueno!
Shipping, customer service and quality of clothing are all fine. That’s not my issue — The app itself is the issue, it’s cumbersome and confusing to use. I have provided profile information yet I am shown some maternity clothes as options to rent! I’m not even pregnant! Tried to provide a great review of dress rental and it asked for my age (I could only choose that I was born in 2018??) and I needed to input my weight to submit the review (even though that field was optional). With all that, still couldn’t submit my review. Understanding RTR as a first timer was just confusing and not intuitive. I tried putting a second dress option in my cart, and that kept looping me back to the home page/main feed so I couldn’t end up leveraging that option. Also at the beginning of sign up, when I fill out my full profile and details, why doesn’t the app take those details and serve me rentals that would be ideal for my shape and size? That’s a missed opportunity for RTR to create an amazing experience. And why are there no petite options for rentals? Finally, there are tabs in the review section that say “like me”, “featured”, etc. The sorting function of these tabs really doesn’t do much; another way the UI just doesn’t measure up. Hope you’ll improve the experience!
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6 years ago, yjeyavebrdvhdvdhsu
Unlimited- stinks!
I’ve had “unlimited” for over one year and with each shipment at least one item is damaged and unwearable. Why I have kept paying the $150 per month, hope? Insanity? However, what I really want isn’t available for unlimited customers (who you think RTR would cater to). Customer service is always great and pretends to compensate me with items of my choice but they have NEVER arrived. I will tell you that I’m giving this 3 more months then moving on to a competitor. It is the hope that maybe...just maybe I’ll get the actual shipment of choice and not a notification 3-5 days later stating “sorry this item is no longer available, please choose from these 3 that might be...or pay more for an add on 4-8 day rental” of the item I actually chose in the first place!
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